The Forgotten Years

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    Well, its been a long time coming but here's my new fic. In a nutshell, the story is about bridging the gap between G1 and Beast Wars. The main portions of the fic takes place several years before the BW show, and the G1 portions are told in flashbacks and take place after the "Rebirth" 3-parter. I'd like to thank Dio and Blitz_64, which have really helped me in developing this fanfic, mainly creating modes and names for the BW character's Cybertronian forms and information from both shows that I may have missed. Blitz said he had drawings that he did on what the BW crew might have looked like on Cybertron but he hasn't been online for a while and hasn't been able to scan the drawings so I'll give his descriptions. So far, these are the only BW characters who appear in this chapter:

    Optimus Primal - He has the same name and this is Blitz' description: I had designed Primal as a futuristic Cybertronian truck, sleek and streamlined with rockets in the back. It looked a little like Optimus' dropped Transtech design, just without the trukk-munky aspects and colored black. Transformation process was similar to his BW form. He had his wheels on his leg and his vehicle grill/chest was similar to that chest design he had in the 1st season. I also had his exhaust pipes function as his arm blasters.

    Rattrap - Dio proposed a new name but I prefered Axer because I was originally going to make Rattrap have a motorcyle mode but he proposed a futuristic go-kart looking vehicle. As he said, it sounds weird at first, but it fits perfectly with Rattrap's because its small, and funny looking with great maneuverability, just like Rattrap's rat form.

    Megatron - Same name, but his form is not revealed in this chapter so you'll just have to wait. :ev: 

    Oh, and not many people know the G1 Pretenders so here's info on the ones that make appearances in this chapter:

    Bludgeon -

    Skullgrin -

    Submarauder -

    Bugly -

    And now on to the fic. If you have any questions just PM me or ask right here in this thread. Comments would be great.

    "CHAPTER 1: A New Beggining"

    A cloaked figure made its way through a desolate back-alley of the Cybertronian city-state Argentan, inhabited by Predacons, shunned by their Maximal brethren. Their ancestors had waged a great war across the universe,until it had come to a stop, and the war ended. Peace reigned on Cybertron, but all that was about to change.

    The cloaked figure knocked on a metallic door, as a small, blue, seemingly old Predacon opened the door.

    "Oh, its you... come in...", said the old Transformer.

    The cloaked figure entered through the door, not saying a word. The old Transformer locked the door after making sure no one else was outside. The room was filled with bookcases, it appeared to be a personal library.

    "You have what I asked you?", asked the cloaked figure.

    "Yes, I have it."

    The old Predacon pushed aside a small bookcase, where a panel rested on the wall. He punched in a code in a small console next to it. The panel opened, a thick book inside it. The old Predacon took it out and punched in a code, closing the panel. He then placed the bookcase in its original position, making sure the panel was well hidden.

    "The original copies have been lost... this is the best that I could do through my black market connections. However, its the most complete copy you'll find out there."

    He handed it to the cloaked figure, which skimmed through the pages.

    "What about your part of the bargain?", asked the old Predacon. "Where are the credits?"

    The cloaked figure chuckled, and placed the open book on a table. He pulled back the hood, revealing a purple head with red optics, encased in a black helmet.

    "Your credits... yesss.", said the Predacon, reaching into a pocket and placing a small rectangular object on the table.

    The old Predacon grabbed it and took out a small device, and swiped the small card-looking object through a slot. The screen lit up as the number of Cybertronian credits was displayed on the screen of the device.

    "There's only 50,000 credits here.", complained the old robot. "We had agreed on 100,000!"

    "Take it or leave it."

    As the cloaked Predacon was about to grab the book that had just been given to him, a panel in the ceiling opened, revealing a machine gun inside it, aiming directly at the cloaked Transformer.

    "Either you give me the credits now, or I'll blow your head off, and then take the credits from your smoking corpse!", said the old Predacon with a small remote in his hand. "All it takes is the push of this button..."

    Then suddenly, in what appeared to be a split second, the cloaked figure reached out with his hand and crushed the remote, along with the old robot's hand. He yelled in agony as mech fluid flowed from his crushed hand. The cloaked Transformer pulled back the cloak over his right shoulder, revealing a cannon aiming directly at the old robot.

    "You should have taken those credits when you had the chance..."

