The Man Out of Time

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    Sequel to "What Do You Fear?". Doesn't take place straight after, but in the near future. Please read the aforementioned story before taking on this one. :) 

    The robot opened its dim red eyes slowly, still in a relaxed state. It was completely dark around it, and it was lying down on a bench of some sort. The robot tried to raise its hands, but found them to be bound. Its ankles were similarly restricted. The robot turned its head to try and make out more of its surroundings, but the shadows were too thick. The robot looked back up at the ceiling and laid its head back against the bench. It tried to remember how it had arrived there, but was unable to. It could only remember flying into a space bridge, then falling into statis during transit. Perhaps the robot was still in statis, it thought.*

    Suddenly, a bright white rectangle materialised in front of the robot. It was briefly alarmed, until it realised that it was simply a door. A silhouette of a tall and angular robot moved into the doorway and entered the room. The silhouette flicked a switch and the robot was nearly blinded by the sudden brightness. The robot realised that it was magnetically attached to the bench, which was vertical. The other robot before him was slender and very bat-like, with clawed fingers and deep red eyes. The bat robot moved closer and caressed the robot's cheek with its finger.*

    "Hello darling. I've been so anxious for your awakening." The bat robot purred. "Now I'll start things off nice and easy, can you tell me your name?"

    "Where am I?" The robot coldly demanded, ignoring the bat robot's question.*

    "The place where you will die. Unless you cut the attitude and be a nice boy." The bat robot winked, but the robot made no reply. "Well then I will have to resort to more extreme measures."

    The bat robot looked deep into the robot's eyes. The robot felt a sharp pain as the bat robot extracted the information it wanted from the robot's mind. When he was finished, the bat robot stepped back.*

    "You were not always in this form, were you?" The bat robot asked cautiously.*

    "No." The robot confirmed.*

    "Your previous body..was that of a Seeker! I have had experiences with your kind before, experiences which have not helped my opinion of them." The bat robot glared at the robot. "But I am curious to know which Seeker you were, as my encounter with them was quite a while ago. I might have the chance to...thank you for the way I was treated."

    "No." The robot repeated.*

    "I beg your pardon?" The bat robot was flabbergasted.*

    "No, you will not be able to. I would advise freeing me from these bounds immediately, or I will do so myself." The robot threatened.*

    "No one has ever broken free, and we've had stronger beings than you." The bat robot pointed out.*

    The robot narrowed its eyes slightly, then ripped its right hand out of its brace and around the bat robot's neck. It threw the bat across the room and disconnected the rest of the braces. The robot stood tall and sheathed two swords made of a dark metal from its back.*

    "Tell me where I am." The robot pointed one of the blades at the fallen bat robot's throat.*

    The bat robot lifted its head and looked directly at the robot, its eyes widening. The robot simply kicked the bat robot aside and repeated himself.*

    "Where am I??"

    "Decepticon outpost 8, happy?" The bat robot spat.*

    "Outpost 8 what's been destroyed for millions of years. Along with the rest of the Decepticons. Tell. Me. Where. I. Am." The robot picked up the bat robot by the throat again and pinned him against the wall. "Now!"

    The bat robot didn't respond, so the robot threw him aside and left the room. He entered a long hallway, which he quickly traversed. At the end was a door that led to a large, cavernous room. Inside, two dozen soldiers sat at computers working as a graceful green and orange samurai-like robot supervised. The samurai turned its head slightly as the robot burst in the room. Within seconds, the samurai's sword was at the robot's throat, and one of the robot's swords was at the samurai's throat. They stared one another down, but neither gave in. The soldiers around them could not decide whose face was more terrifying: the samurai's skull or the robot's pitch black face, the eyes the only features distinguishable.*

    "Bludgeon." The robot finally stated. "What are you doing here?"

    "I would explain how you know me, very soon." Bludgeon said icily.*

    Then it dawned on the robot. He didn't want to accept it, but did it nevertheless. He lowered his sword. Bludgeon did the same.*

    "When am I?"