TFW2005's MP36 Megatron Gallery (230+ pics!)

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    i am going to be honest I have both, sell the ko , when get the original, but frankly there is not too much differences, they are too similar I get my mp-36 on and ebay sell and end having it new for 150, but still didn't feel he was worth, I feel the same thing with mp-44 they have arrive to a place where for me mp are not worth the price, sadly I wish I could continue getting the original but they have too many problems and doesn't last nothing for the price, if you can get him below 170 go for it above that, I don't think is worth, mp 44 I hope they release a std version otherwise I am happy with mp10, I grew up with beast wars as my g1 and honestly I pass on black widow, megatron and dinobot too much for what they are , I work too hard to get my money then I buy something open it and is broke no thanks I am not going through that again