The Multi-Versal Conflict

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    Hello and welcome. This is where I will post my personal fanfiction, known as the Multi-Versal Conflict, or simply Multi-Versal. The term Multi-Versal stems from 'Universal' and "Muliverse'. The title refers to the fact that this is basically one huge crossover. The best part is that most of the cartoons crossed over have previously been cancelled/ ended, so their saga will continue!
    But, since this IS a Transformers site, and because, no matter what I'm into at the moment, Transformers is still number 1 for me, said theme will be the base (EX. If i have a Looney Tunes crossover, it'll be a Transformers/ Looney Tunes crossover. But, if I also do a Transformers/GI Joe Crossover, there is a possiblity of Looney Tunes characters and GI Joe characters meeting eachother. Don't count on it, though; I know nothing about GI Joe.)

    Oh, and if you don;t know what a show is, I suggest looking it up on Wikipedia.

    Anyway, hope you got all that.

    I'll kick off with this little bit of foreshadowing...


    Prophecy of the Keepers of The AllSpark

    When all hope is lost,
    The darkest hour is nigh,
    Seven heroes will arise
    And this battle they will fight.

    The first on is the the last
    Of his kind, until,
    He brings them back, one by one,
    Turning the battle uphill.

    One will come, large and strong,
    But also very wise.
    He will be a great leader,
    Great plans he will devise.

    One will appear like the first,
    Though color schemes distinguish.
    Filled with knowledge no other can know,
    Evil Sparks he will extinguish.

    One will seem to be normal,
    Although with skill immense.
    The least powerful, though very smart,
    He will fight battles intense.

    Another will start small,
    But in strength he will grow.
    Although seemingly useless, actually are great,
    That is, the things he knows.

    One will be different
    From all of the others.
    Frame aside, in the downward slide,
    He will stand by his brothers.

    The last will seem corrupt,
    And to be gone,
    But in the end, he will prevail,
    And right all his wrong.

    This foretells the coming
    Of beings of great power.
    Of the Emerald, by the AllSpark,
    They’ll light our darkest hour.​

    EDIT: Character models for custom characters cam be found here:
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    Alright, here we go! There's not many of them out there, but here is my take on a crossover of...

    Transformers/Codename:Kids next Door!!!!



    Kids Next Door Operation: T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M.E.R.S. A.N.I.M.A.T.E.D.​


    Chapter 1: B.E.G.I.N.​

    From the Log of Kids Next Door operative SixTech:

    Everyone thought that Numbuh One had gone to join the Galactic kids Next Door.
    I don’t know who told you that, but that’s not what happened.
    He was on his way to the Galactic KND headquarters, when they came.
    The Decepticons.
    Giant, mechanical, shape-shifting beings. They allied themselves with the adults, and we were about to be overcome.

    We soon learned what they were after- something I had been guarding for years already. A mysterious orange box with immense power that had landed on our planet looooong ago.
    Just as we were about to fall, hope revealed itself in the form of the Autobots.
    Optimus Prime’s crew saved Sector V from their doom, and the alliance from there was sealed.
    The team-up didn’t last long.
    Not like they betrayed eachother, but the dirty ‘Cons broke then up. The Autobots were locked in vehicle mode somehow and captured.
    While Sector V managed to escape, their small victory was cut short when Father revealed he had managed to construct a decommissioning module. With that, he wiped the memories of the operatives. Now, they’re just normal kids again.
    But not just Sector V.
    No, this is the fate that befell EVERYONE in the Kids Next Door.
    Except me. I don’t know how, but I’ve managed to evade their mind-wiping blasts more times than Numbuh Four has managed to avoid chores.
    Now I’m alone…
    But not for long.

    Numbuh SixTech was currently practicing something he had done a lot of in the past few months-
    If I had a quarter for every time I was caught without any weapons, he thought, I’d be able to-
    His thoughts were cut short by the appearance of a forward-swept harrier jet with a grayish-blue and red color scheme. It tore through the air above him, flying so low he was nearly swept off his feet. Even the large wooden crates on either side of him shuddered.
    Following the harrier jet was a bulky purple bomber and a tan and purple fighter jet. They split up and moved into position.
    In a flurry of parts, each one morphed into a 2-story bipedal robot.
    SixTech made a break for it, but the harrier jet robot slammed its massive foot down in front of him before snatching him up it its long, sharp fingers.
    “Well, well. Looks like you’re doing a lot of running bit getting nowhere,” The robot taunted. “Then again, you never had anywhere to go in the first place.”
    SixTech struggled in the grip of the robot. “Save it, Starscream. I’ll get out of here, like I always do, then kick your sorry can. Again.”
    Starscream sneered. “That’s where you’re wrong.” He lifted the massive cannon on his other arm level to SixTech’s face. “I’ll only ask one. Where. Is. The. AllSpark?”

    “If you think I’m going to tell you, then you’re cracked in the- GAHHHK!” Jolts of electricity leapt out of Starscream’s cannon, shocking Sixtech. “IT’S AT THE EXACT NORTH POLE OF THE EARTH!!!” SixTech suddenly drew back. It seemed as if the jolt of electricity had made him reveal the location of the AllSpark.
    Starscream laughed sinisterly. “There, that wasn’t so hard, was it?”
    The bomber robot, Lugnut, spoke up. “We must inform Megatron of our success!”
    Starscream processed. “Why don’t we surprise him with it?”
    The fighter jet robot, Blitzwing, shook his head. “Vee should at least contact him on ze was zere.” His blue face rotated inside his ‘helmet’, revealing another thicker, red face. “And if you put up a fight, I’ll call Megatron here and now!”
    “Sheesh, alright, we’ll call him,” Starscream conceded “But what do we do with shrimpy here?”
    “Leave him!” Lugnut barked. “If we bring him, he’ll only sabotage our efforts!”
    “Works for me.” Starscream carelessly dropped SixTech in an opened crate of grass seed bags. “Decepticons, transform and arise!” Simultaneously, they converted back into their vehicle modes and rocketed off.
    SixTech pulled himself out of the crate. His gaze followed the jets until they disappeared over the horizon.
    He smiled. “That should hold them off for awhile.”

    The principal of Gallagher Elementary School was a busy person. In fact, right now, Principal Sauerbraten was giving a lecture in the auditorium about chocolate milk or something.
    This provided an excellent opportunity for SixTech to sneak into his office via an opened window. He made his way over to the Principal’s computer. Fortunately, it was logged in.
    Unfortunately, his E-Mail wasn’t.
    No problem, SixTech thought as he jammed a Kids Next Door H.A.C.K.U.H. into a USB port.


    Within seconds, the H.A.C.K.U.H. had ‘accessed’ Principal Sauerbraten’s E-mail account.
    SixTech then sent out three very specific E-Mails to three very specific teachers…

    Nigel Uno, Hoagie Gilligan, Kuki Sanban, Wally Beatles, Abigail Lincoln, and Frances Fulbright waited patiently in the principal’s office-
    “Where is that stupid principal?
    “I wanna go home!”
    “Man, I’m starving.”
    “This is boring.”
    “Who are you guys again?”
    Scratch the part about patience.
    The lights suddenly went out.
    “What the heck?!”
    “Ow! Watch it!”
    A flash of light tore through the darkened room. The kids screamed in fear and surprise, before falling silent.
    The light clicked on.
    Nigel Uno spoke up. “Oh… Numbuh Two, what happened?” His eyes went so wide they were visible behind his sunglasses. “Hey! I remembered who you were!”
    “That’s good.” The six kids turned to the voice. SixTech rose from behind the principal’s desk, holding a piece of burnt-out machinery. “This thing was a one-time use.”
    “SixTech!” Numbuh One exclaimed, “What happened? And what is that?” he motioned to the broken device.
    “Well, it was a recommissioning module,” SixTech replied. “I’m just glad it worked.”
    “Oh, it worked alright!” Numbuh Two exclaimed. “I remember all my 2x4 technology stuff!”
    “Numbuh Fahve remembers all her fighin’ moves!” Numbuh Five exclaimed, reverting to her third-person referral of herself.
    “I remember all my friends in the Kids Next Door!” Numbuh Three exclaimed.
    “I remember-” Numbuh Four faltered. “Uh, what do I remember?”
    “Try your teammates an’ password on for size, yah moron!” Numbuh 86 barked.
    “Well, seems like you’re all back to normal,” Sixtech stated. “Alright, I’ll explain later, but we have to get to my base, ASAP! Call your parents, this mission’s gonna be a long one.”
    “And just who put you in charge a’ things?” Numbuh 86 questioned. “I outrank you!”
    SixTech turned to the window and started climbing out, the others following him. “In the event of a Cybertronian catastrophe, I outrank everyone.”
    Numbuh 86 scoffed. “On what grounds?”
    SixTech turned to her. “On the grounds that I am the Keeper Of The AllSpark.”

    To Be Continued…

    Author's notes: Kinda short, I know, but its a start. I just REALLY want to kick this off.
    Just for reference: SixTech is my fan-character. Before you start saying Mery-Sue typ comments, know that I have a good reason for doing this.

    Oh, and even I can't believe how well the ANIMATED part of the acromyn turned out.

    Edit: Updated with illustration by yours truley.
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    Huh, not much recognition...

    Well, maybe a second part will help!!!

    Codename: Kids Next Door Operation: T.R.A.S.F.O.R.M.E.R.S. A.N.I.M.A.T.E.D.

    Chapter 2: R.E.V.I.V.E.


    Starscream shivered. The South Pole of the Earth was colder than he expected.
    In a deep crater, he heard Lugnut and Blitzwing using various methods of flamethrowing to melt the ice.
    Starscream’s comlink crackled.
    “Starscreagzzk report,” the static- filled voice of Megatron ordered.
    “My servomotors are frosting over, my thrusters are frozen, and my-”
    “I meagzzk the migzzkion.”
    “Oh. Nothing so far, sir.”
    “Very gzkk, keep lookinggzzk.”
    The signal went dead.
    Starscream thought he might as well.


