The who's who of yours (and mine) Decepticon Classics collection.

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    Just sitting here bored so I decided to go through my Decepticon Classics collection list what version of the character I have and why I went with it. The length of this list shows how bored I am today :) 

    If you're bored too, feel free to join in and sound off. If there's no other version of a character I didn't bother to list it because well, it was the only option.

    On with the show!

    Megatron: Henkei first release. I actually like the 2nd Henkei repaint better, but I don't like the mold enough to buy it again.

    Starscream: Henkei I've had all the versions of Classics Starscream but I like the Henkei wing stripes the best.

    Thundercracker: Henkei, same as Starscream. I had the Botcon version but the colors on the Henkei are just nicer. The Generations version has a nicer blue but I want consistency with the wing stripes.

    Skywarp: Henkei, same as Thundercracker.

    Soundwave: Music Label, this is the best Soundwave figure, bar none.

    Octane: Classics, If that Henkei had the entire tank chromed I would've gotten it but since they didn't bother neither did I.

    Lord Straxas: Generations, the colors on the Generations figure just worked better for me.

    Lugnut: RTS. The United version felt a bit overdone to me, so I went with the plain drab RTS version.

    Nemesis Prime: SDCC Classics, granted the only other way to get this was to either get a test shot, or a KO. I didn't care for the red window.

    Scourge: United*, I have both the United version and Generations. I ended up doing some parts swapping so that my "true" Scourge is a United with Generations legs/wings.

    Frenzy/Rumble: PE, I have the united versions but I display the Perfect Effect figures with my collection. They seem to be in better scale and just overall better figures.

    Cyclonus: RTS, I have all the versions of Cyclonus, but my "true" Cyclonus is the RTS version with the Henkei Target Master.

    Astrotrain: Henkei, I had the Classics version and couldn't get rid of it fast enough! Henkei is where it's at when it comes to the space choo-choo for screen accurate colors.

    Ramjet: Henkei. While I don't like either version all that much I think the Henkei is colored a little better.

    Dirge: Generations. I had all 3 but the Generations has better wings then the Botcon version, and a better blue then the Henkei version.

    Thrust: Generations, again I had all 3 versions but pretty much the same as Dirge. Better wings then the Henkei, and a better color then the Botcon version.

    Onslaught: Classics. While I do have a ROTF/FP Bruticus I still display Onslaught because that's one bad mother effin mold! The colors are way to bright for my liking on the Henkei version.

    Galvatron: Classics. While some of the coloring on the Henkei is better, the chrome turret ruins it for me.

    Unicron: 2010. I have every version of the planet mold except the "Classics" TRU exclusive. Even if the amazon version is more screen accurate, it just dosen't feel right to me.

    Devastator: BOTH Make Toys & TFCC. I plan on getting both versions once I have them in hand, one will go with my Classics, and one will go on solo display.

    That's it. Anything I miss?
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    Henkei Megs, Henkei Starscream, Henkei Ramet, Generations Thrust, Generations Dirge, PE Reflector, WFC Soundwave, Universe Octane, RTS Cyclonus, Henkei Astrotrain, FP Insecticons, Generations Scourge, and ROTF/FP Combaticons are the ones I use. Also have PE Frenzy/Rumble on pre-order on BBTS.

