The lost legion

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    Hi Guys,
    This is my first time I'm writing a fan fic. It is based on the G1 cartoons only.
    I hope you enjoy.

    Chpater I:
    It was a hard time for Alpha Trion to decide about this secret mission. Trion, a wise young scientist, was just released from the Decepticon's political prison. He still remembers the nights were the Decepticons deprived him from Energon and the other nights were they tortured him, trying to find out the whereabouts of the Autobots underground brigades. Trion still thinks that it was shear luck that Shockwave and his torturing droids didn't find out that Alpha Trion and six more first generation robots, are the ones that formed and commanded the Autobots underground brigade.

    If it was up to Trion, he would stick with science and be closed in his lab, working on new inventions but reality dictated otherwise. The golden ages of Cybertron are starting to fade, as the Decepticons conquer and slay city after city. It was just after Crystal City was demolished by the Constructicons, Alpha Trion and his six Brigade commanders had to decide on a secret mission.
    "I don't think its going to work old friend" said Tec-bot to Alpha. "Our last legion of warriors can't train even underground anymore." he added. "Now that the Decepticons even roam the old abandoned Cybertonium pits."
    "We have to find a safe place for military training and weapon developments" Alpha replied. "But we have to do it far from Cybertron..."
    Alpha Trion looked at his fellow commanders and they could have sensed on his face plate that he was worried. "...And I'm not keen on the idea to send our best defense force to another planet. What if we'll need them here?" Trion continued.
    "I understand your fears Trion. I really do!" replied Logitron. But if our 13th legion of warriors, would train in a un-compromised area, their tactical advantage will grow." Alpha Trion looked at his friend. Logitron had a convincing look through his optical sensors. "Think about the options to develope new weapons to defeat the dark forces of the Decepticons".
    Alpha agreed, and the seven autobots decided to meet later on that day, at Alpha Trion's lab.

    As night started to cover Cybertron's cities and metallic terrains, six autobots drove swiftly and quietly towards Trion's lab. Their old alt modes were perfect to sneak in and out during the night, but even then there were numerous times were they were detected and detained by the Decepticon's patrolling droids. As a secret door opened up at Trion's lab, the six autoobots moved in quickly into the lab. The lab itself was a huge mess. Only Alpha Trion could have known were his tools are, where are the storage units and his unique hexadecimal memory banks knew every single corner inside that junkyard. After the six autobots transformers to their robot modes, Alpha showed them a computer screen with an uncharted space map on it.
    "here!" He pointed out to his friends on the map. "The planet Antilla."

    That's it for now folks. I would love to hear what you think. I'll post chapter II later on the week.