The Awakening

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    Earth Orbit. Sol System Earth Date 2005 (*36 hours after the battle between Prime and Megatron.)

    There it drifted, in space, sitting where it had for almost a decade and a half. The Obilisk was a deep green the color of

    it's makers the Constructicons. Lights on the exterior of the construct came to life. The blinking and winking of the lights

    working in an almost predetermined way.

    Inside the obilisk something began to work. Screens came on illuminating the cargo. A transformer, bulky and powerful

    looking, the black and red shell began to be filled with information. A round shpere in the wall of the construct opened and

    a glowing orb of energy began to decend into the new frame. The optics of the new creation came to life and a screen in front

    of it switched from diagnostic information to an image of the Decepticon supreme commander Megatron.

    "If you are active and are viewing this message, then I the mighty Megatron am no more." The image conituned "You are my

    insurance policy. I saved your spark long ago after you fell on Cybertron. You were one of my finest soilders, one of my

    closest friends, and more importantly you were my brother, Megaplex. I have given you a new body, built by my Constructicons

    to make you even stronger than I myself. I leave it to you to avenge my death, continue my goal and keep our people from ever

    being subjugated again. I rename you my brother as you are now the right hand of all my fury and hatred, you are the redeemer

    of my anger, and so I name thee, RAGE." In this obilisk is the energon you need to sustain you till you get back to Cybertron

    and rejoin the Decepticons. Your first mission is to remove the tratior Starscream and take command of OUR Decepticons."

    The screen changed again and thrusters built into the obilisk came to life repositioning the now small spacepod towards its

    destination. Another engine came to life and shot the ship into Hyperspace as it's occupant settled in for his ride. He

    checked his new body and his systems. His deceased brother had done well, he had his lackeys build a strong new body for him,

    the power coursing through him was much more than his former body had ever been able to manage. He noticed his transform had

    changed, no longer was he a carbon copy of Megatron, his new form was a mobile one, with alot of heavy armorment. Most

    suprisingly was the power he could throw out of his main cannon, no longer just a fusion cannon it was somehow different,

    much stronger, he couldn't wait to get a chance to use it. Then Rage felt the shudder of tubulance, the tell tale mark that

    the small ship had come out of hyperspace. The viewscreen showed the metallic visage of his homeworld before him. The

    Decepticon sneered that same cold sneer that had graced his brother's face for years.

    "And so it begins my brother" Rage said aloud, "I hope to do you memory proud. Let those who see me tremble at my might. Let

    those who oppose me know your rage, and let them despair as I send them to cold oblivion"

    The obilisk opened and Rage kicked free pushing himself towards Cybertron. Unbeknownst to him a large planet was already

    making it's own champion. This champion taken from the shattered remains of his twin brother. A creature who would ultimately

    go mad, and lead the Decepticons to failure. This champions name was Galvatron and the two former brothers would soon be

    reunited in their new forms.

    End Prolog

    Chapter 1

    Cybertron, City of Tarn, Jixarhas Starport (2 earth hours after arrival into Cybertronian space)

    The black and red mech touched down, no welcoming party for this returning warrior. No fanfare or tickertape, no this was a

    quiet homecoming. Coldly glowing red optics looked over the planet. The Decepticons had work hard to refill the capasitors

    and batteries of the planet, though the orb still was at half the power it contained in its glory days. Rage thought back to

    his past life the memories of his former self open to him. The battles in the arena, where he and his brother Megatron were

    nearly god-like, very few who walked in as gladiators to face the two brothers were ever the same when they walked out.

    Casually the black and red warrior walked through the city of Tarn, remembering it in its glory days before the distruction.

    He was aware of the eyes watching him, more than that, he knew exactly how many targets he had before him.

    *One on the terrace behind me, two who have been following since my arrival and six waiting up ahead. All Decepticons.* Rage

    thought to himself * This is an oppertunity to gain some allies*

    Rage turned quickly looking up at the terrace and jumped, clearing the distance with little effort and stood face to face

    with the mech in front of him. The mech was a seeker, the average type his dark purple and grey coloring was dull,

    unpolished, a sign the Decepticon in front of him had been one of those who had been left on cybertron to fight the war

    against the Autobots. Raising his fists up, the warrior struck quickly knocking the seeker to the ground with a sharp clang.

    "Ow, Nowwaitaminute!" exclaimed the seeker "I dinna wanna start any trouble wih ye, son I was jus interested in who ya be"
    "My name is Rage," Returned the warrior " What is your designation seeker and are you a follower of our true leader, or

    merely a puppet of some traitorous imposter"
    "My name be Warhammer," the seeker replied "And I am loyal to govenor Shockwave, ergo I listen to Megatron. Rumors have it

    that Megatron has met his end though and soon Air Commander Starscream is set to take his place"
    "How did Lord Megatron die" sneered Rage
    "Due to wounds caused in battle with Prime on earth," Warhammer volunteered "But, Starscream and the others in the high

    command voted to space the wounded so that be the major cause."
    "How could Soundwave let this happen?" The black mech asked
    "He dinna have much choice," returned Warhammer "Four to one be bad odds, even for Soundwave"

    Rage looked over the seeker again, common, generic, and bland, this warrior was no good to him in his current form. The

    knowledge this seeker possesed though, the experiance in battle that he had seen, Rage's mind raced as he formed a plan. He

    knew that defeating the whole Decepticon high command was a waste of precious energy, a show of force was needed. What he

    also needed was an army of his own, Decepticons loyal to his ideals. The trademark smirk worn by so long by his brother

    returned again to his face.

    "Warhammer, my dear mech," Rage said cordially "Would you and your attachment join me?"
    "W-what for? the seeker asked "Why should I join you what do ya have to offer me"
    "Power," Rage answered "Power and a new form, one better than you are now. Join me and help me complete Lord Megatron's

    mission and I will give you more troops to command and a place by my side as my Air Commander"
    The mech thought about this, and a glow began to come back into his eye. "I shall be with you, My lord"
    "Good, now gather your friends," Rage said "We must find Starscream and assasinate him. He's the most likely to ascend to

    "They are going to coronate him inside of Darkmount, with in the next 20 cycles." Warhammer said "We wants all of us there to

    watch this glorious moment when the new era is born"
    "Then we will attend," Rage said "And give the melodramatic fool a decent send off.

    Warhammer got on his com, telling his attachment to meet him back at the barracks he had something to discuss with them. The

    seeker then transformed into his triangular fighter mode and flew off into the cybertronian night. Rage transformed into his

    own alt-mode. The impressive robot folded down onto himself and became a just as impressive tank vehical, with a large cannon

    sticking from his turrent. On his sides were large spikes on a hinged plaform, that looked like it would drive those spikes

    right into the ground when used. Rage moved forward in his new form, heading to Darkmount.

    ******* *******

    The blue and gold Decepticon sat on the large metal slab in his quarters, looking at a holopic of his now deceased friend.

    Soundwave sat there knowing that he should have done more, should have stopped Starscream from dumping Megatron out of

    Astrotrain. No, he had just stood there, just like he had when Megatron wrestled control of the Decpeticons from Straxus.

    Stood there and showed no emotion as the only Transformer who had thought he had any worth to the cause was tossed out into

    space. Now what did he do, Starscream planned to become leader of the Decepticons and already, even before the crown has been

    placed on his head, he has reduced Soundwave's role. Soundwave could feel the ranking he once had slipping away, slowly.

    Everything he had built with Megatron was evaporating.

    *I will not let that fool ruin the Decepticons. We've come to far to let one Meglomaniacal, arrogant, fool lead us down to

    darkness. No Starscream* Soundwave thought looking at a blinking light on his computer panel. If Soundwave had had the

    ability to smile he would have *Someone is coming to stop you. Did you think Megatron a fool* And then going from thinking in

    his head to thinking aloud.

    "Megatron will unleash his rage upon you" Soundwave closed the computer console up and turned to his charging chamber.

    ****** ********
    Cyberonian Space Between Alpha Proxima and Cybertron. Galvatron's Flag ship

    There he sat, brooding. His polished purple shell sitting like a fuming Odin at the center of Vallhalla. He just hours before

    had bound himself to the ultimate evil, for nothing more than to save his own existance. Megatron had been scared, scared to

    let his own life end. Scared at the thought that the price of his greatest victory, the death of Optimus Prime that he too

    would fall. Scared for the first time in his existance, and that fear drove him to desperation. In his last fleeting moment

    of weakness, he prostituted himself to the dark god of Chaos, Unicron. Now power coursed through his circuits, ungodly power,

    but the power had a price, his very spark. His will was no longer his own, he had a new directive, a new goal. The utter

    distruction of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, the only thing that could harm his new Master. He was on a leash, a long

    leash but a leash none the less, for if he even thought of disobeying his Master, he would feel the painful feed back that

    Unicron could push through his circuits. The stripping away of all the power he had been given, the feeling that he was

    slowly being turned back into Megatron and being left to die.

    *No,* he thought to himself, *Megatron is no more I am and forever will be Galvatron, and I will serve my master, until I can

    find a way to free myself of him.*

    Cybertron now loomed in the viewscreen of the battlecruiser. Galvatron smirked, the last vestige of his former self, that

    telltale smirk and prepared himself. Before he would do his master's bidding, he was allowed to endulge his own will first.

    He would take his measure of revenge on his former lieutenant, and take back his Decepticons. Yes it was a perfect plan, a

    ready made army, new lieutenants who would be loyal to him and his master, and the chance once more to rule the universe and

    crush the Autobots. Maybe he wasn't on the bad end of this deal after all.

    End Chapter
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    Chapter 2
    Iacon city, Cybertron.

    A blue-green mech stood looking over a console. He clicked on a few of the outer sensors and leaned closer to the screen. On the mechs shoulder was an autobot symbol at the base of a tall spire, his body looked like that of a seeker but his wings swept back with an almost angelic grace. He looked over at one of the comm mechs and motioned him over.