    He said, before he fired his cannon and a burst of laser fire incinerated the old Predacon's head along with parts of his upper chest and shoulders. The body dropped to the floor, lifeless. The cloaked figure walked towards the small table where he had left the book, and read the passage in which he had left the page on, before closing it.

    "The age of Megatron has begun anew.", said the Predacon, an evil grin across his face. "Quite a shame you won't live to see it...", he said to the dead Transformer.


    An energon processing plant went on with its everyday routine, processing energon cubes and distributing them to the planet's inhabitants. Only Autobots worked in it since this was Autobot territory, and so far there had been no Decepticon activity around the sector. The leader of the Decepticon race, Galvatron, had dissappeared into space, along with a small number of other Decepticons. The leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime had hoped that the Great War had ended and that a new Golden Age had begun. But the Decepticons weren't about to give peace a chance, not as long as the Autobots were the ruling body anyways. Small pockets of resistance were scattered across the planet, attacking Autobot facilities randomly. Though not huge in numbers, they were very persistent, and as long as they kept causing trouble, peace would never reign over Cybertron.

    Unbeknownst to the Autobots working inside the plant, a small group of Decepticons sneaked their way around the buildings surrounding the facility. They opened a small sewage pipe, which filtered out the waste created by the plant. They opened the hatch, and made their way inside. After a few minutes they made a left on another tunnel, and found another hatch. They carefully removed it, not making a sound.

    A few workers were busy processing some energon, not noticing that shadowy figures were sneaking up on them. Then all of a sudden, a worker was slashed in half by a sword. The attacker revealed itself to be a an aqua blue organic looking creature, with a fin projecting from the top of his head, it beared a resemblance to an animal from the planet Earth called a shark. The other scientists began to panick, but another creature, with the skull of a bull for a head and wearing gray and purple armor, tackled two workers, its horns tearing through their bodies. Another worker ran to sound the alarm but he was intercepted by a bizarre black, aqua blue and green creature, which had an insect like face.

    "Get away from me!", yelled the scientists.

    But his pleads for mercy went unheard as the creature jumped him and sank its fangs on the worker's neck. Electricity started surging through his body and soon he was on the ground paralyzed. The creature cackled as the Autobot lied helpless on the floor. His vocal chords were still online, so he could still talk, or scream in horror. He watched as the creature's fangs came closer, and closer, when he was suddenly stopped by another creature with orange armor, apparently modeled after that which Japanese warriors, known as samurais, used on Earth.

    "Back off Bugly.", said the samurai-styled creature. "We need this one alive right now."

    "As you wish...", said Bugly as he backed off slowly from his would be prey.

    "I need some information... where do you keep the processed energon cubes?", demanded the creature. "And you better tell me, unless you want Bugly here to feed on your innards while you still live..."

    The Autobot panicked at the thought of Bugly getting closer to him again, and inmediately responded.

    "Please, no, no, I'll talk!", said the Autobot, unable to move. "They're on the E wing, in the sixth floor, room 322. That's where we take the processed cubes, before we distribute them around Cybertron. Now please, spare me! I beg of you!"

    The leader of the creatures remained unnervingly quiet, then he slowly gripped the sword on the scabbard hanging from his belt. He sheated the sword, and moved closer to the Autobot.

    "Wait... please wait! You said you wouldn't kill me!"

    "I only said Bugly wouldn't kill you. I never said I wouldn't...."


    But the Autobot's words where cut short as the sword was driven through his face, mech fluid gushing in all directions. The creatures laughed, as their leader pulled the sword from the dead Autobot, and sheated it back into the scabbard.

    "Well done. Now let's go to the sixth floor. I want this operation to be done as quickly as possible. Skullgrin you go in the front, Bugly cover our rear. Submarauder..."

    The aqua blue creature called Submarauder slowly approached a dead Autobot which was lying face down, he suspected something. He began reaching for the sword in his belt when,

    "Submarauder!", yelled his leader.

    "I'm sorry, Bludgeon.", said Submarauder, releasing his grip on his sword and getting back into formation.

    The creatures left the room, the door closing behind them. Once they were gone, one of the Autobots began moving, still alive. Barely, but still clinging to life. He dragged himself slowly towards the alarm since he had no strength to walk. Skullgrin had trampled his legs and had driven one of his horns through his abdomen, it was a miracle he was still functional. The wound was fatal, but he at least had enough time to reach the alarm. After a few seconds he managed to reach it, and pressed the button on the wall, the alarm began blaring throughout the plant. His body then collapsed, his life leaving him.

