The wait ordeal + small request

Discussion in 'Transformers Movie Discussion' started by SHINOBI03, Jun 26, 2014.

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    So the whole world is watching Age of Extinction and floods the web already with their opinions and spoilers.

    Not me! :cry 

    I am waiting a whole month till it gets released here in the UAE! That's right, the opening night is July 24! Not June, JULY!! By the time is comes I'll be spoiled already even if I stayed outside the movie forum!

    Summer blockbusters and the month of Ramadan do not mix! It's the same cr@p I went through last year with Pacific Rim! Opening night a month later than the rest. I want to talk and discuss the movie after seeing it, but by the time it comes all the heat goes away and I end up like the guy who arrives the moment the party closes down! I really hate to be left behind while everybody else is having fun!

    So until July 27th, I ask one small request from you all: Easy on the spoilers! Especially those who come to the Movies and Television forum and spoil everything in the thread. You saw it? Fine but keep your spoilers for yourself or I'll hate you till the next movie!