"The Transformers: Virtual Season 4 Extension" project is in need of new writers

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    The current writing staff is myself, and three others (Wade2501, Twincast2, and FlameStrike). However, Twincast2 went missing years ago, FlameStrike has been having computer access-issues for about a year or more, and Wade2501 has been real busy with real life issues for quite some time. But we still have more planned episodes to do from our setup VS4 episode-list, from each of us, so were're going to need new writers to help finish those story-ideas, and add new eps of their own to the list too. Currently, the next few eps are by FlameStrike, the rough drafts I've held onto, and asked Zobovor personally to look over them. He said that the eps need a lot of work, but feels unable to fix them himself. Would anyone would like to join and help with all this?

    As explained on my site in Submissions, but better: To join, please write a 3-page G1 VS4 ep you'd like to do, followed by a detailed summary of the rest of the ep, as well as detailed summaries of other eps you'd like to write. Keep in mind that this is for a virtual season 4, meaning the 1987 U.S. G1 toy-characters need to have the main spotlight, especially the ones new in the year, to be made into the next-beloved show-characters, per tradition of the real show. Rereleases in 1987 are secondary, for the most part, and old characters (those released before 1987 and not rereleased in it) are allowed to be used in smaller amounts, IF a writer wants to use them at all. I suppose Hot Rod, Kup, Blurr, Cyclonus, and Scourge count as "new" as they're with Targetmaster partners now. E-mail these to me (email on site main page), and I'll review them and let you in to the staff yahoo group. Keep in mind you may not get to do all that you want from your proposals, as, as I said, we have a pre-existing ep-list for VS4, which, again, needs help being finished. I'm very passionate about this project, and would very much like to see it continue. If anyone has questions, feel free to ask.

    Thank you for any help given. :) 

    - Rodimus_2316