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    Website FAQ

    Q. Where can I find the forum rules?
    A. Forum Rules.

    Q. How do I find out who is member of the TFW2005 Staff?
    A. We have a listing with all staff members. Forum Leaders.

    Q. How do I post an image?
    A. If you are in a forum that does not allow attachments to posts, or want to host an image for your signature, you can use an image hosting website such as ImageShack® - Image Hosting or Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket. For more information see our Help With Using Images.

    Q. Can I change my username?
    A. We allow name changes only as a perk for TFW2005 Supporters.

    Q. How do I become a TFW2005 Supporter?
    A. Any member (you must be over the age of 18) who donates $25 or more to TFW2005's server costs will become a TFW2005 Supporter. You can find out more on our Donation Page.

    Q. How do I edit my signature and Avatar?
    A. Click on the link that says "User CP". On the left hand side you will find various links to edit your account details.

    Q. How big can my signature be?
    A. You are allowed single image that can be no larger than 500 pixels wide by 300 pixels high and must be below 40kb.

    Q. What are News Credits?
    A. When someone posts a thread in News and Rumors, and that info is posted on our frontpage, the user will be awarded a News Credit. It allows TFW2005 and their members to know who is sharing new information with our community.

    Q. I found a post that breaks the rules, how do I report it?
    A. Under every post is this icon [​IMG]. Click on the icon to report any post that you feel may break a forum rule.

    Q. What is an Infraction?
    A. An Infraction is given for a violation of the rules. If you receive 3 Infractions you will be banned for a week. If you receive 5, you will be banned permanently.

    Q. How do I become a mod or staff member?
    A. Mods, Contributors and News Staff members are chosen by upper level staff and Administrators. Staff members are chosen based on their posting behavior and ability to share knowledge. Don't call us, we'll call you.

    Q. What is a "Zombie Thread"?
    A "Zombie thread" is any thread that has not had posts in some time, usually a year old or older, that has post that brings it back to the top of the forum. We usually frown upon the practice of bringing back old threads unless there is new information to be added.

    Q. I lost my password, how do I reset it.
    A. Lost Password.

    Q. Can I view the TFW2005 news page without movie spoilers?
    A. Yes you can. Transformers News Without Movie Spoilers.

    Q. What are the Red, Green or Gray Squares below a members username mean?
    A. This colored square indicates the members status on the forum. Red = Invisible, Green = Online, Gray = Offline.

    Q. What is a TFW2005 Veteran, and how do I become one?
    A. TFW2005 members who have the "Veteran" badge are members who were formally staff, who are still in good standing with TFW2005.

    Q. Can I commission someone to create a piece of art or custom figure?
    A. Yes you can. In our Radicons section of the forum we have a forum for Requests.

    Q. Can I delete or have my account deleted?
    A. TFW2005 does not delete member accounts under any circumstances.

    Q. Why is the Sightings Forum alphabetized?
    A. This was done so all sightings threads are on a single page. They were alphabetized for ease of use and to reduce the need to search and reorder the forum.

    Q. Why does the Search function not return the results I am looking for?
    A. The forum search for Vbulletin systems (the forum system we use) has some flaws that can and will limit the types of results that will return. Using the advanced search to limit the forum, posters and dates can help. Unfortunatly, this is not a problem we can correct. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Q. Can I run or promote my own contest on TFW2005 or the 2005 Boards?
    A. No. We cannot allow this for a number of reasons. We cannot guarantee the validity of your contest and cannot be held responsible for anything that goes wrong.

    Q. Why can't I post, link to, request or allude to where scans of the Transformers Collectors Club Magazine?
    A. The TFCC has requested that we not allow our members to post scans. We are here to promote brand health as well as the brand itself. By allowing people to post, link to, allude to or request scans of the magazine, it devalues the membership, reducing their ability to provide quality service to their members. It also reduces the chances of them getting exclusive content to break. That would be detrimental to the fandom as a whole.

    Q. Is there a list of all of the Forum BB Codes such as Spoilers, Bold, Links, Images, etc.?
    A. Yes, we have a list of all of the most common BB Codes Here.

    Q. Is there a mobile or cell phone optimized version of TFW2005 and the 2005 Boards?
    A. We do not have a mobile version of TFW2005. We have no plans to create one.


    I will update this post as needed.
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