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    May 13, 2007
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    I'm selling the following:

    Energon: Megatron, Signalflare, Strongarm, Skyblast, Slugslinger, Insecticon

    Alt: DeadEnd and Smokescreen

    Cybertron: Soundwave and Downshift

    Movie: Dlx Brawl

    G1: TopSpin and TwinTwist

    Prices are listed here: eBay Seller: debestdarnjedi: Toys Hobbies items on

    They're all in very good condition. Except for the G1's...

    I'm also willing to trade for Beast Machines, Transmetals or Revenge of the Fallen items because my Walmart sucks so bad.

    I'm also selling a Ferengi ship from Star Trek made in the 90's, and all 6 Piraka from Bionicle.