Minor/Repaint: TFP RID Cliffjumper

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    added some paint to make him look better. black on the upper shoulders and windows. red on lower shoulder and stomach area. painted the wheels on his back thigh. added silver to his hands and on some of the feet. made his tri-barrel blaster from a legion class arcee blaster. just cut it in half, put original handle into port on top, trim extras off and attach a 5mm post. Then its ready to be painted. This blaster idea was on here by another user but I cant remember his name right now. Im sorry but all credit goes to him for that. i inserted a small plastic bit into port on the side of vehicle to look like a gas cap. He nows only has the port on his roof but thats okay with me. He isnt 100% show accurate but i may do more on him.Sorry for crappy pics. Questions and comments gladly accepted.

    i went and searched for the post that inspired me to try and make cliffjumper's blaster. user zandergb posted doing this on his cyberverse figure. as i mentioned above credit goes to him for this.

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