The Overlord Chronicles

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    Hi, I guess I haven't updated this story in so long it has been deleted....Whoops, I am working on a new chapter now, but in the meantime for better or worse Here are the first chapters again.....

    Chapter One

    The thought of such betrayal burned within his circuits. That was the only way to get leadership. It took him from the early conquests on Cybertron to dropping Megatron’s almost dead frame off of Astrotrain. When Starscream saw Galvatron for the first time and he transformed into the large cannon and fired. He thought for sure that it would be the last he ever saw.

    It wasn’t however, when the Decepticons were hunting down the traitor Octane for joining the Autobots (the Autobots???) he saw one that he could use to his advantage. Perhaps Galvatron’s fusion blast was not as thorough as he thought. He will be made to pay for his mistake. And so it goes, he floated from Cyclonus to one of Scourge’s Sweeps to see the state of Decepticon affairs and await an opportunity for revenge.

    It came in a most unlikely form…the head of Unicron which was now orbiting the Planet Cybertron in a strange way replacing one of the two moons that the Planet Devourer consumed and created the instrument of his own destruction. Unicron had three demands, with the third being to attach Unicron’s head to Cybertron so that the monster can come alive again. Starscream saw his opportunity. “I CAN’T attach you, I do not have a physical body!!!”


    With that two crimson beams protruded from the newly acquired eyes of Unicron coalescing the spirit of the former Decepticon Aerospace Commander into physical form.

    “At Last!!!!” exclaimed Starscream, “At last, I am whole again!!!!”


    “Do it yourself!!!” showing that treachery is still Starscream’s strong suit.

    Then again crimson beams erupted from Unicron’s head, this time sending the treacherous seeker spinning out of control across the galaxy.

    A group of Decepticons led by Galvatron was approaching the scene where Unicron’s supposed rebirth was to take place

    “I didn’t know that ghosts can fly out of control” stated one of the Sweeps

    “They can’t” replied the Decepticon Leader, “Decepticons destroy Starscream”

    Hearing the command Starscream figured he had better get control of himself quick. He transformed into his F-15 Eagle Jet mode and started firing his thrusters and retro rockets to establish control of his flight path. All of this while under fire from the Decepticon Armada. All of this brought and exhilaration that Starscream has not felt in a very long time. Shifting his arms to his fuselage pulling his feet together and flipping his wings. “Excellent” he whispered.

    With that he took off, now that he is in jet mode he is still the best flyer of the Decepticons and he made a run for it, heading to an asteroid belt in Cybertron’s system. The Decepticons, of course followed.

    Bobbing and weaving throughout the belt, Starscream found himself behind a sweep, not Scourge, but it will have to do. He fired his Null Rays on the hovercraft, which took out the protective field that these Unicron bred Decepticons had and followed it up with a volley of cluster bombs. Not one of the Decepticon’s smartest moves the ensuing fireball told Galvatron exactly where he was.

    “Die Traitor!!!” Galvatron screamed firing fusion blasts at the F-15 missing on some shots hitting on others.

    “Wow”, Starscream had actually said aloud. He was still whole after the blast, or almost whole Galvatron was still the most powerful Decepticon, but it seems that his power was diminished somehow. He still knew one thing he had to get the slag out of there right now!!!!

    He resumed his retreat from the Decepticons, but the foolish move that Starscream made is coming back to haunt him--in spades!! Cyclonus, Scourge and the others were joining the pursuit once again, firing on Starscream.

    Starscream’s euphoria of having been recreated was retreating into memory as the seeker was starting to lose consciousness.

    * * * * * * *
    Galvatron was infuriated that this mistake in his previous life as Megatron still functioned. He was about to correct this once and for all. To be sure, he will haul his lifeless carcass and mount it in his throne room on Charr.

    The communicator on his wrist chimed up, “Lord Galvatron, there is something seriously wrong on Earth”

    “What do I care!?!?!?!?” screamed the Decepticon Leader.

    “It is affecting Decepticons as well as the population, it is some kind of hate plague”.

