the sons of dia atlasa idea for a alternate g1 continuity

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    now this is just a very early version of a idea i have had in my head for a while

    for a moment imagine a elseworlds storyline set in a generation 1 style continuity

    one in which the final battle of the first great war between the autobots ancestors the cybertrons and the decepticons ancestors the destrons plays out at the very beginning of the opening scene

    one in which diaatlas is piloting a cybetron flagship against dezrazes personel war fortress battle cruiser with the cybertron ship being out gunned out numbered and just barely functional at the steering controls save for its still functioning warp drive

    in the final moments of his life as dia atlasmakes his peace with his deaht which is yet to actually happen his second in command a young A-3 has just carried out what will be the final task assigned to him by his commander

    a task in which he has literally split dia atlas own lifespark into 3 portions with each being used to give new life to each of the 3 newly created protoformed cybertronian shell bodies which they have just recently been implanted into

    while dia atlas through pure willpower alone forces his body to pilot the severly damaged ship to its ultimate distruction utilizing his own personel bond with the matrix to commit this final act in his life asa living dieing being
    while dia atlas goes out in a final blaze of glory destroying both dezaras and his ship and at the same time protecting the lives of his crew at the cost of his own life as they return to thier war torn planet cybertron in the ships escape pods

    for all intents and purposes think of this opening scene as being both a cross between the 2009 star trek movie and the second star trek movie the wrath of kahn

    the scene from the 2009 star trek movie being the scene where kirk's father sacrifices his life as he goes out in a final blaze of glory to save the lives of his wife their just born son and the lives of the crew

    and the scene from wrath of kahn being the scene at the end of the movie where spock uses will power alone to animatee his lifeless body to save the lvies of the crew when it comes to spock's sacrifce at the end of wrath of kahn

    done jsut write story wise i actually think this could be made into a suitable transformers scene homage to both scene s forom those two star trek movies

    as for the 3 protoforms the idea i am going with is that alpha trion would himself raise them as his adopted sons orion paxion dion magnum and omega trion with the first two goign on to become optimus prime and ultra magnsu and the last one going on to become megatron as brothers set agaisnt one another