The Prime Apprexiation Thread.

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    May 24, 2014
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    Just realised that my number of Optimus figures seems to be growing unknowingly. So it sparked me to start a thread like this. No sure if anyone have started a thread like this but oh well, here goes.



    Thanks to one of the buddy that I had get to know here, I am glad I could get my hand on this amazing all blinked out prime.

    Although deluxe size and it is based on the old DOTM mold (initially looking at picture I thought it was on Evasion Optimus prime mold). But still amazing cool and fun to transform. Definitely, it is a fingerprint magnet with all the chrome, but it's worth the wiping down of the prints after every transformation.

    So again, I would like to thank the bro who sold me this. You the man.

    *While posting this early in the morning, I was groggy like a drunk. Hence the bad english. My apologies. *

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