TFP: A Song of Light and Darkness

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    Episode 45: Battle in Gigantian

    But before the autobots walked, Rodimus fell.

    Arcee: Rodimus? Are you alright?
    Rodimus: I'm al- *painful screaming*
    Jetfire: commander!
    Bee: ratchet, what's happening?
    Ratchet: his eye. It's taking his toll on him. To the medical bay quick.

    At the med bay

    Ratchet: he will be fine
    Vector Prime: what's wrong him, Ratchet?
    Ratchet: I am afraid that the damage he took from fighting Doomsday has left a permanent scar in him. Half his body is infected with the same thing as Doomsday and the chaos legionnaires
    Bee: liquid chaos
    Ratchet: he's awake

    Rodimus walked out of the room but couldn't walk properly. He fell but got back up.

    Ratchet: here Rodimus. Perceptor and I made this for you. It can't cure you but it will ease the pain.
    Rodimus: all I needed to hear.

    Ratchet gave Rodimus a vape machine and Rodimus inhaled the vapour. He felt stronger

    Wheelie: let's hope he doesn't go high
    Bee: wheelie!

    Rodimus: *exhales* let's go team.

    Underground levels

    Molar: the ways to levels beneath this level is sealed off but since you wanna go there, you lads leave it to me. With this extra power, we'll be there in no time.

    Quickmix entered the room.

    Quickmix: no Molar! You have to stop this. You're betraying your own people, your own culture. If you don't stop, we'll have to stop you yourselves and it won't be pretty, Molar. So stand down! Molar, stop this!

    Molar: forget it! Just step back old man. I'm sick of all your damn rules that don't make any sense. The time for those rules is long gone, they're old and outdated, just like you! We're about to enter a new age and I'm going to be the one who's leading this planet into it.

    Quickmix attacked Molar

    Molar: why don't I just take care of you, right now!
    Quickmix: keep trying junior. Cyber key power, clay bomb!


    Molar was down

    Megalo: what in the universe has gotten into you, Molar?
    Quickmix: there's nothing to be gained from this
    - oh but there is.
    Rodimus: Huh? Saurok!

    The Decepticons appeared out of the shadow

    Saurok: I gave him a reward that is greater than you imagine.
    Rodimus: but how? How did you?
    Saurok: Soundwave. Before the war, he became the newest leader of Gigantian's neighbour and hated enemy, Planet X. He has been humble enough to fly us here.

    Rodimus: grrr, ambushing us is already low key but getting a kid involved in the war? That's low, even for Decepticons.
    Saurok: oh please. I simply offered him a proposal
    Molar: that's right. And if you get in the way of progress, you'll go extinct!
    Rodimus: watch out Evac!

    Molar attacked Evac and Override helped him.

    Saurok: take to the air!

    The Decepticon flyers engaged

    Vector Prime: gah! You bozos!
    Galvatron: my drink!

    *makes dark energon top hat and suit*

    Galvatron: *British accent* it has come to my attention that you have destroyed a gentleman's drink. Now, I will unleash the beassssssstttttt!!!!! Come here!

    Starscream: attack!
    Rodimus: engage the enemy!

    Predaking: the bigger they are, the harder they fall!


    Quickmix smashed Predaking and lifted him

    Quickmix: let's see how well you fly

    Quickmix threw Predaking away

    Cyclonus: hold still, auto scum!
    Bulkhead: make me.
    Scourge: you can't survive this! Aieeeeeeee!

    Moon racer shot Scourge and Cyclonus down.

    Leo breaker: where do you think you're going?
    Shockwave: illogical
    Leo breaker: no!


    Bee: alright boys, take her down.
    Windblade: 3 against one? Come on boys, cut little old me some slack
    CDF: no way.


    Jetfire: you humans take cover here.

    As jetfire left, Harold and Roxanne attacked

    Harold: Mr Darby! I wasn't expecting you here.
    Jack: you don't expect a lot of things. Where are my friends!?
    Harold: here, there, with me. Attack them!

    Miko and Raf attacked their friends, while Melisandre was busy with Roxanne.

    Megalo: I won't let you tear my planet and people apart!
    Saurok: hmph. Nemesis breaker, transform. Megalo may be a giant but he is nothing to the power of Chaos. Together with our combined strength, we will turn that giant into a giant pile of scrap metal. I'll end this battle before it even starts

    Megalo attacked but Saurok ducked and punched Megalo in the stomach.

    Saurok: you're big. But slow. You'll be easy to defeat now that I know your weakness, your feet.

    Saurok attacked but Megalo jumped

    Megalo: I'll show you how weak they are.

    Megalo stepped on Saurok, crushing him.

    Malgor: master!
    Night bird: no!

    Cyclonus: what do we do?
    Scourge: avenge him is what we can do.
    Lugnut and Blitzwing: yeah!

    Jack: look out Megalo!
    Quickmix: Megalo, behind you!
    CDF: sounds like a job for the CDF.
    Leo breaker: and me.

    The 4 cons attacked Megalo but were thrown away

    Molar: you puny bugs can't hold me off forever.
    Quickmix: they don't have to.
    Molar: *struggling noises*

    Cyclonus: you'd have to do better than that!
    Megalo: oh yeah? How's this?

    A massive wind threw the Decepticons away.

    Megalo: have you had enough yet?

    But then, Saurok started to unleash large amounts of lightning. He screamed in rage.

    Megalo: do yourself a favor and stay down!
    Saurok: *massive force bursts* now you'll pay!!!!!!
    Megalo: you know, I can do that too.

    Megalo smashed Saurok and a large explosion, about as big as an atom bombs erupted. Nemesis breaker was ejected and he died. But as they autobots cheered, Saurok flew up. A presence of chaos energy emitted from him

    Grimstone: Saurok. Are you okay?

    Saurok's eyes glowed blood red and a large storm of blood lightning erupted.

    Grimstone: this is bad. Everyone, hide!

    Saurok attacked Megalo. Megalo resisted but was electrocuted by Saurok. Jetfire fired but Saurok eye beamed him as well as the other wreckers.

    Vector Prime: tachyon shield!

    Vector Prime's tachyon shield prevented the others from getting damaged for a short time. Saurok got down, but screamed in pain and let out large bursts of lightning and coughed out Liquid Chaos. Saurok let out another burst of dark lightning and damaged everyone, including Decepticons. As Saurok attacked again, Rodimus wrestled him to the ground.

    Rodimus: you may beat all of my troops and allies, but you are not winning today, Saurok
    Saurok: *angry screaming*

    Their wrestle caused the ground to collapse and Rodimus let out a burst of white light at Saurok. Grimstone and Khamul chained Saurok and pulled him back.

    Grimstone: retreat!
    Starscream: graaaahhhhh! Do as they say.

    The Decepticons retreated.

    Autobots side

    Rodimus: *exhales* we've won today but that doesn't mean we should celebrate yet. We need to find the last cyber key. Megalo, care to lead the way?
    Megalo: alright
    Rodimus: *inhaling* CDF, I'm entrusting you to protect the ship.
    CDF: roger that
    Megalo: Quickmix, you go with them.
    Quickmix: roger

    Rodimus: Arcee and moon racer, go scout in Decepticon territory. *exhales*
    Nautica: Rodimus, can I go with them? I've made special darts.
    Rodimus: right. Rest of you, let's go down under *inhaling*

    Decepticon side

    Starscream: what's happening to him?
    Grimstone: the time he has spent in the Living realm has started to take its toll. Not to worry, with the liquid chaos infusion and Bloodstones, he'll be alright
    Starscream: then, all of you, let's go to the lower levels

    Night bird: mistress, are you coming?
    Ashara: no Night Bird. I'll stay here.
    Malgor: be safe, mistress. Let's go.

    Saurok: *weak noises* you choose to stay with me, Ashara?
    Ashara: I've lost you for far too long. I'm not losing you again.

    Autobots side

    Arcee: Arcee to Rodimus, do you read?
    Rodimus: *exhales* Rodimus here. What's your current status?
    Arcee: the cons have left. Only Saurok remains. We plan to capture him alive
    Rodimus: *inhaling* arcee, I strongly advise against this.
    Arcee: with all due respect, since when did autobots have obeyed their leaders all the way through?
    Rodimus: *exhales* ha, you got that right. Just be safe luv.
    Arcee: alright

    The 3 fembots entered Saurok's healing room and the rest of the autobots were in the level one of Gigantian.

    Rodimus: level 1 guys.

    And that's how episode 45 ends
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    Episode 46: Battle of the Gods

    Level 1 of Gigantian

    Jess: wow. What is this place?
    Rodimus: this must be the lowest level of Gigantian.

    Jack grabbed some of the dirt

    Jack: it's 100% real dirt.
    Jess: really?
    Vector Prime: like the other 5 planets, it seems that the Cyber key failed to cyberform this planet entirely
    Megalo: it must be here somewhere. It is on a city sized starship called Nemuria
    Rodimus: sounds like an ancient Cybertronian ship.
    Jetfire: I'll scout ahead.
    Override: hold on, I'm coming too.

    Rodimus: but i-
    Megalo: hahaha, your team is good Rodimus Prime. They can follow your orders before you even give them.

    One of the lower levels

    Arcee: he's there. Look alive girls.

    Saurok sat on a throne with Liquid Chaos life support.

    Saurok: you come a long way just to die.

    Saurok unleashed his lightning at the 3 girls. Moon racer shot his life support down.

    Saurok: *coughs blood* why you little pest!