    SixTech peeked over a bush. Seeing the coast was clear, he motioned for the others to follow. Each of them was carrying a small weapon that he had supplied for them out of his backpack.
    They bolted across several sets of railroad tracks and hid behind an old, battered building.
    “Alright, guys,” SixTech started, “My base is just beyond those trees. When we get there-”
    A massive black and purple spider burst out of the building. The kids cried out in surprise (and horror) before firing their weapons at the beast.
    The monster responded by shooting purple web at the Kids. Numbuhs Four and Five found themselves trapped in the sticky substance.
    The others tried to break them out, but to no avail.
    The Spider loomed over them menacingly.
    “I have to say,” The spider started, “That was easier than I expected.”
    “Aw, shut it yah’ oversized insect!” Numbuh 86 barked.
    The spider suddenly morphed into a two-story female robot. “Aw, that’s just sad. Guess you never learned that spiders are arachnids.”
    “Arachnid this!” Numbuh 86 whipped out her weapon and landed a direct shot in the robot’s eyes.
    She screeched as she was temporarily blinding. She swiped her sharp fingers at the kids, but only managed to cut the captured operatives loose.
    “RUN!” Numbuh One shouted. The kids beelined for the grove of trees.
    The spider-bot landed in front of them. “You think you can take me out that easily?!”
    “Numbuh Fahve thinks Blackarachnia’s been cooped up with the other bozos too long and caught some stupid,” Numbuh Five taunted.
    “WHAT?!” Blackarachnia roared.
    “Well, fah startahs, you clearly haven’t counted our numbers recently.”
    Blackarachnia was about to respond when she realized that Numbuhs Three and SixTech were gone.
    “Over here, silly robot!” Numbuh Three shouted.
    Blackarachnia lunged for the little girl.
    “Silly robot. Now you will burn!!!” Letting her psycho side loose, Numbuh Three whipped out a 2x4 weapon and pulled the trigger. Flames belched from the large round opening.
    Blackarachnia screamed and withdrew from the flames as Numbuh Three cackled madly.
    The others made a run for the base that SixTech had hopefully reached by then.
    Behind them, they heard Numbuh three still cackling like a madman.
    “Remind me to cut her sugar rations,” Numbuh One said.
    The kids burst out of the trees. It was a large clearing with more railroad tracks. In the middle was another beat-up building. Growing out of it was a massive tree. In the tree was a base that seemed to be made of an office building, a large boat, a semi truck, a stem engine, a school bus, and other things.
    Numbuh Three skipped up behind them. “Hi, guys!” She looked at the base. “Oh, that’s nice. Not as nice as ours, but still very nice!”
    A scorched Blackarachnia burst out of the trees.
    ‘I’m going to kill you!!!”
    “Uh-oh,” Numbuh Three exclaimed, “Time to go!”
    The kids resumed running, but Blackarchnia was much faster. She was on top of them in moments-
    A thick, blue laser blast knocked her back. The operatives notice a large cannon sticking out of the base.
    “Good! He made it!” Numbuh Four said.
    “Well DUH,” Numbuh five snapped back.
    They entered the building at the base of the tree and climbed into an elevator. After a minute, the doors slid open, revealing a control room much like the one in their previous base, but more advanced.
    “Wow,” Numbuh Two marveled, “He built all this himself years ago?”
    “Hm, not bad, for a boy,” Numbuh 86 admitted.
    SixTech appeared on one of the computer screens. “Good, you made it! Just hang on while I attach this to here…” He bent off-screen and fiddled with something.
    The entire treehouse shuddered. “Ah, there we go!” SixTech announced.
    The treehouse shuddered again, but this time it lasted. The sound of parts rearranging filled the room. Suddenly, the whole room seemed to elevate.
    “WHAT’S GOING ON!?” Numbuh One shouted.
    SixTech walked into the room. “Check out the monitor.”
    The operatives looked-
    And their jaws hit the floor.
    The screen displayed technical readouts and a computer model of the treehouse, and t was changing. The computer model twisted until it took the form of a giant starship.
    The sound of thrusters firing up echoed through the treehouse as it rose from the tree itself and rocketed for the stars.
    “Sheesh, When you said it’s gonna be a long mission, you weren’t kidding,” Numbuh Four said.
    “Yup,” SixTech started, “That was-”
    An explosion rocked the ship.
    “Tell me those weren’t the engines,” Numbuh Two whimpered.
    SixTech got in a poilate’s chair. “Worse! Decepticons!”
    “Kids Next Door: BATTLESTATIONS!” Numbuh One ordered. The operatives found station that suited them best.
    “Status report!” SixTech said.
    “We got all four fliers!” Numbuh Five reported.
    “Slag. Numbuh Two, increase thruster power!” SixTech said. “If we can get to space, we can at least loose Megatron!”
    “How?” Numbuh Four asked.
    “Helicoptah’s don’t work in space, dummy!” Numbuh 86 barked. “You need AIR for rotah blades tah’ work!”
    “Oh, right.”
    More explosions rocked the ship. Alarms blared.
    “We’re not gonna make it!” Numbuh Two fretted.
    SixTech pulled something out of his short. It looked like a blue key with a string that went around his neck. He plugged the key into a control panel on his chair.
    Deep within the ship, the AllSpark sensed the key’s activation. In response, it sent waves of energy throughout the ship, effectively repairing it.
    “Cooooool,” Numbuh three said.
    “Numbuh Five, activate T.R.A.S.H.C.A.N.N.A.N.s!” SixTech ordered.
    “Yes, sir!” Numbuh Five punched in a command.
    Along the outside of the ship, several six-barreled gun batteries made of trashcans rose out of the hull and began firing.

    Kids Next Door T.R.A.S.H.C.A.N.N.A.N.



    The Decepticons evaded the gunfire with only mild difficulty.
    Megatron then noticed that the ship seemed to be repairing itself.
    “Decepticons! The AllSpark is aboard that ship! Do NOT destroy it!” Megatron ordered over his comlink.
    “THEN what do we do?” Starscream barked back.
    “We let them go.”
    “WHAT?!” Starscream and Blitzwing carried at the same time.
    “Do not question mighty Megatron’s orders!” Lugnut barked. “His logic is flawless!”
    “Oh, flawless, indeed,” Megtron said to himself as his troops retreated.


    The Kids Next Door cheered as the Decepticons retreated.
    Except for Numbuhs 86 and SixTech.
    “Why are they leavin’?” Numbuh 86 questioned. “We didn’t land a single hit!”
    “Aw, they were probably scared away by my awesome fighting moves!” Numbuh Four bragged.
    “More like scared by your face!” Numbuh Five countered.
    This time, Numbuh 86 laughed.
    “She’s got a point,” SixTech said.
    “Hey! I am NOT ugly!” Numbuh Four spat at him.
    “No, I meant Numbuh 86,” SixTech said. “We didn’t hit them once. They’re up to something…”
    “Well, for now, we’ll celebrate,” Numbuh One said.
    “OHBOY, a party!” Numbuh three exclaimed.
    SixTech sighed with exasperation.


    The ship landed softly on the moon’s surface. An access hatch extended to a door on the side of the Moonbase. It was a fantastic sight; it appeared to be a massive, dark grayish-blue city constructed on top of an equally as massive red alien tree.
    Weapons loaded and space suits on, the Kids next Door made their way through the access bridge. They hesitantly stepped into the moonbase’s darkened interior. The place was a mess; pieces of broken tech littered the floor, doors hung precariously on a single hinge, and discarded weapons were strewn all over the floor.
    SixTech lead the pack and examined a small device in his hand. “Air pressure and oxygen levels seem good, but we should probably keep our suits on, just in case.”
    Numbuh Two surveyed the area. “HOW long did you say it’s been?”
    "The Moonbase was overrun months ago,” SixTech replied. “Then they-”
    “SHH!” Numbuh Five hissed. “What was that?”
    “What was what?” Numbuh One questioned.
    “I herd something, too!” Numbuh 86 said. “It almost sounded like… a sneeze.”
    “A sneeze?” Numbuh Two Questioned, “Who else could be here besides us?”
    “Uh, guys?” SixTech said, pointing at a wall.
    Lining an ammunition rack were various tools and weapons from the Kids next Door’s enemies. Knightbrace's header/ boomerang, some of Stickybeard’s candy swords, the Common Cold’s blaster thingy that looked like a nose- all of them looked ready for their respective villains to snatch up and fight with.
    A giant Decepticon insignia was spray-painted over the rack.
    “I think we’ve walked right into enemy HQ.”
    “You got THAT right,” Father said from behind them.

    To Be Continued…
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    Alright, here's part three!

    Codename: Kids Next Door Operation: T.R.A.S.F.O.R.M.E.R.S. A.N.I.M.A.T.E.D.

    Chapter 3: I.T.S. A. T.R.A.P.


    The Kids next Door whirled around, Weapons aimed at their long-time foe, Father.
    But it wasn’t just Father. Behind him were Knighbrace, Stickybeard, Gramma Stuffum, and the Common Cold.
    “You’ve not only walked right into our new base,” Father bragged, “But you’ve also fallen into our trap!”
    “HA!” Numbuh Four exclaimed. “Well, we got our weapons, and yours are right-”
    The Adults drew their weapons.
    “Be…hind?” Numbuh Four stammered.
    “That thing’s just a spare weapons rack,” Father boasted. “We’re plenty armed and ready to ATTACK!!!”
    All the villains attacked at the same time. The operatives returned fire.
    Numbuh 86 leapt to the front of the pack and started firing wildly. “Get outta here!” she shouted to her allies. “Yah gotta find them!”
    “Find WHO?” Numbuh Two questioned.
    Numbuhs One, Five and SixTech realized who she meant.
    “Kids Next Door- Retreat!” Numbuh One ordered.
    “You kiddin’?!” Numbuh Four exclaimed, “Numbuh 86 ‘ll NEVER survive!”
    “Ah’ll be fine!” Numbuh 86 shouted. “Jus’ go!”
    The other operatives made a run for it.
    Father moved to intercept them, fireballs forming in his hands. “Not gonna get away that easil- OOHHFF!” A laser bolt struck him in the side, knocking him over.
    Numbuh 86 stood, gun poised. “Take that yah fire spittin’ freak!”
    Father struggled to get up. “So bold… much like your father. But Mr. Boss just didn’t cut it in this organization.”
    “Watta yah mean ‘didn’t cut it’?”
    Father laughed sinisterly. “Megatron chose who to let in his little group. I don’t know what you have him ranked in regards of your danger ratings, but Megatron probably didn’t see him as NEAR the man YOU think he is.”
    Numbuh 86 snarled. “Oy, yah went too fah with that last ‘on.”
    Father laughed again, the abruptly stopped. “Get ‘er!”
    The villains attacked.


