The Spark Remnants

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    In this universe; there is no Autobot, there is no Decepticon, no Maximal or Predacon. In this universe there are only those residing on a small organic planet in distant space. The inhabitants are sentient robotic creatures capable of changing shape into tools and vehicles. These are the Spark Remnants; relics of a forgotten era. A tribe of survivors, veterans, stragglers, and desperadoes living together in an unsteady peace.

    They go about there days collecting resources and parts both from natural means and ancient ruins left by a forgotten civilization in order to build up their own. And although there is no officially stated "war", there seems to a looming threat of conflict growing more and more each day between the peaceful villagers and the wandering barbarian-like war mongering bots.

    (more will be explained once i get this thing off the ground, but for now this is all you get)

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