    “So wha--” Galvatron stopped, thinking he could use these developments to his advantage. “Scourge have a couple of your sweeps retrieve that putrid carcass and return to Charr. The rest of you, to Earth!”

    * * * * * * * *
    “Come on Jigsaw, you want me to go on patrol again? No one comes near this place.” A blue Decepticon practically begged.

    “We must protect ourselves and stay alert at all times, Zig Zag. It seems our enemy, Megatron now has a more powerful form and is quite insane. If he discovers us there will be no reasoning with him this time.”

    “We didn’t reason with him last time. We ran for our lives”
    “Megatron was a part of the new product, the kind with that ability to transform and he had a large following that can garner more powerful weapons. When he came into the picture, that put our plans to take over in the scrap heap. Now get on patrol before I have Crossword reprogram you into a lifeless drone.”

    “Alright, alright--I’m going, >sheesh<“ the youthful Decepticon grabbed his rifle and proceeded to go on patrol.

    * * * * * * * *
    “Tic Tac, we have the latest figures in” said a primarily orange Decepticon “ and it’s not good.”

    “What Crossword“, replied the adjutant commander.

    “The source fuel for our energon conversion is practically out. We may have maybe a vorn of fuel left at the current rate of consumption.”

    “Terrific!” boomed a voice in the background, the commander, Staks moved forward. “What are the options?”

    “Surely we have to leave and fine a new place for sustenance” Crossword replied “But, the rest of the Decepticons are everywhere”

    :”Not everywhere” Tic Tac spoke up, “They were ousted from Cybertron about a year ago”

    “Yeah sure, the Autobots would be glad to see us.” Security officer Jigsaw enters the summit.

    “We need some sort of in, we are antiquated in our design and could not possibly blend in where we are going” Staks replied

    Jigsaw’s wrist radio chimed in with a panicked Zig Zag on the line “Jigsaw, we have a UFO coming in at sector 13, it looks like a flying craft with Decepticon markings”

    “We may have found our in” Staks said with a smile.
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    Chapter Two

    “…..Gotta level my descent…” was the barely audible voice coming from the F-15. The beating that he received from the Decepticon fleet and now the two sweeps now pursuing him.

    “We just about got him!:” said Hunter “Remember, Galvatron wants his head this time.”

    “I know, I know” replied Vaporlock, “No disintegrations”

    Just as the pursuit comes over the largest mountain range on the asteroid. One of the mountains open up.

    “Who should we target” asked Slipstream, Staks’ air tactical officer.

    “Nail the pursuers” replied his commander, “They are the ones who work for Megatron”

    The sit down cannon whirred to life and two fusion blasts emanate from the cannon and hit the sweeps dead on resulting in an intense explosion lighting up the perpetual night of the surface.

    “Crossword, get the scrap wagon and figure out where our guest will crash” ordered Staks.

    “Yes sir” was the crackly reply over the wrist com.

    * * * * * * * * *

    He has had no home since the “Starscream’s Ghost” incident. He came online as a Decepticon. Later fell out of favor with the high command and turned to the Autobot Sandstorm for cover and friendship. He was found by the specter of the Decepticon Aerospace commander and now he is completely alone. In hiding on Cybertron fearing both Autobot and Decepticon. It is fortunate that Starscream’s lab has long since been abandoned otherwise he wouldn’t
    even have anywhere to hide.

    Octane has refueled himself. Starscream has a large fuel repository…the selfish son-of-an-empty has been hoarding fuel, it appears since the beginning of the fuel shortage that partially caused the expedition to other worlds.

    Now what to do. First choice would to beg and I mean BEG Galvatron for forgiveness. He could see the end result of that going well. “Galvatron pleas-----BLAM!”

    Second choice, the Autobots. Hanging out with Sandstorm was pretty cool at first, but the whiney Autobot was starting to grate on his nerves. Living with them for the rest of eternity, I don’t think so!!!

    So that leaves hiding out, like he is doing now. He has enough fuel, so if he does not do something stupid, he should…..


