TFP: A Song of Light and Darkness

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    Episode 65: Past uncovered

    The autobots, Rodimus, Arcee, the CDF, ratchet and Percy were on Metroplex on the planet Antilla.

    Rodimus: you sure they were here, Percy?
    Percy: positive, Rodimus. My data told me that Xothian activity was here not too long ago
    Rodimus: whatever would they want from a long abandoned colony.
    Percy: wait, I'm picking up life forms readings up there!
    Rodimus: guide us closer then

    Metroplex landed on a nearby crater and the autobots went out. Rodimus, along the CDF and few auto troopers walked out and they saw a figure

    Bee: woah! That scared me
    Rodimus: huh? It's not Malgor or anyone we know of. But strange still is the clothing material.
    Bee: what's so strange about that?
    Rodimus: Alpha Trion showed me one of these. It's made of Kulkorium. Used by a secret society before the war and they were believed to be wiped out, so what is he doing here? Boys, get him down
    Auto trooper: yes sir

    Aboard Metroplex

    Ratchet: he's old. Very old. Maybe as old as Optimus prime.
    Rodimus: can you get him back online?
    Percy: he was hit by this stasis gun. Well, before we made built in stasis locks. It's a bit old but I think if I- woah!

    The ray bunched off multiple places and then hit the bot.

    Rodimus: be on alert team.

    The autobots were in protective mode but the bot didn't attack. He walked up, trembling as he walked up to a mirror

    Wheelie: stand back
    - what is going on out there?

    The bot let out his helmet and his metallic hair came down. He looked at himself in a mirror

    - no. No. No! This has to be a trick. I'm...I'm.. Old!!!!!! I'm oooooollllllllddddddddd!!!!!!!! *cough cough cough cough cough*

    Knockout: hey, stop that! It's ruining my finish! Easy old timer. Here, sit down
    - this can't be possible. I was young just a few minutes ago
    Arcee: more like several million years. You were in stasis for a very very long time
    Rodimus: do you remember who you are?
    - yeah. They call me Captain Sorin.
    Wheelie: uh....who?
    Captain Sorin: captain Sorin. Seeker commander of Antilla. Hmmmmmmm, they look a little different but these weapons belong to Dak the Alchemist right?
    Arcee: you knew the Alchemist?
    Captain Sorin: of course. He's my best friend. In fact, all of this started when a rogue seeker decided to steal one of his creations.


    A young Captain Sorin was leading a squad of 4 seekers to take down this rogue.

    Captain Sorin: come on doc, relinquish the blaster at once and maybe I'll go easy on your half fried brain
    Doc: of course Captain, I'll relinquish it, at level 10

    He fired the blaster which was a laser gun but it fired a magnetic field and it attracted the other seekers to the captain along with junk and he fired a different laser bolt and the junk heap exploded. But Captain Sorin came out in time. Then the rogue doctor took up a civilian and raised her up

    Doc: your choice Captain. Me, or her. You can't save both of us

    The mad doctor dropped the girl and flew away and Captain Sorin saved her in time.

    Female civilian: thank you, captain
    Captain Sorin: just doing my job, ma'am.

    Then, Captain Sorin took a pole and destroyed the mad doctor's jet pack. He got the blaster back and put the mad doctor in prison. He left.

    Captain Sorin: after I put the rogue doctor in jail, I paid a visit to my old friend, Dak the Alchemist

    Captain Sorin walked into a laboratory

    Sorin: say, old friend. How's the new sound blasters coming along? I need all the help I can get defending this sector
    Dak: Captain Sorin. I see you retrieved the Magna Bolt Gun
    Sorin: have I ever let you down?
    Dak: unfortunately old friend, the sound blaster is far from finished but I promise you, it'll come.
    Sorin: I see things with Ashara are working out with you
    Dak: hohoho indeed. She's a lovely woman. Loyal, faithful, beautiful, she's the perfect gal.
    Sorin: I sure hope so. I'd be disappointed if your relationship got torn
    Dak: it won't happen anytime soon. But for now, we have more urgent matters to attend to

    Dak got a portal opened and the two saw the Realm of Chaos. Horrific indescribable things they saw in the black emptiness of the Realm.

    Sorin: what are these nightmarish things?
    Dak: the sword I uncovered led me on an expedition to find more knowledge. I've travelled to many far off and mystical places, including Asshai-by-the-Shadow. And my research led me to this, the Realm of Chaos. Ruled by eldritch abominations of powers that eclipses those of even Primus, this realm is ruled by the Great Old Ones, dark gods of omniversal destroying powers. This portal allows us to monitor their movement and we may learn how to fight them.

    Sorin: I don't know Dak. Wouldn't opening a portal like this endanger the universe?
    Dak: not to worry. It's perfectly safe.
    Sorin: well, I hate to spoil the fun but the planet needs me
    Dak: good luck to you my friend. Best I close this portal. What the- what is it doing?

    The sword Blackfyre hovered up and struck the portal. Then, a Chaos Dragon flew out

    Dak: no. What have I done!? I've endangered the planet. No. No!!!!

    Then, a tentacle came out and grabbed Dak, imbuing it's power into him

    Sorin: when I saw Dak next...he was no longer the same man
    Bee: so that's how it happened. That's how Dak became Sau-
    Rodimus: quiet bee. Go on Captain I wanna hear the rest of the story.
    Sorin: very well. I took leave that night. Completely ignorant of the danger. But after getting word, I hopped back into action

    The Chaos Dragon flew and destroyed many buildings and a street

    Captain Sorin: hey, you ugly! Yeah you. I don't know who brought you into existence but destroying streets is a clear violation of the law.

    But the dragon did not heed and tailed whipped him away

    Captain Sorin: a bit harder than I expected. But try this on for size, transform!

    The captain circled around the dragon, shooting it with his built in blasters and the dragon fired it's chaos bolts from its cannons. But then, the dragon whipped the captain with its tail

    Captain Sorin: really a lot harder than I expected

    Then, the Captain rammed the dragon, fired at it and gave an uppercut on its face. The dragon fell but not for long. Then, the dragon fired another shot which made chains that grabbed the Captain and it started to make a ginormous Chaos Portal.

    Captain Sorin: what, no! I must stop him, no matter the cause. *whistles* hey ugly

    The captain punched the dragon and fired at one of its eyes. Then the dragon followed the captain and they flew away from the city.

    Captain Sorin: yeah that's right. Follow me

    Dak's laboratory

    Captain Sorin: Dak, where are you?
    Dak: I'm here, old friend

    But Dak seemed much older than he was before

    Captain Sorin: woah, Dak, are you okay?
    Dak: you were right Captain. The portal was a mistake, one of their servants, a dragon came through.
    Captain Sorin: you mean that thing came from your portal? It nearly destroyed half the city!
    Dak: the Great Old Ones, they...did something to me, changed me, gave me something. I don't have much time
    Captain Sorin: you should get some rest. You look like you're gonna fall over
    Dak: can't you see that I don't have time to rest!? This could mean the end of creation
    Captain Sorin: look, the planet needs me. I must go, I'm taking the stasis cannon with me. I'll be back, I promise

    Dak: I certainly hope so Captain,( Saurok voice) at least to say...GOODBYE!

    Captain Sorin raced to the dragon and the started round 2

    Captain Sorin: sleep time, scale face!

    But the dragon fired a Chaos Bolt at the stasis ray. Captain Sorin changed to more offensive strategy and circled around the dragon as the dragon fired. Captain Sorin blew the mountain apart with his shot and the boulders collapsed. But the dragon got up and Captain Sorin fired but the ray bounced back on him too and both were in stasis sleep

    Captain Sorin: no. No!!!!! Uhhhhh...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Both fell into a deep gorge.

    Captain Sorin: and then I woke up, I guess given the time date about 22 million years later.
    Rodimus: so you never saw the Alchemist again?
    Captain Sorin: apparently so. Tell me, how is he after all these years?
    Rodimus: captain, I'm sorry to tell you this but...the Great Old Ones have corrupted his soul entirely, transforming him into their greatest tool of war, he's no longer Dak, but a General of Chaos
    Captain Sorin: no. No. It's...not true. It's all my fault. I should've been there with him.
    Rodimus: you can't blame yourself Captain, you had to save the planet


    Bee: what was that?
    Percy: Captain, didn't you say both you and the dragon were together in stasis?
    Captain Sorin: yeah
    Rodimus: oh scrap.

    The dragon woke up and blasted Metroplex down. It scanned the area. The dragon found the planet Antilla lifeless and he flew down and scanned Metroplex's data. The dragon found earth to be perfect for the Chaos summoning and opened a portal to earth

    Rodimus: is everyone alright? Captain, are you okay?
    Captain Sorin: I'll live. Not as tough as I once was.

    Jack: Rodimus, come in.
    Rodimus: what is it Jack?
    Jack: a dragon of sorts has attacked the country. It already wiped out 1/5th of New York in a single blast and the military is useless. We need your help! *BOOM* like now!

    Rodimus: let's go to earth gentlemen. Alert the autobots scattered across the galaxy and on Cybertron. We need our heavy hitters in New York asap. Autobots, roll out!

    New York

    The destruction caused by the dragon was unimaginable. A fifty of New York was destroyed, the streets littered with vehicles and tanks, the sky smoking with the ruins of jets and the sea was in oil. The dragon made a large ball of Chaos Energy and fired

    Fowler: that dragon just destroyed 30 miles of land in a single attack. Just what is this thing!?
    - a dragon of chaos
    Jack: woah! I told civilians not to come close
    Melisandre: I am no civilian. If you want to hurt that dragon, it's best you aim for the neck and chest.
    Jack: how-
    Melisandre: let's just say I have...I have my ways

    The jets focused their fire on the neck and the chest. The dragon was wounded but not enough. Then, a portal opened and out came the autobots alongside Metroplex.

    Rodimus: autobots, proceed with caution. We don't know what this thing is capable of

    The auto jets led by Jetfire and the Aerialbots attacked the dragon on the neck and chest. The dragon was severely wounded and it started to bleed but it got it's wings together and made a massive burst of energy which destroyed 80% of all aircraft, human or autobot.

    Jetfire: damn it, we only have 200 jets left.
    Rodimus: Metroplex, engage

    Metroplex, who was 10 times larger than the dragon grabbed it down and into the city. The dragon roared as Metroplex fired everything it got but the dragon still stood

    Percy: that's impossible. Even frigates couldn't withstand that attack.

    Then the dragon fired at Metroplex

    Percy: we lost the left foot and right arm. Mid sections destroyed by 50% and the guns are down.

    Then the dragon made another chaos energy burst which melted anything within 20 kms. Then, it swung it's tail infused with Chaos energy and slashed Metroplex, making a large slash mark on the body. The dragon lifted Metroplex up and threw him down. The dragon roared and it grabbed the energy in New York and fired into the sky. The shots spinning and a large chaos portal was forming

    Captain Sorin: no! I failed Dak before, I won't fail the autobots now. Not now. Not again! Come on, push!!!!!

    Rodimus walked out of Metroplex and he saw the portal coming

    Rodimus: no.
    Melisandre: there is but one way to destroy the dragon
    Rodimus: Melisandre? How-
    Melisandre: enough about me. If you don't stop the dragon now, he will take the energy from earth and bring an army of Chaos Legionnaires and other monstrous abominations here and they will ally themselves with what remains of Saurok's forces. The only way to beat him, is by using the sword.
    Rodimus: the sword? What!?

    A small portal opened.

    Melisandre: take it. Go and save the day

    Rodimus pulled the sword Last Dawn out from the portal and he flew up. Captain Sorin was slapped down and so were Vector Prime, Galvatron and Jetfire beaten down. Rodimus flew up and the sword glowed. The dragon looked at Rodimus in fear and he engaged

    Rodimus: come on dragon. Let's go all out

    The dragon kept firing and Rodimus dodged and dodged. Rodimus drove Last Dawn into the dragon's heart and pushed the dragon all the way to the portal. The portal was collapsing

    Rodimus: time for you to go back home.

    Rodimus made an energy slash and the dragon was sliced in half, it's carcass dragged into the portal. And the portal collapsed

    Captain Sorin: we did it. We did it! Yeah *cough cough cough cough cough cough cough*

    Rodimus: you sure you don't want to join us?
    Captain Sorin: maybe later but I have to do some digging first.
    Rodimus: well then good luck captain
    Captain Sorin: you too, Rodimus Prime

    And that's how episode 65 ends
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    Episode 66: Ice and Hate

    Captain Sorin flew to Dak's lab in the lower levels of Cybertron. He opened the door and walked in.

    Captain Sorin: please old friend, you must've left behind something

    A message of Dak played on the screen

    Dak: only...*cough* moments left before...the darkness in me completely corrupts me. To whoever finds this message, please...use my weapons, my research, my data...find the Ashra-traii and the Starry must...*painful weak noises*...stop me.
    Captain Sorin: no. *sobs*
    Dak: now... the Great Old Ones...
    Saurok: take my soul! Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

    In the message, a portal opened and Dak, now Saurok was sucked in, never heard from again

    Captain Sorin: *sobs* forgive me, Dak. I failed you in your time of need. When you needed me most, I.. I... *cries* it's all my fault

    The captain tried to grab Dak's cloak but was electrocuted from behind, by Ashara

    Ashara: you not worthy of touching his cloak
    Captain Sorin: Ashara?
    Ashara: silence fool!

    Ashara shot Captain Sorin with another lightning bolt and Night bird came to grab the cloak

    Night bird: master....
    Captain Sorin: no! Let it go!!!

    The captain punched Night bird away but was electrocuted again. Ashara grabbed the cloak and hugged it tightly near her breast.

    Ashara: you will pay for disgracing his might with your mortal hands
    Captain Sorin: Rodimus...hear my call

    Autobot City

    Rodimus: autobots!

    A squad of auto troopers were in the laboratory. Rodimus heard coughing and he went to the spot

    Rodimus: captain Sorin, are you okay?
    Captain Sorin: *cough cough* it was Ashara. Her and some...dark servants. They attacked me and stole his cloak. They said something about... Gorak.
    Rodimus: Gorak?
    Dai Atlas: the mythic ice demon of the ancient north. Legends say thousands upon thousands of years ago, he was confined to a cavern
    Rodimus: then that's where we are heading
    Captain Sorin: Rodimus...they...are going to...resurrect...Saurok!
    Autobots: 0_0
    Captain Sorin: *collapses*
    Rodimus: get him to medical, stat!


    Malgor: pardon me my queen, but what use is the cloth to us?
    Ashara: the thing that can kill Chaos, is the light of Ashra and only that. When Rodimus struck my beloved Saurok down he killed the Chaos in Saurok but there is a way. By combining an aspect of his mortal life, with the Ice Crustal, the Flame of Formenos and the Darkness of Utumno, with Liquid Chaos and the Necronak-Dagorak, we can resurrect Saurok again, restoring him to his powerful and glorious state once more.

    Autobot Grand Hall, Cybertron

    Arcee: will he be okay?
    Ratchet: yes. He's stable and with these he will be fine in no time

    Rodimus: we have to move on this ice planet and catch them before they get to Gorak.
    Bee: but how? All of our ships are in the colonies and on the solar system and Metroplex is in deep stasis
    - perhaps I can help

    It was Camie

    Rodimus: Camie... I don't know about this
    Camie: you helped me before Rodimus, I want to help you this time
    Rodimus: alright then. Autobots, pack your thermo gear, we're going to the Ice planet

    The ice planet

    The autobots aboard the Titan Caminus landed on a valley.

    Rodimus: autobots, let's go

    *strange noises*

    Bee: did anyone else hear that?
    Knockout: I'm gonna pretend I didn't
    Arcee: team. We got company

    Then, humanoid figures made of snow and ice rose from the ground, with ice wolves and 10 foot tall spiders. They attacked the autobots

    Rodimus: cyber key power, Galaxy cannons!
    Bee: cyber key power, plasma missiles
    Wheelie and Knockout: cyber key power!

    Arcee: Ashra-traii secret art, wings of fire!
    Grimlock: cyber key power, dino wrath!
    Vector Prime: cyber key power, meteor!
    Galvatron: cyber key power, blades of unicron

    The autobots killed many but the snowmen kept coming in greater numbers

    Rodimus: Camie, we need your help
    Camie: on it, Rodimus

    The Titan came and fired her heat rays on the snowmen. Camie fired her missiles and an avalanche appeared. The autobots escaped and were on Camie's arm as they flew away

    Bee: did ya like that heat, ice for brains?
    Wheelie: hehehe
    Rodimus: wait, where's Arcee? Arcee!
    Arcee: what?

    Arcee was hovering above them and she landed and Rodimus hugged her tightly

    Rodimus: don't scare me like that again, Arcee
    Arcee: I'll keep that in mind
    Vector Prime: Rodimus, look here

    The autobots saw the gate and then, as they looked closer, saw Decepticon ships

    Vector Prime: Decepticons
    Rodimus: they must be after the Ice Crystal as well. Using it's powers for their own gains. Camie, wreckers, you stay here. We'll call on you if we need backup. Rest of you, follow me, but proceed with utmost caution
    Autobots: yes sir

    As the autobots were driving across the Ice bridge, jet vehicons came and disturbed them

    Rodimus: damn it! There's an entire brigade in front of us.
    Evac: Rodimus, might I suggest splitting up our teams into two? That way we can do two at the same time
    Rodimus: good thinking Evac. Dinobots, Leo Breaker, Override, Megalo Convoy, I'm putting you here in charge of the infantry. Rest of you, continue forward. Is that clear?
    Autobots: sir
    Rodimus: Galaxy cannons, activated!

    Rodimus fired from his massive cannons and Grimlock ran at top speed. Megalo Convoy threw his giant axe at the Decepticons and their way was clear

    Inside the Ice temple

    Starscream, Windblade, Cyclonus, Scourge, Blitzwing, Lugnut, Obsidian, Strika and the Combaticons were fighting against the 9 generals of chaos

    Morgulak: grrr *spits* dumbass Decepticons. Know your place, trash cans
    Grimstone: that imbecile Starscream should know better than to come here

    Starscream: focus fire there. I want that ice crystal before they can get it

    Shusatu: Draugly, cover fire please
    Drauglamir: as you wish

    Drauglamir fired his Chaos Shots and the Decepticons were in serous trouble.

    Nazarok: my nigh omniscience tells me the crystal is here, my lady
    Ashara: excellent work Nazarok. Malgor, Night bird, follow me. Rest of you, hold them off

    Rodimus: whatever happens, we have to avoid facing the 9 in direct combat.

    Naarnak: I hear you, autobot scum! Come out!

    Naarnak fired at the autobots, melting their cover with a black flame

    Rodimus: autobots scatter!
    Khamul: oh no you don't

    Galvatron punched Khamul down

    Galvatron: go Rodimus, we'll hold them off.
    Rodimus: got it. Wreckers, we could use that backup now

    Kup: you got it, Rodimus. Alright boys and gals, let's move

    Starscream: that crystal is mine, and you're not getting it first, Rodimus!

    Starscream jumped, transformed and flew into the tunnel. In the tunnel, Ashara was fighting against the demon Gorak, and winning

    Gorak: but how can this be!? !?!?
    Ashara: your powers are nothing compared to the true power of Chaos, pathetic demon. You may have escaped after Saurok's demise, but you still will serve him!
    Gorak: no!!!!!!!!!!

    Ashara stabbed Gorak with North Dread and imprisoned him once more.

    Ashara: the Ice crystal, mine at last
    Rodimus: not so fast, lady

    Malgor and Night bird engaged but Rodimus fired his cannon and they were down

    Ashara: your persistence ends today, Rodimus. You won't stop me from resurrecting Saurok. You can't stop the inevitable
    Rodimus: then I'll keep trying
    Starscream: no. That's crystal belongs to me and none of you are standing in my way!!!!

    Camie destroyed the walls and the wreckers along with the rest of the autobots came in. The battle ensued as the 3 factions clashed at each other

    Ashara and Nazarok unleashed lightning at Rodimus and Rodimus did too

    Rodimus: why did you do it? Why!? Why did you harm Captain Sorin? Wasn't he your friend?
    Ashara: I don't care!

    The lightning made a shock wave which pushed them away. Ashara grabbed the Ice crystal but Starscream grabbed it and flew out.

    Starscream: yes it's mine. The crystal is mine! Wagh!!!!

    But Ashara shot him down and the crystal was in the middle of the battle. Rodimus was with his autobots and Starscream with his Decepticons. Ashara came and reunited with the 9. They stared at each other but prepared their most powerful attacks

    Starscream: cyber key power, chaos lightning bolt!

    Rodimus: Ashra-traii secret art, white radiance!

    Ashara: forbidden alchemy, Ceros Solarikas

    The impact of the three attacks combined caused the formation of a black hole which sucked them in

    Rodimus: what!? No!!

    Starscream: no. Decepticons, retreat!

    But the black hole sucked the 3 factions in they landed on Cybertron

    Rodimus: Cybertron?
    - you're hurt
    Rodimus: who...who
    -sleep stranger. I'll take care of you
    Rodimus: no. No

    And that's how episode 66 ends
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    Episode 67: Shattered Glass

    Rodimus was waking up. His vision was blurry for his fall was great. But, he heard a familiar voice calling to him. It was Arcee

    Arcee: Rodimus, Rodimus
    Rodimus: huh?
    Arcee: wake up. Look over there

    Rodimus saw that Ashara was there, checking at the autobots who were sleeping in their beds

    Rodimus: not good. We must, get out
    Arcee: cut me loose Rodimus
    Rodimus: what?
    Arcee: trust me. I'll distract her while you free the rest
    Rodimus: alright. Here goes

    Rodimus freed Arcee's bondage and Arcee pounced on Ashara

    Ashara: how did you-
    Arcee: you'll find out soon enough hot cakes

    Rodimus: just two more seconds, there! Now, to free the rest

    As Arcee was fighting Ashara, Rodimus freed freed the CDF and all the autobots except for Moon racer, Kup, Jetfire, Nautica, Vector Prime and Galvatron

    Rodimus: give up Ashara. You're not resurrecting any dark lord anytime soon
    Ashara: what the- I'm afraid you're mistaken Sir. Please, you-
    Rodimus: bee, Grimlock, Wheeljack, encircle her. We don't want her to unleash her Cero on us
    All three ( in unison): yes sir

    The 3 bots were behind Ashara.

