The Jose Tobias Mendez Memorial Sale - A Transformer fanatic gone too soon

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    Hello all, I've been a member of this site for a long time. And while I rarely post anymore, I appreciate the mostly positive attitude everyone has towards each other when it comes to real life issues.

    Unfortunately, I am here to advertise the sale of a fellow member and collector who passed away suddenly right before the holidays. His name was Jose, and was as die-hard as they come when it came to collecting, especially Transformers. While I don't have his user name on hand (maybe a mod or someone could help dig it up), he was a long-time member here and I know he would appreciate any support you could give his family.

    I met Jose before the 2007 movie came out, and we've been friends ever since. He was a very passionate collector, and one of the nicest guys I knew.

    He has a wife and two young children that are left with all of his toys. So I am helping them slowly part with all of his stuff. All of the money generated form the sales will go towards their current and future financial needs.

    His Obituary
    Jose Mendez Beato Obituary, Warwick, RI

    His Gofundme

    Thank you all for looking. I will slowly be posting auctions each week, his collection consists of Transformers from pretty much every line and era (he has a very extensive G1 collection). He also has figures from many other popular lines (DC Universe, Marvel Legends, Mcfarlane, NECA etc..) and plenty of convention exclusive stuff.

    There will be something for everyone, so please keep an eye out for my Ebay auctions. I'll be posting them in bunches every Sunday for as long as it takes me. Right now I have pretty much just 2007 movie line stuff up. But there will be much more coming.

    There is so much stuff, that I have to be kind of loose in the descriptions. So I am listing most as "used", because a lot of the boxes have been opened. But in a lot of the cases, the figure was never removed from the bubble. In some instances a "used" auction will be new and sealed.

    Thanks for looking, here is my Ebay ID
    sullyd2012 on eBay

    sullyd2012 | eBay
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