    “Remind me again why we’re pulling off our spacesuits?” Numbuh Four asked as he dropped his helmet, still running as fast as his short legs could take him.
    “Because it’s hard to run in them!” Numbuh One replied.
    “Not to mention that there shouldn’t be any problem with air if the adults are camping out here,” SixTech pointed out. He studied a small device in his hand. “Alright, I think they’re close!”
    “For the last time,” Numbuh Two whined, “WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR?!”
    “Th’ Autobots, dummy!” Numbuh Five replied.
    “The Autobots?” Numbuh three questioned. “Wouldn’t that meanie Megatron have destroyed them by now?”
    “If It know Megatron,” SixTech started, “He’ll want Optimus to be online and make him watch as he one by one kills his crew. Then Megs ‘ll slowly but surely destroy Optimus.”
    “So?” Numbuh Four asked. “Why does that mean he wouldn’t have killed him by now?”
    “Because Megatron will want Optimus to see what he’s done to Earth. And he’ll need the AllSpark for that,” SixTech added.
    “Speakin’ of the AllSpark, are you SURE it was a good idea to leave it alone on the ship?” Numbuh Four asked.
    SixTech chuckled. “Trust me, if they try to get in that ship, they’re in for a nasty surprise.


    “The ship seems to be powered down, my liege,” Starscream reported. “What is your bidding?”
    “Do NOT attempt to extract the AllSpark.” Megatron said over his commlink. “Keep the Kids Next Door busy. I’m having some difficulty powering my… superweapon.” As if right on cue, a crash sounded in the background.
    “Whoops! Sorry about that!” the faint voice of the Toilenator said. Megatron sighed, then cut the frequency.
    Starscream smiled wickedly. He knew that Megatron’s orders to not try and get the AllSpark was just so HE didn’t get his sharp blue fingers on it.
    “Lugnut, Blitzwing!” he ordered. “Get the AllSpark out of that ship! Megatron commands it!”
    “At once!” Lugnut barked. Him and Blitzwing neared the ship-
    They screamed as an invisible forcefield shocked their systems. Seconds later, they laid sprawled on the moon surface.
    “WOW! Zat vas tingly!” Blitzwing spouted insanely.
    Starscream let out an exasperated sigh.


    “Riiiight… HERE!” SixTech announced as the Kids Next Door came to a massive garage door. Simultaneously, they aimed and fired their weapons.
    The blast created a large hole in the door. Slowly, they walked trough.
    There, sitting out in the large open room, were the five vehicle-mode Autobots.
    The kids cheered as SixTech pulled his AllSpark key out of his weapon. Opening Optimus’ driver door, he climbed inside and held the key next to Prime’s ignition. The key glowed as the end changed shape to match the keyhole. SixTech inserted the key and turned it before removing it and hopping out of Optimus.
    “Oh… what happened?” Optimus said slowly.
    “I’ll explain in a minute,” SixTech said as he jumped onto prowl. “Just let me reactivate your buddies, then we’ll be good to go.”
    A minute later, the Autobots were awake and robot-moded.
    “…so then we came to the moonbase here-” Numbuh One said.
    “But the mean nasty adults had taken over!” Numbuh Three interjected.
    “Then they captured Numbuh 86!” Numbuh two exclaimed.
    “We made a break for it an’ came here-” Numbuh Five started.
    “And SixTech used his key thingy to wake you!” Numbuh Four said.
    “And now we gotta save Numbuh 86 and get out of here!” SixTech said.
    The Autobots stared at them for a moment.
    “Ok… how long were we out?” Bumblebee asked.
    “A few months,” SixTech answered.
    “Never mind that,” Optimus said, “We have to get going! Autobots, Transform and roll out!”
    The Autobots converted into their vehicle modes.
    “We still going with the ‘child alliance’ thing?” Numbuh One asked.
    Optimus opened his driver door. “Of course!” Numbuh one hopped it and Numbuh Four joined Bumblebee, Numbuh Three got in Bulkhead, Numbuh Two rode in ratchet, and Numbuh Five hopped on Prowl.
    Wings shot out of the backpack SixTech was wearing; the others hadn’t even noticed it until now.
    “Well, mister ‘Human-Cybertronian relations expert’,” Numbuh Five started, “We gonna roll, or ah we gonna roll!”
    SixTech rose into the air. “Let’s roll!”


    “They couldn’t have gotten TOO far,” Gramma Stuffum said, “They’re all so SKINNY!”
    “Ar, this place be massive, lady,” Stickybeard countered, “They could be anywhere!”
    “Will you two pipe down!” Knightbrace complained. “Your endless talking is making my headgear rattle, and trust me, that doesn’t feel very good!”
    “Then take it off!” Common Cold said. “It only makes you look- ah, AH, AH-CHOO!”
    “Will you ALL keep it down?!” Father barked. “Those blasted kids’ll hear us. The IDEA is to sneak-”
    “LOOK OUT!” Knightbrace shrieked.
    Father whirled around. He squinted in bright light, and could barely make out the form of a truck barreling towards him.
    His eyes went wide despite the light as he leapt out of the way.
    As the truck went by, he saw it was a red and blue fire truck cab.
    “Optimus Prime?!” He gulped as he saw the other Autobots drive into the large ship hanger they were currently in.
    “Ar, this may be a bit of a problem,” Stickybeard announced.
    “Yah THINK?!” Common cold shouted.
    Optimus swerved around to face the villains. Numbuh One jumped out of his cab, weapon drawn. “You’re in for it now!”
    “Autobots, transform!” Optimus shouted. The adults soon found themselves against not only six Kids Next Door operatives, but five two-story robots as well.
    “W-well…” Father stammered, “This is… unfortunate…”
    A tan and purple tank burst through the doorway. “Looks like ve got heyah just in time!” Blitzwing announced. “I’m vready to pound some pistons!
    “Tell me he didn’t just say ‘we’,” Bulkhead said.
    “I’m afraid that would be a lie!” Lugnut boomed as he crashed through another doorway, giant battle mace in hand.
    The Autobots assumed battle positions, weapons drawn.
    “Think we can take them all?” Bumblebee asked.
    “If we keep our unity, I’m sure of it!” SixTech said.
    “Then it’s settled,” Optimus said. “Autobots, ATTACK!”


    “Megatron, sir!” Toilenator announced, attempting to sound official but failing miserably, “The ship is charged and ready for battle!”
    “Excellent,” Megatron replied. “I will be leaving at once.”
    “You, uh, wouldn’t happen to need-”
    “No,” Megatron interrupted, not even looking back.
    “Yeah, I didn’t think so,” Toilenator said dejectedly.
    Megatron boarded the orange and red ship. He would’ve preferred his own ship, but that was all but gone at the bottom of some massive body of water on this cursed organic world.
    At first he didn’t know how the Autobots had managed to do so much damage to the thrusters of the Nemesis, but after investigating their ship after capturing it…
    He sneered. This was going to be a battle remembered for centuries.

    To Be Continued…​
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    Random short bio:


    Kids Next Door agent SixTech is a mystery. He has no backstory, no place of origin, not even a real NAME. Despite this, he got into the Kids Next Door with flying colors, due to his knowledge of mechanics. But little does he know, he has a much bigger destiny awaiting...

    (No idea why his picture looks so pale. Must be Microsoft Paint's low quality JPEG saving...)
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    Codename: Kids Next Door Operation: T.R.A.S.F.O.R.M.E.R.S. A.N.I.M.A.T.E.D.

    Chapter 4: M.O.O.N.S.I.D.E. S.H.O.W.D.O.W.N.S.