    Vector Prime: everyone stop!

    The autobots saw the missing autobots

    Rodimus: Vector Prime, you're okay
    Vector Prime: I'm fine. Rodimus, she's not the one we fought. Now, let her go
    - is something wrong here?

    Then, a familiar face of Dak the Alchemist came

    Rodimus: Saurok.
    Dak: I assure you, Rodimus Prime. I am not my dark counterpart
    Bee: okay this is confusing as hell. I need some explanation
    Vector Prime: okay. The 3 attacks combined opened a portal to here. I call this 'Shattered Glass' and it's a mirror universe.
    Rodimus: wait, we're in a different universe? Then that means- well I'm terribly sorry about this
    Ashara: it's okay

    The autobots lowered their weapons.

    Decepticon mailman: excuse me sir, but your delivery has arrived
    Dak: oh that. Thanks for delivering it
    Decepticon mailman: no probs

    Cybertron level 2599, normal cons

    Blitzwing: a different universe?
    Lugnut: frag it!
    Shockwave: yes indeed. We are in a different universe where the opposite is. The Autobots are the Decepticons here and the Decepticons are the autobots here.

    Windblade: I can't believe that we're in a different universe.
    Starscream: I learned of this. Saurok told me that there was over 100 quadrillion universes that make up out Multiverse. It appears we've landed in one of them.
    Windblade: a hundred quadrillion? Sheesh that's too much
    Starscream: according to my multiverse map, we are in universe -22, negative meaning it's the opposite of our normal reality. Our universe is here, Prime 7.
    Windblade: wow.

    Shockwave: Starscream, I may be able to build a portal that will lead us back to our normal universe. But I need materials to do that and if your data is correct, then we may need to steal.
    Starscream: I have a better idea, Shockwave. We use an already built one
    Shockwave: and you have data on the whereabouts of this portal?
    Starscream: yes. And were close. Very close

    Chaos side of the story

    Khamul: oh great. Just great. Another universe. You know, I didn't sign up for this BS
    Shusatu: calm down, Khamul. You haven't recovered yet
    Khamul: quiet woman!
    Grimstone: as always, Khamul taking his frustration out on us. Maybe I'll give you a pacifier for your bantering
    Khamul: what did you say!?!?!? Is that a challenge Grimstone!?!? Cause I'm ready!!!!!!

    Nazarok: hmmmmm, I sense a portal nearby. Owned by a familiar face
    Ashara: Dak
    Nazarok: perhaps I can-
    Ashara: no. We will do whatever it takes to go back to our universe. Even if it means killing him
    Nazarok: as you wish

    In Dak's laboratory

    Dak: try it. I know you can
    Nautica: *struggling noises*
    Dak: focus your energy
    Nautica:...... Huh! I did it!

    Nautica made energy thread from her hands

    Dak: impressive work Nautica.

    On the TV, SG Megatron was giving a speech

    SG Megs: as such I want to give these medals of honor to our brave soldiers who died defending our border against the Autobots. Rest well soldiers, your people have not forgotten you

    Bee: heroic Decepticons, evil autobots. Sounds like something straight out of my nightmares
    Wheelie: you said it

    Rodimus was outside. Then, Dak came to pay him a visit

    Dak: is everything alright, Rodimus Prime?
    Rodimus: oh yes yes. Everythings fine. Listen, Dak, I am sorry about before
    Dak: the past is the past. I wanted to reach you something
    Rodimus: teach me something?
    Dak: yes. You have immense untapped power inside you. You will eventually uncover them as you fight every battle but that would take a long time. So I came here to teach you this. Cero

    Dak fired a massive shot of dark green laser from his fingers

    Rodimus: I've heard of it. The Cero. But it always amazes me
    Dak: yes. The Grand Ray. Focus your energy on a point in your body. Then, release it. It's that simple.

    Rodimus tried it but it backfired on him

    Rodimus: I thought you said it was easy
    Dak: it takes time. Sometimes years. The Cero is no ordinary laser. It can level and entire city or have destructive capabilities more powerful than ever supernovas. Try again

    Rodimus did it on his second try. Rodimus successfully crafted his own Cero

    Rodimus: I did it.
    Dak: impressive. Looking at the color, it is the Ceros Espada.
    Rodimus: Ceros Espada. Hmm, I quite like it


    Rodimus: what was that?
    Dak: enemies

    The normal Decepticons and SG version of the autobots came to the laboratory.

    Rodimus: starscream?
    Starscream: ah, it's so nice to see that you remember me.

    SG Optimus: so, this is the leader of the autobots of the other universe? Pathetic!
    SG autobots: *laughter*
    SG hot rod: yuck, he looks disgusting

    Bee: hey, watch your tongue emo!
    Jetfire: let's beat these guys to shreds
    Rodimus: autobots, those of you who can fight, roll out!

    The SG autobots and normal autobots ( at least those who can fight) charged at each other and fought.

    Dak: you come into my place unannounced. That's a bad idea breaking into an alchemist house

    Starscream: remember my fellow Decepticons, he may be Saurok's other counterpart but he possess none of his power

    Dak: I will admit I am not even a quarter as powerful as my dark counterpart, but that doesn't mean I am a pushover

    The normal autobots were superior then their SG counterparts. Bulkhead and Wheeljack dominated their SG ones, Bumblebee wrecked his SG one and so did Arcee. Rodimus beated the crap out of his SG one and SG optimus came

    SG optimus: you may be a prime but that doesn't mean you are my equal
    Rodimus: we'll see about that

    The Decepticons were in battle formation but Dak took out only a mic and started to make music ( music, not sing). The music was Russian hard bass and it was loud, almost demeaning.

    Rodimus punched SG optimus and shot him

    SG optimus: perhaps I underestimated you, severely
    Rodimus: like the broken arm and leg don't tell
    SG optimus: but you cannot kill me. You don't have the courage to
    Rodimus: we'll see

    SG Optimus: gruuuuuaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!
    Rodimus: Ceros....Espada.

    The Cero destroyed SG optimus

    Nazarok: Rodimus has learnt of the Cero. And it's very powerful no doubt
    Ashara: it will not be enough for the grand scheme of things to come. Move out!

    And that's how episode 67 ends
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    Episode 68: Star of the Night

    The Decepticons charged at Dak but he just let out music from his mouth which was similar to Russian hard bass and dodged the cons attacks, much to their anger

    Starscream: show no mercy. Show them the true meaning of what it means to be a Decepticon!

    Dak, in mind: I need to hold them off before the Decepticons of my universe comes. Until then, let's rock and roll

    Dak's voice began to go louder and it became so loud, the ground shook and it felt as if a tornado occurred. Lugnut and Blitzwing were thrown back by the winds and Cyclonus charged at Dak with full speed, attacking him left right and centre, with his swords and sharp nails but Dak dodged and dodged. Dak grabbed Cyclonus' neck and threw him to a wall. The other Decepticons looked in shock

    Starscream: Decepticons, attack formation 6

    - the cavalry has arrived!
    Starscream: wha-

    The Decepticons looked as their SG counterparts arrived, led by Megatron

    SG: Optimus: Megatron, we meet again
    SG Megatron: optimus, you disgrace to Cybertron. Today, we bring you in for your crimes. Decepticons, rise up!
    SG Optimus: autobots, roll out!

    Rodimus: autobots, transform and roll out
    Starscream: Decepticons, transform and rise up!

    Dak: finally, they've arrived. Ashara, please lead our wounded friends out of the fighting
    Ashara: yes love

    The wounded autobots were taken to safety, ready to be patched up by Ashara and Nautica

    Ashara: do you trust me?
    Nautica: yes. I do
    Ashara: then let's do it

    The SG autobots and Decepticons were fighting along with the normal autobots and Decepticons. SG Optimus and Megatron were fighting each other while Dak and Rodimus were taking on Starscream

    Starscream: Cyclonus, prepare the Requiem Blaster
    Cyclonus: yes sir

    The battle intensified as artillery fire began to be fired. The Decepticons were severely outgunned but Starscream flew up with the blaster and fired, destroying the artillery

    Rodimus: damn you Starscream.

    Rodimus flew up and blocked the blast with his Skyboom Shield, supported by Galvatron behind him. The SG Decepticons fled to better more tactical positions.

    Dak: better late then ever. Lanca del Adjuntaka.

    An explosion the size of a nuclear bomb exploded as the autobots and SG Decepticons fled back. Starscream stopped firing the Requiem Blaster and fled back and the SG autobots did too.


    The SG Decepticons prepared bunkers and artillery as the SG autobots started to attack in larger numbers.

    Dak: hurry, I must get you guys back to your universe as quickly as possible.
    Rodimus: but, what about the fighting?
    Dak: once I join in full strength, the evil autobots don't stand a chance. Now, hurry up. Follow me

    The normal autobots followed Dak to a building. But the Decepticons followed them and broke in

    Starscream: destroy the portal!

    Rodimus: no. You bastard!

    The Decepticons were aiming at their enemy, ready to obliterate them but Dak came in and transported them to a safe location.

    Dak: they're safe. I will be your opponent.
    Starscream: there's 8 of us and 1 of you. You should just surrender.
    Dak: I fought 500 A class demons on my own. I can survive garbage like you
    Starscream: *triggered* kill him...NOW!!!!!!!

    Scourge and Cyclonus began double attacking Dak as Lugnut came in and dropped his bombs. Blitzwing's fires threw Dak of course and Strika kicked him 150 meters away and Windblade's hurricanes threw him even further

    Strika: and to think the great Saurok came from him
    Windblade: you're no match for us. Perhaps we'll show mercy to you
    Dak: numbers don't always mean everything.

    Rodimus: goddamned it
    Bee: you want to help don't you?
    Rodimus: ain't it obvious?
    Bee: more or less.
    Rodimus: I'm going out there. No one follow, I don't want any of you getting hurt

    Nazarok: my lady, I've conjured enough power to create a portal back to the 07 universe. Shall we?
    Ashara: yes. I'm getting bored anyways

    The 9 and Saurok's servants walked out back into their universe

    Starscream and Dak were moving at speeds as fast as light as they clashed in the pillars. Windblade and the rest could've hardly seen their movements. Starscream hit Dak and the Decepticons ganged up on him. Windblade kicked him and Strika punched him up as Lugnut hammered him down again and Cyclonus and Scourge double attacked with Blitzwing's ice and Obsidian's missiles.

    Starscream: you still stand? I must admit your pain tolerance is higher than I expected. But it will not be enough

    As the battle ensued, Ashara and a few bots and SG cons entered

    SG Starscream: he can't handle this beating much longer
    Wheelie: do we help?

    Then, Dak's left arm was broken

    SG Starscream: his arm!
    Ashara: Dak!
    SG Megatron: I'm going in

    Starscream: just give up. You stand no chance against me

    Dak: ackhranetrakan ( piece of garbage)

    SG Starscream: oh no.
    SG Knockout: retreat back now
    Nautica: wait, what's going on? Why are they retreating?
    Ashara: fall back. You don't want to be near

    A dark aura came oozing out of Dak

    Dak: rok vokronokrum sgiringuruk ( know your place)

    SG Starscream: we tried watching it before but we were nearly killed
    Nautica: *in mind* now I really want to see
    Ashara: come on
    Nautica: woah!

    Dak wore an armor that the Decepticons had never seen before. Then the aura formed to a small circle and began to fly up

    Starscream: what is this?

    Dak: now, I return the favor. Forbidden alchemy, Nightstar!

    A black miniature star appeared and the Decepticons were engulfed in the heat. Unable to move, the heat melted their steel plates

    Dak: raku nokrunok? Varoklaukar andrachlarack? Shandrarengon fartosharnarnark ( what's the matter? Your numbers can't handle the heat? Where's your pride now?)

    The star faded and Dak knocked them out cold

    The next day

    Rodimus was running and defended himself against sword attacks. Then, he fired a cero and levitated rocks against Dak

    Dak: you have gotten stronger than when we first met. It's a shame I wouldn't be training you more than this
    Rodimus: don't worry Dak. I will use your training. I will make you proud
    Dak: before you go, take this scroll. Promise me that you'll learn
    Rodimus: I promise

    The Decepticons were loaded onboard Camie as she readied to depart. Rodimus climbed in. They big farewell to the SG universe and departed for theirs

    And that's how episode 68 ends. A bit rushed I know but my studies have kept interfering so, please understand
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    Episode 69: Fire Stone of Hatred

    On the ice planet

    Bee: where's Rodimus?
    Wheelie: he should be here by now
    Vector Prime: hmm, it's taking quite a long time


    Bee: what was that?
    Arcee: Percy, are we under attack?
    Percy: no. It seems the source of the explosion came from...Rodimus!
    Arcee: damn it, I'm going

    Arcee transformed and ran to the spot

    Bee: wait, Arcee- damn it. She always charges in ahead.

    Arcee and bumblebee found Rodimus on a destroyed ice mountain range. The ice was melting and the tempera was much hotter than it should be. Then, they saw Rodimus in the middle of the water, kneeling down

    Bee: oooookay, how do we get down?
    Arcee: just hold on to your missiles.
    Bee: what? Woah!

    Arcee lifted herself and bumblebee to the spot. They saw Rodimus' right arm was burnt

    Arcee: Rodimus, what happened here?
    Rodimus: I'm fine
    Arcee: fine? Look at your arm, it's burnt. Come on bee, we have to bring him back
    Bee: right

    Onboard Caminus

    Ratchet: huh. The flames must be over 6000 K to burn through your Powermaster armor
    Arcee: can he be healed, Ratchet?
    Ratchet: yes. Though it's out of my league, I shall give in my best.
    Rodimus: I just need enough to fight

    *alert alert alert*

    Rodimus: patch it through. What is it, Jack?
    Jack: Rodimus, the Chaos generals have attacked in Hawaii. They invaded with an army of roughly 10,000 but they destroyed the military outposts set up there
    Rodimus: say no more. Everyone come in, we're leaving as it is.

    The autobots boarded Caminus as they flew off to earth.


    Ratchet: I've did my best. How is it?
    Rodimus: it's fine. Thank you ratchet.
    Arcee: are you sure you can fight, Rodimus?
    Rodimus: 100% Arcee.


    Camie landed on Hawaii and as the autobots went out to reinforce their divisions, they were met with heavy firing and bombardment.

    Nazarok: the autobots are here!
    Ashara: took them shorter than I expected. Tsk can't even rely on the Decepticons to effectively hold them off. Malgor, take the 5th brigade and hold point 3, Shusatu, take Angarabad and Morgulak and reinforce point 4.
    Malgor & Shusatu: yes ma'am
    Ashara: Nazarok, lead me to the stone
    Nazarok: right this way

    Rodimus: Liquid Chaos. It always has to be Liquid Chaos. No time to whine, CDF, wreckers, take the left flank, Dinobots, accompany Evac, Override and Leo breaker to the right flank. Inform a task force to bring the Decepticons out of Camie, we need her. Arcee, Vector Prime, Galvatron, let's go in the center. Autobots, roll out!
    Autobots: yes sir!

    Bee: what are we even doing here?
    Wheelie: Huh? What do you mean bee?
    Bee: we sacrifice our lives. Millions of soldiers and hundreds of our brothers, all killed by that damned Saurok. We lost our home planet and half our colonies due to him. He nearly destroyed earth. We went to great lengths to eradicate him but he still is a threat
    Wheelie: I know this is tough for all of us, bee. I never expected my dream of becoming a police officer would be shattered and I would be dragged in a war. I never expected the trauma of the trenches and the artillery fire. But I never lost hope. You know why?
    Bee: why?
    Wheelie: because of Rodimus. He showed us what we had to fight for, and all that sacrifice, we finally got our home back. We can return to our old lives. The nightmare that is Saurok, we'll end him here, once and for all
    Bee: you're right Wheelie. By the Allspark I don't know what I even said, I don't know what came over me.
    Wheelie: no time to be worried about the past. Let's focus on the future ahead. Will you fight with me, brother?
    Bee: yes. Let's go

    Auto troopers got the Decepticons out of the Titan as Camie joined the fighting. But then, Starscream broke the glass and killed the other Decepticons. They called for reinforcements as they joined the battle

    Starscream: whatever lies in this place, I'll have it. I will not let Saurok or that woman take this power from me.

    The top of the volcano

    Ashara and Nazarok, along with Night bird founded their objective

    Ashara: the Fire Stone of Hatred. At last, we've found it
    - think again, Ashara.

    The autobots appeared

    Rodimus: it's a thousand years too soon for you to have that. I'm not letting you resurrect Saurok, no matter the cost
    Ashara: he will be resurrected, I can assure you of that, Rodimus. But now you're fate is sealed!

    Ashara let out a blast of lightning and sent Rodimus flying away from the spot

    Arcee: Rodimus!
    Night bird: Arcee.
    Arcee: Night bird

    Both the former students clashed while Nazarok fired beams of laser against Vector Prime and Galvatron.

    Vector Prime: it's no good.
    Galvatron: a distraction might be a good idea.
    Vector Prime: well said. I learned this from Rodimus, let's test it out. Moon fang, heaven piercer.

    The laser and the energy blast from the time sword exploded and Galvatron dived at Nazarok

    Nazarok: oh no you don't.

    Rocks gathered around Galvatron and brought him down

    Galvatron: what the?
    Nazarok: fool. I can bend reality around me at will.
    Galvatron: my Armor of Unicron, it can't work
    Nazarok: try as you might, I used my powers on the stones to stop you from using your armor.
    Vector Prime: you talk too much!

    Rodimus came back up with Last Dawn but was beaten down by Starscream

    Rodimus: you again!? Khrk, you can be so bothersome
    Starscream: and I will continue to do so! Grab that stone now!

    Ashara grabbed the stone but Windblade came in and both were cat fighting. The stone fell from the volcano and into the battlefield

    Ashara: Morgulak, grab the stone!
    Rodimus: blurr!

    Morgulak: me see. Stone belong to Saurok

    Blurr: I'm on it

    Both speedsters were running at the same pace and we're fighting each other

    Blurr: *pew pew pew* go away. You're not getting that stone
    Morgulak: you too cocky kid. Stone belong to Saurok, you belong in grave

    The two moved around the volcano with speeds faster than any jet on earth. But then, Morgulak stabbed Blurr and ran up ahead and grabbed the stone.

    Morgulak: corpse queen, me got it.

    Ashara: let's go.

    As Ashara got the stone, she gave it to Nazarok

    Ashara: burn out enemies to the ground. Leave not even their ashes behind.
    Nazarok: as you wish

    Nazarok used the fire stone and burnt the autobots and Decepticons in the dozens. Many were burnt, not even their ashes remained.

    Starscream: Decepticons, fall back to higher ground

    Rodimus saw this and used his Skyboom shield to defend retreating auto troopers but not even the shield could've withstood the fire.

    Nazarok: now, you burn in hell, Rodimus Prime!

    Nazarok then burnt Rodimus Prime. The burning Rodimus dropped down

    Vector Prime: Rodimus!
    Arcee: nooooooooo!!!!!!!
    Bee: why you'll pay for this! I swear!

    Nazarok: try as you might but you can escape my next move. Now Naarnak, Grimstone
    Both: right
    Nazarok: rising sun!

    The 3 fires combined into a miniature sun. The burning heat dropped many autobots and Decepticons down.

    Starscream: not....this...again!!

    Bee: you bastard.
    Galvatron: afraid to fight a fair one on one fight?

    Nazarok: no. I see the quickest way out. I don't care if I have to cheat as long as I get what I need. My talent of manipulation is far higher than yours
    - hmmhehehehe hahahahahahahahaha!

    Nazarok: who's there?
    Grimstone: show yourself.

    Rodimus: yeah, you're so talented I'm reluctant to use it but my friends are in the line so I'll spoil it anyways.

    Naarnak: but how? You should be dead!

    Arcee: Rodimus-
    Rodimus: it's alright dear. I'll handle this. Dragon of the Darkness Flame

    Dai Atlas: I...can't believe it

    Malgor: impossible. No one could've learned that technique

    Wheelie: what is it, Drift?
    Drift: Dragon of the Darkness Flame. It's a technique that summons the flames from the Void. Fire that can burn out entire stars. I always thought it was impossible but I'm witnessing it for the first time

    Rodimus: this is a trick I learnt from the good alchemist. Let's see if my hard work has paid off
    Arcee, in mind: this power. I've never felt it before, not even from the Grand Masters
    Nazarok: no.
    Rodimus: DRAGON....OFFFFF.... THE DARKNESS FLAMEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

    Rodimus released a dragon of black fire from his right hand and it engulfed the miniature sun in its black flames. Eventually, the sun was destroyed and the autobots got back up

    Ashara: *spits out blood* our fight isn't over yet.

    Ashara struck the ground and then, a molten monster emerged.

    Ashara: open a portal. Our fight, has just begun

    The Chaos generals left the battlefield as the autobots and Decepticons were left to fight against a large monster made of rock and fire. Will they prevail against this monster and stop Saurok's resurrection, or be destroyed the monster.

    And that's how episode 69 ends
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    Episode 70: The Long Night

    A gigantic tortoise like fire monster, kilometers tall was created and the autobots and Decepticons were facing a massive threat

    Starscream: fire, on my mark. 3...2...1 fire!

    Kup: attack that beast boys!
    Auto troopers: you heard him boys. Ura!!!!!

    As artillery and tanks fired on the monster, they did little to scratch the fire monster. It's hide was too thick for their ammo. Then the monster charged it's flames and fired on the autobots and Decepticons.

    Rodimus grabbed hold of his right arm. The Dragon technique had burnt his arm

    Arcee: Rodimus, are you- by the allspark. Ratchet, we need medical attention immediately.
    Ratchet: on it

    Camie: I'll hold him off. Just make sure you get to higher ground

    Camie charged at the monster and landed a punch but the monster retaliated with its tail and fire breath. Then, the monster unleashed another wave of lava which killed dozens on both sides.

    Starscream: krkh. Lead the men to point 3. I'll do this...myself

    Starscream flew up and made an energy blast at the monster followed by a new round of artillery fire and multiple missile and plasma attacks from Camie. The monster was hurt and it turned back. The back of the monster charged with fire energy and fired a load of hot rocks at the autobots and Decepticons.

    Rodimus, in mind: this is not good. I have to do it but I don't think I have the strength to, but I must try.

