The Story of Shiori Pax; The Swords of Primus & Unicron

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    19. Chaos Herald

    Someone was in pain. He could feel the beating pulse of it as it echoed out to him. Sitting in the shadowed corner of a dark room, he activated his optics. For him, he could see every crack in the wall, every dent in the floor, and every hole in the ceiling of the room from the huge battle that had taken place in there six decades before. If anyone else had been there, his pink optics would have been the sign of an old, dangerous traitor.

    Time to awaken and start the cycle of chaos anew, he thought as he gathered his black, staticy form together before jumping into the wall and seeping through the cracks like liquid...

    "Thank you, Red Alert," Shiori whispered softly to the medic as he placed a small basic-frame bot into her arms. He gave her a comforting smile.

    "It's all in a day's work, Shiori. Now why don't you go show that sweet thing to our nervous friends in the other room?" He suggested with a small chuckle. Shiori stood up slowly, and started towards the door with Elita, who'd refuesed to leave the room earlier. It didn't take them long to get to the room where Megatron and First Aid were by following the Decepticon's swearing voice and the medic's shouts of "SIT DOWN SO I CAN REPAIR YOU!", making the trip rather amusing as they listened to their argument. Occasionally, Optimus Prime's doubled-voice floated in and out of the arguement.

    "BLAST IT! IT HURTS!" Megatron roared at the smaller medic as the femmebots walked into the room. First Aid sighed.

    "If you had come in to get repaired before now, it wouldn't hurt so much."


    "Sit down, Megatron..." Optimus sighed, standing as he saw his wife and his sister come into the room. The Decepticon let out a growl, and stubbornly remained standing.

    " You're the cause of my wound in the first place!" Megatron snapped.

    "AND I'LL BE THE CAUSE OF MORE IF YOU DON'T SIT DOWN AND LET HIM FIX YOU!" Optimus thundered, becoming the cause of Megatron falling over in surprise. Everyone stared at the Autobot leader as he rumbled irritably to himself before getting his temper back under control.

    "What are you staring at?" He growled at one of them.

    "Uhm..." was all First Aid could think of to say. Shiori stepped forwards slightly.

    "The fact that you just shouted the Decepticon leader to the ground might have something to do with it, Optimus," She pointed out, still tired from her ordeal. First Aid noticed that Megatron was still on the ground and took the opportunity to start repairing him, ignoring the glare the 'Con shot at him. Optimus muttered something to himself and turned away, looking slightly uneasy. Elita stepped over to him and put her arms around his waist in a hug. He glanced down at her before returning it. Megatron sighed defeatedly, and looked up at Shiori.

    "......" He couldn't think of anything to say to her, even though he wanted to. Irritated at himself, he shut off his optics to think to himself for a moment.

    "Megatron?" Shiori inquired. Megatron activated his optics again and looked at her.


    "Why... Why were you so concerned about me?" she asked him.

    "......" Megatron's face flushed with embarrasment. "Who said I was?" He growled, trying to hide his embarrasment. Shiori chuckled weakly. "You aren't hiding things very well today, are you?"

    "... You remind me of her, " he said finally after a pause, avoiding looking into anyone's optics. Shiori examined his face.

    "You miss her, don't you?"

    "Who wouldn't miss her?" Megatron sighed. "My beautiful Blazestorm... Lost forever."

    "Even the lost can return here, Megatron," Optimus said softly, looking over at the Decepticon leader. "I know from experience..."

    Hmmm, the shade thought quietly as he listened to the conversation below. Megatron, concerned about anyone? This IS interesting information...

    "You miss her, don't you?" The red and blue femme below him asked the 'Con.

    "Who wouldn't miss her?... My beautiful Blazestorm... Lost forever."

    "Even the lost can return here, Megatron. I know from experience."

    "I'm sure, Prime..."

    "Ohhh yesssss... We all return..." The shade said into the room, and everyone below froze. Megatron's optics narrowed, along with Optimus's.

    "I know that voice..." Megatron said slowly, looking around.

    "As you well should!" the shade shouted, and leapt down into the center of the room. "The Allspark knows you've killed me before!... But not completely enough... "

    "SIDEWAYS!" Megatron roared, leaping to his feet furiously. The shade cackled as it turned to face the Decepticon leader. "Yes, Sideways... And you thought you'd gotten rid of me, didn't you? HA! I wonder what'll happen if I take the life of the defenseless here n-ARGH!"

    " You're the undefended as of this moment, Sideways... " Optimus growled darkly with a single-voice as his now-clawed hands ripped into Sideway's back and threw him into a wall. His optics flashed a hot-white and silver, and he turned to face the purple and yellow bot. Sideways growled back at him.

    "Do you think Unicron would re-activate me without some upgrades, Optimus Prime?" Sideways pulled out a black sword, and held it in front of him. "It's time for your end..."

    "MY end?" Optimus snarled, stretching himself out and tapping into his spark box....

    Shiori gasped in amazment. Megatron backed away in fear as he watched. Elita drew away from him and Sideways, her optics widening as Optimus stretched himself out completely....

    20. Double Sparks

    There's something about sparks that remain a mystery to many Transformers. Something about how the sheer energy in it can not only keep them functioning, but give them a personality as well. Of course, such a small, mysterious part of them can have its problems as well. Split-sparks have always been rare, and even rarer were tri-sparks. Optimus considered himself as an interesting bot, not simply because he was the only Autobot leader to survive the last 29 million years as Optimus Prime. Oh no, there was more to him than that- much more. Because Optimus Prime had a secret... A secret no one else knew completely about. Sure, Jetfire knew that he had a balance problem, but the seeker didn't have a full concept. No else one did, and at times, Optimus himself wondered if he understood.

    Optimus had a rare, if questionable, creation origin. Half of him was from another planet called Urnsat Major. He spent eleven years in his first life as a miner before he, Orion Pax, was forced to flee to Cybertron on false charges of stealing. Only to be nearly-murdered by his future-rival, Megatron, in Atlantis City seven years later. With a new body built for him, Orion's spark was placed in with a small creational error- Primus himself placed a different spark inside the new body before Orion was. Forced to contend with another, more powerful spark, Orion finally came to an agreement with it: together, while off of the battlefield, they would jointly-decide and act under the name "Optronix". On the battlefield, they would pull more on the other spark's power to defeat the Decepticons under the name "Optimus Prime", which after a few years would become their full-time name throughout all of the dimensions. It worked out pretty well- until they got thrown into a dimension where there was no battlefield. Then Orion ran into problems with the other spark...

    Silvershadow. His "split-spark" brother. His own enemy in a peaceful life. Possibly een his own second death, waiting to happen. When Silvershadow was in full control, he had claws, Blue/black/silver armor made of a different alloy than any other tranformer, Autobot or Decepticon, and a spark that was so hot, that it was cold- so bright, that it blinded one into darkness. And most importantly, a personalitly program that left little discussion and much more action, with no regard to any true cause other than to protect Primus and Cybertron. Silvershadow's spark couldn't leave his frame, and he had to be the only spark in a frame in order to be able to tap into his full power. And so, Orion would tear himself out of the frame every now and then to stay with their family while Silvershadow left to a different dimension to balance his time and sort through what Primus wanted him to do....

    Sideways backed away from Optimus- or rather, who he thought was the Autobot leader. In actuality, it wasn't Optimus who was stretching himself- it was Silvershadow who stood before him, taking out a spiked spark-sword that was a silver-white color.

    "My end...? We'll see..." Silvershadow breathed, and with that, leapt at Sideways, sweeping his sword out before him. Sideways barely managed to block it in time.

    "Grrrr..." Sideways growled, trying to push the taller mech back without success. In fact, it seemed the more he tried, the more he went the other way.With another growl, he jumped to the side, only to get hit by Silvershadow's claws. "AUGH!" Sideways staggered away, energon pouring out of the deep gashes in his back. Silvershadow turned towards him, shifting his grip on the sword in his hands.

    "HOW DARE YOU!" Sideways howled, suddenly furious as he realized he couldn't beat the blue, black, and silver mech. Whirling around, he leapt at Shiori and the small bot in her arms.

    "NO! SHIORI, MOVE!" Silvershadow shouted. But before either of them could make a move, Megatron was there, his right hand out in front of him, with a scowl on his face.

    "Do you dare to try me? " He snarled, activating the negative power-genterator in his hand. A moment later, an arc of lightning flashed out, hitting Sideways head-on, forcing the shade-bot to the ground, gasping in pain. A faint smirk appeared on Megatron's face. " I guess you aren't as good as you claimed you were..."

    "Not everything is what is normally seen..." Sideways whispered, changing from a solid form to a liquidy, static-like blob of wires. "Lets see you try to stop me now, Megatron..." he snickered evily before gathering himself back for another leap at Shiori- " ARGH! "- and got slashed in the back with Silvershadow's sword. With a hiss, and several sparking wires, Sideways flung himself at Megatron instead. Megatron activated his own claws and swung his arm forward at the shade. Sideways shot off to the side and seemingly dissappeared.

    "What!" Megatron exclaimed, looking around quickly for the shadow-bot. "Where did he go?"

    "SHIORI!" Silvershadow yellled, and Megatron swung around in time to see Sideways cut through her side as she leapt away from him, but not before some serious damage was done. Shiori felt something inside her spark pulse suddenly. Now what was that? she wondered to herself. Sideways swiped at her again, and Shiori dodged him before making the decision to run. I need to find a better, safer place to defend myself and my daughter... She raced down the hallway, using her memory to find her way back to the park. Behind her, she heard the howls of the shade-bot, Megatron's fierce shouts, and Silvershadow's occasional roaring voice. After a few minutes, a resounding crash echoed down the hallway, followed by Sideways' evil, victorious laughter as he somehow bounded down the hallway in his liquid-static form after her....

    What a time to be defenseless... Shiori thought to herself as she desperately ran with her sparkling in her arms. Much less to be chased by an insane... something... that appearently is intent on killing me and my daughter...

    "YOU CAN'T RUN AND HIDE FOREVER, WOMAN! FACE YOUR DESTINY WITH THE ALLSPARK!" Sideways shouted, jumping up and against the wall and then down at her, barely missing her.

    "I WON'T LET YOU TAKE HER!" Shiori roared, and flung her arm out at him to push him away- only, a flash of a bright blue light shot out of her hands instead, sending the shadebot crashing into the wall with a pained yelp.

    "AHG! MY OPTICS!" He howled, stumbling forwards. Shiori bolted with her daugther in her arms. Now how did I do that? she wondered as she reached the park. That was just too odd...

    "Hey, I know you. You're Shiori," came a friendly growl. Startled, she stopped and looked down into Leo's red optics looking up at her curiously. "What're you running from?" He asked.

    "Thats a little complicated to explain right now-"


    "What the-?" Shiori began, turning around to face the shade-bot. Sure enough, he was standing furiously in the alleyway opening that she'd run out of. She was slightly suprised to see his right optic-lens was cracked. Leobreaker took a step forward.

    "Who're you?"

    "I'M HER END, AND IF YOU GET IN THE WAY, I'LL BE YOURS AS WELL!... ARGH!" He stumbled forwards as Silvershadow bowled over him. Both tumbling into the street from the force of the mercenary's attack. Sideways hissed and got up first, drawing himself up in a fountain of black, sparking wires. "How dare you... How dare you get in the way..." he hissed, solidifying himself into a mech and pulling his sword out. A moment later, he got electrified.


    "You DARE to run from ME, Sideways?!" Megatron thundered from the blackness of the alley, his blue optics flashing in the darkened space, revealing where he was. "I thought you were smarter than that..." He sniffed, pretending to have his feelings hurt. "Primus knows you were eighty years ago..."

    "YOU MISSED YOUR CHANCE TO KILL ME COMPLETELY EIGHTY YEARS AGO!" Sideways shouted, leaping into the darkness. There was a sharp yelp, and Megatron skidded out into the open on his back. The decepticon sat up with a growl.

    "He dares to throw me? Why that little...."

    "I DARE A LOT, MEGATRON!" And the shade-bot leapt out into the open again. Leobreaker looked around at them all.

    "What is going on here?" the lion asked.

    "AND MY PRIZE UNGUARDED! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!" Sideways leapt past Megatron and Silvershadow toward Shiori once again. She jumped to avoid him, and Leobreaker leapt the other way, transforming as he went. In a split second decision, Shiori pressed her sparkling into his arms.

    "Make sure he doesn't get her, Leo. Promise me she'll be safe! "

    "Huh... What... Yes, I promise- Shiori? Where are you going?!" He stuttered as she turned to face Sideways.

    "You want me to fight you, Sideways, then so be it. Come get me!" She challenged, moving away from Leo and her daughter to ensure they'd be safe. Sideways snarled and jumped at her, his sword first, aimed at her sparkbox. But before the blade came near her, a dark-blue light flashed out of her chest, throwing him backwards. Shiori gently reached out and grasped the hilt that had formed in the light, and the rest of the dark-blue energy shaped itself into a sword that had spikes that curved back toward the hilt, giving it a sharp, curved blade on both sides.

