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    Everyone knows that worrying about scale in Transformers is hopeless, right? Well, in the words of Springer:

    “What do you mean, it's a lost cause? Of course it's a lost cause. That's why we're here!”

    One of the aspects of Transformers that appeals to me is the concept that these are alien robots that transform into real vehicles, real vehicles that often differ greatly in size and mass. Consequently, if we disallow mass shifting, the robots that transform into these vehicles will also vary greatly in size.

    To reflect this, I have started a project to organize my collection based on scale so that I can visualize just how big an F-15 is compared to a car or truck. I realize that most will agree that this is way too much thought to put into a children’s toyline (I would probably be inclined to agree), but I thought I’d post here as a way to record my research because there might be some who find it interesting, and someone else might even want to contribute.

    As I look at each toy, I’ll include a link to the real world vehicle I’m using as a reference and the toy measurement I’m using to calculate scale. If there is some ambiguity in scale, I’ll try to point that out as well. Additionally, I’ll use the first couple posts in this thread as a summary sorted by scale and by series.

    As a final note, I’ll be happy to take requests, but my collection is really quite small, so I may need some help with toy measurements to figure the scale.

    I'd like to thank the following sites that have been incredibly useful in this effort.
    - tfw2005
    - seibertron
    - Dave's Transformers Page
    - TFWiki
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    Jun 4, 2006
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    Transformers Organized by Series Chronologically


    1/72 Scale
    Deluxe Soundwave [1/72]


    1/72 Scale
    Lugnut [1/78]


    1/5 Scale
    ROTF Deluxe Wheelie [1/5]
    ROTF Ejector [1/6]

    1/10 Scale
    ROTF Legends Wheelie [1/11]

    1/15 Scale
    ROTF Deluxe Arcee [1/15]

    1/24 Scale
    ROTF Brimstone [1/23]
    HA Bumblebee [1/24]
    HA Sideswipe [1/24]
    HA Skids [1/24]
    HA Mudflap [1/24]
    HA Barricade [1/24]
    HA Jazz [1/24]
    HA Soundwave [1/24]
    HA Roadbuster [1/26]
    HA Leadfoot [1/26]
    DOTM Leader Ironhide [1/29]

    1/32 Scale
    TFTM Voyager Ratchet [1/30]
    TFTM Deluxe Jazz [1/30]
    TFTM Landmine [1/30]
    ROTF Armorhide [1/30]
    ROTF Leader Optimus Prime [1/31]
    ROTF Brawn [1/31]
    RTS Fallback [1/31]
    ROTF Deluxe Sidearm Sideswipe [1/31]
    PCC Drag Strip [1/31]
    ROTF Dead End [1/32]
    ROTF Sideways [1/32]
    DOTM Deluxe Sideswipe [1/33]
    ROTF Lockdown [1/34]
    HFTD Axor [1/34]
    HFTD Battle Blades Bumblebee [1/35]
    DOTM Deluxe Jolt [1/35]
    DOTM Deluxe Bumblebee [1/36]
    TFTM Voyager Ironhide [1/36]
    DOTM Deluxe Barricade [1/38]

    1/45 Scale
    DOTM Ultimate Optimus [1/39]
    ROTF Hubcap [1/40]
    ROTF Dune Runner [1/40]
    ROTF Beachcomber [1/40]
    ROTF Dirtboss [1/44]
    HFTD Battle Blades Optimus Prime [1/45]
    DOTM Deluxe Ratchet [1/46]
    DOTM Crankcase [1/47]
    ROTF Mixmaster [1/49]
    DOTM Leader Sentinel Prime [1/49]

    1/60 Scale
    TFTM Legends Jazz [1/52]
    DOTM Deluxe Optimus Prime [1/54 - 1/58]
    TFTM Deluxe Wreckage [1/55]
    ROTF Bludgeon [1/57]
    ROTF Banzaitron [1/57]
    ROTF Legends Sideways [1/58]
    TFTM Deluxe Bonecrusher [1/59]
    DOTM Cyberverse Soundwave [1/61]
    TFTM Deluxe Brawl [1/61]
    HFTD Leader Starscream [1/62]
    TFTM Legends Barricade [1/63]
    TFTM Deluxe Payload [1/64]
    PCC Huffer [1/64 - 1/68]
    TFTM Legends 1970s Bumblebee [1/65]
    DOTM Voyager Megatron [1/67]

