The Incident

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    Just a stupid plot bunny that popped into my head and wouldn't get out untill I wrote it. Please read and reveiw

    Airachnid races through the Nemesis and rushes to Medbay. She sees Knock Out working on a drone. Airachnid rushes to him.
    "Knock Out come quick. It's an emergency"
    "I didn't hear no page so it's not important"
    "It is. It's Ravage and Megatron. Something is wrong with them"
    "Is it life threatening"
    "Yes. Megatron wouldn't let me page you. He says it's nothing but well he's nuts"
    "Alright fine. Scalpel take over"
    "Yes sir, Knock Out" the small lensmaster Decepticon says
    Knock Out follows Airachnid to Megatron's Office. He sees Megatron on the floor petting Ravage. Ravage purrs and mews as he rubs up against Megatron. Knock Out's right Optic twitches.
    "See Knock Out. It's so disgusting and un con like!" Airachnid says
    "So you say" Knock Out says as he walks up to Megatron and Ravage.
    Knock Out bends down and starts rubbing Ravage's belly. Ravage chirps
    "Yes whose the good cyber kitty. Pretty kitty Pretty kitty" Knock Out says He looks at Airachnid and grins
    "I'm doing something stupid aren't I?" Airachnid asks
    "Pretty kitty want the femme"
    Ravage jumps to all fours and wags his tail. He chirps.
    "Go get the femme" Knock Out says
    Ravage jumps on Airachnid. He whines as he licks her and then tries to mount her.
    "Shouldn't we do something?" Megatron asks
    "Nah, wanna go watch the game?"
    "If it's football frag yes"
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