The Transformers: Genesis

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    This is my first attempt at a fanfic. Thought I'd put it up and see if anyone is interested.
    I'd love to hear C&C so let er rip.

    “My lords!”, the call could be heard echoing down the hall. “My lords, we are under attack.” “Calm yourself young one,” came the reply through a mental link shared by all present within the chamber.
    The large door burst open as the young warrior charged in sword in hand. “Our ancient enemies approach at as rapid a pace as I’ve ever seen. I fear they will overwhelm us before our defenses can be mustered. You must flee to saf…”
    “All is well warrior”, this time it was spoken. “We are aware of the Dark Ones’ approach,” came another voice. “It was we who summoned them to this place.”
    “But not since the infancy of the universe have they been allowed to enter here. Am I not tasked with protecting this, and all other places from their influence?”
    “First, it is not protection that you are charged with, but balance,” remarked the obvious leader of the assembly. “Look out that port hole there. Tell me, what do you see?”
    “Space, the empty void of space.” “Ah, but is it?””Is it what? Space? Of course it is. What else would it be?”
    “Oh, I would that you were not so young. It was hoped that in a few billion millennia you would begin to understand, but we no longer have the luxury of patients.”
    “I don’t understand”, he was so tired of these riddles. “I’m nearly a million solar cycles old, I’ve seen stars born, I’ve seen them die. I’ve fought in countless battles in your names, I mean no disrespect, but just once could you please stop treating me like a child, and tell me, clearly, what is going on?”
    The frenzied buzzing filled the air. He truly hated it when they all shouted psychically and blocked him from what was being said. Over what seemed countless centuries he had struggled to decipher what the highs and lows of the Gods awful noises meant. Still, it hurt his mind as badly as the day he first became aware. His concentration on trying to translate was so complete that he failed to notice it has ceased. “So be it.” The shock of suddenly “hearing” the voices all at once nearly sent him sprawling.
    “We, as you know are the Gods of Light. But what you don’t know is that those who approach us are gods as well. They are the Gods of Darkness.” His disbelief must have been apparent, because the next words seemed to address exactly what he was thinking. “It is true,” came the leader’s actual voice once more. “Ours is a story so long and far reaching that not even we know all of it.” “What do you know of our story young one?”
    “I know very little, not even your names. As it is written, “None shall know me save my brother, and my brother’s brother.” I don’t even know what that means.” He was quite sure that his frustration was seeping into his voice, but with this threat at the door there was no point in cowering to their authority any longer, at least not for this moment. “I’m a lowly commander of the guard remember, I’m not allowed to have knowledge.”
    “Insolent child! You shall be severely punished” came the shriek of the one he had called Wet face. Long ago the soldiers had invented names for each of them. At first is was merely away a way to determine which of them wanted what, eventually it became a game. One that would have meant sure death if any of the gods heard of it. “Hmph,” he suddenly thought, “guess they’re not so all knowing after all.” The thought was instantly chased away. “Oh, we are aware of the designations that you’re comrades have given us, some of us even found humor in them.” Longshield was not the type that one would guess even knew what humor was, let alone enjoy it.
    “There is much that you do not know, it is true. Come forward now and gain the knowledge you seek” could it be true? Could they be about to impart upon him that which had haunted his very existence?
    “I am Summus, these are my brothers: Centum, Ferre, Obtunderis, Quoderato, our sister, Acueres, and our brother, Primus”
    “My lord, I’m sorry, but you’re mistaken there are only the six of you. There have only ever been six of you.” Long had he waited to rejoice in correcting them. It did not taste as sweet as he had imagined all those times that he had been made to feel like an inferior fool.
    “No child,” came the voice of Wet fa, er Ferre, “You are Primus, our brother. Youngest of us, and prophesied salvation of our race.”
    “He speaks true Primus,” added Quoderato, “Long has it been know that this universe was headed for destruction, and us along with it.”
    “It is why the Dark Ones were summoned,” came the voice of Acueres, “The time for us to depart this universe, all universes is at hand. You see, for each of us, there is an opposite. Lesser beings call them twins. You yourself have one. He is the reason for all this, and not until you defeat him can you ever join us.”
    “Join you where? I don’t understand, where are you going? Who must I stop? And you who is this Primus, there must be some mistake. I’m just a Captain of the Guard, not one of you.”
    “We leave for the Omniversal Matrix soon.” Centum, the oldest looking of them spoke always of time. He never said anything unless it was relevant to time. It was rumored that he had invented time. This is what lead to the soldiers calling him the Chronarchitect. “We will soon be joined together again as it was in the beginning.”
    “They get ahead of themselves,” inserted Summus. “You see, in the beginning there was a singular being that created all things. He did this by carving out pieces of himself, and sending them out among the nothing to create, and destroy as they saw fit. This was done so that he could know experience. The universe he created was destroyed to create this one, and all others. But in doing so, he created a place outside of all universes, outside all realities, where we could return, and join together once again. This has been the driving force of all our brothers, light and dark since the beginning of time.
    All save one. His hunger for chaos is all that drives him. And as his opposite, it falls to you to defeat him, and return him to the Omniversal Matrix that we may be made whole again.”
    “You, you’re saying that we, all of us, light and dark, we are really all just pieces of one being?”
    “That is correct Primus. He was called, Unas, The One. And just as he split parts of himself off to send out, so too will you when you learn how. Toward that end, we twelve will pass on to you a part of ourselves that you will have the knowledge and abilities needed to defeat your enemy. When you wake you will know of him, and be able to seek him out, but he will know of you too. His hunger knows no bounds, he is evil given form.”
    Primus could feel dread welling up in him already, and knew this was a result of his enemy who was a brother becoming aware of him. “So, I must defeat him and the return to your matrix, where I’ll join with you? Doesn’t seem like much of a reward.”
    “Soon” recited Centum, “you will know only the desire to rejoin and all your plans will be directed to that day.”
    A cloud of absolute dark suddenly enveloped him, and he could feel it smothering his very essence, until an equally light cloud joined it. He could feel , literally feel the presence of all six light gods, as well as all six dark gods inside of him, around him, through him. The joy, the wholeness, it was as is that unexplained thing that had always been missing without ever realizing it was gone had suddenly been found. Knowledge flooded his very being. He knew must must be done, and how to do it. He would not let them down, he couldn’t. All that mattered was returning to this feeling of oneness. And he hadn't even left it yet.
    Centum’s voice broke in once more, “you must remain to fight his evil and stop him.”
    “How long will it be, I’ve only just found this feeling don’t take it away.”
    “We must. But know we are as anxious to be rejoined as you,” came all the voices at once, this time not a buzz, but a unified voice. “We, like you wait,” came the voice one last time.

    “Until that day. Til All are One.”