The aftermath of last night's Walmart RotF launch

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Cheebs, May 29, 2009.

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    So, what do we all think?
    I'll run down my thoughts on what I bought:

    Leader Prime:
    Amazing. How can it be this much better than 07's Prime? It's like a student who earned straight-A's in the first place winning the "most improved" award a year later.

    I do find it amusing that they plan to sell this thing to people who haven't spent their adult lives learning the in's and out's of transforming techniques. There are going to be scads of 10-year-olds with frustrated fathers.

    But for us? Greatest Transformer ever. Without exaggeration.

    Pleasantly surprised to see silver paint on his previously red shoulder spike things as well.

    Honestly, the 'bot mode loses to the 07 voyager even with the hands. Yeah, movie accuracy went up, but overall looks went down. It just loses too much in the legs. Speaking of his hands, there hasn't been a character that needed wrist swivels this badly since Beast Machines Rattrap. Wrists frozen in "Zombie Position"? That's the only thing worst than curling wrists.

    But the 'bot is still nice. Just not as nice.

    The jet is so much better it's silly. Way better jet + 'bot that suffers but still is nice = worthy improvement.

    Barricade's father's cousin's high school gym teacher:
    I'm surprised at ol' Red here. I thought he would be my favorite of the deluxes, but he finds himself at the bottom. Bottom of what I bought, anyway. I can't really put my finger on what's putting me off. I'm sure he'll be better once I paint him so the carpet matches the drapes. Until then, Red's still a worthy purchase, just less than I expected.

    MC Paddington was another surprise. Turns out he's my favorite deluxe. The transformation is just so thoughtful and secure I can't help but love him. On a side note, I got unpainted teeth and a nice black painted hood.

    I honestly wasn't expecting much because of his simplicity. Yeah, he wears his whole alt mode as a backpack and curls up to hide on the bottom when he's a car. But he does it so well and he looks so good doing it. Big thumbs up.
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    I can name 4 things I do not like about Leader Prime, sure he's awesome and all. but. his arms always has to be on an angle if the swords are up.. it's too bad that I can't put his arms straight down when the swords are up. 2nd. His head cannot look up or down, only side to side, but is very limited. 3rd, they should've stuck with the rubber wheels like they did with the last Leader Prime. I loved those, made it like an Altenator/Binaltech. and last, unlike the last Leader Prime, his fingers aren't Articulated.. :( ..

    but overall I do like him, except for those conditions.
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    I LOVE the new leader much more than I thought I would but unless Im doing something wrong the blades interfere with arm articulation but def on the same level as MP IMO. Really wish they would have figured out a different was to get the swords going and rubber tires are a must on these things.
    on a side note I got my first FAB and it is surprisingly cool where as the Gravitybot doesnt impress me and the legends prime's arms fall off consistently