    "Hey tech," he said to the commbot "What's the latest from earth. Why haven't we heard from Magnus. Iacon's been secure for over a full earth day."
    "Sorry Commander Starbolt," The other bot said "didn't they tell you. Magnus and serval others are in route to Cybertron, something about needing to safe guard the matrix.
    "What?" Starbolt said shocked "If they have to safeguard the matrix that means Prime is dead. I knew I should have sent a compliment of Guard to Earth with Ironhide."
    "Sir, Prime ordered the Guard onto the offensive to retake Iacon. You'd never disobey Prime." The commbot replied
    "Maybe if I had, he wouldn't be dead" Starbolt "What's the status of the Decepticon leadership."
    "As far as I've been able to gleen" The bot said "Megatron's just as dead as Prime"
    "Damnit," muttered Starbolt
    "Isn't that a good thing?" the commbot asked "I mean that means Decepticon leadership is unstable."
    "Son, you been around as long as I have" Starbolt replied " You get to trust your feelings, and the pit of my processor just turned over. Things might be heading towards someting worse. Patch me through to Earth.. Get me lieutentant Ti in Autobot city. "
    "I can't sir." The commbot said "Something just started blocking all intersteller com signals."
    "Can you get a fix?"
    "Put it on screen" Starbolt orders.

    The screen fills with a metallic planet, the size and shape of Cybertron, the picture is blurry, but still menacing. Starbolt shudders, a cold trickle running through his circuits. The communications officer looks over to Starbolt and then back at the screen.

    "It's just eating up our radio transmissions. Almost feeding off them"
    "Keep an eye on this Soilder" Starbolt said "I'll make a report to Eilta One and the rest of the command council"

    ******** ********

    Darkmount, Main Plaza 20 earth minutes before Starscream's Coronation Ceremony

    Rage walked into the main plaza with his entourage. The eight Decepticons that followed him looked re-energized, there shells polished and their optics glowing bright. Warhammer walked immediately behind his new master, looking around at the grand gesture the first of all his kind was preparing for himself. Banners hung from the ramparts of the plaza. On an altar that had been used for this ceremony for eons was a new and shiny crown, most other leaders like Megatron had gone for a new weapon, or a more powerful altmode. Starscream used this oppertunity for a gaudy bobble, Rage was right he had to be destoryed. A blue and yellow mech walked towards the group, it was Soundwave and he looked over the group of nine Decepticons and headed for the center."

    "Do you recognize me" Soundwave asked Rage "How much of your memory tracks survived the process"
    "They all did Soundwave" Rage answered "And yet I feel so much different. No longer the Decoy for my dear brother, his final gift to me was real power. So Soundwave, will you stand with me when the time for me to take control of the Decepticons comes"
    "I will be as loyal to you" Soundwave replies "As I was to your brother."
    "Let's hope that you are more loyal than you were to my brother" Rage sneered "For both our sakes."
    Soundwave lowered his head "I was outnumbered."
    "I know," Rage replied "But the least you could have done was gotten the others to kill Starscream. That's neither here nor there. I will carry out the task now. Warhammer, would you and your breathern of the new elite take your places in the plaza and wait for my signal"

    The eight others fan out and take there places. Each of these Decepticons had been some of the lowest of the low, now this Decepticon who claims to be the rebuilt Megaplex, the brother of Megatron offers them the power to be the leaders of a new order. Warhammer spare not a second on the thought and pledged himself to Rage. Now them mechs under his command followed a new lord and things were better. Their circuits were full of power and Rage had already shown them all plans for their new bodies. Warhammer hid himself up in a balcony to wait for the signal. It was a glorious day to be a Decepticon.

    ******** *******


    Starscream stood behind the altar and waited as Astrotrain lowered the crown upon his head. He could have had anything he wanted, a new body, a more powerful weapon, anything, but he chose a crown. He was a dramatic sort after all and the crown was a symbolic thing that he would wear, to signify his victory, not just over the Autobots, or Megatron, but all those cow-towing lackey's who followed Megatron blindly. Soundwave was a prime example, always doing the will of Megatron, loyal to a fault. His standing would be the first to be taken way. Starscream had his Combaticons now, who could do all of Soundwave's functions and more. Yes after his coronation was complete, he would begin changing things around here. Dirge and Ramjet kept the sheep inline while Astrotrain lowered his crown. In the air their were strange noises as a ship came into view, The Decepticons all look up into the sky.

    "Get on with the ceremony" Starscream said

    In the crowd Rage looked on. His face did not share the displeasure of the other Decepticons, no on his face was a sneer. He noticed the strange transformers come down from a ship that appeared in the sky and their leader. The large purple mech with the Orange arm cannon. He was able to get a good look at his face and his own expression changed from a sneer to shock.

    *It can't be* he thought *It looks like my brother but he's been changed. Who could have achived this. What power other than the power of Primus can return the dead to life... No it couldn't be, they were legends, legends his brother had talked about with him of the chaos bringer Unicron. Only his power could achive this.*

    "Who dares interrupt my coronation" Said Starscream
    "Coronation, Starcream?" said a voice that rang familiar to both Starscream and Rage "This is bad comedy
    "Megatron?" Starscream asked
    "Brother!" Rage whispered
    "Here's a clue" the Purple mech said with that he transformed and fired rendering Starscream into a mound of melted scrap leaving nothing but his leg.
    "Will anyone else attempt to fill his shoes" the purple mech

    The Decepticons begin to look at each other and in the crowd Rage stand there and sneers. He folds his arms and watches as the decepticons make this new mech their leader with the words

    "Long live" one Decepticon says stopping to ask "What did he say his name was?"
    "He didn't" says another
    "Galvatron" the purple mech answers
    "Long Live Galvatron" the mass of Decepticons say

    Galvatron looks into the crowd as Rage looks back at him and their eyes meet. Galvatron's brow furrows for a moment as if he's seen something familiar. Rage turns around and walks out of the plaza, as Galvatron revels in his victory.

    "No, you are not my brother" Rage says to himself "Merely a shadow. I will see just how strong a shadow you are."

    End Chapter.
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    Chapter 3

    Merrill Davis

    Rage walked back to his ship, his entourage of decepticons following him. They all entered the decepticon cruiser and it's engines roared to life. It's moorings lifted and it moved free of the docking plates. Up through the Cybertronian night, falling in line with Galvatrons flag ship. The glossy black ship looked like a fighter in comparison to the larger purple one. Rage looked over his crew. The decepticons destined to fill out the new elite. All would be as it should be soon. This new leader Galvatron would be tested and if he showed any weakness, Rage would destroy him.

    "Scion," Rage bellowed "Follow Galvatron's ship no matter where it goes in the universe. I want to see what our new lord is capable of"
    "Aye, Sir" The small con answered.

    *Let's see what is left of my brother inside there* Rage thought to himself as both ships jumped into the ether.


    Autobot city was a mess, dead bodies everywhere. Circuits frying in and out of the mighty Metroplex. Prime had not had time to install the spark of Omega Supreme into the new body and now repaired had to be effected before they could bring the warrior back to life in this new, more powerful body. A Camoflauge colored Autobot was walking through the mess, barking orders to bots along the way. The bot leaned down to inspect the body of A red autobot, when he could tell the other was dead he began to remove pieces from the fallen warrior. A blue female Autobot came around the corner and stopped starring aghast at what she saw.

    "Liutenant Ti," The femme hollered "A little respect for the dead. I Didn't think we were canabals here"
    "Stow it" Ti replied dryly no emotion evident in his voice. " We need these cogs and diaodes for the living, Ironhide here is one of the lucky ones. His battle's over, and he's off to his rest in paradise. WE still have a job to do and I don't need
    the whining of a civilian reporter in my ear telling me that I'm wrong for using what ever I can to save the living."
    The femme winced like she had been slapped "I'm calling Magnus, he'll put a stop to this"
    "You do that" Ti said "If you can reach him. The comms have been jammed for hours. We can't reach the Sparkplug, or Cybertron. Now instead of pitching me out you could always go prepare a memorial for our fallen, or aide with repairs. Primus knows they deserve it. I'll be working on saving the skidplates of as many wounded Autobots I can and getting our boy here up and running should the cons come back."

    Ti turned back to his work, checking other dead bodies and removing what he needed. The female Autobot walked off muttering to herself but stopped in dead shock as she saw one of the bodies piled in the corner. A hole blown through his chest, his body greyed out, the flicker gone from the medics optics. She fell to her knees and began to sob, well as close as a cybertronian could come to sobbing.

    "Rachet" She said "Not you too!"


    Magnus and company were on the run. These new decepticons were powerful and Magnus couldn't let them get the matrix. The leader was closing in on him and he turned. Magnus transformed, changing into the powerful Red white and blue robot that had been a commanding force during the resistance on Cybertron. He placed his fingers inside the grips on the matrix and began to exert pressure.

    "Open damnit open," He says as he strains "Prime you said this would light our darkest hour"
    "I want the matrix" Galvatron demands
    "Never!" Magnus shouts defiant
    "Sweeps open fire" barks Galvatron "Die, DIE"

    The sweeps begin firing on Magnus, the barrage of their combined fire power is too much even for him. His body begins to rend from the inside and he explodes. Galvatron walks over and scoops up the matrix. A gleam comes to the Decepticons optics as he sneers and places it on a chain and then around his neck.

    "Unicron, my master," Galvatron says beaming "With this I make you my slave!"


    Rage watches from cover as Galvatron destroys the Autobot called Ultra Magnus. He shakes his head as his former brother picks up the autobot artifact and wears it like a trophy. On his ship they had seen the power surge head for Galvatrons flagship, after it had destroyed the Autobot cruiser. The saw the ship turn and come to this planet of junk. Rage had told Warhammer to keep the Dreadwing, his ship ready for extraction and come down alone to watch this shadow. Now witnessing the assasination, he had figured out Galvatron's weakness

    "My dear brother," Rage said "With all the power you possess you obsess for more. This will be your undoing"

    A click is heard by Rage and the feel of a cold steel barrel against his head. He slowly turns around to see a native of the planet, His blaster rifle level for a shot right between his eyes.

