the family of sunstorm

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    in a collection of some nerd in Dweebmont, Ohio there lived a 2004 E-hobby sunstorm, as an action figure that cost the Owner more than 100 smackers, he was not placed in any battles of the shadows, but up on the top shelf in observation,sometimes radioing valuable information to the local Megatron or soundwave, (all decepticons must serve the Cause somehow) howver he lived quite the contented lifestyle, that is untill THEY showed up

    in a warm AwGhost afternoon, a package arrived, it gave off a series of electonic signals consistant with transformers, but had an organic radar cross-section to it, strange the package opened and there was the image of a girl, with metal, quasi-cybertronian armor. Wierd. upon closer examination of the box, Sunstorm leaned that it was a series of action figures made by konami, a well renowed game company, this particular one was called Arnval, MMS type angel a voice came up behind him, acompanied by the feel of a matalic blade, Ā«please don't gawk at my sister's box art, brickĀ»