    1/72 Scale
    ROTF Ransack [1/68]
    HFTD Hailstorm [1/70 - 1/100]
    ROTF Leader Jetfire [1/72]
    DOTM Cyberverse Crowbar [1/73]
    DOTM Voyager Sentinel Prime [1/74]
    HFTD Seaspray [1/40 - 1/120]
    RTS Deep Dive [1/40 - 1/120]
    HFTD Breacher [1/75]
    ROTF Blazemaster [1/76]
    ROTF Tailwhip [1/76]
    PCC Smolder [1/77]

    1/87 Scale
    DOTM Cyberverse Ratchet [1/81]
    DOTM Cyberverse Crankcase [1/81]
    DOTM Cyberverse Ironhide [1/82]
    TFTM Incinerator [1/83]
    DOTM Cyberverse Megatron [1/84]
    ROTF Dirge [1/84]
    DOTM Skyhammer [1/86]
    ROTF Breakaway [1/87]
    ROTF Thrust [1/87]
    PCC Heavytread [1/89]
    ROTF Starscream [1/90]
    ROTF Rampage [1/92 (alternately 1/52)]
    ROTF Mindwipe [1/93]
    ROTF Skystalker [1/93 (alternately 1/36)]
    DOTM Cyberverse Optimus Prime [1/93]

    1/100 Scale
    DOTM Cyberverse Guzzle [1/96]
    ROTF Long Haul [1/96 (alternately 1/64)]
    TFTM Deluxe Dreadwing [1/82 (Wingspan) 1/102 (Length)]
    HFTD Tomahawk [1/93 – 1/105]
    ROTF Legends Mixmaster (Combining) [1/102]
    RTS Lugnut - [1/104]
    TFTM Voyager Blackout - [1/108]

    1/115 Scale
    TFTM Legends Brawl [1/110]
    PCC Steamhammer [1/115]
    TFTM Legends Bonecrusher [1/118]

    1/125 Scale
    DOTM Cyberverse Sentinel Prime [1/124]
    ROTF Demolisher/Scavenger [1/128]
    PCC Bombshock [1/130]

    1/150 Scale
    HFTD Decepticons Terradive [1/148]
    DOTM Cyberverse Hatchet [1/148]

    1/160 Scale
    DOTM Cyberverse Powerglide [1/160]
    ROTF Legends Long Haul (Combining) [1/162]

    1/185 Scale
    ROTF Legends Rampage (Non-combining) [1/185]
    ROTF Legends Rampage (Combining) [1/184]

    1/200 Scale
    ROTF Legends Springer [1/197]
    DOTM Air Raid [1/204]
    ROTF Legends Scapper (Combining) [1/205]
    DOTM Legion Starscream [1/213]

    1/225 Scale
    ROTF Stratosphere [1/217]
    DOTM Cyberverse Blackout [1/222]
    ROTF Legends Overload (Combining) [1/232]
    ROTF Optimus Prime (w/ Stratosphere) [1/233]

    1/250 Scale
    ROTF Legends Long Haul (Non-combining) [1/256]
    ROTF Legends Hightower (Combining) [1/257]
    ROTF Legends Scavenger (Combining) [1/266 - 1/321]

    1/370 Scale
    ROTF Legends Jetfire [1/368

    1/600 Scale
    ROTF Depth Charge [1/631]
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    Jun 4, 2006
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    (To avoid arguments, "hybrids" are listed twice)

    1/32 Scale
    Universe Onslaught [1/25 - 1/30]
    Classics Rodimus [1/28]
    Universe Deluxe Hound [1/32]
    Generations Blurr [1/33]
    Generations Drift [1/33]
    Classics Deluxe Mirage [1/33]
    RTS Tracks [1/33]
    Generations Wheeljack [1/33]
    RTS Jazz [1/33]
    Classics Deluxe Bumblebee [1/34]
    Universe Prowl [1/34]
    Universe Silverstreak [1/34]
    Universe Smokescreen [1/34]
    Universe Sunstreaker [1/34]
    Universe Sideswipe [1/34]
    Universe Red Alert [1/34]
    Generations Kup [1/34]
    RTS Wreck-Gar [1/34 (alternately 1/12)]
    Generations Junkheap [1/34 (alternately 1/12)]
    ROTF Lockdown [1/34]
    HFTD Axor [1/34]

    1/45 Scale
    Universe Ironhide [1/40 - 1/45]
    Universe Ratchet [1/40 - 1/45]
    Classics Voyager Optimus Prime [1/43]
    Classics Voyager Ultra Magnus [1/43]
    Universe Inferno [1/43]
    RTS Grappel [1/43]
    Classics Voyager Megatron [1/43]
    RTS Perceptor [1/44]
    RTS G2 Optimus Prime [1/45]
    RTS Windcharger [1/45]