    "You want a prize, Sideways? You just got one...."

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    21. The Second Blade of Primus

    Shiori gently reached out and grasped the hilt that had formed in the light, and the rest of the dark-blue energy shaped itself into a sword that had spikes that curved back toward the hilt, giving it a sharp, curved blade on both sides.

    "You want a prize, Sideways? You just got one," She growled, shifting into a defensive stance.

    "ARRRRGGGHHH!" He howled, before launching at her, swiping his blade up in an attack. Shiori jumped, twisting to avoid his black blade. She brought her own blue blade down into his back; the curved spikes in her blade caught on something in his liquid-like shape. Sideways screamed. Startled, Shiori pulled her blade the other way and leapt away from him. As red sparks danced around him, Shiori could see a strange red-purple glow inside him before his back healed itself. Hissing and snarling at them, he gathered and threw himself past Megatron and barely dodged Silvershadow’s silver-blade as it swung down at him.

    "YOU'LL NEVER SEE HER AGAIN, MEGATRON!" Sideways yelled, racing for the dark alleyway. Megatron paused. Never see who again? What in the universe is he talking about? The Decepticon leader wondered breifly. He jumped as Silvershadow let out a ground-shaking roar, flinging his blade with one hand at the retreating shady bot. The sword crackled, and several of its spikes split from the blade and shot outward. Most of them- and the main part of the blade- missed him, but one particularly long spike did hit the running mech...

    "AAAAUUHHHG!" Sideways crashed into something in the alley, and there was a loud clattering noise. After a moment, Megatron made out the black shape of a bot struggle to its feet and run deeper into the alley, with a sharp, silver spike protruding out of its back. Megatron hesitated, noticing Silvershadow hadn't made a move to follow Sideways.

    "Silvershadow?" He growled questioningly. The mercenary shook his head.

    "There's more to my blade than one would truely expect a sword to be able to do," The blue, black, and silver bot said, walking calmly to where his blade had split into 11 pieces, with ten of them scattered around with their points firmly embedded into the ground and walls. Silvershadow gripped the hilt of his sword tightly, and a brilliant white light suddenly surrounded the shards of the blade. With a bright flash, they all shot out at the blade in Silvershadow's hand, and the light faded, revealing that the blade was in one piece- save for one spike, one of the second spikes from the tip of the sword. Silvershadow glanced at the blade before turning back to face Megatron, Shiori, and Leo, who still had Shiori's sparkling in his arms.

    "It shouldnt take long to track him down. Shiori, stay where you know you'll be safe. Coming, Megatron?" The mercenary turned, and started to walk down the alley with his sword now pressed against his back. Megatron glanced back at Shiori and Leobreaker before dashing after Silvershadow.

    "You couldnt leave me behind if you tried, Prime/Silvershadow. Besides, I want to know what he ment by 'you'll never see her again'..."

    "Thought so..."

    Shiori and Leo watched them fade into the darkness. Leobreaker turned towards Shiori.

    "What was that all about?"

    "That's a very good question, Leo... A very good question that I don't know the answer to, I'm afraid," She sighed, and after a pause, realized that the blade in her hands had shifted slightly to be able to hold itself near her waist comfterably. I'm going to have to talk to Optimus about this sword later, seeing as he seems to have one too, Shiori thought as she 'put away' her sword. She turned to face the lion-bot, who held out her sparkling to her. "Thanks, Leo. I am indebt to you for watching over her," She told him, taking her daughter.

    "Huh? What... No, it was nothing... You don't owe me anything... I owe more than this to many sparks and bots for what I've done," He protested. "It's only a small step to repayment for my own actions..."

    "Alright, but at least take my thanks."

    "I think I will... And you're welcome..."

    He didn't stop running as he dashed out of the dark alley and turned into a more run-down side of the city. He didn't pause to look back behind him to see if they were chasing him down the street. He didn't even hesitate as he rushed into a dark room a few moments later. Only when he was in the deepest, darkest part of the room did he finally come to a halt.

    "NOIZEMAZE!" Sideways roared, his light-pink optics scanning the darkness for the glowing orange optic-visor he knew should be there.

    "Gee, one would think that you've gotten into trouble somewhere, brother," Noizemaze's crafy voice came from his right. Turning, Sideways saw the orange-black bot leaning against one of the beams that supported the ceiling watching him.

    "Nevermind that, just take this silver shard out of my back," Sideways growled irritably. Noizemaze muttered something before straightening and going over to him.

    "Do you suppose you could not go after the top-dogs 'round here? Thanks to you, They probably know that Unicron is begginning to- YOW!" Noizemaze jerked his hand away from the silver spike and examined his hand. "... It bit me!"

    "What do you mean 'it bit you'?! It doesnt have teeth to bite with!"

    "Look! It bit me, I tell you! IT BIT ME!" Noizemaze stubbornly made a point of it by holding his hand up in front of Sideways' optics. Sideways sighed.

    "Just take it out before it kills me."

    "Now that wouldn't be too bad..."

    " What?! "

    "Nothin'. Ow!"

    "Now what?"

    "It bit me again!..."


    "Nope, I could dodge that."

    "THEN WHAT ARE YOU COMPLAIN- Wait... What did you say?"

    "I said 'I could dodge that.' "

    Sideways gazed at Noizemaze thoughtfully as the orange-black bot made another attempt to remove the shard. Noizemaze winced as the silver spike cut deeper into his hand, and barely took his hand away in time as the shard sent a violent charge through itself. Bracing himself, Noizemaze grimanced.

    "This is going to hurt, Sideways... But here goes nothin'..." He warned, before taking a grip on the spike again. Pushing the pain out of his mind, he pulled with all of his strength. Sideways let out a faint scream of pain- and then the shard was out.

    "ARGH!" Noizemaze cried, dropping the shard, and held his hand painfully. He shivered as he examined his hand closely. Sideways collapsed forwards, catching himself on his own hands.

    "Blast..." Sideways gasped. Noizemaze whimpered slightly as he realized the extent of the damage done to his hand before moving over to the purple, grey, and yellow mech.

    "We need to get out of here, brother, and fast... That shard was sending out a signal of some sort," Noizemazy said softly. Sideways cursed. It's easy to forget that the hunter can easily become the hunted, Sideways thought.

    "Then let's get moving..." Sideways breathed, stumbling to his feet and both of them hurried deeper into the darkness towards the second door on the other side of the room....

    22. Awakening

    They'd missed him. Somehow, someway, they'd missed their chance to finish off the Chaos Bringer's herald. Silvershadow and Megatron stood in the center of the dark room that Sideways and... someone... had been only moments before.

    " Blast! " Megatron snarled, and slammed his fist into the wall. "Why can't anything go right for once in life?"

    "Because life doesn't like to be that way?" Silvershadow suggested, kneeling in the center of the room to pick up his sword's spike. He paused, noticing that the spike had a strange, black, liquid-like substance dripping from its edges onto the ground. "Megatron... Come look at this...” Silvershadow said slowly, taking a closer look himself. Megatron turned toward the mercenary and took two steps to get over to him before kneeling on the ground. The Decepticon examined the shard closely.

    "Looks like he managed to get it out."

    "No, not him. Someone else," Silvershadow shook his head. "Since when has Sideways ever had an actual true form- like us- that bleeds?"

    "Hmmm..." Megatron said thoughtfully. Silvershadow ran one of his claws down the side of the shard. The spike flashed with light, and jumped back to his sword and sealed itself to the blade. Silvershadow stood up and looked around at the darkness. Something’s not right… Sideways is definitely gone, as well as who took the shard out of his back… Who is this other spark that I’m feeling that’s still here? The mercenary wondered, and with a quick decision, he slid into the darkness to hunt out the spark he felt nearby. After a moment, Megatron looked up and found that Silvershadow wasn't beside him anymore. The Decepticon leader stood.

    "Now where did he go?... Silvershadow?" He called, and vaguely wondered if the mercenary had found something and left him on his own. Then there was a loud crash followed by a faint scream, and Megatron snapped his head around to see the mercenary’s silver sword glowing faintly in Silvershadow’s hand as he towered over a mech. Megatron started over to them, and stopped when he recognized the femmecon on the ground. His optics went wide in astonishment.

    "Blazestorm…?" He whispered, afraid to believe what he was seeing. The femmecon looked at him.

    "Megatron!" She gasped, scrambling to her feet and past Silvershadow- who stepped to the side to avoid getting run over- and into Megatron’s arms. Her red, silver, and gold frame shook with relieved tears, and Megatron wrapped his arms around her, finally able to believe that she was real. Silvershadow glanced at them, and turned back to the direction they had come from. Seeing Silvershadow’s glance, Megatron turned slightly, keeping his arms around his long-lost bondmate and gently started to lead her to a place where she could rest and be cared for…

    Shiori sat in a booth in Hot Shot's diner near the park, cradling her daughter in her arms as she sipped on a Energon-1 drink thoughtfully. She watched Leo and Snarl playing with some small bots in the park through the window, and listened to the sounds of Hot Shot rummaging around in the kitchen behind the counter.

    "Now where did I put that...? Oh, here it is..." She heard him mutter. A few seconds later there was a loud clang. "Ow..."

    "You alright back there, Hot Shot?"

    "Yeah... Just.. hit my head under the counter... Dang, that hurt..." He popped up from the other side of the counter. "At least I found what I was lookin' for."

    "Alright," She smiled as she glanced out the window again. Movement near the alley on the other side of the park caught her attention. Shiori tensed. Sideways, or Optimus and Megatron? She asked herself uneasily. 'Shiori, stay where you know you'll be safe,' Optimus's warning ran through her mind. She watched the alley opening for a moment, knowing that even if it was Sideways, she could probably chase him away with Hot Shot's, Leo's, and Snarl's help. Shiori relaxed as Optimus, now back to his red, blue, and silver coloration, came out of the alleyway, followed by Megatron who had his arms around someone. Together, they walked through the park, heading toward's Hot Shot's diner. Leo stopped playing for a few minutes to bound over to Optimus and walk the three of them to the edge of the park before dashing back to the game in time to swat a ball back at Snarl. The other three bots continued across the street and entered the diner.

    "Hiya out there!..." Hot Shot called from the kitchen, still rustling around.

    " 'Lo, Hot Shot," Optimus called back softly, before starting over to Shiori. After a few seconds, the blue-grey and yellow bot poked his head out of the kitchen.

    "Can I get anything for you?" He asked before noticing the Decepticon leader. "Oh, hey Megatron. You want anything either?"

    "If you wouldn't mind..." Megatron began, stepping closer to the counter as Optimus shook his head 'no'. Blazestorm glanced at the Decepticon leader before following Optimus. Hot Shot listened to Megatron for a moment, nodding every here and there before heading back into the kitchen.

    "Would you mind if the three of us joined you, Shiori?" Optimus asked, gesturing at the table. Shiori shook her head, and moved over with her daughter in her arms so her brother could sit next to her.

    "Go ahead, Optimus," She said, smiling at the red, silver, and gold femmecon. "You can sit here too, if you want."

    "Thanks," the other femme told her softly, looking slightly uneasy until Megatron came up beside her.

    "Inside or outside, Blazestorm?" he asked.

    "Inside," she said, blushing. She slipped into the bench across from Shiori and Megatron sat down next to her as Optimus did the same next to Shiori.

    "Did you catch Sideways?" Shiori asked them. Megatron shook his head. "He got away with some help. We're not sure who helped him," the Decepticon leader told her.


    "I don't think they'll be bothering you anytime soon, Shiori. You gave him a pretty good beating. He'll think twice before coming after you or your daugther," Optimus reassured her.

    "He might think more times than that," Megatron added with a growl. "Trying to come after my second-in-command's wife...If I'm not the one who chases Sideways away then when Starscream comes back, Sideways will definitely be running... Starcream would go even crazier than Cyclonus if he finds out Sideways has tried to kill you..."

    "Now I don't know about that, " Shiori chuckled. "At least I know that you aren't angry at Starscream because of me..."

    "Why would I be?"

    "Because," Optimus cut in, "Shiori is my sister, and used to be the Leader of Autobot City twenty-nine or thirty million years ago."

    Megatron stared at the two of them in suprise. "I didn't know that..." He started to say, but trailed off as Shiori laughed.

    "Not many knew. I don't think Starscream knew that Optimus was my brother until awhile after we were married. I don't think he ever met Optimus through me, actually... And I never told him that I was the Leader of Autobot City, either."

    "You're Starscream's wife?" Blazestorm cut in, curious.

    "Yes, I am," Shiori confirmed with a nod.

    "I was wondering why you looked familiar..."

    "She was at my coronation a long time ago- well, at least a long time ago for me, I don't know how long it's been for you," Megatron explained.