    The primary hanger of the Kids Next Door Moonbase is a massive metal room filled with 2x4 technology vehicles of all shapes and sizes.
    Or at least it was. Now it’s filled with a combination of Kids Next Door operatives, adult villains, and giant robots of varying allegiances.
    Optimus shot all the fire-******ant foam he could at Father, attempting to douse his flames. He was actually mildly surprised when it started to work. His streams of foam were suddenly intercepted by some of Stickybeard, who was holding a large lollipop-shield.
    Thinking fast, Optimus sliced the shield in two with his axe. Before he could lock onto father, Lugnut knocked his axe out of his servos.
    “Foolish Autobot!” Lugnut boomed, “You are nothing against the combined powers of the Decepticons and the Adult Empire”
    “’Adult Empire’?” Optimus questioned. “I really have been out a long time, haven’t I?”
    Lugnut shouted a battle cry as he lifted his mace. To his surprise, it wouldn’t go down.
    He looked back to see Ratchet holding his weapon in place with his magnetic grip.
    “I may be old,” Ratchet started, “But I still got some kick!” He yanked back, barely tearing the mace out of Lugnut’s claw.
    The weapon sailed across the room and nearly hit Blitzwing’s robot form.
    “Watch it, you copper-clad klutz! Oh, try saying zat five timed fast!” he redirected his attention to Bulkhead and Numbuhs Three and Five. “Now, I’m going to-GAH!” He was suddenly kicked in the back by Prowl, who landed softly next to Numbuh Five.
    “Oh, look at you!” Gramma Stuffum said behind them. “So skinny! Here, I made a nice buffet!” She stuck her spoon into a pot in her arms, then spilled the green goop it contained onto the floor, where it took the form of several small bipedal creatures.
    Numbuh Five and Prowl exchanged knowing glances before Prowl shifted into his motorcycle form. Numbuh Five jumped on and pulled out her weapon. Prowl gunned his engine, then weaved through the goopy minions as Numbuh Five blasted them to bits.
    As they drove, they passed Bumblebee and Numbuhs One, Two and Four, who were currently locked in combat with Knightbrace and the Common Cold.
    The latter villain attempted to blast the kids with his virus-inducing snot while Bumblebee avoided small, tooth-like grenades from Knightbrace. The adult screamed in shock and pain as SixTech blasted him from above. The operative and Autobot then helped their friends beat the Cold. After that, they fanned out to take on the rest of their enemies.
    Father narrowly avoided Optimus’ sharp axeblade. “You fool! You couldn’t defeat me before, what makes you think now will be any different?!”
    “What makes you so confident?” Optimus shot back.
    Father leaned against a wall. “Oh, because I have THIS!” He suddenly whipped out and fired a blaster-like weapon. Prime didn’t have time to move before-
    The laser bolt never struck him. Technosis had flown between him and Father and taken the hit. His jetpack failed, sending him crashing into a pile of spare parts, where he disappeared from view.
    “SIXTECH!!!” Optimus cried out. If that weapon was meant to take out Cybertronians, than if a blast hit a human…
    For a moment no one moved. Then Optimus slowly turned back to father. Pure rage in his optics.
    “Uh-oh,” Father muttered, fumbling with his weapon.
    Optimus was about to lunge for the adult when something lit up behind him. Turning around, he saw the pile of parts was glowing with the same blue haze that was emitted from the AllSpark.
    “Yes…” Sixtech’s voice said from inside the pile. But there was something… different about it. The parts were suddenly blown in various directions, revealing a ball of blue energy. It expanded until it was the size of Blitzwing, then faded into a white, silver and black robot.
    “S…SixTech?” Numbuh One stammered.
    “Not anymore, my human friend. I am, and always have been, TECHNOSIS!”
    He turned to Lugnut and Blitzwing as a two-piece battlemask slid over his mouth. “And I’m ready to KICK SOME CAN!!!”
    He rushed the ‘Cons as twin swords extended from his palms.
    Blitzwing changed to his blue face and began blasting ice at Technosis. The hero responded by twirling his sword so fast it acted like a shield, sending shards of ice flying in every direction.
    Lugnut charged Technosis, but the white robot moved with seemingly impossible speed and tripped the purple Decepticon.
    He then span around, kicking Blitzwing in the face. The Triple-Changer landed in a heap, unconscious.
    Technosis finished off Lugnut with an EMP blast from a device that extended upwards from an AllSpark-blue detail on his arm.
    He again glowed with blue energy, shrinking into a human-sized yet very similar robot. He most notable lacked wings and a cockpit in his smaller form, and gained what looked like four speakers on the flat backs of his legs.
    “Well, that was something,” he said.
    The Autobots and Kids Next Door alike stared at him, mouths agape.
    “So, what’cha think?” he asked.
    Bumblebee found his voice first “You’re… you’re a robot…”
    Technosis sighed.
    The Moonbase was suddenly rocked by and explosion.
    “What was that?” Bulkhead asked.
    Technosis seemed to be deep in thought. “My sensors indicate a ship approaching, with an Autobot energy signature.”
    “Didn’t you say the Decepticons took our ship?” Prowl asked.
    Technosis was about to say yes when a bit of information about the Autobot’s ship crossed his processor. “OH SLAG! QUICK, EVERYONE: BATTLESTATIONS!”
    “What is it?!” Numbuh One inquired.
    Ratchet knew exactly what Technosis was afraid of. “Trouble,” he said, “Nothing but trouble…”


    The orange Autobot ship neared the moon. When it was close enough, Megatron activated a feature that hadn’t been used in a LONG time.
    The ship twisted and extended, folding in on itself until it had taken the form of a colossal robot and landed on the lunar surface. An image of Megatron’s face appeared on its screen-like faceplate.
    Starscream approached the ship and activated his commlink.
    “Megatron! I… it…” He cleared his throat. “I… don’t know what to say.”
    “Then say nothing, Starscream.” Megatron lifted the robot’s giant foot over the puny form of Starscream.
    The blue and red Decepticon shrieked. “What? NO!”
    “You disobeyed a direct order to NOT attempt to get the AllSpark. This means you intended to retrieve it, then use it to rule the Decepticons yourself.”
    “Wha- NO! I was only trying to-!”
    “I can see through your little ploy like glass. Besides, now that I have THIS little device-” his voice got noticeable colder- “I don’t need you anymore.”
    Starscream attempted to escape from the giant foot, but it was no use.
    In one single motion, all of Starscream’s traitorous tendencies were halted.
    Megatron turned the Omega Sentinel to the Kids Next Door ship that was sitting next to the Moonbase. He poised the Sentinel’s arm to smash down on its forcefield-
    The ship suddenly spat laser fire at him from a dozen places.
    Megatron shrugged off the attack. He wasn’t fully connected to the ship; he felt no pain.
    To his surprise, the ship then began to change. It slowly reformed itself until it, too, had taken the form of a colossal robot on equal stature to the one Megatron piloted.


    Kids Next Door T.R.E.E.H.O.U.S.E.T.R.O.N.


    “The AllSpark can do amazing things, amiright?” A voice said over the commlink that Megatron had failed to shut off from his (final) conversation with Starscream.
    Rather than respond with words, Megatron commanded the Sentinel to punch at the massive robot standing in front of it. It scored a direct hit on the midsection of its opposer.
    The T.R.E.E.H.O.U.S.E.T.R.O.N., however, reacted quickly. Several dozen missile batteries and laser blasters sprung up all over its frame. The Sentinel was then bombarded with firepower, enough to send it crashing to its knees.
    Megatron growled in annoyance. They wanted to play that way? Fine.
    So be it.
    Several panels on the Sentinel sprang open, revealing that it, too, had an impressive array of weaponry. While it was about on par with that of the Kids Next Door’s robot, it was much more effective, being Cybertronian-grade weaponry against a human-build machine. The T.R.E.E.H.O.U.S.E.T.R.O.N. fell to the ground, cracked and broken.
    Inside, the Kids Next Door and Autobots reported several system failures.
    “Wadda we do now?” Numbuh Five asked.
    “Give him the AllSpark,” Technosis said.
    “WHAT?!” literally everyone else on the ship shouted.
    “Trust me. Here’s the plan…”


    Megatron’s robot loomed over the wreckage of the T.R.E.E.H.O.U.S.E.T.R.O.N. Its defeat was almost too easy, he thought, amused.
    Finally, someone emerged from the ship. He was shocked to see that it appeared to be an Autobot with a white and gray color scheme that was as tall as Blitzwing. It even had wings and a cockpit on its chest.
    But Megatron was more interested in what the Autobot was holding in his servos-
    The AllSpark.
    The Autobot put down the AllSpark on the moon surface halfway between the downed KND mech and Megatron, then retreated.
    Megatron’s optics retest, an act that appeared to be blinking. This was too easy. He exited the Omega Sentinel and slowly approached the AllSpark. He detected it was the real thing, with not bombs or anything placed on it.
    The case opened up, revealing the brilliant blue sphere inside. Megatron took ahold of it, then rose into the air.
    Already he could feel it power coursing through him. He cackled madly as his Spark Chamber opened.
    “You’ve lost, Autobots!” He shouted over his commlink. “The AllSpark is mine! And now-”
    Megatron didn’t even notice Optimus prime down below, or that the red a blue Autobot had sent his axe spiraling towards Megatron’s frame. He DID, however, notice when the blade sunk deep into his pulsing blue spark.
    In space, no one heard Megatron scream.


    “Are you SURE you have to leave?” Numbuh One asked Technosis.
    The white robot sighed. “For the last time, YES! The AllSpark told me that I have to travel through the Multiverse and find… others like me!”
    The Autobots and Kids Next Door operatives watched as he generated a Transwarp field in front of him. He turned back to his friends, smiling. “Don’t worry, I’ll come back sometime.”
    “Try not to die!” Bumblebee exclaimed. The others shot him hard glares. “What?”
    Technosis chuckled. “I’ll keep that in mind. Until then…” He saluted his friends. “It’s been an honor serving with you all.” He then disappeared through the Transwarp field.
    The others stood for a moment in silence.
    “So, I guess you guys will be leaving, too?” Numbuh Two asked.
    “Actually,” Ratchet started, glancing out the Moonbase window at the vehicle form of Omega Supreme, “We aren’t in any hurry to leave.”
    “Why?” Numbuh Five asked, “Mega-bum and Star-scrap are toast, and Lug-head and Blitz-brain are all tied up.”
    “Yes, but that still leaves Blackarachnia on Earth,” Optimus explained.
    “Besides,” Prowl started, “The Adults still have access to Decepticon technology.”
    “So, what he’s trying to say,” Bulkhead said, smiling, “Is that we may be here a looooong time…”

    The End.

    Author's notes: If this section feels a bit rushed, it's because I'm FINALLY getting back to this project, and I want to get it moving. I'm excited for the next section, even though it isn't a crossover.
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    After a long wait for my loyal fans (all two of you) here is:

    Robot Revolution

    Part 1: Rise of Power

    A teenage boy typed on his computer with speeds that would have surprised most people. He was commenting on a message board about his all-time favorite franchise, Transformers. This particular topic was a hint to the theme of the exclusive toys of the upcoming BotCon convention.
    The transfan sighed to himself. Despite his relative obsession with Transformers, he had sadly never been to BotCon. Oh, what he would give for a single day in that heaven on Earth…
    He popped an M&M in his mouth from the small plastic bowl on the desk next to him. Tapping his fingers on the desk, he decided what he should do next.
    He was about to click on one of his bookmarked links when he heard something outside. At first he thought it was a large truck thundering by, but he realized the sound was slowly getting louder.
    A deafening crash sounded outside as the entire house was jolted, knocking over a Mini-Con that was sitting on the desk.
    The transfan jumped out of his seat, wondering what the heck just happened. Rushing downstairs, he looked out the front door. Nothing. He bolted to the back window.
    There, just behind his house, was a massive crater. A trail of upturned land stretched out of his own property and into his neighbor’s- and beyond, from the look of it.
    The transfan stared in disbelief for a moment before making a beeline for the door outside.
    The cool night air washed over him. Slowly, he made his way to the edge of the crater.
    It was about six feet deep. There was dark ‘clay’ that had been turned up, it went so deep. But the makeup of the crater wasn’t what was of interest; it was what it contained.
    The AllSpark.
    Not the cube from the live-action movies- rather, the orange Matrix-like one from Transformers: Animated.
    The transfan slowly slid down the crater. Hesitantly, he approached the impossibly reflective orange box in front of him. Carefully, he reached out and touched it.
    He snapped his hand back, not because it was heated from a suggested orbital entry (it was actually very cold to the touch), but because it began to move. Or, rather, OPEN.
    In a single second, the oddly shaped box had unfolded, revealing a pulsing blue orb inside. The transfan knew well what this was; the true AllSpark.
    The orb pulsed silently, seeming to be made of pure energy yet still have a physical construct. It almost seemed to beckon his touch.
    The transfan hesitated again. This was too real to be a dream- then why was no one else here?
    After noting that wondering why there was no one else around was an odd first question to have at a time like this, he again stretched out his arm. Wisps of blue energy brushed against his fingers. It didn’t hurt at all; rather, it was quite inviting.
    He continued his hand forward. The odd feeling turned to a slightly tingly one, then a slight jolt of pain, then-
    His eyes went wide as images and information flooded his mind. The universe, stars, a massive hand the size of a moon, and nearly invisible energy coursing through space. The information that came with the pictures were even more interesting.
    The flow abruptly stopped, his hand jerking back reflexively. For awhile, he just stood there, pondering the data that had just been forced into his mind-
    No, not forced. He recalled seeming to have a choice whether or not to accept the data and the task that came with it. But with the option came a warning of what would happen if he refused and, worst of all, a GLIMPSE of the consequences of said decision.
    He shuddered at the memory.
    But he had accepted the task. He knew what he had to do, and he had to do it FAST.
    Before he could make another move, he was blinded by a brilliant light. His arms covered his face as he became aware of the sounds of helicopters, sirens, and people barking orders. Through his fingers, eh could barely make out several military vehicles gathered around the edge of the crater. Heavily armored men with large guns lined the crater.
    “Smelt…” the transfan muttered.

