The Chronicles of Bookwormdalek

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    So this was originally meant to be a funny, but then I realized that I suck at making those and made it a fanfic instead.

    Basically this will record the backstory of my own personal universe and may serve as a prequel to a future funny if I decide. If not, then it will just be a nice standalone.


    I stare out a window into a cloudy sky. It's normally like this. I'm considering what I'm about to set in motion. Once it begins, there will be no going back. Once it begins, it cannot be stopped.

    I'm attempting to find a way out of it. I know it's wrong, evil, despicable. But it's for the greater good.

    They say that the victor writes the history books. If I succeed, then I'll be hailed as the one who ushers in a new universal order.

    Fail and I'll be one of the most despicable beings to have ever existed.

    Worth it.



    But you already knew that.


    Earth, a seemingly insignificant planet. But it is one of the few with native life on it, so automatically significant. In 1984, the Cybertronians arrived on the planet. At first, the war between the two factions, the Autobots and Decepticons, continued on Earth. Some humans joined the Autobots, and formed NEST, some humans joined the Decepticons, and the war raged on. The year 2013 is when everything changed.

    When people expected further contact with aliens, they looked to the sky. But they looked in the wrong place. A portal to another dimension opened in the Pacific Ocean. Codenamed 'The Breach', it was were the first monster came from. They were called Kaiju, and the first one tore through San Francisco until it was brought down by a nuclear warhead. With this new enemy threatening everything, a temporary truce between the Autobots and Decepticons was signed. The combined forces of the Cybertronians and the Humans easily defeated the Kaiju, the breach was sealed with a nuclear device, and all was back to normal.

    The peace continued for another twenty years. Then the Ethereal Dominion attacked. The Ethereals, a race of psionic aliens that had enslaved various other races set their sights on Earth, hoping to take over the planet and further their own nefarious plans to enhance themselves. However, once again, the combined forces repelled them.

    The peace persisted...until the year 2478...



    "You're the logical one here, Shockwave, that's why I requested Megatron allow you to be my aide." A slim man in a blue suit said. "You know why you're here, instead of on your 'vacation', to try and tell me what Onslaught's next move is. He hit and the other rouge Decepticons hit Seattle yesterday, and the death toll is in the thousands. We've lost all track of him, and Megatron refuses to converse with us at all."
    "I've told you everything I know, which is nothing. I have no idea where he is or where he is going."
    "I don't want to know that. There's no way you could know that. I want to know where you think he might go. You're intelligent. Arguably the most intelligent living organism here on Earth. I need you to use that intelligence."
    "You all the time I've known you, you've never told me your name..."
    "That is irrelevant to the point at hand."
    "You've always insisted I call you Bookwormdalek."
    "That's my name."
    "Not according to your personnel file. You're real name is classified for some reason."
    "Still irrelevant."
    "It's very relevant. You don't trust me to know something as insignificant as your name...and yet you want me to help you find, and kill my former allies."
    "You would kill your own kind all the time during the war."
    "That was different. That was a war."
    "And this could just as easily turn into a war unless we stop Do you want that? Now where's the logic in that?"
    "Don't talk to me about logic..."
    "I'll shut up if you just help me."
    "I'd help you if any of this made sense. All of a sudden a group of Decepticons receive a bunch of advanced weapons and break away from the main faction. It makes no sense at all. They were happy. Who gave them these weapons? There has to be something more to all of thi...
    "And we can figure out what else is going on AFTER we stop this...rebellion in its tracks. Now please, just talk to me. Just you and me. Nobody else. No interrogators. Just the two of us, having a chat about some rather angry friends."
    "And...all of this will be off the record?
    "Of course it is...I wouldn't lie to you."

    And so Shockwave begin telling bookworm all about Onslaught's plans...completely unaware that he was being recorded by a small device placed discreetly under the table.


    Comment, criticize, kill with fire.
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    Well I'm hooked and Shockwave is boned huh? :lol 
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    But Road, you of all people should know my Shockwave is always boned.


    "Alright. We grilled Shockwave, and it worked. We have a general idea of where Onslaught's forces are moving, and their ultimate goal." Bookwormdalek said as he placed a stack of papers on his desk. This particular high council meeting was more tedious than normal. The high council consisted of a representative from all members of the Federal Intergalactic Alliance, which consisted of the Autobots, the Decepticons, the Humans, the Coruscant Republic, and the Covenant. However, the Decepticons refused to send their representative, Straxus, to the council following the actions of of Onslaught. The Republic hadn't sent a representative to any meeting, be it scheduled or emergency in over fifty years, and the Representative from the Autobots, Dai Atlas, was doing nothing but continually accusing Megatron of being in on the attacks.

