TFW Power Core Combiner / Generations Pictures from Toy Fair 2010

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    No, in fact i don't dig...

    Focus implies putting most of, if not all, efforts into one kind of thing. Statistically speaking, even with the inclusion of Stealth Force and RPMs, The traditional 'Transforming' transformers offerings still outnumber the toys with "No Transformation" or "a Degree of Transformation"... so this means that they are not focusing on it. They are still focusing on their bread and butter, but also branching out and trying things that will broaden their appeal to kids who might need a slightly different entry point into the brand... i think it makes perfect sense that hasbro would try a lot of different things to bring more eyes to the brand... because at the end of the day, more eyes = more buys = more sales = more opportunity for hasbro to throw us more bones...

    I think it's totally cool that you don't 'dig' them... but to imply that Hasbro is wasting their/your time making any (if even a small percentage) Transformers that don't live up to your standards is quite preposterous. It's even more preposterous when you consider the possibility that the toyline might not be aimed at you...
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    I sort of understand the idea that to much bredth leds to many lines with loads of Bumblebees and Optimus' in them. but as they don't ever come close to completing a line ones' left with a slight sense of disatisfaction.

    I'm not suggesting they make a dozen Power-bots just because they've made a few of them. but i'd have liked to have the option to get ROTF characters in the Cyber-slammers line as well as obvious ones they missed like Bonecrusher, Starscream & Blackout. - they made a lot of them and even as a mostly repaint line they still have more potential in my view than the Battlechargers do.

    Seems a missed opportunity to not made Desert Brawl, Night Watch Optimus Prime, Stealth Bumblebee, (black, Sand or white) Ratchet, Red (or blue or silver) Ironhide, (or similar).

    But then I'm just miffed that they didn't continue that brand - I feel they should.

    I hope for the 3rd movie they consider that, or perhaps make Movie characters under the Playskool Transformer banner.
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    I gotta say, I'm not too impressed w/ the new stuff coming out. I was just hoping they'd take more of a G1 looking route. Oh well.. happy hunting to everyone else though :]
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    well the thrust is nice now i can get one cheap and not feel bad about modding the wing,s i don,t want to mess with my henkei thrust
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    Having had time to consider the Power Core Combiners...

    I'll definitely be getting Smolder, Sledge, Icepick and Searchlight but I'll be ignoring the combining element and just treating them as normal scouts.

    I'm ambivalent to Huffer and Leadfoot but will probably get them.

    Definitely won't be getting the Arielbot or Combaticon 5 packs. I'm not interested in the drones and the scout robot included in each pack is poor in comparison to the 2 packs.

    I may get Double Clutch and ditch the drones if Double Clutch's robot mode looks good.

    Why though is there no consistency in the colour of the symbols?

    PURPLE / RED FACTION LOGOS: Huffer, Searchlight, Arielbots, Sledge & one of the Rallybots.

    SILVER: Smolder, some of the Combaticons & some of the Rallybots.

    BLACK: Some of the Combaticons, Icepick & Leadfoot.

    Can we stick to one colour scheme please?