    1/60 Scale
    Universe Legends Hound [1/52]
    Classics Decepticon Overlord Gigatron [1/57]
    ROTF Bludgeon [1/57]
    ROTF Banzaitron [1/57]
    Universe Legends Rodimus [1/57]
    Universe Galvatron [1/60]
    Universe Legends Bumblebee [1/61]
    RTS Legends Gold Bumblebee [1/61]
    Universe Legends Wheelie [1/61]
    Classics Grimlock [1/52 - 1/63]
    Universe Legends Jazz [1/63]
    Classics Deluxe Optimus Prime [1/60 - 1/64]

    1/72 Scale
    Universe Legends Brawn [1/68]
    Generations Darkmount [1/70 - 1/120]
    Generations Skullgrin [1/70 - 1/120]
    HFTD Seaspray [1/40 - 1/120]
    RTS Deep Dive [1/40 - 1/120]
    Universe Powerglide [1/73]
    HFTD Breacher [1/75]

    1/100 Scale
    Universe Legends Beachcomber [1/96]
    HFTD Sandstorm [1/96]
    RTS Legends Optimus Prime [1/98 - 1/106]
    RTS Legends Megatron [1/100]
    Generations Warpath [1/87 - 1/100]
    Classics Starscream [1/103 - 1/109]
    Classics Thundercracker [1/103 - 1/109]
    Classics Skywarp [1/103 - 1/109]
    Classics Dirge [1/103 - 1/109]
    Classics Thrust [1/103 - 1/109]
    Classics Ramjet [1/103 - 1/109]
    Classics Acid Storm [1/103 - 1/109]
    RTS Lugnut [1/104]
    HFTD Tomahawk [1/93 – 1/105]

    1/120 Scale
    Classics Jetfire [1/118]
    Generations Sky Shadow [1/124]
    Generations Thunderwing [1/124]
    Universe Legends G2 Megatron [1/128]

    1/200 Scale
    RTS Legends Starscream [1/206]
    Universe Legends Warpath [1/200]

    1/250 Scale
    Universe Silverbolt [1/243]

    1/385 Scale
    Generations Scourge [1/385 (alternately 1/34)]
    Universe Cyclonus [1/385 (alternately 1/120)]

    Combiners and Triple Changers
    Classics Astrotrain - 1/254 (Shuttle) - 1/122 (Train)
    Universe Tankor - 1/264 (Plane) - 1/67 (Truck)

    ROTF Onslaught [1/54]
    ROTF Brawl [1/80]
    ROTF Vortex [1/103]
    Fansproject Explorer [1/107]
    Fansproject Munitioner [1/49]


    MP-01 Optimus Prime [1/30]
    MP-02 Ultra Magnus [1/30]
    MP-03 Starscream [1/60]
    MP-04 Optimus Prime [1/30]
    MP-06 Skywarp [1/60]
    MP-07 Thundercracker [1/60]
    MP-09 Rodimus Prime [1/20 - 1/26]
    MP-10 Optimus Prime [1/35]

    Faith Leader [1/43]

    Unicron Trilogy

    1/32 Scale
    Cybertron Hot Shot [1/32]
    Cybertron Excellion [1/32]

    1/45 Scale
    Cybertron Evac [1/44]

    1/60 Scale
    Cybertron Legends Hot Shot [1/61]

    1/100 Scale
    Cybertron Undermine [1/94]
    Armada Deluxe Thrust [1/97]
    Cybertron Legends Evac [1/110]

