The original G1 Swoop reviewed

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    Review by Desastron

    Short Review: How do you fairly rate a figure, which has done its parts to create one of the biggest success stories in toy history? It’s not simple. Looked at from today’s standpoint, I would not give Swoop a very high rating. Also, there is a good reason why Swoop is so rare. He’s quite fragile. All these are aspects which make it hard to rate this figure. But Swoop’s qualities are to be found elsewhere. Not only was his design one of the most unusual in those days, he and his four comrades had a big part in making Transformers unforgettable for an entire generation of kids. That is something that must not be forgotten. So I must admit, by rating of this figure is far from objective. Which is fine because I find no need to be objective here. So I can only say that I award to Swoop, just like I do to all the other Dinobots -among whom Swoop scores second place in my personal favorite list - first class cult status. For that alone I award Swoop a fully non-objective A.

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    This a figure I've always wanted. One of these days I'll have to just break down and save up and acquire one, but it's one of the more expensive G1 figures out there, or at least it was when I was last looking.