    As Saurok fired, Arcee deflected the eye beams. But Saurok fired again and this time, Melisandre came and absorbed the power in an orb

    Arcee: the red priestess
    Melisandre: use your technology against him.

    Melisandre fired multiple light ray attacks at Saurok. Saurok turned his swords into a scepter and attacked but Arcee intervened and blocked the attack. Nautica then injected Saurok with a sleeping fluid

    Saurok: no. No! You, little-

    Melisandre attacked again and Saurok fell

    Arcee: we must hurry before Decepticon troops arrive.
    Moon racer: yes ma'am.

    The autobots left. In the shadows, Ashara walked out and picked up her loves scepter and followed.

    Surface of Gigantian

    The CDF were driving through the roads of Gigantian when they saw a giant hoard of air vehicons attack the cities.

    Bee: oh great. Just what you need. A hoard of Decepticons attacking us.
    Wheelie: we can't take on all of them
    Bee: yeah, but at least we can buy time. This bumblebee to Rodimus, do you read?
    Rodimus: yes, bumblebee, what is it?
    Bee: a Decepticon invasion is going underway. We need reinforcements at once.
    Rodimus: understood. Evac, Override, Leo breaker, Jetfire, Bulkhead, Wheeljack, Jack, Jess, I'm putting you in charge here. Your mission is to search for the Nemuria while I help the rest of the autobots deal with the Decepticon invasion. Got it?
    Autobots: yes sir
    Rodimus: good. Then, autobots, roll out!

    Uppermost surface of Gigantian

    Starscream: Decepticons, attack!

    The Decepticons attacked. The giants fought back but were outnumbered by the vehicons. The CDF did everything they could but the Decepticon hoard were too many.

    Rodimus and his team arrived with an autobot army.

    Rodimus: autobots, engage the enemy head on
    Galvatron: starscream. You're mine

    Galvatron flew up to Starscream.

    Galvatron: well well. Think you can fight after that beating you received from Primus?
    Starscream: I didn't come here to listen to your banter, Galvatron.
    Galvatron: I'm warning you, Starscream leave now or else
    Starscream: think again. I will get that last key, with or without Saurok's help and I will get it off your chatted pathetic wreckage if I have to
    Galvatron: oh. Such a bold ultimatum coming from someone who wore heels!
    Starscream: *angry sounds* prepare to die, Galvatron!

    A massive shock wave occurred

    Galvatron: oh please. You can never defeat me, Starscream even if you grow a million times my size. All you ever did was backstab me when the opportunity arrived. You were a weakling when I found you and you are still.

    Starscream: shut up!

    Both surged forward and punched. The shock wave sent them back.

    Galvatron: enough magic tricks. Time for some hardware!

    Galvatron fired his fusion cannons. Starscream dodged 4 attacks.

    Starscream: think you can harm me with that piece of junk?

    Then Starscream slammed Galvatron and fired.

    Starscream: now this is firepower!


    Starscream: final strike!


    Galvatron fled and Starscream took out his chaos sabers

    Starscream: hold still Galvatron and I promise your end will be merciful.
    Galvatron: never!

    Galvatron fired and Starscream slashed.

    Starscream: is that all oh might Galvatron?
    Galvatron: I've just begun.

    Then Starscream surged forward and punched Galvatron. Then prepared to slice but Galvatron fled and kicked Starscream.

    Starscream: you'll have to do better than that.
    Galvatron: bravo, Starscream. You're performance was so convincing, I almost wanted to applaud
    Starscream: oh, how generous of you. In return, let me give you a big hand!

    Starscream enlarged his hand and punched Galvatron to a building.

    Starscream: with the power I've absorbed, I can increase the mass of my body at will. And I will multiply that power a hundred fold.
    Galvatron: then I suppose that you will a hundred times the fool you are right now.

    Jetfire: we've secured the ship, sir
    Rodimus: understood. We'll join you after we handle this infestation

    Starscream: this battle has gone off long enough, Galvatron. Time to end this once and for all

    Both surged forward but Starscream moved and kicked Galvatron

    Starscream: and now, *Fire chaos rays* to finish you *slam* once and for all. *chaos lightning bolt*

    Galvatron was down.

    Galvatron: how can this be? Am be defeated..... By Starscream!?!?!?!? No. I will not allow it. NEVEEEERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Starscream: the worm still squirms. Why don't you give up? You're only prolonging your pain.
    Galvatron: I could never give up. Especially if I lost to an idiot like you!!!!!!!

    Starscream: old words. Maybe I'll put them on your tombstone!

    Both channeled their powers and punched. A massive explosion that was visible light years away occurred and a large part of the upper city was destroyed.

    Rodimus: get the wounded to the med bays. We need to secure the 6th key

    In the lower levels

    The fembots rested a while

    Arcee: how long will your sleeping potion work?
    Nautica: 12 earth hours from now.
    Arcee: good.
    Moon racer: never really been up close to him but he looks, kinda cute
    - I know

    Ashara appeared out of the shadows

    Ashara: give me my beloved back, or else.
    Moon racer: or else what? There's 3 of us and 1 of you.
    Arcee: I read your record Ashara Dayne. Your alchemy won't work on us.
    Ashara: who said anything about alchemy?

    Then, a super massive Shoggoth appeared. It lifted Ashara on its back and made a throne for her to sit.

    Ashara: attack!
    Arcee: run!

    And that's how episode 46 ends
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    Episode 47: the Last Key

    Level 1 of Gigantian

    The autobots entered the floor and so did the Decepticons.

    Rodimus: what is your status?
    Jetfire: vehicons coming in the thousands. We're holding them off and the humans are getting the key- aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!
    Rodimus: jetfire? Jetfire!? Damn it! Let's go.

    The Nemuria

    Jack and Jess were running through the halls of the massive starship

    Jack: come on, Jess. It's this way- guahhhhh!!!!
    Jess: Jack!

    Miko elbow slammed Jack to the ground and Harold came out of the darkness

    Harold: Mr Darby, good to see your again. As you can see, your friends are perfectly under my control
    Jack: why? Too afraid to fight yourself?
    Harold: unlike you, I don't like wasting my time. Deal with them.

    Miko and Raf attacked as Harold was walking to the 6th key. Jack wrestled Miko to the ground and Jess kicked Raf and put her elbow on his neck.

    Jess: Raf, snap out of this.

    But Raf only struggled. Miko punched Jack a few times

    Jack: damn it, she punches hard.

    Jess: sorry to do this, Raf.

    Jess tased Raf and made him unconscious. She did the same to Miko.

    Jack: whew! Close call. Now, come on.

    Key chamber

    Harold: *whistles music* yup ti do di do, the key is mine and so are you.
    Jack: not so fast.
    Harold: not to worry.


    A big hole was dug and the Decepticons entered.

    Rodimus: damn it, they're here as well.
    Starscream: Decepticons, annihilate them all!

    Both the 2 armies fought each other.

    The starship

    Bumblebee, Quickmix and Evac entered the room as Starscream bursts inside as a giant.

    Starscream: hand me the last key.
    Bee: never!
    Starscream: I wasn't asking.

    Starscream threw bumblebee aside. Quickmix and Evac attacked but Starscream fired his chaos rays. Bumblebee tried to grab the cyber planet key but his hand was crushed by Starscream's foot.

    Starscream: pathetic.
    Bee: no.
    Starscream: oh give it a rest. You're going to die anyways, and maybe I'll go easy on your death if you don't squirm, worm.
    Bee: no. Rodimus entrusted me with this, my best friend, my leader did. And you harmed my friends for far too long with your cruelty, Starscream. Raf, Wheelie, Rodimus, I will stop you right here and right now!

    The 6th cyber key glowed and have it's power to Bumblebee. Then, bumblebee was now the size of a giant.

    Jack: no way. It super-sized Bumblebee

    Miko and Raf entered the room

    Raf: is that, bumblebee?

    Bee: hey, Starscream, why don't you mess with someone your size?
    Starscream: yes. And I'll cut you down to size! Chaos enhancements activated!

    Starscream struck with his Chaos Saber but Bumblebee punched it away and punched Starscream in the stomach.

    Bee: cyber key power, plasma missiles and cyber storm!

    Bumblebee blasted Starscream outside out of the ship then the storm. Starscream was in the water.

    Starscream: no. This, can't be. I am Starscream, the conqueror of planets, the-thhh....

    One of the lower levels

    Ratchet: they should be here by now.
    Bulkhead: wonder what's taking them so long?
    -we're here!

    Arcee, Moon racer and Nautica appeared.

    Bulkhead: here. I'll take the big, scary man.
    Nautica: we have to *pant pant* get out of here. A Shoggoth is coming.
    Arcee: ratchet! *painful noises*

    Ratchet: Arcee, what's wrong?
    Arcee: it's coming.
    Ratchet: oh my sparks!

    Nautica: what's going on here?
    Ratchet: it's something very important. Percy?
    Perceptor: yoppo?
    Ratchet: prepare the tables on a human hospital and call nurse June Darby.
    Percy: oh it's coming. Yes yes yes, I'm on it.
    Ratchet: okay Arcee. Let's get you out

    Wheeljack: doc, where are you going?
    Ratchet: we have to be in some other place right now. You'll have to do the rest yourselves
    Nautica: what's wrong with Arcee?
    Ratchet: in human terms, she's going into labor. I'm sorry, we have to go!

    Ratchet and Arcee became human and left for earth. The other autobots retreated as the Shoggoth came.

