The Dream

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    My TF short story entitled The Dream. Hope you guys like it.

    For what seems like eternity, I’ve been stuck in a dream, a twisted nightmare from which none could escape. Every step of the way, demons have hounded me, tearing gleefully at my soul.
    When it started, the demons had first come wearing the faces of my friends. They then began to attack me savagely, showing me pain that would bring the mightiest of gods to their knees. This was when their guise faded, and they revealed themselves to be the horrors that they truly were.
    They relished my pain, and drew strength from my every cry of anguish, but then I did something the demons had not expected. I fought back. I fought, and fought, and tried to escape, but everywhere I went, more demons pursued me, nipping viciously at my heels.
    I tried to destroy them all, but their numbers were too great, and their power too strong, and for a time, I was once again at their mercy.
    I was able to escape their clutches once more, but soon found myself face to face with a demon whose visage would make mountains tremble. My suffering was merely a minor amusement for the demon, but he would still relish my suffering, watching as the other demons continued to torture me, and attacking me himself when their efforts were not to his satisfaction.
    It was not long until I found another soul, trapped and tormented like my own. The demons, seeing my pleasure at this new development, came up with a whole new type of pain, worse than any they had inflicted yet, and forced the destruction of this new soul by my own hand.
    I still fought the demons, trying futilely to avenge the destruction of the poor innocent soul, and my own suffering, but there is no end in sight to the demons, or my dream. Even now, when I know I am awake, I still dream, and the demons still haunt me, with one of their ilk taunting me face to face with my pain.

    “Raw energon, right through your twisted spark.” The demon taunts me. “Take it! Take it straight to the pit, you sickening piece of slag.”
    I laugh in the demon’s face. Laugh with fatigue, and anguish. They have pushed me to the brink. I might as well jump in. I’m so tired of fighting them, tired of the endless suffering. Perhaps now the dream will end.

    By the sweet mercy of Primus, please let the dream end.

    Questions? comments? Suggestions?
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    Nice little Rampage story. It's not often you get to see his side of things, like we did in Transmutate. Is he evil or just tortured? You do a good job getting inside his head, partcularly why he lets go and just welcomes death in that final battle with Depth Charge. I always kinda wondered why he did that. I figured it was one last stab at torturing Depth Charge. I never guessed Rampage might have seen it as a release.