    "Alright, who wanted food?" Hot Shot asked as he came over with a few plates of food and some drinks. He quickly passed out the plates and drinks and then dashed back to the counter as another bot came in to order. Optimus tilted his head and frowned slightly.

    "I didn't ask for food..."

    "Well, I asked for you, Prime. Now show some of that decency you seem to have and eat some of it," Megatron growled, taking a sip out of his drink.

    "If you insist..."

    "Of course I insist!"

    "There's no need to shout at me," the Autobot leader rumbled slightly, taking a small bite out of some energon chips. The other three bots laughed.

    "Stubborn as always, aren't you, Prime?"

    "That's my brother for you... And always looking for a diplomatic solution..."

    "Stubborn? No more than you are, Megatron."

    "Oh do be quiet, Prime..."

    "Would you two knock it off?"

    "Possibly..." "Depends..."

    The four of them laughed again. After about an hour of chatting, they all rose (Megatron had already payed for the meal), and left the diner. Optimus walked Shiori and her sparkling to their new house in Iacon City....

    It would be eight years before Starscream returned....... ​


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    Part II: Family Troubles

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    The Swords of Primus & Unicron II: Family Troubles

    1. A New Place and Time

    Eight years... Shiori thought, sitting on a bench in Iacon City's park, watching Leo and Snarl playing with the smaller transformers. It only seems like yesterday, when I met those two, and Leo saved my daugther... And they still haven't changed a bit...

    "OOOOOUUUUUuuuu!" Snarl howled, chasing a ball that one of them threw. Nearby, Leo had found a ball that jingled when it got hit, and was henceforth amusing his cat-like mind by batting it around to some of the kids who kicked it back to him or to each other. Shiori watched one of the kids in particular. A thin, blue, silver, and red seeker, slightly taller than the others, was playing with the silver wolf that came with Snarl every now and then. Giggling, the seeker tossed a light-purple ball, and watched as the silver wolf raced after it and brought it back to one the other girls. Laughter rang out each time the silver wolf chose someone who hadn't thrown it yet, and the chosen bot would look embarrassed and throw the ball for the wolf.

    Shiori smiled as she watched, glad that her daughter was having fun. It had been rough for the first few years, to raise her daughter on her own. But somewhere along the way, someone would offer a hand- sometimes from an unexpected place, and Shiori did them a favor by not telling anyone who had offered the hidden help. She doubted anyone would believe her if she told them that Megatron himself kept an eye out for Alexis. His reward was big enough to be called "Uncle Megatron!" whenever he came near the front yard of their house and being tackle-hugged by the thin, blue/silver/red seeker that was playing in the park now. Optimus's greeting wasn't much different on Alexis's part, though the Autobot leader was still tall enough (and willing enough) to sweep the seeker off her feet and carry her back into the house with much laughter on both sides.

    Shiori glanced at the clock-tower that was near the center of the park. Finding it was almost dinnertime, she stood up and called to her daughter.

    "Alexis! It's time to eat!"

    "Aww... Coming Mom!" she called back, and throwing the ball one last time, ran back to meet Shiori at the edge of the park. "Can we eat at Hot Shot's, Mom? Canwecanwecanwe?" she asked.


    "Pleeeeease, Mom?" Alexis pressed. Shiori sighed. "I suppose..."


    "But mind your manners!" Shiori quickly scolded, not wanting her daughter to get out of hand in the resturaunt.

    "Yes, Mom." Alexis smiled at her mother. "I always am."

    "Mmm hmm..." Shiori said, knowing otherwise, but letting it drop because she knew Hot Shot was already planning on them being there...

    "Heyyyy, if it isn't our special birthday-girl!" Hot Shot grinned at the small seeker. "Anything special for you, princess?" he asked teasingly. Alexis giggled.

    "Usual!" she piped happily before adding, "And an extra cookie for my birthday!" She pouted suddenly. "You do have a cookie, don't you? Not like last time..." she gave him a look. Hot Shot laughed.

    "You're never going to forgive me for that, are you?"

    "Maybe..." Alexis said slowly. Hot Shot faked a dissappointed sigh, "Then how about I make it up?"

    "Oooo... How are you going to do that?"

    "By giving you a present!" Hot Shot grinned, and put a box in front of her. "I'll be back with your food in a minute, gals..." He ran over to the next customer and asked what he could get for them. In the meantime, Alexis ripped into the box.

    "Wow!" she gasped, finding a gold, sparkling necklace in it. She stared at it. "He got this for me?"

    "Looks like it, Alexis," Shiori smiled. "Do you want me to help you put it on?"

    "Yes please!" Alexis said, and held out the necklace to her mom. Shiori took it and gently clasped it around her daughter's neck. A moment later, Hot shot was there with their food.

    "Do you like it, Alexis?"

    "It's wonderful! If you weren't on the other side of the counter, I'd hug you, Hot Shot!" She declared. He laughed.

    "Tell you what, I'll come by later and you can hug me then."

    "Alright!" Alexis said happily. Shiori smiled at Hot Shot.

    "Thank you, Hot Shot. That was kind of you."

    "Hey, she's getting too big for just cookies, Y'know..."

    "True, but-"

    "Look, Shiori. Don't worry about it. It's her birthday," He said flatly, letting her know he didn't want to be paid back for it. He then ran back into the depths of the kitchen to get the next order.

    "Stubborn as always," Shiori sighed, before picking up her glass and taking a sip out of it...

    "I'm eight years old! I'm eight years old!" Alexis was singing happily as she bounded toward the door to get the mail from the mailbox that was at the gate to the yard. She skipped out the door and stopped to talk to her neighbor for a moment.

    "I'm eight years old!" she told Crosswise proudly.

    "Eight human years, or eight Cybertronian years?" He asked her.

    "Cybertronian, silly! You know I'm older than eight human years!" she said, too happy to be spoiled by a rhetorical question. Crosswise laughed as she skipped back to the mailbox. Halfway there, she saw three someones she recognized very well...

    "UNCLE OPTIMUS! UNCLE MEGATRON! AUNT BLAZESTORM!" Alexis shouted, and dashed out the gate and down the sidewalk to them. Shiori was at the door a moment later. Megatron hesitated, with an embarrassed look on his face while his bondmate covered her mouth with her hand to hide her amusement. Optimus laughed, and knelt down to catch Alexis in a hug.

    "If it isn't an escaped little seeker..." He chuckled, picking her up.

    "Wheee!" she cried, putting both of her hands into the air. "Run me back home, Uncle Optimus!"

    "Sorry, Alexis. I'll be lucky if I can carry you there..." he sighed, wincing as some sparks danced across his right side.

    "Then put me down before Mom yells at you..."

    "Alright... Pushy little thing, aren't you?" He asked her teasingly as he set her down again.

    "Pushy! I'll give you 'pushy' when you get better!" she scolded, before her excitment overtook her again. "I'm eight years old!" she chirped, and then hugged Megatron. Blazestorm laughed.

    "........" Megatron looked down at her before letting out a sigh. He then leaned over and picked her up. "If he won't carry you back, I guess I will..."

    "Wheee!" she cheered, and then snuggled close to his chest, making his face flush with embarrasment again. Optimus stood up and walked with them back to Shiori's and Alexis' house. A few hours later, Optimus left by himself and headed towards the spaceport....

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    2. Coming Home

    "Silvershadow? Can I ask you something?" Sixshot asked, poking his head into an empty room as he looked for the mercenary. How are we supposed to find him if we want to ask him something? He thought dissappointedly as he stepped inside to make sure the room was really empty. Silvershadow had a habit of keeping to... well, the shadows. With a name like his, he had to live up to something, right? Sixshot looked around. Although the room looked empty and un-inhabited at first glance, as he looked around he realized that someone did live in this room. Then a picture on the desk in the corner caught Sixshot's gaze.

    Picking up the photograph, the Decepticon seeker examined the picture. He saw that there were two transformers in the photo, one was a light green and white femmebot. The other was an Autobot, with his blue/silver arms around her shoulders, pulling her close to his red, blue and silver frame while his gold optics seemed to smile out at whomever who looked at the picture...

    " YOU DARE TO INTRUDE ON MY PERSONAL SPACE?! " Silvershadow roared from the doorway behind Sixshot. Startled, the seeker dropped the photo onto the desk and spun around. The mercenary didn't even give the 'Con a chance to defend himself. Seizing the green/white Decepticon with his clawed hands, Silvershadow lifted the mech off his feet and brought his silver face-mask inches from the other mech's face.

    "Say anything about that picture to anyone... And I will personally come after you. Have I made myself clear?" He breathed, his silver-white optics burning into Sixshot's wide orange ones with a barely-contained rage. Sixshot nodded, too stunned to say anything in response.

    "Then get out, " the mercenary growled dangerously. Silvershadow threw him on the ground and glared down at him. Sixshot scrambled to his feet and hurried out, his question forgotten. At the rate we're going, He's going to be my end instead of preventing it, he thought to himself as he rushed down the corridor, now searching for Starscream....

    It was dark when the Mrrisst warped back into visual space. The powerful battleship, edged its way back to the spaceport near Iacon City, the moonlight reflecting off of its silver-white hull. As soon as the ship was in place, the walkway slid out from the spaceport to the ship, and once again, the door under the bridge hissed open. A moment later, Starscream stepped out onto the walkway, followed by Sixshot. But instead of a group of nosy Decepticons to greet them, the walkway remained silent and empty. No one... Starscream thought to himself, as he looked around. Reminds me of home here, in the EnergonArmada Dimension, rather accurately... He turned when he heard the soft tapping that he'd come to accossiate with the the battle droids as they moved around. Sure enough, AN-51 came to the doorway, stopping on the threshold of the door. Its white armor reflected theblue walkway lights, giving it an eerie glow that didn't match the glow of it's purple visual sensors.

    "Farewell: Good bye, Stars-su. You provided an interesting challenge in training," AN-51 said, looking at Starscream.

    "You were a challenge too, AN. I'll miss your company and quirks," Starscream told the white droid. "Make sure you come back and keep me occupied every once and awhile."

    "Answer: I will when I can, Stars-su." Starscream nodded at the droid's response.

    "Alright then... Are you ready to go home you two?" Silvershadow asked as he walked out of the shadows of the hallway behind AN. The first thing Starscream noticed as he nodded to the mercenary was that Silvershadow wasn't wearing his cloak. The next thing that caught his attention was the fact that the mercenary's sword wasn't anywhere with him either.

    "Are you... going home, Silvershadow?" Starscream asked hesitantly, having learned the hard way not to presume too much about what the Mercenary was going to do. Silvershadow looked into Starscream's purple optics with his own silver-gold ones.

    "I am home..." He said softly before reaching his clawed hand out and taking a hold of Sixshot's wrist.

    "Let's get you to someone who'll give you a place for you to stay, traitor, " Silvershadow growled, and pulled Sixshot towards the Decepticon base in the city, leaving Starscream looking after them in confusion.

    "Well... That was odd," Starscream said to no one in particular after they were gone. Wait a minute... If it's been eight years since I've been home, the streets and buildings have probably changed somewhat, meaning I don't know my way home!

    "BLAST!" He shouted, kicking at a small rock in front of him, sending it flying. "I knew I should have asked for a data-map..." Starscream sighed. Silvershadow has other things to occupy himself... Maybe if I can find someone else who knows where my place is... Maybe Hot Shot? Let's see... Knowing how Hot Shot likes being near smaller bots and the park... If I can find my way there, maybe he can give me directions home, He thought hopefully. With that thought, he jumped into the sky, transformed into his alternate mode, and slowly flew around the skyscrapers of the city, looking for the park. After a few minutes, he found it, and dived down, transformed, and landed on his feet in the center of the park. Starscream looked around, hunting for some familiarity that would tell him where Hot Shot's diner was. It didn't take long to find the same, blue-white building that the Autobot racer had owned eight years ago- and from the looks of it, still owned. With a faint twitch of a hopeful smile, Starscream started towards the Autobot's resteraunt...

    "Still busy at seven at night... Alexis is going to throw a fit if I don't get to her place before she goes to sleep..." Hot Shot muttered to himself as he flashed around his resteraunt from a booth to the counter to the kitchen and back. He heard the door jingle open, and called over his shoulder, "Be there in a minute!"

    "I could wait an hour, or until you closed, Hot Shot," Came a dry voice that the Autobot hadn't heard in a long time... That sounded like- no it couldn't be... could it? Hot Shot spun around to face him.


    "Hello, Hot Shot..." The silver-grey, red, and black seeker gave him a small smile, while his purple optics glinted at the blue-grey, red, and yellow bot. Hot Shot stared at him for a moment before shaking his head and turning back to the food on the grill.

    "It's been awhile, Starscream."

    "Yes, I suppose it has... Heh, so long that I don't know my way home."

    "I can take you there in... an hour. I think I'm going to close early."

    "That doesn't happen often."