    The monster put it's foot on the already beaten Caminus and fired more fire rocks. Then Rodimus used oneness as a massive knight like body made of energy, same size as Metroplex was conjured. Rodimus beated the monster down and the fire monster could not keep up with the attacks. Rodimus fired multiple shots at the monster, and though heavily wounded, the monster still got up.

    Rodimus: Can't...let you...hurt my friends!

    Rodimus focused all of his energy into a singular source, about as small as a human.

    Rodimus: let's see you survive the heat

    Rodimus threw the ball of blue energy into the monster's heart and slowly, light came from the monster and it exploded. The autobots celebrated their victory


    Malgor: we have 3 of the items required. The alchemist's cloak, the Ice Crystal and the Fire Stone of Hatred. What else do we need?
    Nazarok: only 1 more. The Soul of Darkness. We will find it, in Utûmno
    Malgor: Udûn. Never though I'd ever go back there.
    Ashara: prepare a small army to Utûmno, Malgor. We most hurry before the autobots know of our next step.
    Malgor: as you wish, my queen.


    Rodimus and the autobots were being treated but Starscream and a small posse of Decepticons walked up to the autobot camps

    Starscream: Rodimus Prime! I demand an audience with you!
    Rodimus: since when have kings meddled in the affair of children?
    Starscream: what did you just call me?
    Rodimus: you have doomed us from the start, Starscream. You allied yourself with powers beyond comprehension. You doomed us from the start with your power hungry ideals!
    Starscream: pffff
    Rodimus: speak. Why have you come here?
    Starscream: I came for an alliance.
    Rodimus: alliance?
    Starscream: yes. You said it yourself. Powers beyond comprehension. If they're going to resurrect Saurok, they'll bring all of Chaos with them next. We don't stand a chance divided, so, how about an alliance? Or you can cut me down, right here and right now. I didn't bring a weapon. The choice is yours

    Shockwave: Starscream, this is illogical.
    Windblade: but babe, think of what you're doing.

    Jetfire: we should just be over this. Let me have at it!
    Bee: an alliance? What a joke! You broke our first alliance against Unicron. How do we know you wouldn't betray us this time?
    Bulkhead: imma pound him to scrap right now

    Many autobots wanted to kill them on the spot. The loss of many brothers in arms and the atrocities they saw by the Decepticons were too much.

    Rodimus: ENOUGH!

    Rodimus' word echoed and lingered in the air.

    Rodimus: the latter is quite tempting. Right now, after everything you have did. On Earth, 16 years ago and now, on Cybertron, on the colonies, on your own men, the crimes you committed are too many, Starscream. Right now, I can take out my sword and cut off your head from your miserable little body. Right now, I can kill everyone you brought with you in under 7 seconds. No one, in this universe hates you and wants to kill you as badly as I do. But despite that, Chaos, is something...a threat greater than any in not just ours but all of the Omniverses. So I agree, to this alliance.

    Starscream took out his hand for Rodimus to shake it. And he did but Rodimus grabbed Starscream's arm and pulled his closer

    Rodimus: but know this, if you try anything funny, I will personally rip out your spark and split it, and feed it to your generals.
    Starscream: *swallows* I understand.

    25 minutes later

    Percy: we have tracked their source Rodimus. They're in Utûmno.
    Rodimus: good. Prepare our forces to depart there Percy
    Percy: on it.
    Rodimus: Kup, how's our wounded?
    Kup: ready to fight when ready Rodimus
    Rodimus: good

    Starscream: Rodimus.

    Rodimus: what is it?
    Starscream: I will give you 5 divisions as of now. But I will meet up with you on Dagorath for an assault in 1 hour
    Rodimus: I'll remember. Autobots, move out!


    The autobots and Decepticons arrived at Utûmno.

    Legionnaires patrolled the area around a circle of an ancient stone circle. A portal had been opened

    Ashara: the Decepticons are amassing an armada outside of Dagorath. Time is not our ally here. Shusatu, Morgulak, go get the Soul and return as soon as possible
    Shusatu: you got it, Ashara
    Morgulak: me finish task

    *boom boom boom boom boom boom*

    Malgor: what the-

    Autobots were bombing the artillery emplacement as transports arrived and delivered the troops.

    Auto trooper: let's go. Let's go! For the king!
    Auto troopers: for the king!!!!!

    Angarabad and Grimstone engaged the enemy head on. They tore apart the ships and tanks like paper but Grimlock and Galvatron arrived at the spot

    Rodimus: scrap. They sent their fastest to that portal. Blurr, Override, Vector Prime, get on it.
    Override: right
    Vector Prime: you got it Rodimus.

    Cyclonus: let's go Scourge
    Scourge: aye aye

    The 3 autobots and 2 Decepticons went inside the portal as well, into the deepest, darkest parts of Utûmno.

    Override: woah
    Vector Prime: it's like we're in a different dimension.
    Cyclonus: footsteps. They've walked up straight.


    Override: woah!

    The shooter was non other than Shusatu.

    Shusatu: I'm sorry, but I can't let you pass.

    Override: grrrrrr
    Vector Prime: we don't have time for this. Blurr, go ahead of us
    Blurr: b-buh-buh-buh but why?
    Vector Prime: you're the fastest of us. Go!

    Shusatu: I'll make this quick. Segunta Etapa, Los Lobos.

    Shusatu transformer her bow into a pair of pistols and fired Ceros at the bots and cons. Blurr ran to the spot where Morgulak was.

    Shusatu: shit. I'll finish you-
    Override: not so fast lady. You may be more powerful but that don't mean you can underestimate us.
    Shusatu: Saurok was right. You are troublesome

    Blurr ran as fast as he could. Through harsh rocky terrain and terrifying weather, Blurr ran through many creatures as he kept nearing Morgulak.

    Morgulak: thought you died. Too stupid to die. Better change that but now, me have task to do so no time.

    Morgulak grabbed the Soul of Darkness.

    Blurr: no! I'm to late. No. I will get that thing and stop you!

    Morgulak: you too late. Come out demon. Face enemy

    Blurr: Blimey! I thought Metroplex was big. You're like, 50 times him. Can't we talk this out!?

    Shusatu grabbed Cyclonus on his throat as she dominated Override. She threw Cyclonus down and shot Vector Prime down

    Morgulak: Shusatu, me got Soul. We go, now.
    Shusatu: *sighs* fun can't always last forever. Let's go.

    The 2 generals left and Blurr came running

    Blurr: run for it guys! Run!!!!!!!!!

    Cyclonus: what the hell is that thing!?!?
    Scourge: I don't know. Just run!

    The autobots and Decepticons ran back to the portal, barely managing to escape a ginormous demon.

    Real universe

    Morgulak and Shusatu returned back to the battlefield

    Ashara: do you have it?
    Shusatu: yes my queen
    Ashara: Nazarok, prepare a portal to Dagorath. The resurrection awaits
    Nazarok: goodbye Auto losers.

    A portal opened and the Legions fled back to Dagorath. The autobots and 2 Decepticons returned

    Rodimus: are you okay?
    Vector Prime: I'm sorry Rodimus. We couldn't get the soul.
    Rodimus: it's okay Vector Prime. Rest for now

    *comm ringing*

    Rodimus: yes, what is it?
    Starscream: I have prepared the armada. The 9 are in a most disturbing location. The site of the 7th tower.
    Rodimus: we'll meet you there.


    At the site of the ruined 7th Tower, Ashara and the 9 generals arrived at the ruins.

    Ashara: the hour has come. Let the resurrection of Saurok begin!

    Ashara created a tomb from the ground which held Saurok's destroyed body.

    Ashara: and now, the pieces. A remnant of his former life, the cloak of Dak the alchemist.
    Nazarok: the Ice Jewel
    Grimstone: the Fire Stone of Hatred
    Morgulak: the Soul of Darkness.

    The 3 jewels of evil were put together in a box at the center of the tomb.

    Ashara: and lastly, Saurok's skull

    But someone shot the skull away from Ashara's hands as the autobots and Decepticons arrived.

    Rodimus: not while I still stand, Ashara. Not today

    Ashara: you... insolent, little, brat! Annihilate them, now!

    The autobots, Decepticons and the 9 faced off in battle. Ashara tried to grab the skull but Arcee interfered

    Arcee: you're not getting that skull anytime, sister

    Arcee threw Ashara away and blasted a few shots but she disappeared. Then, appeared behind Arcee and blasted her

    Rodimus: no! Grrrrr, Dragon of the Darkness Flame!!!!!!

    Blurr: I may have lost to you, but at least I have backup
    Morgulak: broken toys, no longer fun

    Khamul: khavrak! You should've played king in your silly little mind and not interfere, Starscream!
    Starscream: we'll see, Khamul. We'll see!

    Windblade: there's only one female here who's worthy of kicking your ass and it's me, Shusatu
    Shusatu: oh look at me I'm Windblade. I look like a clown and threaten people with a horn *bonk bonk*
    Windblade: *triggered* that's it!

    A large wave of chaos lightning and black flames met and a massive explosion occurred. Half of the autobots and Decepticons were wounded. But the generals seemed to have disappeared as the smoke cleared

    Rodimus: Arcee, you okay?
    Arcee: yes. I'm fine.

    Starscream: where is the skull!?

    Ashara: right here

    Ashara grabbed the skull and prepared to put it in the tomb

    Starscream and Rodimus: noooooooo!!!!!!

    Ashara: let the Great Old Ones rejoice for their champion has returned!

    The skull was placed on the tomb as tentacles came out and reconnected the limbs. Saurok's armor became bigger and more powerful. His new armor resembled Cybertron Starscream's body and he stood up

    Rodimus: no. This can't be happening!

    Saurok: AGAIN!

    Saurok had electrocuted all of his enemies and the ones who could still stand rushed to help the wounded

    Ashara: my love, you've returned
    Saurok: not even death may part us of our love.

    Saurok walked to cracks in the ground and stood there

    Saurok: from the ruins of my flagship, the Chimera, I raise you to be my new dominion from where I will wage my war on the living. Now, rise, the Fortress City of ANGBAND!!!!!

    The autobots and Decepticons left as a large black fortress emerged from the ground. The very ground of Dagorath was alive as from them, buildings of architecture alien to any eye emerged. And large volcanic mountains too emerged

    Saurok: let the Long Night....BEGIN!!!!!!!

    A ray of dark light came from the tip of Angband and it hit the former black hole, destroying the barrier and the cast armadas and legions of Chaos came out. From large black gates, legionnaires came out ready for battle.

    Saurok: it has come time to wipe the living from the face of the Omniverse! For countless millennia you have waited and your wait is over, for the Long Night has come! We will engulf the 4 corners of the universe, Gorog, Maigan, Ephram and Serak in eternal darkness. Let the war between Ashra and Dagor, between light and darkness, the living and the dead...BEGIIIIIIINNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!

    Legionnaires: Galaxsor! Galaxsor! Galaxsor!

    Saurok: now victory and the eternal....LONG NIGHT!!!!!!

    And that's how episode 70 ends
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    Episode 71: Universe in War

    Earth, Autobot City

    In Autobot City, both factions gathered for an assault on Dagorath.

    Rodimus: thank you everyone for coming here as early as you could. After much planning, the higher ups of both Autobots and Decepticons have made a plan to invade Angband and put an end to Saurok's mad plans.
    Starscream: Shockwave, continue with the briefing

    Shockwave: Perceptor
    Perceptor: right. This is Dagorath as of 1 hour ago. Surveillance has told us that there is only 1 million Chaos Legionnaires and a handful of Marauders stationed in the planet. The rest of the 9 generals as well as Malgor and Night bird have started their conquest of multiple planets in the galaxy and beyond.

    Rodimus: while the bulk of the Chaos Legions are busy, we will go in and take out the head of the snake. The Decepticon heavy brigade and the wreckers will go on from the eastern side while the Dinobots and Predacons will go in from the West. Our combined army will be split between 3 attack routes, West, East and Center. A special task force led by Windblade, Cyclonus and the CDF will take the center army's upper front and infiltrate the castles underground levels, destroying the legionnaire reproduction chambers

    A Vehicon appeared but it was not ordinary Vehicon, it was Tracer. Tracer fed everything he heard back to Saurok on Dagorath

    Saurok: hmm how interesting. Soundwave, prepare our little surprise
    Soundwave: yes my lord


    Frigates and Corvettes flew off as they exited the Earth's atmosphere and readied to fly to Dagorath.

    Arcee: I'll stay back here on Earth in case of a surprise attack. Just promise me you'll come back.
    Rodimus: I will. Take care of Aegon while I'm away
    Arcee: I will

    Starscream: Shockwave, don't lounge around in your comfy seat in that City and open the bridge already
    Shockwave: as always Starscream, you're impatient even for a seeker commander
    Starscream: what was tha-
    Shockwave: and mute.

    The portals opened and the ships prepared to lift off

    Starscream: why that cheeky little-

    Rodimus: and go!

    The ships entered the portal and flew to Dagorath. The ships were flying above the mountains, through endless streams of ash and smoke and below them were lakes of lava. They neared the mountains of Thangorodrim. But then, things in the thousands began to fly out from the mountains

    Vector Prime: what in the Allspark are those things?
    Rodimus: they're too big to be Legionnaires.

    Then the things attacked the ships.

    2 weeks later. Earth

    Earth was a destroyed planet. The cities turned to ruin, the seas polluted and chaos was everywhere on the streets. Chaos Legionnaires were flying above the skies patrolling the air for humans. In a bar, Starscream and Cyclonus in human forms were hiding in an abandoned bar, looking for drinks and some food.

    Starscream: come on, at least some water. Eh not water but at least some drinks

    *gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp*

    Starscream:...aaah. thirst quenched. Still sulking in your beer? Cyclonus? Cyclonus!
    Cyclonus: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


    Cyclonus: yeow! Why'd you do that for!?!?
    Starscream: you were dozing off
    Cyclonus: we've been moving non stop for 2 weeks. At least some rest wouldn't hurt
    Starscream: I guess you're right. Here, have some food. Only thing we've found in forever.

    Then 2 people came in. They were Jack and Miko.

    Miko: really?
    Jack: we need them.
    Starscream: who are you wankers?
    Jack: Starscream, it's me Jack Darby.
    Starscream: ugh, yeah it's you. What do you want?
    Jack: we came to get you to the Autobots

    Starscream walked forward and punched Jack right away. Miko took out her pistol to defend Jack and threaten Starscream and Cyclonus took out his rifle.

    Jack: stop it. It's okay Miko.

    Miko put her pistol in and Cyclonus put his rifle down as he drank all of his beer in an instant.

    Miko: eeeeh
    Jack: we need your help.
    Starscream: go find other Decepticons out there. We're drinking ourselves to death.
    Cyclonus: wait, we ARE!?
    Starscream: REALLY!?
    Cyclonus: oh. Sorry

    Then Chaos Legionnaires came in the bar ready to kill them. Miko and Jack pulled out their guns and shot them down. Cyclonus followed suit and Starscream took out two smaller versions of his sword and attacked. A Chaos Legionnaire picked Starscream up and threw him down.

    Cyclonus: Starscream! Why you! Woah!

    The Legionnaires overpowered the humans and two cons but then, someone came in and killed the last of them. She was Windblade

    Windblade: here.
    Starscream: Windblade? I thought you were dead
    Windblade: so did I. Wow!

    Starscream hugged Windblade tightly and they sat down. Starscream and Cyclonus were eating the snacks Miko brought

    Windblade: I searched for 9 days for both of you. After the failed invasion, I lost much of my energon and reverted to a human to escape stasis lock. After that, I started to search for you after I got a call from Shockwave
    Starscream: Shockwave's still alive? Well THAT'S a relief
    Jack: what happened that day?
    Windblade: you don't know?
    Jack: no. 1 hour after the attack commenced, portals opened up and Legionnaires in the millions just came in everywhere
    Windblade: alright. When the attack force went to Dagorath, we were met by a force unlike any we've seen before. Our ships crashed and Saurok stood above with a new type of Legionnaires. The wreckers, save for Kup and Jetfire were brutally slaughtered. Bulkhead fought bravely but he had his arms ripped out from his body and his head was mutilated. Wheeljack was brutally torn in half and tossed in the lava pits

    Miko: *sobs* no bulkhead.

    Miko cried at the revelation of Bulkhead's brutal death. Jack tried to comfort her but he too was greatly impacted by this.

    Windblade: many of our own Decepticons weren't too much different. Scourge got his wings torn out and decapitated, Blitzwing and Lugnut were impaled by spears and many too...died in horrific ways. General Strika and Obsidian had their sparks torn out while Dirge got his limbs removed. Out of the Dinobots, only Grimlock survived. Sidewsipe got his head ripped open. The Legionnaires we fought weren't ordinary legionnaires. They were a mix of Legionnaires and Doomsday. Those Doom Legions


    Rodimus: bulkhead! Wheeljack! No!

    Bulkhead and Wheeljack were dead, killed by the Doom Legions.

    Rodimus: damn it.
    Kup: Rodimus, we lost all but Grimlock. The dinobots are dead.

    Windblade: we lost Lugnut and Blitzwing
    Scourge: the Heavy Brigade is not responding. Could they have been-
    Cyclonus: Scourge! Nooooooo!!!!!

    Scourge: no! Noooo! Nooooo- aaaaahhhhhh!!!!

    Cyclonus: *crying* no!
    Starscream: we can't win against this. Decepticons, retreat
    Windblade: you're not seriously-
    Starscream: look around. This isn't a fight, it's a massacre. We have to retreat.

    Vector Prime: Rodimus, we have to retreat. Now!

    Rodimus looked at Saurok coming out. Saurok fired his chaos beams and destroyed much of their ships.

    Saurok: destroy them. Destroy them all! Feast on their metal and dine on their blood!

    The autobots and Decepticons were running but Rodimus and Vector Prime and Galvatron stayed back to buy time.

    Rodimus: you ready?
    Both: yes!
    Rodimus: uraaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

    As Starscream and Cyclonus were leaving, they were shot by enemy fire and landed on a junk yard.

    Windblade: and that's all I know. What happened to Rodimus, I don't know.

    Jack put his hands on his face and wiped his tears away. He breathed in deeply and let out.

    Jack: I was bring you back to Autobot City and now I found you. Will you come?
    Windblade: Starscream, please. You can't hide forever here. They'll eventually find you.
    Starscream: khhhhrrrrk, fine. Lead the way.

    Jack, Miko and the 3 Decepticons were walking in the streets of ruined New York. They evaded the patrols and continued walking. They walked for hours and a few days. But then, they found a little pink haired minicon girl.

    -excuse me, but can you please spare us some food?
    Starscream: no. Go away kid! Scram!
    Windblade: Starscream! That's rude. I'm sorry about that. Do we have some food to spare?
    Miko: I think so. Here you go.

    Miko gave the girl a piece of bread. She was thankful

    - thank you, miss.
    Miko: what is your name, young lady?
    Momo: my name is Momo. I'm a minicon power enhancer half breed.
    Miko: that's awesome. Say, Momo, where's your parents?
    Momo: they're dead.
    Miko: oh. I'm sorry to hear that
    Windblade: power enhancers? She could be useful.
    Jack: hey, wanna come with us?
    Momo: okay.

    Starscream: I don't get why we have to bring that girl with us.
    Windblade: she's a power enhancer. She could prove useful.

    *screeching in the air*

    Windblade: what's that?
    Miko: above us!

    Chaos Legionnaires charged down and began to attack the humans and autobots. Momo who was a few feet away started to shiver in fear.

    Windblade: listen Momo, it's okay. I'll protect you. Just lend me some of your power and I'll scare them away.
    Momo: okay

    Momo gave the Decepticons a power boost as they transformed back to their normal selves. The cons started to kill legionnaires in the dozens but more came and came. Eventually, the Decepticons were outmatched by superior numbers.

    Jack: run Momo. Save yourself. Go

    Momo was reluctant to go but her seeing the legionnaires reminded of her parents and siblings who too feel at their hands and in panic and fear, with tears in her eyes, she ran away

    Momo, in thought: I'm sorry. I wasn't strong enough. I'm sorry I couldn't protect you. I'm useless. I'm a coward!

    She cried as she ran but she stumbled upon something which made her jaw drop.

    Windblade: at least I get to die with you, Starscream. It was a blast
    Starscream: *coughs blood* likewise

    Jack: it was fun while it lasted, Miko
    Miko: indeed Jack. *wheeze* bulkhead, Wheeljack.

    But as they were about to die, familiar faces cams and destroyed the chaos legionnaires. It was Rodimus along with Vector Prime, Galvatron and Arcee. They came and killed the legionnaires. Rodimus came down and on his shoulder was Momo

    Momo: hey Miko, Jack!
    Miko: momo, you're alright. Thank goodness.

    Rodimus: glad we could find you, Jack.
    Jack: Rodimus! Thank heavens you're alive! I thought you- never mind
    Rodimus: come. Let's bring you all to base.

    Autobot City

    Starscream: thank you, Rodimus. Fit saving us back there. Guess that's 2 I owe you.
    Rodimus: you're welcome. How long before you can regain your numbers Starscream?
    Starscream: now that I'm up to speed, about a few weeks Max.
    Rodimus: good. Because the fighting is just beginning

    And that's how episode 71 ends
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    Episode 72: the eldritch horror within

    Autobot City

    In the city, the remaining autobots were either resting or getting ready for the next orders. It was a mess. The once grand halls of Autobot City was now a ruined mess. Auto troopers were sleeping in their posts while many other wounded were taken care off.

    Starscream: can you prepare a shuttle for departure, Rodimus? The Decepticons will need their leader back
    Rodimus: fine but don't expect I'm doing this because I like you or anything. Get the Decepticon Army ready for fighting in weeks.
    Starscream: okay.

    Rodimus: Percy, get a shuttle ready.
    Percy: okey dokey

    Rodimus: get some rest. Fowler and June called. They're fine, currently hiding with the military in Washington DC
    Jack: thank God for that.

    The 2 humans walked into a room filled with humans who were under autobot protection but Momo the pink haired minicon didn't want to go

    Momo: excuse me sir, can I ask you a question?
    Rodimus: um sure.
    Momo: can I stay with you, please?
    Rodimus: I guess, but don't you wanna go with them instead?
    Momo: no. I want to stay with you.
    Rodimus: please. I promise I won't cause you trouble. I will be a good minicon.
    Rodimus: okay. Come. A minicon huh? Tell me what's your name?
    Momo: my name is Momo and I'm a power enhancer.
    Rodimus: cool. My name is Rodimus Prime and this Firedrive. Say hello
    Momo: hello

    But Firedrive didn't say anything as he had a big crush on Momo just as he saw her.

