The Meridian

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    ((Okay, so first off, this is my first attempt at a Fan Fiction. The basic premise of this Story is about Bumblebee and his crew searching for an Ancient Warrior for reasons unknown aboard The Meridian, a former Maintenance Ship. So without wasting another minute, I present....))

    The Meridian, Chapter 1

    Cybertron Spaceship Dealership, 8:30 am (Earth Hours)

    Bumblebee looked at the ship for a moment. He was attempting to figure out what kind of ship it was, he would then ask Leadfoot a question. "Exactly what kind of ship is this ?" Leadfoot would answer. "It's a maintenance ship of course !" he'd say in his cockney accent. "A MAINTENANCE SHIP ???" Bumblebee would reply. "I mean, no offense Leadfoot you're my friend and all, but this is best you had to offer ?" "Well it was either this or Kup busted-ass Cargo Hauler he calls a 'Ship'. Your choice Bee". Bumblebee would sigh for a moment, and the respond. "Okay, i'll take it. So what the name of the ship again ?" Leadfoot would look up at the ship, "The Meridian my friend, The Meridian". Bumblebee would nod. "How much does she cost ?" "Five Hundred credits" Leadfoot would answer. Bumblebee would curse under his breath, "Alright then, get it the launch sight area C by tomorrow and i'll pay you there". Leadfoot would extend his servo "Pleasure doing with business with you", Bumblebee would shake his hand "You're Welcome".

    Maccadam's Old Oil House, 7:21 pm (Earth Hours)

    Springer, Bumblebee, Preceptor, and Jolt would sit around a booth, drinking energon. "So how much did he ask for ?" Springer would ask as he took a sip his cup of High Grade Energon. "Five Hundred Thousand" Bumblebee replied. ''FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND ?!, that fucking upsurd !" Springer would say, stunned by the price. "I'm suprised you even HAVE that kind of money, Bee" Jolt added. "Well...I didn't exactly 'Earn' that money Jolt". "So you stole that money ?" Preceptor asked. "I BORROWED that money". "Whatever" Springer would gulp "When do we leave ?" "Tomorrow Morning, at Launch Area C, got it guys ?". Everyone would nodded. "Okay then", Bumblebee would gulp down some Energon.

    ((Yes, the chapters are relatively short, I did that so you could kind of understand the story better. Any Thoughts So Far ?))