Illustrations/Digital Models: The Definitive Sunbow Scale Chart

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    There were plenty of scale charts produced by Sunbow for The Transformers TV series and feature film, and most can be found online -- albiet in extremely low-resolution form, scanned from old photocopies or photographed under less-than-ideal conditions. It was my intention to reproduce this data in much greater detail, and in a single comprehensive image for ease of reference. Here is the result of my efforts, involving several hours of meticulous scanning, resizing, and clean-up:


    Link to the full 7K resolution image (warning, it's massive!)

    First, a sort of pre-emptive FAQ:

    1. How can you claim your own work to be "definitive?"

    I have done no secondary research, second-guessing relative scales based on animation footage or other sources; I have merely reproduced the characters exactly as they appeared in all the available reference charts. Therefore, this work is above reproach, and not open to fan interpretation.

    2. How can you call this "definitive," when [my favorite G1 character] is missing?

    As it was my intention to reproduce the original scale charts, only characters depicted in archive materials are presented here. None of the Season 2 combiner teams, for instance, appear on any of the available scale charts, and a large portion of the Season 3 cast is absent.

    3. How come [my favorite G1 character] appears to be a different scale in [my favorite G1 episode]?

    Given episodes were being produced for syndication by at least four different studios simultaneously, inconsistencies are bound to crop up from episode to episode (or indeed, within the same episode, with poorly-drawn animation becoming more and more common as the series progressed). The reason these charts were produced to begin with was as a means of avoiding such problems, but there's not much you can do when a studio like AKOM is responsible for the bulk of your animation.


    4. Why have you included modern Hasbro labels for toy size classes?

    Why not? I designated a specific color for each reference line for clarity, and figured the lines ought to be labeled as well. You can judge your Classics, Universe, Generations, or Masterpiece figures accordingly.

    5. Do I have your permission to use this image elsewhere?

    I don't have the authority to tell you what to do with this work; this is not based on any calculations I have done, nor is any of the artwork mine to use. If anyone deserves credit, it's Flory Dery (who did most of the character design artwork) and Jim Sorenson (who gathered and published as much archive material as he could manage).

    I should also acknowledge Cobalt Agent's contribution, having gathered most of the existing scans into a single post a few years back.

    If this thread belongs in a different section of the forum, my apologies; I wasn't quite sure what to do with it. :eek: 

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    Here you go. There are two near the bottom that I don't know.
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