    Beast Wars
    Based on official Takara heights

    TM2 Blackarachnia [1/12]
    Longrack [1/12]
    Optimus Primal [1/13]
    Lio Convoy [1/13]
    Inferno [1/14]
    TM Rattrap [1/14]
    Ravage [1/14]
    Silverbolt [1/14]
    Heinlad [1/14]
    Blackarachnia [1/15]
    TM2 Cheetor ]1/15]
    Megatron [1/15]
    Tarantulas [1/15]
    Megastorm [1/15]
    Apache [1/16]
    Bigmos [1/16]
    Tonbot [1/16]
    TM Cheetor [1/17]
    Quickstrike [1/17]
    Rampage [1/17]
    Rattrap [1/17]
    Saberback [1/17]
    Survive [1/17]
    Cheetor [1/18]
    TM Tarantulas [1/18]
    Terrorsaur [1/18]
    Tigatron [1/18]
    Drillnuts [1/18]
    Hellscream [1/18]
    Scissorboy [1/18]
    Coroda [1/18]
    Airazor [1/19]
    TM Optimus Primal [1/19]
    Waspinator [1/19]
    Motorarm [1/19]
    Starscream [1/19]
    Sharpedge [1/19]
    Scorponok [1/20]
    Autolauncher [1/20]
    Ikard [1/20]
    Lio Junior [1/20]
    Mantis [1/20]
    Scuba [1/20]
    Magmatron [1/20]
    Hydra [1/21]
    Rhinox [1/22]
    Autocruncher [1/22]
    Autostinger [1/22]
    BB [1/22]
    Dirgegun [1/22]
    DJ [1/22]
    Max B [1/22]
    Thrustor [1/22]
    Archadis [1/22]
    Hardhead [1/22]
    Killerpunch [1/22]
    Rartorarta [1/22]
    Dinobot [1/23]
    TM2 Dinobot [1/23]
    Autojetter [1/23]
    Bighorn [1/23]
    Powerhug [1/23]
    Tasmanian Kid [1/23]
    Big Convoy [1/23]
    Elephaorpha [1/23]
    TM Megatron [1/24]
    Gimlet [1/24]
    Halfshell [1/24]
    Skywarp [1/24]
    Tripredicus [1/24]
    Drancon [1/24]
    Randy [1/24]
    Dirge [1/25]
    Magnaboss [1/25]
    Break [1/25]
    Diver [1/26]
    God Neptune [1/26]
    Thrust [1/26]
    Machkick [1/26]
    Sling [1/26]
    Stampy [1/26]
    Galvatron [1/27]
    Bazooka [1/27]
    Bump [1/27]
    Deadend [1/27]
    Guiledart [1/27]
    Crazybolt [1/28]
    Colagon [1/30]
    Scylla [1/30]
    Rockbuster [1/30]
    Terrormander [1/31]
    Santon [1/32]
    Tigerhawk [1/35]
    Optimal Optimus [1/36]
    Sea Phantom [1/37]
    Megatron TM2 [1/50]
    Gigastorm [1/52]


    Skids [1/34]
    Hot Rod [1/35]
    Kup [1/35]
    Blurr [1/35]
    Hound [1/36]
    Mirage [1/37]
    Sideswipe [1/37]
    Red Alert [1/37]
    Bluestreak [1/40]
    Prowl [1/40]
    Smokescreen [1/40]
    Skullcruncher [1/40]
    Highbrow [1/40]
    Hardhead [1/40]
    Chromedome [1/40]
    Mindwipe [1/40]
    Brainstorm [1/40]
    Sunstreaker [1/41]
    Tracks [1/42]
    Jazz [1/43]
    Stepper [1/43]
    Trailbreaker [1/47]
    Hoist [1/47]
    Optimus Prime [1/48]

    Breakdown [1/54]
    Jetfire [1/55]

    Grimlock [1/67]

    Quake [1/85]
    Darkwing [1/88]

    G1 Warpath [1/95]
    G1 Trakkon Fearswoop/Black Omen [1/104]
    Spinister [1/108]

    Needlenose [1/122]

    Blitzwing [1/98 (Tank) 1/160 (Jet)]
    Astrotrain [1/252 (Shuttle) 1/180 (Train)]
    Battletrap [1/166 (AH-64) 1/71 (F-150)]
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    Jun 4, 2006
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    Picture from
    Hunt for the Decepticons Tomahawk: 1/100 Scale
    Robot height = 46 ft

    Tomahawk is clearly an attack helicopter, but appears to be an amalgam of different models rather than a faithful representation of a specific helicopter. It appears that the AH-64 Apache and the Eurocopter Tiger are the primary design influences, so I’ve used those as my references to establish the scale of Tomahawk.

    Rotor diameter is the easiest thing to compare, so we’ll start there. The Tomahawk figure has a rotor diameter of 5.5 inches. Comparing this to the 48 foot diameter of the Apache yields a scale of 1/105, but compared to the 43 foot diameter of the Eurocopter, the scale is only 1/93. Because it’s a nice round number and a common scale for scifi models, I’ll call Tomahawk 1/100 scale.


    One common issue with Transformers are cockpits that are too small or too large relative to the vehicle mode. Fortunately, looking at Tomahawk compared to the line drawings of the Apache and the Tiger, both the ratio of rotor diameter to overall length and the ratio of cockpit size to overall length look good. Tomahawk is quite a bit wider than the real world helicopters, so that could be an issue with disk loading (the ratio of its weight to the total main rotor disc area) if you assume that Tomahawk is made of materials that are similar to a real helicopter, but lower density “cybertronian alloys” is a nice work around here.
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    Locke, can I be your best friend?

    I too have had the strong desire to build a collection that is properly to scale for the vehicle modes. I've even thought about creating new figures to represent characters at the correct scale. There are some tips in the Radicon section that discusses ways to enlarge or shrink a mold as you remold it.