    Bludgeon and his warriors were making their way to the sixth floor via an elevator when the alarm began blaring. The elevator stopped, a safety protocol.

    "Someone must have reached the alarm.", said Skullgrin.

    "You think?", said Bludgeon sarcastically. "Someone here didn't get the job done back there! But we'll talk about that later..."

    He took out his sword and slashed the top hatch, allowing them to exit the elevator. They began climbing up, using the cables which held the elevator. After a few seconds of climbing, they stopped.

    "This is it.", said Bludgeon, jamming his sword through the doors.

    Once they were open, the elevator shaft was peppered by laser fire coming from a several guards who had prepared an ambush for Bludgeon and the others. After about a minute of continuous fire, they stopped and moved in to take a closer look. Then all of a sudden, Bludgeon flew in through the shaft, kicking two guards in their chests and sending them flying into the rest. Bugly, Skullgrin and Submarauder came in next, tearing through the guards with ease, until they were all dead.

    "How did they know we were coming here?", asked Submarauder. "There's no way they could have detected us with these Pretender shells."

    "They must have reached one of the surviving scientists.", said Bludgeon. "We can't afford to make any more mistakes, hurry up. By now the whole place knows where we're headed!"

    Room 322 was just around the corner, but inside, another ambush awaited Bludgeon and his troops. The Autobots inside stood ready, large in numbers and heavily armed. They lied in wait, when all of a sudden the ground began rumbling. They aimed their weapons at the door when without a warning, a purple and gray tank with twin cannons mounted on its top tore through the door, blasting at the Autobots. They fired back but were soon overwhelmed as Submarauder and Bugly came into the room, aiding the tank in destroying the Autobots using their guns. After the room was cleared, Bludgeon entered, making his way through the mutilated corpses and towards the large compartment in the back where the energon cubes were being kept.

    The purple and grey tank transformed into its robot mode, and then panels all around his body started shifting, while smaller, organic looking panels started overlapping each other, revealing the robot to be Skullgrin.

    "That was amusing...", said Skullgrin, admiring his handy work.

    Bludgeon noticed a panel next to the compartment where a right combination needed to be input in order to open the compartment door. He simply slashed the panel with his sword, the short circuit causing the door to open, but it stopped after only a few inches. The other Decepticons began to snicker, but a blank stare from Bludgeon silenced them. He then began slashing the door until it was all gone, revealing the energon cubes inside. He was about to grab one of the cubes, when he stopped and just stared blankly at the wall.

    "Bludgeon?", asked Submarauder, wondering why his leader had stopped.

    Then Bludgeon turned around sheating his sword. "Shed your Pretender shells and transport the cubes to our hideout. I'll meet you there."

    "Why won't you help us?", asked Bugly. "Your vehicle mode would help a lo--"

    Bludgeon grabbed Bugly by his neck, chocking him.

    "I don't remember you signing up as leader!", he said as his optics burned red with intencity. "You do as I say. Nothing more, nothing less!"

    "Fine--- fine."

    He released his grip on Bugly and then made his way out of the room, dissappearing in the darkness.

    Ultra Magnus, the Autobot's second in command had taken a shortcut to reach the city of Iacon, and since the shortcut took him around the energon plant, he had responded to the distress call. He and his small group of Autobots consisting of Blurr, Springer, Sideswipe, Goldbug and Hot Rod had managed to enter the plant. They were going up the stairs towards the sixth floor since the elevator was out.

    "So how many Decepticons are there?", whispered Goldbug to Ultra Magnus.

    "They're not exactly sure. Security found a wounded worker and before he died he said there are four of them, and apparently they attempted to stop them. But from the looks if it, it had to be more than that."

    "I don't care how many there are. As long as I get to smash them!", said Sideswipe.

    "Well it looks like you'll get your chance, cause this is it. The sixth floor..."

    They opened the door, their weapons at the ready. But instead of an attack, all they was an empty hallway, littered with corpses.

    "Oh man... this is bad...", said Springer.

    "Well, whoever these guys are, they're good.", said Hot Rod, inspecting the bodies. "These guys didn't stand a chance."

    "That's the room where the energon is stored, room 322. Get ready for the worst...", adviced Ultra Magnus.

