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    This Thread Is for the great and Narriative Philip Proctor.
    A Good day to you sir. My Name is Edwin Jarvis.

    Of the four members of Firesign Theatre, Proctor has had the greatest amount of mainstream exposure as an actor, having appeared occasionally on television in small roles, including episodes of All in the Family and Night Court, and Off Broadway in the 1964 musical The Amorous Flea. He also provided the voices of Meltdown in Treasure Planet and "Drunk Monkey" in the Dr. Doolittle remake series. He has also provided uncredited ADR overdubs for numerous movies over the years.

    More recently, he has done voices for several cartoons and video games, including the voice of Howard Deville in Rugrats and All Grown Up! on Nickelodeon, "background" voices for Disney features, and voice work on Power Rangers Time Force. He also did two voices in the GameCube video game Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, and on PlayStation 2's Dark Chronicle. He is the voice of The Professor and White Monkey in the Ape Escape series. Recently, his voice was featured in the video game Dead Rising as Russell Barnaby, Assassin's Creed as Dr. Warren Vidic, and on Adventures in Odyssey as Leonard Maltsner. In the 2007 live audio production of the Angie Award-winning screenplay Albatross (original screenplay written by Lance Rucker and Timothy Perrin) at the International Mystery Writers Festival, he played seven characters requiring four different accents: KGB agent Stefan Linnik, East German Communist Party apparatchik Kurt Mueller; a West Berlin gasthaus owner; an armed forces radio announcer; the Senate minority whip; a Secret Service guard; and Gerhard Derstman, the East German Cultural Attache/Stasi member. He also lent his voice to the game Battlezone. He was the announcer on Big Brother in seasons 3 through 6. Proctor also lended his voice in the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance series as the voices of Edwin Jarvis, Baron Mordo, and the Tinkerer in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2.

    Known Roles

    Animated roles
    All Grown Up - Howard Deville
    Richie Rich - Additional Voices
    Rugrats - Howard Deville
    Spider-Man The Animated Series - Electro/Rhienholdt Kragor
    Taz-Mania - Chief Bushrat
    The Smurfs - King Gerard
    Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? - Additional Voices
    Famous 5: On the Case - Ralph Campbell
    Grim & Evil - Dr. Cornea, Ogre (1 episode)
    Justice League - First Humanoid (1 episode)
    Avatar: The Last Airbender - Music teacher (1 episode)
    The Wild Thornberrys - Game Host, Body Builder (1 episode)

    Live-action roles
    Power Rangers: Time Force - Miracon (voice)

    Film roles
    A Bug's Life - Ants, Fly, Grasshoppers
    A Safe Place - Fred
    Aladdin - Guards
    Amazon Women on the Moon - Mike at the party
    Asterix and the Vikings - Additional Voices
    Atlantis: The Lost Empire - Atlanteans, Explorers
    Barnyard - Additional Voices
    Brother Bear - Inuit Tribe Members, Additional Voices
    Dr. Dolittle - Drunk Monkey (voice)
    Finding Nemo - Bob the Seahorse
    Happily N'Ever After - Amigo #1
    Hercules - Boat Captain, Snowball the Cat
    I Build the Tower (2006 documentary) - Voices of Judge and Attorney
    Porco Rosso - Additional Voices
    Racing Stripes - Trenton's Henchhorse #1
    Rugrats Go Wild - Howard Deville
    Rugrats in Paris: The Movie - Howard Deville
    Spirited Away - Additional Voices
    Tarzan - English Captain, Scared Elephant
    The Iron Giant - Soldiers
    The Lion King - Additional Voices
    The Rugrats Movie - Howard Deville
    Toy Story - Bowling Announcer
    Toy Story 2 - Airline Rep, Japanese Collector, Sign-Off
    Treasure Planet - Additional Voices

    Video game roles
    Assassin's Creed - Dr. Warren Vidic
    Assassin's Creed II - Dr. Warren Vidic
    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Dr. Warren Vidic
    Blue Dragon - Fushira
    Dark Cloud 2 - Flotsam
    Dead Rising - Russell Barnaby
    Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem - Roberto Bianchi
    Final Fantasy X-2 - Berai/Donga
    From Russia with Love The Video Game - Q (Under the likeness of Desmond Llewyln)
    Gun - Additional Voices
    La Pucelle Tactics - Father Salade
    Marvel: Ultimate Alliance - Edwin Jarvis, Baron Mordo
    Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 - Tinkerer
    Area 51 - Mr White

    MUALP - Deadpool Talks to Jarvis - YouTube
    as Edwin Jarvis

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 - The Tinkneer and Green Goblin - YouTube
    as The Tinkerer

    Phil Proctor - YouTube
    Live Action Interview

    For More:
    Philip Proctor | Facebook
    Behind The Voice Actors - Phil Proctor
    The Planet Proctor Archive/1996-2002

    He Does a Good Jarvis though.
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    Hheehh... Rugrats. :)