    "Nah, what's up doc" The Junkion said "Looks like we caught ourselves a varmint, Maw
    "How, Quiant" Rage said
    "Quiet," The junkion screamed "Speaking ez vorbotten. You're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz. Act now, do not delay, expect three to six weeks for delive---"

    Rage ducked the Junkion quickly and the grabbed it's throat. He began to squeeze and the metal began to buckle than crush as the energon stopped flowing to the mech's cpu. Rage slammed the Junkion down and it shattered against the debris. Rage opened his communitcator and waited for a response signal.

    "Warhammer" Rage said "Prepare for extraction. I know what I need to defeat Galvatron."
    "Aye, Mi Lord" Warhammer responded " And how did ye find the natives"
    "Weak," Rage replied "A race not worth my time or effort to contact as allies. Let's get out of here, we have a meeting to arrange with our dear Lord and Master."

    As Rage walked towards his landing zone the junkion on the ground stirred slightly, what was left of him and his optics lit up.

    "And now you must realize" The junkion's voice said shakily " this means war.

    End Chapter.
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    Chapter 4

    Unicron, the destroyer, the dark god of chaos. The large planet was now in range of the planet Cybertron, having devored it's two moons. Galvatron walked the surface of the planet, ready to spring his trap on his unsuspecting master. Suddenly a blast hit the canyon wall behind him and he turned around. A red and black mech stood behind him, leveling a large arm cannon at him, with a sneer that was very familiar to him. The red mech stepped closer, planting his feet as the gun began to charge. A high pitched whine becoming a dull thrumming as the energy built up in the barrel. Galvatron raised his own weapon and the two went off at the same time, their energies slamming into each other and sending the two Decepticons to the ground. The black mech was first to his feet and pointed the barrel of his cannon full in the face of Unicron's servant.

    "He rebuilt you well, brother," Rage said "But your constructicons rebuilt me better."
    "Who are you to dare challange, Galvatron" The purple mech said
    "You really don't remember anything of your past life do you," Rage asked "Your life as, Megatron"
    "Never speak that name to me again," Galvatron snapped "He was a weakling and a fool who gave himself to Unicron"
    "But he is you, Brother" Said Rage "So if he was weak than so are you"
    "Why do you keep calling me Brother?" asked Galvatron
    "That is who you are," answered Rage "For I was once Megaplex"
    "The name means nothing to me" Galvatron said
    "Then know my new name." Rage said "It is Rage, and that will be the name of your destroyer"

    Rage the slammed Galvatron into the ground with the tip of his cannon and kicked him hard in the side. Galvatron twisted his hips and kicked Rage off him, causeing him to fly back and slam into the metal wall of the canyon. Rage then ran at his former brother and slammed into him, denting both their armors. Both Decepticons locked hands as they grappled with each other, the metal of their hands cracking, sparks flying. Rage shifted his leg behind one of Galvatron's and pushed with force knocking his brother back and as Galvatron staggered, Rage shifted his smaller shoulder cannon to bear and blasted Galvatron directly in the chest, the ensuing explosion obliteration him from Rage's view.

    "Whoever you are" Galvatron said "You have potential. Pity you've squandered it so pointlessly. Now you die."

    As soon as the smoke cleared Galvatron fired his plasma cannon at Rage. The shot landed squarely and for most transformers would have been lethal, but as the smoke cleared a second time Rage stood before Galvatron, nothing more than a scorch mark on his armor and Rage's hand struck Galvatron's throat and he lifted his brother off the ground.

    "You fool," Rage spat "You think you can defeat me? I was built to battle a threat like you. Megatron created me not just as a new leader of the Decepticons, but also to battle the legends of old. I was made to fight Unicron and his heralds. Pity my own brother had to be one of them. Do you really think I would let the Decpeticons be lead by a sparkless puppet who's power is dependant on listening to his master. You sicken me. You knew better and your own pride made you accept his offer, did you forget about me? Did you not trust me to get the job done? That is why you never beat Prime, you always were one to second guess yourself."

    Rage was squeezing tighter on Galvatron's throat, the optics of the latter beginning to dim, when a barrage of laser fire struck Rage from behind. Cyclonus, Scourge and his sweeps flew back in on another strafing run firing on Rage again, scorching and pocking up his armor. Rage took to the air and began his retreat. Even he was no match for the odds against him. In seconds Galvatron's lap-dogs turned back and surrounded their master as Rage flew towards his flagship.

    "You'll regret the day you crossed me, Rage" Galvatron spat "I shall do to you what I did to Starscream"


    Autobot City, Earth

    Ti was in the CNC looking over the newest reports about the repairs, dead,and the wounded. He shook his head and grab the plasteel case around his neck. The dead were now being put on to a cargo ship for shipment to Cybertron, and seeing as Ti was now the ranking officer on duty he had to make the decision on who was going to get the morbid task. A red and black mech walked in. Ti was looking over his file, and some notes that Magnus had left. He looked up from the desk and to the new arrival.

    "You're probably wondering why I called you here." Ti said. "I 've got a special mission for you. One that you will be coming back from, but it might be a little disturbing for you"
    "Lay it on me," The Red mech said "Anything to get off this rock"
    "As you know we lost alot of good bots in the last battle" Ti stated "I need you to take them home. You think you've got the bearings? I've been reading your file and you're record isn't exactly exemplary. Quite frankly aren't the bravest bot in the service"
    "Listen," The mech responded "You give me a ship, a destination and a timetable and I'll get them home. Some of these guys were my friends and they risked it all. I won't fail their memory"
    "I hope you don't, Quartz" Ti said flatly "I really hope you don't. Pad Three, Oh Six Hundred hours, you have command of the Reqium express bound for Iacon. I expect you to do your best. Dismissed soilder"

    Quartz turned and stormed out, the door closing behind him. He turned and looked back at the enteryway and then turned and headed back towards his quarters. All the while thinking. *Wow, Headline is right about him.*


    Cybertronian space

    Rage stood on the command dias of his battlecruiser, looking over the coming battle. The Junkions had thrown themselves in with the Autobots as they began to head for Cybertron. The Decepticon bridge crew looked to their commander as they held the ship in its position in space. Warhammer approached him.

    "My Lord," Warhammer said "Who do we side with. The Autobots, or Galvatron, do we help save Cybertron, or let it be destroyed."
    "Dear Warhammer" Rage smiled "We give only what aid we absolutely have to to the Autobots. The enemy of my enemy is my friend remember that. We have all the time in the universe to defeat the Autobots. Unicron is a common threat to both our races, and in the process if the Matrix is captured or destoryed, more the better."
    "Aye, My lord" Warhammer said
    "Hail the Autobots, open frequency to Cybertron."
    "Done, Lord Rage" the Con manning comms said
    "This is Rage, " the black mech began "The true lord and leader of the Decepticons. My people have been lead astray by the one called Galvatron, he is nothing more than a puppet of the Chaos Bringer, Unicron. The planet that approaches Cybertron. I pledge the assistance of all true Decepticon warriors to the battle against Unicron and his vile creations.....

    ".... For they shall be the downfall of our race if we do not band together to stop them." The message from the Decepticon named Rage continued "In the memory of my fallen brother Megatron, I ask that all true Decepticons set aside their differances with the Autobots for this one battle and drive these pretenders and their followers from our midst. For the Decepticons, For Cybertron, Till all are one."

    "Is he serious" Starbolt said "And how in Primus' name did he break through the jamming"
    "Sir," a tech said "I've run his name through the database and there's no entry for him. There is no Decepticon named Rage."
    "Yet he said Megatron was his brother" Starbolt said. Then his optics flared "This message is real, Find a way to break through the jamming. Get me Magnus... NOW."

    End Chapter.
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    Chapter 5

    "You're sure about this, Bolt" Magnus' image filled the viewscreen static cutting in and out of the transmission as whatever was jamming the signal kept finding the frequency causing the Echo's equipment to jump to a new random one.
    "Rage's profile fits that of a Decepticon that was lost at the battle at Polyhex slightly before the exodus." Starbolt commented, "His name was Megaplex, he was a dead ringer for Megatron. You can see the facial similarities with Rage here." Starbolt transmitted the side by side comparison "He was a less powerful decoy for Megatron. Guess for all his service Megatron rewarded him as his canidate to.."
    "Be his insurance policy" Magnus frown "So now we have a struggle between Rage and Galvatron?
    "Yeah," Bolt replied " Our biggest mystery is who is Galvatron?"
    "Megatron" Magnus said flatly "I'd know that sadistic son of a core processor anywhere"
    "So it's a brother's war" Starbolt shook his head "So we taking the help?"
    "Yes," Magnus said "But keep an eye on him."
    "Aye," Starbolt replies "Okay we can't keep the lines clear I'll talk to you on the other side. Till all are one"
    "Till all are....." Magnus gets cut off as Echo looks over through his visor at Starbolt.
    "1 million Frequencies and they're now all cut off sorry boss" Echo said
    "Not your fault, Echo" Starbolt patted the Black and white mech on his back "Now we know who we're dealing with"


    The Red Autobot sat down in the pilot's seat and looked around. It was a junker, but the best Autobot City could field at the moment, besides his passangers were no longer worried about comfort. Quartz looked out the viewport as the current city commander walked towards the frieghter. If Quartz had eyes to roll, he would be. Ti entered the ship and sat down next to Quartz in the co-pilot's seat.