    Level 1

    Bumblebee got out and destroyed the vehicons

    Rodimus: woah! Bumblebees huge.
    Vector Prime: it must be the power of the 6th key.

    But then Grimstone and Khamul appeared.

    Bee: so, wanna give up?
    Grimstone: very unlikely. Autofool.
    Khamul: we'll be the ones to do the honor of cutting you down for parts!

    Bumblebee punched but Khamul kicked his fist away and Grimstone punched bumblebee to the face.

    Bee: but, how?
    Grimstone: we may be weak in your living realm but our power grows everyday. We are much stronger than our last encounter.
    Bee: let's test that theory shall we?

    Bumblebee fired but Grimstone made a huge fire scythe and destroyed the missiles.

    Khamul: oxygen cone!

    Khamul trapped bumblebee inside an air cone. All the gases were put out except oxygen. Then, Grimstone lit the cone with his fire and Bumblebee was roasted.

    Raf: bumblebee!

    Bumblebee was chewed out of the oxygen cube and was normal again. The autobots fired at the 2 chaos generals.

    Rodimus: do you have the last key?
    Override: yep. It's with me
    Rodimus: Vector Prime?
    Vector Prime: understood.

    Vector Prime opened up a portal and the autobots retreated.

    Grimstone: grrrrrrr, accursed Autobots. Get the Necronak-Dagorak, Khamul. We have to give Saurok a power boost.


    Ratchet was in his ambulance more and drove as quickly as he can to June's hospital. Ratchet got to the front and June and her fellow nurses took Arcee out. Ratchet turned into human form

    Ratchet: will she be okay?
    June: yes.
    Ratchet: June, I must warn you though. This is the first time a cybertronian has ever sexually given birth. It may affect Arcee.
    June: don't worry, Ratchet. We'll take care of her.

    Gigantian Level 1.

    The two autobot teams met but were attacked by an awoken Saurok

    Moon racer: but you said-
    Saurok: foolish mortals. I cannot be defined, restricted or defeated by your mortal instruments. The dead cannot die again but rise as the living dead.

    The two chaos generals and Ashara were there as well.

    Grimstone: lovely Ashara. Always good to see you.
    Khamul: stop flirting with Saurok's beautiful girl and focus!

    Saurok: Grimstone, Khamul, prepare the spell.

    The three generals chanted and a massive ray of blood red light struck them, powering them with the power of chaos.

    Saurok: now, let's see how you handle us.

    The 3 soloed the whole autobots as the Decepticons appeared. Grimstone KOed the CDF, dinobots, wreckers and Override and Leo breaker. Khamul threw the jet autobots out of the sky. Saurok made short work of Vector Prime and he stood in front of Megalo and Rodimus

    Saurok: I'll take you down, myself.
    Megalo: that's big talk coming from you. I seem to recall out last battle that I mopped your pathetic little skallywag and I'll do it again.

    Megalo attacked Saurok but Saurok blocked with a his finger.

    Saurok: ah yes. I recall this pathetic little toy.
    Megalo: no toy.
    Saurok: you bore me.

    Saurok pushed Megalo away.

    Megalo: no.
    Saurok: so sad.

    Megalo attacked again but Saurok took his axe and then punched him, crashing him to 3 buildings before attacking Megalo with his own axe and electrocuting him.

    Rodimus: Megalo, no!

    Saurok: surrender Rodimus.

    Rodimus: never!

    Rodimus charged but Saurok punched Rodimus a few dozen times and unleashed his lightning and eye beams. Rodimus was down.

    Saurok: hahaha! I'm getting more and more powerful. Soon, I'll have enough power to use my Ultimate Chaos Techniques, even the Anti-Life Ray. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Goodbye, Autobots.

    Saurok fired his lightning at the humans but Rodimus came and intervened.

    Saurok: oh, you still have some fight left in you, eh? Impressive but not enough. If you were smart you'd play dead.
    Rodimus: no. I promised to protect my friends and all the innocent people in the universe from you and the Decepticons.
    Saurok: why throw away your life so recklessly?
    Rodimus: because, I'm not like you and as long as tyrants like you exist, I will never give up!
    Saurok: Huh?
    Rodimus: Rodimus Prime, super mode!!! Leo breaker!

    Leo breaker: right.

    Rodimus: savage claw mode.

    Saurok: let's see how tough you are still.

    Both punched and the shock wave was so powerful that it made cracks in 30 levels.

    Saurok: I must say I'm impressed but it won't be enough
    Rodimus: I'd wish you'd shut up!

    Megalo: Rodimus, give this a try!

    Rodimus grabbed Megalo's axe but had difficulty in lifting a weapon that was 15 times his size and a 120x his weight.

    Saurok: oh, you can't seriously hope to beat me with that.
    Rodimus: let's see about that.

    Saurok and Rodimus surged forward and clashed, a massive explosion visible from light years away exploded. Rodimus was down, and Saurok was heavily damaged.

    The autobots grabbed their leader and the Decepticons got Saurok, both heavily damaged. Saurok saw that the autobots had the 6th key.

    Saurok: no. No!!!!

    The autobots saw a massive blood red light appear. A space bridge portal opened and a second chaos portal opened. Saurok enchanted a spell. The rest of the 9 generals of chaos, Angarabad, Nazarok, Shusatu, Naarnak, Morgulak and Drauglamir appeared. Saurok walked front, butting shoulders with Drauglamir and Naarnak

    Saurok: my war with the living has just begun, Rodimus Prime! I will not stop until the full power of chaos is unleashed upon you and you will beg for death, but no! You will see your friends and your people die and be raised as dead slaves to Galaxsor. It has just begun!

    Saurok then struck his scepter to the ground and cracks occurred with a red light shining. Then, raised it again the cons were out of Gigantian.

    From the ground, a massive Shoggoth appeared.

    Megalo: what the spark is that thing?
    Bee: Shoggoth! And a big one.

    The Shoggoth attacked. Many air auto troopers were destroyed. The CDF fired everything they got but the Shoggoth's hide was too thick. Everyone tried their cyber key power but did nothing.

    Nautica: this is bad. If that thing isn't stopped, it will grow big enough to destroy all of Gigantian.
    Rodimus: I'll have to do something. Ashra, hear my prayer. Help me stop this creature of chaos.

    Rodimus took out his star saber blades and sliced the creatures hands off. Then, flew down and fired all his guns. The Shoggoth felt pain and grabbed Rodimus. Rodimus freed himself and continued to slice the Shoggoth but the Shoggoth swallowed him.

    Bee: Rodimus!!!!!!!!!
    Jetfire: commander!

    Override: no!
    Leo breaker: this can't be happening
    Evac: no Rodimus

    Vector Prime: you cannot die here, Rodimus. I believe in you. You can do this.

    Inside the Shoggoth's stomach

    Rodimus: come on, come on Rodimus. You can do it. Use your untapped power, use the Ashran power. Focus, focus. Oneness, I must, use it.

    Rodimus' eyes glowed white blue. The Shoggoth felt his stomach heating up. It caused it pain and soon, Rodimus heated the creature to death as he glowed with blinding white light. The autobots were amazed at this show of power.

    Megalo: incredible
    Bee: alright!
    Override: you go, Rodimus.

    Melisandre: such power, can this be? Is he the one?

    Rodimus came down, exhausted as he puffed another smoke. Then, got a call from Ratchet.

    Rodimus: yes ratchet?
    Ratchet: Rodimus, you have to come to Earth, now. It's about Arcee.


    The autobots were in human form and Rodimus ran to the hospital

    Bee: come on Rodimus, this way.


    June: Rodimus, right this way.
    Rodimus: what's the matter? Is something wrong with Arcee?
    June: no, she's fine. She right there.

    Rodimus saw Arcee on a bed, lying in a pool of blood.

    Arcee: hey, dear.
    Rodimus: Arcee, what's the matter? Are you hurt?
    Arcee: no. I'm fine.
    Rodimus: shhhhh, don't cry, don't cry.
    Arcee: it's tears of joy. I'm so happy for us.
    Rodimus: I don't understand.
    June: Rodimus.

    June bought something in her arms, wrapped in a white blanket. The autobots entered the room.

    Wheelie: what the matter?
    Vector Prime: never make me run like that, again.
    Jetfire: commander?
    Ratchet: you're just in time.

    Override: time for what?
    Galvatron: shhhhh.

    June gave it to Rodimus.

    Arcee: his name, is Aegon.
    June: congratulations. You're a father.

    Autobots: *shocked gasps*

    Rodimus looked into Aegon's eyes. It was beautiful. Despite Rodimus' red eye and his dark half, Aegon touched his father. Rodimus felt love and he cried.

    Bee: my boy is all grown up. *cries*
    Bulkhead: there, there, bee.

    Leo breaker: he's so, beautiful I could just cry.
    Evac: you can cry on my shoulder
    Leo breaker: *cries loudly* so, beautiful.

    Galvatron: congratulations, Rodimus Prime

    Rodimus sat down alongside Arcee. Both looked at their son and were happy.

    And that how episode 47 ends
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    Episode 48: The hate plague part 1

    The Chimera

    Harold: my lord, I'm very sorry to disturb you especially during your planning, but I must request that you help me.
    Saurok: and how would you want me to help you?
    Harold: the minicons have targeted important shipping. Bloodstone cannot be guaranteed now
    Saurok: damn minicons. No matter *insane laughing* take this.
    Harold: what is it, my lord?
    Saurok: a hate plague. It will consume and destroy. Don't spread it to the minicons but multiply it, infect the earth. If I cannot rule over a living world, then I will rule over the dead Ahahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahaha Hahahahahahaha!