    They slowly approached the room, moving around the dead bodies. Then suddenly one of the dead robots came to life and grabbed Hot Rod by his foot.

    "What the slag?!", yelled Hot Rod, as the apparently not so dead robot got to his feet and threw him across the room, and straight into a wall.

    "Its one of them!", yelled Magnus as he fired his rifle, the other Autobots joining him.

    The green and orange robot then transformed into a tank and returned fire. The Autobots managed to get out of the way but the floor under them collasped due to the intense fire, and they all stumbled down to the fifth floor. They all got to their feet inmediately, still in the fight. The green and orange robot jumped down towards them and just stared silently.

    "Who are you?!", yelled Magnus.

    "I have gone by many names before... but you can call me..."

    Panels started shifting until organic plates formed all over his body, revealing the robot to be,


    The Autobots fired on the Decepticon, who took out his sword and deflected some shots, before he began jumping and running all over the place, avoiding the heavy fire.

    "Whoever this guy is... it doesn't look like he'll go down easy!", yelled Springer, his voice barely audible amongst the gunfire.

    Magnus fired his shoulder mounted rocket launchers, but Bludgeon jumped aside and used his legs to hop off the wall. He slashed at Magnus making a small gash across his right arm but not enough to cause much damage. As he landed Sideswipe moved in for a kick, but Bludgeon grabbed him by his ankle and with a swift snap kick, knocked him into the wall. Springer was next, attacking with his sword. Bludgeon blocked the blade with his own and pushed Springer back. The Autobot began slashing his sword wildly, which Bludgeon blocked with ease. He sank his left elbow in Springer's stomach and then chopped his right arm off, which was holding the sword, and then stabbed him in his abdomen, the wound not fatal, but still drawing a lot of mech fluid. Springer collapsed to his knees as Bludgeon prepared for the final attack. But the execution was cut short as Magnus tackled Bludgeon, pushing him back a few feet. Before they both fell to the floor however, Bludgeon managed to regain his balance and grabbed Magnus by his forearm and then tossed him aside. Hot Rod and Goldbug began firing on Bludgeon, who in turn deflected the shots with his sword once again.

    "Sideswipe, Blurr, get Springer out of here!", ordered Ultra Magnus. "We'll cover you!"

    The two Autobots did as told and helped Springer to his feet. Bludgeon noticed the retreat, and he wasn't about to let the Autobots get away. He reached in his belt and took out a small square device. He pressed a small button on the device before he hurled it at Magnus and the others, the device exploded and created a cloud of smoke which disoriented the Autobots. He jumped over the cloud of smoke and made his way towards the retreating trio.

    "Incoming, Blurr!", yelled Sideswipe.

    He fired his missile launcher, but Bludgeon simply jumped up and bounced off the ceiling, using his momentum to kick Sideswipe in his chest and knocking him on his back. The much heavier Springer made Blurr fall to his feet as well.

    "Just leave me, Blurr. I'll only slow you guys down.", said Springer.

    "There's no way we're gonna leave you behind, buddy.", said Blurr at an incredibly fast pace. "This Decepticon is going down, just sit back and watch!"

    Blurr got up and began firing on Bludgeon, who deflected a few shots before slashing at Blurr. He missed his arm but knocked the blaster out of his hand, leaving Blurr helpless. Bludgeon raised his blade, but before he came down he was blasted away by Magnus, Hot Rod, and Goldbug, who were back in the fight. Bludgeon sank his sword deep into the ground to stop his backwards motion and charged the Autobots once again. Hot Rod and Sideswipe charged as well, thinking that close quarters combat might be their best choice against their new foe. Hot Rod swung with his fist but missed Bludgeon who moved aside and smacked him across the chin with the handle of his blade. Sideswipe moved in but was stopped by a roundhouse to his face. Blurr used his speed to get the drop on Bludgeon and punched Bludgeon about five times in what appeared to be a mere second. Bludgeon swung his sword but Blurr quickly ducked and ran out of the way.

    "He's fast.", he thought. "Faster than me... but he doesn't know the secrets of Metallikato..."

    Blurr quickly moved in for another strike, dodging an overhead swing by Bludgeon. He swung his fist, smashing it into Bludgeon's bony face, but before he could retract it, the Decepticon grabbed his wrist, and using the handle of his sword, striked the back of his elbow, causing Blurr extreme pain and agony.