    "Here, I want you to have something before you go" Ti said "It needs to be taken to Air Commander Starbolt."
    "So not only am I driving the Herse," Quatz sneered "I gotta play mail man?"
    "Seeing as we have no communication with Cybertron" Ti said stoicly "I'm using any chance I can to get in touch with the bots there. This is a full flight manifest, the names of the fallen, including Prime. There are also some very sensitive materials included in here, Quartz. As you know I'm part of a seperate division on Cybertron called the Iaconian Guard, we protect and serve the Prime."
    "Kinda like the Human's Secret Service?" Quartz asked
    "Yes," Ti said "there are files that Prime couldn't let anyone else see. They were stored in his core memory. The second data chip in the packet is Prime's core memory. That has to get to Starbolt to be stored away. That's why I'm coming with you."
    "How," Quartz snapped "Yer in charge of Autobot city till Magnus gets back"
    "Perceptor has returned from the Ark" Ti said "Do you really think they'd leave a Lieutenant in charge for long. As a Guardsman I have a duty to Prime. With his death that duty does not end, with the acension of a new Prime that duty does not end. This is my final duty to Optimus, and I'm asking you to help me carry it out"
    "Okay" Quartz said "But strap yourself in this old heap ain't no luxury liner."


    Rage watched as the giant planet transformerd into the biggest Transformer ever. A horned devil, a behemoth called Unicron. He heard the statement it made to Galvatron, the fool did he really think that would have worked? Now the god of destruction was angry and Rage had to move his pieces into place before they were totally ready.

    "Decepticons" Rage stood, the broadcast breaking through the jamming "Now is the time to rise up and join the Autobots. Our destroyer has arrived, lead to us by a false prophet. Rise up against Galvatron and fight for our continued existance. May no power stop you. Fight my Decepticons, for the glory, for the power, for the might of the Decepticons, and for Cybertron. DECEPTICONS ATTACK."
    "My lord, "Warhammer stood "It's working. They're turning on Unicron"
    "Let's hope it's enough," Rage said "Scion, battle speed. Open fire with everything we have. Target Unicron."


    The Junkion ship fired salvo after salvo at Unicron. The battle seemed hopeless the creature kept coming and coming. Nothing they threw at it seemed to affect it. The Autobot ship wasn't fairing any better. The Junkions were about to fall back as a Decepticon battlecruiser came up behind them leaving them no chance of escape. Wreck-Gar turned to his crew

    "Some one have set us up the bomb" Wreck-Gar said
    "T-minus 30 seconds and counting" said a member of his crew
    "Head for the high ground, Milly?" Said another
    "Stand and Deliver" Wreck- Gar said. "Make it so, Number one"

    The Decepticon ship opened up with it's guns, the shots flying over the Autobot and Junkion cruisers joining the salvo against Unicron.


    Rage sneered, looking through the viewscreen. His mind rolling and turning, coming up with a battle plan on the fly.
    He had his ship pull up behind the Autobots and Junkions, in a masterful bit of strategy, as soon as Unicron was defeated he'd turn the ships guns on them. He'd get rid of his rival, no longer considering him his brother. He'd defeat Magnus, and his Junkion allies. Then the Decepticons, under his command would be free to sweep across Cybertron and take the planet once and for all.


    Magnus felt uneasy, the Decepticon cruiser had settled in behind them. Yes, it was helping them but he was uneasy about it. Hot Rod had left the ship and landed on Unicron looking for the matrix. Springer and Arcee were also down there with the human Daniel. Suddenly a vision swept over Magnus, he was in an area of bright white light as he looked ahead of him he saw Iacon. Then he saw the impossible, Optimus was heading towards him.

    "Prime" Magnus said
    "I don't have much time" Prime spoke, but the sound echoed through Magnus' mind "You've done well, you've brought the boy to the Matrix, he is ready to recive it."
    "Who do you mean" Magnus asked
    "Hot Rod," Prime's spirit answered "The matrix has chosen him. He shall lead you all into the future"
    "But he's not ready" Magnus said
    "Neither was I" Prime said "That's why you must guide him.

    Magnus snapped back into the battle as Unicron exploded from within. Then the ship was rocked by explosions as the Decepticon cruiser began to redirect it's fire onto the Autobot and Junkion ship.


    Starbolt watched the distruction of the Chaos Bringer, and rejoiced. Then he switched to the image of Magnus' Cruiser being attacked by Rage's ship. Starbolt clenched his fist and drove it into the console.

    "All Autobots," Starbolt said into the comm system, no longer blocked by Unicron "Attack the Decepticon cruiser and zero mark four point two. Let's show this bastard what it means to be Autobots."

    The few remaining Autobot ships turned to fire on Rage's cruiser. Some were met with resistance by the Decepticon warriors who had just recently been fighting along side them. Ships flared up and winked out of existance in brilliant lightshows. The Junkion cruiser turned and lurched forward, ramming into Rage's ship plowing a large hole into it's side. The Junkions began flooding into the Decepticon ship like a swarm of locusts.

    End Chapter.
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    Chapter 6

    The Junkions just kept swarming in to the bridge, Rage would knock one down anoter would get up. He'd knock the second one down the pieces of the first one would heal the other. Warhammer was using his null rays to knock out whatever Junkions he could but even he was soon to be overwhelmed. Scion was down, long knocked into stasis by some of the rampaging recyclables. Rage began to get angry and with that anger was getting careless. Firing his shoulder cannon in the confines of the ship blowing a big hole out of the hull. Warhammer looked over and ran for the hole.

    "My lord," Warhammer said "I suggest a retreat. There are just too many of them."
    "Yes," Rage said. Slamming a Junkion against the wall crushing his head "I agree. It seems I underestimated these Junkions. Call Escara and have her pull her cruiser into range. We'll take who we can, alive or dead and retreat to Earth space. We need replenishment, and Autobot city is ripe for the picking."

    The two warriors grab Scion and a few of the other fallen Decepticons and jump from the ship. As they float toward the retrival ship the Decepticon cruiser Rage had commanded exploded in a puff, taking some of the Junkion raiders with it, but not enough to suit Rage's taste. Rage would be back. His forces had grown due to this battle, he now had four full cruiser complements under his command. Now was a time to rest and lick wounds, a time to recharge, and a time to attack the Autobots at their weakest point, Earth.


    Autobot command Iacon. (2 earth hours after the distruction of Unicron and the Liberation of Cybertron)

    Starbolt stood at the command dias in the center of the spire, watching over the transition in command. Optimus was dead, and now the matrix had chosen another. Starbolt's duties were manifold now, he had to clear Prime's quarters and find out all he could about this new Prime. He had to surround this new Prime with the things that would make him comfortable, and help him in running the Cybertronian government. He heard the door open behind him and turned towards it. There he was, Rodimus Prime, formerly the hot headed upstart Hot Rod. What a twist of fate Starbolt thought, the matrix saw something in him that it hadn't in Magnus.

    "Officers on deck," Starbolt stated and kneeled before Rodimus "The Guard are ready to serve, Prime"
    "Get up" Rodimus said "I'm not yet use to all this fawning and formality, Bolt, I'm still me"
    "Begging your pardon sir," Starbolt said "The matix has changed you. Hot Rod no longer exists, as long as you bear the Matrix you are Prime. I'm assigning you two of my best bots, Blurr who you've already met, and Ti. They will be your personal Guard for the Interim. Once you're settled in they will be less visible but still there." Ti's a good bot, he was assigned to Optimus until very recently, he's now headed back to Cybertron with the fallen and Optimus' data track."
    "Fine" Rodimus said a little edge in his voice "I hear we have a new threat. His name is Rage?"
    "Yes," Starbolt said. "I'll have Echo prepare a full briefing on everything we know or suspect about him. I believe he may be just as dangerous as Megatron. If there is nothing else you need, Prime, I haven't recharged in hours."
    "No, Starbolt" Rodimus said with a friendly smile "Go get refreshed, you and the Guard deserve some down time. Magnus and his men will take this shift."

    Starbolt saluted the new Prime and walked out into the hallways of Iacon.


    A cargo ship takes off from Autobot city, the large bulky frieghter heads up into Earth's atmosphere, its thrusters flaring and up and away into the sky it goes. Then the image cuts to Headline, she is standing at the main gate of Autobot city. The blue femme adjusts something and waits briefly for no apparent reason.

    "That was the scene two hours ago, as the Reqium Express, as many Autobots have called it took off for Cybertron. It's mission to take our fallen to their final resting place. That resting place is a large Ark class cruiser that will be a drifting tomb for those brave sparks we lost in the final days of the war."

    "The war is now over. That is the decree from Optimus Prime's successor, Rodimus Prime. The new Prime, one of the youngest Autobots ever to ascend to the position, was said to be intrical in the destruction of Unicron over Cybertron. We wish this Prime a long and successful career, may he guide us with wisdom and compassion as was the trademark of his predecessor. For the next six hours this transmission beam will play the Terran tune "Amazing Grace" as the names of the fallen Autobots scroll the screen. Please remember them with honor and dignity. This is Headline, signing out."


    Earth (7 hours after Unicron's destruction)

    Rage looked out the viewport of the cruiser, the blue green gem of a planet below fanned the fires of his hatred as it was this energon rich world that had taken his brother's life. It was this blue green gem, with its fleshy inhabitants, that virus called humanity, that had cost the Decepticons their glorious victory. It would be this blue green gem of a world that would refuel the Decepticon military machine, so that they could crush the Autobots under their heels. This blue green world would give him the energy he needed to retake Cybertron, and if he had to destroy this insignificant little planet called Earth to do so, so be it.

    End Chapter.
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    Chaper 7

    Autobot city Earth

    The newly repaired city shimmered in the heat of the day. Several Autobots with the sigil of the Iaconian Guard stood near outside the entrance to the city doing some final work. Laser weilders fininshing up, two of the autobots turn as a blue femme approaches with her camera in hand. These two twin autobots smile and wave on the right is a blue male, and the left one is a deep green femme.