    Rodimus: I guess he's sick or something. Anyways, let's go.


    Soundwave: my lord, Starscream has been identified on Earth. He is now in autobot city.
    Saurok: hmm, now is a perfect chance to eliminate a loose thread. Night bird, take an army straight to the city, I want Starscream's head brought before me.
    Night bird: yes master. It will be done

    Saurok: now, the Decepticons will be headless and one less problem for me.


    Rodimus was in the cafeteria as he was eating on Energon. Momo and Firedrive were eating besides him on the battle as Arcee came by

    Arcee: there you are. I was searching for you.
    Rodimus: really? What's the matter? Is something wrong?
    Arcee: no. Just wanted to know where your were. Our fearless leader eating in the dining halls.
    Rodimus: hehe.
    Arcee: who's she?
    Rodimus: her names Momo. She's a minicon.
    Arcee: why isn't she with the rest then?
    Rodimus: for some reason she wants to stick with me
    Arcee: hmmmmmmmmm

    As the two were chatting, Firedrive gave Momo some of his food and drinks and she smiled which made him blush. But then, the alarms went off

    Teletran 1: chaos legionnaires on sight. Warning: chaos legionnaires approaching.

    Rodimus: autobots, battle stations! Move! Move!

    The auto troopers moved to their positions. Wounded were moved away from the line of fire, machine guns were put together and artillery brought to the front lines. Jets and tanks were getting ready to move. And there was silence. A silence that lingered, a silence that made the troops sweat in fear. Silence that made their spines crawl and the warmth in their armor go cold. Then, the screeching of hundreds, if not tens of thousands of things they couldn't imagine were heard in the distance.

    Auto trooper#1: you nervous?
    Auto trooper#2: not really.
    Auto trooper#1: good, good. Say, try one of these.
    Auto trooper#2: what is it?
    Auto trooper#1: it's a piece of metal. Just put it in your mouth, it'll help ya.
    Auto trooper#2: mmm, it's kinda working

    Commissar: all troops steady! Steady!

    Then, Chaos Legionnaires started to fly in in large numbers.

    Commissar: shoot! Shoot! Kill them all!

    The autobots started to shoot the Chaos Legionnaires but it seemed they were an endless hoard coming in at once.

    Auto trooper#3: take this scum!
    Auto trooper#4: die! Die!!!!!
    Auto trooper#5: bomb them! Bomb them!

    The artillery went off and the sounds of the explosion echoed in the air.

    Rodimus: stand your ground boys! Not one of these bastards are to get through the line!
    Auto troopers: yes sir!

    Night bird: send in the Shoggoths. I want the line to be breached

    Legion commander: shougruk vaknagruk vamusee!

    An early offensive by the auto troopers caused an opening in the line which the Legionnaires exploited by shooting a Shoggoth in the line. The Shoggoth grew in size and killed Auto troopers in the dozens.

    Auto trooper: stand back.
    Commissar: form circle! Attack!

    The autobots shot the Shoggoth dead but the damage was done. The line was breached and Night bird personally came to aid in the assault.

    Rodimus: get the 5th division here at once.
    Auto trooper: yes sir.
    Rodimus: I'll deal with Night bird myself

    Cyclonus: shuttle is ready for lift off.
    Starscream: good. Let's go
    Windblade: we aren't going to help them.
    Starscream: no, we're not.
    Windblade: Starscream!
    Starscream: uuuuuuuurrrrrrggggggghh, fine!


    The CDF came with reinforcements and destroyed many of the Legionnaires. But more came from their ships and Autobot City was already heavily damaged. Rodimus flew up and attacked Night bird. Night bird punched Rodimus and kicked him in his stomach

    Night bird: your powers have improved since last we fought but I take it with that damaged arm, you can't use the Darkness Dragon.
    Rodimus: heh so you figured that out? Surprising to see a Chaos servant have brains instead of air.

    The shuttle flew up and provided aid to the autobots

    Bee: Huh? Well that's something you don't see everyday.

    Starscream: I hate my life.

    Rodimus' chest was bleeding from cuts he sustained.

    Night bird: guess that's two heads that's going to get cut. One from Starscream and one from you.

    Rodimus, in mind: damn it, she's a lot faster than the last time. I need to focus my power to the sword but with her speed, I doubt I can do it.

    Night bird charged and Rodimus managed to barely block the attack.

    Night bird: you are slow. You lack precision and timing and the mind for it.

    Night bird came again but Rodimus managed to retaliate in time. She attacked again and managed to put a scar on his arm, destroying the smoke stacks. And as Rodimus was falling, a new surge in power was felt across the room. Rodimus had a black mask which covered the left side of his face with spikes in the front and he laughed out loud though his voice was different than usual

    Saurok: huh this might just be interesting.

    Rodimus choked Night bird as he pushed her to a wall. She let out energon from her mouth due to the choke and the Chaos Legionnaires came to save her.

    Rodimus: grah! Insolent pests! Know better than to interfere in the works of a king!

    Rodimus let out a burst of massive energy and he began to cut down the Chaos Legionnaires and if they were made of paper.

    Arcee: such power. Is that...really...Rodimus?
    Dai Atlas: no. But if we don't, he may target us instead

    The ships started to rain fire down on Rodimus

    Rodimus: how bothersome. Well, time for a change in the air!!!! Aaaaahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! Ceros...Espadaaaa!!!!! Ahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

    The Cero obliterated 1/4th of all the ships belonging to the Chaos Legions

    Rodimus: oh there's still more of you? Don't fear, I have plenty for you!! Ahahahahaha! Dragon of the Darkness..... Flammmeeeee!!!!!!!

    Less than 20 ships stood. The chaos legionnaires attacked once more but the slaughter kept going on as Rodimus cut them down.

    Saurok: prepare the latest assassin we've created, Soundwave. We can't wait any longer
    Soundwave: yes my lord


    Saurok: leave the battlefield, my apprentice
    Night bird: but master-
    Saurok: no buts. This problem is clearly beyond your powers to handle. Leave now, that is my order.
    Night bird: yes my Master

    As Night bird left the battlefield, the autobots dropped a massive load of weight onto Rodimus and the 3 cyber ninjas destroyed the mask. Rodimus was back to normal

    Rodimus: oh hey guys. What's going on? Why's there a ton of weight on me?


    Rodimus: *exhales* that really happened?
    Dai Atlas: yes. Whatever that thing was may be the source of your power and why you could master advanced techniques with ease. Until we know further, I suggest that you don't snap
    Rodimus: I'll keep that in mind
    -hey, what's that?

    Something similar to a mini black hole came to the scene. It sucked the CDF and Decepticons and a few auto troopers and it vanished.

    And that's how episode 72 ends
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    Episode 73: puppet

    On an unknown planet, a mysterious dark figure looked over at the distance, trying to find its next prey to kill. Bumblebees and the autobots who were there on the mysterious unknown planet woke up

    Bee: ugh, you guys alright?
    Wheelie: I'm fine.
    Auto trooper#1: yes sir
    Auto trooper#2: we'll be alright
    Knockout: oh no!
    Bee: what? What is it? Trouble?
    Knockout: no. Worse. My paint job!!!!
    Bee: ~_~


    Starscream: ugh, my head. That hurt
    Cyclonus: where are we?
    Vehicon: hold right there!

    Vehicons came to the spot, weapons ready but they saw Starscream

    Vehicon: Starscream, you're alive! We're...we're so sorry, we didn't know you were-
    Starscream: stop with all the pish posh and tell me, which planet are we on?
    Vehicon: I don't know sir. We were transporting the Requiem Blaster to Eukaris then we picked up a strange signal. We came to investigate and-
    Starscream: yes yes yes yes that's cool that's cool. Prepare all arms for battle soon
    Vehicon: Sir, what are we fighting against?
    Starscream: just do it!
    Vehicon: yes sir!

    Bee: hey wheelie, still got your beacon?
    Wheelie: sure.
    Bee: light it up. Rodimus and the gang would want to know where we are. Fastest we'll get to a rescue.
    Wheelie: alright

    Wheelie turned on his beacon and the autobots got hold of their signal

    Percy: we got their signal back. There on a planet near the Orion constellation.
    Rodimus: then that's where we're headed. Prepare a shuttle to lift off.

    The unknown planet

    Bee: hey, look. The ground... it's salt
    Knockout: trees aren't organic either. They're made of metal. Wish they weren't cause I'd want some leaves to rub off this mud.
    Wheelie: so we have salted ground and metallic trees. Wonder what could live here in such conditions?
    Bee: nothing as far as I can tell. Alright men, saddle up. Let's find us some shelter where we can better understand our place
    Auto troopers: yes sir.

    The autobots were walking through a quiet forest filled with the metallic trees.

    Wheelie: looks like a forest. Kinda makes me miss the earth.
    Knockout: hmph. Forests are overrated. Paved roads are better.
    Bee: huh?
    Wheelie: what? What is it?
    Bee: thought I saw something move
    Wheelie: I don't see anything out of the ordinary.

    *strange noises*

    Bee: you hear that?
    Wheelie: obviously. Now what?
    Bee: stay sharp men. It could be legionnaires.

    *boom boom*

    Auto trooper: take cover! Take cover!
    Bee: who's out there? Come on, show yourself!

    Then, a black colored Rodimus Prime attacked the autobots.

    Bee: Rodimus? Wha-

    Before bumblebee could even finish his sentence, the black duplicate punched bumblebee to the ground

    Wheelie: but what are you doing Rodi-

    He looked at the clones scarlet red eyes which was shining with malice.

    Wheelie: what are you? Some kind of cheap evil clone of Rodimus?

    The dark clone put his hands together and made a huge glow of chaos energy and let it out, creating a massive explosion.

    Cyclonus: did you see that?
    Starscream: I'm not blind, Cyclonus. It could be trouble. Prepare the men

    The auto troopers were firing their guns at the dark clone but it seemed to do nothing

    Wheelie: bumblebee, are you okay!?!?
    Bumblebee: I'm fine, Wheels. Damn it, this thing is strong, almost as strong as Rodimus. Everyone, transform and retreat. We are outmatched.

    The a transformed and fled but the dark clone transformed and chased them.

    Bee: that thing can transform!?!?!?!?
    Knockout: and it's fast! Very fast!
    Wheelie: let's see him handle this big missile! Cyber key power!


    Wheelie: bull's-eye! Wait, wha-

    The dark clone kept going. With not even the slightest scratch on him or even a hint of damage.

    Wheelie: damn it! He took it like it was nothing!
    Bee: everyone, fire everything you have at him. We need to put as much distance between us.

    The chase continued outside of the forest where the Decepticons saw the whole party unfold.

    Cyclonus: woah that's Rodimus? But why would he attack his own men?
    Starscream: something's not right. We'd better help them.

    Bee: Huh? It's the Decepticons!

    Starscream: go, go, go! Pummel him to the ground!

    2 Vehicons in their car modes were pushing the clone and then Cyclonus came and threw him off but the dark clone transformed mid air and landed. He revealed his name, it was Chaos Rodimus.

    Chaos Rodimus: I am...Chaos Rodimus!!!

    Bee: fancy seeing you here, coming to our rescue.
    Starscream: shut up child! Now, who are you and why do you look like Rodimus? Are you an agent of chaos? Speak!

    But Chaos Rodimus stretched his hand out and it stretched over 20 meters, choking Starscream and lifting him in the air

    Starscream: what is this? Let me go!

    Cyclonus cut off the arm, releasing his leader but tentacles started to come out from Chaos Rodimus' severed arm and converted into an arm

    Bee: did you guys see, what I just saw?
    Wheelie: kinda hard not to overlook it.

    Starscream: fire! Fire at the thing! Fire!

    The vehicons fired and Chaos Rodimus fired back. 16 Vehicons were already dead. Tanks fired at the dark clone and Chaos Rodimus ran at them, creating a dark star sabre blade from his hands and cutting the tanks. The CDF activated their cyber key powers in a synchronized attack but that too didn't work

    Bee: damn it, this guy is Doomsday all over again.

    Cyclonus: what do we do, Starscream?
    Starscream: distract him. I'll use the Requiem Blaster to finish him off.
    Cyclonus: alright. Hey ugly, yeah you, I'm talking to you. Come here and fight me like a real man!

    Both Cyclonus and Chaos Rodimus were wrestling. Neither wanted to back down. Cyclonus was caught off guard by the tentacles that came out of his opponents mouth.

    Cyclonus: ew gross.

    Then Cyclonus kicked him and sliced his tentacles from his mouth.

    Cyclonus: now Starscream!

    Up above, they saw Starscream with the Requiem Blaster. Chaos Rodimus wanted to escape but he was impaled by 4 spears with chains that attached themselves to the ground.

    Starscream: hasta la vista, baby!

    The Requiem Blaster fired and disintegrated the enemy. But the autobots were close by and we're heavily wounded.

    Bee: you're...not going to kill us?
    Starscream: no. Think of this as a simple repayment. Medics, fix them up.
    Vehicon: hey, what's happening?

    The autobots and Decepticons looked in horror as the torn bits of Chaos Rodimus were putting themselves together. Many of the pieces were destroyed but they remade them and Chaos Rodimus was whole again.

    Starscream: oh no, you don't. Graaaaahhhhh!!!!

    Starscream fired shots from the Requiem Blaster but Chaos Rodimus dodged them all. Starscream pulled out his sword but he was too slow and Chaos Rodimus punched him and shot him with all of his guns.

    Cyclonus: Starscream!!!! Oh scrap

    Chaos Rodimus turned and he shot and sliced Cyclonus with a dark star sabre blade. Chaos Rodimus made his arms grow long, almost a 200 feet long and he started to destroy the Decepticons. Starscream fired a combo of Chaos lightning and Requiem Blaster shot but it did nothing. Then, up from the sky, a ray of white light came and destroyed Chaos Rodimus. The white light also healed the wounded autobots and Decepticons. Rodimus and his team arrived

    Bee: Rodimus, you came.
    Rodimus: of course I would. I'm always there for my friends.

    The ground was shaking and a gigantic Chaos Rodimus appeared. But it transformed, with a torn face, chaos dragon guns for his hand with long serpentine fingers, dragon like wings and lion like legs.

    Rodimus: by Ashra's holiness. It transformed. All of you, get to safety. Galvatron!
    Galvatron: right!

    Both flew into the air and combined into God-Emperor mode

    Rodimus: Rodimus Prime
    Galvatron: Galvatron!
    Both: God-Emperor mode.

    The combined God-Emperor form battled against the Ultra Chaos Rodimus. As the autobots and Decepticons were fleeing, they could hear the sound of the fighting and the explosions. Chaos Rodimus swung it's right arm and slapped Rodimus Prime away as he shot at the defenseless combo. Rodimus looked above and saw Chaos Rodimus jumping down and landing on him. Rodimus flew up but Chaos Rodimus crushed him like a hammer to a nail and fired multiple chaos energy shots. It flew up again and it started to collect energy on a sphere at its mouth. The blast was released and a massive crater over 10 kilometers wide and 200 feet deep was created.

    Galvatron: get up, Rodimus. I know you can do it.
    Rodimus: I'm *coughs blood* trying.

    Then Chaos Rodimus fired multiple javelins at Rodimus which impaled him on his arms, legs and chest. Rodimus was paralyzed

    Rodimus: damn it! I can't...move.

    Chaos Rodimus roared as it came closer. But autobots came back, trying to save their leader but they were useless against Chaos Rodimus. Rodimus saw the chaos creature kill his men and he wanted to do something

    Rodimus: I something.
    - you really are useless aren't you?
    Rodimus: what? Who said that?
    Galvatron: there's no here except us
    - I thought you could handle this yourself but it looks like I will have to lend you my power again.
    Rodimus: what are you talking about? Who are you- raaaahkkhh aaaaaaarrrrrrrggghhhhhhh graaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

    A red stream of energy started to flow out from Rodimus the energy broke the paralyzing javelins and he got up. Chaos Rodimus started to fire but it did nothing. Then, a skeletal shape appeared from behind Rodimus and then, flesh and armor started to come on the skeletal figure eventually turning into a colossal warrior with wings

    Arcee: by Ashra this couldn't be.
    Bee: what? What is it?
    Arcee: the Kronos Titan. It's an avatar of pure energy that the most skilled of the Ashra-traii can summon. I thought it was a myth but it appears before my very eyes

    Rodimus had the same bone mask from before but it covered his whole face now

    Rodimus: now let's put you to your grave shall we? Aaaahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

    Chaos Rodimus charged but Rodimus' Kronos Titan moved away and punched the creature. Chaos Rodimus started to fire ever it got but the Kronos took out a sword.

    Rodimus: Dragon of the Darkness Flame, come out!

    7 black dragons came out. 3 were fighting against Chaos Rodimus while the other 4 flew up and came to the Kronos, lighting his sword.

    Rodimus: now witness the difference between a mindless creature like you, and a Outer God like me!

    Rodimus in the Kronos then cut Chaos Rodimus in 3 parts and impaled it with the sword through its chest. A stream of white light entered the body of Chaos Rodimus and it died. Rodimus came back to his senses and tore the mask from his face. The Kronos Titan disappeared as Rodimus was back to normal. Galvatron split from his body and they rested

    Arcee: how could you activate the Kronos Titan, Rodimus?
    Rodimus: I...don't know. A voice just spoke to me, saying he would lend me his power.
    Arcee: we better ask that Melisandre witch for info.

    But the body of Chaos Rodimus started to come together, making a portal and out came Grimstone and Khamul

    Rodimus: Grimstone? Khamul? What are you doing here?
    Grimstone: Saurok sent us here. We are the exterminators and you are the bug

    Rodimus readied to fight as the 2 Generals of Chaos were powering up

    And that's how episode 73 ends
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    Episode 74: Rodimus & Galvatron vs Grimstone & Khamul

    The 2 generals of chaos stared at their enemies.

    Grimstone: so, accept your fate yet? Accepted that death is the only choice you have now?
    Khamul: khaahharak, we should just obliterate them now, this instant!
    Grimstone: calm down my air headed friend, we will fight them.

    Arcee: what do we do?
    Bee: we're still too weak to put up even a decent fight. And the Decepticons have left already
    Wheelie: wait they already left? Damn those bastards!
    Rodimus: I have a plan. But do you trust me?
    Arcee: to the end


    Naarnak: I don't understand why you didn't send me, Saurok. I could've easily crushed them in a millisecond but noooooooo. We have to listen to you, our great and almighty leader. Maybe that intellect of yours ain't so great as you say it is!
    Angarabad: you dare to use that tone on him, Naarnak!?!?
    Morgulak: that not cool what you did
    Shusatu: I've had with you. If you won't shut up, I'll make you.
    Saurok: quiet!

    The sound lingered in the air and the ominous silence was heavy in the air

    Saurok: Grimstone and Khamul are the only ones among you who have regained a portion of their full strength. And they have experience fighting against Rodimus. As such, they are the most suited for fighting him.
    Naarnak: tch.
    Saurok, in mind: seeing as how he can conjure 7 dragons at once and even use the Kronos Titan, a feat that should be impossible, this is but a test as to see just how powerful he has become.

    Unknown planet

    Rodimus: we accept your challenge, Grimstone. But on one condition: that my men stay away and we take this far away.
    Grimstone: we shall honor your request, though it wouldn't change much in the future

    Arcee: you can't be serious, Rodimus
    Bee: yeah. You're accepting their challenge?
    Rodimus: it's the only way. At least you'll be safe while the fighting continues. Now, just go on
    Arcee: just promise me you'll come back to me, alive
    Rodimus: without a doubt.

    The 4 combatants moved to a far away places as they prepared to fight.

    Grimstone: wanna bet?
    Khamul: Huh?
    Grimstone: that we'll beat them in under 30 minutes?
    Khamul: of course. I'll bet you we'll beat them in less than 20.
    Grimstone: hehe now that's more like it.

    Rodimus: ready to win this one, Galvy?
    Galvatron: born ready.

    As Grimstone and Khamul were running towards their enemy, both Rodimus and Galvatron came forward and surprised them, punching them both and sending them flying away. Rodimus kicked Grimstone and Grimstone readied an attack

    Grimstone: fire breath!

    A ray of scorching fire came out from Grimstone's mouth and at Rodimus

    Rodimus: what the- a laser?

    Grimstone moved his fire ray and attacked Galvatron. Galvatron dodged as Khamul readied a small tornado on his arm

    Khamul: take this you ugly son of a hog! Claw of the wind god!
    Galvatron: blades of unicron!

    Galvatron stopped Khamul's attack and sent him flying up and kicked him back down.

    Grimstone: Khamul! Are you-

    Rodimus grabbed Khamul by his head and rammed his straight at Grimstone's. Then Rodimus released them and prepared his guns

    Rodimus: Galaxy cannons, online! Fire!

    The explosions rang in loud sonic booms. Both chaos generals didn't expect their opponents to fight with such speed and ferocity.

    Grimstone: *spits* well that was quite impressive, I'll give you that. But it still won't be enough.

    Rodimus: when we first met, you were as powerful as Saurok but now, you're weaker than before. Same goes for Khamul.

    Grimstone: hohoho! You see, as beings who have been transformed by chaos, our powers have greatly increased to godlike power. Any of the 9 can easily destroy a thousand multiverses at ease. But we lose much of our power when we enter the Living Realm for we are dead.
    Khamul: we can wait years to regain some of it but the Liquid Chaos in us can evolve faster by fighting stronger opponents. By fighting you and your pathetic little army for a year, we gave regained a portion of it.
    Grimstone: now, we will show you our power. Resurrecíon!

    Rodimus and Galvatron felt a sudden increase in power.

    Khamul: resurrecíon. Khamre Chatkha ( the unstoppable wind of death)
    Grimstone: Valalaukhar ( Great Fire Drake)

    Grimstone charged at lightning speed and punched Rodimus with fire in his hand. Rodimus barely blocked as Grimstone readied another punch

    Grimstone: prepare for the fire dragon's talons!

    Grimstone began to punch Rodimus as if his hand were a machine gun. 3 punches in 1 second

    Galvatron: Rodimus! Huh?

