Introductory: The Many Sizes of the Predacons

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    Includes the Marvel and Sunbow heights for Predaking, the original Decepticon subgroup, the Destrons of BWII and BWN, the Destrongers of CR/RID, the BW antagonists, and the ancient dragons of TFP.

    Not included are G1 Gnaw, TM2 Megatron, BWII Gigastorm, and Armada Predacon.

    Well Prime characters are huge anyway. But yeah the RID Predacon trio were 4 meters tall, Sky-Byte 4.8 meters. Going by the only official numbers for Beast Wars Megatron, his original form is 2.8 meters, TM is 3.2 meters, and TM2 is an absurd 11.5 meters.

    Yup. Gigatron AKA Megatron was 7 meters high, Sky-Byte 4.8 meters, and the Metal Beast Brothers 4 meters.


    ....they are.

    Well Rampage is the biggest character in BW besides Optimal Optimus and Dragon Megatron. And he's still smaller than say the Autobot Brothers who are 4 meters.

    I initially used the video game version of Transmetal characters because their stats are in the Transmetal video game for N64/PS1. Then I remembered there was a PS1 game before that and could use the models for them. But that game didn't have stats. So then I realized that the stats for height and weight matched exactly with these Japanese stats-

    Beast Wars Stats

    I mostly relied on these official Japanese stats as the US has none. And you're right, scale does change in the cartoon. Here's the preliminary scale for Beast Wars-


    (Image courtesy of

    I find it funny how the members that form G1 Predaking barely even make up the mass of one of the gestalt's appendages.
    Silly, silly mass-shifting.

    Well that's true of the Marvel one at least. He's stated to be 80' in the comics. The cartoon however has him around 50' so there's less cheating.

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