    "Blurr!", yelled Magnus and Goldbug, who ran to his aid.

    Still holding onto Blurr, he performed a snap kick, sending Goldbug flying into the opposite direction and then a roundhouse on Magnus, who was kicked away as well. Bludgeon then held the blade up to Blurr's neck, using him as a shield.

    "You put up a brave fight Autobots. But its time for me to take my leave..."

    The Autobots maintained their weapons aimed at Bludgeon, but they didn't dare to open fire.

    "Let him go.", demanded Ultra Magnus, despite how unlikely it was that Bludgeon would do so.

    "You Autobots may have the advantage of great numbers, but we Decepticons have strength, prowess, and determination on our side.", said Bludgeon, holding the blade nearer to Blurr's neck, who couldn't move out of the lock. "We will rise again... we will rule as we once did... as we're meant to. Just you wait..."

    "Magnus, what do we do?", asked Goldbug.

    "I... I don't know...", said Magnus, with weakness and uncertainty in his voice.

    "You're never gonna get away with this you piece of slag. Keeping me hostage won't do a slagging thing.", said Blurr at a speed that Bludgeon found hard to comprehend, but he still managed to understand the message.

    "Who said anything about keeping you hostage?", said Bludgeon.

    He slashed the blade across Blurr's neck, mech fluid gushing everywhere. Bludgeon dropped Blurr, who began twitching violently on the ground, holding his throat in pain. Bludgeon ran down the hallway and turned around the corner, dodging Autobot fire.

    "Slag it... slag it!", yelled Magnus as he and the others rushed to Blurr's aid.

    They frantically started trying to help Blurr but there was nothing they could do, he was losing mech fluid too fast. The Autobots started putting pressure on his neck, but the flow woudln't stop.

    "Blurr, please, please calm down. You're gonna be okay... you're gonna be okay!", yelled Hot Rod, trying to comfort his friend.

    But Blurr just kept trashing about, gagging and kicking. Ultra Magnus could do nothing but watch as one of his best friends died slowly. He began thinking about how he was going to deal with the death of yet another Autobot under his leadership, but only one thought stayed on his mind... revenge. He ran after Bludgeon, leaving the others to help Blurr.

    "Magnus, let him go, we don't have time for this!", yelled Goldbug.

    "Stay here and tend to Blurr, that's an order!", said Magnus, dissappearing down the hallway.

    "Great... hold his legs, Sideswipe, we've gotta try to calm him down.", said Goldbug.

    Sideswipe did as told and grabbed Blurr's legs. As useless as it seemed, they had to try to help their friend.

    "Blurr!", said Goldbug. "Blurr, you've gotta try to relax... please listen to me! Blurr!"

    But there was nothing they could do for Blurr. His optics faded away as his life left him...

    Ultra Magnus saw a door up ahead and kicked it open, rushing into the room. He aimed his gun into every direction, but didn't see anything. The room was dark, and what little light there was came from a large window on the left wall. He slowly stepped inside the room, his optics scanning the entire area.

    "Where are you?!", he yelled. "I know you're in here!"

    But there was no response. However, Magnus didn't notice two red orbs staring down at him from up in the ceiling. Then all of a sudden Magnus jumped aside, Bludgeon's sword missing his body by only a few inches. He fired at Bludgeon with his gun, who inmediately deflected the shots and slashed at Magnus, knocking the gun out of his hand. He attempted roundhousing the Autobot, but Magnus ducked and threw a punch striking Bludgeon's bony jaw. It didn't have any effect however and the Decepticon attacked back with a snap kick. Magnus crashed against the wall, and immediately moved to the side as Bludgeon's sword came within inches of his head, striking the wall instead.

    The Decepticon kept slashing, and managed to make small cuts on Magnus' forearm, left cheek and upper chest. As Magnus was stumbling back he recieved a punch to the jaw, and was up against a wall once more. Bludgeon did a horizontal slash but Magnus ducked and tackled, sending them both to the ground. Bludgeon instantly kicked him off into the opposite direction, and got back on his feet. Magnus managed to land on his feet but hadn't recovered from the last attacks, which wasn't good since Bludgeon had begun making his way towards him. Then Magnus noticed his gun lying right besides him, just a few feet away. He could still get out of this alive.