    I also have a Universe Ultra class Onslaught but I don't really like him that much. I prefer using my ROTF Onslaught as my representation of Onslaught even though he's not all that accurate in robot mode and colors. And even though he's a mold from Energon, I find he's aged extremely well and I find him better than some deluxes coming out today. I also have Universe Galvatron, but he sucks so I just display him to the side with RTS Rodimus and Universe Cyclonus. And I'll ditch WFC Soundwave once PE Soundwave comes out, but he's still pretty neat because a PE Reflector guy can ride in him and PE Frenzy/Rumble can mount on his alt mode sides in the ports.
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    Alta Loma, CA
    Megatron - Henkei
    Galvatron - Henkei
    Frenzy/Rumble - United
    Ravage - Henkei
    Reflector - Perfect Effect (at least until the TFC version comes out, then we'll see)
    Kickback/Bombshell/Shrapnel - FansProject
    Starscream - Classics
    Skywarp - Classics
    Thundercracker - Generations
    Dirge - Generations
    Ramjet - Classics
    Thrust - Generations
    Acid Storm - Universe
    Astrotrain - Henkei
    Octane - Universe
    Nemesis Prime - Universe
    Cyclonus - Henkei (though I'll probably pick up the RtS/Challenge at Cybertron version eventually)
    Scourge - Generations
    Runabout/Runamuck - TFCC (in '12)
    Straxus - Generations
    Lugnut - United
    "Punch" - TFCC
    Skullgrin - Generations
    Bludgeon - RotF Voyager w/Headrobots upgrade
    Darkwing - Universe w/Renderform upgrade
    Dreadwind - Botcon
    Skyjack - Universe w/Renderform upgrade
    "G1ish" BM Jetstorm - Universe Treadbolt
    Clench - Botcon
    "G1ish" Barricade - Botcon Streetwise
    Onslaught - Henkei USA Edition
    Blast Off - FansProject
    Swindle - FansProject
    Vortex - DotM
    Drag Strip - Universe SE
    Wildrider - Henkei
    Constructicons/Devastator - TFC
    Leyland - FansProject
    Shuttle Gunner - FansProject
    "G1ish" Knock Out - TFCC SG Drift (in '12)
    Thunderwing - Generations
    Black Shadow - Generations (later this year)
    Unicron - 2010

    I might be missing one or two

    EDIT: Crap, I did forget two...
    Space Case - DOTM
    "G1ish" Sky Shadow - Gentei Dark Skyfire
  4. Hal7300

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    Mar 18, 2011
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    Okay, why not?

    Megatron: Henkei.

    Starscream: Clear Henkei and Hasbro MP..

    Thundercracker: Generations.

    Skywarp: Classics.

    Straxus: Generations.

    Nemesis Prime: SDCC Classics.

    Acid Storm: Universe.

    Soundwave: Music Label.

    Ravage: Henkei.

    Frenzy/Rumble: PE.

    Reflector: PE.

    Astrotrain: Henkei.

    Octane: Henkei.


    Dirge: Generations.

    Thrust: Generations.

    Galvatron: Classics.

    Cyclonus: Challenge at Cybertron.

    Scourge: United, 2 generations as Sweeps.

    Unicron: 2010.

    Insecticons: G1.

    Devastator: G1.

    Bruticus: ROTF w/ FP kits.
  5. unchained5150

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    I'm game!

    Megatron - Classics -- I want the United version but, I just haven't had the time or resources to pick him up.

    Starscream - Universe 2.0 -- The Classics is the only other one I have and the white they used for him just looks... dirty in a way.

    Skywarp - Classics -- I've always been a fan of the brighter purple for him instead of the more lilac most releases have favored

    Thundercracker - Generations -- It was the Henkei release but, I got tired of his launchers falling off when I looked at him sideways. Besides, the blue is so much more appealing on the Generations version

    Ramjet - Classics

    Thrust - Generations

    Dirge - Generations

    Acid Storm - Universe 2.0

    Ravage - Universe 2.0

    Astrotrain - Classics -- Screen accuracy be damned! I like how he's more accurate in color to his alt-modes.

    Octane/Tankor - Universe 2.0

    Dragstrip - Hasbro SE

    Fracture - Search for the Allspark?

    Nemesis Prime - Classics -- I almost didn't pick this guy up back when but, I'm so glad I did.

    Bruticus - ROTF Bruticus with Fansproject add-ons -- As much as I love my other Decepticons; this guy takes the spotlight on my display.

    Onslaught - Universe 2.0 -- I got him on clearance and intend on getting one of the HeadRobots upgrades for him.

    Blast Off - Fansproject

    Swindle - Fansproject

    Insecticons - Fansproject

    Straxus - Generations

    Thunderwing - Generations

    Storm Cloud - Universe 2.0

    Galvatron - Universe 2.0 -- The full white one is on the shelf too but, I haven't decided to do with him yet lol

    Cyclonus - Universe 2.0 -- I love the darker purple so much more than the other.