    Khamul turned into a cloud as he surrounded Galvatron. Galvatron took out his blades and started to cut and slash.

    Khamul: try as you may like but you cannot catch the wind.

    Both the chaos generals kicked their opponents and pinned them back to back with each other. Then they jumped up and landed, creating a massive crater over 300 meters wide.

    Arcee: their speeds have tripled since their power up.
    Bee: at this point, they won't last much longer.
    Wheelie: show them what you can do, Rodimus! We believe in you too Galvatron!

    Drauglamir: they lack coordination and support.
    Shusatu: it's a wonder how they survived this long
    Saurok, in mind: let's see how long they survived. Both Grimstone and Khamul are fangs of the serpent. They are the ones to attack first. But I would advise caution for their enemies are stronger than they appear

    Grimstone punched Rodimus in the stomach and threw him to the ground as Khamul was beating up Galvatron like he was a lifeless dummy

    The chair generals kicked the two bots over and over across 50 meters of land and then kicked them and punched them again. Grimstone punched Rodimus again but this punch was different

    Rodimus: I...can't...move. What did you do to me?
    Grimstone: paralyses. Saurok's alchemy has proven to more than useful on uncounted occasions. You're trapped with it and now, you are my new punching bag.

    Galvatron was struggling against Khamul

    Khamul: I command the air and I can become it if I please. You can't see me coming. Wait, what!?

    Galvatron grabbed Khamul by his sleeves which surprised him

    Galvatron: you're too cocky.

    As Grimstone was charging at Rodimus with a flaming fist, Rodimus smiled and he was surprised. To his shock, Rodimus punched him and sent him flying back.

    Grimstone: but the paralyzing spell, how- you.. you burned it off?
    Rodimus: not bad but you're certainly no good.

    Galvatron: what's the matter? Cat got your tongue? Don't underestimate the champion of Kaon you stupid fool!

    Rodimus punched Grimstone and Galvatron rammed Khamul with his elbow. Both then kicked the 2 generals to a mountain and Galvatron fired a powerful shot from his fusion cannons which leveled the mountain and 20 miles of land. Rodimus and Galvatron then proceeded to beat their enemies to a pulp

    Drauglamir: but how? This defies all expectations.
    Shusatu: I never expected this to turn out this way.
    Saurok, in mind: always full of surprises to the end aren't you, Rodimus?

    Grimstone: *spits* you guys really are tough, I'll give you that. But stronger! *angry roaring* super.....NOVAAAAA!!!!!!

    Grimstone collected a large amount of fire into his two hands. The heat was so hot that the rocks melted, the lakes, rivers and ponds evaporated, the trees rusted and melted away and a planet wide earthquake occurred. Then, Grimstone charged and punched Rodimus, the explosion was so massive it could be heard from hundreds of miles away and seen in space.

    Grimstone: hmph. You never stood a chance
    -excuse me?
    Grimstone: wait, what!?

    Rodimus blocked the supernova punch with just one hand.

    Morgulak: awkward
    Angarabad: I don't recall any such events happening before.
    Shusatu: their strong
    Saurok: *smirks*

    Khamul circled in for an attack but Galvatron kicked him away and Rodimus uppercut punch Grimstone and unleashed his guns on him.

    Khamul: *coughs out blood* this is a lot tougher than I originally anticipated.
    Grimstone: indeed. Never before have I thought we'd have to activate it.
    Khamul: indeed.

    Rodimus: what are you talking about?

    Grimstone: second Resurrecíon.

    A greater increase in power, one that was felt throughout the universe was felt. Grimstone and Khamul activated their second Resurrecíon.

    Khamul: Susano'o ciri valonkota ( lord of the winds of darkness)
    Grimstone: Hades Drouchan Voltrak ( the fire demon of chaos)

    Both the chaos generals had a different change in armor as their power greatly increased.

    Grimstone: stand back Khamul. I'll deal with them myself.
    Khamul: fine by me.

    Grimstone flung forward as he kicked both of his opponents away. Galvatron took out his sword but Grimstone fired him away. Rodimus came flying back along with Galvatron and both were sending punches to Grimstone but he blocked every single punch. Grimstone threw both his opponents up into the air and they hit the ground and he flew up

    Grimstone: Chaos Dragon: flaming roar!

    The explosion sent shock waves that were felt across the galaxy.

    Bee: such power.
    Wheelie: oh man, this is giving me an existential crisis
    Arcee: we can only hope they survive. This is a fight between four godlike beings and we are getting beaten.

    The explosion revealed a crater 10 kilometers deep into the crust and the two autobots were falling down. Grimstone was flying down.

    Rodimus: oh no you don't. Galaxy cannons!

    Rodimus flew up and rammed Grimstone and fired his guns. Galvatron came and used dark energon lightning on Grimstone and he fell down to the ground

    Grimstone: pathetic fools. The greatness of Galaxsor will not be stopped. Wings of the chaos dragon!

    The shots of fireball wounded the two autobots to such extreme degree, cracks were all over the Powermaster armor and Unicron armor. Grimstone punched Rodimus but Rodimus blocked

    Grimstone: time for you to fly

    Grimstone used more power on the punch and sent Rodimus flying in the wall with another ray of fire which created 2 kilometers more of damage. Galvatron came along but Grimstone kicked and punched him again. Rodimus came again and both he and Galvatron attacked Grimstone but Grimstone dodged all of their attacks and he kicked Rodimus to the ground and uppercut Galvatron. He threw Galvatron down and unleashed another heat ray on them. Both the autobots were down for the count.

    Angarabad: I told you they would win!
    Morgulak: chaos...supreme
    Naarnak: ha, I could've done that in 2 minutes

    Bee: no. This can't be... happening.
    Wheelie: this is my worst nightmare come to reality
    Arcee: no. You can't be down. Rodimus!

    Khamul: as expected. Not even multiversal gods can stand up to the second Resurrecíon of a Chaos General. I defeated and killed over 20,000 of those and always won. You stood no chance against us

    Grimstone: I did it! I did it! I won!

    Is this the end of the line? Will this be the end of Rodimus Prime and Galvatron? Will Chaos reigns supreme? Find out in the next episode of TFP: A Song of Light and Darkness
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    Episode 75: Rodimus vs the Serpant's fangs

    - ugh, that was quite the beating I'll give you that
    Grimstone: what?

    To the shock of the 2 chaos generals and their teammates and to the relief of the autobots, both Rodimus and Galvatron got up.

    Angarabad: no.... no way. This is impossible.
    Drauglamir: this... is impossible.
    Saurok, in mind: now, the real fun begins.

    Galvatron: grh, damn it.
    Rodimus: you alright?
    Galvatron: I'm fine but my armor, it's cracked. K can recover but it'll take some time
    Rodimus: go rest. I'll deal with these chums myself.
    Galvatron: no, you can't. You'll-
    Rodimus: just trust me, Galvy. I'll deal with them.
    Galvatron: alright.

    Rodimus: I challenge you to a one on two fight
    Khamul: what!?
    Grimstone: you have to be kidding me. You saw the power I unleashed on you. You think you can win against something like that? You're joking!
    Rodimus: what's the matter? Afraid I'll mop the floor with you two? So much for Chaos Generals, perhaps Saurok should just treat you two as janitors in his castle.

    Hearing this, Saurok burst out laughing in his dark throne. Heard throughout all of Dagorath, the laughter echoed through the air and the flaming pits. Hearing this, Grimstone and Khamul got angry

    Khamul: you.... you dare!?!?!?!? How dare you!!!!!!!! I am Khamul! The 4th general of chaos of Galaxsor! You are nothing but an ant to my power! You are nothing!!!!! How dare you speak to me in such manner, you fool!!!!! I'll show you my power and the true power of CHAOOOOOSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!
    Grimstone: *growling* we accept your challenge, Rodimus Prime. Perhaps through this you'll learn the power of two chaos generals, the fangs of the serpent!

    Bee: can he take on both of them alone? We saw just how powerful Grimstone was and now he's facing two!
    Wheelie: aaaahhhh don't ask me things I don't know.
    Arcee: we can only hope. Be safe Rodimus.

    Angarabad: now they will definitely win!
    Morgulak: this...overkill
    Shusatu: the two fangs can't be defeated when in unison.

    Nazarok: you don't seem to be bothered by the fact that he still stands and took the power of a second resurrecíon head on, Saurok. May I ask why?
    Saurok: o, I have faith in Grimstone and Khamul. I wouldn't assign them the role of fangs without any logical thinking but Rodimus, the warrior chosen by Ashra our eternal enemy has large, untapped powers that can pose a threat to Galaxsor. This is but a test to see how powerful he is
    Nazarok: I see. Even in failure, you always find success and that contributes to your greater planning to eradicate your enemies. I always liked that about you, Saurok.
    Saurok: I'm flattered.

    Grimstone: you forget we have our resurrecíon. Nothing is stronger than a Chaos General with resurrecíon. Nothing.
    Rodimus: we'll see about that, pal.

    Both the chaos generals activated their second resurrecíon and Grimstone put large amounts of fire into his fist and charged at Rodimus.

    Percy: that's amazing!
    Bee: what is, Percy?
    Percy: Rodimus is taking on a punch equivalent to a 10 quadrillion supernovas exploding at once.
    Bee: you're kidding me! That much force, in one punch? Just how powerful is Rodimus?
    Percy: very. Whatever is powering Rodimus, I hope it's on our side.
    Arcee, in mind: so that's what that witch was talking about.


    Melisandre: the power within him is greater than any in history. For he is Ashra's chosen and the power he wields comes from Enochiod himself.

    *end of flashback*

    Arcee: Ashra, have you really chosen Rodimus to be your champion? Whatever it may, please, help my husband win this battle.

    Grimstone: impossible. not possible. The fist of the mortal flame, it can't be blocked.
    Rodimus: you're gonna have to try better than that.

    Rodimus let out a blast of white light and punched Grimstone away. The impact destroyed over 5 miles of stone. Khamul went behind and readied an attack

    Khamul: dark wind...pillar!

    Black winds came out from Khamul's mouth and onto Rodimus' direction

    Rodimus: white radiance infusion. Galaxy cannon!

    Rodimus infused the white radiance attack into his Galaxy cannon and fired, overpowering the dark wind pillar and wounded Khamul

    Khamul: I'm not done yet
    Rodimus: bring it on

    Both Grimstone and Khamul charged at Rodimus to attack. Grimstone punched but Rodimus kicked him and elbow slammed Khamul. Both charged again but Rodimus kicked both and locked them and fired all of his guns at them.

    Grimstone: I'm not done yet!
    Rodimus: big talk for the guy who's losing
    Grimstone: don't insult me. Don't insult me!!!!!!!
    Khamul: khrrruuuuaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!! You're dead meat, Rodimus!

    Khamul kicked with a hurricane at his leg but Rodimus dodged.

    Grimstone: fire void!

    Rodimus saw Grimstone prepare a large ball of fire and he shot at Rodimus. Rodimus barely dodged the attack and it burned Khamul instead.

    Grimstone: Khamul!

    Rodimus kicked Grimstone from beneath his mouth and broke 3 teeth.

    Angarabad: no, no, no this can't be happening!
    Drauglamir: even in their second resurrecíon, they still can't beat him?
    Morgulak: this...impossible

    Nazarok: you were right to expect great power from him, Saurok.
    Saurok: indeed, Nazarok.

    Grimstone came in to punch Rodimus dodged and Khamul started to swing his axe at random but Rodimus took out his star saber blade.

    Khamul: you cheeky bastard!

    Rodimus focused the star sabers energy onto his fist and punched Khamul sky high. Grimstone came again with a flaming claw but Rodimus kicked him and fired his guns once more. Grimstone focused his fire on his mouth and unleashed a pillar of fire on Rodimus. Rodimus flew away and readied his cannon

    Rodimus: Galaxy cannon.

    The explosion pushed Grimstone away and crashed him to a large boulder, collapsing it.

    Khamul: now Grimstone!
    Grimstone: right!

    Both of the generals of chaos turned their powers into large spheres and merged them together. The spheres kept growing larger and larger.

    Arcee: by Ashra, a Unison Reign.
    Wheelie: uni- what?
    Arcee: Unison Reign. The combination of two powerful attacks to create a more powerful one. The last I saw that, took the lives of 40 students and 4 masters. It's near impossible to perfect but somehow these two manage to pull it off

    Percy: amazing! The power of the combination is enough to destroy the universe.
    Bee: Rodimus, get out there!
    Percy: prepare to bridge us out of here!

    Angarabad: now nothing can stop them.
    Shusatu: Unison Reign. His fate is sealed.

    Grimstone: this is powerful enough to destroy the universe
    Khamul: but we can minimize the damage to a singular point
    Both: you! Rodimus Prime!

    The spheres collapsed and two smaller ones came in their palms and it merged into a perfect sphere.

    Both: fire and wind, wrath of chaos!!!!!!

    They fired the Unison Reign and into Rodimus at point blank. But Rodimus didn't move his feet to avoid the blast, only moved his hands to form a prayer position. Then moved it outward and up and down, following the hands movement were phased like hands and he merged them together to make a shield with his palms. A large explosion occurred which destroyed 1/3rd of the planet.

    Khamul: we focused *pant pant* all of our current power *heavy breath* into that attack
    Grimstone: it will take some time but... it was well worth it.

    Bee: can you read his signal? Answer me!
    Percy: I'm... not reading anything
    Bee: no. You can't die here. You can't!
    Arcee: Rodimus!

    - I'm sorry to break your fun but-

    Grimstone and Khamul were shocked to see Rodimus still alive

    Grimstone: no. But...but how!?
    Khamul: what... what are you?

    They saw Rodimus with the skeletal structure of the Kronos Titan.

    Rodimus: I'm still alive. That was quite the power I'll give you that. If I hadn't use this then I might have died. Props for you two giving me some fear. Now, to end the show.

    A red light appeared on Rodimus' arms as he clasped his fists together

    Rodimus: Cero...Espada!

    The shot exploded and out of the smoke, Grimstone and Khamul with cracks in their body still stood. But then, Khamul fell on the ground

    Khamul: I....have....lost

    And Grimstone knelt down, but he soon fell asleep well

    Grimstone: Saurok.... only you can defeat him.

    Both fell. The autobots celebrated their victory as Rodimus took off his trailer jet pack and fell down too

    Rodimus: *yawns* I'm so beat!

    The autobots opened a space bridge to get their leader but a second portal opened and 50 chaos legionnaires with Saurok came. The autobots were in guard

    Rodimus: Saurok, you snake.

    Saurok: hmm, you managed to survive through all of this. I must say, it's impressive, Rodimus. However, I'm not here to fight, only to get my teammates back. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be worried

    The corpse of Chaos Rodimus exploded and created a black hole which threatened to consume the planet.

    Saurok: you have 2 minutes to explain. Good luck with that

    The autobots ran to their bridge as Saurok took Grimstone and Khamul back with him. The autobots got on their ship and left but the black hole was pulling them.

    Percy: diverting all power to the thrusters now.

    The ship barely escaped the pull of the black hole and made it to safety back to autobot city.

    And that's how episode 75 ends
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    Episode 76: the sacrifice


    Saurok: how are they? Grimstone and Khamul?
    Shusatu: they'll recover from their injuries in days. Their power on the other hand, will take a few months.
    Saurok: good. They're no use to me... dead.

    Saurok walked through the halls of Angband and to his throne room where Malgor was discussing plans of invasion on other worlds. And there in the room was Nazarok too.

    Malgor: master. You came. I'm sorry I didn't announce my coming.
    Saurok: it's okay Malgor. Continue with the briefing
    Malgor: right. With the attack on the Havens of the Falas, our route to Gondolin is clear. But we're facing fierce resistance in the nearby planet of Hildorian and the desert planet of Rovannion.
    Saurok: Rovannion eh? That is close to Earth.
    Malgor: what do you think we should do, master?
    Saurok: we attack from both fronts, my apprentice.
    Malgor: ????
    Saurok: by focusing our attacks from one point we risk losing our conquered territory. We have the largest army, numbering over 200 quadrillion legionnaires and we can risk splitting them up.
    Malgor: I see.
    Saurok: but given how we conquered much territory we need forces to occupy them and splitting them up is no easy task. That's why I have something in mind.
    Nazarok: finally.

    Nazarok walked out and opened the windows, raising his hands and then a large portal, dwarfing the planet Dagorath appeared and out came a flat stretch of land filled with mountains, forests and water bodies larger than any star and planet came out.

    Malgor: by Chaos, what is this, master?
    Saurok: behold. I name this Arda. We created it as a place where our army can be stationed and space bridges can be opened at any time and if trouble occurs, reinforcements can go with relative ease.
    Malgor: impressive
    Saurok: as for earth, we will annihilate the autobots right now and wipe humanity off of this universe. But that is not why I called you here
    Malgor: what do you mean, master?
    Saurok: Rodimus is the chosen one. He is Eldrakar Shadowsbane reborn and if he unlocks the true power of Last Dawn, our plan is in ruins. You must kill him before he does that.
    Malgor: and what about you, master?
    Saurok: normally I would take this in my own hands but I am needed elsewhere. It appears that the Starry Wisdom are planning on summoning and army of angels.
    Malgor: understood my lord. I will not fail you.


    The autobots rested as they were recovering from their previous battle.

    Rodimus: how's he doing, Ratchet?
    Ratchet: recovering at a fast pace. Though he may need rest for several days before he can do action again.
    Rodimus: understood.

    Walking out the doors and into the hallway, Rodimus couldn't shake off the visions he was having. His vision let him saw a room filled with fire and a sword decorated with blood. He was also hearing a familiar woman's voice. But he snapped out of his day dreaming and was awakened by Bumblebee and Vector Prime out of all people.

    Vector Prime: Rodimus, are you alright? This is no time for daydreaming. We are in the middle of a galactic war
    Rodimus: Huh? Oh yeah. I'm sorry.
    Bee: come on. We need you in the command center
    Rodimus: right

    Command center

    Percy: you came. I was worried I would have to show myself as Perceptor Prime
    Rodimus: *laughing* okay okay. I'm sorry I'm late. Now, what is it?
    Percy: well for starters my sensors just picked up the movement of a very large object near Dagorath.
    Rodimus: near Dagorath? That can't be good. What is it?
    Percy: it appears to be a stretch of land far larger than any star. In fact, it's about 10% of the milky way galaxy.
    Rodimus: I don't like this. They could be using that land as a testing site for weapons or breeding a larger army. Can we see what's happening on the surface?
    Percy: sure. A bit blurry but sure. Here

    What was shown was cracks in the surface with factories on the top with weaponry laid everywhere on 7% of the rock.

    Rodimus: I was right. We better move on to taking the rest of Earth and move on to other fronts.


    Chaos Legionnaires started to cut the trees down and drag them to the factories. With the empty land the dug deep holes in the ground or built buildings and factories. Ships were being constructed and in the deep underground chasms slaves of many species were brought to the rooms with machines that would turn them into Legionnaires.

    Legion commander: we have made 5 million new soldiers in the last 3 hours, general.
    Malgor: keep up the pace. Build more weapons, arm the troops and prepare an invasion force soon.
    Legion commander: yes sir

    Legionnaire: Sir, what do we with the mountains? They're blocking the way.
    Malgor: obviously you tear them down. Take the stones and turn them to cement.
    Legionnaire: yes sir. Tear them down!


    Rodimus began to have a vision in his head again. This time, Melisandre was there.

    Melisandre: Rodimus Prime
    Rodimus: Melisandre? What are you doing here? In fact why do you always appear as if you're trying to give us a heart attack?
    Melisandre: you need to come to New Zamathar, immediately
    Rodimus: New Za- now where the hell would I find that?
    Melisandre: in the earth's mantle you'll find me. Hurry, for the fate of the universe and beyond depends on it. Bring Arcee with you to the city

    Rodimus snapped out of the vision as the alarms went off. Troops began to run to arm themselves and into battle

    Rodimus: you there! Yes you trooper! Tell me, what the hell is going on here?
    Auto trooper: we're under attack sir. And by the looks of it a large army.

    But Rodimus saw Arcee and stopped her

    Rodimus: stop Arcee.
    Arcee: why? There's a battle going on Rodimus. We have to fight them
    Rodimus: I know but listen to me. I just saw Melisandre in a vision. She told me to go to the earth's mantle. She told me to come with you to the city.
    Arcee: really? In this time?
    Rodimus: yes.
    Arcee: alright fine. Let's go.

    The chaos legionnaires charged at the autobots who took positions in their trenches and fired at their enemies

    Commissar: okay boys. Will you send these vile abominations back to the pits from which the crawled out from?
    Auto troopers: yes sir!
    Commissar: then... FIRE!!!!!!!!!
    Auto troopers: uraaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vector Prime: Rodimus, what are you doing here? The battle is out there.
    Rodimus: I know but listen, we need to go to the earth's mantle.
    Vector Prime: the earth's mantle? I don't understand.
    Rodimus: just trust me.
    Vector Prime: alright. Let's go

    A space bridge opened and the 3 went to the mantle of the earth.

    New Zamathar

    Rodimus: wow.
    Arcee: I never knew a city existed this deep into the earth.
    - and it is where you're going to be buried

    The autobots saw Malgor Steele and a company of Chaos Legionnaires come up to face them

    Rodimus: Malgor. What's the mad hound of Saurok doing down here?
    Malgor: simple really. To kill you. Attack!

    Vector Prime jumped up and cut down the legionnaires like paper

    Vector Prime: go. I will hold him off
    Rodimus: thank you, Vector Prime

    Malgor: you stand no chance against me.
    Vector Prime: that may be true, but that won't stop me.
    Malgor: brave, but very foolish.

    Rodimus and Arcee made it to the center of an altar where Melisandre was waiting for them

    Rodimus: there you are, witch. Tell me, what was so urgent that you would call me in the middle of an assault?
    Melisandre: to tell you.
    Rodimus: tell me what?
    Melisandre: the true power of this sword. It is no ordinary sword. Hundreds of trillions of years long before the birth of your Omniverse, the First Long Night happened. There, a man whose name is forgotten to history, known only as Eldrakar Shadowsbane forged the sword which you carry, Last Dawn, and through it won the First Long Night against the forces of Chaos.
    Rodimus: so what does that have to do with anything?
    Melisandre: everything. You are the hero, Eldrakar Shadowsbane reborn and you will save the living from Chaos again. You must restart the fire in Last Dawn to do that.
    Arcee: and how will he do that?
    Melisandre: by sacrificing his love, you.