    Starting with Tomahawk seems a little strange to me. Great as the figure may be, if you want them to be to scale I would think using a deluxe car would be a good starting point. I'm not sure if there are figures of cars at 1/100 scale.
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    Jul 14, 2010
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    New Jersey
    EDIT FROM THE FUTURE! (6/26/19)
    We kept calculating scales after Locke stopped updating the first posts, so I've added them here for practicality's sake. 3rd Party in italics.

    x/1 Scale
    BW Transmetal Scavenger [40/1 - 120/1]
    RotF Insecticon [4/1]

    1/1 Scale
    G1 Soundwave
    G1 Browning
    G1 Reflector
    G1 Cassettes
    Movie Real Gear Robots
    Armada Laserbeak

    1/5 Scale
    Nope Soap [1/2]
    Nobeeoh [1/4]
    Chilla Gorilla [1/6]
    RotF Scalpel [1/6]
    Bogus Pocus [1/7]

    1/15 Scale
    PotP Slash [1/11 (realistic)]
    G1 Classic Pretenders Shells (Bumblebee/Grimlock/Jazz/Starscream) [1/12]
    RotF Deluxe Ravage [1/13]
    Clogstopper [1/16]
    Overpack [1/16]
    Action Toys Rod Drill [1/16]
    Prime FE Arcee [1/17]

    1/24 Scale
    AOE Deluxe Strafe [1/21]
    HA Icepick [1/23]
    Generations Rhinox [1/24]
    Robot Masters Lio Convoy [1/25]
    PotP Slash [1/26 (Jurassic Park style)]
    RotF Legends Ravage [1/27]
    Crossovers Iron Man (car) [1/27]
    Crossovers Capt America [1/27]
    DotM Roller [1/27]

    1/32 Scale
    MP Movie Camaro Bumblebee [1/29]
    MP Movie VW Bumblebee [1/29]
    MP Barricade [1/29]
    RotF Ice Cream Twins [1/30]
    HA Soundwave [1/30]
    MP Sideswipe/Red Alert [1/30]
    Prime Deluxe Wheeljack [1/30-37]
    MP Tracks [1/32]
    Prime Cyberverse Arcee [1/32]
    Prime FE Bulkhead [1/32]
    Alien Attack Firage [1/32]
    TW-T01 Grindrod [1/35 (alternately 1/38)]
    TW-T02 Aurora [1/35]
    TW-T03 Trace [1/35]

    AoE Crosshairs [1/35]
    Prime Rumble [1/35]
    SS Stinger [1/35-40]
    MP G1 Bumblebee [1/35]
    MP Movie Optimus Prime [1/35]
    AoE Leader Optimus Prime [1/36]
    RotF Scout Dead End [1/36]
    PotP Jazz/Ricochet [1/36]
    SS WWII Bumblebee [1/36]
    Prime FE Cliffjumper [1/38]
    Prime Deluxe Vehicon [1/38]
    AoE High Octane Bumblebee [1/38]
    DotM Que [1/38]
    SS Jazz [1/39]
    RotF Breakdown [1/39]
    AoE Deluxe Lockdown [1/39]

    1/45 Scale
    Movie Leader Brawl [1/40]
    DotM Deluxe Roadbuster [1/40]
    Masterpiece Grimlock [1/40]
    Prime FE Bumblebee [1/40]
    BB Energon Igniters Nitro Series Soundwave [1/40]
    TLK Voyager Hound [1/41]
    SS Ironhide [1/41]
    SS Barricade [1/41-42]
    AoE Evasion Optimus [1/41-44]
    TTC Arcee [1/42]
    SS Shatter (car) [1/43]
    WfC Bumblebee [1/44]
    Robot Heroes Seekers [1/44]
    MP10V Optimus Prime [1/45]
    Tanaka Space Guard [1/46]
    SS Ratchet [1/46]
    AOE Deluxe Snarl [1/46]
    HFTD Deluxe Ironhide [1/48]
    SS Crowbar [1/48]
    TLK Berserker [1/48]
    SS DotM Megatron [1/49]
    SS Igor [1/49]
    Prime Deluxe Kup [1/50]
    Movie Deluxe Scorponok [1/50]
    WeiJiang Hide Shadow [1/51]
    SS Brawl [1/51]
    AoE Voyager Hound [1/52]
    Thor Tiger [1/52]