    "Not usually, but I need a break every now and then. Here ya go," he added, pushing a plate of food to a different customer. The bot nodded his thanks and took the plate to a table. "Closin' in an hour, folks!" Hot Shot called out. Slowly, in small groups and individually, other bots began to leave the resteraunt. An hour later, Starscream and Hot Shot were the only ones still there. Hot Shot quickly finished cleaning up the diner, and started to the door. Starscream followed him, and stepped out into the night and waited for Hot Shot to lock the door.

    "Alright, Starscream. Let's get you home, shall we? Walk or drive-and-fly?"

    "Walk," the seeker said after a moment. Hot Shot glanced at his face.

    "Okay then. This way..." The younger Autobot started down the sidewalk, Starscream beside him....

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    3. Return

    "What's wrong, Alexis?" Shiori asked, finding her daughter on the couch with an unhappy look. Alexis sighed.

    "Hot Shot hasn't come yet..."

    "Hot Shot runs a resteraunt, Alexis. He'll get here when he can." Shiori sat down next to her daughter and hugged her. "You know it gets busy at his place in the evening."

    Alexis snuggled closer to her mother. After a moment, rocking Alexis back and forth slightly, Shiori began to sing softly...

    // Mist rising in the morn;
    Dewdrops sparkle
    with morning stars' light.
    I hold you close with great adorn,
    Peace is here, even as the spirits fight...//

    Shiori heard the door open, and Hot Shot's soft, questioning call. She kept singing, but raised her voice somewhat so Hot Shot could hear where they were...

    // Song sings a spark to life,
    Weaving fears
    into hopes so bright;
    Yet pain still cuts like a knife,
    Darkened by the blackest night...//

    Shiori realized someone else was singing with her, and looked up. She nearly faltered, as she saw Starscream standing in the doorway with Hot Shot beside him. Starscream kept singing with her as she continued...

    // As each star
    burns and dies,
    Our heroes still protect our rights.
    giving us time to fly away
    and rescue our own knights... //

    Starscream quietly walked over to them, and Alexis looked up at him wonderingly. He was singing alone now...

    // Friends and family stay ever near and true;
    No amount of darkness can fight
    Against the brightening hue
    Of a loving Sparks' light. //

    There was a ringing silence when he finished, and he stood before both of them. It was a fre moments before Shiori stood and hugged him. He wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her close into his embrace.

    "I'm sorry it took me so long to come home, Shiori," he whispered softly. Shiori shook her head in his chest, letting her tears fall freely.

    "I'm just glad that you came home, Starscream," she told him quietly. Starscream pulled away slightly, and looked down at Alexis. He gently reached out and laid his hand on her shoulder. A smile touched Alexis' lips and she jumped up and hugged both of them. Behind them, Hot Shot smiled faintly, and waited for Alexis to notice him. It didn't take long.

    "Hot Shot!" She cried as she saw him, and let go of Starscream and Shiori. She dashed across the room and hugged him. He smiled at her gently and returned the hug.

    "Hey there, Alexis. Sorry it took me so long."

    "It's okay. You're busy at nighttime," she said, grinning up at him. Hot Shot laughed.

    "Tell me about it... I'm sorry I can't stay long, Alexis; I need to get home."

    "Aww... Okay, Hot Shot. Bye!" She called after him as he waved good bye and left the house. Starscream chuckled slightly, and stepped over to Alexis. He picked her up and swung her up into his arms.

    "Whee!" Alexis cried happily. With a soft giggle, she snuggled deeper into his chest and quickly fell asleep...

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    4. Brother Sparks

    "She fell asleep..." Starscream told Shiori quietly, looking down at the small seeker in his arms. Shiori chuckled softly and led him to Alexis's room so he could lay Alexis on her recharge bed. Starscream tucked a blanket around the small bots’ shoulders and gently stroked the side of Alexis's face. He slowly stood up and walked back to Shiori, who was watching from the doorway. When he reached her, he glanced at her before looking back at Alexis. A question weighed heavily on his mind, yet he found he couldn't bring himself to ask it, afraid to be wrong with his guess to the answer. It took one glance for Shiori to know his question, and he didn't have to say anything.

    "She's ours, Starscream. Yours and mine," She said softly, laying a hand on his arm. He turned to face her with a nod. They walked back to the other room in silence. Once there, Starscream turned to Shiori.

    "Shiori, I'm sorry that I wasn't-" He broke off as she leaned up and kissed him full on the mouth to silence him. He blinked in surprise, before he wrapped his arms around her. When she pulled away, she whispered, "It's alright, Starscream. I don't mind, and I've had help while you were gone."

    "Shiori..." he whispered, looking down into her optics. He let out a soft breath, hugged her close, and laid his head on hers slightly. "I still feel terrible about not being here for you and her..."

    "I know, but don't worry about it," she told him. "You can make it up now that you're here."

    "I'll try."

    "No, you will, because we’re not giving you a choice. One way or another, and whether you like it or not," She said flatly, pulling away from him and determinedly looked up at him. He smiled back at her agreeably.

    "I can agree to that..."

    "Ow…" Sixshot muttered, examining his wrist. There were several scratches in the paint, with sharp holes at the end of each group of them. Sixshot winced. I hope that none of my main circuitry got damaged... Where is he taking me anyway? He wondered, looking up to examine the door Silvershadow had brought them to. The mercenary opened the door and stepped inside.

    "Megatron?" Sixshot heard him call softly, and there was a grumble in response.

    "Now what do you want, Prime?" Megatron? Didn’t Silvershadow severely damage him before we left? How long have we been gone? Wait a minute... Is Silvershadow a Prime?

    "Does ‘giving a new Decepticon a room’ work for you?" Silvershadow’s response cut through Sixshot’s mind. Silvershadow is a Prime?! I’ve been with an Autobot without knowing all this time?!... Sixshot fumed to himself quietly. I should have realized he was at least an ex-Autobot when I saw that picture in his room! He was probably related to that Autobot or the femmebot in the photo… Why didn’t I notice earlier?! Now what am I going to- [/I] Sixshot’s mind abruptly went blank when Silvershadow and Megatron stepped out of the room. Only Silvershadow didn’t look like Silvershadow anymore- he looked like the red/blue/silver bot that had been in the picture.

    Is that... Silvershadow? Sixshot wondered, as he looked the red, blue, and silver Autobot, noticing the differences and similarities between Prime and the mercenary. The tall mech before him had mostly blue legs with small bits of silver and red, though his thighs were silver. His red torso and shoulders deeply contrasted the dark blue of his head and legs, and he had dark blue glass panels in his chest. Red, silver, and black wings stretched out behind him, and his gold eyes glowed faintly above his silver battlemask as he explained something to the purple, gray, black, and teal Decepticon behind him. Sixshot shifted his optics to the 'Con from the Prime as they continued to talk.

    "He needs a place to stay, Megatron. And he's your brother. Have some compassion and give him a place."

    "My brother, Optimus? Ha, that's a new one... But I'll give him a place," the Decepticon leader snorted, and his light blue optics flashed. "Now quit bothering me." He turned to Sixshot, who was now looking him over. Sixshot looked up slightly to find the 'Con frowning at him.

    "I don't think I've ever met you before," Sixshot told him mildly. The other Decepticon's frown deepened.

    "Then you better learn that I'm not one to be crossed easily," he growled. Okay, I'm definitely not at home. No Megatron in his right mind would give out a warning like that... Hold on, where am I if I'm not at home? Sixshot thought to himself as Optimus quickly reached out and laid a hand on Megatron's shoulder.

    "He just got here, for Primus's sake, Megatron! At least give him a chance to know where he is!"

    "He doesn't look like the Megatron I know," Sixshot snapped at the Prime before the other 'Con could say anything.

    " You'll watch your audio receptors if you know what's good for you! " Optimus rumbled, and his optics flashed into the silver-white color that Silvershadow had. Both Sixshot and Megatron edged away from him slightly.

    "You might want to be careful not to get on his bad side, Sixshot... Or mine if I give a similar threat," The Decepticon leader warned him quietly, with an uneasy glance at the Autobot, who was now trying to calm himself. Sixshot nodded slowly, remembering how furious Silvershadow had been when he'd been found in the mercenary's room. If he is Silvershadow, then it might be a smart idea not to get on this Prime's bad side... Especially taking into account that an entire battlefield couldn't stop him from a target...

    "I'm leaving; No doubt people are wondering where I am again..." Optimus muttered, and whisked around them and down the hallway. "It was a long trip; And Skywarp, along with the rest of them, didn't exactly make things easy...."

    Megatron and Sixshot stared after him.

    "Skywarp and the rest of them? Who's 'them' ?" Megatron asked no one in particular. Sixshot glanced back at him and shrugged. He looked back after Optimus and said, "It's a long story...."

    He was laying flat on his stomach in the middle of a dark room, silently fuming to himself. They'd seen the huge, silver/white starship warp in next to the city earlier, and Noizemaze had flat-out refused to let Sideways come see who'd been on board. It's so fustrating and boring to be doing nothing... How could I have been so foolish eight years ago to have attacked an incredibly powerful Autobot that had several mechs around to back him? Sideways cursed himself. Idiot! Megatron is a match on his own now; What made me think I could defeat the one who defeated him? Now look where it's gotten me... Stuck here with a wound still so recently healed that it threatens to pull open at any extreme movement or pressure...

    "It was stupid of me to have attacked that femmebot..." He groaned, and listened to his voice echo faintly in the room. Letting out a sigh, he let his mind replay the events eight years ago....

    ~ "Even the lost can return here, Megatron. I know from experience."

    "I'm sure, Prime..."

    "Ohhh yesssss... We all return..." he sneered into the room from above, and everyone below froze. Megatron's optics narrowed, along with Optimus's.

    "I know that voice..." Megatron said slowly, looking around.

    "As you well should!" He shouted, and leapt down into the center of the room. "The Allspark knows you've killed me before!... But not completely
    enough... "

    "SIDEWAYS!" Megatron roared, leaping to his feet furiously. He cackled as he turned to face the Decepticon leader. "Yes, Sideways... And you thought you'd gotten rid of me, didn't you? HA! I wonder what'll happen if I take the life of the defenseless here n-ARGH!"

    You're the undefended as of this moment, Sideways... " Optimus growled darkly as his now-clawed hands ripped into his back and threw him into a wall... ~

    Sideways rumbled to himself. Undefended... We'll see who's undefended when the Chaos Bringer comes... He thought angrily.....

    ~He backed away from Silvershadow, who stood before him, taking out a spiked spark-sword that was a silver-white color.

    "My end...? We'll see..." Silvershadow breathed, and with that, leapt at Sideways, sweeping his sword out before him. He barely managed to block it in time.

    "Grrrr..." he growled, trying to push the taller mech back without success. In fact, it seemed the more he tried, the more he went the other way.With another growl, he jumped to the side, only to get hit by Silvershadow's claws. "AUGH!" he staggered away, energon pouring out of the deep gashes in his back. Silvershadow turned towards him, shifting his grip on the sword in his hands.

    "HOW DARE YOU!" He howled, suddenly furious as he realized he couldn't beat the blue, black, and silver mech. Whirling around, he leapt at Shiori and the small bot in her arms.

    "NO! SHIORI, MOVE!" Silvershadow shouted. But before either of them could make a move, Megatron was there, his right hand out in front of him, with a scowl on his face.

    "Do you dare to try me? " Megatron snarled, activating the negative power-genterator in his hand. A moment later, an arc of lightning flashed out, hitting him head-on, forcing him to the ground gasping in pain...~

    They'll never know what hit them... And I'll make sure they never return.... Sideways's pink optics flashed.

    ~"YOU CAN'T RUN AND HIDE FOREVER, WOMAN! FACE YOUR DESTINY WITH THE ALLSPARK!" He shouted, jumping up and against the wall and then down at her, barely missing her.

    "I WON'T LET YOU TAKE HER!" Shiori roared, and flung her arm out at him to push him away- only, a flash of a bright blue light shot out of her hands instead, sending him crashing into the wall with a pained yelp.

    "AHG! MY OPTICS!" He howled, stumbling forwards. Shiori bolted with something in her arms....~

    "I'll make them pay for this," He swore. "They'll never forget the name Sideways, Noizemaze, OR Unicron... Even after their deaths...."

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    5. Voices

    Cheryl... His youngest sister's name floated through his mind. Cheryl... Optimus paused his pacing in the Autobot Command Center. It'd been twenty-eight million years since he'd thought of her. Why am I thinking of her now? Cheryl... His vision was fading... What is going on? Cheryl... You must find her... Why? Why do I have to find her? You must find the Seer... She knows something you need to know... Primus! Find the Seer, and find the last two sword-holders... Find the prophecy... Find the Seer... Find Cheryl... Cheryl... Cheryl...

    "Cheryl..." Optimus whispered. Without warning, all of his energy drained out of him, and he felt his legs start to give way. Then everything went dark...

    Elita turned away from her conversation with Override, and towards the main computer room. "Did you hear that?"

