The meteoric rise and fall of Cybertron Galvatron

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    Cybertron Galvatron was a popular figure alongside Energon Galvatron in mid-to-late 2007, routinely commanding $80-90 on Ebay and on the Junkion Exchange, with MISB samples occasionally exceeding $100.

    Today, a Buy it Now listing of 18 Cybertron Galvatrons at $60 apiece went unanswered by the Ebay bidding public. In October, $20 shipping for a total of $80 was still considered a fair deal by the Ebay public. This is clearly no longer the case.

    Given the high prices of other A/E/C figures at the moment, this instance is an anomaly. What caused so many of these figures to go unsold? Japanese Classics Megatron may be occupying much of the G1-homage leader figure spotlight at the moment.