    1/60 Scale
    RotF Deluxe Soundwave [1/53]
    SS Bonecrusher [1/55]
    WfC Deluxe Soundwave [1/56]
    DotM Rav [1/56]
    RotF Legends Mudflap [1/57]
    DotM Voyager Shockwave [1/57]
    FoC Shockwave [1/57]
    AOE Deluxe Slug [1/57]
    DotM Cyberverse Sideswipe [1/58]
    Speed Series VW Bumblebee [1/59]
    FoC Optimus Prime [1/59]
    FoC Starscream [1/59]
    FoC Grimlock [1/59]
    TLK Nitro Zeus [1/59]
    RotF Voyager The Fallen [1/60]
    Th30 Blitzwing [1/60 tank (1/88-94 jet)]
    AOE Voyager Grimlock [1/61]
    TLK Legion Crosshairs [1/64]
    Animated Voyager Starscream [1/65]
    Movie Legends Ratchet [1/65]
    RotF Voyager Megatron [1/66]
    Th30 Whirl [1/66 (alternately 1/70)]
    SS Scrapmetal [1/66]
    SS Rampage [1/69]

    1/72 Scale
    PCC Icepick/Chainclaw [1/67]
    Prime Cyberverse Vehicon [1/67]
    SS Dropkick [1/68]
    DotM Cyberverse Wreckers (Leadfoot, Roadbuster, Topspin) [1/69]
    TLK Legion Drift [1/72]
    PCC Undertow [1/72]
    Cybertron Armorhide [1/72]
    Zeta Toys Whirlblade [1/72]
    GoBot Tux [1/73]

    Prime Cyberverse Bulkhead [1/74]
    SS Leader Blackout/Scorponok [1/75]
    Cybertron Metroplex [1/78 (alternately 1/309)]
    Prime Voyager Starscream [1/79]

    1/87 Scale
    Animated Leader Megatron [1/80]
    Prime Cyberverse Optimus Prime [1/83]
    AOE Voyager Slog [1/84]
    Prime Cyberverse Shockwave [1/85]
    Th30 Blitzwing [1/88-94 jet (1/60 tank)]
    SS Starscream [1/87]
    RotF Legends Soundwave [1/88]
    Prime Voyager Dreadwing [1/89]
    SS Jetfire [1/92]

    1/100 Scale
    PCC Sledge/Throttler [1/96]
    Prime Cyberverse Megatron [1/101]
    Prime FE Starscream [1/103]
    Action Toys Eagle Robo [1/103]

    1/115 Scale
    Mini-Con Backstop [1/114]
    DotM Deluxe Starscream [1/116]

    1/125 Scale
    Prime Cyberverse Soundwave [1/122]
    RID15 Legion Optimus Prime [1/123]
    RotF Legends Optimus Prime [1/127]
    Movie Legends Megatron [1/133]
    Prime Cyberverse Starscream [1/133]
    RotF Legends The Fallen [1/137]

    1/150 Scale
    RotF Legends Megatron [1/148]
    Prime Cyberverse Dreadwing [1/150]
    Th30 Legends Starscream [1/155]
    Mini-Con Longarm [1/157]

    1/185 Scale
    Kabaya Windcharger [1/174]
    Th30 Payload/Cosmos [1/176]
    Mini-Con Wideload [183]

    1/200 Scale
    TR Trypticon/Full-Tilt/Necro [1/192]
    CW Sky Lynx [1/202]

    1/250 Scale
    Th30 Megatron [1/290]
    DotM Ark [1/305]
    Cybertron Metroplex [1/309 (alternately 1/78)]

    1/475 Scale
    Mini-Con Buzzsaw [1/473]

    1/600 Scale
    RID Brave Maximus [1/625]
    Prime Voyager Predaking [1/626]

    1/700 Scale
    Generations Metroplex [1/700]
    G1 Metroplex [1/761]

    Prime Cyberverse Predaking [1/1028]
    Armada Sky Blast [1/1367]
    Armada Tidal Wave [1/2010]

    I like trying to find some kind of scale with figures. Every character won't be in scale with each other, of course, but it's so rewarding when you can get little groups all sized up correctly. I've been working on a scale chart myself, going by vehicle modes, though it's just for Movieverse.
    For whatever reason, Leader Starscream really got me into scale, and I've found a few Cons that fit with him:
    Starscream's alt (F-22 Raptor) is around 744" long, while Starscream here is 12", making him 1/62 scale.
    Bonecrusher's alt (Buffalo MPCV) in real life is about 324" while Bonesy here is 5.5", making him 1/59 scale.
    Payload's alt (Bulldog II Armored Truck) is just a few inches shorter at 321" and Payload himself is 5", making him 1/64 scale.
    Megatron... is a doozy to calculate. Trucks don't seem to be measured like the other vehicles, plus Megs is heavily modified which further muddles this up. The only site I've found with the Mack M915 trucks measurements gave them for its wheelbase, platform, and from bumper to back of cab. Since the third one is the only one I understood, I used that. The real truck is 168" while Megatron is 2.5", making him 1/67 scale.
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  7. Scaleface