    2 weeks after, in a remote location

    Harold: yes yes yes, move them all. I want testings to be ready by tomorrow. Ah, my dear! You're looking very nice today.
    Roxanne: thanks. Never really had any good clothing.
    Harold: hey dear. I will provide all you need.
    Roxanne: you're the best.
    Harold: come. Guests are waiting

    Dining room

    Harold: and that's why I called you here. I always liked your performances and now you know of greater powers at play. Join us, or die as well.
    Celebrity#1: I do like my fans, but I love my life even more.
    Celebrity#2: hear hear. Always an obsessive mob
    Celebrity#3: then a toast. To the Dark Lord.
    Everyone: cheers!

    Celebrity#4: are you crazy!? You're, worshipping some figure as if he's a God and now you're listening to this mad man!?
    Celebrity#5: hey, aliens are real. If what he says is right, I'd rather be part of the winning side.
    Celebrity#4: are you nuts?
    Harold: lady, calm down. We can reason.

    She pulled out a gun.

    Celebrity#4: not one more word, or I swear I will shoot you.
    Harold: Roxy my dear, care to do the job?
    Roxanne: with pleasure

    Roxanne walked closer

    Celebrity#4: I'm warning you.
    Roxanne: go ahead and warn.
    Celebrity#4: last warning.

    Roxanne walked closer and closer

    Celebrity#4: die bitch!

    She shot Roxanne in the head, but Roxanne kept walking and crushed the pistol.

    Roxanne: bad girl
    Harold: as you can see, I am 100% real. And my Master certainly is real.
    Celebrity#7 we never should've doubted you in the first place.

    Harold: these chips will stop the hate me plague from infecting you. How do you feel?
    Celebrity#1: I hardly felt a thing

    New York

    Bee: hey!
    Raf: hey.
    Bee: getting better Raf?
    Raf: yeah. Let's getting better. What about you bee?
    Bee: I'm fine.

    Miko: no way! You flew at just 20. Without a license?
    Jess: what can I say? I'm a punk
    Both girls: *laughs*

    Jack: hey.
    Rodimus: hey *inhales*
    Jack: heard Arcee's getting out today.
    Rodimus: yeah.
    Jack: I never knew it, but what's his name? The baby.
    Rodimus: Aegon
    Jack: Aegon?
    Rodimus: yes. Arcee named him after a friend whom she lost long ago.

    As the autobots were chatting, a bomb exploded in the hospital

    Rodimus: Arcee!

    Rodimus rushed to the floor. Smoke was everywhere and ash was coming. Nurses carried doctors and patients to safety. Rodimus kept running until he saw Arcee. Rodimus grabbed his wife to safety and she was put on life support

    Rodimus: will she be okay?
    June: you can count on us.

    Jack: just got the footage. I was right. It was a bombing. 9th time this week.
    Rodimus: let me see. Hmm, minicons. Their symbol says it all. They've also been targeting cybertronian citizens for quite some time
    Jack: but why?
    Rodimus: interrogation says a minicon extremist group. Minicon high command claims they don't have anything to do with them. Time we hunt them down.


    Saurok looked to the stars, and the other generals came to him

    Angarabad: what do we do, great and glorious leader?
    Saurok: nothing for now. First, you regain a partial bit of your strength. Then, we will strike.
    Morgulak: really? Wait? Ugh, come on Saurok.
    Saurok: you can always play games.
    Morgulak: alright.


    Saurok: what is it?
    Harold: my lord, I have successfully completed the plan. Now all I need is to test and you will rule over the dead.
    Saurok: excellent

    Naarnak: why surround yourself with the weak living? Surely our so called 'all mighty great leader' can be smarter? *laughing*
    Angarabad: traitor! How dare you doubt! Saurok is powerful, Saurok is the darkness, Saurok is the 1st general, Saurok is the mightiest!
    Drauglamir: do not disrespect Saurok like that ever again, Naarnak!
    Shusatu: what is wrong with you? Saurok would obliterate you, Naarnak

    Saurok: Listen to me, carefully Naarnak. If you so much as lay even a finger on my heralds, I would split your soul and place it in 40 different dimensions for a millennium.

    The 9 were afraid. Their leader was angry.

    Saurok: do not worry. You will get your fun. But for now, recover you strength


    The autobots and their human allies searched the globe for the extremists.

    Bee: the CDF and Raf reporting. No signs of extremists here.

    Jetfire: jetfire here. Nothing out of the ordinary in the Himalayas

    Kup: kup reporting in. Nothing to report in Micron


    Rodimus was in a room, with Vector Prime and Galvatron. Rodimus was holding the wounded Arcee's hand.

    Rodimus: just when you were about to get out. I'm sorry, babe

    Vector Prime: there there, sweet baby. Ow hou hou! Why the beard!?
    Aegon: *baby chuckles*
    Galvatron: heh, cute.

    Then, Rodimus saw a man with Minicon markings walking down.

    Rodimus: I'm heading out
    Galvatron: wait, don't you need help?
    Rodimus: no. I'm just investigating

    Rodimus walked down the stairs and chased the man. 2 mech goons saw him.

    Mech goon#1: he's running away. Unit 3, after him, casually.

    Rodimus followed the man into an abandoned building in the New York Harbor. Rodimus walked to the 6th floor and saw many armed men and women. This was the minicon extremists hideout. A mech goon in disguise saw him.

    Mech goon#2: yeah this is Unit 2. I'm seeing Rodimus Prime here.
    Harold: *spits out drink* what? Oh yes, the bombings. This is good, my dear Roxy.
    Roxanne: ?
    Harold: we are testing the hate plague on these pests and look. The autobots leader is here. He is sure to die. Proceed as planned.
    Mech goon#2: yes sir.

    Mech goon#3: hey you see that guy?
    Female soldier: uh yeah.
    Mech goon#3: he's not one of us.

    Rodimus inhaled his medicine as he looked and informed Autobot City of this.

    Percy: catching your data, Rodimus. Preparing a strike team.
    Rodimus: wait till I get out first.
    -can I help you?

    Rodimus was spooked by an old mean looking woman. He grabbed a pistol just in case

    Old woman: can I help you?
    Rodimus: no need. Just checking around.
    Old woman: I've never seen you before. Are you new?
    Rodimus: ah yes.
    Old woman: your face. You look like someone I've seen before.

    Then another soldier grabbed Rodimus' coat and revealed his secret

    Female soldier: I caught a spy!

    The others were warned of Rodimus just as the hate plague was released.

    Old woman: a spy!? A damned, good for nothing spy! You will die and you will see your family and your children and your friends die!

    Eggsy= Vector Prime and Galvatron
    Valentine and Gazelle=Harold and Roxanne

    Rodimus massacred them all. Percy, Vector Prime and Galvatron were shocked to see it. Rodimus walked up to a still breathing Mech goon.

    Rodimus: what did you do?
    Goon: *gasping for air*
    Rodimus: tell me!!!!
    Goon: *intense painful screaming*
    Rodimus: oh man up. I didn't even-


    Rodimus was crawling as his blurry vision saw auto troopers waking in

    Auto trooper: go there and there. Check the southern side. Help me here.


    Ratchet: are you fine?
    Rodimus: ugh yeah. What happened back there?
    Percy: a hate virus of some sort. It looks like it was programmed for not just humans but minicons and cybertronians.
    Rodimus: mech is behind this. Meaning Harold Mortenson and Saurok
    Bee: why does it have to be HIM again!?
    Rodimus: that explosion.
    Percy: caused by a chip implanted in the neck. Luckily, I've managed to know how it works after examining dead mech corpses.
    Rodimus: okay. Search for their main base Percy. We're finishing this.

    And that's how episode 48 ends
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    Episode 49: the hate plague part 2

    Rodimus walked down the hospital door to a taxi. There, a man walked up to him.

    Harold: excise me, sir
    Rodimus: yeah?
    Harold: get in the taxi.
    Rodimus: Harold?
    Harold: I'd rather not do this near a hospital.

    3 cars came.

    Rodimus: fine.

    Rodimus opened the door, and then pushed Harold in.

    Rodimus got into Autobot City.

    Rodimus: Percy! Get me a new tux would ya?
    Percy: but, but why?
    Rodimus: I have a place to be. Need to be there in 20 minutes
    Percy: okay okay

    Darby's apartment

    A space bridge opened

    Jack: Rodimus, you came.
    Rodimus: of course I would.
    Jack: was afraid you wouldn't turn up.
    Rodimus: can't say no to a meal.

    Jack: everyone, Rodimus is here!

    Bee: he came. I told you he would
    Wheelie: okay okay, I owe you 3 silver stags.

    Miko: finally we can eat.


    Harold returned to his base

    Roxanne: are you okay?
    Harold: tch, I'm fine.

    Saurok appeared on the screen.

    Saurok: my herald. How is your operation?
    Harold: well my lord. My robotic arm is in their city. Soon, missiles will hit the city and others key locations. The hate plague will soon commence
    Saurok: Ahahahahahahahahahaha.Excellent, now my plan comes to fruition

    New York

    Fowler: and then I said, "but sir, if we do that then Prime would need backup." and Prime always proved me wrong
    Everyone: *laughs*

    Rodimus: hahaha, excuse me for a sec

    Rodimus: yeah?
    Percy: Rodimus, you need to get out.
    Rodimus: but why?
    Percy: look outside. A missile is coming

    Rodimus looked outside and saw a missile

    Rodimus: everyone out!