    “Wha--” , Octane went to investigate, his flamethrower drawn, He is thinking, one or two Transformers he can handle. If there is a battalion waiting, he is toast.

    He goes toward the entrance to the cavern that houses the lab, he has found an earthen sports car. Octane feeling especially sure of himself. “Identify yourself or be fried.”

    The car transformed to a Decepticon, “Hold it, I have no allegiance to Galvatron. My name is Counterpunch, I understand you are on the outs with the big guy.”

    “Yeah so?”

    “Yeah so I am searching for like minded bots who believe that the current leadership is too insane to continue and should be rightfully removed.”

    “Alright, I’m listening.”

    “It all started several thousand vorns ago when Megatron first sought power. The leader of the Decepticons was a bot named Lord Straxus. He led the group that met Sentinel Prime for a last ditch attempt for peace.

    “Straxus had in his command two famous generals, Megatron of Polyhex and Starscream of Tarn. The ambush was a complete success the Autobot forces, though suspicious, never saw it comin’. The Decepticons decimated Iacon and Sentinel Prime was killed at Megatron’s hand.

    “As Straxus was settling into Iacon and new supreme leader. Megatron made his move. He assassinated Straxus and many of his forces single-handedly and established the Decepticon rule that we know today.

    “It was thought that Megatron wiped out the entirety of Straxus’ forces, but rumor has it that a group of his strongest soldiers escaped and are now living in exile.

    “ Perhaps if we can locate them, we can use them to get rid of Galvatron and take over the Decepticons.”

    “You’re crazy Counterpunch!” replied Octane, “If they are alive. If they are so good! If they even want to get involved! Galvatron is more crazy and powerful than he ever was as Megatron!”

    “However we are gonna’ use some ‘guile and speed’ to get the job done. I know if we go toe-to-toe with ‘im he is going to slag us for sure. We do it to our strengths not his.”

    “Okay Mr. Wise-bot. What do you know that tells you that those ancient slaggers are still alive.”

    “I know where they are.” was the Decepticon’s reply.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *
    A charred and broken mech lies on the examination table of Crossword. Jigsaw in watching as the medic is frantically trying to save his patient.

    “Staks will be very upset if he dies” the Security Officer says.

    “I know, I know. If I could just stabilize him enough, I might be able to put him in my stasis field.”

    “That thing. Wasn’t it NOT working. When you were leaving Cybertron.”

    “That was a long time ago, now I believe that I have it working.”

    “You better, he is our key to going home.”

    “Fine, now shut up, I am working………..,” there was a click coming from the Decepticon on the table,” Got it., Open the chamber Jigsaw”

    Jigsaw opened a standing cylindrical chamber and Crossword quickly places the body in and activates the chamber. “There, that will keep him for now.”

    Crossword opens a channel to the command center. “Commander Staks, this is Crossword. I have a report.”

    “Proceed Doc.”

    “I have stabilized the Decepticon and put him in stasis and I have discovered something very interesting.”

    “Yes, get to the point”

    “It’s Starscream”

    “That’s very interesting, he survived Megatron’s purge, excellent”
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    Chapter 3

    Central Iacon, Slingshot and Air Raid are at the Central Spaceport.

    “I can’t believe that those Autobots have bonded with humans.” Slingshot started the conversation.

    “Well, it worked to our advantage with the Binary Bonding their fighting prowess increased ten fold. I may think of doing that myself.”

    “Give it a break Air Raid. I mean who would like to bond with you?”

    “Real funny Slingshot. I don’t think that Silverbolt would go for it anyway.”

    Just then a blue sports car pulls up and transforms to a yellow Autobot. “Hey guys, how’s it goin’” Punch said as he transformed.

    “Hey Punchy, what’s up”

    “You know I hate when you call me Punchy Slingshot.”

    “Well many Autobots don’t like the way I address them, but it makes it that much more fun.”

    “Well, I have something very important to do that I need your help with. It involves a possible defection of a Decepticon to our side.”

    “Really, cool!”

