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    Huh, I could have sworn there was a topic for the previous season of this, The Young Pope... But I cannot find anything.
    The New Pope (TV Series 2020– ) - IMDb
    At any rate, just started watching this, really good so far just like the first season.
    For those who don't know, The Young Pope was an Italian/HBO coproduction by writer-director Paolo Sorrentino from 2016. It starred Jude Law as the titular Lenny Belardo aka Pius XIII, a very young American pope elected by a manipulative cardinal and secretary of state Voiello, thinking he would be easily manipulated. To everyone's surprise, he instead takes the church in a very conservative direction, in opposition to his predecessor's and the cardinals' plans, and makes some rather strange and often seemingly illogical decisions (such as not showing his face in public), all the while being haunted by memories of his hippie parents who abandoned him, and becoming incredibly popular among christians.
    While the show is mostly a Vatican drama, it has some almost surreal elements, often we are left wondering what is real and what isn't. The show also heavily deals with the critiques of the Catholic church, from corruption to pedophilia scandals.
    This all ended in the last episode with Pius XIII making his first appearance to the public, seemingly recognizing his parents in the crowd, and fainting.

    The New Pope continues the story 9 months later. With the Pope still in a coma after 3 failed heart transplants, and a huge cult developing that already worships him as a saint, Voiello advocates for a new pope to be elected - himself. But his opposition is as strong as him, and as a seeming masterstroke, he engineers the election of a meek and insecure cardinal, who takes the name Francis II. Unfortunately for Voiello, it doesn't take the new Pope long to realize he has real power, and he makes staggering liberal reforms like selling all the Church's valuables and opening up the Vatican to immigrants, as well as firing Voiello. Therefore, he enacts a new plan to elect another Pope instead - the eccentric british ex-anglican cardinal Sir Braxton (John Malkovich)...

    Must say just 1 episode 1 really loving the new season, the filmography is as strange and impressive as before, and I loved the political machinations during the elections. Malkovich only appears at the end, will be curious what he is like. And of course, likely Jude Law will awaken from the coma, possibly putting the Church in a crisis of two concurrent Popes...