    He reached for a compartment in his leg, and took out a rocket and loaded it into one of the launchers, and fired. Bludgeon jumped sideways, dodging the rocket, and then threw four small knifes at Magnus who had rolled to his side and had gotten his gun back. He managed to shoot three of the knives, but didn't have time to target the last one. He rolled forwards, the knife cutting into the back of his left knee joint, disabling it. Magnus was barely able to regain his footing, only to have Bludgeon pounce on him with his sword. Due to his wound, Magnus wasn't able to aim straight and fired on Bludgeon, who was only a few feet away, tearing off a chunk of his left shoulder. Bludgeon lost his momentum in mid-air, but managed to stab Magnus in his left shoulder as well, drawing a lot of mech fluid. They both yelled in agony as they dropped to the ground.

    Magnus was knocked on his back, yelling in agony. He grabbed the sword by the blade and pulled it out, drawing even more mech fluid from the wound and his fingers. Then out of nowhere Bludgeon grabbed him by his face, his fingers violently puncturing Magnus' cheeks.

    "Now you die!", he said.

    He lifted Magnus and then him hurled out through the window. Time seemed to slow down around Ultra Magnus as he plummetted from the building, helpless. Flashbacks from his career as an Autobot soldier flashed through his mind. He was a great soldier whether he thought so or not. Everyone admired him and respected him. However, Magnus believed himself to be weak and a dissappointment to his troops. He thought defeating Bludgeon and avenging Blurr would be a way to achieve redemption for his past 'failures', as he called them. But now, it was over. No climatic battle alongside Prime, no dying next to the arms of his fellow Autobots. Just plummeting down into death's arms, alone. Then... darkness...


    The chamber consisted of a brightly lit room with the Council members sitting on a circular table, symbolozing equality amongst the members. A large monitor hanged from the roof, right above the middle of the table, with several screens so that each individual could see. The Maximal Council was busy examining videos sent to them from the M.E.A. (Maximal Explorer Academy), where young Maximals were trained to explore new worlds, gather data, and other exploratory tasks. Once there, they were also trained in different forms of combat and survival skills, pretty much everything they would need in their future missions. The video being examined was that of Primal, a young eager Maximal, which was going through the final phases of his training. They were now viewing his combat training, in which he fought a large number of non-sentient droids, tearing through them with relative ease. The Council members were in awe at how effective and fierce he was in combat, and were quite pleased with the results. The video ended.

    "Primal is proving to be quite a great warrior.", said one of the members.

    "Agreed, but he's still young, and he has yet to have any real battle experience.", said another one.

    "Neither did HE when the Matrix chose him. And look at the leader he became."

    "But he is not the same as HIM. Can't you see that?", said a third member. "Besides, he lacks the necessary discipline."

    "I know... But at least I want to talk to him, see where he stands. We need a strong military leader. If there's anything we've learned from history is that their kind isn't fond of peace treaties."

    "Our alliance with the Predacons is already shaky as it is.", said another Council member. "Appointing a supreme Maximal military leader may make things worse."

    "I think we should at least ask Primal about how he would feel about this.", said a fifth member. "We should follow Levitacus' advice. I too grow weary of the Predacons, we should be ready for anything."

    The other Council members thought for a few seconds and finally one said, "Very well... set up a meeting with Primal.", but most were still unsure.

    SECTOR G-49

    "Another one.", said Primal, to a bartender.

    The bartender did as told and filled a glass with energon, and handed it to Primal.

    "You've sure been having a lot of those lately.", said the bartender. "I think you should take a break."

    "Since when do they pay you to patronize your customers, Nozzle?", said Primal before drinking.

    "No, just some friendly advice. I sure as slag don't want you flying around after drinking all that."

    "I'm telling you, I'll get your slagging credits tomorrow.", said a small, grey and golden robot across the room.

    "You should have thought about that before you made that bet. Now hand them over!", yelled a much taller robot.

    "Who's that?", asked Primal to Nozzle.

    "Oh, that's Axer. He's always getting into trouble. He was thrown out of the Academy a while ago. Quite a troublemaker."

    "Really?", chuckled Primal.

    The tall robot took out a knife as Axer began backing away.

    "Last chance, vermin.", said the tall Transformer.

    "Come on, Noisemaze! Maybe we can settle this another way?", asked Axer, trying to prevent the fight. "What do you say?"

