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    Hi if youre looking for some Transformer COllector's club items from the last few years Ive posted some ebay, and ill be posting more tonight/this afternoon.

    Look up Dramasmurf to find them or under Botcon or TFCC etc.

    I have put up so far
    Scourge subscription figure,
    Botcon 2009 boxset,
    Botcon 2013 boxset, SOLD
    DOublepunch, Scorch, SG Ravage,
    Razorclaw & ELita-1 SOLD
    SG Thundercracker & Galvatron,
    2012 SG Optimus Prime & Kick Off (aka Kick-over)

    and there will be some more later on today,
    Thanks for checking them out!

    added TFCC SG Drift
    TFCC RUnabout (Over-Run) and RUnamuck
    TFCC Subscription Ultra Mammoth
    Botcon 2011 Boxset THe Stunticon Job w/1st day pin
    Botcon 2012 Boxset Invasion w/1st day pin
    Botcon 2009 set of Banzai-tron & Skyquake
    Botcon 2013 Rainmakers 3 seekers - Sunstorm, Bitstream & Hotlink
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