    The ambulance came. Luckily, no one was seriously injured.

    Rodimus: mech. They're doing this. They're hunting us down. And we need to strike back.

    Percy: Rodimus, I think you're gonna wanna hear this.
    Rodimus: shoot.
    Percy: I've been tracking one of Harold's associates for days now. Her names Emily Van and she's currently in London
    Rodimus: bridge us there. I'll take bumblebee and wheelie.
    Percy: okay.


    Bee: really Rodimus? I have to wear this scrap?
    Rodimus: it's called 'fashion' Bee.
    Bee: oh well. At least the hat looks good on me.

    Guard: got tickets?
    Rodimus: sure.
    Guard: hmm, checks out. Robb Stark ( Rodimus), Barry White ( Bee) and....
    Wheelie: yes?
    Guard: old fart.

    Bee: pffffft, ahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahaha
    Rodimus: hehehehe.
    Wheelie: not, funny

    The 3 searched for Emily Van until Rodimus saw her.

    Rodimus: she's there alright.
    Bee: peep on the light show, boys

    Bumblebee walked over to her.

    Bee: well hello beautiful. Want to buy a drink? I can pay.
    Emily: oh please. I know what you're trying to do. You're trying to get me to open up to you but sorry, no thanks

    Rodimus: hehe, check this out, old fart.
    Wheelie: ~_~

    Rodimus: old men. Can't get what newer generations can't. I think you're looking for carnival B, it's just over there. *winks*
    Bee: ah man, I'm in the wrong carnival? Damn, better get my things fixed.

    Emily: thanks for saving me back there. And newer generations Huh? "every new generation thinks-
    Rodimus: they're smarter than the one before them- George Orwell.
    Emily: so you do know your literature.
    Rodimus: are you performing?
    Emily: hmm? Oh no.
    Rodimus: Oh I thought you were going to perform. Couldn't tell from your clothes. They look good on you.
    Emily: thanks. My names Emily Van. What's yours?
    Rodimus: Robb Stark.

    Wheelie: hey.
    Bee: hey.
    Wheelie: our boys flirting with her. How is he so good with women?
    Bee: he slept with dozens of models, actresses and other women long before he married Arcee.
    Wheelie: really? Damn.

    Bee: shhh, they're moving.


    Emily: so you were in the army?
    Rodimus: yep. Served for 8 years in the Middle East and Africa.
    Emily: oh shit. Please, Robb you have to get out.
    Rodimus: what's wrong?

    A gang entered the cafe

    Gangster#1: so there you are. Harold ain't saving you anymore. You better pay your debts.
    Rodimus: boys, boys, listen. I had a rather tough day so whatever your beef with Emily is, I'd suggest you take it another day.

    Gangster#2: tell your new boyfriend to get out.
    Emily: he's right. Just go.
    Rodimus: fine.

    Gangster#2: if you're looking for more whores like her to go with bed, ya ugly prick, they're on the corner of Smith Street.

    Rodimus closed the door.

    Rodimus: as a friend of mine once said, Manners Maketh Man.

    Rodimus: ah. A nice cup of coffee with whip cream.
    Emily: you never told me you were this good in fighting.
    Rodimus: I did told you I was in the army.

    Emily: this is my address. Come tonight.

    Rodimus: okay Percy. I've managed to catch her in my net. What now?
    Percy: you're gonna have to put a locator in her.
    Rodimus: how do I do that?
    Percy: oh you know.
    Rodimus: (๏_๏) really no other alternative? Damn it. Don't tell Arcee about this.
    Percy: I would delete it from my memory core

    Rodimus walked into her house.

    Emily: hey, ready to do it?

    Next morning

    Rodimus: *sighs* the things I do for the greater good.

    And that's how episode 49 ends

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    Episode 50: the hate plague part 3

    Percy: tracking her movement. She's I'm what the humans call the Alps mountain range in Italy.
    Rodimus: bee, wheelie, ready?
    Bee and wheelie: ready.

    The Alps, Italy

    Rodimus: Italy. Jack always did say it was a beautiful country. He was right.
    Bee: what's the plan, Mr I'm good with ladies?
    Rodimus: easy, actually. You'll go up to the control station there and take control while Wheelie and me go up there.
    Wheelie: okay. I've been blindly following you for about 2 days. At least tell me the plan?
    Rodimus: I just told you the plan. Weren't you listening, old fart?

    Bee: A-ha! Hahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahaha old fart! Hahahahahahahahahaha

    Wheelie: I meant the REAL plan.
    Rodimus: oh, okay. We've been tagging Emily Van for quite some time. She's an associate of Harold Mortenson. And since we know nothing of this hate plague AND Harold's location, WE think she can lead us to him AND get everything necessary info on the hate plague. Clear?
    Wheelie: clear.

    The Station

    Bee: *in Italian* hello.
    Italian guard: hello.
    Bee: came to fix this problem
    Guard: but I don't recall any- Sir, are you okay?
    Bee: *painful noises* call an ambulance. But not for me.


    Bumblebee hit the guard with a fire extinguisher, knocking him unconscious.

    Bee: bumblebee here, in position.

    Rodimus: alright. Let's get this party starting

    Rodimus and Wheelie got off and walked to the base.

    Goon#1: word has it Lord Saurok is making a city for his followers to live in after his apocalypse
    Goon#2: really? At least some luxury after all this hard work.
    Goon#1: yeah.

    Rodimus: 2 guards. I think our plan is clear.
    Wheelie: right right. But, can you please say it, Just for fun?
    Rodimus: alright. I have this coin that will distract them while I go and knock out the first guard. Then, I'll knock out the second one. We'll use their uniforms and key cards to get inside and get the info we need.
    Wheelie: right right right. I was totally thinking that.
    Rodimus: riiiiiight. Okay, I'm going

    Rodimus walked to the wall and tossed the coin

    Guard#1: oh, a coin. Shiny.
    Rodimus: hey.
    Guard#1: Huh!?

    Rodimus punched the first guard cold out and kicked the second guard in his balls but the second guard threw Rodimus down.

    Guard#2: any last words.
    Rodimus: yeah. Omae wa mou shinderu.
    Guard#2: (๏_๏).... Nani!?!?

    Rodimus rammed the guard to the wall, snapping his neck.

    Rodimus: come on old fart.
    Wheelie: stop calling me that, man.

    Both got in their disguises.

    Rodimus: let's go.

    Both entered the base and walked to the control panels.

    Panel guy: oi you two. Where's my lunch?
    Rodimus: *british accent* go eat shit ya prick.

    *PEW PEW..... PEW*

    Rodimus: okay, Just stay put there Wheelie. Guard me while I search.
    Wheelie: got it.
    Rodimus: you in perc?
    Percy: yes Rodimus. Downloading info

    Percy: I got Harold's base. It's in the Himalayas. It seems he's recruiting in billionaires and celebrities to his base.
    Rodimus: looks like I'm gonna have to crash the party. Got any info on the hate plague.
    Percy: yes. It seems Harold is preparing to launch the hate plague on a global scale, infecting humans, minicons and even Cybertronians in a mass genocide.
    Rodimus: yeah... Can't let that happen. Oh scrap

    Doors opening.

    Rodimus: act cool.
    Wheelie: cool? You mad? *speechless noises*

    Rodimus and Wheelie walked down the stairs.

    Percy: Rodimus, in order to understand the nature of the hate plague, you need to bring in a sample.
    Rodimus: understood.

    Scientist: hey you two. Are you the Indonesia transports?
    Rodimus: uh..... Yeah
    Scientist: you're..... Ahmad Ibrahim Fadhlan?
    Rodimus: uh yeah. Totally. So, where's my transport?

    Rodimus grabbed a sample of the hate plague and signalled Wheelie but Emily saw him.

    Emily: Robb? What are you doing here?
    Goon: wait I know him. He's Rodimus Prime!
    Emily: what!?

    Rodimus: sorry Emily, but I have to go.

    *gunshots firing*

    Rodimus shot 2 goons dead and knocked the scientist out.

    Goon: all units, we have autobots here in our base. It's Rodimus Prime. Kill him!

    Wheelie: okay. I hope you have a plan.
    Rodimus: just go out.
    Wheelie: that doesn't sound like one!

    Rodimus shot several guards dead then threw a bomb at the door. Rodimus and Wheelie got in their carriage and went down.

    Rodimus: whew. Nice.

    Mech goon: hello Rodimus. You've caused quite a lot of pain to me. This is the part where I take revenge.

    The carriage started to spin at unsafe speeds.

    Rodimus: aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
    Wheelie: it's making me dizzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As they were spinning, Rodimus and Wheelie were getting beated by the carriage. There was 0 gravity at times and Rodimus accidentally punched, kicked, elbow slammed, punched and pushed Wheelie

    Wheelie: what was that for!?
    Rodimus: sorry

    Then, the carriage broke from the wire and sled downward to an old people take care center.

    Old man#1: checkmate
    Old man#2: damn it. Why are you so good at chess?
    Old man#1: wait, is that- what are they thinking!?!?!?

    The carriage started to slide down the mountainside.

    Rodimus: *in mind* that's right! Wheelie does have a parachute.

    Rodimus grabbed Wheelie

    Rodimus: you're perfect!
    Wheelie: thanks. Wait, perfect for what? Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!

    Rodimus put Wheelie on the broken glass.

    Rodimus: sorry, Wheelie. But it's the only way.
    Wheelie: WAIT!

    Rodimus kicked Wheelie in the balls, to which he screamed and released the parachute. Soon, the carriage started to slow down.