    Hizar Mada - Challenge for Cybertron

    Scourge - Generations -- Lightly modded

    Sweeps - Generations
  6. Boy Blunder

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    I'm gonna be the odd man out, here. I've kind of repurposed all of my non-Animated toys into one contiguous collection.

    Megatron: None yet; working on either DOTM or Classics, depending.

    Starscream: Henkei

    Thundercracker: Generations

    Ramjet: Classics

    Thrust: Generations

    Dirge: Generations

    Nemesis Prime/RID Scourge: SDCC Universe 2.0

    Bludgeon: ROTF

    Banzaitron: TF 2010

    Thunderblast: Cybertron

    Cyclonus: Universe 2.0

    Scourge: Generations

    Ravage: Universe 2.0

    Space Case: DOTM

    Barricade: TFTM 2007

    Lockdown: ROTF

    Onslaught: Universe 2.0

    Lugnut: RTS

    Waspinator: BW 10th Anniversary

    Blackarachnia: Universe 1.0

    Renegade Crasher: TFTM 2007 Fracture

    Renegade Spoons: ROTF Deadlift

    Renegade Geeper Creeper: ROTF Armorhide
  7. bcm77

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    Derbyshire, UK
    Not all these are out yet but this is my planned lineup,

    Megatron ---I'm waiting for iGear's Horror Monarch.

    Seekers ---Will be getting the iGear ones as the MP scale works better for me than the Deluxes.

    Coneheads ---I have iGear Thrust, Ramjet is en route and I will be ordering Dirge shortly.

    Soundwave ---I have the Music Label version but I may replace it with the Fan Toys one.

    Rumble & Frenzy ---Perfect Effect.

    Constructicons ---TFC.

    Insecticons ---FansProject.

    Bludgeon ---ROTF Voyager with Headrobots upgrade.

    Cyclonus ---Henkei.

    Scourge ---Henkei as Scourge & 2 Generations as the Sweeps.

    Straxus ---Generations.

    Sixshot ---MMC Hexatron.

    Rainmakers ---iGear.

    Reflector ---Perfect Effect.
  8. 46+2

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    Apr 19, 2009
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    My line up:

    United WFC megatron
    PE frumble
    United soundwave (WFC)
    Badass custom dead end by my boy azdragon! Rts jazz repaint
    Fp insecticon ninjas
    Generations dirge
    Generations tc
    Henkei skywarp
    Henkei ramjet
    Generations thrust
    Universe SS with megashooter megagun
    Crazydevy 2010 predaking
    ROTF/FP bruticus
    Henkei crystal SS
    Rts cyclonus
    TRU and amazon unicrons
    Crystal cyclonus

    On the wish list
    MT giant
    Dr. Crank
  9. ex dtw2003

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    Jul 20, 2011
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    Megatron: Legends - He is my Napoleon Megatron. Gold.

    Starscream: Universe 2.0

    Thundercracker: Generations.

    Skywarp: - (MP doesn't count IMHO)

    Straxus: -, not interested.

    Nemesis Prime: - again, not interested.

    Acid Storm: - N/I for the three-peat

    Soundwave: - waiting on a new Classics

    Ravage: - (Hope to grab a Hound shortly)

    Frenzy/Rumble: - Waiting on a US release

    Reflector: -

    Astrotrain: - Not a big fan of the classics mold. Still have my G1 if I need him.

    Octane: - (can you tell I started on this recently, lol)

    Ramjet: - (My #1 want besides Optimus Prime for a reissue)

    Dirge: Generations.

    Thrust: - Hope to grab a Generations shortly.

    Galvatron: -

    Cyclonus: BiS.

    Scourge: Generations.

    Unicron: Amazon

    Insecticons: I have a G1 Shrapnel, but I've never really been a fan of these guys.

    Devastator: -.

