By Generation: The Masterpiece MP-11 Seeker Mold: Wing Dismantling Guide

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    Hello everyone! With folks using Masterpiece Thundercracker to make a Masterpiece Skywarp (or whatever they want to make), I thought I'd try an idea out since I was in the middle of cannibalizing one myself to make an updated figure.

    I've seen people chop up the Masterpiece Thundercracker wings, and thought to myself that there had to be a way to take the wing apart without cutting up anything. It was a success.

    Tools needed:

    • Small screwdriver set (preferably one used on eyeglasses). You'll want to use the small flat head screwdrivers, NOT the Phillips head screw drivers;
    • Acetone;
    • Something to put the acetone in the areas noted below (I used Q-tips);
    • A lot of patience

    Step 1:

    After taking the two screws out that attach the wing to the main part of the body, remove one last small screw that attaches the "pointy" part to the wing itself - but you're not done yet. The rest of the wing is actually glued onto the main part of the wing. I went ahead and removed part of the "pointy" part as shown below first.

    Next, what I did was take the smallest screwdriver and carefully wedged it in to create an opening to put some acetone in between it all to help dissolve the glue. I emphasize "carefully" because you do not want to be rough with this or you will destroy the part you need:


    Step 2:

    Wait. Yup. Wait. Here's where patience comes in. Give the acetone time to do its thing and gently use the screw drivers (and possibly the next size up) to gently wedge and remove the part while applying more acetone as needed:


    As the acetone does its thing, continue to try your best to gently and CAREFULLY remove the part with the screwdrivers while applying more acetone as needed:


    Step 3:

    If you've been patient in this process and most importantly careful with the part, you should be able to successfully remove and separate the two (or three) pieces as shown below:



    Now all that you have to do is repeat the same process on Skywarp's wings and then replace that part with the Thundercracker part and paint!

    Approximate time spent: about 30 minutes

    *Note: I know in some of the pictures the piece looks a bit bent. Please believe me when I say it is flexible enough to where after removal, and you can still reapply it to the Skywarp wing.

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