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    How does one explain this image?

    WELL, years ago, a friend sent me Rot Gut; the green repaint of Blot/Blight from Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters. It was a cute little oddity in my collection.

    A couple years ago, when I learned of SirToys and their collection of KOs, I found a downscaled KO of the whole team - it was something I got because I thought a downscaled combiner was a fun KO to try out, but having two copies of that Blight mold definitely started something. One KO Abominus after another and this clearly escalated from "Wouldn't it be funny" to a legitimate collection of Blots.

    I always liked the idea of character-collecting but nothing ever seemed to pop out at me or seemed affordable - this weirdly became a bit of both.

    Let us meet the crew, one by one. With names to go along.


    Power of the Primes: Deluxe Class Blot (The Papa Blot)

    This infectious collection was in full swing by the time the POTP Terrorcons were announced, so I just had to get him. He is one of the taller ones, but that may change shortly after making this post; SirToys has upscaled KOs!


    Beast Hunters: Legion Class Blight (AKA original recipe Blight)

    Ironically not the first I went for, but I kinda had to at some point.


    Beast Hunters: Legion Class Blight, Abominus Giftset version (AKA Ghost Blight)

    The variant made of translucent parts, which was part of the boxset featuring the whole team. If you were wondering, yes, I specifically got this without grabbing the whole team. It and the original were available from the same seller.


    Beast Hunters: Legion Class Blight, Two-Pack version (AKA Blard)

    This redeco is an interesting color palette. It was packed with a Bumblebee redeco. I also grabbed this one on its own since I happened to find it on eBay at a price cheaper than than the two-pack.


    Beast Hunters: Legion Class Rot Gut (AKA Blip)

    The one who started this whole thing. This is a Europe/Australia exclusive redeco. Incidentally, the reason I was sent this was because I was reading the IDW ongoing at the time, and there was a green Blot lookalike named Blip.

    So that's the official ones, let's get into the KOs! I'll include the official mold for size comparison.


    Downscaled Abominus KO (AKA Blam)

    This is the one featured in a downscaled Abominus, though I've added some paint to give him character. I wrote a review for the set here. Not particularly impressive apart from being able to loosely make that combination work on a smaller scale. Everyone has less parts but same silhouette.


    Upscaled Abominus KO (AKA Bloot)

    This is from an upscaled Abominus, which I also added a bit of paint to - you can see the review for them here. Though he's missing some essentials in Blight's transformation, he surprisingly has balljoints on the robot legs instead of a mushroom peg. Made of some particularly cheap hollow plastic.


    Upscaled Goradora KO (AKA Brust)

    This one is interesting! It's an upscale made to resemble Goradora, the Japanese recolor of Abominus from Transformers Go!. This is a smidge taller than the aforementioned "Bloot", and the plastic quality is pretty good - it feels like all of the original engineering is cheaply reproduced across the whole team, meaning this one actually has the same silhouette as the original. Will probably need to do a review at some point. If anyone is looking for this one, it can be found on AliExpress as one of them "Deformation 5 in 1" type of listings.


    Upscaled Blight KO (AKA Bret)

    This was on Sirtoys in a bundle with a bunch of other random animal/car themed bots at a super low price, because the plastic quality is sssuper cheap and hollow. This is by far the largest version of this mold, standing at the height of a modern Deluxe class. The combiner parts seem to be there but I have no idea if a full team exists. Like "Bloot", he has balljoints on the robot mode knees.


    Honorary Blots

    It's Stinkosaurus Rex and Greeny Rex from the BotBots line! These are fairly underwhelming on their own since this is one of those BotBots who doesn't quite resemble the artwork, but that shape and silhouette is uncannily Blot-like. Some minor paint work was done to darken the inside of their mouths and give Stinkosaurus Rex some black soil.


    Future gets

    Of course, I do wanna add to this family. These are the things I know I wanna grab.

    Upscaled Power of the Primes: Deluxe Class Blot KO: I have seen it, I have procured Blot, it's on its way. Weirdly hyped.

    Transformers G1: Blot: Of course I wanna get ol' grandpa Blot! That's something I can easily grab anytime, it's just a "When I feel like searching for it" get.

    Kre-O Blight: Sure, why not. It exists.

    Transformers Go!: Burara / Goradora: The aforementioned Japanese exclusive redeco of the Terrorcons. I've seen them around but not at a price I'm okay with paying for a set of Legion class figures.

    Transformers The Last Knight: Legion Class Gorge / Infernocus: The movie combiner that takes the limbs and adds a new torso to make a new combiner. I could probably also grab this whenever, and I kinda want the whole team since it's a cool design and interesting reuse of molds.

    Incidentally, if anyone happens across more Blot/Blight KOs, or even the whole team, lemme know! I'll also update with any new additions, as sparse as they may be.
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