    Four days later…

    Agent Frazon studied the teenager that sat across the desk he was sitting in. Both of their faces belayed no emotion. He almost winced at the thought that this teenager though he could stare him down- almost.
    His eyes fell to the hand-written papers on his desk. They had been written be the very boy who now sat across from him. The penmanship was sub-par, but readable.
    The data on the paper was, to say the least, surprising. Most, if not all, of the points on the paper had been researched and proven right more than once, even- not, ESPECIALLY- the stuff a normal citizen wouldn’t be able to know.
    Then again, it was clear that this was no ordinary citizen.
    Frazon slid the papers over to the boy.
    “Interesting stuff you have here,” he said. “You sure know your stuff.”
    “I try,” the teenager responded simply.
    “I’m serious. All this data, all this information- it’s mindboggling. But there’s one thing I don’t get…”
    “What’s that?”
    “What do unicorns have to do with this?”
    The teenager rolled his eyes and sighed exasperatedly. “If I got a quarter for every time I’ve been asked that in the past few days, I could treat your army to gumballs for life.”
    Frazon cocked an eyebrow at the odd metaphor.
    “Anyway,” the teen continued, “That doesn’t say unicorn, and it’s not a misspelling. It says ‘UniCRON’.”
    Frazon turned to his computer and typed ‘unicron’ in a Google search. It was FAR from an official military data investigation, but he didn’t have time to type in all of those passwords to access the mega-computer that would make it official.
    The first result was a Wikipedia page. Not caring for the possibility of false data, he glanced at the second result. While it was another wiki, it was labeled as a ‘Transformers’ wiki. He clicked on it, thinking that a website made by the teenager’s fellow computer nerds would likely be more reliable than Wikipedia.
    He studied ‘Unicron’s’ bio paragraph. From the looks of it, he was some kind of ultra-powerful Transformer that turned into Saturn and ate other planets to get energy.
    “Interesting, isn’t it?” the teenager prodded.
    “You expect me to believe this is real?” Frazon asked.
    The teenager shrugged. “The AllSpark’s real. You’ve seen it yourself.”
    “You know what else is real?” Frazon tapped the papers on the desk. “Most of this information you wrote.”
    “Even the part about the universe being infected with energy that is deadly to humans?”
    Frazon stared hard at him. “Yes. ESPECIALLY that.”
    The teenager leaned back in his chair. “About time someone confirmed that.”
    “And do you know why I’ve told YOU, out of all of the people on the streets?”
    The teenager leaned forward. “Because I can help.”
    Frazon nodded. “Seeing as though we have no other options, that’s what we’re going with.” He started to stand up.
    “Shouldn’t this be run past all those guys in DC?” The teen questioned.
    “Already done,” Frazon replied simply.
    The teenager got up and walked after him.

    The sheer amount of press and news people present at the site was shocking, even to Frazon. He had known that the world leaders had announced earlier in the day the ‘events’ that were about to take place, but the quick reaction of the press…
    The vehicle Frazon and the teenager were in pulled to a stop outside a well-guarded metal hanger where the AllSpark was being held. Exactly HOW all these news reporters knew where it was, Frazon didn’t know. That irritated him; being a Special Agent and not knowing what details of his mission had been released to the public.
    He stepped out of the vehicle, followed by the teenager, who was trying to keep his face away from the flashing cameras.
    “Most teenagers I know would jump at the chance to be in the press,” Frazon shouted over the buzz if the crows as they entered the building.
    “In case you haven’t noticed,” the boy replied, “I’m not most teenagers.”
    Normally, Frazon would have been irked at a citizen responding to him like that, but this boy felt… different. Maybe it was because he seemed to be the only one who could get this ‘AllSpark’ to open and respond. Being able to do so gave the boy, in Frazon’s eyes, special importance.
    “Alright, kid. This is it,” Frazon said as the AllSpark came into view behind several guards and military vehicles. “The fate of humankind is counting on you.”
    As the teenager was about to approach the guards, a news reported stopped him. Behind him was another man holding a camera.
    “Say, sonny, mind if I ask you some questions?”
    “Hey!” Frazon exclaimed, “How did you-”
    The reported held up some paperwork signed by- Frazon almost did a double take- the PRESIDENT. “I have authorization. The people are curious as to exactly what this ‘Great Transformation’ will entitle.”
    “OK, then,” the teenager started, “Here’s how it goes. The AllSpark will send out waves of energy that will turn people into one of two things: those who like Transformers and match some other specifications will become Transformers. If you don’t like robots and stuff, you’ll become a Gobot, which is basically a robot with organic parts on the inside. Technically, cyborgs.”
    “And this will protect humankind from the deadly energy that is coursing through the universe?”
    “If it wouldn’t, why would I be about to so this?”
    “Uh… so, how you gonna do it?” the reporter asked, eager to change the subject.
    “Something like this.” The teenager then walked past the guards to the AllSpark. Behind him, he heard the reporter giving a very ‘epic’ narration.
    “The words that this boy speaks now will be recorded in history forever!”
    The teenager thought about this for a moment, before saying to the AllSpark, “It’s time.”
    If the reporter was disappointed at the simplicity of the words, it didn’t show.
    The AllSpark case opened up, revealing the blue orb. The orb seemed to ‘charge’ before letting out a few waves of energy.
    Within a few short minutes, the waves of energy had spread throughout the entire world. Each and every human being felt the power of the AllSpark coursing through them. Then they changed. In a flash of light, they were transformed.
    The glowing faded out.
    Slowly, everyone on the planet opened their eyes. They all seemed to be made of metal and were of varying shapes and sizes. While there were many Transformers, most of the population was easily Gobot.
    Back in the hanger the reporter in particular found himself to be a Gobot. As did most of the guards.
    In fact, the only Transformers in the room were agent Frazon and…
    “Whoa…” the reporter exclaimed. The others in the room followed his gaze.
    There, where the teenager stood minutes ago, was a robot unlike they had ever seen before. He was easily twice as tall as all the others, as a result of seeming to be MADE of vehicles, rather than turning into one. Wheels, wings and rotor blades hung off his form in various places.
    “Kid?” Frazon asked.
    “No. Not ‘kid’. Not ‘teenager’. Not even my REAL name. From now on, I will be known as…” He turned around, revealing his face, “IMPERION MAXIMUS!”

    To be continued…​
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    dude nice keep on going
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    Somewhere on Namek at this point
    i think i just drooled when my dropped to the floor. and this good, man you gotta keep goin!
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    Holey Primus, I have replies.

    SWEET! My primary focus right now is my photocomic, but I'll defiantly be working on this some more (and adding character pics!)

    Also, for the sake of getting feedback, what is it that is apparently making your jaw drop? :lol 
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    Here is a LONG-overdue update.

    Robot Revolution
    Part 2: Running a Revolt

    To Imperion’s surprise, the people of the world were taking their sudden ‘transformation’ particularly well. Even more surprising, the transformers and Gobots seemed to be getting along wonderfully. Most of the Transformers didn’t see the Gobots as lesser beings, so most of the Gobots didn’t hate the transformers for thinking they were superior.
    I didn’t come without its problems, however. There HAD been some cases of Transformers seeing themselves as superior beings and felt the need to rub it in the Gobots’ faces. Likewise, there were some Gobots who felt the need to take these particular incidents caused by egotistical Transformers and proclaim that their entire species was like this, if not worse.
    Then there was the fact that Imperion had openly stated he was leading a revolt. Transfans, he claimed, had been mocked, picked on, and ridiculed for far too long. He has staged and uprising. Naturally, this didn’t set will with most of the population. Of course, 95% of said population was Gobots…
    The robot leader sat behind a cluttered workdesk in a darkened room. Among the clutter on the desk was paper, pencils, an RiD Optimus Prime, and a sculpted-hair Twilight Sparkle figure.
    But Imperion’s focus was not on the clutter on his desk- it was the webpage he had displayed in his head.
    Imperion clicked his commlink. “Yeah?”
    “We got another one,” a female voice reported.
    Imperion groaned. “I’m going to bet your talking of another celebrity kidnapping.”
    “’Fraid so.”
    Imperion rested his head in his hands, elbow propped up on his desk. Every week, another celebrity was kidnapped. Directors, voice actors, movie actors- there seemed to be no limit to who was targeted.
    “Who we got this time?” Imperion asked.
    “Peter Cullen.”
    Imperion’s optic’s popped open. “…holey smelt.”
    “I know. The pattern continues.”
    “And so will the riots…”
    The weirdest part about the disappearing celebrities was that they had, at one point or another, worked on a Transformers series, and thus were Transformers themselves. This had, naturally, led several groups of Transformers to blame Gobots, and then several groups of GOBOTs either denying the blame or saying that the Transformers had set the whole thing up just so they’d get blamed.
    “Alright, let’s see… I’ll send Jetstream to the interview, Skyblaze and Rotorstorm to the convention, and Outrig and Gunbarrel to… investigate.”
    “You got it, boss.” The comlink clicked off.
    Imperion stood up and sighed. It was going to be a one of those days.
    He suddenly split into five parts- his limbs and body- each one taking the form of a different vehicle- a large maroon fighter jet, a smaller light red attack jet, a silverish-blue tank, a green helicopter, and a yellow and black crane. They split into three groups- the large jet, the smaller jet and helicopter, and the tank and crane- and proceeded to their destinations.