    “Wait a minute Slingshot, “ Air Raid interrupted, “Which Decepticon.:”

    “The one who was hanging out with Sandstorm a few months back, Octane.”

    “If this a legitimate defection, Octane would be valuable to our ranks as a Triplechanger”, Air Raid surmised.

    “Well I have to take him to see Optimus Prime on Earth. I will need a shuttle on the Q.T. I don’t want to put any harsh spotlight on him until I get him to Autobot City.”

    “I understand, Punch. How soon?”

    “About 6 Breems would be fine”

    “You got it, after all after that incident at Vega IV, I owe you my life.”

    “Thanks for your help I really appreciate it. Please put it on the south pad by that time.”

    The double spy transformed and took off, his plan in motion.

    * * * * * * * * * *
    “He is in perfect hibernation, Commander.” Crossword said.

    “Excellent, now that this is taken care of. I need to proceed to other matters.” Commander Staks replied and left the medical bay confident that Starscream will hold for the time being. The commander turned down heading for the communications area 50,000 vorns on this rock is too long. “Tic Tac status report!”

    “You may be able to scare the slag out of Zig Zag with that tone, but it does nothing for me. Our contact just called. He is about ready to leave Cybertron. He has someone else to put on our side. One who has access to Starscream’s lab.”

    “Excellent, if his lab has the materials we seek, we should be able to catch up with technology. Then we will be able to make our presence known again.”

    * * * * *

    “C’mon Octane time to leave.”, the double-spy said as he transforms.

    “I am afraid he can’t respond right now” was the response with a booming voice.

    “Slag”, as Counterpunch progressed down the hallway the form of a dark green Decepticon takes shape. One who like Shockwave has a monocular head and is brandishing a fusion cannon on his right arm that is a little smaller than the original Megatron’s. It’s the Decepticon Lieutenant Commander, Destroyer.

    Counterpunch jumped for cover just in time as a blast from Destroyer’s weapon just missed. “I thought that this day was going a little too smoothly”. He transforms and takes off.

    Destroyer follows in kind transforming into a World War II German Tiger Tank. “There is no escape traitor, you won’t be able to talk your way out of this.”

    He maybe right, but gotta give it a try. Too much planning and manipulation has been done since Galvatron destroyed Starscream to have it undone now. He’s pretty fast for one with a tank alternate mode. However, I believe I am a bit faster, gotta to get to Iacon.

    “UltraMagnusthereisactivityapproachingthesouthsideofthecity” Blurr ran into the central command.

    The youthful Autobot who was recently relieved of the Matrix responded to this excitable comrade, “what’s going on Blurr.”

    “HotRoditlookslikeDestroyerispursuingPunch.” was the response.

    “Okay calm down we will get some forces there to help out.”

    “If he wants to play tank to tank, I can certainly oblige him” Duros piped in. The defense minister from the far off planet Nebulos put on his battle helmet and folded himself into the head of the Autobot Hardhead and took his place on the Autobot’s shoulders. “I can’t wait to smash that ‘Con” the Autobot completes his binary bond partner’s thought.

    “It would be fun if Recoil and I could join you.” said Kup, the veteran Autobot interjected, keeping in mind the personality of the one who he is talking to. Hardhead will not go with anyone’s idea unless he is tricked to thinking he came up with it himself.

    “Sure, if you stay out of my way” replied the stubborn warrior.

    With that, Kup and Hardhead transformed Recoil and Duros took their respective spots in the driver’s seats of the vehicles and took off.

    * * * * * * *
    What is taking those slaggin’ Autobots so long. They usually respond before too much collateral damage is caused., thought the do-gooders would show up by now., thought Counter-Punch

    “I’ve got you now traitor” Destroyer shouted

    “Finally, they are on sensors, now to get out of sight”

    As Destroyer started to get a lock on his prey, a large explosion upends his tank mode and forces him back into robot mode….”Autobots!”

    “Right the first time” were the last words from Duros before he recombined with his Autobot partner.