    Noisemaze lost his patience and tried stabbing Axer, but he ducked and kicked the tall robot in his abdomen. He then grabbed a chair and smashed it into his faceplate, knocking him away and into Primal. The impact made him spill his drink all over himself.

    "You aren't so tough, are ya?", said Axer, mocking his foe.

    But then another robot punched him across the face and into a table, and then two more grabbed Axer by each arm, keeping him still.

    "You're made of sterner stuff, Axer.", said Noisemaze. "Quite a shame I'll have to spill them all over the place!"

    He tried stabbing Axer again, but someone grabbed his arm.

    "Who the slag..."

    But as soon as Noisemaze turned around, he was punched in his face by Primal's fist, knocking him into the wall.

    "You spilled my drink...", said Primal to Noisemaze. "I needed that!"

    Everyone sat there dumbfounded as Noisemaze got up, wiping the mech fluid dribbling down his mouth.

    "You just made a big mistake, pal!", said Noisemaze attempting to stab his newfound enemy.

    Primal simply grabed his wrist and crushed it, before punching him in his face once again and then hurling him into one of the robots that were holding Axer. Axer took the opportunity to kick the other one in his face, and then tackling him into the wall, but the much taller robot tossed him aside with ease.

    "Slag! Not again...", said Nozzle. "Stop it. Stop it!"

    But it was too late to stop the fight. One of Noisemaze's friends took out a small gun, but Primal grabbed his arm before he could shoot, and then punched him across his face twice before performing a roundhouse kick, knocking him out.

    Axer was having a bit of trouble with his foe, due to his small stature, but he managed to use his speed and agility to dodge all the blows, and managed to knock the robot off his feet with a sweeping kick. He then jumped on top of him and began punching him repeatedly, until he entered stasis lock. Axer then moved towards Noisemaze, who was recovering from Primal's devastating punch, and picked up the gun that one of Noisemaze's friends had dropped.

    "You know what?", said Axer, aiming the gun at Noisemaze's head. "I never liked ya anyways."

    "No!", said Primal stopping Axer from firing. "They've had enough already."

    "Listen, I appreciate your help, but this is none of your business."

    "If you kill him, you'll be arrested for murder.", insisted Primal. "Think about it. Is he really worth it?"

    Axer hesitated for a few seconds, and finally said, "You know what? You're right...", he then pistol whipped Noisemaze across his chin.

    Primal and Axer dragged Noisemaze and his friends out of the bar and threw them into the streets.

    "You haven't seen the last of me, Axer!", yelled Noisemaze, barely able to get on his feet.

    "I think you better get the slag out of here...", said Primal, his left forearm cannons mounting into place.

    Noisemaze and his friends got the hint and left, transforming into their vehicle modes and joining the incoming traffic.

    "So who's gonna pay for all this?!", yelled Nozzle, very angrily. "My place is wrecked!"

    "Put it all on my tab...", said Primal.

    "What?!", said both Axer and Nozzle, shocked.

    "You heard me."

    "Well... sure... but Axer, I don't want you here ever again!", said Nozzle. "You hear me?!"

    "Yeah, yeah fine. Your drinks ain't that good anyways...", said Axer as he began walking down the sidewalk.

    "You're welcome...", said Primal to Axer.

    "Hey, listen, I never asked for your help. I could have taken those idiots myself, so don't try to get smart with me.", he said.

    He transformed into a small go-kart looking vehicle, and joined the incoming traffic on the street, driving off into the distance.

    "Why did you help him?", asked Nozzle, puzzled.

    "I needed to... blow off some steam so to say. Sorry about your place."

    "Don't worry, your credits will do just fine.", joked Nozzle, getting back inside the bar.

    As Primal followed, two large Maximals approached him.

    "Primal?", said one of the large Maximals.

    "Yeah?", asked Primal cautiously.

    "We'd like you to come with us. The Council has appointed a meeting with you..."

    "Listen... can't I go some other time? I--"

    "I'm afraid it can't wait.", said the other one. "Please follow us."

    "Fine. What did I do this time?"

    The other Maximals transformed into small jets and took off, while Primal activated the jet engines in his back and followed closely.

    To Be Continued...
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    Good to see you back here. I don't have time to read it right now, so I printed it out (10 pages! How long did it take you to write this much?)
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    Damn, don't mean to be a beggar but not a comment yet?

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