"The hunt for the Decepticons" . . .

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    . . . has begun in Belgium :drool: 

    to my surprise i found in the last 3 days "new" figures ( for Belgium anyway :p  ) and i am not talking about the little scout class figures etc.

    i personal bought:

    - deluxe class Jetblade ( never seen the 'original' Dirge mold here )
    - voyager Seaspray
    - voyager payload ( never seen the 'original' ROTF Long Haul mold here )

    further more i have seen "sea attack" ravage and deluxe class ironhide, but seeing i already had ravage and the 'original' voyager Ironhide i left them on the shelf :p 

    i wil post pictures as "proof" in the next couple of days, but i dont have a digital camera so i need to ask my brother :bowdown: 

    let the hunt begin :bay