    Destroyer let loose a fusion blast at the other Autobot, Kup “Die old-timer”

    Kup tried to dodge but got clipped on the leg, with his situation worsening the Decepticon Lieutenant Commander gets reminded that there is another Autobot in the fray.

    Hardhead with both of his rifles and shoulder cannon firing concentrates on his opponent.

    * * * * * * * * *
    Octane chained up in Starscream’s lab thought “This is going well…I should have never bought into that crackpots stories. Now the ruler of the Decepticon underground has me prisoner in a lab that is now public, and now I am alone again after Destroyer takes care of Counterpunch, he will take care of me.”

    “Hi Octane, you miss me?” came from a dark corner of the lab.


    “Let’s just say that the Autobots have their uses”, as he deactivates the energon chains, “Let’s go.”

    A few hours later an Autobot shuttle powers up and launches toward destiny.
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    Chapter 4

    Jigsaw, got the shuttle within his crosshairs, he hasn’t destroyed anything Autobot in a long while, this will be most gratifying….just a little more.

    “Jigsaw hold your fire!!!” screamed through the intercom.

    “What?” asked the security director.

    “It is the guests we are waiting for”, replied Tic Tac, “We are finally getting off of this rock.”

    “Slag, Autobot destruction will have to wait for later.”

    * * * * * * * *
    On the landing pad, the platform shaped Autobot shuttle swung around and landed. The main hatch opened up and two Decepticons departed. One tall slender one with wings swooping upward from the top of his back and the other blue one with what appeared as vehicle fenders as wheels as his shoulders, interesting.”

    “Greetings, I am Staks, commander of the Straxian Division of the Decepticons.”

    “I am Counterpunch and this is Octane. Thank Primus you still exist.”

    “It wasn’t easy, but we have finally come to the point where we can return. Come, let me take you to our guest.”

    The Decepticons entered the vast complex and headed for the medical bay. “Here he is, Starscream, in perfect hibernation! And this is our medic, Crossword.”

    “Counterpunch, pleasure to meet you, here is our ‘guest;’”, Crossword turns toward a large metal canister with what looks like a primitive control pad on the side. “This is Starscream. He had been severely damaged. I got to him just in time and got him into stasis lock. With the data I have been receiving from you I have started to devise a new beginning for our guest here.”

    “Really, how so?”, replied the spy.

    “Now that will have to wait for later. Call it my love for the dramatic.”

    “Enough.” Staks chimed in, “I’m sure the Autobots will not miss their shuttle forever. Time is fuel, let’s go.”

    * * * * * * * * * * * *
    The shuttle now streaks toward Cybertron

    “So how are we going to handle this?” asked Staks.

    “We are going to go through the front door” replied Counterpunch.

    “Okay, I know we are not really Decepticons anymore, but we are not Autobots either. They are not going to greet us with open arms.”

    “Nor do I expect them to. Here is the plan….

    * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Central Iacon, Hot Rod manning the security station receives an approach signal. “Iacon central to incoming Autobot shuttle, Identify destination.”

    The console comes to life with a response. “This is Punch, request emergency landing”

    “What’s going on?”

    “Let’s just say that things -----zzxt”. With that, the communications went dead.

    “Time to get an alert going.”, spouted Hot Rod to no one in particular.

    With the approach of the apparently commandeered shuttle, the Autobots are on alert, the Protectobot team led by Hot Spot in on the pad. The gold ship swings around and lands per Autobot protocol, then starts to have an orange-red glow….flickering from a slow rate and picks up speed. Faster and more furiously by the second the craft starting to emit a large amount of heat until…….it stops.

    Blades takes the lead, “Alright, let’s go and see what happened to Punchy there”

    Hot Spot provides cover, while Streetwise follows the Protectobot helicopter in. Blades manipulates the controls on the wall of the shuttle which results in the hatch opening with a hiss. Upon further investigation of the shuttle it’s contents appear empty. Only thing that was obviously left was a data chip in the communications array.

    Streetwise examines the setup and sets the monitor to replay the message.