    "Yeah... It sounded like something big fell down," Override said uncertianly, starting toward the room. Elita rushed past her to the door of the room.

    "Optimus?" She called, knocking on the door lightly. There wasn't an answer. "Optimus?" She called louder, before reaching out and entering the code to open the door. Override stepped through the doorway as it opened, and stopped short. They both stared in shock at the sight. Optimus was stretched out on the ground, lying on his side and his optics a dark grey-black that said he was offline.

    "OPTIMUS!" They both cried, and ran over to him. Elita did a quick scan and found nothing wrong with his systems. She slid her arm underneath him, around his shoulders, and turned him so that he was facing up.

    "Override, go get Red Alert," She ordered.

    "You got it," the pink, white, and gold femmebot answered, racing out the door, transforming as she went. Elita looked down at Optimus's face.

    "What happened...?" She whispered, and with tears spilling down her face, laid her head on his chest. After a while, she realized that his arm was around her shoulders. Startled, she pulled away from him slightly, turning her head to look at his face. His gold optics glowed weakly, but they were online nevertheless, and he pulled himself up onto his elbows.

    "What happened?" He asked, his optics turning to hers, puzzled.

    "Optimus..." She choked out, and with a sob, flung her arms around his neck. He blinked at her for a moment in surprise, before hugging her with one arm. When she pulled away again, he looked into her optics and repeated his question. "What happened?"

    "I don't know what happened... We heard you fall down and came to see if you were alright..."


    " Are you alright?"

    "Yes; Or at least, I feel fine..."

    "Can you stand?"

    "Should be able to," He answered, and with her help got to his feet. They waited for Red Alert to come and check Optimus's systems. The medic didn't find anything wrong with him, other than an apparent lack of energy. He gave Optimus as much of a lecture he could before sending him off with Elita to get some rest, and radioed Jetfire to come and take over temporary command...

    Elita was sitting at the table in her's and Optimus's house, folding and unfolding her hands as she listened to Shiori and Starscream. Alexis was sitting next to her with a small frown, twisting around parts of a cube-puzzle, trying to solve it. Starscream was telling them about what had happened after he'd been captured by the Generation Decepticons. Shiori was listening intently to him, occassionally taking a sip of an Energon-1 drink. Elita only half-paid attention, keeping an optic out for her bondmate to make sure Optimus didn't try to sneak out of the house. She glanced at Alexis as the small seeker slipped off the chair to go show Optimus that she'd completed the puzzle. Shiori turned her head and called after Alexis softly.

    "If he's asleep, then leave him alone, Alexis."

    "I know," the small blue, red and silver seeker answered, and quietly headed down the hallway to the room where Optimus was resting. Starscream chuckled quietly.

    "Persistent, isn't she?"

    "Very," Shiori sighed, leaning against him. "Reminds me of you."

    "Thanks, I think... Oof," He wheezed as Alexis rushed down the hallway and leapt into his lap. She glanced at Elita with a amused smile.

    "Does he usually talk when he's offline?"

    "What?" Elita asked sharply, her head snapping up to look at the small seeker. Alexis giggled.

    "He's talking in his sleep!" She chortled, before letting out a sqeak as Shiori poked her in a ticklish spot. Elita stood up and started down the hallway.

    "I've never heard him talking in his sleep before... I don't know why he would be now..." Elita muttered. Starscream glanced uneasily down the hallway. Talking in his sleep? The only time I do that is when I'm having a vision, and that doesn't happen very oft-

    "BY THE ALLSPARK! GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!" Optimus's voice roared suddenly, followed by a yelp. Shiori looked down the hallway in alarm. Starscream stared in the same direction, and Alexis went incredibly silent in shock.

    "IT'S JUST ME! WHAT'S GOTTEN INTO YOU LATELY?!" There was a furious response, although at a much softer level. After a short, heated argument, Elita came back and sat down at the table. Shiori looked at her questioningly.

    "It's going to be a looong week," Elita sighed, shaking her head....

    -- Blast! How am I supposed to find Cheryl in this blazing inferno? Curse the Deceptions that blew up the place! It'll be a wonder if she survived... Wait, what was that?

    "Cheryl?" Optimus shouted, dodging around a steel beam that crashed down in front of him, and moving over to where he thought he saw a shadow move. "Cheryl?! ... Slag... Now where did she go? CHERYL!" He pulled at some melting metal, feeling a spark inside a bubble of air in it. "Cheryl?" He asked, kneeling down and peering carefully through the opening he'd made.
    No, not Cheryl... Hold on, who is that? His gold optics picked up on the small form of a yellow sparkling. He sighed, and standing up, drenched the whole area with water.

    "If I'm going to look like a firetruck, I might as well act like one..." He muttered, putting out enough of the fire so that the steam given off cooled his own systems. Optimus pulled apart the metal that had been threatening to melt the small sparkling. He smiled gently at the yellow bot, and held out his hand out to the bot.

    "Need a rescue, small friend?" he asked softly. The sparkling nodded, and took his hand, and the small bot's blue eyes looked up at him with great respect. "Come on," Optimus sighed, gathering the yellow bot into his arms. "Let's get you someplace safe and away from this place..."

    Leaping into the air, he fired his boosters to fly above the blaze, hunting for a search team and keeping an optic out for his sister. He found the search team first. He circled around so that he was in front of them, and landed roughly a few meters ahead of them. They stopped and stared at him, amazed by the fact that he could withstand the heat, and the fact that he towered over most of them. He held out the small sparkling to the tallest Autobot of the group.

    "I found this one half of a sector away. I'll bring any others if I find them," He told the Autobot. The other mech nodded, and took the small, yellow bot.

    "Thank you, friend."

    "Don't worry about it... By the way, have you- or any other group you've managed to contact- found Cheryl Pax?"

    "... No, I don't think we have..." The Autobot frowned. Optimus swore.

    "I need to find her!" He cried, and spun around, only to have the other bot catch his arm.

    "It's getting too hot! You'll melt in there!" The other Autobot told him, but Optimus threw his hand off.

    "I MUST find her! She's the only chance another dimension has!" He cried again, and rushed back into the flames.

    "Come back! You'll die before you can find her!" The other mech cried trying to catch Optimus again, but had to draw further way, as the flames leapt back around the temporary path made by Optimus's sheer speed. "Come back!"......... --


    Optimus woke up sharply, his gold optics flashing with the echoes of the fire he'd just been running through in his vision. That was not a pleasant situation to have to go through, even as a vision or dream... He thought. And yet, I know I have to go through it when I go to find her... He lay on the recharge bed, listening to Elita breathe as she slept soundly beside him. I wonder if I could get away with sneaking away now, Optimus pondered. Well, these visions that I'm getting won't go away until I find out what I'm supposed to.... He slid off the bed, careful not to disturb Elita, and silently left the room....

    WHOO! .... Alright, I'll admit it... I had too much sugar today... :redface2: 
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    What site is the site that you have a lot of feedback? And don’t worry about how you aren’t getting very much feedback. I posted my fan fic on the Allspark and nobody replied. But I still write my fan fic.
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    Protoform, the other site I post at is If you want me to send you the link to my profile, PM me.

    Now, onto the next chapter!

    7. Flames of Rescue

    "CHERYL!" Optimus shouted, trying to be heard over the roar of the flames. Blast!... Maybe I should have waited longer before coming so I knew where I had to go... He sighed. At least I got that small sparkling out of here... Optimus doused an area in the flames with water so he knew where he'd looked. Is she just trying to kill herself by staying in the fire?

    "By Primus, where is she?!" He growled irritably, kicking a cooling beam. He stomped his foot in fustration. "CHERYL!" He barked, and his gold optics glowed and flashed sharply. She must know a lot of things about the Autobots that the Decepticons would find useful if she would rather die in the flames to be running so persistantly from me... It's either that, or she's a... Could she be a sword holder? He paused in his search. That would explain why Primus said 'two sword holders' instead of three... Which makes my task even more difficult in getting her to realize that I'm not a Decepticon...

    "Cheryl..." Optimus called, getting tired of shouting. He halted as a memory flashed through his mind...


    -- "...A recent report has come in that Autobot City has fallen under heavy siege by Decepticon forces. After a long skirmish, Autobot City has now gone up in complete flames, set off by explosives built under the city by the previous city leader, Shiori Pax, as a precaution to a successful attack by the Decepticons..." the reporting Autobot said over the news on the screen in the resteraunt. Sitting at a table with some close friends, a eighteen Cybertronian-year-old Optronix looked up from his glass and stared at the screen. Previous leader, Shiori? What happened to her? He wondered. His friends noticed he wasn't paying attention to them and followed his gaze to the screen.

    "...Searchers have not found the current city leader, Shiori's sister, Cheryl Pax, although they have found several other survivors, wounded and unwounded alike, due to the help of an unnamed Autobot that seems to be unaffected by the blaze...."

    "Cheryl..." he said softly, and with a sudden flash of insight, he jumped to his feet and rushed out of the room. She's running from him... She doesn't know he's an Autobot, that's why no one has found her yet... I need to get out there and tell Sentinel Prime....--


    "YOU DON'T HAVE TO RUN ANYMORE, CHERYL!" Optimus called out, realizing that she had to be close by in the fire. "COME HERE ALREADY!... By the Allspark, you're as stubborn as Shiori and I am... CHERYL, BY PRIMUS, IT'S OPTRONIX! GET OUT HERE!..." He stomped his foot again impatiently before noticing a half-melted platform that was cooling from the heat of the fire that had been there moments earlier. With a big push, he jumped up onto it and from there looked around.

    "CHERYL!" He barked at the flames, daring her to come out and say it was a joke of some sort.

    "Optronix...?" came a soft weak voice from behind him. He turned and looked down into his sister's neon-blue optics. She smiled at him weakly.

    "It is you... isn't it... Optronix...? I'm sorry..." She started to collapse, but he leapt forward to catch her in his arms.

    "It's Optimus nowadays. Cheryl, hang in there-"

    "It's too late for me, Optimus... " she whispered. "I have to tell you... The last three... are already home... The new decepticon... The one.. in the diner..." She slid something into his hand. "Give this to... the... see.. ker......" her head fall against his shoulder

    "Cheryl?!" He asked in alarm. But it was too late, and his sister's form went limp in his arms. He fought back tears as he opened his hand to see what she'd given him. A strange, gold shard glinted back at him innocently, and light-blue sparks dancing around it faintly, though none touched his hand. Give this to the seeker? By Primus, there must be thousands at home... How am I supposed to know which one to give it to?... He stashed the shard in his subspace pocket before gathering her frame into his arms and started off into the flames. I should at least bring her body back... It's the next-most decent thing I can do, seeing as almost everyone alive has been rescued by the other searchers and myself....


    -- "Sentinel Prime!" Optronix called, stumbling through the makeshift 'camp' that had been set up a safe distance away from the dying blaze that had once been Autobot City. "Sentinel Prime!" He cried again, before nearly running into the yellow-orange Autobot leader.

    "What is it, Optronix? We're still trying to make sure everyone from the fire is being taken care of-"

    "Have you found Cheryl yet?" Optronix cut him off, inwardly wincing at the sense of disrespect he was putting out. I know I should be more respectful, but Cheryl is my sister! He reasoned, and looked up worriedly into the taller Autobot's optics. A rush of dissappointment ran through him as Sentinel shook his head.

    "No, we haven't, Optronix. I'm sorry."

    "Alright..." Optronix said softly, hanging his head and stepping to the side so an older Autobot could get past him.

    "Optronix!" A regal, commanding voice called from behind him. Optronix and Sentinel Prime, turned to face the bot, and froze in amazement. Coming out of the dying flames was a tall, red, blue, and silver Autobot, carrying a femmebot in his arms that Optronix clearly recognized, dispite the burnmarks on her....

    "CHERYL!" He cried, and rushed over to them, Sentinel Prime hot on his heels. As he got closer, he realized the Autobot coming toward them wasn't just tall; he towered over Sentinel Prime, who was the tallest mech the young bot knew. However, one glance at the Autobot's face and Optronix knew something was wrong. He slowed, noticing Cheryl hadn't so even twitched at her name. Something isn't right... He thought, and with a feeling of dread, came to a stop a short distance from the blue, red, and silver mech. The Autobot knelt, and carefully laid Cheryl on the ground in front of them. Optronix felt tears begin to form as he realized what her unmoving form ment.

    "I'm sorry, Optronix," The Autobot said softly, still kneeling on the ground as he looked up at the small bot. "She shut down not long after I found her..."

    "It's alright," Optronix told him quietly, and looked up into the other bot's gold optics. "I think I already knew when I found out she was missing... Although, I want to thank you for bringing her chassis back..."

    "You can thank yourself then," The mech chuckled, giving him a small smile.

    "What do you mean by that?" Optronix asked with a frown. The other bot reached out and put both of his hands on the small Autobot's shoulders.