    Arcee gasped and Rodimus was enraged

    Rodimus: how could you propose something like this!? I will kill your before I-
    Arcee: Rodimus.

    Rodimus' anger boiled down as Arcee put her hands on his arm.

    Arcee: it's okay.
    Rodimus: but, Arcee
    Arcee: I always knew there was a reason why I was chosen by Ashra. I always knew there was a reason why I loved you and why we were meant for each other. I accept my fate.
    Rodimus: but *weeping* I can't. I won't lose you. I lost too many people I cared. I can't lose you too.
    Arcee: it's okay. I will be reborn and when we meet again, I will always love you. In this life, and the next.

    Rodimus grasped the sword Last Dawn and though reluctant, drove it through Arcee's chest. Rodimus began to have visions of his previous life and heard a familiar voice to Arcee but was a humans. She said 'Edric, Edric, do not despair for I am yours and you are mine. I will meet you again in the next life, for I will always love you'. Rodimus' tears rolled down his cheek.

    Arcee: take care of our son for me. I will always love till the end of time, Rodimus. Till all... are... one.

    Rodimus pulled the sword out of Arcee's chest as it burned on.


    Malgor: you hold no power to resist me, fool!
    Vector Prime: at least I don't serve the greatest evil!

    But before Malgor could use the finishing blow, an energy wave cut him and sent him flying away. Vector Prime saw Rodimus

    Vector Prime: Rodimus, thank Primus you're-

    He was speechless as he saw Rodimus holding a lifeless Arcee in his arms

    Vector Prime: what happened, Rodimus?
    Rodimus: let's go.

    The battle

    The autobots were retreating from the battle as the Legionnaires were too many. In the city, Rodimus put Arcee's body on the morgue. Ratchet was speechless and through great sadness, prepared the funeral for Arcee. Rodimus patted Aegon who was sleeping in his room and ran to the battlefield

    Auto trooper#1: look it's the king!
    Auto trooper#2: what is he holding?
    Auto trooper#3: we should retreat your majesty.

    But Rodimus stood in the face of a charging hoard of legionnaires, shoggoths, dragons and ships. As they charged, Rodimus pulled out his sword Last Dawn and shove it in the ground. The sword created a wall of fire that moved forward and burned the legionnaires to ash. The remaining retreated.

    Bee: by the Allspark.
    Wheelie: is that... really... Rodimus?

    Rodimus: autobots, form line! Charge!

    Auto troopers: to the king!
    Second wave: to the king!

    And that's how episode 76 ends
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    Episode 77: the First Battle of Rovannion


    A week had passed since the Battle for Earth. The autobots were tired after a long and bloody battle liberating earth from the armies of Dagorath.

    Bee: hey you see Rodimus anywhere?
    Wheelie: I think he's in his room
    Bee: alright.
    Wheelie: just dont rush things too hastily okay, Bee? He's taking Arcee's death a lot harder than we think.
    Bee: i know.

    Rodimus' quarters

    The father was taking care of his son, the prince Aegon. Rodimus had been taking care of his son personally after the battle, telling him stories, feeding energon from a bottle and other fatherly stuff

    Rodimus: and the white wolf looked down at his young. He saw in their eyes the trouble in them. But he said softly 'do not worry, my sons and daughters. Wherever you look to the stars, i eilo always be watching over you '

    Aegon slept and put him to his cradle. He walked out and he saw bumblebee

    Rodimus: bee, is something wrong?
    Bee: not really. Just wanted to check in on you, to see if anything's wrong.
    Rodimus: I'm alright.
    Bee: listen, Roddy, i know her death is a lot to take in, but we're here for you. All of us are. If you neer us, we're here for you.
    Rodimus: i know. But thats not why you came, is it?
    Bee: yes. We need you in briefing immediately. Rovannion is under attack and we need to get in thete asap.

    War room

    Kup: we have 100,000 men currently and the number of legionnaires in Rovannion is over 10million according to our scouts. The current warlord is assembling an army to fight back and help us. There's also another problem.
    Bee: problem?
    Kup: yes. It seems that they're splitting up into 2 armies. One marching here to the capital city and the other to the population centers in the east.
    Rodimus: hmmmmmmmm
    Kup: what do you propose we do, sire?
    Rodimus: this hilly region right here, we can use it to our advantage. Scouts say that the legions are lacking aircraft and sizable artillery. We can use the terrain to our advantage.
    Kup: even still, with our advantage in location and artillery, how can we win against superior numbers?
    Rodimus: the spear tactic

    The room gasped at what they heard.

    Bee: spear tactic? But, but, that has no guarantee of working.
    Kup: Rodimus, are you sure?
    Rodimus: confident. We use the spear tactic here in this position with all of our artillery behind the lines. Bee, you lead 10,000 men and attack from the left, I'll take 10,000 and attack from the right. Now, given our lack in sheels, we need to make up for it, but how?
    Bee: what do you have in mind?
    Rodimus: you see those curtains? We use them. Make it as long as possible.
    Bee: what good will that do?
    Rodimus: just trust me, 'kay?

    The autobots readied their men as they prepared to go to Rovannion. But Bumblebee noticed the absence of Rodimus and he asked

    Bee: hey wheels, have you seen Rodimus anywhere?
    Wheelie: I think he's outside


    In the graveyard, Rodimus was talking to Arcee. He put the flowers on her tombstone and he began to speak

    Rodimus: hey Arcee. Cleaned his diapers, fed him his milk and read him a bedtime story. Did you know he said his first word today? He said 'mama'. It would've been great to have you here, with us. Everyday I feel a bit of me die away in the bitter cold emptiness. I really miss you.

    Bee: hey Rodimus, come on. The ships are leaving!

    Rodimus: seems like I have to go. I'll be back soon dear. Lot of catching up to do.

    The ships departed Autobot City and the space bridges opened.


    A desert planet with plains, dunes and some forests. The autobots arrived at the Cosckha Range and they set up camp. The troopers lined themselves in a sharp pointed spear like position

    Vector Prime: the men are in their positions.
    Rodimus: good. Autobots, listen to me. Right there, less than 700 feet away from us are 10 million Chaos Legionnaires. We may be 100,000 but we are lions!
    Auto troopers: yeah!
    Rodimus: let no man tell you otherwise. I'd rather fight alongside you than any army of thousands. We are Autobots. We've faced the Decepticons before and won. We faced our extinction before and won. We faced Chaos on multiple occasions and won!
    Auto troopers: yeah!!!!!
    Rodimus: let us show them who we are!
    Auto troopers: yeah!!!! Long live the king! Long live the king! Long live the king!

    Legion commander: are you hungry?
    Legionnaires: yeah!
    Legion commander: do you want to drink blood?
    Legionnaires: yeah!
    Legion commander: do you want to dine in the flesh of your enemies?
    Legionnaires: yeah!!!!!!!!
    Legion commander: then charge! For lord Saurok Valkorion!

    The chaos legionnaires marched forward at the autobots, nearing them with each step. Rodimus gave a hand sign

    Kup: ready machine guns! On my mark...get set...unleash hell!

    The autobots fired at the charging enemies. Many died and Rodimus gave another hand signal

    Kup: artillery fire!

    The artillery fired a few shells though not more than a few dozen would've seemed to die. Then, Rodimus made another hand sign

    Kup: now!

    Commisar: heavy troopers!

    The heavy troopers came and lifted a large piece of cloth to the artillery shells. The shells were then loaded and fired onto in the battlefield. The cloth, red in color and about a few hundred feet long was thrown into the charging legions. The cloth engulfed hundreds, maybe thousands and then Rodimus looked up and fired a shot from his blaster. The cloth, which was dipped in oil was then lighted and the thousands trapped inside were burned alive.

    Kup: again!!!!!

    More cloths were launched and many more Legionnaires died. They began to retreat

    Commander: are you afraid of them?
    Commander: I said are you afraid of them!?
    Legionnaires: no
    Commander: are you the armies of the Great Old Ones?
    Legionnaires: yes!
    Commander: don't you crave blood and flesh?
    Legionnaires: we do!
    Commander: then charge at them!

    The Legionnaires charged once more.

    Rodimus: long range soldiers, back! Infantrymen, blades on!

    The Legionnaires came close and they attacked the spear. They were met by fierce machine gun fire as they tried climbing up the shield wall. The Legionnaires came at the left and right flanks.

    Left flank

    Bumblebee and Vector Prime were there. The attack positions changed as the troopers readied their rifles.

    Vector Prime: ready men. Charge!

    Spear rifle vs chaos spear, auto trooper vs legionnaire, machine vs magic, blood spilled and corpses mounted, a vicious battle. Vector Prime started to cut down legionnaires in the dozens while Bumblebee provided cover fire

    Right flank

    Rodimus took out an axe and threw it at a charging legionnaire. The soldier died and he took out Last Dawn and a star saber blade and led his men to fight the legions head on. He began to cut down scores of the mindless undead and his armor was stained with their blood. He was ruthless, relentless, cold and merciless. He held in energy in his swords and released it, killing hundreds at once.

    After much fighting, the horns were sounded. It was time to lead the assault straight ahead. More than 800,000 legionnaires were dead and Rodimus and Vector Prime led 15,000 men each to assault the legions head on. After fighting hoards of Angband's armies and killin over 1.5 million of them, Rodimus and Vector Prime were near the enemy line

    Legionnaire: sir
    Commander: bring out the prisoners

    Then before they reached the line, the legionnaires put civilians in front of them as a shield. The autobots stopped

    Vector Prime: Rodimus, what do we do?
    Rodimus: snipers, ready to shoot at the captors. Scouts, ready the chains

    The autobots ran again but this time, the snipers fired at the captors and the scouts threw chains at the civilians legs, dropping them to the ground as machine gunners shot the legionnaires down.

    Rodimus: get the civilians to safety, now!

    Troopers brought the rescued civilians back to the autobots. But Rodimus saw a defenseless child being targeted by a legionnaire and he ran, grabbing the child and impaling the legionnaire to a spear.

    Rodimus: here, get the child to safety and find his parents
    Auto trooper: yes sire.

    Commander: ready to ram the wall down!

    There was silence in the autobot line. Suddenly, the legionnaires started to ram the wall. The impact caught the troops off guard

    Kup: machine gunners, protect the line. Go, go! Reinforce the wall.

    The machine gunners were met with great resistance as the legionnaires defended the ramming team. After 3 impacts, on the 4th, they did it. The wall was breached and they entered in a hoard, slaughtering the troopers and fragging the machine gunners. They placed their flag, the Eye of Galaxsor, on the Autobots pole.

    Auto trooper: sire, look!

    The autobots looked at horror of the flag on their lines.

    Rodimus: you continue on with the plan, Vector Prime. I'll join you shortly. Autobots, follow me!

    And that's how episode 77 ends
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    Episode 78: Victory

    Rodimus raced to the front as fast as he could. The chaos legionnaires slaughtered the auto troopers mercilessly. The artillery was burned down, flags were burned and the legionnaires bathed in their blood and impaled troopers onto their spears. The troops retreated and Rodimus arrived as they retreated

    Rodimus: soldiers!

    There was silence as the auto troopers stood still. Even Fire drive and Momo were silent

    Rodimus: is this to be our end? Is it?

    His voice like the roar of a lion, loud and wrathful like thunder but majestic and noble like a king's

    Rodimus: our brothers have died and the living realms are in danger. Right there is an enemy that shows no emotion, no remorse or mercy. They will stop at nothing till all of us are like them, hideous mindless and subservient to Saurok and his master.

    Legionnaires came running. A laser bolt hit Rodimus and the troops were shocked but there king did not flinch.

    Rodimus: our brothers in arms have hoped beyond hope that their children and their descendants would live on and are we to make their sacrifices go in vain!?
    Auto troopers: no sir
    Rodimus: are we to die here in this desert only to be raised again as cannon fodder?
    Auto troopers: no sir!

    A legionnaire charged at Rodimus but Rodimus punched a hole through its stomach and lifted him in the air, throwing his corpse aside

    Rodimus: I will not die here, clawing for breath as the worms take me. I will not die here while my corpse is used as decorations for mindless zombies. Do you want to be their trophies?
    Auto troopers: no sir!
    Rodimus: then reform the lines, blades front, engines ready and ammo loaded. Will you fight with me, my brothers?
    Auto troopers: yes sir!
    Rodimus: will you burn alongside me?
    Auto troopers: yes sir!
    Rodimus: if we are to die, then we die as free men. For our homes, for our future, charge!
    Auto troopers: uraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

    The auto troopers reformed and followed their king to battle.

    Rodimus: tell me, are you a free man?
    Auto troopers: yes sir!
    Rodimus: are you an autobot?
    Auto troopers: yes sir!!!!!
    Kup: yeahhhhhhh!!!
    Rodimus: then let us race to the face of death and and show them that our home is not theirs!
    Auto troopers: yeaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! Uuuuraaaaaaaa!!!!!!!
    Kup: yeah!

    Kup put a noose on a legionnaire's neck and tied it around the pole. He raised him up, broke his neck and tore the Eye of Chaos down. The legion commander was shocked to see this.

    Kup: go autobots!!!!!

    Rodimus: autobots, transform and roll out!!!!!!

    The trailer was turned into a hoverboard and Rodimus jumped on and led an infantry charge to the enemy lines. He collected energy on Last Dawn and readied to unleash it.

    Rodimus: auto troopers, ready to spread out after my attack.
    Auto troopers: yes sir!
    Rodimus: all cannons, online. Getsuga Tensho!

    The energy from the sword killed tens of thousands of legionnaires and the auto troopers spread out. Vector Prime saw Rodimus come back and he was filled with enthusiasm

    Vector Prime: yeah!!!!! That's my boy!!!!! Let's go!

    Rodimus, in mind: with that last hit, i'll have to wait another 4 minutes before I can do it again. But no matter, my men and friends are the true source of my powers and that's more than enough.

    Commander: stand guard maggots. Stand guard

    The legionnaires formed a shield wall of their own to stop the autobots. The wall was filled with spears and sword all around. But Rodimus had a trick up his sleeve

    Rodimus: ready Momo?
    Momo: yes Roddy, i'm all ready.
    Rodimus: alright then, lets do this. Super mode!

    The trailer converted into a jetpack. Momo lend some power and Rodimus fired the galaxy cannons along with a star saber slash. The wall shattered and the star saber slash killed another hundred thousand. Now the legionnaire death toll was 4 million.

    Commander: stand your ground, maggots. Stand!
    Legionnaire: sir!

    Then Vector Prime's army came from the right and surprised the legionnaires and another lrr by Kup came from the left. Facing 3 attacks from 3 directions, the Commander didn't know what to do and Jetfire brought 500,000 more reinforcements.

    Jetfire: hope I didn't miss the fun. Lets go boys
    Auto jets: yeah!

    Vector Prime came face to face with the commander who stood atop a creature. Vector Prime lifted a large boulder at the beasts head which didn't do much. Then Bumblebee came and fired his cyber key powered missiles, killing the beasts. Then the Commander came out and they dueled. A bloody one sided duel as the Commander overpowered Vector Prime

    Rodimus jumped and elbow slammed the Commander away. The Commander took his chaos war hammer and attacked Rodimus. Rodimus ducked the first three strikes then punched the Commander in the stomach. The Commander attacked once more but Rodimus ducked and hammered him from the back. In anger the Commander hugged and lifted Rodimus up

    Commander: now, you die!!!!

    Rodimus put his fists together and slammed him in the head. Rodimus punched the w Commander again and again. The commander saw a corpse and threw it at Rodimus. He threw more and more eventually engulfing Rodimus in a wall of corpses. But Rodimus jumped up and fired all of his guns at the Commander.

    Rodimus: no. This... is where you die.

    The Commander took out a sword and attacked but Rodimus prepared another Getsuga. The commander took a shield just in time

    Rodimus: Getsuga... Tensho!!!!

    The commander barely survived it but he couldn't think of his next step as Rodimus punched him and again for 3 more times and dragged him to higher ground. The commander saw his men, who were less than 2 million retreat. He looked right into Rodimus' cold scarlet eyes and Rodimus beheaded him.

    The battle was won. The autobots won the first battle of Rovannion and victory was attained once more. The auto troopers came to their king

    Auto troopers: long live the king! Long live the king! Long live the king! Long live the king!


    Saurok was talking to the second commander

    Commander: less than 2 million survived. The only thing they can even speak of was of the fighting fury of the autobots.
    Saurok: I see. Well, proceed as planned legion commander
    Commander: yes my liege

    End of transmission

    Nazarok: do we send reinforcements?
    Saurok: given our current situation, we are fighting in a front that stretches over 20 galaxies. We are in no position to reinforce a weak planet like Rovannion. But, we will have to hurry then. Malgor, lead an army straight to Gondolin
    Malgor: yes master
    Saurok: I will go to the Red Line myself. First Arthedine, then Rhudaur and Predatron. I will personally wipe them out myself.

    And that's how episode 78 ends
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    Episode 79: to the Thornburg


    Saurok was talking to his fellow 8 generals along with his legion commanders and Malgor Steele.

    Saurok: our situation is a bit dire. The autobots have already won their first victory in Rovannion and will move to the fortress of the Thornburg and the Decepticons have already taken Eukaris and 3 more worlds back. We can't use more of our already depleting men and resources to take these planets back but thats why I have a plan

    The room was silent.

    Malgor: what plan master?
    Saurok: Operation Fall Weiss. I will go to the Triarchy of 3 sisters and conquer the empire and move to the Red Line along with the 9 to deal with the greatest resistance we're facing currently. You, Malgor, will lead the second army to Khazad Dùm and help our forces in Ephel Duath and move to Gondor. With that, the Red Line is eliminated and with the conquered populous, we will eradicate the autobots and Decepticons before they pose a threat to Galaxsor. Dismissed


    Legionnaire: orders from Lord Saurok. We are to go to the Thornburg and attack from Khakeen.
    Commander: ah. An excellent strategy and we can wipe out the autobots headed there. Hunt master!

    The hunt master was a legless and pale white chaos legionnaire with scars all over him

    Commander: I have need of your pups.
    Hunt master: *ugly smile* khhli'm listthening
    Commander: go and attack Rodimus Prime. Weaken his forces, kill as many as you can.
    Hunt master: ic wik be dkuun.

    More autobots came to Rovannion. Medics attended to the wounded and the auto troopers were fixing their damaged weapons or piling up the dead. The CDF were also helping pile the dead

    Wheelie: *gasps 5 times* wooooo-huh. Well, this beasty sure is heavy
    Knockout: yuck! This is disgusting! Its ruining my paint! Why am I even doing this? Its below me!
    Bee: well, if you don't like you can take it up with the big bot.
    Knockout: cheeky- argh! I'm attending to the wounded.
    Bee: but...but we still have more to-
    Knockout: swallow your own words. Take it up with the big bot. I am a medic, not an undertaker.
    Bee: *sighs* former cons.

    Rodimus: *inhales* tell me ratchet, how's Aegon?
    Ratchet: he's fine. I have Jack babysit him while we're there
    Rodimus: *slowly exhales* oh. I.... didn't really want him to-
    Ratchet: he asked himself to do it you know? He too feels pain for Arcee's death.
    Rodimus: you think... he... blames me for it?
    Ratchet: no one blames you for her death, Rodimus. You did what was necessary for the future of everyone's survival. She always did put the survival of others above her own. A true hero
    Rodimus: she always was.

    Rodimus had flashbacks of Arcee on their time in earth. How she entered their bed chamber in a pretty dress. Rodimus snapped out of his flashback and looked at a necklace of him and Arcee. He shed a tear but kept his composure.

    Ratchet: there its fixed.
    Rodimus: thank you Ratchet. Nautica, are the men ready yet?
    Nautica: in 20 minutes Rodimus.
    Rodimus: good. We move on to Thornburg. Ratchet, get me in line with lord Theon.
    Ratchet: alright.

    Lord Theon: I thank you for coming to aid us in our small planet, your majesty.
    Rodimus: you are welcome old friend
    Lord Theon: but tell me, why are you going to the Thornburg?
    Rodimus: the second Chaos army is going to the Thornburg cause it lies in a gorge that is a shortcut to the city of Khakeen. They will try to attack from Khakeen to take the rest of the planet. I will take my autobots and reinforce the small garrison there.
    Lord Theon: I see. I will tell my nephew Èomer to go there. They'll arrive tomorrow at dawn
    Rodimus: thank you old friend. Till all are one
    Lord Theon: till all are one.

    Vector Prime: what do we do with these civilians?
    Rodimus: we bring them with us. Autobots, let's go. To the Thornburg.

    Èomer's Company at Dunharrow

    Èomer: is that the last of them?
    Soldier: yes sir.
    Èomer: good. Lets head back boys.
    Messenger: sir!
    Èomer: what is it, soldier?
    Messenger: a message *pant pant* from your father sir.
    Èomer: what does it say?
    Messengers: that we are to go meet up with his majesty Rodimus Prime in the Thornburg to help in exterminating the chaos army
    Èomer: the king is here?
    Messenger: yes sir.
    Èomer: *happy smile* well. You hear that boys? We're fighting alongside the king Rodimus Prime himself!
    Soldiers: *surprised chatting*
    Èomer: come on, change of plans. To the Thornburg!

    The autobots were moving to the Thornburg. Some were on top of the transport ships, some flew ahead while others were driving in their car modes.

    Jetfire: vast forests ahead of you, Rodimus.
    Rodimus: hmm I can see. Any signs of chaos legionnaires?
    Jetfire: nothing so far

    The hunters were hiding in the vast forests, ready for a chance to strike.

    Hunter: do we attack?
    Hunt master: niak yek. Yakkak. Whik dey least wekxpekt kus.

    Rodimus: do you see the Thornburg?
    Jetfire: its straight up ahead. In the mountains. Not too far from where you are.
    Rodimus: understood. Autobots, lets rest here
    Autobots: finally!

    The autobots set up fires and ate and drank energon. The CDF drank 30 bottles of alcoholic energon

    Bee: *gulp 6x* another!
    Wheelie: you've had too much to drink.
    Bee: oh come on, wheels.
    Wheelie: no. Its my turn.
    Bee: greedy

    Nautica came to Rodimus with a some bread and soup.