    "What's going on Headline" Says the Green mech her voice soft and peaceful "you come to interview the grunts on the finishing up on the repairs to Metroplex"
    "Nah" Said Headline "Trying to get some more info on the Guard itself and it's leaders."
    "Oh" The green femme said "Who you want info on? Starbolt? Archer?"
    "Nope, Ti" Headline answered" I had a talk with him before he left and his story intrigued me. I mean a bot who's removed his own emotion chip. Has he been a good commander"
    The blue male stepped forward "Ti's dah best" he said "The bot would go to the pit and back for anyone undah his command. He saved Tourque" Points to the green femme "once while we wuz facin da cons. He almost bought it den, and if youse is lookin for bad stuff ta say about im I'd have to take ya out"
    "Highline, calm down" Tourque said punching her brother in the shoulder "We all have a soft spot for Ti. He really is a great commander"
    "Hey guys" Another blue mech said "We gotta go. Seems some cons are attacking a refinery to the south."
    "What?" Headline said
    "Looks like the new guy is really making a bid for power" The second blue mech said
    "We're commin, Speedway" Highline said "Hold yer horsepower"
    Headline looked around confused "New guy? Galvatron!!!"
    "No" Speedway said "The other new guy, Think his name is Rage."
    "I'm comming with you" Headline said
    "Okay, Speedway get on the comm" Torque said "Tell Corsair and Pursuit to meet us enroute."

    The autobots transformed, Speedway, obviously the newest of the bunch turned into a Chevy Cobalt. Torque and Highline converted into two Neons. Headline transformed into her form, following behind with serval other bots heading to the south.


    Requim Express Bound for Cybertron.

    Quartz navigated the space lanes like no one else, atleast that was Ti's opinion of the pilot. One of the best he'd ever seen. The ship was on the fastest possible course for Cybertron. Unfortunately the ship they were using didn't have a hyperspace drive so they'd be traveling at just above light speed till they got to Cybertron. A trip of several days, with Quartz, sitting with the least talkative Autobot in the whole faction.

    "Two days, fourteen hours and thrity-six earth minutes till we reach Cybertron" Quartz said "You think these guys would have deserved a ship with hyperdrive."
    "I commandeered what was availble" Ti said in monotone "You said you could fly it. Second guessing yourself now Quartz"
    "Listen here pal," Quartz said "I can fly this old rust bucket blindfolded and with one arm. It's just gonna take us forever to get there.
    "Take it up with the cons" Ti retorted "They damaged most of our shuttles."
    "I hate the cons," QUartz said the the freighter bucked "What the??"
    "What's wrong" Ti Asked
    "We've stopped" Quartz said giving the ship more power "Slag, something's got us in a tractor beam, not enough power in this thing to break free."

    Then the ship lurched again and through the corridor came the Sharkticons....



    Soundwave stood on the dead planet, he'd lead as many Decepticons as he could there. It was a stockpile of energon, but it wouldn't last. Soundwave knew what was to come next, the bickering, the infighting, the pretenders to the throne and the wanna-be's all trying to be the next Decepticon leader. Galvatron had disappeared, and Rage had abandoned the remaining Decepticons when his plan had backfired. Soundwave needed time to think up a plan. He needed a way to reach Rage, and get the remaining decepticons on his side or they were doomed to extinction.


    Sanco Oil Refinery Earth

    Warhammer chugged down a barrel of oil, letting it overflow over his face as his body converted the oil to energon. This was what it was like to truely be a Decepticon. Having the power to take what you want when you want it. Rage had gotten his fill of oil, repowering his systems and now he was busy working on stockpiling energon into the cargo bays of the four shuttles the three Decpeticon cruisers had sent down. The in the distance the sound of engines were heard. A blue Cobalt appeared over the ridge, followed by two Neons, A cavalier, A corsica, two small jeeps, and a Newsvan of some sort. Warhammer laughed to himself as he saw the Autobots arrive and transform.

    "Decepticons, Defend Lord Rage," Warhammer said "Decimate the Autobots. SHOW THEM WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A TRUE DECEPTICON."

    The cons began firing, but Speedway drew his blaster and layed several down quickly with fire. Torque and Highline both looked like superstars in the WWE as the green femme speared a small seeker and Highline dropkicked Warhammer. Rage turned his attention on the other bots, blasting the two jeeps into smoldering slag with a shot from his shoulder cannon, as Corsair and Pursuit ran for cover. Headline sought cover and began recording the battle. She also too the time to call for reinforcments.

    Highline continued his onslaught against Warhammer, looking all the while like a pro wrestler, using moves that most would only see on cable at 10pm on a monday night. The Decepticon seeker fought back using the limited amount of metallikato he knew, but to no avail as he wound up in the strangest looking pedigree ever.

    Torque was much more refined with picking apart her oppnents. Taking on some of the weaker cons she used martial arts moves from varing cybertronian diciplines. Then when a target was to far away she'd open up with her blaster. Her and her brother were both taking the brunt of it as the cons obivous advantage in numbers began to take it's toll on them both and they retreated for cover.

    Speedway stood his ground blasting shot after shot at the cons. Many of them admittedly were nothing more than non-descript drones and went down easy. Rage turned his attention onto the blue speedster and let a shot from his arm cannon go. Speedway moved but a couple seconds to late and ended up losing his right arm in the blast, falling into stasis lock

    "SPEEDWAY" Highline yelled and began firing on the bigger Decepticon. Headline watched from her position and a con dropped down ready to shoot her, as a shot took the decepticons head clean off. Black smoke filled Headline's view and when it dissipated an all black Autobot stood infront of her. The bot turned and looked down at her.

    "Get out of here" His voice not much higher than a whisper "This is going to get ugly" And then the smoke billowed around him again and he was gone.

    Highline was busy blasting away at Rage. His blaster shots doing nothing against the hull of the black and red Decepticon. Rage had closed the distance between him and Highline and slammed into the bots chest with his fist, sending him flying. SWatting Torque to the ground and all of a sudden he felt blaster fire on his face. He looked to the left and Headline was shooting at him.

    "Guys run" Headline said "He's too much for us. Retreat and get out of here"

    Rage leveled his arm cannon at Headline and began to fire. In an instant Highline jumped up and flew infront of the shot taking it full on his chest. Rage sneered, but the sounds of more Autobots approaching brought him back to reality. He turned to his decepticons and began to walk towards the shuttles.

    "Grab the fallen and let's go" Rage said "We got what we came for"

    As the Decepticons boarded their ships Headline could have sworn she saw a puff of black smoke as the doors closed on Rages shuttle. She looked down at Highline and the mech fluid leaking from his chest. She saw Torque crawl over to her brother. Torque took her brother's hand and looked at Headline.

    "He did it to save me" Headline said
    "He would have done it for anyone" Torque said "Don't worry he's a tough one"

    Perceptor rolled up with the reinforcments. He shook his head at the developments and looked at the injured. Speedway, and Torque needed heavy repairs. LowJack and Rough-cut the two jeeps were gone, and time would only tell if they could save Highline, worst comes to worst they'd deffinately have to totally reformat his body.

    "Get the wounded back to Autobot City." Perceptor said "Headline I want to see any footage you shot of this Rage. Autobots.. Roll out"

    End Chapter.
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    Chapter 8

    It was dark, cold, damp. His head was spinning, and the feedback was killing him. Slowly his optic adjusted to the lighting in the room. From what he could tell he was no longer on the frieghter. The technology here didn't look like anything Cybertronian, and yet it did at the same time. He looked to the far corner and saw Ti, he was in stasis lock, and it looked like he had gnaw marks on him. Quartz got up slowly, and almost fell back down. He walked over to Ti and began making what repairs he could. Ti's own internal systems had repaired much of the damage and Ti's slowly came back online.

    "Where are we" Ti asked
    "Don't know," Quartz said "I know we're not in Kansas anymore"
    "Undoubtably" Ti responded
    "Remember much" Quartz asked
    "Just a blurr of what ever they were," Ti said "Looked sorta like sharks to me"

    "Those were our sharkticons" A voice from outside the room said "Impressive are they not, Autobots?"

    "I take it you've brought us here for a reason" Ti asked
    "Yes," the voice said as the creature responsible came out of the darkness. A Floating eggshaped transorganic creature with five different heads. "YOU are going to help us retake Cybertron."


    Luna (earth's moon)

    Rage pulled the energon scalpel out of the Mech. The work was tedious but he had the energy and the resources now thanks to the Autobots destroying several of his more expendable warriors. This poor creature's spark had been almost totally lost. Rage worked to save him. His new body was an amalgam of 3 different drone bodies which were reformatted into a special agent. Rage finished the last wire connections and powered up. The eyes of all three bodies lit up and the wolf like bodies moved together and then combined into a single robot.

    "How may I serve you" The robot said
    "You, are my first new creation" Rage said "I've created you to be my spy, and my espionage agent. Your transform allows you to be in three places at once. I have named you Wolfpack. You are the first of my new elite. Your brothers will follow."
    "Understood my lord" Wolfpack said "again I ask how may I serve you?"
    "You will return to earth" Rage said "Get a detailed list of power sources and return here. If you find any Autobots you are to eliminate them."
    "Understood" Wolfpack said and then turned and left.

    Rage then turned and began work on his next project. Two drones drop a seekers body on to the table and then walked away. Rage began his work as he looked down at his second in command on the opperating table

    "You've upheld your part of the deal, Warhammer" Rage said "Which is why you shall retain yourself. I reward those who serve me well and I shall make you more powerful than Starscream ever was"

    In a dark corner of the cargo bay two red optics glowed breifly then dissapeared. A whisp of black smoke rolling out from the darkness


    Autobot City Earth

    Perceptor looked over Highline on the repair table, they had reformatted his body. Taking the former altmode and updating it with the newest model they could find. The damage done to the mech's body had been repaired, but Highline had yet to come back online, and a day had past since his injuries.


    Iacon City Spaceport

    Starbolt walked through the space port, his mind was racing. All contact with Ti's frieghter had been lost. There was not trace of it anywhere in the normal shipping lanes His friend was missing, with the bodies of the dead, and the most important set of datatracks those of the late Prime himself. Ultra Magnus walked up to Starbolt the two looked at each other.