    Bruticus: -.
  10. Abrogate

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    Megatron: Right now I have Classics. I'd like to buy United, but it's not a priority at the moment

    Starscream: Classics

    Thundercracker: Botcon

    Skywarp: Classics. I had the CHMS Henkei KO, but I don't really like having KOs in my real collection, so I put Classics back on the shelf. The KO is still standing next to Masterpiece and Alternity Skywarp in a different display, though

    Soundwave: Music Label Spark Blue. For a while I had WFC up there, even though I owned Music Label, but I decided to put Music Label back where he belonged

    Octane: Classics

    Lord Straxus: Generations

    Lugnut: RTS

    Nemesis Prime: I have the Universe, Alternators, and Car Robots characters all in different capacities

    Scourge: Generations, with Sweeps that I painted some stripes on the wings to differentiate them

    Frenzy/Rumble: United

    Cyclonus: RTS

    Astrotrain: Classics. Contrary to popular belief, there's nothing special about the Henkei

    Ramjet: Classics

    Dirge: Generations. Like you said, I had the Botcon, and his colors are nice, but the Generations' even nicer and he has the proper wings

    Thrust: Botcon

    Onslaught: Classics. While I do have a ROTF/FP Bruticus I still display Onslaught because that's one bad mother effin mold! (copying what you said cos I agree ;)  )

    Galvatron: Shattered Glass pretending he isn't SG

    Unicron: Right now I only own the Armada one, but I intend to replace it with the Amazon one when it becomes more common

    Devastator: Classics. I don't care if it's an Energon recolor
  11. Feralstorm

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    Birthplace of Aviation
    Keeping it more smallerer:

    Megatron: Classics (I feel both it and Henkei are good in their own way, but Classics is in the case now)
    Soundwave: Music Label
    Starscream: Universe
    Thundercracker: Generations, formerly Botcon
    Skywarp: Classics
    Ramjet: Classics
    Dirge: Generations
    Thrust: amalgam of Botcon and Generations
    Astrotrain: Henkei
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  12. Rattrap Primal

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    Woodbury, NJ
    Megatron: Henkei
    Lugnut: RTS Voyager
    Starscream: Classics
    Skywarp: Classics
    Thundercracker: Generations, was Timelines for a little while
    Ramjet: Classics
    Thrust: Henkei
    Dirge: Henkei
    Soundwave: Music Label (Blue)
    Lockdown: Movie Line
    Bludgeon: ROTF Voyager
    Astrotrain: Classics
    Nemesis Prime: SDCC version
    Shockwave: DOTM Voyager (until we get a Generations Shockwave)
    Rumble and Frenzy: PE warriors
    Reflector: PE Scouting Force X
    Axor: HFTD
    Lazerbeak: Real Gear Booster
    Ravage: BWM X9 Ravage
    Dreadfire: Henkei Black Sky/Jetfire
    Barricade: DOTM Deluxe
    Razorclaw: Botcon
    Tarantulus: BW Transmetal
    Cyclonus: Universe
    Scourge: Generations
    3 Sweeps: See Scourge
    Thunderwing: Generations
    Octane: Universe
    Megaplex: Classics Megatron
    Megastorm: Classics 2 pack Megatron
  13. QmTablit

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    Hell, why not. Here's how my Classics shelves break down for the Deceptions-

    Season 1/2:

    Megatron- Henkei
    Optimus Prime clone- Classics
    Insecticons- TRU Reissue
    Nightbird- custom
    Starscream- Henkei
    Skywarp- Henkei
    Thundercracker- Henkei
    Ramjet- Henkei
    Thrust- Henkei
    Dirge- Henkei
    Astrotrain- Henkei
    Random background Seeker 1- Classics Skywarp
    Random background Seeker 2- Classics Starscream
    Random background Seeker 3- Generations Thundercracker
    Random background Seeker 4- Universe Starscream
    Random background Seeker 5- custom

    Season 3:

    Cyclonus- Henkei
    "His Armada"- RtS
    Sweep 1- Generations Scourge
    Sweep 2- Generations Scourge
    Sweep 3 possessed by Starscream- Generations Scourge
    Ghost Starscream- Henkei
    Season 3 Ramjet- Classics Ramjet
    Season 3 Thrust- Generations Thrust
    Season 3 Dirge- Generations Dirge
    Season 3 random miscolored Conehead- TCC G2 Ramjet
    Season 3 random miscolored Seeker- BotCon AM Thundercracker