    Nautica: please have some. I know its not much but the cooks were sick so I made it myself
    Rodimus: if so, then of course

    Rodimus ate the bread and the soup and he found it tasting good.

    Rodimus: its good. Really
    Nautica: thank you.

    As Nautica left, Rodimus called her back

    Rodimus: nautica, i'm... incredibly sorry that I couldn't have saved the Mistress of Flame, Fire star and Chromia.
    Nautica: its okay.
    Rodimus: you don't hold a grudge against me?
    Nautica: of course not. Im not that type of person, besides, there wasn't anything you could've done.
    Rodimus: thank you, Nautica.

    2 auto troopers were up ahead but one of them sensed trouble

    Auto trooper#2: what do you see?

    *beastly growling*

    Auto trooper#1: trouble!

    A hunter on a giant 3 tailed wolf attacked and killed the second trooper. The first trooper attacked the hunter and Vector Prime came in and killed the hunter

    Bee: what do you see?
    Vector Prime: a scout. We're under attack

    Bumblebee rushed back to the autobots who heard sounds

    Rodimus: what do you see?
    Bee: legionnaires. We're under attack
    Civilians: *panicking*
    Rodimus: 4th division, stand guard. The rest of you, follow Nautica and Ratchet to the Thornburg.
    Nautica: I can fight
    Rodimus: I know and I don't doubt you for even a second Nautica but you're the only I trust to lead them in my stead. Please, for me
    Nautica: you got it.

    Vector Prime got out his rifle and started to shoot his enemies. He killed 2 just as the autobots 4th division came. The autobots and chaos hunters attacked and a bloody battle ensued. Casualties on both sides started to show. Knockout accidentally fell due to hitting a rock and Rodimus killed 3 hunters and their wolves. Knockout was face to face with a wolf

    Knockout: come on bring your pretty face here.

    The wold charged but Bumblebee killed it instead

    Knockout: that one still counts as mine!

    Then, another wolf attacked but Knockout managed to kill it as Vector Prime killed 2 more with his sword. A hunter attacked Knockout but knockout snapped his neck

    Knockout: *sniff sniff* oooof that's disgusting

    Then, as he was lifting the weight, another wolf came. Rodimus ran towards the wolf and chopped its head off

    Knockout: thank you!

    Rodimus was hit in the chest with a hammer and dragged by a hunter riding on a wolf. Rodimus managed to slice the hunter in half but the wold kept dragging him. Rodimus stabbed the wolf but it still kept going. Rodimus released Fire drive and Momo as he fell into the river

    Nautica and the rest of the autobots reached the Thornburg. A large fortress in a gorge and they went in

    Vector Prime: thats all of them.
    Bee: wait, where's Rodimus?

    Momo: Rodimus!

    The autobots rushed to the rivers bank only to find Momo and fire drive there.

    Momo: Rodimus, can you hear me? Please answer.

    *cough cough*

    Vector Prime: you, where is he?
    Hunt master: took a little tumble off the cliff. Died screaming. And the rest of you will join him soon too

    In anger, Vector Prime crushed the hunt master's skull.

    Vector Prime: lets go.
    Bee: but shouldn't we- oh man


    The rest of the autobots arrived.

    Nautica: where's Rodimus?

    Vector Prime said no words, only gave Nautica Rodimus' necklace. Nautica shed a tear but wiped it away

    Nautica: prepare defenses.

    And that's how episode 79 ends
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    Episode 80: survival

    Rodimus was struggling to get out of the river. He was severely wounded from his battle and he was bleeding. He crawled out into the banks of the river and he saw a large fang in his stomach

    Rodimus: grah! Dumb dog.

    He remembered the moments before he hit the water. The wolf had bitten Rodimus in his stomach and Rodimus punched the wolf so hard its fang broke and neck snapped but Rodimus fell into the river and the weight carried him down.

    Rodimus: *pant pant* I better rest here. If not, I might reach stasis.
    - perhaps I could attend to your injuries.
    Rodimus: huh? Ugh, its you again

    He saw Melisandre approach him

    Melisandre: perhaps his majesty Rodimus Prime could benefit from supernatural healing
    Rodimus: how come whenever i'm in danger or need of help, you're always there?
    Melisandre: mysteries as old as the universe. Now be still, this may hurt

    She pulled out the fang from Rodimus' stomach and he screamed in pain. Rodimus breathed short but heavy breaths and she attended to the wounds

    Melisandre: perhaps I can heal you better if you were in human form.
    Rodimus: *breathing* fine.

    She pulled out the medicines but paused for a moment and said something

    Melisandre: you hate me don't you?
    Rodimus: you have no idea. I lost my wife and my son is gonna grow up motherless. You took something from me and I dont even bother living anymore
    Melisandre: so you're going to let your son grow up without a father? Parentless? And if you didn't bother living anymore, you wouldn't have bothered in this war and either died in the river or, perhaps by other means
    Rodimus: *exhales* damn it. You really are smart. All that, and you just roasted me like some beef
    Melisandre: i'm not of this universe. In fact, im much older than this universe. Travelling many universes as a missionary and to find the chosen one. I know what it feels to lose loved ones, Eldrakar.
    Rodimus: its Rodimus. And do you know what it feels like to sacrifice your loved ones, like I did?
    Melisandre: yes.

    Rodimus was silent. He was shocked at the revelation.

    Rodimus: you... sacrificed your loved ones?
    Melisandre: yes. I sacrificed my own sister.
    Rodimus: why would you do something like that?
    Melisandre: she wanted to. I didn't but she told me it was for the greater good. A part of me died that day but I felt comfort knowing that her sacrifice wasn't in vain as we saved our home from Chaos.
    Rodimus: i'm sorry to hear that. Its just.... her loss has effected my emotions negatively
    Melisandre: its alright. We didn't ask to be in our positions where we are today, Eldrakar but we were chosen for something greater than our own desires. I hope you can understand that.
    Rodimus: im grateful you healed me but I have to go back to my men.
    Melisandre: your wounds aren't fully healed yet. You won't make it halfway to the Thornburg
    Rodimus: try stopping me.
    Melisandre: you'll regret you said that. fingers paralysis.

    The red witch struck him with 3 fingers, the thumb, index and middle on his stomach, then the index and middle and pushed with the palm and Rodimus fell.

    Rodimus: what did you do to me?
    Melisandre: 5 fingers paralysis. By focusing a bit of my spirit energy to my fingers, I can paralyse someone for a temporary time
    Rodimus: how long will I be paralyzed?
    Melisandre: given your spirit energy, about 8 minutes. Long enough for me to heal you completely
    Rodimus: i'd like to learn that technique.
    Melisandre: I will teach you, but first, you recover

    In human form, his injuries were attended much easier. He was being taught how to use the 5 finger paralysis

    Melisandre: your fingers like this

    She made 3 finger sign with her thumb and index and middle fingers

    Melisandre: and after you focus the right amount of energy, strike it then put the thumb sway and strike it again
    Rodimus: got it
    Melisandre: and lastly, you strike with the palm. Its important that you strike on the middle of the stomach to put it in best effect.
    Rodimus: I understand
    Melisandre: now come on. We go to the Thornburg

    They got up and started walking.

    Rodimus: why cant I just transform and take us there immediately?
    Melisandre: your insides need time to heal. With the chaos infused fang that struck you, it would normally take months or years to recover but with my medical help, you will recover and be able to use your real body again in about half and hour.
    Rodimus: then lets moving.


    Kup: Roddy may not be here but I have faith that he will survive.
    Nautica: I hope so too Kup.
    Auto trooper: ma'am, sir. The artillery on the wall have been placed and the shield generators will be ready soon.
    Nautica: thats good to hear. Tell the snipers to be placed inside the wall and in the mountainside.
    Auto trooper: yes ma'am

    Kup: oi! Jetfire ma boi! Have the chaos legions been sighted yet?
    Jetfire: you betcha Kup. They'll arrive by nightfall. 5 hours from now.
    Kup: thats good to hear. Tell you what, have your men assembled and place mines at least 50 feet from the wall.
    Jetfire: consider it done

    Chaos side

    Legionnaire: almost near the Thornburg. We'll arrive in 5 hours.
    Commander: keep up pace. With our reinforcements, Rovannion is ours. Tell the hunters to go look for that.... King
    Legionnaire: but sir, he tumbled down the river. There's no way he'll survive.
    Commander: I want to make sure. If he can survive the likes of Doomsday, I doubt it a fall will break him. Send the hunters and bring me his head
    Legionnaire: yes sir

    Rodimus walked up to the top of a hill and he saw the Thornburg. A walled fortress, at least 200 meters long and 1/4th the height of Metroplex he thought.

    Rodimus: we're near the Thornburg.
    Melisandre: that's good to hear.

    But Rodimus looked in the opposite direction and he was astonished. He saw the Chaos Legionnaires and they were so numerous that they were like a black river. He also noticed that the numbers were significantly more than the previous army. He enhanced his vision and calculated at least 15 million more.

    Rodimus: lets go to the Thornburg.
    Melisandre: way ahead of you.

    But a hunter crept up on Rodimus. Rodimus heard him and stood still, waiting for a chance to take a sharp rock. The hunter attacked but Rodimus grabbed the rock and struck the hunter with the stone on his head and they fell. Rodimus used the corpse for a soft landing

    Rodimus: hunters.

    Hunters came in the dozens and attacked. Rodimus was still in human form, 3 minutes before he could transform into his body but Melisandre came and burned the hunters with fire from her hands.

    Rodimus: didn't know you could that.
    Melisandre: you dont know a lot of things about me. But for now we move, more will come.

    And more indeed did come. They hid in the forest. They shot their laser arrows and threw bombs.

    Melisandre: we have 2 minutes left. Go hide while I distract them.

    Rodimus ran as the hunters surrounded her.

    Hunter: well, hello beautiful. You look delicious.
    Melisandre: i'm flattered for an ugly creature like you.
    Hunter: you'll taste better when I put your head in my collection.
    Melisandre: we'll see.

    The hunters attacked and Melisandre shot flames from her arms at them. She grew in nsize, at least 15 feet and fought the hunters with a flaming sword. She killed many but she was eventually overwhelmed

    Hunter: now you die
    Rodimus: not if I have anything to say about that.
    Hunter: huh?

    Rodimus, in his normal body punched the hunter away and killed them all with his cannons.

    Rodimus: you fine?
    Melisandre: of course
    Rodimus: get inside. Lets go


    Kup: I can't believe it. Open the gate!

    Auto trooper: ma'am, the king has returned.
    Nautica: really?

    She went out, excited to see him once more

    Bee: where is he? Move. Move! I want to-

    Bumblebee couldn't believe his own eyes.

    Bee: you. You... reckless, arrogant ans stubborn son of a gun you survived

    Bee hugged him in front of everyone

    Bee: praise the gods you survived
    Rodimus: im here bee.

    Rodimus moved and he saw Vector Prime

    Vector Prime: you look terrible.

    (Awkward silence)

    Vector Prime: welcome back.
    Rodimus: feels good to be back, Vector Prime
    Vector Prime: here.
    Rodimus: thank you, for keeping it safe for me. Vector Prime.

    Nautica saw Rodimus and hugged him tightly

    Rodimus: woah, Nautica. I didn't expect this.
    Nautica: im just glad you returned.
    Rodimus: I feel the same way, Nautica

    And that's how episode 80 ends
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    Episode 81: Battle of the Thornburg

    King's room

    Momo was hugging Rodimus on his head tightly with weeping and with her large sparkling eyes

    Momo: Roddy is back! I was so worried you wouldn't make it back. Little old me was afraid but you came back!
    Rodimus: yes, Momo. Im happy to see you too.

    Momo transformed into an engine and was in Rodimus' back. Rodimus moved his shining scarlet eyes on the table with Vector Prime, Kup, Nautica, Jetfire and Bumblebee. His voice changed from a cheery guy like he was before the war to the more mature, battle hardened and inspiring but cold voice of a king.

    Rodimus: before I came to the Thornburg, I saw the chaos legions coming
    Kup: we already know about it, Roddy.
    Rodimus: but did you know that they were bringing in more?

    The room was silent by the reveal of more legionnaires

    Nautica: mo- more?
    Rodimus: from what I saw and with enhanced vision, at least 15 million more. That makes it 25 million in total compared to our less than 2 million men.
    Kup: thats a lot.
    Rodimus: we may have the advantage in Jetfire and the air divisions but their anti aircraft missiles will make it hard.
    Jetfire: we'll be careful when the battle starts.
    Rodimus: given that Grimlock is in earth protecting Autobot City and Galvatron bed ridden, we don't have our heavy hitters on our side to make up for our lack in numbers and I can use much of my abilities yet. But we do have our chances
    Autobots: ?????????
    Bee: what do you mean?
    Rodimus: we have the Thornburg. The wall and the shield generators will protect us. We can use that to lessen them while Èomer's company arrive.
    Kup: well thats a relief

    Rodimus drank the tea in his cup and scratched an itch in his neck before he continued

    Rodimus: our biggest disadvantage, however is that the enemy has ladders big enough to climb the wall.
    Kup: that will be a problem
    Bee: ladders? I dont see the problem when we have shield generators on our side
    Nautica: you see, Bee, while shield generators can take hits from laser based attacks and sometimes missiles, an enemy can walk right in with enough speed and durability. The chaos legionnaires have the requirements to do so, and that's why we're worried
    Bee: cant we know... upgrade the generators to not allow that?
    Nautica: that would require days of hard work and the enemy is gonna come sooner than a day, plus shield generators can run out, meaning that even with the upgrade, the amount of legionnaires and their weapons will eventually overheat the generator
    Bee: man this sucks.
    Rodimus: I know our situation is dire but this is not the first time we have faced such situations... and overcome them.

    The autobots looked at their king

    Rodimus: Cybertron, Earth, Velocitron, Animatros, Dagorath, many times have we neared the extinction of our people but we overcame them. We have faced Decepticons, pirates, human terrorists, minicons, Predacons and Chaos but despite all odds, we still survived and we will continue to do so. Today, my brothers and sisters, despite the armies of chaos on our doorstep, we will survive. Prepare defenses, sharpen swords and reload rifles and ready.... for the upcoming storm

    Kup: alrighty then!


    The legions were 20 minutes from arriving at the front of the wall. Civilians were escorted down to the catacombs beneath the mountain. Nautica was in a large room, looking at a family portrait

    - have a moment

    Nautica was startled

    Nautica: oh Rodimus! You.... you scared me.
    Rodimus: im sorry. Was I interrupting something?
    Nautica: no. Of course not
    Rodimus: is that your family?
    Nautica: yes. They.... all died on Caminus during the Decepticon occupation.
    Rodimus: im sorry. I should've done something for Caminus sooner
    Nautica: its okay Rodimus. Its not your fault. You have to stop blaming yourself for everyone's deaths.
    Rodimus: I try to but its always hard to really let go.
    Nautica: you know, I used the pain of my loss to become stronger.

    She caught his attention

    Nautica: in Caminus, we were told that suffering exists but we can use it to become stronger, let it light our way.
    Rodimus: that sounds... nice. I almost forgot, I came to give you this.

    He handed her Arcee's light saber

    Nautica: but this is-
    Rodimus: Arcee would've wanted someone to use it in her stead and I can only think of one who is worthy. You.
    Nautica: I... I..I..I don't know what to say.
    Rodimus: its okay. Use it... to protect those you care about, Nautica.
    Nautica: *smiles and nods*

    The wall

    Rodimus had Last Dawn in his hands as torches in the distance kept growing larger. The legions of chaos had arrived.

    Vector Prime: do not worry, Rodimus. We are here for you.

    Wheelie: my, my thats a lot.
    Bee: wanna see who kills most?
    Bee: may the best man win.

    The legions assembled outside and trying to intimidate the autobots, started to hit their spear into the ground again and again and started to chant something in Dagorathian.

    Rodimus: hold! Show them no mercy for they will show you none.

    As the legions kept chanting, a single shot was fired and killed a legionnaire. The corpse fell much to the dismay of his fellow legionnaires

    Rodimus: I said hold!

    Commander:..... SLAUGHTER THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The horns sounded and the Battle of the Thornburg began

    Vector Prime: so it begins

    The chaos legions started running towards the wall with ladders. They walked through the shield generator and the autobots readied fire

    Rodimus: prepare to fire! Unleash hell!!!!

    The autobots fired and the legionnaires dropped like flies. The artillery fired and many more died

    Jetfire: lets drop 'em bombs, boys. Follow me!

    The air divisions flew off and drop bombs. Legionnaires flew up to battle and anti aircraft missiles were fired. The legionnaires placed ladders and lifted them up

    Rodimus: ladders!

    The auto troopers put their blades on their rifles as the legionnaires came

    Wheelie: come on, send them to me.

    Rodimus instantly beheaded a legionnaire and fought more as they came. Vector Prime kicked a legionnaire down the stairs and stabbed one through the chest and punched another one. Bumblebee lifted and threw one off a ladder and fired his missiles. Wheelie shot a legionnaire point blank and killed 3 more.

    Wheelie: bee! 7 already
    Bee: i'm on 20
    Wheelie: WHAT!?!?!?!? I will have no nut brain out scoring me! Come on!

    He said as he punched a legionnaire in the private area and fired at random

    Wheelie: 21, 22
    Bee: 35, 36

    The legions kept amassing and on the bridge to the gate, the legions tried going there

    Rodimus: fire there! Fire!

    The autobots fired as the chaos legions were trying to ram the gate

    Kup: brace the gate!

    The troopers braced the gate and the legionnaires on the wall put bombs in place as a suicide bomber came rushing

    Rodimus: bee! Bee!!! Kill him! Kill him!

    Bumblebee was unsuccessful in killing the berseker as the wall exploded and Rodimus was among thr few sent flying. Rubble flew in the air and landed as the smoke cleared. The chaos legionnaires charged again

    Wheelie: Rodimus!

    Wheelie jumped at the legions hoping to buy some time.

    Rodimus: Wheelie! Grrr, troops, open fire!

    The auto troopers opened fire as Vector Prime took a shield and slid down, killing many with his blaster and killing legionnaires. Rodimus grabbed Wheelie out as he ordered a charge at the enemy.

    Jetfire: this is Jetfire. Rodimus, we have destroyed much of their cannons and other vehicles.
    Rodimus: that's good, Jetfire. Tell your men to aid the ground units.
    Jetfire: roger that.
    Rodimus: light up the mines!

    The mines exploded as thousands died from the blasts.

    Legionnaire: we have lost 4 million men . already sir
    Commander: matters not. Charge all at the opening and destroy the shields.
    Legionnaire: yes sir.

    The Chaos Legionnaires came at greater numbers and the autobots were overwhelmed.

    Rodimus: autobots, retreat back to the keep!

    And thats how episode 81 ends
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    Episode 82: Battle of the Thornburg part 2

    Vector Prime impaled a legionnaire as he took his gun out and shot one at point blank. He stabbed another in the head and decapitated another one. Wheelie was being dragged out of the mud by Rodimus

    Wheelie: come on! Let me at 'em!

    He roared as he kept shooting at the enemy. He fired a missile and killed at least 4 dozen and Rodimus released him as he crushed a legionnaire's head using his hand and kept firing his built in guns, killing 6 before roasting 4 more with his flame throwers. Bumblebee fired a few missiles as he jumped down and threw a rock at an approaching legionnaire

    Bee: there's too many of them. Can't you use your 'Getsuga Tensho' or whatever?
    Rodimus: if I do then I risk destroying the wall AND much of our men
    Bee: forget I ask and lets just start shooting.

    Wheelie: 137! 138! 139!!! 140!

    Legionnaire: our troops have breached the wall but fierce resistance is met
    Commander: destroy the generators and prepare to level the structure.
    Legionnaire: yes sir

    Thornburg gate and pathway

    Kup: keep shooting boys. Keep shooting. You're doing alright

    The auto troopers defending the gate were met with heavy losses. Legionnaires kept trying to ram the steel gate but auto troopers held their ground.

    Rodimus shot at least 7 dead and he took out Last Dawn and sliced 3 in half, all at once and impaled 2 more through the stomach and kicked the carcass away and killed one on his right and another on the left and did a TLK optimus prime move and decapitated 6 at once and took out a star saber blade and pierced it through one legionnaire.

    Wheelie: 200! 201!

    Wheelie fired another missile and counted at least 12 burned and 4 roasted carcasses

    Wheelie: 217! Bee! Im on 217!
    Bee: im on 230!
    Wheelie: what!? No way im losing. Come on you bastards! Bring your ugly faces to me.

    2 legionnaires made their way into the shield generators.

    Legionnaire#1: ooooooohoho lookey here. Tech, tech, tech. Oooo! Red wires, blue wires, green wires, wait, when did they have orange wires?
    Legionnaire#2: just shut up and get it over it.
    Legionnaire#1: okay okay. Hmm lets see here. Its usually the red ones, no blue, wait it's green! No black. Urgh, maybe red?
    Legionnaire#2: ugh for the love of- stand aside

    The second legionnaire drove his spear into the heart of the engine as the shield disappeared and the Commander saw his advantage

    Commander: level the fortress!

    The missiles fired and the impacts destroyed much of the castle. Underground with the civilians, Nautica heard the sounds of the rubble and tried to calm the civilians.

    Civilian#1: we're doomed!
    Civilian #2: its the end of us.
    Civilian#3 we're all going to die

    Child: mommy, are we going to die?
    Mother: no son.
    Child: I don't want to die

    Civilian#4: this was a mistake!
    Civilian#5 we're going to be slaughtered here!

    Nautica: please calm down.

    The civilians kept despairing but Nautica, breaking her shy nature spoke up

    Nautica: quiet! I know that you are afraid. I know what's it like to feel that you're going to die. But despite that I knew I would live, you know why? Cause I knew Rodimus was going to save us. Cybertron, Earth, any planet in this war, he has saved countless people from the Decepticons and Chaos. I overcame my fears cause I knew Rodimus would come to save us. So you can bet that he will again.

    Clearing his vision from the smoke, Rodimus saw the wall was gone and the legionnaires coming in front and at the pathway. Seeing this, Rodimus ordered a reteat back into the castle.