    "My fellow High Council members!" Dai Atlas shouted. "We have to take immediate action against these monsters before they continue their reign of terror!"
    "And what exactly do you propose we do? We merely have an assumption to go on! I for one refuse to grant ANY assistance based on a mere 'assumption'." The Representative from the Covenant, Th'rel Ratee stated.
    "I...don't think you two are exactly getting the point here..." Bookwormdalek said. "This meeting is a mere formality. We already have a force moving in to neutralize Onslaught and his forces as we speak."
    "You can't just do that! A vote from the council must take place befo..." Dai Atlas began.
    "Yes I can do that if I have permission from the President of Earth. Which I do." Bookwormdalek interrupted. "The papers are all in order and were given to you before the meeting began. We're sending a few XCOM squads."
    "You think they can handle it?" Th'rel asked.
    "Of course they can. It's what they are trained to do..."

    Three large grey dropships, commonly called Skyrangers, flew over the wreckage of Seattle. Buildings had been crushed, landscape set on fire, every Starbucks in sight had been destroyed, and the Space Needle was snapped in half. Other dropships, along with Pelican Gunships, were moving in to evacuate any surviving civilians, but the Skyrangers had a special purpose. They carried three XCOM Squads. Originally an Alien Combat Taskforce, XCOM had been re-purposed as a Special Forces Taskforce.
    "This is Ranger-1, we have eyes on the drop point, over."
    "Roger that Ranger-1. This is Ranger-2, we're ready to land, over."
    "This is Ranger-3, We're good to go, over."
    "We're moving to land, over. Let's get this mission over with, over."
    "The mission is over? Over."
    "No Ranger-3, the mission is not over, over."
    "Alright, I'm getting confused, Ranger-2, can we go over whether or not the mission is over again over?"
    "Ranger-1 I am just as confused as everyone else as to whether this mission is over and we can get over this confusion over over."
    "Can we just land? Over?"
    "But what if the mission is already over! Over."
    "We are trained professionals! How can we be confused over the word over being used repeatedly, over!"
    "Guys, let's get over this and land. Then we can figure out what we're all trying to say. Over."

    The three dropships touched down and the doors opened up. Six soldiers exited from each dropship and silently began to move towards a large, open area of forest, taking cover behind the trees as the moved. That's were the rouge Decepticons were. The five Combaticons were there of course, along with Barricade, Blackout, a few other unidentifiable cons, and an entire horde of Vehicons. A female in Purple armor nodded to the troops behind her.

    Smoke grenades were thrown out, obscuring the human's approach. Snipers picked off a few Vehicons as confused shouts erupted from the Decepticons. The Cons returned fire, but it was in vain, they simply couldn't see the humans.
    "OUT OF MY WAY!" Brawl shouted as he pushed two Vehicons to the ground. He transformed and fired his alt mode's tank cannon into the trees, obliterating three soldiers. Vortex also transformed. From the air he had an excellent vantage point, allowing him to fire on, and kill two other soldiers. However, a rocket struck Vortex, sending him crashing to the ground, damaged but alive.

    The chaos continued, with more of the Vehicons getting killed because that's all they're good for. Blackout and Barricade charged forward, taking heavy fire and killed two more soldiers. The human soldiers began to fall back as another one of them was killed by another blast from Brawl.

    The female wearing the purple armor grabbed her commlink as Blackout laid down suppressing fire with his dual machineguns.
    "This is Axis squad! We're pinned down and Delta Squad is down! We need evac!" the female shouted.
    "This is Ranger-2, we hear you but we cannot pull you out. Evac teams are taking fire and we are moving to get the civilians out. You're gonna need to wai...HOLY CRA..." There was then the sound of an explosion, and static. As the female looked to her right, she could see one of the Skyrangers falling out of the sky, crashing into the ground with a large explosion. Another Skyranger was shot down, as Vortex came into view, and shot down the last one.

    The remaining humans continued to fire at the Decepticons. Another rocket managed to his Blackout in the shoulder, sending him crashing to the ground, screaming in agony. With the suppressing fire gone, they began to retreat back into the woods as they were pursued. In the distance, they could hear screams and gunfire as the soldiers sent to evacuate the civilians were slaughtered by the cons. The XCOM troopers burst out of the forest. The female in the purple armor ordered the remaining troops to move into a small building across the street, and prepare for another enemy attack.


    "We were attacked!" Onslaught shouted into a commlink. "You said this would be easy!"
    "It should be easy. You are the best Decepticons there are. I am confident that you can handle a few XCOM squads." the person at the other end stated coldly.
    "We managed to kill a few of them, but they've retreated."
    "Then what are you waiting for? Move in and kill them."
    "What about the soldiers evacuating the Civilians?"
    "Kill them too. Make it seem hopeless to resist."
    "And the remaining civilians?"
    "Kill them only if you have too."
    "Understood, sir." Onslaught then hung up.

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    ((Oh!!! You made a fanfic Book?))