Introductory: The Many Sizes of Optimus Prime

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    I abandoned this a while ago but decided to finish it today for no reason other than I miss making scale charts.

    Neither of which have any official info or canon media that I can extrapolate from.

    IDW Optimus Prime

    I'm going off what official or scaling information I can come across.

    Yeah. Technically that's because he's not supposed to be Optimus Prime but Fire Convoy. But he's part of our official US canon, so I included all the Americanized Convoys.

    First, the video game lists his robot mode as a much larger size than his anime counterpart. I used all official canons I could.

    Yeah I included that group shot just because. I liked the side-by-side and I scaled off Hero Optimus being equal to his Marvel height but it's just extra.

    Yeah. His scale charts show both forms much larger than the previous shows, and (considering the Hasbro/Takara battle of continuity) it's not surprising they didn't stay consistent. Takara wanted a new series.

    Well I'm sorry you find fault in this because it doesn't look right to you. However, I did everything I could to follow proper scale, and there is always at least one skeptic in every scale thread I start cynically stating "lol scale waste of time" but that doesn't and will not discourage me.

    I'll be updating the first post with all my information/citations. I finished this at like 3 in the morning and was too tired to do so.

    Lots of people are having questions about reliability of these scales so here's my reasoning:

    G1 scale is mostly consistent between 80's mediums. Optimus tends to be the same height in Marvel as in the animated series. The first image on my chart is from the original comic miniseries before their character models were finalized but it demonstrates Optimus at his usual 6 meters in height. All his bodies in Marvel from his original to his Powermaster to his Action Master and his G2 Hero body were the same size

    • Here's Marvel G1 Optimus-


    • As for Powermaster Prime's super mode I drew off my scale series, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants-

    His official profile here ( Who's Who in the Transformers Universe ) states that "In robot mode he can combine with his trailer module and more than double his size and quadruple his strength." So I'd say I was being conservative.

    • Here's the cartoon G1 official scale chart-


    • There's no scale chart for Car Robots/RID as far as I'm aware, but their book entries state all their heights and weights. Fire Convoy is 5 meters tall and 6.5 meters tall in super mode-



    • Dreamwave Optimus is the same size as his original G1 counterparts.

    • Scale charts for Micron Legend/Armada-



    • Scale chart for Superlink/Energon-


    • Galaxy Force/Cybertron scale charts-


    • Optimus Prime's height is listed at 22' 11" for the PS2 game-

    Optimus Prime (Armada - Transformers Wiki)

    • Bayverse Optimus is officially 28 feet tall according to scale charts and official info-


    • Animated scale reference (Megatron is officially 35 feet)-


    • IDW Prime scaled off of adult Spike-


    • War for Cybertron Optimus scale ripped from game data-


    • Fall of Cybertron scale chart-


    • Prime scale which I believe accurate-



    So yeah. I went by what I thought was canon/official, and in the absence of that I crunched numbers, and in the absence of that I relied on accurate fan scales. Note that yes, some Primes are missing-

    Star Convoy- I have no media or stats for him
    G2 Gobot Prime- Besides maybe scaling off the toy vs car dimensions I got nothing, no media, no data, nothing
    G2 Laser Prime/Battle Convoy- The only stats I found were for his JP version, 13 meters or 42.5 feet, I have no artwork/model of either version besides box art
    Machine Wars Prime- Nothing to go on here besides assuming the same height as G1
    Any missing comic versions of Prime- I don't have anything for Armada/Energon comic Prime, Hearts of Steel, etc.
    Any missing JP Convoys like the Nike shoe Convoy or whatever

    I didn't think FoC Prime would be that much bigger than WfC Prime. Where did that come from? Is there a point in the comics or something where he upgraded himself? Of course Megatron had reason for the change, but I thought as soon as FoC started, Prime was in the new body without any particular reason.

    I'm merely listing collected sizes. I don't play the games either so I can't tell you if this is reflected in-game. The sizes may very well just be inconsistent. It wouldn't be the first time scale changed between mediums.

    * * * * *

    The size of Bruticus from G1 is different from Ruination in RID. Just because their molds are the same doesn't mean they're the same characters with the same stats. This was about doing my best to find official information.

    Sure I could use the JP heights for Black Convoy or the Spychangers, but that's not necessarily true for G2 ten (10) years beforehand. Again, the G2 Laser Prime reissue states he's 13 meters, over 40 feet tall. Car Robots Black Convoy is 5 meters or 16.5 feet tall. Not even close. I can't really apply facts from one universe to another. Nor can I assume too much about a version with no supporting data besides the toy and box art.

    Again, look at Armada Prime's size discrepancy between the cartoon and video game. Prime in the video game in his robot mode is taller than the cartoon's super mode!

    * * * * *

    True. I had actually intended this to be more along the lines of "The Many Sizes of Commanders" and would've included Rodimus, Magnus, Marvel Grimlock, Primals many forms, Cheetor, and sub-commanders. But I said screw it, a chart for each character. I do hope to complete that project, though, should time permit it.

    Keep in mind WFC's scale is based off game data while the FOC scale is based off an illustration in a game publication. There doesn't really have to be a rational reason other than discrepancy.

    True for Prime, also of Beast Wars (see Optimal Optimus). However I did try to go with what seemed most consistent to the series.

    Yes, as stated the WFC size was determined by another member who ripped the models from the game, putting Prime around 25 feet, Omega Supreme at 300, and Trypticon at 680ish. Assuming Bumblebee is 20 feet which the "epic height of FOC" graphic confirms. This same graphic though puts FOC Prime at over 30 feet. So it's whatever. Again, I don't think Hasbro has made official charts for both games, just that one graphic I posted earlier. So the other size comes from a game rip from WFC. If they're inconsistent it's because, well, maybe the game's scaling is inconsistent with what Hasbro would wish canon. But the game is canon too, an official work. So I figured I'd add it in cus why not? :D 

    And yes, there will definitely be a Megatron version.

    [In response to the sizes of Optimus Prime from the video games:]

    The sizes are from two sources. WFC's size is derived from the game's scaling. The FOC size is from a released from a released graphic chart.

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