    "Any news" Ultra Magnus asked.
    "None" Starbolt answered "It's like the universe just swallowed them up. We should go after them"
    "We wouldn't even know where to look" Magnus replied
    "I know, but we can't leave them out there" Starbolt said
    "We've got more imoportant things to deal with" Magnus said
    "Like what?"Starbolt asked
    "We need to find where Rage is hiding" Magnus said "That's our first priority. He's raided Earth once already, Killing several bots, Starbolt. We've already got enough dead, we have to stop him before he becomes another Megatron. We have to stop him before he raises a powerful enough army.

    Starbolt looked at Magnus and nodded. The thought of leaving his best friend out there in space was distasteful, but Magnus was right the Autobots wouldn't have the man power for quite some time and Rage wasn't waiting for the defense forces to get back up to speed. Ti and Quartz were on their own.


    Autobot City Earth

    Torque lounged in an oil bath, letting the lubricants seep into the built in reservoirs all over her body. Headline walked into the rec area and slowly approached the oil bath. Torque smiled at the newscaster, who returned a half-hearted smile.
    "There hasn't been much improvment with Highline," Headline said "And they've fixed everything they can on him"
    "I know you're worried," Torque said "But I'm confident that he'll pull through. He's had worse believe me."
    "How much worse could it be?" Headline said
    "Megatron's Fusion cannon?" Torque said "He took a shot at point blank range"
    "Oh Primus" Headline exclaimed "How'd he survive that"
    "My brother and I," Torque said "Are binary bonded. As long as one of us is alive the other can pretty much survive anything. He'll pull through, Now come on relax a bit. Get a steam cleaning or an oil bath. You've been through alot.
    "No, I have today's broadcast to put together." Headline said "and I wanted to find out about someone I saw on the battle field"
    "Oh?" Torque said "Who"
    "Do you know anything about an All black Autobot that can dissappear in a puff of smoke?"
    Torque's optics went wide "I-I've gotta go Headline, I can't talk about that." And then she lifted her self out of the oil bath and spun off into the changing area locking the door behind her.
    "Torque?" Headline said "Torque???"


    Luna Inside Decepticon cargo shuttle

    "Now" The mech looked at his reflection gone were the characteristics that marked a seeker. His body was now a dark purple and black. Twin turbines lifted up from his shoulders. His cockpit still made up his chest. His arms were bulkier than before and his legs matched their strength. The Decepticon looked at his refection in the polished wall of the cargo bay "I Feel like a Decepticon. I feel elite"

    "You are elite" Rage said "You are the first of a new breed of seekers. Programmed and wired to control as many drones as you dare try to. A hammer of Primus, a warrior of the first rank. You my dear Warhammer are now a fitting mech to be my second in command. YOU are my right hand with which I will stirke at the Autobots.
    "And what about the humans?" Warhammer asked "They help the Autobots. They make the Autobots stronger some how"
    "Kill as many as you want" Rage sneered "Let the bloodlust fill you. Let the feeling of power course through you and smite them. Let them know their place as our inferiors and they shall bow before us and tremble on their knees. They will call us gods.
    "Yes" Warhammer said "We are Decepticons. We take what we want.
    "And what do we want dear Warhammer" Rage said sneering almost maniacly
    "EVERYTHING" Warhammer screamed.

    Two red optics once again looked on from the dark. Making a silent pledge that these new Decepticons would not get their way. Now to get find a way to get word to Magnus and bring the Autobots down on this place.

    End Chapter.
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    Chapter 9

    Quintesson Ship Sol System Past Pluto's orbit.

    The pain was exquisite, the red mech winced and screamed out as the inquisitor interrogated his subject. Another Inquisitor worked on the green and brown mech. Sparks and cuts and welds working on the creatures, the Inquisitors turned to each other and chuckled. Ti, winced but did not scream out he would not give these creatures the satisfaction of hearing his pain.

    "Where is the Matrix" The first Inquisitor asked
    "To the pit with you" Ti spat "I'm not telling."
    "Oh Autobot you'll talk." the Inquisitor said "There are much worse things than death."
    "Heh," Ti sneered "I've suffered worse"
    "Oh my dear Autobot" The Inquisitor laughted "I don't think so. Your leader is in the cargo frieghter now I ask you again. Where is THE MATRIX?"

    A large cutting arm came down and began to slice into Ti's armor. The pain over took him and he began to scream.


    Autobot City Earth

    Headline looked through the database for the Black Autobot. Every lead she found lead to a single file that she was unable to access. Turn after turn brought her back to a single file. She struggled to find out about it, to no avail. Perceptor walked in with a stern look on his face. Headline had been caught, this wasn't the first time one of the higher ups had caught her sneaking into the database for a story, but this time Perceptor looked really perturbed.

    "Headline" Perceptor said "May I ask what in the name of Primus you are doing trying to access restricted material"
    "I'm looking for information" Headline said "on a black autobot that saved my life at the refinery"
    "The information on that bot" Perceptor said "is restricted. He's a special opperative much like Punch. His name is Blackadder and that's all your getting, now be happy with it."
    "What is it with the Guard," Headline said "And all these special operatives all of a sudden coming out of the woodwork, Perceptor."
    "These operatives" Perceptor said "Have been in place long before you reawakened on Earth dear lady. We still have jobs to do and need to protect these operatives. So I ask you to end your research now"
    "Don't worry" Headline stated "This wasn't for a story, but my own satisfaction. I like to know the names of the white knights who save me."
    "Okay then" Perceptor said as he turned and walked out "By the way, Highline is awake. He's still not ready for a return to duty but he has pulled through. Why don't you go talk to him."
    "I think I'll do that" Headline smiled

    Perceptor left and the door closed behind him. Headline turned back to her terminal, and brought up a picture of her and Sunstreaker. She looked at it for quite awhile, remember her love.

    "And you were the best knight of all" she said.


    Quintesson ship

    Ti felt someone shoving him, bringing him around. His vision cleared and he saw a battered Quartz in front of him.
    Quartz helped him up to his feet. Ti took a moment to collect himself. Arms, check, legs, check, Prime's datatracks, slag all. He looked over at Quartz who was also checking Ti over.

    "They got it" Ti said
    "Got what," Quartz said "We didn't tell them anything"
    "Prime's datatracks" Ti shook his head "they took them"
    "So" Quartz said "Let's forget about them and go"
    "I can't" Ti said "I made a promise to get them back to Cybertron."
    "You have a duty to get your slagged aft to safety" Quartz said

    Quartz steadied Ti and walked him to the door of the cell. They both looked at the door, slightly opened a crack. Teasing them, taughting them.

    "The fools" Quartz said "They left the barn door open"
    "Heh" Ti said "They're testing us. They want to see us scurry like turborats in a Cybertronium maze"
    "Well then" Quartz said "Let's not keep the professors waiting"
    "Right" Ti said "You go get the ship ready, and I'll go get the datatracks"
    "And how will you do that" Quartz said "You don't have any weapons"
    "Oh" Ti said "I'm just full of surprises."

    With that a secret compartment opened up on Ti's back and he pulled out a multi-rifle. He then pulled out another gun and tossed it to Quartz.

    "You might need that" Ti said
    "You're a freakin walking arsenal" Quartz muttered
    "Yeah well been around as long as I have," Ti smirked "you learn to come prepared"

    The two Autobots slammed through the door and into the corridor. As the Quintessons watched on from the safety of their observation room. The grand Inquisitor turned to the lesser.

    "They aren't following their program" The Grand Inquisitor
    "It's impossible, they're only domestic models not programmed for combat" The other said
    "It is Imperitive" The Grand Inquisitor said "That we find what caused this glitch in them when we retake the factory world."

    Ti transformed when he saw the Sharkticons. He barreled at full speed down the corridor, the multi-rifle now in a machine-gun position on the his alt mode. It fired at the Sharkticons, blowing some up as he rammed into others. His altmode was not like most standard Autobots as it was a light armored military vehical, most of the rest of the Autobots were civillian class vehicals and would have been banged up within minutes. Even Ti though had his limits, and that's when the rockets came to bear. Little trails launched from two side panels on the Autobot, streaking towards Sharkticon targets. Ti transformed back into robot mode and took cover behind the debris of several destroyed Sharkticons.

    "They deffinately didn't want me going this way" Ti said "Well that means I'm headed in the right direction"
    Ti pressed down his comlink "Quartz,"
    "Yeah, Ti" Quartz said "What ya need"
    "Get outta here," Ti said "This is gonna be tougher than I thought, one of us has to make it back to Cybertron. Till all are one"
    "Slaggit Ti," Quartz's voice came over the com "Don't be a Martyr"
    "You have your orders solider, Ti out" Ti ended his com chatter, stood up and began shooting again, his face a mask of death as he reached the center chamber and say the data crystal sitting out in the open *Too slaggin easy he said* Grabbing it and stowing it away. The lights around the outer chamber came on and Ti was faced with a sea of Sharkticons.

    "Very Impressive, Autobot" The voice of the Grand Inquisitor spoke "But very foolish. Since you will not help us, you will be judged. We judge you guilty. Sharkticons, destroy him"

    The Sharkitcons were closing in, coming closer and closer Ti began firing into them. Ripping apart as many as he could, but his weapon was quickly running out of energy. Four shots, three more, two more, one. The gun then clicked as it expended the last bits of energon in it's clip. Ti grabbed at a small thumbstick on his right thigh and looked directly into the eyes of the Sharkticon infront of him.

    The com jumped to life "Hey, did anybot call for a taxi" Quartz voice rang out.