    And that would be it for the moment. Still need to buy a United Scourge to be Scourge, and make myself a worthy Galvatron.
  14. BScorpinok75

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    In the darkness...
    Ratbat: Universe 2.0 WW/Standoff Beneath the Streets
    Dreadwind: Timelines/G.o.D. (When I can afford)
    Renegade Crasher: TftM/Allspark Battles Fracture
    Skullgrin: Generations
    Road Hugger: TftM/Allspark Battles Jolt
    Storm Cloud: Universe 2.0
    "His Armada" (renamed Crumplezone): Universe 2.0 Cyclonus
    Cyclonus w/Nightstick RtS Cyclonus and Nightstick
    Darkwing: Universe 2.0 w/ Renderform Upgrade
    Drag Strip: Universe 2.0/SE
    Galvatron: Universe 2.0
    Scourge: United w/Universe 2.0 Nightstick as Fracas
    Sweeps 1, 3, 4: 3X Generations Scourge
    Axor: RotF
    Dropshot: Universe 2.0
    Gutcruncher: RotF/Straightaway Shootout Sparkcrusher
    Cranckcase: TftM/Allspark Battles
    Dark Skyfire: Gentei! Gentei! (When I can afford it)
    Lord Straxus: Generations Darkmount
    Lugnut: Generations/RtS
    Decepticon Mindset: TF 2010 Hailstorm
    Nemesis Prime: SDCC Exclusive w/BTS Trailer
    Sunstorm: CHMS Orange Seeker
    Space Case: DotM
    Terradive: TF 2010
    G2 Breakdown: Timelines/G2 Redux
    G2 Cindersaur: Timelines/G2 Redux
    G2 Clench : Timelines/G2 Redux
    G2 Double Punch: Timelines/G2 Redux
    G2 Megatron: Classics/Ultimate Battle
    G2 Skyjack: Universe 2.0 w/Renderform Upgrade
    G2 Slicer: Possible Custom or Timelines/G2 Redux
    G2 Ramjet: TFCC
    G2/AM Thundercracker: Timelines/
    G2 Sparksstalker: Custom BW Waspinator
    G2 Flamefeather: Custom BM Airchanis
    Devestator: Classics (Energon Repaint)
    Seeker Stormbringer: Universe 2.0 Acid Storm
    Astrotrain: Classics
    Dirge: Gentei! Gentei!
    Seeker Pulse: Classics Starscream
    Coronation Starscream: Universe 2.0 w/Coronation Upgrade by....?
    Tankor/Octane: Universe 2.0
    Thrust: Gentei! Gentei!
    Bruticus: RotF Bruticus w/FP Explorer & Munitioner Upgrades
    Rumble & Frenzy: United
    3X Air Warriors: 3X CHHMS Generic Purple Seeker
    Laserbeak: Real Gear Booster X10
    Megatron: United
    Megaplex: Classics
    Blast-Off & Swindle: Explorer & Munitioner
    Onslaught: Universe 2.0
    Overkill: Universe 2.0/SE
    Ramjet: Classics
    Ravage: Universe 2.0
    Reflector: PE Scouting Force X
    Skywarp: Classics
    Soundwave: Classics (will replace with Music Label some day)
    Bludgeon: RotF w/Headrobots Upgrade
    Renegade Bugbite Timelines/G.o.D.
    Mindwipe: RotF
    Thunderwing: Generations
    Weirdwolf: Timelines/G.o.D.
    Renegade Deadlift: RotF
    Renegade Bad Boy: Custom Universe 2.0 Powerglide
    Renegade Dart: RotF Reverb
    Predacon/Dinobot: Universe 2.0
    Dustup: TftM/Allspark Battles Divebomb
    Heavy Load w/Drill Bit: Universe 2.0
    Predacon Bruticus: Universe 2.0
    Razorclaw: Timelines
    Shadow Striker: RotF
    Sharkticons: 3X Energon Sharkticons
    Unicron : TF 2010
    Banzai-Tron: Timelines/W.o.H.
    Leozack: Timelines/W.o.H.
    Scourge: Timelines/W.o.H.
    Skyquake: Timelines/W.o.H.
    Sweeps 2, 6, 7: Timelines/W.o.H.
    Vortex: DotM
    Runabout & Runamuck: TFCC ('12)
    Knock-Out: TFCC ('12)
    Black Shadow: Generations (Winter '11)
    Six-Shot: MMC Hexatron ('12)
    Lockdown: RotF
  15. 1984forever