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    Michigan, USA
    I actually did a thread on with a similar goal. I tried to calculate the scale of any TF alt mode. Energon Pub Forums • View topic - Transformers Scale Thread

    I used various size charts from series bibles, or real world vehicle stats and came up with a lot, here are the ones that are near 1:100 scale:

    Warpath is a M551 Sheridan light tank, 280 cm wide and 631 cm long, so he scales to about 1:95; 21 feet 11 inches tall in robot mode. This also works for ehobby Treads.

    Leobreaker is 24 feet tall. 3 inch tall legends toy is 1/96 scale.

    Armada Thrust (Universe Sunstorm) - An actual F-35 fighter is 15.47 meters long, while the Thrust toy is 16 centimeters long, making it a scale of about 1/97 scale.

    Cybertron Defense Red Alert is 84 pixels tall making him 24.5 feet or 747 centimeters tall at the head. The Legends figure is 7.5 centimeters tall for a 1/100 scale.

    Movie Deluxe Dreadwing - With a real MiG-29 being 1737 centimeters long and this toy measuring 17 centimeters long, it would have a scale of 1/102 and he would stand about 50 feet tall in robot mode.

    Trakkon Fearswoop/Black Omen is 16.5cm long, while an FA-18 is 17.1m long.

    So that's Mini-Bot Warpath, ehobby Treads, Legends Leobreaker, Armada Thrust, Universe Sunstorm, Legends Cybertron Defense Red Alert, Universe Legends Obslaught, Classic Legends Perceptor, movie Dreadwing (and his redecos), and Trakkon Fearswoop.
  8. Scaleface

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    Michigan, USA
    Deluxe movie Brawl is 1:61 scale. So he fits in with that crowd with leader Starscream.
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  9. Locke

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    Thanks for the great responses, I'm glad I'm not the only one interested in scale.

    Ryoku - You're right that Tomahawk is an odd choice to start, it just happens to be my current favorite.

    Noideaforaname - That's a great pic! When I get a couple of set-ups done, I'll have to add a couple of my own. Unfortunately, my photography skills aren't that great.

    Scaleface - It looks like you've done some great work over at Seibertron. I'm trying to focus only on the vehicle mode right now, so I'm trying to ignore robot mode heights as a source for now, so I left off Leobreaker and CD Red Alert from the summary posts, if you don't mind.
  10. Scaleface

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    Michigan, USA
    No problem. I only had Leobreaker's height by measuring him standing next to the kids in an official picture, and figuring the kids were 5 feet tall. Not like he's the real size of a Lion anyways!

    I'm pretty sure we could calculate CD Red Alert from the real world vehicle too, but then he may not be the size you want. I'll go look.

    BTW - Movie Dreadwing was recolored into movie Overcast and ROTF Fearswoop. Armada Thrust was recolored into Universe Sunstorm. So you can add those to the 1/100 scale chart.
  11. Scaleface

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    Michigan, USA
    Okay I got it. Cybertron Red Alert turns into a BTR-80.

    BTR-80 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A BTR-80 is 765 centimeters long. Red Alert Legends is 9 centimeters long. That's 1:85 scale. Sadly a bit too big for 1:100.
  12. Locke

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    Picture from
    Generations Warpath: 1/100 Scale
    Robot height = 44 ft

    Picture from
    DOTM Cyberverse Guzzle: 1/96 Scale
    Robot height = 26 ft

    It's time for a tank 'former double feature. First on the list is DOTM Cyberverse Guzzle. Guzzle is a pretty accurate representation of a M1A1 Abrams. In vehicle mode, Guzzle is 4 inches long including the barrel. This corresponds to a real world length of 32 feet, so Guzzle is 1/96 scale, which I'll round to 1/100 scale.

    Now, for our second tank, we'll look at Generations Warpath. Clearly, h-tanks don't exist in the real world, so we don't have an easy comparison for overall size. However, if we assume that it is intended to be operated by humans, a look at the visible hatches can give us some clues about the scale. In another thread, Boy Blunder helped me out with a picture of Warpath compared to Guzzle.


    In addition, Ryoku measured the two top hatches, and it seems that the hatch on Generations Warpath is 7 mm and the commander's hatch on Guzzle is 6 mm. Warpath's hatch looks a little more heavy duty than the M1 hatch, so Warpath can work at the same scale as Guzzle. However, if we assume the hatches are exactly the same size, Warpath's scale comes out at 1/82 (96*6/7).