    The side hull crumpled and the prow of the of the freighter push through. The ship came all the way inside the center chamber and the cargo ramp opened. Ti jumped up and onto the ramp, steading himself. He then released his backpack and dropped it into the the teaming horde of Sharkticons. Quartz began to ramp the frieghter through the other side of the quintesson ship

    "It's been fun guys," Ti said "We gotta go, but don't be sad I've left you a house warming gift"

    Ti then pressed the thumbstick on his thigh as the frieghter door closed and Quartz cleared the ship. As the frieghter speed way, into space, the Sharkticons swarmed on the back pack. The back pack beeped it's count down and the Grand Inquisitor shouted orders for the crew to brace for and explosion. The center chamber blew, but the Quintesson ship held together. The shockwave of the explosion blowing the ship off course and allowing the Autobot Frieghter to escape.

    Ti came up into the flight control area of the frieghter and sat down in the second chair. Quartz looked over and gave the bot a big cheesy smile.

    "You know for a bot with no emotions" Quartz said "You really are good with the sarcasm"
    "They following?" Ti asked
    "Nah" Quartz said "What ever you were packing in that backpack knocked em for a loop"
    "Yeah" Ti said "Well that was it for my bag of tricks. Lay in the fastest possible speed for Cybertron, and Radio ahead maybe we can get an escort to meet us halfway."
    "Aye, Lieutenant" Quartz said
    "And" Ti said "remind me to amend your record. That's one of the bravest acts I've ever witness a bot perform"
    "Yeah?" Quartz said "Maybe now I can tell Kup a story"
    "Maybe" Ti said "But I'm sure that old kodger has something to trump it"
    "You're probably right, Ti" Quartz said "You're probably right.

    End chapter 9
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    Chapter 10

    Autobot City Earth

    Highline relaxed in the oil bath, it felt good to sit there in the safety and comfort of the hot oil. His repairs completed, his body reformatted into the newer SRT version of his former altmode. He had to hand it to Rage, blasting him in the chest had been a blessing in disguise. He was now a bit more powerful, a little faster, and alot more determined to defeat this new batch of cons. Speedway joined him in the oil bath, a new arm attached to where his old one had been blasted off by the new Decepticon warlord. Torque was happily using the auto-buffer to work her surface into a highly polished shine.

    "Ya know sis" Highline said "Sumtimez youse is just one plain ol' girly girl"
    "Well" She said back jokingly "One of us has to be the pretty one"
    "Har har" Highline retorted "Youse is slaggin High-lar-ious ya know dat"

    Speedway watched the two siblings play fight with each other, with all the stress of the past week. The battle for Autobot City, the death of Prime, the end of the war. It was nice to get a little bit of r and r. In the back of his mind though, he knew they still had a rogue band of Decepticons out there somewhere waiting to strike again. The only questions were where and when, he'd been out patrolling the local energy sources in the area to no avail.

    "Okay guys" Speedway said "We know this Rage guy is a serious threat so, what are we going to do to prepare for him?"
    "Jeez, Speedy" Highline chuffed "Youse just can't let a guy relax for awhile can youse. If this Rage joker shows up again, we slag em. Pure and simple as dat."
    "I wouldn't be so confident, Line" Speedway stated " He took both of us out pretty easy"
    "Dat's cuz we wassn't ready" Highline answered. "It'll be a whole nuddah story next time"
    Torque just shook her head at her brother "So how we gonna replace Low-jack and Rough-cut. It's not like Cybertron is sending that many reinforcements back to earth"
    "Well," Speedy said "I talked to Archer via comm-link and he's told us to hold tight with who we have now. Corsiar and Pursuit are in fighting form. The lieutenant is being reassigned to the new Prime, but knowing the emotionless sod, he'll work his way back to do some special missions with us. Infact, Archer was commenting that Starbolt might even come to Earth himself. Seems Rage is a major priority with the CnC back home.
    "Wait" Torque said a bit shocked "The boyscout himself my come give us an assist. He's never come to Earth before. They are taking things pretty seriously if they've got Adder on a special mission and the blue boy coming here."

    The Three Autobots looked at each other and that's when it hit them. This new Decepticon was nothing to be toyed with. The command was serious in stopping him, deadly serious if the commander of the Iaconian Guard himself was coming to Earth.


    His name used to be Scion, he was weak, underpowered, and a pathetic fighter. Rage had changed that. Now he was more powerful, faster, sleeker. He was no longer the Decepticon that would be kicked around. He would do the kicking now. He would crush his opposition not only with his weapons, but with his mind. Why should he stop at being one of the elite though, he could rule. Work the angles and crush Rage. Make the best of his new situation. Oh they say there is always one in every group that lusted for power. He was that one, and he would use his power to make sure that one true leader emerged from the darkness to lead the Decepticons. He would test Rage, continually to ensure that his Lord was worthy of the title. His was the task of anarchy, and he proudly accepted that task. Challange the command, all the while crushing the weak and pathetic who stood in his way. Autobot or Decepticon, he would make sure that nothing remained of them but dust.

    "And so Scion dies" The Decepticon said to his reflection "Long live Duster, may I guide my fellow Decepticons to our one true leader"


    He made his way around the Decepticons base, collecting data all the while. Invisible to them, staying in the shadows as he'd been taught. The cons had been building ever since they had landed on Earth's only moon. Rage had sequestered himself in a small cargo shuttle he'd turned into a lab, building himself a new group of elite cons to be his special guard. Adder had seen the wolf spy, he'd seen the rebirth of Warhammer, how many more elite would Rage tinker with. Rage seemed obssessed with building up his force. He'd stay in the shuttle, never leaving working endlessly to perfect his new army. Four whole days had gone by with no sign of the new warlord. Blackadder decided that this was his time to send his transmission. He snuck into the communications tower the drones had just finished up. He sat in the shadows, dropping his cloaking field in a wisp of black smoke. Slowly plugging himself into the communications array. He searched for a sufficent signal to piggy back his outgoing message to. Composed his message and sent it out. He then dissappeared back into his own smokescreen and when it dissipated he was gone. The only trace he'd been there were footprints in the lunar dust.


    Quartz berthed the frieghter into the docking bay, and he looked out at his homeworld. He smiled as he looked out over Cybertron, finally home. He wasn't sure how long he'd be here. He was sure Magnus would have him sent back to Earth as soon as possible. Ti stood up and walked to the exit hatch. He opened it and left the frieghter. Quartz looked outside and saw a sleek blue and green mech approaching Ti. The two shook hands and then Ti motion to the other mech and they both re-entered the frieghter. Ti pointed to Quartz

    "Bolt" Ti said "I'd like you to me what may be the best pilot I've ever met. His name is Quartz"
    "Yes" Starbolt said "I've heard of him."
    "He's the main reason we got back" Said Ti "We ran into trouble."
    "What kind of trouble" Starbolt asked
    "Strange creature with five faces" Quartz answered
    "What?" Starbolt's head turned to face Quartz "Kup and Rod- I mean Prime ran into creatures with five faces too"
    "I'll have a report on your desk ASAP" Ti said
    "No, that can wait" Starbolt looked to Ti "you need to drop off those datatracks, and then we have to get a shuttle ready to return to Earth space."
    "How soon we shipping out" Ti asked
    "Immediately" Starbolt said and then looked at Quartz "Unfortunately we only have one available pilot"
    "What?" Quartz said "Slaggit I never catch a break"
    "Listen solider" Starbolt said "If we work this right, and we stop this new decepticon threat now. There'll be a regular rotation back and forth. Prime doesn't want anyone unable to visit home. Now that we have home back."
    "New Decepticon threat?" Ti said "But Galvatron was defeated."
    "Yeah," Starbolt said "But Rage wasn't"
    Quartz sank down in the pilot seat, disheartened that he wasn't even going to get to see Iacon proper "What's a guy gotta do to catch a break"


    Headline sat at the comm-link, she'd been radioing Cybertron for about 3 minutes and was waiting for a response. The screen filled with the Autobrand and then a white and black mech appeared on the screen.

    "This is Cybertron control, Echo here" the mech said "how may I be.. Oh hello Headline, long time no see how are things on Earth"
    "Echo" Headline looked closely it had been a very long time since she'd seen the old comms mech "Well the vorns have been good to you"
    "Aw, thanks" Echo said "Let me guess. You're lookin to talk to someone? Maybe a certain Autobrother who's kinda vain?"
    "How'd you know" Headline said "Is Sunstreaker anywhere around."
    "Let me patch you too him" Echo said "he's getting ready for an op but I'm sure he'd be glad to hear from you"

    The channel statics out and then the familiar face of Sunstreaker graces the screen. He's looking well polished and in top shape. He smiles into the com looking more through the screen at Headline, than at it.

    "Well there's a sight for sore eyes" He says "How's the sweetest femme in the universe"
    "Well you're in a good mood" Headline answered "What's up? What's this op your preparing for?"
    "Well it's Classified" Sunstreaker said "But one of our guys has trailed some cons to Earth's moon"
    "And you guys are?" Headline asked
    "Going to kick some Skidplate" The grin on Sunstreaker's face said it all "So I'm gonna be in the neighborhood"
    "Well drop on by" Headline said
    "Oh you know I will" Sunstreaker said "I mean I can't deprive you of my presence forever, now can I? Okay gotta go we're loading the shuttle now. See you soon"

    The screen went dark and Headline looked up at it and shivered to her core. She couldn't explain it but she felt something in her processor, and it just wasn't right.


    Quartz settled into the pilot seat of the shuttle. The group had loaded up and begun the preflight procedures. Ti sat next to Quartz in the weapons officer seat, sporting a brand new backpack of tricks. Starbolt sat in the command chair and looked around the bridge of the shuttle.

    "As soon as you're ready, Quartz" Starbolt said "Take us out"
    "Aye, commander" Quartz said "Engine powerup complete. Docking mooring away. We're off"
    "Set course" Starbolt ordered.
    "Setting Course" Quartz responded. "Zed Zed Plural Zed Alpha, locked in"
    "Engage Hyperdrive" Starbolt said
    "Engaging." Quartz countered

    The ship slid into the space lane headed toward the Sol system. It's engines flared up and it shot off into space from Cybertron and dissappeared in a flicker of light.