    It was a Transformer he never saw before, the head on the screen had a helmet on similar to Ratchet’s, but its coloration was orange. The chrome face with burning red eyes told him that this was probably an Decepticon.

    “I am Staks of the Decepticon Royal Brigade, we have returned home due to a desperate situation on the planetoid on which we were staying, we only wish to be left alone and as such, we are holding an Autobot captive to guarantee that we are left alone.

    Any rescue attempt will result in the execution of this Autobot. Leave us alone and we will leave him alone.” With that the screen goes to static.

    “Hot Rod, we need the high command to meet as soon as possible.”

    “What’s going on?”

    Streetwise’s reply, “We lost a spy.”

    * * * * * *

    “We need to rescue him, who knows what secrets he will betray if he is tortured.” Kup stood and forcefully made his point.

    “We need to rescue him, true. However we do not know where he is being held.” replied Ultra Magnus.

    “Well what have the science boys come up with on the ship and its fireworks show earlier.”

    Perceptor stood and spoke, “According to the gamma waves and the tachyon particles that our scans has shown, along with the micro particles of tridium, evidence suggests that any Transformer life on that vessel was disintegrated in constant with a crude matter energy transfer device.”

    “In other words,” Scattorshot interjected, “they were teleported somewhere”

    “Precisely. In fact according to the background radiation count readings that Streetwise had taken, the event appears to have coincided with the luminescent phenomenon that had occurred prior to the Protectobots’ boarding.”

    “Okay, Perceptor Optimus Prime spoke up, anything else?.”

    “Yes, the technology that was utilized seems to be pretty crude, and we have a reasonable chance of triangulating the destination location.”

    “Then do it”, Prime responded, “Meeting adjourned.”

    “But wait Prime. What about the hostage.”, Hot Rod spoke up. Being a former Matrix holder has allowed him to remain on the staff.

    “I am going to have to make that decision, myself. I can’t burden my staff with such a difficult compromise.” the former and current Autobot leader rose to his feet and left the room.

    “I don’t envy him his task.” said Hot Rod, “ Of the duties I had to perform when I held the Matrix, that was the one I enjoyed the least.”

    “Unfortunately, Optimus Prime has all too much experience on that front. C’mon lets work with Perceptor on triangulating that signal.”

    “Sure Kup, I’m coming.”

    * * * * * * * * * * *

    The loudspeaker blared to life in the Iacon State Building several hours later. “The following Autobots report to the primary meeting room: Hot Rod, Kup, Broadside, Cliffjumper, Blaster, and Eject.”

    Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus were waiting in the meeting room for the announced Autobots. “Autobots, we have located where Punch is being held. We have assembled this task force to retrieve him. You are our first choice for this mission, however if any of you wishes to back out, let us know and you will be replaced with no prejudice against you.”

    The ensuing silence indicates the affirmative.

    “Okay, we found that the ...Decepticon Royal Brigade has held up in Starscream’s old lab in Tarn. We need the most stealthy approach possible. I think they will be expecting us.”

    With positions fortified by the Targetmasters save Hot Rod and Kup and the various other Autobots, the team led by Optimus Prime approaches the last known entrance of Starscream’s lab.

    As the party approaches, a hidden hatch hisses and opens up, no longer making it hidden and a 20 foot tall Decepticon emerges. Red highlighted in silver and beige an elongated head revealing pronounced red glowing eyes and a fin on the top of the head emerges.

    “Cybertron will become Decepticon territory again, so swears Overlord tremendous Fuson blasts erupt from the large hand held Fusion cannon he is holding quickly taking out the fortified positions that the Autobots set up.

    With that the main Autobot party transforms, Cliffjumper is met with a direct fusion blast from the new Decepticon and immediately explodes!

    “Optimus Prime, nice of you to come to my rebirth” said Overlord, the voice dripping with the sarcasm of someone very familiar.

    “Starscream?…” Optimus murmured.

    “Good guess.” replied the Decepticon, with that Eject successfully disarms him. Overlord screams, “Foolish Autobot, you think that is the only weapon at my disposal.” a sharp blade emerges from behind Overlord’s wrist and in one motion completely bisects the Autobot cassette.