    The large maroon jet, Jetstream, flew through a ‘skyway’- that is, an area of sky marked off for travel for those who had aerial alternate modes. Some people recognized him as the center piece of Imperion Maximus, and shouted greeting over the loud rush of jet engines, helicopter blades, and even a few UFO-esque vehicles.
    Spotting his exit, the Jetstream made his way toward a city- specifically, a broadcasting station. He hovered over the parking lot a moment before transforming. He glanced around at the vehicles lined up and grumbled t himself. Even though almost the entire population of the world could now turn THEMSELVES into vehicles, many still insisted on driving around in cars or vans.
    Now if they have Beast modes, he thought, THAT would be a legit excuse. He noted the number of parked vehices. And there’s NO way there’s this many Beast-formers here.
    He made his way to the front doors of the broadcast studio. A large Transformer guard with an SUV alternate mode- retooled from Crossovers Wolverine, if he remembered correctly- stood in front of the door. He stood about a head taller than Jetstream.
    “Ah, Imperion Maximus. Or part of him, at least, “ he greeted.
    “Yup. Name’s Jetstream.”
    The guard slapped his forehead. “Right, right- sorry, I couldn’t place the name.”
    “That’s fine, you’re not the first!”
    The guard chuckled before moving aside. As ne walked in, Jetstream was greeted by several crewbots, who gave his some instructions. Jetstream nodded, at the same time checking his mental link to the others to see how they were doing…


    “I tell yah, Tiretrack, there’s nothing I like more than a good convention, especially THIS convention!” Skyblaze spread his cylindar-shaped arms. “Behold- BOTCON!”
    Tiretrack, Skyblaze and Rotorstorm examined the massive room that laid before them. All around, robots of all shapes and sizes examined the tables laid before them, full of toys. One could find everything from G1 to PRIME to Headmasters to 3rd party products.
    Tiretrack, an RTS Jazz retool, whistled at the sight. “Beautiful…”
    A few robots with nametags approached them. At the head was a yellow and white bot of the Generations Blurr body-type.
    “Ah, Skyblaze, Rotorstorm- welcome!” he greeted.
    “I take it you’re Streetsmart?” Skyblaze asked.
    “Yes, sir! And I just wanted to say what an HONOR it is to have you here! Our guest list has been…” he paused for as moment, “Cut short.” He began to lead the three robots down a hallway.
    “Don’t worry, we’re looking in to that right now,” Rotorstorm expained.
    “Ah, yes. Good! Such a tragic development… but I guess talking about it in the open would be… inappropriate.”
    “Try ‘illegal’,” Skyblaze muttered, earning a hard look from Rotorstorm.
    Streetsmart chuckled. “It amazes me how you are all technically the same bot, yet can be so different.”
    “We all inherit an aspect of Imperion’s personality when we split,” Rotorstorm explained. “Think Animated Starscream clones.”
    “Does that mean Skyblaze is a coward?” Tiretrack joked.
    Streetsmart laughed. “Oh, I’m sure-” He suddenly span around. “Um… who’s this?”
    Rotorstorm cocked an eyebrow. “You mean Tiretrack? He my- er, OUR cousin.”
    “OH! My apologies,” Streetsmart said, “But we’ve had to beef up security around here compared to other conventions, and… quite honestly, I’m a bit paranoid.”
    “Perfectly acceptable,” Rotorstorm said. “But don’t worry, I’m sure my counterparts are making wonderful progress in solving this case."


    “Whattaya MEAN you’re not making any progress?!” Frazon shouted through his comlink.
    Gunbarrel winced at the audio level of the government agent’s voice as it pounded through his head. “We’re picking up no trace of anything.”
    “Well you BETTER start picking up traces of something! Do you REALIZE what will happen to your revolt if this celeb. Kidnapping thing gets out of hand?!”
    Gunbarrel sighed calmly. “We’re doing all we can. Rest assured, we’ll produce answers. Don’t worry about that.”
    Frazon stalled for a moment. The sheer calmness of this piece of Imerion always caught him off guard. “Alright, then.” The line went dead.
    Gunbarrel stood perfectly still for a moment, wondering if he had made the right decision. Through his mental link to the others, he heard them assure him that this was the best course of action.
    He lifted a small evidence jar into his view. Inside was a decent sized drop of purplish liquid.
    Tucking the jar into a compartment on his back, he changed into his tank form and began heading for Outrig’s location.
    The yellow and black robot came into view. He was talking to some young robots, giving them advice on dealing with some Gobots who were giving them trouble.
    “But the biggest thing to remember,” He was saying, “Is that not all Gobots are mean. Some of them just don’t want to be robots, but have nothing against those who do.”
    “Why wouldn’t you want to be a robot?” a small bot with a car alternate form asked from the back of the crowd.
    Outrig shrugged. “Beatsa’ slag outta me. Any other questions?”
    The hand of a bot with rotor blades on his back shot up. “How ‘come he’s the only tank I’ve ever seen?” He pointed to an approaching Gunbarrel.
    “Because advanced laser weapons, such as those found on tank-formers, are illegal, unless you have proper authorization,” Outrig explained.
    “What do you have to do to get that?”
    Outrig smiled. “Work for the government.”
    “Are you through yet?’ a still vehicle-moded Gunbarrel asked. “We REALLY need to get going.”
    “Alright, alright. Nice talkin’ to you, kids!”
    The kids shouted their goodbyes as their parents led them away.
    “Nice kids,” Outrig mentioned as he converted into his crane mode.
    “Yeah,” Gunbarrel replied, “Now we gotta get back to base. We have a lead.”
    “Wonder how the convention’s going…” Outrig wondered out loud.

    Skyblaze, Rotorstorm, and Tiretrack were enjoying themselves. They were in the middle of a Q&A panel when Streetsmart’s commlink beeped. He excused himself, heading out of the room.
    He clicked his commlink on. “Yes?”
    “It’s time,” a voice replied.
    Streetsmart smiled wickedly. “Affirmative. “ The line went dead.
    He pulled out a small, tube-shaped device and flipped open the top, revealing a lit-up red button. He pushed his thumb down on it hard.
    Meanwhile, back in the room, the three special guests were about to answer a question when the table in front of them exploded.

    To Be Continued…
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    What's this? An update after a mere 3 days?!?!

    EEEEEEEEYUP, I've finally gotten back on with this project! (We'll see how long it lasts.)

    Robot Revolution

    Part 3: Incidents

    Streetsmart laughed to himself as his vehicular form raced down the back hallways of the convention center. He’d done it- he’d actually DONE it! He had single handedly taken out two parts of Imperion Maximus AND one of his closest friends! The Boss was going to be happy about this!
    He could hear the sounds of people screaming and panicking through the walls. Was there another bomb that went off? His detonator only set off the one in the panel room. Maybe there was another one that he hadn’t been informed of.
    Either way, he was about to make a clean getaway. There- the exit. He had never seen a door that looked so welcoming in all his-
    A blast of energy slammed into his right-hand door, knocking him off course. He slammed on his breaks, but his momentum kept him moving forward, causing him to slam into the wall next to the door, severely damaging the front of his car mode.
    He quickly converted into his robot form. “WHAT THE HECK WAS-”
    His energy flows almost seized up.
    There, standing in a hallway perpendicular to the door he was trying to escape through, were the three bots he had just killed, not a scratch on them.
    Skyblaze smirked. “Leaving so soon?”
    “Yuh… buh…” Streetsmart cleared his voice processor. “You’re dead…”
    “Funny,” Rotorstorm started, “I don’t FEEL dead. Do you guys feel dead?”
    “Nope,” Skyblaze replied.
    “Nuh-uh,” Tiretrack said.
    “That’s what I thought,” Rotorstorm continued. “You, on the other hand, are going to WISH you were dead!”
    Not hesitating a moment, Streetsmart whipped dual pistols out of his Samurai-like hip pieces. Before he even had them aimed, Skyblaze had generated an energy field in front of himself. Streetsmart’s laser shots pinged harmlessly off the shield.
    “Wanna know how we survived?” Skyblaze started, then continued without waiting for an answer. “We detected your detonator’s wireless signal LONG before it reached the bombs. A few shields around the tables contained the explosions nicely.”
    “Can’t for the life of me figure out how you prevented us from detecting it, though,” Rotorstorm added, before whipping out his quad-barreled blaster and firing it at Streetsmart.
    The other robot dodged it with insane skill. It was obvious he was either no ordinary bot, or was trained in martial arts.
    Rotorstorm suspected the former, if not both.
    Streetsmart landed lightly on his feet, pistols aimed for another (futile) round of fire when someone slammed into him. The two grappled for a solid half minute, the other three not daring to fire out of fear of hitting their new ally.
    Streetsmart finally ripped his opponent off of his frame. He took a good look at him, revealing him to be… Streetsmart.
    “There’s TWO of ‘em?!” Tiretrack exclaimed, his own pistol in hand.
    The second Streetsmart breathed heavily. “No, there’s only ONE of me,” he pointed a finger at his double, “HE’S an imposter! Broke into my hotel room and tied me up, before changing his color scheme and voice to match mine!”
    Before anyone could react, evil Streetsmart had real Streetsmart in a headlock, one pistol pointed at his neck. “NO ONE MOVE, or convention-guy gets it!” The others froze. “Weapons down, nice and slow…”
    The others complied.
    Evil Streetsmart slowly backed towards the door, hostage still in hand. HE smirked; these idiot’s weren’t worthy of facing him.
    As he backed to the door, the actual Streetsmart was staring at the barrel of the weapon against his neck. It was his evil double’s right arm, so chances were…
    Evil Streetsmart rested his right elbow on the door’s latch, and pushed down. As he did so, he didn’t notice that his gun’s aim became slightly skewed…
    Real Streetsmart brought his elbow up suddenly into his double’s chest, shattering the opaque vehicle-mode windshield that resided there. But it did more than that- he drove his elbow back into a small device that had been placed under the windshield, between the two sets of lights. The device was crunched under the force.
    Evil Streetsmart suddenly began to change. His colors changed from Streetsmart’s yellow and white to a very monotone black with bright red highlights. Bits of gray detailing peppered his frame. He also sported many tattoo-like red details in various spots.
    “Aw, scrap!” He swore in a voice much different from Streetsmart’s.
    He was about to blow Streetsmart’s head off when the robot kicked him in the shin, stunning him long enough to break free of his grasp.
    The evil bot didn’t hesitate- he transformed into vehicle mode and tore across the back lot of the convention building, weaving around dumpsters and parked vehicles- not an easy task consider the little light due to the late hour. His vehicle mode was decked out in the tattoo-like designs he sported in robot mode. His rear license plate read ‘Carjack’.
    The two Imperion components changed into their vehicle modes as well, taking to the air. As they zoomed
    Carjack roared onto a busy street, at least making sure to stay in the lane set aside for citizens who were in vehicle mode. He got many angry shouts and honks, but this only prompted his to move faster.
    Above the street, the helicopter and jet robots matched his speed. While they didn’t dare fire at a street crowded with innocents, they could at least follow the punk- after all; he couldn’t stay on the road forever.
    Bin Man, he was making a mess down there. It was only a matter of time before he caused a multi-bot pileup, or worse- ran people through the fence into the large transport vehicles lane.
    Rotorstorm carefully aimed his blaster, waiting for just the right moment… there! In his fear, he had accelerated right out of the crowd of vehicle modes and into open street.
    Rotorstorm’s blaster belched laser fire. His aim was true, striking the black and red vehicle several times. He swerved out of control, and plunged off the edge of a bridge.
    The two fliers swooped down, trying to get a clear shot. They soon found themselves being shot at be twin streams of blaster fire. They easily dodged the sloppy aim before converting to their robot forms and landing on the ground.
    They spotted Carjack running on foot under the tunnel. Rotorstorm was about to wonder why he wasn’t transforming when he noticed one of Carjack’s wheel on the ground near his foot, along with a piece of bumper.
    Skyblaze reverted to his vehicle form and roared after Carjack. He caught up in no time and changed back to robot form, tackling his opponent.
    Carjack went down easily, not expecting the attack so soon. Skyblaze wrenched the pistols about of his hands. Rotorstorm ran up next to him and helped pin Carjack to the ground.
    “Who are you working for?!” Skyblaze shouted.
    “I’m never telling you!” Carjack spat back- literally.
    Rotorstorm zapped him with an energy sphere. Carjack roared in pain. “Who are you working for?!” Skyblaze echoed.
    “Alright, alright! I’ll talk!” Carjack shouted back. “Some big dude named-”
    A laser blast came out of nowhere and struck Carjack in the head. The smoke cleared in an instant, revealing only a shattered stump of neck remaining.
    Carjack’s body faded to gray.
    Rotorstorm glanced up just in time to see a dark figure disappear in a nearby grove of trees. Naturally, Skyblaze switched to vehicle mode and roared after him without a second thought.
    Rotorstorm stood still for a moment, pondering what had just happened. The otherwise dark area was suddenly lit up by a combination of helicopter spotlights, police sirens, and news van headlights- complete with cameras, broadcasting the scene to live TV.
    It was then that Rotorstorm realized how bad it must look, him being bent over a dead, decapitated body.