    Old man#1: that was the most decent shit I've had in 3 weeks.
    Old man#2: dude, WTF?

    Rodimus: we're alive! *slaps* ow! What you did that for?
    Wheelie: don't you ever do that again!

    Old Hut

    Rodimus: yeah we'll be needing a bridge Percy.
    Percy: I'm afraid it's easier said than done. The snow is interfering with Autobot City's built in space bridges. But not to worry. I will in time.

    Bumblebee entered the Hut.

    Bee: you guys alright?
    Rodimus: yeah.
    Bee: got some snacks, drinks and medicines in case we needed any.
    Wheelie: get down!

    Gunfire entered the Hut. Wheelie tagged Rodimus to the ground and behind the stone foundation.

    Rodimus: damn it. They found us. It's time to go solo again.
    Bee: you think you can take them all on?
    Rodimus: I'm Rodimus f*ckin Prime alright. Just get me some cover

    Rodimus got out and shot a few goons dead as Bee and Wheelie provided cover.

    Rodimus kicked a goon and jumped as he shot down 2 more. He landed and another one attacked but Rodimus broke his arm and leg. Rodimus shot 3 more dead and punched another one. Then, Rodimus spin and killed all except one.

    The last goon prepared to knife fight him but Rodimus threw a stone. The goon's vision was hazy then Rodimus rammed him down and drove the knife into his throat.

    But Rodimus saw an armored truck and retreated.

    Rodimus: they're bringing in that.
    Wheelie: what do we-
    Both: wheelie!

    Wheelie was shot.

    Rodimus: scrap. They have a Gatling gun.

    Squad leader: you have till the count of 15 to surrender. 15, 14-

    Bee: what do we do?
    Rodimus: let's hope Nautica's bomb works.

    Rodimus threw a bomb which froze all the goons. Rodimus and bumblebee got out, with Rodimus carrying Wheelie on his back. Then, another goon got up and fired. But Bumblebee got in the line of fire.

    Rodimus: bumblebee!

    The goon was shot dead by Rodimus as a space bridge opened.

    Rodimus: medic! Ratchet!

    Autobot City.

    Percy: I have 2 good news and one bad news. The first good news is, Bumblebee and Wheelie are going to be fine. The bad news is, that I hoped to create a cure of my own but I can't. It's not science I'm afraid, it's, sorcery.
    Rodimus: I'm not surprised since its Saurok. What's the other good news?
    Percy: a cure does exist. It's in Harold's base in the Himalayas and can be activated there.
    Rodimus: then, I'll need to go there myself.
    Percy: Galvatron has volunteered to be your next teammate. I've already made an invitation for you.
    Rodimus: good. Let's leave there immediately

    And that's how episode 50 ends
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    Episode 51: the hate plague part 4

    2 days prior

    Galvatron: so, Percy, where's my car? I have a party to attend ya know?
    Percy: yes yes. Here it is

    Galvatron and Percy were driving to Harold Mortenson's mansion in the US. There they entered through the gates and Galvatron walked out

    *knock knock knock*

    Harold: Mr King, I'm so glad you came.
    Galvatron: I must have gotten my dates mixed up. I thought the party was tonight.
    Harold: no. You got your dates right. I cancelled the party just cause of you. Anybody willing to donate that much deserved a dinner date with me. Come on in.

    They walked inside.

    Harold: there are many, many billionaires I assume but non as willing to donate as much as you. I don't doubt you but looking into your family's history, that's some pretty old money where your from. How did you avoid poverty?
    Galvatron: property and land mostly.
    Harold: question, how did you know of my plan? Let me guess, friends?
    Galvatron: yes. A new age is rising and I might as well be part of the new tide
    Harold: exactly. Please, sit.

    Maids and butlers came and brought food.

    Galvatron: I'll have the Big Mac please.
    Harold: excellent choice. But nothing beats two cheese burgers with secret sauce.

    As the two chatted, Galvatron released a bug which ran to the computers and latched itself onto the data cores.

    Harold: you want to donate to my foundation, Mr King?
    Galvatron: absolutely. If there's one person in the entire world who can save us, it's you Harold.
    Harold: glad to hear it.

    As the two chatted, Percy got data on Harold's plans and galvatron came out.

    Harold: give me a few days to think of your proposal, Mr King.
    Galvatron: yes, I would be honored and thank you for the happy meal.

    The present day

    On a clothes shop in New York, Rodimus, Galvatron and Percy walked in along with Jack

    Jack: no. 1 please
    Shop keep: I'm sorry but number 1 is currently occupied.
    Jack: number 2 then. With, 'special care'
    Shop keep: right this way.

    No. 2

    The 4 entered and there was a secret room with lots of Unit E agents.

    Jack: okay, what did you discover?
    Percy: Harold has a base in the Himalayas from where he can activate the hate plague. But that's not all. In order to command the hate plague on a global scale, Harold has 10 satellites in orbit around the earth which would send a signal to his machines. Once activated, the machines will release the hate plague.

    Rodimus: plan is simple. Galvatron and I will go to the Himalayas. There, we will try and stop Harold. Jack, you try to figure out a way to stop that satellite. We can start preparations.
    Jack: alright.

    As they walked outside they saw Harold Mortenson

    Harold: Mr King. Oh what a coincidence. I was thinking of that nice suit you wore and immediately wanted it.
    Galvatron: I'm glad. You look good in it.
    Harold: thank you. I was thinking of your business proposal and I accept.
    Galvatron: glad to hear.
    Harold: say, who's that?
    Galvatron: my brother, Arthur King and my 2 butlers. May I ask who this lovely lady is?
    Harold: ah yes, she is my lovely wife, Roxanne
    Galvatron: lovely
    Harold: I'd suggest you'd get ready to leave soon, Mr King. The event is happening 16 hours from now.
    Galvatron: don't worry, I will.

    As Harold left the autobots rushed to a safe location

    Jack: 16 hours? Really? We have to hurry then.
    Rodimus: Percy, prepare a plane. We're crashing the party.

    Autobot City.

    Jetfire: sir, I would like to volunteer as your transport.
    Rodimus: thank you Jetfire.

    Jetfire flew out of the city and into a space bridge. He was in Asia.

    The Himalayas

    Jetfire stopped and Percy was arming Jack.

    Percy: okay. These balloons wouldn't last much longer up in the air. So time it correctly
    Jack: I don't understand why we can't just call in the military.
    Percy: because most of the military high command are bought by Mech and the autobots would risk human intervention
    Jack: okay. Here I go.

    Rodimus: good luck Jack.

    Jetfire: lifting off

    And that's how episode 51 ends
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    Episode 52: the hate plague part 5

    Jetfire flew ever closer to the mech base

    Percy: here you two. Get dressed for the occasion.
    Rodimus: right.

    Rodimus and Galvatron got dressed into fancy suits.

    Jetfire: over there. Damn it, they have an anti aircraft drone.

    Mech tower: unidentified aircraft, please send in codes so that I confirm.
    Percy: sending.
    Tower: checks out. You may land

    Jetfire landed. And 3 guards came with a hostess. Galvatron and Rodimus got down.

    Galvatron: James King and my brother Arthur King
    Hostess: Mr King, we are glad to have you. I'm sure you can enjoy your stay. If you don't mind? No weapons policy.
    Galvatron: sure.

    The hostess scanned Galvatron and Rodimus.

    Hostess: will there be any luggage?
    Galvatron: congratulations, Percy. You've just been promoted from pilot, to valet
    Percy: *softly* cheeky ass
    Rodimus: my suitcase please?
    Percy: yes sir

    Percy gave the suitcase which contained guns to the duo and they walked to the guests hall. Percy and Jetfire were moved to lower floor with the other planes

    Percy: okay, Jack. Doing good. Just a little further and you're a-okay.
    Jack: *heavy breathing* I hope so.

    The first balloon exploded

    Jack: woaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!
    Percy: Jack, are you okay?
    Jack: *breathing heavily* yeah I'm fine.
    Percy: the balloons can't take any longer.
    Jack: don't worry.

    Guest hall

    Waiter: would Sir care for a drink?
    Rodimus: yes. Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred.

    Harold: look at them. They seem worried.
    Roxanne: they're nervous.
    Harold: please. Heyo! Why's everyone so down today? Come on. Have some food, have some drinks, come on people! A new age is coming and we can't enjoy it. Unless you enjoy it, so come on, eat, drink, have some fun for once

    Percy: okay. Just relax and enjoy. You see that guy on your left? Yeah him. Go up there and get me into his laptop.
    Rodimus: you got it. *drinks*

    Rodimus walked to the second floor and sat.

    Rodimus: hello. Arthur King.
    Bill: hello. Names Bill.
    Rodimus: nervous? By tomorrow, a new society would've arisen.
    Bill: long live society.
    Both: *laughs*

    Then, Rodimus tased Bill unconscious and put in a chip into his laptop

    Percy: okay I'm in. Come on back and I'll arm you properly.
    Rodimus: sure.
    -don't move.

    It was the London thug and he put a knife on Rodimus' neck.

    Thug: yeah I'm here. You think I was a street thug? I'm from a rich family you know? Oi Harold!

    Harold: hmm?

    Thug: look! I've caught a f*ckin spy!
    Harold: computer zoom in. Hey! It's that other King.

    Rodimus tased the thug and punched him.

    Harold: son of a-

    In space.

