The New Year Sale Thread! Generations, FOC, Prime, and Bot Shots.

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by DragonPrime120, Jan 5, 2013.

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    Jul 31, 2011
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    Hey Guys, It's Me With Some Stuff For Sale!

    Here is what I have. I am open to trades, and love them. Wants at the bottom.
    Transformers Generations
    1.) Generations Ultimate Gift Set Combat Hero Optimus Prime Only. $12 Shipped.
    2.) Geneartions Seargent Kup- $13 Shipped.
    3.) Generations Fall Of Cybertron Soundblaster w/ Buzzsaw- $30 Shipped. ($22.99+ Shipping.)
    4.) Generations GDO Megatron.-$30 Shipped ($22.99+Shipping)
    5.) Generations WFC Cliffjumper- $13 Shipped

    Transformers Prime
    1.) Transformers Prime Seargent Kup-$12 Shipped.

    Transformers Reveal The Shield:
    1.) RTS Turbo Tracks- $10 Shipped

    Transformers Bot Shots (Everything includes shipping, all $6 each. Minus launchers)
    1.) Bot Shots Leadfoot
    2.) Bot Shots Topspin
    3.) Bot Shots Roadbuster- (Only $12 Shipped for all three Wreckers)
    4.) Bot Shots Jazz
    5.) Bot Shots Powerglide
    6.) Bot Shots Ratchet
    7.) Bot Shots Optimus Prime with Launcher-$10 Note: Blue Eyes Version
    8.) Bumblebee from the 4-pack
    9.) Megatron from the 4-pack with Launcher
    10.) Bot Shots Barricade
    11.) Bot Shots Super Bot Megatron
    12.) Bot Shots Mirage
    13.) Bot Shots Lockdown
    14.) Bot Shots Ironhide
    15.) Bot Shots Jetfire
    16.) Bot Shots Super Bot Optimus Prime

    Here are my Wants:
    1.) FOC Ultra Magnus
    2.) FOC Sideswipe
    3.) Beast Hunters Wheeljack
    4.) Beast Hunters Soundwave
    5.) Beast Hunters Bumblebee
    6.) FOC Air Raid
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.