    “So, let me get this straight,” the police commissioner started, “Some guy was impersonating a high-ranking convention employee, and tried to kill you with a bomb that no one detected, and then you only detected it when t was about to go off. Then you chased the guy, pinned him down, and he was CONVENIENTLY decapitated right as the local law enforcement showed up, and you-” he pointed at Skyblaze- “Took off to go after the ‘killer.’ Is that right?”
    “Well, when you say it like that, it makes it sound like we’re lying,” Rotorstorm stated.
    The police commissioner stared hard at him. “Because it DOES sound like you’re lying. It’s just all too convenient that you were able to stop that bomb, and that this ‘unknown killer’ assassinates the guys you’re after RIGHT as the local law enforcement shows up.”
    “But that’s exactly what happened,” Skyblaze mumbled.
    “We have a witness, you know,” Rotorstorm started. “Streetsmart can vouch for us.”
    The commissioner thought for a moment. “OK, I’ll give you that. We’ve got him here for questioning, and we’ll see how your stories match up.”
    The next few hours flew by pleasantly fast. Naturally, Streetsmart’s story meshed perfectly with theirs. There wasn’t enough evidence against them- or rather, too much evidence FOR them- to make the charges stick.
    When the two components returned to the base, they found their counterparts hard at work. Gunbarrel and Outrig where examining the sample they had found at the scene of Peter Cullen’s kidnapping, while Jetstream was hard at work researching (and listening to music, by the looks of things).
    “Whataya got?” Skyblaze asked Jetstream.
    “Not much,” Jetstream reported. “I’ve searched through documents of every known citizen of the PLANET, and no exact matches.”
    “Well that’s not very helpful.”
    “I said no EXACT matches. There IS a Gobot by the name of Carjack. Quite the criminal record on him, too. Colors match pretty well, but not exactly.”
    “You don’t think he found a way to turn into a Transformer?” Rotorstorm asked.
    “No, I don’t think HE found a way. Someone else, maybe.”
    “How ‘bout you guys?” Skyblaze asked Gunbarrel and Outrig. “Got anything?”
    “This sample is definantly the same specimen as the ones we found at the other crime scenes,” Gunbarrel stated.
    “And it gets weirder,” Outrig started, “Each sample is the EXACT same size. These aren’t accidental spills…” his face grew very serious, “Someone’s PLANTING them.”
    “They’re PURPOSELY leaving evidence?” Rotorstorm questioned. “Isn’t that, like, the worst thing you can do as a criminal?”
    “Not if you WANT to be found,” Jetstream said. “And I think that’s just want our little opponent is after.”
    “What makes you say that?” Gunbarrel asked.
    “I Just got an energy signal in the lower US that matched that of our samples PERFECTLY.”

    To Be Continued…
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    BTW, in case you haven't caught on, Imperion is formed from repaints of Energon Maximus combiner molds.

    And finally...

    Robot Revolution

    Part 4: Allies and Opponents

    The five vehicles honed on to the energy signal. It was ever so slightly getting stronger, just as it had for the last hour or so. Despite this, they didn’t seem to be any closer than they were when they started.
    “I thought you said this signal was strong!” Skyblaze complained.
    “Well, it’s stronger than we’ve seen before!” Jetstream countered.
    “Will you two quit arguing with yourselves?” Gunbarrel asked calmly.
    “Hey, guys- the signal strength just shot up- fast!” Rotorstorm reported.
    Each vehicle checked his onboard sensors- sure enough, the signal level had spiked, and was leading them right for-
    “There! That warehouse!” Outrig exclaimed. They adjusted course slightly and bolted for the building.