    Jack aimed at the satellite and launched. Then the second balloon exploded and Jack fell down to the earth

    Rodimus jumped down and ran to Jetfire

    Roxanne: they shot down one of our satellites.
    Harold: ****!!!! Why- why can't we move these two closer? Move them!
    Roxanne: that's not one of ours.
    Harold: oh I see.


    Harold: hey! D, it's me Harold. Listen, one of my satellites blew up and i- you read my mind. We're good.

    Percy: oh no no no no no no, no, NO! Scrap they have another satellite. Rodimus, return immediately. Change of plans. We have to stop Harold from ever putting his hand on the machine again.

    Percy: what's wrong guys?

    Guards surrounded the area. Rodimus came in and tried to shoot but the gun was out of ammo.

    Goon: there he is! Blast him!
    Rodimus: scrap!

    *intense gunfire*

    In the back, Galvatron fired and killed the guards. Both walked inside

    Percy: okay, Harold has somehow used another satellite. We need to stop his hand from touching the device ever. Here, get armed

    Jack: look, is Arcee there with you?
    Jess: yeah, along with your mom, Raf, Miko and Vector Prime.
    Jack: good. Stay safe and be ready in case things go south.
    Jess: yeah Jack.

    Harold: yes. 100% now we can begin.

    Harold activated his machine and soon, the hate plague spread to every being on earth. Soon, everyone started fighting each other.

    Percy: hurry up. He already activated it. Galvatron, go right. You have to shut down their power supply.
    Galvatron: got it.

    Rodimus and Galvatron fought their way through hoards of guards. But were surrounded. And guards brought the anti aircraft drone to the hangers.

    Jetfire: we're slagged! I can't transform in this tight area.

    Rodimus: hey, Percy. Remember the chip that you said was useless?
    Percy: yeah?
    Rodimus: how about turning it on?
    Percy:....... Genius!

    Galvatron: rodimus, you're a f*ckin genius!
    -help! Is someone there?
    Galvatron: hey, you're that celebrity aren't you?
    Celebrity: can you get me out of here please?
    Galvatron: if I did that, would you give me a kiss?
    Celebrity: if you get me out, I'd give you more than kiss

    Harold: fools! Did you think I would be stupid enough to implant myself with one of those!? Now you killed some of my favorites but you ain't stopping nothing!

    Rodimus rushed to the guests hall.

    Rodimus got a sharp metal rod and threw it. Harold came falling down. The world was saved.

    Galvatron shut down all of the power and rushed to Rodimus' side.

    Harold: hello, Mr Rodimus.
    Rodimus: *breathing* yeah yeah.
    Harold: I heard about your child. Congratulations.
    Rodimus: why thank you.
    Harold: and sorry about your wife.
    Rodimus: as much of a gentleman as you are, Harold, I'm gonna have to put a bullet in your skull
    Harold: hahahahahahahahahahaha, huhahahahahahaha
    Rodimus: what's so funny? Gah!!!

    Roxanne got up and kicked Rodimus. She grabbed Harold as guards came. Galvatron came in and Rodimus got in for cover.

    Rodimus: the poison, but how?
    Roxanne: chaos baby! Kill them all!

    Roxanne and Harold escaped.

    Rodimus was tired and gasped for air. Galvatron grabbed a champagne bottle and left.

    Percy: where you going with the champagne? We have loads here.
    Galvatron: can't wait that long.

    Galvatron fired a door and entered.

    Percy: ooooooo Galvatron. Well, guess I have to delete my memory again

    And that's how episode 52 and the first season of Galaxy ends
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    Season 2 of TFP: ASOLAD. Part 2 Galaxy

    Episode 53: Requiem of the Darkness

    Saurok: you fail.
    Harold: my lord, I accept full responsibility for my failure. I will take your punishment
    Saurok: no need.
    Harold: ?
    Saurok: I don't doubt you, Harold but knowing Rodimus Prime, failure was a fifty fifty chance for you. Go. Recover, you earned it
    Harold: thank you, my lord

    In a dark room at night

    Khamul: damn it, it's almost dawn. And Naarnak is late.
    Angarabad: damn that Naarnak! When I see him I'll tear him in half!

    Saurok was reading the Necronak-Dagorak as the winds in godless room, filled with powerful and blasphemous beings sat. Then, a sound was heard. Unnatural and chaotic, voice of a thousand damned souls burning in hell fire spoke

    Naarnak: oh, that does sound gruesome. I am shivering with fear.
    Angarabad: Naarnak, you bastard!
    Nazarok: seems that you've arrived just in time. Hey, Chief! The gangs back.
    Shusatu: so, you've arrived.
    Naarnak: can't ignore the words of our great leader. And besides, if I didn't I wouldn't have the opportunity to see your beautiful face again.
    Drauglamir: finally. Some action
    Khamul: been meaning to get my axe sharpened hehehe

    Angarabad: well, o great leader, tell us. What are we doing?

    Saurok closed his book. He got up and the other 8 were eagerly waiting the orders of their powerful and great leader.

    Saurok: by tomorrow, the galactic mafia will be having an auction. There, we will steal their valued treasures. Ancient relics for our masters grand return. And more.

    Nazarok: well, what are stealing?
    Shusatu: ancient texts perhaps. Our leader does like the spells
    Morgulak: what about games? I hear they'll be having some of the most expensive games there.
    Grimstone: wouldn't it make sense to steal precious gems?

    Saurok: we'll steal everything.

    The 8 were shocked.

    Angarabad: but, o great one. Stealing everything would mean an all out war with the galactic mafia. I wouldn't dare to question your great mind and strategy, but-
    Saurok: the living realm takes a toll on all of us. The amount of carnage and hate, death and destruction we cause on Yorkenshire, their planet of choosing with its structures and population will give you a boost in power. Don't tell me, you're afraid
    Angarabad: no. I'm excited! Give us the command, o great and mighty leader!
    Saurok: our plan is simple. Drauglamir, Morgulak, Shusatu, you will infiltrate and kill all the guests. I will deal with their red priests. The rest of you, prepare to steal.

    Yorkenshire, the next day

    Drauglamir in his human form was a huge, 8'11 foot tall man and Morgulak short and were waiting for Shusatu.

    Drauglamir: where is she?
    Morgulak: girls. Always late.
    Drauglamir: there she is.

    Shusatu, the only natural human was a beautiful woman and she walked up to her fellow generals.

    Morgulak: you look good in that dress.
    Shusatu: thanks. Now, let's go. Wouldn't want to disappoint our leader.

    A large hall filled with guests was there. 3 halls filled with rich people, mercenary guards were there and corrupt politicians were there, filled up 3 floors. As the guests chatted, Shusatu walked up to her position. Morgulak and Drauglamir were walking up the steps into the platform

    Morgulak: aaaaaaa, I would like to welcome you all to the underground auction. Enough with the formalities. Let's get down to business shall we.

    Drauglamir took out his hands and and 6 large machine guns formed.

    Drauglamir: time for you to die!

    As Morgulak closed his ears, Drauglamir fired an endless barrage of chaos fire at them. Then, Shusatu jumped from her position and released arrows. The arrows multiplied and killed everyone on the 3 and 2nd floors. The guards tried to engage but were overwhelmed by superior firepower. Magic users tried to use their magic but chaos was too powerful.

    Morgulak: aaawww, I didn't get to kill a single one.

    Nazarok appeared with Naarnak and Angarabad out of a portal.

    Drauglamir: all yours, Nazarok.
    Nazarok: alright.

    Nazarok created a small black hole and sucked up all the blood and corpses. But, then a guard woke up and though bleeding, spoke to the 9

    Guard: you have made a great mistake. The mafia will be after you and they'll cut you up and-

    Morgulak moved and decapitated him with his finger nails

    Morgulak: you don't know the true meaning of horror. Best to just shut up.
    Nazarok: come. Let's steal them all.

    Other building far away

    2 men entered a room. They were priests of the Starry Wisdom and were immensely powerful. Saurok jumped down and walked as the other 2 walked as well.

    Then, Saurok jumped, dodging a kick from the bigger, younger priest but was pushed and dodging multiple knife attacks from the shorter, older priest. Then, Saurok leapt as he dodged an incoming attack. Then, Saurok was formulating a plan and took out Blackfyre. The old priest then summoned his Ashran power and created a large, energy dragon. He attacked Saurok viciously and Saurok deflected with Blackfyre.

    Khamul: amazing. These priests are strong.
    Grimstone: but let's not stray from the fact that Saurok is holding back over 95% of his power. I wonder why

    The old priest trapped Saurok to wall.

    Old priest: now!

    The younger priest then summoned a large ball of energy in his hands and decimated Saurok but Saurok still survived

    Young priest: that was like my strongest technique.
    Old priest: as I guessed. Even with our combined powers, you're too strong. If you had used your powers, then you would've destroyed us in a split second
    Saurok: yes. But I didn't come here to fight you
    Old priest: oh. A question, perhaps?
    Saurok: tell me. Is Eldrakar Shadowabane really him?
    Old priest: yes. Ashra himself told us.
    Saurok: *crazy laughter* ah, so you really were him all this time. Hahaha, go. Out of admiration, I decided to spare you. Leave this planet in the next 3 hours.
    Old priest: our faith is tied to the family we serve. Do as you wish.
    Saurok: grimstone, khamul, we're out of here

    In the desert

    Saurok, Grimstone and Khamul arrived.

    Nazarok: you arrived boss! Just in time.
    Shusatu: the mafia is after us. Do we fight or retreat?
    Angarabad: please o great one. Let me deal with them.
    Saurok: you have my permission.

    The mafia came. And they encircled Angarabad.

