the league of extraordinary autobots

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    you know you are a real fan when you watch another movie and think "man, transformers would be real cool if they did that" lol. this time, its the league of extraordinary gentlemen. here's what a have for plot so far...

    From the ashes of the last great war, a new decepticon army rises, lead by the revolutionary megatron. With the arrogant autobot high council refusing to openly acknowledge the threat or decide on a coarse of action, the elite guard and security forces are powerless to stop the decepticons' campaign. the reclusive archivist alpha trion decides to bring together a team of special autobots to combat the decepticons. his first recruits come in the form of orion pax and ariel, a young autobot couple who have been seriously injured my megatron himself in a recent attack. He has them rebuilt as the warriors optimus prime and elita one. seeing the makings of a great leader in optimus, trion installs the lost matrix of leadership, which he had kept away, in optimus, granting him great wisdom. though this new group is publicly denounced by the council as vigilantes, many recognize that for now they are the best hope of stop megatron and the decpeticons.

    the league:
    optimus prime: leader and matrix bearer
    elita one: the ability to briefly stop time
    perceptor: one of cybertrons greatest scientific minds
    blurr: the fastest bot on cybertron
    grimlock: one of the strongest pots on cybertron, with a wild beast mode
    wreck-gar: a garbage bot who can rebuild any damage to himself from anything
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