The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return

Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by wolfnfox, Mar 16, 2008.

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    Now here is a guilty pleasure game (for me anyway). Very good pack of Rail shooter games and I just can't get enough.

    At first I thought these were just straight ports but there are some added features that unlock as you play the game (more health and credit options as well as some movies and modes) but they are essentially identical to the original arcade games.

    True not for everybody but hey you can't go wrong if you love this classic arcade genre.

    Only two complaints:

    1. The B button is used to fire and must be held down if you want to fire with Z on the Nunchuk. This is annoying, I have a pistol style shell to play these games (and it just adds so much more from the feel alone) but you have to hold it a certain way in order to shoot they way I prefer to, adding control schemes like in Ghost Squad would have been a big help (thankfully my gun has a guard around the B button so I can just jam som etissue in there to keep the button held down and can fire with the nunchuk housed in the grip).

    2. No House of the Dead 1. I have read that they siad it would take too long to upgrade the game to match 2 and 3 but I have also heard it wasn't added because it was never ported to a console like 2 and 3 have been in the past (There is a version available on the PC but it's mouse driven).

    Any other fans of these games on? It's just a blast to play and I hope it does well enough for Sega and other companies to release more of these games on Wii (come on House 1 and 4).
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    House of the Dead 1 WAS ported to a console before: The Saturn. But the general response, however, was that it was a poor to mediocre port, and I suspect Sega was able to do the port work HotD 2 and 3 quicker because they've already done similar ports in the past (the Sonic Adventure series being ported to Gamecube, notably) and had more Wii/Gamecube trained staff.

    Putting HotD 1 on would have required a from scratch port, and given what I've seen and heard, Sega kinda rushed this one out to market.

    To be honest, I still think $30 is a tad overpriced for the package (hell, I think $30 is too much for a LOT of these budget games coming to Wii), if they ever go down to $20, I'll snap it up in a heartbeat.

    I'm hoping this compilation does well and maybe pushes Sega to do a few more similar packs like this in the future. They have a rich history of games from MANY genres, and I get giddy when I think of some of the possibilities, given the capabilities of the system are greater than that of the Dreamcast:
    A Virtua On two pack? With the success of Custom Robo and Transformers, more giant robots isn't a bad thing.

    A Virtua Fighter set? The Wii is really weak in quality 3d fighting games and you can't really go wrong with a two pack of VF 2 and 3, maybe even throw in Fighting Vipers or Fighters Megamix .

    And I'd LOVE to see the first two Virtua Cop titles released to the Wii

    That doesn't even cover the numerous racing series they've done.
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    $30 does seem a bit high for it. I'd also snap it up if I found it for $20. I'd really love to see Sega port Typing of the Dead to the Wii.
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    I picked it up and really like it :)  Now if they'd put out Carn-Evil and have Namco bring the Point Blank series on the Wii I'll have all the gun games I need
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    Trenton, Ontario, Canada
    i definetly need to pick this up for my gf. shes a zombie freak lol...shes in the process of trying to collect the resident evil series.. so this would be a nice addition