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    (Thread originally posted by Draven)

    This thread is [currently] solely for the links to
    1. application manufacturer's websites
    2. tutorial sites for different apps
    3. resources for different apps (plugins, objects, that sort of thing)

    For example:

    NewTek - makers of Lightwave 3D
    Flay.Com - LightWave 3D News and Resource site - massive Lightwave resource, updated almost daily, with a searchable database of plugins and tutorials
    LightWave Tutorials on the Web Splash Page - HUGE links page of Lightwave tutorials

    * * * * * * * * *

    Nope, I do it pretty much the same way.
    1) One model which is purely alt mode; no hidden robot parts at all.
    2) One model which is purely robot mode (any hidden weapons are on another robot mode only model, which is only used when those weapons are))
    3) One model whichis fully transformable. This is used for transformation scene animating.
    The biggest advantage to this way of working is that you don't need to have extra parts loaded that eat up memory; believe me, when you're working on a big scene this is a VERY good thing.


    (Many thanks to Draven and everyone else who has contributed to this thread and helping the Fan Art Community over the years! ~Superquad7)

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