    I personally prefer to pair Warpath with Tomahawk as military themed Autobots, so I'm going to assume he's 1/100 in my personal universe. However, he also works at 1/87, which I understand is HO scale in the model railroad community.
  13. IronicHide

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    This thread is amazing.

    If it's still going when I've got more time, I did some work on this by nabbing Siebertron gallery pictures and shrinking / enlarging alt and robo modes to a real world scale, ranging from bikes to giant ships. News: TFA Prowl is tiny, Tidal Wave is enormous.
  14. Grandum

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    I'm in the camp that fixates on bot mode scale rather than altmode scale, would be nice if you got one of them running as well.
  15. Locke

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    Picture from
    Hunt for the Decepticons Breacher: 1/72 Scale
    Robot height = 24 ft

    I tend to be a fan of the military alt modes, so you'll probably notice a theme with the first few toys I'm looking at. I can generally recognize most of the military vehicles used as Transformers, but this is one that I was sure was a generic vehicle until I looked at TFWiki: Hunt for the Decepticons Breacher. As it turns out, Breacher is a very good representation of the South African Ratel IFV.


    One interesting note, Breacher's bio characterizes him as an amphibious assault vehicle, but the Ratel doesn't appear to have any amphibious capability.

    As for the scale, the toy is 3.75 inches long, and the actual Ratel is 284 inches long. This makes Breacher 1/75 scale; this is pretty close to 1/72 scale which is a common scale for aircraft models.

    I recently picked up Breacher hoping he'd fit in with my 1/100 display, but after doing this research, I passed him on to the Toys for Tots bin. I'm running low on space, so I have to be pretty selective with the toys I get. By most accounts he's a fantastic figure, so hopefully someone enjoys him this Christmas.
  16. Dinobot747

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    I found some figures that roughly to scale, I used no math or calculations, I just started with DOTM Voyager Ironhide in vehicle mode, and went from there. They are:

    DOTM Voyager Ironhide
    DOTM Deluxe Darksteel
    HFTD Scout Brimstone
    Generations Kup
    Generations Drift
    Generations Wheeljack
    RTS Grapple
    TF07 Dropkick

    Now, I know it's probably not exact by any means, but I don't think it's too far off. Thoughts?
  17. Locke

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    Picture from
    Reveal the Shield Legends Optimus Prime: 1/106 Scale
    Robot height = 27 ft

    Picture from
    Reveal the Shield Legends Megatron: 1/106 Scale
    Robot height = 27 ft

    Today, I'm going to look at my most recent acquisition (best $2 I've spent on a TF) and my first non-military alt mode, RTS Legends Optimus Prime.

    There has been some debate about what model of truck was used for G1 Optimus, but this thread makes a pretty clear case that Optimus is a Freightliner FLA86.

    This can be yours for a mere $7,500.

    As Noideaforaname pointed out with DOTM Voyager Megatron, it is amazingly difficult to find good measurements for semi-trucks. The FLA86 is no longer produced by Freightliner, so the best that I have been able to come up with are classifieds for used trucks on a site called Even here, the only measurement that seems to be really useful is wheelbase (distance from the front axle to the rearmost axle), and that isn't even listed for all of the trucks for sale. The two wheelbases that are listed for trucks that look similar to Optimus Prime are 160 inches and 173 inches (pictured above), so this is what I've used. Hopefully there is someone who understands more about trucks than I do that might be able to tell me if I'm in the right ballpark.

    The wheelbase on the RTS Legends Prime measures right at 1.625 (1 5/8) inches. This means that the toy's scale is somewhere between 1/98 and 1/106, and that works perfectly with Tomahawk and Warpath. When compared to Warpath in vehicle mode, it actually makes Warpath look like one of the large tank bosses from WFC.

    I didn't happen to find RTS Legends Megatron, but he is definitely on my list to pick up. I like the idea of Megatron and Optimus being of similar stature, so I'm tempted to call this a 1/100 scale Megatron, but as we compare him to some of his lieutenants, we'll see that this works with varying degrees of success.
  18. Anguirus

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    Props to this thread, and the other one on Seibertron which I found years ago.

    It's really interesting that all those movie 'cons are in vehicle-mode scale. Toys not being able to distort and deform like CGI robots, that winds up with a rather colossal-seeming Starscream when they are all switched to 'bot mode!
  19. Carl

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    This thread rocks :thumbs2: 
  20. red00wolf

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    I love this thread and applaud your efforts. Only thing I would add is the hights of the robot modes based on your calculations. Will watch this with great interest.