    Optimus Prime steps to the forefront of the situation and barks, “Autobots retreat, I will cover you.” Optimus blasts at the Decepticon knocking him backward.

    “So you want to make it you and me?”, chuckled the newly created warrior, wiping a little expelled energon from his mouth. “I can arrange that.”

    Overlord leapt to his feet and slammed Prime across the mouth with a right, bringing the Autobot leader to the ground.

    Optimus responded with a left uppercut to Overlord’s jaw. “ I don’t care what you look like Decepticon, you are still the same coward you were before.”

    “No, I have rediscovered who I am. You remember those early days prime back in Iacon with your buddy Sentinel Prime.”, two torrents of flame burst from the tops of Overlord’s wrists bathing Prime an yellow-orange hell. “I learned how I survived Megatron’s purge all those vorns ago. You see, Megatron messed with my courage programming after he took out Lord Straxus. That has since been restored to me now I am no longer a bumbling lackey. I truly am now the future leader of the Decepticons. Not that you will live long enough to realize that dream. Now you die Prime.”

    After several minutes of the barrage, Overlord turns off his flamethrowers picks up his fusion cannon and re-enters the stronghold. His first battle an utter success.

    Optimus Prime’s form, barely recognizable and melted to the surface of Cybertron, still barely shows the flicker of life in his form. First Aid quickly comes up to him, opens his chest, does some fancy surgery and removes a crystal from his form. He puts it quickly into a small hibernation jar, and quickly and quietly transforms and sadly drives away…
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    just trying to keep this thread alive until I can post the next chapter.
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    need more need next chapter and next chapter
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    Sorry it took so is the next chapter...

    Chapter 5



    “Who said that?”


    “Show yourself…”


    “Nobody summons Megatron!!!!”


    Galvatron was broken from his memory when Scourge entered the room, “Lord Galvatron, the Lord Zarak demands to see you.”

    Being in the employ of Galvatron demands quick reflexes and they have served Scourge well in the past and it does so again as he jumps to avoid a blast from the Decepticon leader’s fusion tube. “I don’t care what that fleshling wants. I do not wish to be bothered.”

    “But my lord, he is the cranial component to Commander Scorponok one of your best generals.”

    Fusion blast again, as Galvatron does a good job destroying his throne room if not the Sweep Leader. “He was one of my best generals until him and his ridiculous Headmasters decided to team up with those fleshlings.”

    “I will inform him of your wishes, Lord Galvatron.”

    With Scourge’s departure, the voice is still in his head.


    Galvatron thought to him self. “Is it really true, am I going mad? I hear the voice of Unicron in my head. When I know that the head of Unicron is currently orbiting Cybertron, lifeless as the moons that preceded it.”


    “Starscream? Is that how he was brought back to life?”


    Galvatron, if nothing else, has hungered for the power he lost when Unicron was destroyed and he immediately orders Cyclonus, Scourge and the Sweeps to accompany him to Cybertron.

    A very interesting position for Lord Zarak of the planet Nebulos. He was once a member of the vaunted Council of Peers when the Transformers first arrived. They called themselves Autobots and their claim was only to live in peace with his fellow Nebulans. Zarak saw the plot for what it was, an attempted takeover of the planet by Fortress Maximus and his band. He then called for help and found their adversaries, the Decepticons. Upon arrival, their leader Scorponok demanded the heads of the Autobots and their weapons left behind. A ghoulish act by the self-serving Autobots to be sure, but Scorponok saw right through the plot.

    From there, he went through the bio-engineering process that made him the head of the Decepticon Leader, Scorponok, and chased Galen with his band of Autobots across the galaxy until his “untimely” death in the bowels of Mount St. Hillary.

    Now, he sits in a power struggle with a madman for control of the Decepticons since their reunion. Observing Galvatron taking off with Cyclonus, Scourge and the Sweeps makes things very interesting. Perhaps now is the time.

    Zarak folds himself up and forms the head of Scorponok. “Mindwipe, to the central control room.”