    "I am you. From the future, come to the past, as Primus has asked me. A leader for millions of years, yet still struggling with the choices of right and wrong. Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, Supreme Commander of the Autobot Warriors of Cybertron..." Optimus rose to his feet. "Hold our name out to your close friends, and closer still to your spark, Optronix. And know to trust the voices of wisdom. Now, I must return home...."

    A greenish spacebridge portal opened behind the red, blue, and silver mech. Optimus leapt up and transformed into a firetruck before the long side-panels opened back and twisted, creating wings. With a flash of his boosters, he took off and left through the gate, and the portal closed behind him. Optronix knelt beside his sister's lifeless form, and only then did his tears begin to fall....
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    Thanks. I have not read it yet, but I will read it very soon.
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    8. Back to the City

    Optimus shivered as he stumbled into the house from outside. Note to self: Never go from a raging inferno to a place where it's almost about to snow.... He slowly made his way to the kitchen to get a glass of Energon-1. Uhg... He thought faintly as he finished the glass. Never did have much flavor.... He set the glass down near the sink and shakily went into the living room.

    "She'll wake up if I go back in our room..." Optimus mumbled, and with a sigh, went over to the couch. Stretching himself out on the couch so he was comfterable, he quickly fell asleep....


    She woke up slowly, vaguely aware that something was missing. She stirred slightly, before activating her optics and looking over her shoulder.

    "Damn..." Elita muttered, and pulled herself up. No Optimus... "Should've known..." She sighed, and getting out of bed, shivered with a sudden cold. Turning, she pulled two of the blankets off of the bed and wrapped them around her shoulders. She then started down the hallway to the living room. One of these times, I'm going to remember to change the code to the door so he can't leave... She told herself as she reached the living room, only to stop short.

    There was Optimus, stretched out on the couch with his arms folded and pressed tightly against his chest, asleep. His chest and shoulders rose and fell with soft, deep breaths, and Elita realized he was colder than she was. She quietly slipped over to him, pulling one of her blankets off her shoulders as she went. Spreading it wide, she gently put it over him, and tucked the edges around his shoulders and his side that was pressed close to the back of the couch. Elita reached out slowly and softly ran the back of her fingers down the side of his face, and gently patted her hand on his arm, before turning and moving over to the door to check the log.

    She wasn't suprised to see that it'd logged an leaving and entering code that hadn't been there when she went to bed earlier. What surprised her was that it only had fourty-five minutes in between the different codes. It would be pushing it, but he could make it to the spaceport for about five minutes and back in that amount of time... Or he could make it to the outskirts of the city and look at the stars for about fifteen minutes before coming back... Elita glanced over her shoulder at him with a frown. Neither accounted for why he'd been shivering so badly. Where did he go? She wondered inwardly, before turning and silently slipped down the hallway. Where ever he went, he got what he wanted to done, meaning he wasn't going to be going anywhere anytime soon....


    When he woke, he became aware of something small curled up in his lap. Activating his optics, he looked over at it and found it was Alexis, and he slowly began to pick up on Shiori's voice talking to Elita in a nearby room.

    "No one can keep him anywhere if he puts his mind to it, Elita. I wonder why you even try to keep him here sometimes..."

    "I do too. I suppose everyone does. What suprises me is that he comes back, really... There's so much other stuff he could be doing, yet he still tries to devote some time to spend with me," Elita sighed, going through the room and into the kitchen. Shiori followed her into the living room and stopped on the other side of the counter.

    "If he's looking for time to spend with you, then he cares and feels he doesn't have enough as it is," Shiori told her. Elita nodded gently and got out two glasses.

    "Do you want anything?"

    "No thanks, we were on our way to Hot Shot's place for lunch when we stopped by. Alexis is very persistant about seeing Hot Shot every few days..."

    "It looks like she fell asleep over there," Elita couldn't help but giggle. Shiori glanced over her shoulder. Optimus locked optics with her, and sent her a soft, amused smile. He glanced down and gently woke the small seeker up. Alexis's dark blue optics lit, and she looked up at him. Seeing that Optimus was awake, she smiled at him.

    "Shiori said you were going to Hot Shot's for lunch, not for a nap here," he teased quietly. Alexis giggled and slipped off his lap.

    "Sorry, Uncle Optimus," She peered at him suddenly. "It'll be okay."

    Puzzled, Optimus tilted his head. It'll be okay? What's wrong to begin with? He wondered. Alexis leaned over and kissed him on the cheek before dashing to the door and past Shiori.

    "Hot Shot!" The small seeker chirped, bounding out the door. Shoiri waved a hurried goodbye to Elita and Optimus before running out after her daughter.

    "Alexis, get back here!"

    Optimus laid on the couch, his optics whirling through blue, gold, and white as he thought. Finding that he didn't understand what Alexis had ment at all, he finally said to no one in particular: " What will be okay?"

    Elita looked over at him and saw his confused look. Setting her glass down she went over to him. "I don't know what you're thinking, or know much about what you have to do for Primus... But do you remember that time when we got each other-?" She began.

    "Drunk. How could I ever forget?" He finished for her, grinning. Elita smiled at him.

    "Then do you remember what I told you later that night?" She asked. He paused, searching his memories.


    "It hasn't changed; I'm still here for you...." She told him, and kissed him. Optimus blinked in suprise before wrapping his arms around her, deepening the kiss.

    "I know," He said when she pulled away, smiling at her. "Thanks, Elita..." ________________________________________________________________

    Hope you enjoyed so far. :D 
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    9. Complications

    Alexis giggled as she walked with Shiori, still rather pleased with herself about beating her mom to the park. Shiori, on the other hand, was fuming.

    "How many times have I told you not to run off like that, Alexis! Honestly, it's a wonder you haven't gotten run over by someone yet! Just wait until your father hears about this-"

    "Mom, you're doing it again," Alexis told her flatly, and looked up at her mom's flashing light-blue optics.

    "Just let me rant! Something's wrong, and I alone seem to know it; Maybe some answer for the question of 'what is wrong' will come if I keep going..." Shiori trailed off with a sigh. "I don't like this feeling I have right now... Something is going to happen- and soon. And I get the feeling I'm somehow going to be right in the middle of it." She glanced around suspiciously, before looking down at Alexis. Alexis smiled at her mom reassuringly.

    "I'm sure you'll be fine mom. Can I go play with Leo, Snarl, and Greypaw?" Alexis asked. Shiori nodded and said. "Come tell me before you run off somewhere else, 'Lexis." Shiori watched her daughter run across the field and join in a game that the three beast-bots were playing with the other transformers. Letting out another sigh, Shiori turned and went to talk with Hot Shot in his restaurant...


    He was leaning against the front wall of the library as he continued to watch the bots walk in and out of the nearby buildings. He took a small note of Demolisher and Cyclonus walk by, but other than that took no full notice of any particular transformer. Until there was a loud crash from the direction Demolisher and Cyclonus had gone.

    "What in the name of..." Noizemaze began, turning his head to look. He froze in astonishment. No... could it really be-?

    "By the Allspark!" A tall seeker shouted, trying to pull himself out from under an Autobot who'd ran into him. "Get OFF me, Sideswipe!" The seeker snarled, and shoved the smaller blue-grey bot off him. Sideswipe's light-blue optics stared at him in amazement. The seeker got to his feet with a growl and brushed some invisible dust off him while glaring at the Autobot. Cyclonus looked at the seeker oddly, noticing the Decepticon symbols on the seeker's wings.

    "Who are you?" Demolisher asked the 'Con. The seeker gave him a funny look.

    "Who do you think, Demolisher?"

    "Starscream!" Cyclonus giggled sharply. The seeker grinned before noticing Noizemaze in front of the library. Starscream's optics narrowed sharply.

    "Uh oh," Noizemaze muttered as he straightened and quickly dashed away. He felt the heat of Starscream's hostile glare on his back as he hurried away. Well, at least I found out Starscream's back; Even though now my life is at stake... He never really forgot what I did about nine Cybertronian years ago...

    10. A New Hunt

    Sixshot watched uneasily as Megatron paced back and forth in the room. What is he so worried about? The Megatron I knew would be out there plotting- and fighting- the Autobot's tailpipes by now...

    "By Primus!" Came a sharp yelp from the hallway. Megatron's head snapped around towards the door. A moment later, a brown-olivegreen transformer stumbled into the room with a slightly alarmed look. Megatron glared at the 'Con.

    "Now what do you want, Demolisher?" The Decepticon leader growled. Demolisher was about to answer when an extreme bout of hysterical laughter came from outside the room.

    "No- Ahahahaha- That tickles! Put- Hehehehehe- me down!-Hahahaha- Seriously- hehehe- traitorous se-hehehehe- seeker put- hahahaha- put me down already!" Starscream stepped through the doorway. The black, grey, and white camo copter-bot he'd "captured" was under one arm, giggling his protests as he tried to get free from the taller seeker's grasp.

    "... ... ..." Starscream ignored Cyclonus's sharp yelp as he dropped the 'Con onto the ground next to Demolisher. The insane copter let out one last faint giggle before looking up uneasily at the red, silver and black seeker that stood over him. Starscream's purple optics glowed faintly as he stepped around the two and walked over to Megatron.

    "When did Noizemaze get free?" The second-in-command asked. Megatron gave him an odd look while Sixshot stared at them both.

    "When did Noizemaze get caught in the first place, Starscream?" The Decepticon leader tilted his head with a faint sneer on his face. "How was I to know?"

    "You've been here for the past eight years; I haven't." Starscream snarled slightly, and his optics flashed with fustration. Megatron glared at the seeker.

    "And Sideways has been loose for the same amount of time," Megatron growled. Cyclonus hissed sharply, and everyone looked at him in surprise. The copter's green optics glowed a furious bright-green.

    "If I ever come across that low-down, slagging, sad excuse for a Unicronain again I'll... I'll..." Cyclonus was so angry he couldn't finish saying what he wanted to say. The grey-camo 'Con trembled in rage and Demolisher edged away from him.

    "Then why don't you go find him?" Megatron suggested with an odd grin. Sixshot watched them with growing curiosity. Definitely not like home, He decided finally.

    "I can do that?" Cyclonus asked with a growing grin, realizing where Megatron was going with the conversation.

    "If you don't leave anything that suggests you were there," The Decepticon leader had a faint smile on his face. Cyclonus let out a rather insane cackle and turned to leave.

    "And Cyclonus..."

    "Yes Megatron?" The copter paused and turned back to the taller 'Con.

    "If you find Noizemaze... He doesn't have to come back in one piece."

    Cyclonus grinned psychotically, understanding the meaning. With a sharp "Yes sir!" The copter-bot rushed out into the hallway with a mad laugh. Demolisher gave Megatron an odd look before following Cyclonus. Sixshot looked between Megatron and Starscream, uncertain if he should leave as well or stay in the room. Megatron gazed at Starscream with a strange look on his face. Starscream almost didn't notice it before realizing that the Decepticon leader wasn't frowning at him for once.

    "...? What is it, Megatron?" Starscream asked, tilting his head in puzzlement. The taller triple-changer shook his head as if waking from some trance.

    "Nevermind it... Are you going to go 'hunting' as well?" Megatron inquired. A small smile flashed across Starscream's face before vanishing so fast that Sixshot wondered if it had ever been there to begin with.

    "With a brother like Skywarp to practice with? Of course I'm going 'hunting'... " And with that Starscream suddenly looked like a hologram that started to fade away. Sixshot let out a yelp and leapt to his feet, stunned. HE was the ghost back home?! He stared in shock as Starscream's laughter echoed around the room as he continued to disintegrate. Sixshot trembled slightly as he wondered about how that must feel like.

    The last part of Starscream to fade away completely was his purple glowing optics that flashed sharply before he vanished completely, leaving his laughter to echo hauntingly after him....
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    11. Pains of the Past

    It was nighttime in Iacon now, and the sky showed it rather pointedly as the starts twinkled at him from millions of miles away. He was laying out on the grass of his yard, sharply aware of everything around him. A rotocricket chirped its song, and he knew exactly where it was. A metal panel creaked, and he knew what house it was from and the size of the transformer that'd stepped on it. A whistle blew faintly in the distance, and he knew exactly who was whisting and what it was for.

    His red optics blinked as he gazed up at the stars, picking out what stars had planets he'd visited with old family, the planets he'd fought on, and the planets he'd fought for and against. As he picked them out, memories flashed through his mind, making him try to pick out planets that he hadn't fought on, and guess at what stars had planets he hadn't been to yet.

    It's not working... He told himself, and with that thought, sat up and looked around at the landscape around him. Everywhere I look I see transformer and human blood- And I smell it too. Why did I have to be such an idiot to have fallen to the illusion that Prime didn't believe in me when we were fighting the Decepticons, causing me to drench my spark in the blood of innocent lives? Growling, he got to his feet, picked a random direction, and started to walk. He had no where he really wanted to go except back in time to undo the bloodshed he'd caused.