    Rodimus: autobots, retreat back! Bee, you lead the men into the castle.
    Bee: you're not thinking of facing them alone are you?
    Rodimus: I have to. There's still men trapped in the rubble and the garrison and i'll buy time for them. Now, go and help Kup.
    Bee: Wheelie, you take my place. I'm not letting you face them alone, besides, I have a score.
    Rodimus: *sighs* impulsive as ever. Seeing as how I can't stop you, i'll just have to work with it

    The chaos legionnaires kept coming as auto troopers were helping the wounded get to safety

    Rodimus: i've been penting up this anger for quite some time and with no trooper in front, I can let go. Getsuga..... Tensho!!!!!!!

    The Getsuga formed on the sword as it killed thousands before Bee's very eyes.

    Bee, thinking: such power. I knew Rodimus was powerful but this is crazy. And he was already strong without it. Im just glad he's on my side or else he could be an uncontrollable monster

    Rodimus: ready?
    Bee: huh? Yeah, of course.
    Rodimus: lets go.

    Legionnaire: we have lost 10 million men now, sir.
    Commander: it concerns me not. Continue with the assault.
    Legionnaire: sir!

    The chaos legionnaires destroyed the gate and a machine gunner came and fired at the auto troopers inside, killing 10 men but before anymore bloodshed was spilled, Wheelie fired a missile and destroyed up to 30 Legionnaires.

    Kup: you have to buy us some time.
    Vector Prime: how much?
    Kup: as much as you can.
    Vector Prime: lets go wheelie

    Vector Prime and Wheelie stood a few meters from the pathway. Wheelie looked down and got scared of the height.

    Vector Prime: do you have another missile?
    Wheelie: sure.
    Vector Prime: good. Once you fire, I will throw you there and join you shortly.
    Wheelie: got it. Wait. Before you do, please promise me, you won't tell Bee.
    Vector Prime: you have my word.

    Wheelie fired the missile and killed hundreds and Vector Prime threw him to the pathway. Both were fighting the chaos legions coming

    Kup: bring 'em here. Come on! Rodimus, fall back!

    Rodimus: lets fall back bee.
    Bee: right

    The gate was blocked

    Kup: Vector Prime! Wheels! Get out of there!

    Vector Prime transformed and took Wheelie up as they got back into the castle. But longer ladder were shot and Legionnaires started to swarm them from every side.

    Commander: go for the kill.


    The autobots were inside the castle. Legionnaires set up flags on the destroyed poles and were ramming the door protecting the autobots.

    Kup: we're dead.
    Wheelie: the castle has fallen.
    Bee: what are you saying?
    Kup: the Thornburg is fallen. You said it wouldn't fall while we defend it.
    Rodimus: and we still are defending it and it hasn't fallen yet

    He said as he walked to Kup and Wheelie

    Rodimus: isn't there a passage? A way to get these civilians away? Is there!?
    Auto trooper: there is but they won't get far, the legionnaires are too many.
    Rodimus: tell them to get out, now!

    Kup: what can we do against such reckless hate?
    Rodimus: ride out with me. Ride out, for our people. For death and glory. If we are to die, then we will die with such an end that the legions on Dagorath will remember our fury to the very bone.
    Kup: yes. Yes! Let this be tge hour where we draw our weapons together.
    Rodimus: lets do it

    Wheelie walked up and sounded the horn, big and long and loud was the horn and that everything heard it.

    Rodimus: now for wrath, and for ruin and A RED DAWN! Fort, Autobots!

    The autobots charged out and eliminated the legionnaires there. They ran down and to the pathway where Rodimus made anothet Getsuga to lessen their numbers. As they fought, Èomer and his company arrive along with the red witch and others

    Melisandre: the king stands alone.
    Èomer: not anymore. Rovannion!

    The cavalry arrived, literally

    Èomer: to the king!
    Rovannion autobots: to the king!

    The soldiers atop their cyber horses ran down the sloppy hill and the legionnaires came with spikes and readied artillery but the red priests and priestesses made the suns rays go bigger and the legionnaires were blinded as the t
    autobots came in for the kill. Millions died and the remaining few thousands fled.

    Rodimus: we have victory!
    Autobots: yeah!!!!!!!

    And that's how episode 82 ends
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    Angband, northern Beleriand
    Episode 83: to Gondolin


    Saurok led a legion of the feared Doom Legions to Predatron. The whole planet was up in flames as Predacon and Animatrosi corpses lay on the ground. Saurok fired his chaos beams at the buildings to pass on the time

    Predacon#1: lets go and attack from his blind spot
    Predacon#2: lets go, now, now now!
    Predacon#3: for Predatron!

    A few dozen or so Predacons flew up and spat out their flames at Saurok who merely fired lightning to repel it and a chaos beam that killed the attacker

    Saurok: all this is what's left? My, my, I should have gone a bit easier. Regardless, Doom Legions!

    The Doom Legions numbering at over 4 dozen attacked. The Predacons fires burned a few but were overwhelmed by the sheer primal ferocity and brutality of the Doom Legions. 3 Predacon broke forth and charged.

    Saurok: how pathetic.

    As they flew and spat flames, Saurok merely used his chaos beams and incinerated 2 while the third one had his head brutally ripped out from his neck.

    Predacon#4: now's my chance

    A Predacon tried to ambush Saurok but Saurok impaled the predacon with his hand turned tentacle spear.

    Soundwave: soundwave reporting. Rovannion is lost. The chaos legions sent were annihilated.
    Saurok: as I had expected. Move all remaining forces to Zakuul. The autobots will no doubt plan to go there to save their 'stranded allies' but little did they know, it's a decoy. In 3 days time, the Red Line would be finished, give Malgor 500 Doom Legionnaires to attack Gondolin.

    As all of this was happening, Tracer heard all of the conversation and used his remote space bridge to get out of Angband.

    Soundwave: as you say my liege. What of Predatron?
    Saurok: the population can face their 3rd extinction. Open portals and bring the Doom Legions elsewhere to Carcosa, this planet is not worth the manpower.
    Soundwave: as you wish

    Portals opened and the Doom Legions fled. They arrived at a planet with a large yellow city. On Predatron, Saurok prepared his power for a final attack as a Predacon was crawling, trying to kill him

    Predacon: you....*cough*... will pay....for...for coming here.

    Saurok: burn them all. Unleashed, Nightstar

    The miniature star of black flames burned the forest, incinerating them to dust. Not even bone was left, the waters evaporated and mountains melted.

    Saurok: one less planet to deal with hehe-hehe *evil smile*


    A big party was held in the capital city of Edoras. Soldiers drank and ate to their full as non other than Bumblebee and Wheelie were the loudest among them, singing and dancing in the middle of s

    Bee: drink your ales and
    Wheelie: eat your fill
    Bee: but only true men can sing
    Wheelie: and dannnnccccceeeeeee!

    *hands clapping and slapped at each other*

    Wheelie: but like my old man only only drinks tea

    Vector Prime: oh, that's me

    Bee: you have to know when to quit
    Wheelie: and tralala just have some fun
    Bee: today we have won a battle
    Wheelie: and soon we will win the war
    Bee: and go home to find that we still
    Wheelie: have our lives ahead of us.

    Both drank their cups of wine and bumblebee finished first

    Bee: ha! I win!
    Wheelie: ah man. Can't believe I lost again

    Outside the city, a tank came out of the woods and transformed. He was Tracer and he walked into the city

    Nautica: Rodimus, someone wants to meet you.
    Rodimus: who is it?
    Nautica: says he's an old friend of yours. Back in the Acedemy.
    Rodimus: other than Bee, most of my Acedemy mates were dead. Well, lets see who this is.

    Bumblebee saw Rodimus going out with Nautica and he wondered what was happening


    Rodimus: okay, who are.... You!
    Tracer: hello Rodimus. Its been awhile
    Rodimus: you good for nothing, back stabbing traitor!

    Rodimus walked forward and punched Tracer in the left side, causing a few teeth to fly out with some blood

    Tracer: okay I deserved that but its kinda hard.
    Rodimus: what are you doing here, Tracer?
    Tracer: I can explain.
    Rodimus: it better be good or else i'm ripping your head out of your pitiful shoulders.
    Tracer: trust me. It is.

    Bumblebee came to the hall and he saw Tracer

    Tracer: bee
    Bee:..... YOU!

    Bumblebee walked forward and then punched Tracer.

    Tracer: okay. I admit I deserved that
    Bee: you're gonna pay for betraying me and the autobots!
    Rodimus: bee, calm down.
    Bee: what!? Have you forgotten what he did to us? He betrayed us, he-
    Rodimus: I know. But he has come here for a reason

    Tracer got up and he explained

    Tracer: I betrayed Saurok
    Rodimus: why?
    Tracer: he killed my family. I have been waiting for an opportunity to get back and its presented. He wouldn't know I did till he gets back.
    Rodimus: and you came to me for protection?
    Tracer: more than that. I came here to warn you about Saurok's plan.
    Bee: what plan?
    Tracer: he heard word that the autobots after Rovannion would be going to Zakuul.
    Rodimus: indeed we did. How'd he know?
    Tracer: Soundwave. He corrupted the con and used him as a puppet. But whatever, he knows where you're going and that's why he is putting reinforcements there. Not just any ordinary l
    reinforcements, Doom Legionnaires.
    Bee: Doom Legions? Oh man.
    Vector Prime: so he intends to wipe us all out and for good this time.
    Tracer: yes.
    Rodimus: tell me, what's the progress Saurok is making?

    Before Tracer continued, he pulled out a map showing Saurok's plan

    Tracer: Saurok has already taken Predatron and hundreds of other worlds. He plans on using Zakuul as a trap but I already warned you of that.
    Rodimus: wait, what's this?
    Tracer: oh that? That is Gondolin. It has been repelling every attempt so far and Saurok is sending Malgor and Doom Legions to Gondolin in 3 days. They won't survive
    Rodimus: change of plans. In 3 days, gather as many men as we can from Rovannion and prepare destination to Gondolin. Vector Prime, you and Wheelie go to the capital city of Gondolin and prepare defenses and muster their army till we arrive
    Vector Prime: you can count on me.


    Lord Theon: already ordered conscription of every male older than 180,000 years. Gather as many as you can in 3 days.
    Èomer: consider it done, dad.

    Vector Prime: ready wheels?
    Wheelie: is Gondor really that beautiful as they say ?
    Rodimus: it is. Came to...uh... part you safe journey. Vector Prime, here
    Vector Prime: what is it, Rodimus?
    Rodimus: a vile containing the pure essence of Ashra, well, according to the witch it is. It will protect you against Chaos.
    Vector Prime: thank you, Rodimus.
    Rodimus: farewell.
    Wheelie: I hope you're still alive in 3 days time
    Rodimus: same for you.
    Wheelie: yeah
    Rodimus: safe journey's.

    Vector Prime flew up and he opened a portal and flew to Gondor


    A planet 3 times larger than earth with geography close to it. Vector Prime flew down to the atmosphere and near the grounds to breathe in the fresh air. They flew past green, luscious forests, through blue shining lakes and snow filled mountains. Vector Prime landed and transformed into his robot form and Wheelie got out, seeing the marvellous sight of the city of Gondolin

    Wheelie: my, that's.... amazing.
    Vector Prime: words really can't describe its beauty.

    Gondolin was a 7 walled city and its base was over 40 kilometres wide with its top about 800 meters, indicating the planet lord's home and it was so high it touched the atmosphere. The walls were about half of Metroplex's height and artillery bigger than those in the current army was placed on its barracks. Buildings of white stone with bridges were placed on each level except level 7. Near the mountains lied the city and it shone like sunlight in the distance

    City of Osgiliath

    Near the shores of the river Anduin, was the city of Osgiliath covered in perpetual darkness. On the river, sounds of boats were heard and the troops present there grew more and more nervous with each passing second. Captain of the guard, Faramir was thinking of his brother.

    Gondorian soldier: sir, is everything alright?
    Faramir: huh? Yes, everything is alright.
    Gondorian soldier: sir, orders?
    Faramir: tell my father that we have no choice but to abandon Osgiliath.
    Gondorian soldier: but sir-
    Faramir: I know what I said, just do it!
    Gondorian soldier: yes sir.

    Faramir: if only you were still here, Boromir, then things could've been different.

    The boats landed and out came the chaos legionnaires. They started to swarm the city and as they kept coming closer, Captain Faramir slew one and told his men to fire.

    Commander: fight back you maggots.

    As more boats came, the autobots were overwhelmed and they heard the most dreaded of all roars.

    Gondorian soldier: Doom Legions!

    8 doom legions, 3 times larger than normal chaos legionnaires came down. The soldiers tried firing at them but their armor was too thick. They breathed fire and burned many soldiers

    Faramir: reteat back to Gondolin. Now!

    Vector Prime: they're in trouble.
    Wheelie: we have to help them

    As the autobots transformed and retreated, the Doom Legions flew and started to hack some to pieces. At the same time, the vile Rodimus gave to Vector Prime started to glow

    Wheelie: ready old man?
    Vector Prime: ready

    Vector Prime flew up as the vile started to shine like sunlight and the Doom Legions started to fall back.

    Vector Prime: now Wheelie!

    Wheelie fired a missile as the autobots got their chances and flew back. But Doom Legions came back and spit their flames. Vector Prime barely had time to dodge their attacks. One of them managed to grab hold of him but was stopped by Captain Faramir's shot from his rifle and he landed down

    Vector Prime: lets go. To the city.
    Wheelie: dont have to tell me twice

    Both walked in as the gates opened. Wheelie estimated that the material used for the gate was tougher than normal Cybertronian steel and was over 500 meters high. They walked in to see fully armored men at every corner with guns and swords readied.

    Vector Prime: lets go up, shall we?
    Wheelie: yeah, let's

    Level 7

    Guards escorted them to level 7. It was a huge park sized garden with a white tree in the middle. They walked to the room of the planet lord and explained the situation

    Vector Prime: lord Denethor, we are honoured
    Denethor: oh, really? Get on point, why have his majesty's friends come here to my city?
    Vector Prime: well, we came to warn you of an army of legionnaires coming to-
    Denethor: coming here? In my city? Please. The city is an impenetrable fortress. No matter the numbers, in these walls, we are safe
    Vector Prime: yes but-
    Denethor: silence! Here, you are my guests and I recommend you act like guests. As friends of the king, its my job to give you the best of our hospitality. Guards, show them to their rooms and have servants attend to them.
    Gondorian autobot: yes my lord


    Saurok: tracer has betrayed us.
    Malgor: master, I will hunt him down and bring his head to you.
    Saurok: no need. Even if he defected to either the autobots or Decepticons, it will be too late. You will go to Gondor as planned
    Malgor: yes master
    Saurok: we just need to stall them before Galaxsor can come and this universe like trillions before it will belong to Chaos

    And that's how episode 83 ends
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    Episode 84: vs Naarnak


    4 hours earlier, the red witch came to Rodimus in his quarters

    Rodimus: what do you want now? Can't you see I'm in the middle of a war?
    Melisandre: its not that I dont see your situation, but rather, you don't see yours
    Rodimus: stop talking in riddles and just get to the point.
    Melisandre: if you want to beat Saurok, you will have to learn more techniques to combat against his own arsenal of power.
    Rodimus: then who's going to teach me? You?
    Melisandre: exactly

    *awkward silence*

    Rodimus: alright. Tell me, what is it you're teaching me?
    Melisandre: it is called the Rasengan. Its a ball of spirit energy collected and form into a sphere to use as a weapon.

    The red witch formed a blue ball on her hand with seemingly no effort at all.

    Rodimus: hmm, doesn't look so impressive.
    Melisandre: we'll see

    She threw it at the sky and it exploded necreating a change in the weather and hurricane strong winds for over a hundred miles.

    Rodimus: I take it back. It is impressive.
    Melisandre: taking your vast deserves of spirit energy into account, you can make a Rasengan far more destructive than mine.
    Rodimus: teach me then.
    Melisandre: here.
    Rodimus: a ball? How's a ball going to help?
    Melisandre: it will help you to learn to control your spirit energy. To turn it into ball like the Rasengan. But first, we have to go far away so as to minimize damage.

    As they were walking down, Bee saw them and asked

    Bee: hey Roddy, what's with the explosion just now and where are you going this early in the morning?
    Rodimus: nothing bee.
    Bee: oh okay. *murmuring* guy never tells me anything to be honest

    End flashback, present time

    Rodimus was near a waterfall. Melisandre was sitting in the banks of the river while Momo and Fire drive were playing. Near her was a like of balls that were popped, no more than a few dozen. Rodimus was practising near the waterfall with 2 balls in his hands but they just popped.

    Rodimus: aaaaarrgh! This is kinda hard, ngl
    Melisandre: you have to learn to balance it evenly
    Rodimus: you think I don't know that!?!?

    -well well well, it seems that the chosen one still has a long way to go.

    Both Rodimus and Melisandre were surprised by this. Someone came out of the waterfall. He wore blackish green robes but he was floating. He had no feet and his face was shining orange.

    Rodimus: who are you? Present yourself
    Melisandre: he's one of them. One of the 9. The Flame of Naarnak

    Naarnak: yes. General of Chaos, Flame of Naarnak. But you can call me Naarnak for short.
    Rodimus: what do you want?
    Naarnak: isn't it obvious? I want to kill you.
    Rodimus: never knew Saurok would be type to send in another one after what happened to Grimstone and Khamul.
    Naarnak: no. I came here on my own wishes.
    Rodimus: what do you mean?
    Naarnak: you see, Saurok and I are.... rivals. I simply want to kill you before he does.

    Melisandre: be careful Rodimus. He's the 3rd most powerful among the 9.
    Rodimus: got it

    Naarnak: FIGHT!!!!!

    Both Rodimus and Naarnak charged at each other and traded blows. To the untrained eye it seemed like blurs because both combatants moved too fast to even comprehend what was going on. Then, Naarnak landed 3 punches in Rodimus' stomach as he locked Rodimus with his legs and threw him into a wall.

    Naarnak: not bad but you lack the instinct to attack. You think logic will have an effect here but logic doesn't dictate me, my instincts do!

    Naarnak jumped up and started punching Rodimus without pause, landing close to 40 punches, he stopped and grabbed Rodimus by the neck and threw him in the river.

    Melisandre: Rodimus!

    Naarnak: ha! How pathetic. And to think Saurok holds him in high regards as a dangerous opponent and he beaten Grimstone and Khamul. And this is the legendary Eldrakar Shadowsbane reborn? Its even more pathetic!

    As Rodimus was sinking in the river, he found himself seemingly teleported to somewhere else. It was filled with water on the ground and destroyed buildings everywhere. He kept walking. And there was a large black throne with a large skeletal figure sitting on it.

    Rodimus: who are you and where am I?
    - you are in your mindscape and as for who I am, you can consider me a friend. My name is Khavarolaukhar and I am pleased to meet you, Eldrakar, or Rodimus Prime
    Rodimus: how do you know me?
    Khavarolaukhar: I was punished for something I did and as such, I was tasked with being your protector.
    Rodimus: huh. Never knew I had a demon inside me
    Khavarolaukhar: I am not a demon!

    Khavarolaukhar roared in anger as his voice sent waves through the mindscape.

    Khavarolaukhar: sorry about that. I do not like people calling me and my brethren demons. What I am, is an Outer God.
    Rodimus: an outer what now?
    Khavarolaukhar: questions for another time. Right now, your friends are in trouble and tell me, do you want to save them?
    Rodimus: of course I do.
    Khavarolaukhar: then, I will lend you some of my power.
    Rodimus: thank you.

    Rodimus woke up, still sinking in the river and as he looked at his watch, he saw that he was in the mindscape for less than a minute though he felt the conversation between him and Khavarolaukhar lasted for close to 10 minutes with all the wandering he did.

    *screaming in the distance*

    Momo: let go of me! Let go! Let go!
    Naarnak: quiet pip squeak.

    He threw Momo down as she was lying in the ground, severely injured next to Fire drive. The red witch kept firing bolts of fire but Naarnak simply walked past them

    Naarnak: using fire against me? You do know that I am a Pyromancer.

    She inhaled and suddenly let out a small tsunami from her mouth. Naarnak simply let out flames of his own and the evaporated water filled the area with smoke. Naarnak appeared behind her and pulled her hair.

    Naarnak: you witches always surprise me but you're still no match for me.

    Naarnak threw her down and collected fire around his hand into a fist and lashed it out on the witch but Rodimus blocked the attack.

    Naarnak: what? But how?
    Rodimus: you'll take that question with you to hthe grave.
    Naarnak: hahahaha, we'll see..

    Naarnak punched Rodimus but Rodimus put out his hand and formed the Rasengan.

    Melisandre: the Rasengan. He actually did it.

    Rodimus used the Rasengan against Naarnak who flew back but he pulled Rodimus with his flame chains as he flew but Rodimus stood firm. Then, Melisandre saw that Rodimus was standing on the water.

    Melisandre: when did he learn that? I don't remember teaching him that, maybe.... no, it couldn't be.

    Then, blood red energy started to seep out of Rodimus' body as it covered his body into a wolf like shape.

    Naarnak: what....what is this... energy?

    He saw the red energy taking on the shape of a skeletal figure with horns on its head. Then Rodimus threw a punch a few hundred feet away but the impact sent Naarnak inti the wall and he saw Rodimus in the air

    Naarnak: now's my chance. Solar flare!

    Naarnak roared out a storm of fire but Rodimus roared and the fires were gone

    Naarnak: impossible. Those flames were as hot as a star.

    Rodimus came down and stood on all 4s like an animal and ran to Naarnak, punching him in the stomach and sending him flying away then kicked him with and he crashed into the wall.

    Naarnak: perhaps I did underestimate you. But no more. Flaming pillars!

    Rodimus: ceros....espada!!!!

    Both the flaming pillar and the cero met and a huge explosion happened destroying much of the surrounding landscapes.

    Naarnak: time to end this! Fire knife!

    Rodimus: Rasengan!!!

    Both flew up and the fire knife and Rasengan met. The explosion could be seen for miles on end and even from space, it made a planet wide earthquake and tsunamis were everywhere.

    Both Naarnak and Rodimus came crashing down.

    Naarnak: you win this time Rodimus Prime. But next time we meet, you wouldn't be so lucky.

    Naarnak disappeared as Melisandre ran towards Rodimus.

    Melisandre: Rodimus, are you okay?
    Rodimus: yeah im fine. Did I win?
    Melisandre: yes. Yes you did. Now lets go get you some medical attention.

    And that's how episode 84 ends