    Inside a large building, five robots sat in silence. They were lined up, one by one, backs against the wall, ankles and wrists bound to said wall. One of them, a light green and black bot of the Animated Swindle mold, carefully clawed at the chains that were clasped over his wrists.
    “It’s not going to work, Mr. Wyatt.” Another bot of the Classics Optimus mold said.
    “I know, I know. Force of habit,” the green ‘Swindle’ replied. “And please, Mr. Cullen, call me Derrick.”
    “Only if you call me Peter,” the Optimus robot replied.
    “Didn’t we just have this conversation a few minutes ago?” a dark tan and black Movie Bonecrusher piped up.
    “We’ve been in here so long, I can hardly tell if it’s been minutes or hours,” a dark Red Animated Arcee said.
    “Too bad you don’t have any explosives here, Bay,” said a bot of the Classics Starscream mold, whose colors were a similar layout to that of Skywarp. “Then we’d be out of here in no time.”
    The Bonecrusher robot laughed. “At this point, I’d be happy with restored mobility of my claw.” Bay once again tried to move the large split Buffalo MPCV claw mounted on his back, to no avail.
    “Yeah, mobility sounds nice right about now,” the Skywarp- looking robot replied. “If I’d known this was coming, I woulda’ designed the Classics Starscream toy to have better means of escape.”
    “If I’d known this was coming, I woulda’ stayed home from work,” The Arcee robot joked.
    The robots shared a laugh, then fell silent.
    “I wonder if they’ll ever even find us…” Bay murmured.
    The wall to their right suddenly exploded. The five robots winced against the sudden noise and flying shrapnel. Five robots of varying sizes and colors rolled into the room, then knelt on one knee, each pointing their guns in a different direction.
    “The hostages!” the yellow robot with a crane arm exclaimed.
    “It’s a trap!!!” the Arcee and Skywarp robots exclaimed suddenly.
    The five new robots suddenly ducked to avoid a barrage of laser fire directed at their heads.
    “Oh, why did you have to do that?” A massive black, red and dark gray robot walked out of the shadows. Six rotor blades hung off of his back, suggesting a helicopter alternate form. His body-type was unlike one any of the robots had ever seen. “Now I have to kill you two as well. Pity, I had such great respect for Susan Blu and Eric Seinblar.” He appeared to have a mouthplate, but when he spoke, the mouthplate split down the middle and moved side-to-side like a sideways mouth.
    “You’re not going to kill ANYBODY!” The tallest of the new robots, Jetstream, announced.
    The black and red robot laughed. “Oh, I wouldn’t be so sure about that, Imperion Maximus.”
    The five new robots then combined into one gigantic bot. “So you know who I am. Big scrappin’ deal, so does the rest of the world.”
    “Oh, I didn’t expect you to think I didn’t know you. After all, if I didn’t know who you were,” He pointed his arm, which sported an array of long-range weapons, “Why would I be trying to kill you?”
    Imperion moved fast, avoiding the laser blast that was belched out of the helicopter-robot’s arm-cannon He swung around, bringing his right hand down on his opponent’s shoulder. To his surprise, the other robot caught the blow in his left hand and flipped Imperion over, pinning him to the ground.
    Imperion stared up at his opponent. He then noticed the symbol on his chest- was that a… Herald of Unicron logo?
    “…Who are you?” Imperion asked slowly.
    “You can call me Shiftech,” the other robot replied simply. He attempted to bring his right fist down on Imperion’s head, but Imperion suddenly split into his components. Rather than transform, his limps all converted into arm-modes and grabbed onto Shiftech’s limbs.
    Jetstream assumed his robot form. Fist glowing with energy, he flew at full speed at Shiftech’s face.
    With surprising amount of speed for such a bulky robot, Shiftech suddenly began to rapidly spin around, knocking Imperion’s limbs into the wall, causing them to lose their grip on him. He then delivered a powerful punch to Jetstream’s midsection.
    The smaller robot flew back the entire length of the building before crashing hard into the far wall. Shiftech adjusted himself, readying for another attack, when he was suddenly barraged by laser fire. Glancing back, he saw the other four combiner robots firing at him and making their way to Jetstream.
    Shiftech made a move at them, but underestimated their speed. As they dashed out of the way, Shiftech stumbled, before being shot from behind by all four robots simultaneously. The massive robot smashed into the ground.
    Behind him, the other robots regrouped and re-combined. Imperion readied himself for battle again, but to his surprise, was blasted through the wall behind him by the combined force of all of Shiftech’s arm-cannons.
    He landed hard on his back outside. It took his optics a moment to adjust to the bright light. He tried to get up, but soon found Shiftech pinning him down at the combiner joints.
    “Not gonna happen again,” the massive black and red robot proclaimed. A missile launcher swung into place over his shoulder. “NEVER gonna happen again.” He carefully aimed-
    A strong laser blast suddenly crashed into Shiftech, sending him flying off of Imperion. He landed hard on his back, but quickly recovered, sitting up to view his new opponent.
    He spotted the source of the blast- a white fighter jet that was barreling towards him. It suddenly folded and changed into a tall, skinny robot sporting twin swords and a mouthplate. Shiftech barely had time to block the blue blades with his own arm-sword.
    “Oh, not YOU again,” He grumbled.
    “How long has it been, Shiftech?” The jet robot asked as he swung his swords around for another attack.
    “About two weeks,” Shiftech replied, swinging his own blade to counter his opponent’s.
    “Ah, yes. Too bad- two ETERNITIES isn’t enough of a break from YOUR ugly mug!” The jet robot swiped with his leg, almost tripping Shiftech.
    Shiftech laughed as he punched the less bulky robot in the gut. “Good try, but not good enou-”
    Shiftech suddenly found himself on the ground, knocked over by something unseen. Looking up, he saw both the jet robot and Imperion Maximus looming over him.
    Shiftech growled before suddenly lunging at them, swiping swiftly with twin swords. They countered his attacks with their own weapons (which, in Imperion’s case, was his energized hands).
    Shiftech fought hard and skillfully, slowly driving back his two combatants. However, just as he was gaining the upper hand, his comlink flared to life. He heard a variety of mechanical beeps and clicks, and his optics grew wide.
    He suddenly pulled back from the fight. “Sorry, bots, but I have more important things to do than this!” He suddenly converted into his alternate form- a heavily armed and armored helicopter- and tore away from the battlefield.
    “Hey, get back here you smelting coward!” The jet robot yelled after him, but Shiftech kept flying until he disappeared over the horizon.
    Imperion turned to the jet robot. “Thank you for the save. I owe you one.”
    The jet robot laughed. “Buddy, you don’t owe me ANYTHING.” He extended a hand. “Name’s Technosis.”
    Imperion accepted the handshake. “Imperion Maximus. Although you probably-” he suddenly stopped as he noticed the symbol on the other robot’s chest. It was a dark green Autobot logo with four spikes on the top- EXACTLY like the logo the AllSpark had given him.
    Technosis noticed his look. “Don’t act so surprised. The AllSpark told you there would be others.”
    Imperion nodded. “I thought your name sounded familiar. It was part of the information the AllSpark gave me when it turned me into a robot.” He thought for a moment. “So, have you found any others?”
    Technosis’ smile dropped and he shook his head. “Sadly, no. You’re the first one I’ve found, and that was thanks to the blast of AllSpark energy that changed your population into robots.”
    “Well, then we’re two for seven,” Imperion said.
    Technosis nodded. “But with our combined resources, finding the other should a be a piece of Energon cake, right?”
    “Definantly.” Imperion responded.
    “Hey, I know this is a big moment of realization for you guys, “ Derrick Wyatt said from inside the building, “But we’re still kinda in chains here.”
    “Oh, right. Sorry,” Imperion said as he and Technosis walked back into the buildings. Raising their weapons, they easily sliced the metal chains.
    Bay rubbed his wrists. “Much better.”
    “So who was that guy, anyway?” Susan Blu asked.
    “Who, Shiftech?” Technosis asked. “Dunno for sure. I was investigating an energy signature in a universe and it turned out to be one of his portals.”
    “Didn’t he have a herald of Unicron logo on him also?” Peter Cullen asked.
    “Yes, he appears to be affiliated with Unicorn somehow,” Technosis responded.
    “And get this,” Imperion started, “The AllSpark told me that Unicron was responsible for our universe becoming toxic to humans.”
    “Say, whatever happened to your version of the AllSpark?” Technosis asked.
    Imperion shrugged. “Dunno. After it the ‘Great Reformatting’, it just disappeared.”
    “Strange,” Technosis commented. “Well, we can worry about that later.”
    “Right,” Imperion started, “Because right now, I have a very important question to ask our friends here.” He motioned to the former hostages.
    “And what might that be?” Eric asked.
    “When we get you guys back home, can I have your autographs?”
    The gathered robots shared a laugh.

    The End.​
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    Robot Revolution

    Starscream stared at the scanner of the Nemesis, bored out of his brain. This multi-dimensional search for the AllSpark had turned up a grand total of nothing. Quite frankly, he wondered if they were batter off back on Cybertron, searching for Vector Sigma or something…
    A sudden blaring from the control panel interrupted Starscream’s thoughts. He studied it for a moment, before his optics grew wide. He was about to say something when Megatron appeared over his shoulder.
    “What do we have here?” The massive gray and red robot asked.
    Starscream jumped in his seat at the sudden voice. “I-it appears to be an energy signal, my liege. It matches the AllSpark perfectly.”
    A grin crossed Megatron’s face as he studied the image of the planet the scanners had detected the energy signal on. “Set the ship’s coordinates for wherever this energy signal is coming from.”
    “And if that Autobot shuttle is still tailing us?” Starscream asked.
    “We will worry about that later,” Megatron proclaimed before turning away. “Blackarachnia!”
    A slender, feminine figure appeared. “You bellowed?”
    “That I did,” Megatron replied as he pointed to the image of the planet. “I want you to access that planet’s communication and information systems, if it has any.”
    “Yes, sir,” Blackarachnia said blankly as she sat down at a computer terminal.


    Blackarachnia yawned. Four mega-cycles on this primitive communications network known as the ‘internet’ had yielded nothing of interest. Even hacking top-secret government databases had turned up little to go on.
    She suddenly leaned closer to the computer screen. There was a name she hadn’t come across before. After some more searching of the ‘restricted’ databases, she found more information.
    Her eyes went wide with surprise. So there WAS a decent threat on this planet. And it was run by very young humans, of all things.
    Blackarachnia stared taking digital notes. Whoever these Kids next Door were, they were bound to be trouble.


    Author's notes: In case you didn't catch it, the AllSpark transported itself from the Robot Revolution Universe through time to the Kids Next Door universe, where it would create Technosis/ Sixtech.

    Don't be afraid to comment! Seriously, I love getting feedback!

    And the next story arc is a VERY long one. But regardless, I'm doing my best to keep animation alive.
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    Multi-Versal: Transformers Animated Prologue

    “You LOST HIM?!”
    Imperion Maximus shrank back from the computer screen. “Um, yeah. There was an explosion of Transwarp energy, and-”
    “I don’t believe this!” the white figure on the monitor shouted. “You can lead a planet-wide resistance, you can fight a Herald of Unicron, but when it comes to keeping an eye on one robot, you fail. Unbelievable!” Technosis shook his abnormally round head. “I had hoped you-”
    “Look, will ya stop bashing on me just cause’ I made one mistake?” Imperion groaned. “The kid was ready for a mission- smelt, in the previous universe he was in, he lead several missions against a powerful, long-time foe. Besides,” He added, “Not like you’ve never made a fluke.”
    For a moment Technosis tensed, but then relaxed. “You’re right, and I’m sorry. This is just really stressful, trying to lead an expedition to find bots that are Primus-knows where.”
    “Honestly,” Imperion said, “I don’t think even Primus knows where they are, or you’d think he woulda’ contacted us already.”
    Technosis nodded. “I wouldn’t doubt it. I’d actually be surprised if Primus knew where they were.”
    Imperion cocked a smile. “It’s never that easy.”
    “Nope.” Technosis replied, returning the smile.
    Something on Imperion’s computer pinged, indicating he had a new E-mail. He quickly sent out a telekinetic command, prompting the computer to open the message. The new window opened, partially covering the previous one that displayed Technosis. Since Imperion’s computer screen was the camera on his computer, the new window partially blocked Technosis’ view of Imperion, forcing the white robot to literally look around the E-mail window towards his companion.
    “What’s it say?” Technosis prodded.
    “They’ve got somewhat of an idea where he might have gone,” Imperion reported. “Looks like it might be interdimensional.”
    “Smelt!” Technosis cursed. “We’d better get on it. No telling how fast time moves there.”
    “Yeah, I’d hate to end up in another backwards-time dimension.” Imperion sighed.
    “Remember that one universe with no timeline, and everything literally happened at once?” the white robot inquired.
    Imperion shuddered. “I never want to go to a place like that again.”
    “A-GREED.” Technosis emphasized. “Anyway, we better get on the subject at hand.”
    Imperion nodded. “Don’t worry too much, the kid’s resourceful. He’ll be fine.”
    A concerned look crossed Technosis’ face. “I hope you’re right. Oh, how I hope.”


    Author's notes: So, yeah. This will be my attempt at a Season 4 of Transformers: Animated, complete with new characters, old characters, and old characters as new characters! :D 

    Oh, and I wrote this before 'The Stunti-Con Job' came out, so they don;t mesh so well. (You'll see why in episode 1. :p  )

    And thanks to my good friend Megatron_91 for proofreading this!
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