    I guess I'll just keep walking until I walk myself to death or I find a better way to repay for the lives I've taken during my darkness... Eventually, he began to lose track of time, and he found himself walking aimlessly about the city. He passed Hot Shot's diner a few times, went past both the Autobot and Decepticon command centers at least three times, and passed the library another five times between that. He was going past the Autobot command center for the seventh or eighth time- he wasnt sure which, he'd lost count- when he heard the familiar, heavy footsteps of someone he knew very well. He stopped and waited for the mech to catch up to him.

    "I thought you were supposed to be at home resting," He said just before they passed him. The footsteps paused in surprise before continuing on.

    "I'm well rested now. You're concern is noted, friend," Optimus said as he started past.

    "You wouldn't care if I stayed with you for awhile, would you, sir?" He asked, quickly catching up to the Autobot leader's stride.

    "Go ahead. I'm headed to the library to see if I can... solve a very big puzzle."

    "How many pieces? Or do you even know?"

    "I haven't the faintest idea. Starscream or Jetfire might, but I'm not about to bother them when I
    can easily find out myself with some data analysis in the library files..."

    "I wasn't very good with data analysis. Ever."

    "We all have our strengths and weaknesses, friend."

    "Not you. You have no weakness at all, Optimus."

    "No," Optimus sighed. "I, too, have a weakness. Just one locked so deep it seems to not exist."

    They walked on in silence. Optimus sliently chipping away at his puzzle; The other thinking about what Optimus had said. Optimus Prime has a weakness? If he does, he wasn't kidding about locking it deep inside him... He thought to himself. Would I have the courage to lock my weakness away like that for as long as Optimus has?... Probably not. They reached the library and paused outside the door.

    "See you later, friend," Optimus said, starting up the steps towards the heavy doors of the Library.

    "Huh? Oh, yeah... Later, Optimus," He replied, still somewhat distracted by other thoughts. Still deep in thought, he slowly made his way back towards Hot Shot's diner once again...

    12. Kidnapping

    "That's him there, Sideways. The femme trusts him, and she's the key to all of them."

    "You're sure, Noizemaze?" Sideways's optics were narrow as he watched the mech walk down the steps of the library from walking with Optimus and start back towards the city park.

    "Yep... And with the right kind of 'pep-talk', we could turn him to our side easily. What do you say?"

    "What sort of 'pep talk'?"

    "Why, this kind..." Noizemaze suddenly disappeared. Sideways sat up and muttered a quiet curse. A moment later there was a snarl below on the street.

    "Noizemaze! What do you want?.!"

    "Now is that any way to treat an old friend, Leobreaker? Or should I say... DarkBreaker?"

    "Grrrrrrr... What do you want with me?" The lion-mech growled, transforming into his beast mode.

    "I don't want anything with you in particular... It's someone else a friend needs to talk to- but since when would anyone listen to little-old-me?" Noizemaze grinned under his glass mask. This is going to be easy if he falls for it.

    "Like who?" Leo growled suspiciously, flicking his tail back and forth.

    "Oh, just a little seeker who you and Snarl play with occasionally. You see, Scattershot's been gone awhile and been out of touch... I told him some of the newest arrivals in town the other day and he wants to give her a good gift and meet her...."

    "... Who's the seeker?" Leobreaker sighed, giving in under the reasoning that it his old friend was the reason Noizemaze was there for.

    "I think her name is Alexis, but I've never had the chance to talk with her to find out if that's really her name... She's about this tall and has mostly silver and red armor, with bits of blue-"

    "Yes, that's Alexis... Where does he want to meet us then?"

    "How about over by the old tower? I'm sure there are lots of things they could look around at while they talked. Kind of like an exploring game," Noizemaze suggested. Leobreaker thought about it for a moment before nodding.

    "Alright, we'll meet him there around ten Earth time."

    "I'll tell him that then," Noizemaze grinned before 'vanishing again. Sideways let out a quiet chuckle as his brother rematerialized next to him.

    "Not bad, Noizemaze..."

    "Almost too easy- but I had planned out that conversation before I even went down there..." Noizemaze snickered. "Now we just need to find a way to lose the cat and take the sword..."

    "Leave that to me..." Sideways sneered slightly, and shifting into his 'liquid' mode, seeped over the side of the building and into the dark alleyway...


    "Hey, Shiori. Do you mind if I bring Alexis out to the old tower to look around for awhile? There's a friend I'd like for her to meet," Leo asked. Shiori smiled down at the golden bot.

    "Sure, as long as she's back by four..."

    "You got it. Come on, Alexis. I'll let you ride on my back..."

    "Okay!" The small seeker giggled before climbing on, careful not to hurt him.

    "Hold on," Leo warned before starting off, taking careful leaps so to not harm Alexis. About fifteen minutes later, they reached the old tower.

    "Wow..." Alexis breathed, looking around in astonishment. Leo stopped and took in the scene as well.

    There were several buildings around them that were damaged or crumbling. Some they looked through the shattered windows and saw burned pieces of furniture, others all they could see was darkness. Leobreaker slowly walked toward the tower, getting a bad feeling in his spark with each step. What would Scattershot be doing way out here in this creepy, damaged part of town? He wondered as he looked around. Leobreaker paused near the tower, and gazed up in wonder.

    "The tower's the only building practically standing..." Alexis whispered in awe. She hesitated before sliding down off of Leo's back and moving over to his front paws and putting her face in his mane-fur. "Leo, I don't like it here. Can we go home?" She whispered quietly, shivering from the strange energies she felt brushing against them as well as the cold wind that was blowing.

    "Yeah, I don't think we should have come here anymore either..." Leo muttered, hugging her by putting his head over her shoulder. "Come on..." he said, pulling away slightly and kneeling on his front paws so she could get up easier.

    "Muahahaha!" A voice laughed wickedly. Leobreaker stood up sharply and looked around in alarm.

    "Who was that?!" He asked himself, feeling his metal fur standing on end slightly. That wasn't Scattershot for sure! What is going on here? Without warning, there was a scream right behind him and Leo spun around. "Alexis!" He cried, and found she wasn't there. No... Alexis! Shiori's going to kill me for this!

    "Alexis!" He roared, fighting back sudden tears as he realized what he'd done. He stood there shaking for a moment before understanding she wasn't anywhere close enough to hear him, else she would have answered. Leo paused for a moment before whirling around and rushing towards the nearest place that would help look for Alexis... ... ...

    Sorry for the lack of updates/chapters... My dad killed my internet a few weeks ago and I've been sneaking on another computer and such to get on to talk and such.... With four/five computers in the house, its hard to keep me off the internet; Hence the possibility of posting chapters like this one... :redface2: 
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    Most of the characters we're talking about here are the Cybertron variants? Just making sure.

    Other than that, good story. Some actions seem downright out of character to me (Megatron comes to mind), but that's about it.
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    13. Rescue Crew

    "Hehehehehe..." One of the Decepticons in what was supposed to be a line was giggling. The olive-brown 'con next to him glared at the black, white and grey camo bot beside him.

    "Cyclonus, can't you be quieter?" The bot on the other side of him snapped. Sixshot frowned at them from the other side of the room. This is what Megatron has been working with? He asked himself silently as two of the mechs started arguing with each other while the giggling bot merely snickered even more. Without warning, a seeker appeared behind them and glared at the three mechs silently. Sixshot felt himself grin under his maskplate as he recognized who it was.

    "... Is there something you three don't understand about standing in a line quietly ?" The seeker growled.

    "Meep!" All three of them squeaked and jumped to attention before realizing who it was.

    " 'Screamer!" the third 'con gasped before spinning around to face the seeker.

    "... ... ..." Starscream glared at the grey, blue and orange seeker.

    "Oh, heh... Sorry, Starscream..." Thundercracker took a step back from the other seeker. "Forgot you don' like to be called that..." He added quietly, looking about ready to bolt. Starscream shook his head slightly before stepping around them and walking over to Sixshot.

    "See what we have to deal with?" Starscream muttered before turning to face the rest of the Decepticons who were now fidgeting nervously. Sixshot tilted his head at the lined-up Decepticons.

    "They look like they're afraid that they're going to get executed," He noted aloud.

    "That's cause we are... " A small, red, black, and gold bot snapped before skittering around a large, green and silver 'con who simply blinked back at Starscream's glare. "Heh, don't mind us, we're just the racin' crew... that failed miserably..." the smaller mech added quietly, his green optics flickering at the two seekers uneasily. Sixshot couldn't help but grin faintly at the smaller bot's nervousness before looking back at Thundercracker and the olive-brown 'con. Sixshot sighed when he found they were arguing again.

    "They can't find anything else better to do other than argue with one another?" He asked Starscream.

    "No. Would you shut up ?"

    "Yessir!" the three of them jumped to attention again. Sixshot glanced at Starscream in surprise. They wouldn't have done that back home... Why do they now? He wondered.

    "Starscream, why do they listen-" Sixshot began, but was cut off by the door snapping open.

    "Where's that blasted dragon?!" Megatron growled after a quick glance around. Sixshot stared at him. Dragon? What in the universe is a dragon?

    "I don' know... I didn't like him burning my aft every battle either..." Thundercracker muttered.

    "Just cause you're a roasted marshmellow doesn't mean you should tell Megatron that," the small, red bot shot back.

    "What was that, Ransack!?" Thundercracker growled, taking a step towards the smaller mech.

    "Leave my friend alone," The green mech said defensively.

    "SILENCE!" Megatron roared, and they all jumped to attention again. Cyclonus restrained a small giggle before staring innocently at the Decepticon leader.

    "What do we need to find that three-headed, fire-breathin' nuisance for anyways?" Ransack asked.

    " Because my daughter has been kidnapped, that's why! " Starscream snarled, taking a floor-rattling step towards them and his optics flashing. All of the lined mechs cowered backwards, startled by the ferocity in Starscream's growl. Megatron himself shifted uneasily as he glanced at Starscream before looking back at the other Decepticons.

    "Go find Scourge," He ordered. The five 'Cons scrambled to get out the door, not wanting to be the last one in the room with either of the high commanders. Megatron gave Sixshot and Starscream an odd look before turning and leaving, his footsteps rattling the walls slightly as he headed down the hallway...

    Leobreaker rushed into the park with a frightening roar. Several of the small sparklings backed away from him in alarm. Leobreaker paid them no mind- he was too occupied trying to locate several bots to help him.

    "Grrrrr... SHIORI!" He roared, throwing his head back and flashing his tail from side to side. He leapt around some sparklings and bounded down the pathway in the park. "Shiori, Optimus, Hot Shot.... ANYONE!" Leo cried, scrambling the last few steps before pawing the door to Hot Shot's diner open and forcing himself to stop in the empty restaurant. "Hot Shot?" He whimpered desperately, and the racer came around the corner of the counter with a puzzled look.

    "What is it, Leo?" Hot Shot asked, kneeling down and gently wiping away the lion's tears.

    "Alexis... She's... She's gone and... and..." Leo fought back more tears. It's all my fault! He wanted to tell his friend, but found he couldn't say anything. Hot Shot stood up and started towards the door.

    "Then what are we waiting for? Lets start looking," was all the racer said before pushing the door open and transforming and speeding down the street. Leo shook his head to clear it before leaping out and running towards the Autobot command center. I might have lead her into a trap, but I swear with all of my spark I'll find a way to get her back- with or without help! I swore to Shiori I'd help protect her, And I'll never go back on that promise! He thought fiercely. He let out a roar, leapt around Vector Prime coming the opposite direction, and raced down another street looking for Alexis on the way to the Autobot Headquarters... ... ...

    Optimus watched as several transformers ran out into the snow from the unsheltered steps outside of the library. Older bots swept up handfuls of snow, packed them tight, and threw them at one another while smaller bots stood near the edge of the sheltered/unsheltered overhang and tentatively poked their toes and fingers at the white fluff on the ground that was falling from the sky. A faint smile crept along Optimus' lips, and he tilted his face up to the sky, ignoring the fact that the flakes melted as soon as they hit his optics, leaving droplets of water that magnified his sight oddly. He let out a soft sigh, and all of a sudden he felt as if most of his tension and grief had been let out in that same instant. He brought his face down back to level and with a strange sense of freedom, he sprang out into the snow. He raced some of the older mechs down the street to the park, laughing as if he was one of them; As if he was eighteen and fully alive once again...

    "Catch me if you can!" he called, scooping up a small handful of snow and throwing it at the nearest one with a careful force as to not hurt them. Optimus ducked under a returned throw and bounded through the snow, sending sprays of it everywhere with each step. He reached the middle of the park and stopped to watch Snarl splashing around in the snow with the smaller, silver wolf.

    "Snooooouuuuuww!" Snarl howled, thrilled, and turned to see Optimus standing there watching him. "Is there something I can do for you, Optimus?" the blue and white wolf asked. A strange glimmer was in the Prime's gold optics as he shook his head. Snarl tilted his head at the Autobot leader suspiciously- and watched as Optimus got hit in the back of the head with a snowball. Snarl started in surprise as the larger mech laughed, and lightly flung another snowball back at the small bot that had got him.