    “Yes Scorponok”, was the reply from the wrist com.

    This binary bonding has its benefits, Mindwipe used to be so deep into the occult, he did not take advantage of the natural intelligence he has. When he binary bonded to Vorath, he seems to have a more scientific approach to the Decepticon cause, sure he still tries to contact the dead, but at least he is more grounded now.

    “Commander, what is your bidding?”

    “The time has come. Time to take over the Decepticons once and for all.”

    “Yes, Commander”

    * * ** * * * * * * * * * *
    Crossword, the exiled Decepticon medic is currently hard at work over his former commander, Staks. He asks a question that has been burning on his circuits since he arrived in Tarn, “Commander Staks, why did you step down and allow Starscream become powerful enough to be our commander? That is so….un-Decepticon.”

    “You have been with us for so long, yet you do not realize the true nature of Starscream.

    Before he was…….inhibited, Lord Starscream was a direct descendant of the royal Decepticon line.

    In order to restore order to the Decepticons, we must replace the proper energon line to them. Therefore Starscream must be restored.”

    “There you go Staks, done. Try to transform.”

    “Okay” The large orange Decepticon jumps off the operating table with weapons in hand and then his chest slides up to form a cab while covering his head, his arms fold up into a sleeping section, his legs fold up underneath what has become a semi-truck…and a la Optimus Prime a car carrier trailer materializes on the rear of the truck.

    “Excellent” came a deeper booming version of a former whiney voice “ Crossword, you do excellent work. Come with me, I have further plans for you and some of your comrades. Something that requires us to make a withdrawal form the Decepticon prison banks.”

    “Commander Overlord” comes in Rube “ I have further news….”

    * * * * * * * * *
    “So Spike it is fortunate that First Aid got Optimus’ spark back in time, but placing it into a new body will not help the situation. It seems that the stakes have been raised in our little war. Any suggestions.”

    “Let’s see.” Spike puts on his helmet and with his new found abilities transforms and folds into the head of Cerebros and takes his place on top of the form that transforms into the head of the Headmaster Commander, Fortress Maximus.

    “Well in his stay on Nebulos, Fortress Maximus became acquainted with several leading scientists through Dr. Arcanna. I believe that there is a specialist in the southern quadrant of the planet called Hi-Q who could help in our cause. That would entail a return to Nebulos. Which may not be met with the heartiest of welcomes.”

    “Well we should keep the party small then. First Aid should go of course, I will send a few warriors though in case of trouble. Getaway, Joyride and Slapdash will accompany them. Prepare the shuttle.”

    “Yes Commander.” replied Cerebros.

    “With any luck Cerebros, this stint as Autobot Commander will be shorter than the first.”

    * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    “Cyclonus, why are we going to the empty head of the Chaos Bringer.”

    “With the way our commander has been flying off the handle lately do you think I should question him, Scourge.”

    ‘Prehaps not, but it does seem a little strange for even Galvatron, there is nothing to be gained here.”

    “No there is more to be gained here than your feeble cerebrochips can comprehend.” Galvatron interrupted, “For we have been summoned home.”

    “No offence Lord Galvatron but I think the strain has finally gotten to you.” Scourge knew he shouldn’t have said that and there was no where to jump to, he was resigned to the fact that a last bold action will give him a one way trip to the smelting pool. However the deadly fusion blast never came rather something more terrifying occurred.


    An evil smile falls on the Decepticon Commander’s lips.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    The Autobots are preparing a shuttle to go to Nebulos. Kup comes forward to the mission leader Getaway. “Hey Getaway, don’t you think you may need a little more security than what you have here?”

    The veteran looks over the grizzled Autobot a little skeptically.

    “C’mon kid I have been on line longer than most of your ancestors. I should join you.”

    “Yes, I suppose you should.” replied the junior officer.

    A couple of more preparations and the Autobot shuttle takes off.

    At a hidden base in Tarn, “Commander Overlord, the Autobot shuttle has taken off.:”

    “Excellent, all is going according to plan.”
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