The Conflict

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    Part 0: optimus" in a time long ago before we all lived in harmony. We all were known by names given to us by nova prime. I was created along side whom I considered a brother and whom became my most formidable adversary. Megatron. We were in elite guard academy together. Training to be part of the cybertron defense team(cdt). In a routine training mission to the core of cybertron we were pinned taking fire from the multiple probes defending core I had lost an arm attempting to protect megatron. An autotrooper had landed us between a dead slug and raw energon and if my arm gave way we would be cyber toast. Our only chance to get free would be to shoot through the auto troopers breastplate then shooting a grapple thru his chest and onto a probe with hairline aim hopefully getting a tight grip and getting free but we would never kill a bot to save our selves would we. But in this world, this moment right now, I had to decide.....