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    Sorry OP, you are not the "token" on these boards. Many black dudes collect TFs. As a 12yr.old I did a run for Rich Porter in '86 and got enough $ to buy the entire movie cast and see the '86 movie again. That being straightened out, here goes-

    WFC gen. Megatron

    ML Soundwave

    Classics 2.0 Starscream

    Henkei Skywarp and Thundercracker

    Classics 2.0 Ravage

    Encore Rumble, Frenzy and Laserbeak.

    CHMS purple seekers 3x
  16. juise

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    Wauwatosa, WI
    YouTube (Legacy):
    Umm yeah... I'm aware of that, it's still funny though. Everyone else up until this point has gotten it. However I don't see what doing a run for Rich Porter has got to do with anything.

    Wish I could see the referrer logs to urban dictionary, and wikipedia after these post.
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  17. Dansproject

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    Feb 28, 2011
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    Does nobody ROTF Mindwipe in bat mode?
  18. Satomiblood

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    The Windy Apple
    Megatron: Hasbro release. I actually owned the Henkei release, but sold it once I saw the United version. Still haven't bitten on the United version, though.

    Starscream: Classics. Although I'm looking to replace it permanently with the 2.0 version. Some added detailing is all it really needs.

    Thundercracker: Generations.

    Skywarp: Classics.

    Soundwave: Music Label, because anything else would be uncivilized.

    Lord Straxas: Generations, the colors on the Generations figure just worked better for me.

    Lugnut: RTS.

    Scourge: Generations.

    Frenzy/Rumble: United figures, although I'll probably get the PE versions sometime.

    Cyclonus: 2.0 and RTS. 2.0 is my Cyclonus, whereas RTS will probably be used for custom fodder.

    Astrotrain: Henkei, although I do like the Classics deco as well.

    Ramjet: Classics.

    Dirge: Generations.

    Thrust: Generations, with some custom detailing as well as repainted Ramjet missiles.

    Onslaught: Henkei.

    Galvatron: Classics.
  19. GreenScream

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    Apr 30, 2007
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    I just stick with the 'Cons that appeared in the cartoon.

    So far I've got:

    Henkei Megatron
    G1 Encore Soundwave (with Maiden Japan Head upgrade)
    G1 Encore Laserbeak
    Henkei Ravage with G1 missiles
    Henkei Starscream
    Henkei Thundercracker
    Henkei Skywarp
    Henkei Ramjet
    Henkei Dirge
    Henkei Thrust
    Henkei Astrotrain
    Henkei Octane
    Henkei Galvatron
    Henkei Cyclonus
    United Scourge
    United Frenzy and Rumble (MISB)
    USA Edition Onslaught
    2010 Unicron

    FP Bruticus
    FP Thundershred and Stormbomb (sitting in my POL)
    Animated Stunticons (will replace if FP releases their rumored set)
    PE Reflector
    PE Frenzy and Rumble
    IT Judge
    IT Prosecutor

    I used to have Music Label Soundwave but he was a little on the small side and he didn't have any interactivity with his minions so I got rid of him. I think G1 Soundwave looks good especially with MJ's cartoon accurate head. I'll use him as a stand-in for now until something more worthwhile comes along.

    I plan on getting MT's Giant as my Classics Devastator. I'm also getting Hercules but he's way too big. I used to have G1 Devy with the Crazy Devy upgrades but he was too small and I got a sick offer for him. So off he went.

    Really only need a Classics Shockwave(had the Superlink version but he wasn't doing it for me) and a Blitzwing to round out the cast.

    I also plan on picking up iGear's Sharkticons whenever they come out.
  20. 1984forever

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    After you find out what I'm talking about you'll see that TF fans come from all walks of life.