    Headline watched the five bots who had been there at the refinery step aboard a shuttle. They were the second flank of the attack on the Decepticon moon base. Torque, Highline, Speedway, Corsair, and Pursuit. Each of them had become her new friends over the past few days. She wished she could go with them, but Perceptor had told her that there would be no civilians on this operation. He assured her though that she would have first crack at any and all interviews when the team returned to Autobot city, nothing would be held back and she could ask any questions she wanted. Headline was not happy with that, but she realized that it was all she could get.
    Still something about this operation bugged her. She couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong.
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    Chapter 11

    Quartz steadied the shuttle against the barrage of Decepticon anti-aircraft fire. Moving the shuttle in lower and lower, all the while Ti was laying down suppression fire. The surface of the moon didn't give much in the way of ridges or cover, even with it's cratered surface so Quartz was doing his best to get the strike team to target.

    "Point of insertion coming up" Sideswipe reported
    "All bots to you positions" Starbolt said walking up behind the two Autobrothers "Alpha team follow Sideswipe and Sunstreaker, Bravo team with me. Quartz get the shuttle to a safe distance and wait for our extraction signal."
    "No problem" Quartz said

    A small green mech took Ti's place at the weapons station and he opened his comlink. "Lance two this is lance one prepare to engage"
    "This is lance two" Torque's voice said over the com "Engaging on your mark.
    "MARK" Ti said

    The two autobot ships swept into the base camp, mechs jumping from hatchways and cargo ramps. They began firing at the deceptidrones, and any Decepticons who came at them. Duster and Warhammer began laying into the Autobots. Silently they sent orders to the drones. Decepticons and Autobots were falling left and right. The access ramp on the cargo shuttle in the middle of the encampment came down and the red and black figure of Rage came forth firing his cannon. Speedway and Highline jumped for cover and began firing at Rage. Their combined fire power still having little effect. Sunstreaker moved in to help them.

    "Keep him pinned down" Sunstreaker said "Give our guys time to set their charges."
    "Youse got it bud" Highline said "Firing blaster bolt after blaster bolt at the large con.

    Ti was skating the outskirts of the camp placing charges on the structures all around when something grabbed onto him and threw him to the ground. A decepticon cassette drone then shattered before his optics and his vision was filled with black smoke that soon dissipated, leaving Blackadder standing in front of him.

    "Ti," Blackadder said "Give me the charges, I'll finish with them. You get back and help the others"
    "Right." Ti said handing over a small satchel to the Autobot Spy "Give me a signal when you're clear and I'll light it up."
    The Black Autobot nodded and disappeared again. Ti transformed and drove toward the main battle.

    Rage had advanced slowly, making Speedway, Highline, and Sunstreaker fall back. Rage's shoulder cannon aimed towards Speedway's and Highline's cover. He fired a shot which the two Autobots barely avioded. The resulting explosion sent them through the air, landing against a crater wall, jarring their circuits the laid there motionless. Sunstreaker braced himself and ran towards Rage. He began attacking the warlord with every move he knew. Rage took hit after hit, his armor denting. The autobot kept coming as Rage slammed a fist into his chest and sent him flying back. Sunstreaker got his bearing and returned to the fight. They traded blows like this with each other.

    "You're good Autobot" Rage said "But you're getting tired"
    "I still have enough energy to slag you" Sunstreaker snapped, whipping himself around and connecting with Rage's face with a roundhouse kick. Rage snarled and slammed into Sunstreaker again
    "Too bad for you Autobot" Rage said "I would have asked you to join us, But it seems you're too far gone" Rage's arm cannon charged up and sent a blast into Sunstreaker's chest. Sending the Autobot flying backwards.

    "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" A voice shouted and a blue-hot ball of plasma slammed into Rage. The heat of the blast ripping away at his armor and searing his circuits. Then another blast from behind him rip up his back Staggering the behemoth. Rage fell to his knees and looked around Duster was busy handling two Autobots that were giving him one heck of a time, and Warhammer had gotten caught up in a melee battle with the green Female, who at the moment had him in a sissor lock. The plasma shot had come from an angelic looking blue green bot in front of him. The searing rip from a rough looking green and brown bot behind him.
    "Ti," Starbolt said "Get Sunstreaker outta here. See how bad he's damaged"
    "Right" Ti ran over to Sunstreaker and he looked at the bot. The damage was sever, A hole had been blown into his chest exposing his spark. Ti covered the hole with his right hand. "You're in bad shape. I can supplement your power for now. But I don't know how long you'll last"
    "Just do it" Sunstreaker said.
    A pulse immiter on Ti's had came to life. In a past life this would have allowed him to abosorb and reroute energon. Now it would be mearly a bandage for a bot who clearly wasn't going to make it

    "Quartz this is Ti" He said into his com " Get us outta here"

    Starbolt move much faster than most bots. In fact the only bot faster than Starbolt was Blurr, but that was raw speed. Starbolt's strength came from his agility. It was this power that was allowing him to pick apart the Decepticon warlord. That, and the feelings of hatred and vengance he was feeling inside him. No one killed a bot on a mission under his command and got away clean, no one. Rage was staggered by a series of well place attacks to his joints, Starbot had the decepticon on the ground. Rage was feeling the pain and burn still of Starbolt's main weapon. How could this Autobot's gun do what his brother's weapon could not. Everytime Rage tried to get up a well placed kick would bring the decepticon down again.

    Ti had moved Sunstreaker into the shuttle and was now attached to the shuttles power supply in a desperate bid to keep Sunstreaker alive. The ships energon stores would dwindle less rapidly than his own stores so it bought Sunstreaker precious time.

    "Quartz," Ti yelled to the front "Get on the horn tell Perceptor to get the med bays ready"
    "Yeah no problem" Quartz looked back and frowned
    Ti's communicator beeped three times and then shut off. He reopened his communicator "Starbolt, the packages have been delivered. Let's get outta here."

    Rage had gone into stasis lock. Even his body had limits and the blue green Autobot's physical attack had pushed him past his. He lay there unconsious as with his men, as the Autobots got into their shuttles and lifted off. A Black Autobot had run past him just in time to get to the shuttle. Then all hell as the humans would call it, broke loose.


    As the shuttles sped away from the moon, the Autobots looked back. Torque kneeled over Sunstreaker doing the best she could to work on his wounds. Ti was still feeding him energy as sort of some strange transfusion device, Speedway and Highline were tending to the other wounded. Sideswipe, hadn't made it, he got into a hand to hand fight with Warhammer minutes before Torque had gotten to his location and WarHammer cleaved him in two with a vibrosword. Now his brother clung to life.

    "Headline" Sunstreaker said weakly "Must.. See. Her.
    "You will," Torque said, "Just hang on"

    Autobot City's landing pad rushed up to meet them. The shuttle came to a stop and Autobot med techs came storming in. Headline was there to meet the shuttle, but as she came up the gangplank she stopped and then ran to Sunstreakers side.

    "No" Headline said "What happened?"
    "He took on Rage" Starbolt said "Ti and Torque are doing their best."
    "Headline" Sunstreaker whispered "Come, Come here"
    Headline kneeled down next to him "You stupid, brave, egotistical fool"
    "I know" Sunstreaker's optics flickered "Couldn't let him slag the others." His arm reached upward and he placed his hand on Headline's face "Had to see you one more time."
    Headline took hold of Sunsteaker's hand "I'm glad you did. Now relax, Perceptor should be able to fix you up"
    "Not this time" Sunsteaker said "I'll miss you. I love you." With that his optics dimmed and his body greyed out. Headline buried her head into Torque's chest as Ti just looked on. He hung his head and took his hand, no longer emitting any power and held the chipcase around his neck.

    "Till all are one" Ti said and slowly stood up. He walked down the gangway and everyone turned to look at him as his fist slammed hard into the side of the ship. He contiued to walk on. Headline clung to Torque, and Quartz dropped to his knees, for he too had lost two more friends today.

    End Chapter


    The sun was shining bright as Headline tended the memorial spire, placed there in the garden park outside of Autobot city for the fallen Autobots who died at the battle on the moon. She was lost in her thoughts, remembering all her friends but especially Sunstreaker. She didn't notice Ti walk up and stand behind her.

    "You did a beautiful job on the news report" Ti said "Better words couldn't have been chosen."
    "Yeah," She said half-heartedly "It was very hard for me."
    "I don't doubt it" Ti responded.
    "How would you know" Headline snapped "You don't have to deal with it anymore. I have to deal with this every day. He's gone, he's not coming back and I won't even talk to him. I can't just shut my emotions off like you did."
    "There not completely gone" Ti said "Removing the chip only dulled my emotions, so it doesn't hurt so bad. I still have them and I still think of all I lost. It was a mistake I made. I just don't want you to make that same mistake. Just like my emotions, He's not truely gone either. IF you remember him Headline, he's always with you. He lived his life truely defending everything he held dear. He died for you, yes. He died defending you, me, Cybertron and everything he truely believed in. He may have been brash and vain, a braggard and a scoundrel. He also had a spark of gold, he'll be missed. You're going to miss him. Quartz is going to miss him. Every Autobot created and to be created will have lost something for not having know Sunstreaker. Greive for him, but don't do what I did for Silica. Once you have grieved for him, live for him too. You know he'd want that."

    Ti then turned and transformed and sped away. Headline looked back at the spire and took a pictocard out of a storage compartment and laid it at the base of the spire.

    "Yes, I think I will do just that" Headline said.



    The Moon a barren wasteland, devoid of life. It was not though devoid of signs of life. On the surface of this large satillite was the ruins of a base that had been active till not more than a week ago. The rubble and debris were everywhere. A large pile of debris sat in the center. It began to move and buckle and with a powerful force a black fist blasted its way out of the debris, and a large black mech freed itself from the rubble, its red optics glowing brightly as it screamed its hatred into space...