    "Oof!" the mech grunted as he fell over, before breaking into laughter with his friends. Optimus chuckled gently and then bounded deeper into the snow-covered path, heading further into the suburbs of the city, now searching for someone. The smaller mechs began to chase each other around in the snow, and Snarl transformed, slung his blade over his shoulder, and playfully joined in the chase...
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    14. Demands

    "Where is the sword?" the sparking shadow before her demanded, it's pink optics flashing furiously. Alexis pulled away from it the best she could, biting back a whimper.

    "I don't know what you're talking about..."

    "You lie, now where is it?"

    "I don't know what you're talking about!" Alexis shouted sharply, feeling her own optics flash. "I don't know what this sword is, much less what it looks like! If I say I don't know, I don't know! I don't know! Now let me go home!"

    "Sorry, sweetheart. You can't go anywhere until we get the sword," the black and orange mech on the other side of the room told her. "We need the sword, and we know you're supposed to have it; So why don't you have it?"

    "... Was that supposed to mean something?" She asked, blinking at him in confusion.

    "By the Allspark...." The mech said, putting his face in his hands. The shadow hissed and took five zigzagged jumps over to him. Alexis waited a moment before glancing around searchingly. I need to get out of here... I don't know what they want from me, but I know I'd rather be with mom and dad... or Uncle Optimus or Uncle Megatron... She thought. Yet even as she thought about her family, Hot Shot's encouraging voice floated through her mind. She looked around again and found a broken window not far from where she was. Glancing back at the two bots on the other side of the room she quietly stood up and walked closer to the window.

    "Maybe she really doesn't know where it is... There's no way to tell where the sword went since it disappeared twenty-nine million years ago... How could she have gotten it to begin with?"

    "... You ought to be asking the Chaos Bringer- not me, Noizemaze."

    "Well, he isn't here, now is he?" the orange-black bot snapped back. Alexis examined the windowframe and decided if she transformed she could fit through it. She took another glance back at the two mechs, noting that they were arguing with each other rather than paying attention to her. She looked back at the window.

    "..." She stared at it for a moment, weighing her chances of escaping compared to staying. She found herself fingering the gold necklace Hot Shot'd given her for her birthday a two weeks ago. Hot Shot... I want to be able to see you again... Making her decision she took one last look at her two kidnappers before transforming and flying out the window at a lightning speed.

    "What the-?" One of them began.

    "Slag!" The other shouted. A moment later there was a loud crash behind her as a black and orange stealth-jet broke through the frame of the window and chased after her. "Get back here!" It shouted at her.

    "I think I outlasted my visit," Alexis told him as she dodged around him as he flew past. "I'm going home," She added, and with that shot closer to the ground and flew a few feet above the pavement as she raced him down the street in an attempt to lose him...

    She really wasn't doing a good job at avoiding him; It seemed that everywhere she turned he was there and attempting to make her crash to the ground. Alexis had tried looping around him, spinning away from him, even pushing herself to her frame's limits of sheer speed on a straight path to escape him. By Primus, why can't he just leave me alone and let me go home? I don't even know what he wanted in the first place! She thought, fighting back tears as she flew past more damaged buildings.

    "Get back here!" Noizemaze yelled, trying to ram into her again, only to have her twist around and flash down another street. "..." He spun around and followed her, using his "warp system" he learned from Vector Prime nine Cybertronian years earlier to catch up with her fleeting form. "And just where do you think you're going?" Noizemaze growled as he drew even with her.

    "Home!" She cried, and fell back sharply and was suddenly behind him.

    "What the-?" He began, breaking off as lasers suddenly slammed into his afterburners. "ARG!" He yelled as a shot tore through his right wing, sending him spiraling into a nearby building. Alexis flashed past and around another corner, once again heading lower for cover.

    Muttering and swearing under his breath, Noizemaze attempted to pick himself up only to discover himself entangled in a massive amount of powerlines and broken wall-framework. "Slag!" He snarled, and pulling a dark-orange, two-bladed sword began to cut through the wires holding him. Sideways raced past in the solid form of a purple, yellow, and grey motorcycle, cackling as he saw his brother entangled in the ruins of a building.

    "Slag you!" Noizemaze shouted after him, slashing at the last remaining wires that held his right arm in place. Sideways merely laughed more and zipped around the corner after the fleeting shadow of the small seeker...

    Alexis continued to dodge around buildings and turn down random streets after she'd shot down Noizemaze. Behind her, she heard the engine of a small, light vehicle following- and to her horror, gaining- on her. She considered going higher where it would be harder for the mech chasing her to see her. Before she got gained more altitude however, the mech fired a few shots, and one hit her wing. Biting back a scream, Alexis transformed and landed on her feet. Without even a backwards glance, she started running; dispite the growing feeling that it was futile to try to escape. Several shots rang out and she let out a yelp as she felt something rip through her ankle. Crashing sideways to the ground, she struggled to a sitting position, moving her hand down to the damaged circuits.

    Alexis looked up sharply as she heard the sound of a bot transforming, and found Sideways a few steps away from her with a long, black sword in one of his hands.

    "I'm going to ask you one more time," He growled threateningly. "Where is the sword?"

    "I don't know. I just want to go home," Alexis whispered, looking at him fearfully.

    "Then... You leave me no other choice," Sideways said, grasping his sword's hilt and bringing it back over his shoulder. Alexis suddenly realized what he was going to do and put both of her arms up in a weak defense against the oncoming blow. She shut her optics off as the sword began its lethal swing downwards...

    "NO!" ... ... ...
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    15. Rescue of the Red Blade

    "Then... You leave me no other choice..."

    "NO!" Something flashed between her and Sideways, followed by the sound of two swords hitting each other. Alexis hesitantly lifted her head and looked up at her rescuer. His dark blue-grey, yellow, and red frame stood before her defensively; and even though he wasn't facing her, Alexis recognized who he was. He had a single, red blade in his hands, blocking the imposing black sword. His light-blue optics flashed at Sideways.

    "Hot Shot..." Alexis whispered, somewhat stunned. As if saying his name had been some cue, he pulled back slightly before flinging his sword arm wide, pushing Sideways back. Hot Shot took the chance to quickly turn to face Alexis.

    "Get out of here; I'll hold him off," He told her before having to turn and block another attack from Sideways, this time directed at him. Alexis struggled to her feet despite the screaming pain in her lower leg and stumbled down the street Hot Shot'd come from. Behind her, Alexis could hear the fierce clashes of the blades as Hot Shot fought to keep Sideways from following her.

    She managed to get a few city blocks before her leg gave out completely. Biting back tears of pain, Alexis clung to the fact that Hot Shot was trying to rescue her to keep going, now crawling on her hands and knees to move forward. She heard a sharp yell back near the battlefield, and then the roar of a engine racing after her. She faintly noted that it was approaching way to fast to be Sideways, and it didn't have the aerial tone to be Noizemaze. Sure enough, Hot Shot skidded to a stop next to her and transformed.

    "You're hurt..." He began, frowning down at her. Alexis nodded, and looked up at him. Hot Shot sighed softly and then knelt beside her. "Do you want me to carry you?" He asked.

    "If you insist on it..." Alexis said quietly, knowing that she'd slow him down by her sheer size. Hot Shot didn't seem to care as he lifted her into his arms and started down the street at a quickened pace.

    "They're blocking communications.." He muttered after he tried to contact the Autobot Headquarters unsuccessfully. Hot Shot paused near a half-collapsed building awhile later, setting her down gently while he rested his arms from the strain. Alexis leaned on him somewhat for support while she quickly examined the building. We could hide under that with ease and not be seen... She noted, before putting a hand on his arm.

    "Hot Shot...?"

    "Yeah, Alexis?"

    "Would it be better to hide and wait for someone to find us?" She asked softly, glancing around to make sure they were still alone. "If it's not a friend, it would give us an advantage to jump out and attack if we needed to... Or get out to let a friend know where we are."

    "Maybe... Why, do you see somewhere that would work for that?" He straightened slightly to look for a place. "That would work..." He said agreeably when he finally saw what Alexis pointed out. Helping her over to it, he let her crawl under the metal overhang before slipping under it himself.

    "A bit bigger than I thought it was..." Alexis joked, pressing herself closer to the wall to give him some room. He leaned against the wall near the opening and shot her a faint smile.

    "It's fine, Alexis. Probably better than staying out in the open where they can find us," He told her, folding one of his legs under the other and putting his arm over his knee. Hot Shot found that he only had to turn his head to look out the opening.

    "I suppose..." She sighed. Crawling over and curling up next to him, she gently laid her head on his lap and began to fall asleep. Hot Shot glanced down at Alexis in surprise, feeling his cheeks warm slightly before he turned his head to resume watching for anything... ... ...
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    This is a very entertaining story. Good job.
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    :D  Thanks, Protoform_X. Here's to you. :dj 

    16. Searchers

    "Where are they?" Leobreaker growled to himself as he bounded down yet another street, looking for Alexis and Hot Shot. Not long ago they'd gotten a scrambled, incomplete message from Hot Shot saying he'd found Alexis but was lost himself. There'd been something about Sideways and an injury in the message, but there was so much static that the message could no longer be heard completely.

    "Ahhh!" Leo cried sharply, barely dodging around a fire truck and a heavy-duty semi that had just turned the corner in front of him. "By Primus, Optimus, watch for oncoming traffic!" He growled, giving the fire truck a look. "Even I remember the driver's rules..."

    "Sorry, Leo," Optimus chuckled before turning serious. "Have you found them yet?"

    "If I'd found them, I wouldn't be worried about running into you," The lion sighed, following them as they drove down another street back towards the outskirts of the city.

    "I hope they're alright," Shiori's voice said. Leo glanced over at the semi-truck questioningly.

    "More than half of the city is looking, Shiori. They can handle themselves until we find them."

    "I know," The blue semi sighed, moving over to the far side of the street to see if she could catch sight of either her daughter or Hot Shot...

    Hot Shot woke when he felt the ground trembling beneath him. What's going on? He wondered in alarm, looking out the opening to see what was happening. Not seeing anything, he put his arms around Alexis to help protect her from anything that could fall on her. Hot Shot hesitated as he heard a familiar engine coming closer. He sighed in relief as he heard and recognized the approaching voices.

    "Blaming yourself isn't helping them, Leo..."

    "But Shiori... It is my fault... If I'd realized that it couldn't have been Scattershot-"

    "Keep looking Leo," Optimus's commanding voice cut in, and Hot Shot saw Leobreaker walk past with his head facing the other way. Hot Shot looked down at Alexis and found her dark blue optics gazing back at him, and a silent agreement flashed between them. She pulled back to the farthest place in their hiding place to give Hot Shot room to crawl out through the wide crack. Once he was out, he turned to help Alexis out and picked her up so she wouldn't strain her wounded leg.

    "I am looking..." the lion muttered further ahead in the street. "I'm not finding anything either," Leo added with a growl. Hot Shot paused as Shiori finally reached the end of her patience with Leo.

    "That does it!" Shiori snapped, transforming sharply. "Look here, Leobreaker- Just because we haven't found them yet doesn't mean that they're dead, so quit acting like it's too late for them! You're a warrior, you know how war is. You don't turn around on the wounded and say 'we don't have enough supplies to help you all; So we're not going to help any of you.' It's selfish, and you know it! If you're in a team that gets captured, you don't try to get out on your own without helping your team escape as well! They aren't dead- Not now, and not anytime soon! Get over the fact you took lives; It was a time of war!" Shiori stormed past him, leaving him staring after her in complete shock.

    "Somewhat of a cruel way to put it... But she speaks the truth," Optimus noted from behind him, spending the time to look at both sides of the street for anything either of the other two Autobots had missed.

    "The truth hurts..." Leo whimpered quietly, dragging himself to his feet and following Shiori. Hot Shot hesitated before stepping into the street not far from Optimus. The Autobot leader's engine slipped into idle for a moment before he transformed.

    "Hot Shot, Alexis... Are you two alright?" The tall Autobot asked them. Leobreaker spun around, and Shiori ran back to the others.

    "I'm fine, it's Alexis who was damaged," Hot Shot reassured them. He blinked in surprise as Shiori threw her arms around him and Alexis.

    "Thank Primus you're both safe! What happened to Sideways?" Shiori asked as she pulled away slightly.

    "Uh..." Hot Shot said, still somewhat stunned by the older femmebot's hug. Alexis giggled softly.

    "Hot Shot fought him to give me time to escape before coming after me," the small seeker explained. Shiori nodded, giving Hot Shot a warm smile.

    "Let's get you two back to be looked over before sending you home," Optimus suggested, offering to carry Alexis. She carefully slid out of Hot Shot's arms and limped over to him...