    Angarabad had single-handedly obliterated the mafia forces.

    Angarabad: is this all you have!?

    After Angarabad annihilated the rest of the mafia, they were relocated to a tower

    Nazarok: what's this, boss?
    Saurok: go wild.
    Literally every of the 8: what!?
    Saurok: you heard me. There beneath the city is a dragon egg that will hatch by the deaths of thousands, and he will obey his master, ME! More importantly however, is your power boost. Go wild. Kill them all. Feed off the death, the carnage, the violence, the death, the destruction, the chaos. Once you are done with the city, destroy the planet then the system. Go now, eradicate them, raze it to the ground. Let the universe howl in despair for Galaxsor's wrath has awoken

    Background music

    The 9 scattered and destroyed everything. Cars were destroyed, bridges torn down, buildings collapsed and razed. The army mobilized but were nothing to Drauglamir's chaos fire.

    Shusatu moved at lightning speed as she destroyed all the ships and planes.

    Naarnak and Grimstone creates massive firestorms and burned people in the millions.

    Khamul's hurricanes destroyed forests and even the mountains as the winds themselves howled the blasphemous words of Galaxsor

    Nazarok bended reality as he summoned vile creatures, boiled the oceans, turn the clouds to glass and the streets melted with molten lava

    Morgulak went on a killing spree. Everywhere he went, death follows. Heads, arms, legs, internal organs scattered as he moved in unimaginable speeds and everywhere he went, the dark eye was drawn.

    Angarabad destroyed and threw buildings into space. He destroyed cars, tanks, ships and even the planets crust itself

    Saurok: yes. Spread high, spread low. Go everywhere. Kill them all! Yeeeesss. Bring in the chaos, the hate, the anger, the fear, the death, the chaos! Grow, grow, grow! Grow in size, grow in power! Be born, my servant Ancalagon! RISE!

    Ancalagon, a black dragon of over 200 miles large awoke from the ground and his master Saurok sat on a throne stop his back.

    Saurok: can you hear it? We dedicate this Requiem to you, O great Galaxsor. Let the Grand Multiverse know of your return to power. Let them scream as they die, for that is not death which can eternal lie. For death serves one master, you.

    And that's how episode 53 ends
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    Episode 54: the Nameless City part 1


    Bee: Arcee's finally coming out, it seems
    Wheelie: yeah. Been one hell of a 3 weeks.
    Bee: aren't you the cutest thing alive? Yes you are. Yes you are.

    Aegon: *baby laughter*

    Bee: yeah. It really was a hell of a lot. The Nameless City in particular. Don't think I can recover from that horror.

    Bee: *in thought* yeah. The city horrified me to an extent that I don't think I can ever recover. Our injuries back there were so severe we couldn't move until we fully recovered, physically and mentally. Yeah. I don't want to go back there.

    *everything from here on out is a clip show*

    3 weeks ago, the night of Aegon's birth.

    Arcee was in her room. Resting from her labour. Master Dai Atlas and Drift came in.

    Drift: arcee. How are you?
    Arcee: I'm fine. Thanks for asking.
    Dai Atlas: here. The nurse told me it was good to drink after giving birth. Biology is not really my thing
    Arcee: master, I'm sorry I acted out against your teachings
    Dai Atlas: don't be, dearest Arcee. My predecessor Yoketron tried to do away with the old ways, saying it's what leads to the dark side and in many ways he was right.

    Arcee smiled

    Dai Atlas: you're afraid aren't you?
    Arcee: of losing Rodimus. That he wouldn't love me enough like he did his other lovers.
    Dai Atlas: don't be, my dear. Rodimus loves you more than anything. I can feel it. Now come. Eat. I didn't spend my money just for you to say no.

    The 3 laughed and they slept in the night. Then, Arcee heard a noise and woke up.

    Arcee: hello? Anyone there? Jack? Bee? Rodimus?
    -you didn't think I would forget about you did you, my apprentice?
    Arcee: no. No! Not you!

    Our from the shadows came the spirit of Arjunta Sall

    Sall: yes. I must congratulate you on your son's birthday but I didn't come here for that. I came for you.
    Arcee: master? Drift!? Please wake up!
    Sall: it's useless my apprentice. We are in your mind and they can't hear us.
    Arcee: what do you want from me!?
    Sall: you! You are the only one who has the potential and power to be my apprentice.
    Arcee: no! I would never!
    Sall: as we speak, my servants are moving your body to a place far away. To a place where my dark influence will turn you into my apprentice, young one!

    Real world

    Rodimus and bumblebee were chatting as they walked down.

    Bee: you must be proud wouldn't you, dad?
    Rodimus: hehe, come on bee. Stop it, we're in public

    *slashing noises*

    Rodimus: let's move!
    Bee: right behind you

    Rodimus and bumblebee saw Dai Atlas and Drift battle some phantom spirits.

    Dai Atlas: Rodimus, no! Stay away!

    The phantoms attacked Rodimus but Rodimus had a trick up his sleeves. Rodimus put on a cloth sipped in sulphur on his arm and lit it. The light killed the phantoms

    Dai Atlas: how did you know that would work?
    Rodimus: I've been..... studying. Let's move! Arcee! Arcee!

    Then, they saw Arjunta Sall carrying away Arcee to a portal and they went away.

    Rodimus: nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Rodimus: who was he?
    Dai Atlas: his name is Arjunta Sall. He was the first dark lord of the Dagorite order, our ancient enemy. He was presumed dead but his spirit survived and he turned Arcee to the dark side but we stopped him. Now he's back.
    Rodimus: he plans on doing something to her. I've had a dream about it.
    Dai Atlas: dream?
    Rodimus: these dreams, visions more like warn me of things. They're never clear but I can interpret them well enough to sense danger.

    Perceptor entered the room.

    Percy: Rodimus, I've traced the signal. It's in the Arabian Desert.
    Rodimus: prepare a team.
    Percy: they're location is moving. I can't bridge you there directly for some unknown reason but I will prepare nonetheless

    Darby apartment

    Rodimus: take care of my son, Jack.
    Jack: you can rely on me, Rodimus.
    Rodimus: *inhales* be safe would ya? Don't make trouble for Uncle Jack okay *exhales*

    Arabian Desert

    The 9 generals of chaos, along with Ashara, Night Bird and Malgor were walking in the scorching hot heat of the desert. Saurok and Malgor were on a servitor shoggoth and Ashara, Night Bird and Shusatu were on a another servitor shoggoth

    Naarnak: *pant pant* you ever wonder, why he is on a shoggoth but not us? *pant pant*
    Angarabad: quit your whining Naarnak! If our great leader says so, then we do so!
    Nazarok: he does have a point. What our leader says is law and he obey it.
    Naarnak: *panting* fools!

    Malgor: my lord, we will be approaching the city soon. My lord? Are you listening to me? My lord?
    Saurok: oh, sorry. My mind was away *in mind* what would Shusatu be saying to Ashara?

    Shusatu: I know, he's always had that speciality in him that makes him so attractive.
    Ashara: *smiles*
    Night Bird: mistress, your hair is almost done.
    Ashara: thank you, Night Bird
    Shusatu: I hear Saurok is planning something very special for you. By Galaxsor I wish he treated me like you but oh well, love comes first.

    Saurok: Angarabad.
    Angarabad: yes o mighty leader?
    Saurok: it's been a while since I heard you sing. Come on, sing

    Autobots side

    Rodimus, the CDF, galvatron, vector prime, Leo breaker, override, evac and megalo came out of the portal. And followed behind them were Dai Atlas and Drift.

    Rodimus: readings say that their location is a few miles west of us. If we can hurry we may catch up in time.

    As the autobots continued westward, they encountered a man sitting on a camel.

    -you're headed to the Nameless City aren't you?

    The autobots were battle ready but Rodimus stopped them.

    Rodimus: I know who you are. I saw you in my dreams.
    Bee: who is this guy anyways?
    Rodimus: his name, is Abdul Alhazred. He is the author of the necronak-dagorak.
    Abdul: yes. And you are Rodimus Prime. I see you want to know where your wife is. I can tell you she's going to the Nameless City along with her master, Arjunta Sall.
    Dai Atlas: she would never!
    Abdul: I'm afraid so. My book contains spells too powerful to resist.
    Rodimus: take us to the Nameless City, Alhazred.
    Abdul: very well

    In a ruined sand building.

    Bee: place is a mess.
    Knockout: eeessh. This is no place for me

    Abdul: to enter the city, you must play the instrument of Erick Zann.
    Bee: doesn't seem so hard
    Abdul: on the contrary. The flute will instantly make your lungs go boom!
    Bee: that....does sound scary
    Abdul: only he can play it.

    Rodimus played the flute but after just 5 seconds, he coughed out blood and he was screaming in pain.

    Vector Prime: Rodimus?
    Bee: what's happening to him?
    Abdul: the curse of the instrument.

    Dai Atlas: I must try.
    Abdul: no. You are powerful in the Ashran ways but not enough. Only he can do it
    Rodimus: he's right. I must play the instrument myself.

    Rodimus picked up the flute and played it.

    Loud, vain and repeated, the accursed music of Erick Zann had played. Deafening silence lingered but the autobots were protected by the spells of Alhazred though they would never recover from the trauma of the music. The a experienced fear. Fear unlike any they ever experienced before. It was as if they were in the hottest place but suddenly, a cold hand of death started to crawl on their skin, and they could do nothing

    Alhazred: do you hear it? Hahaha! It is the music of Erick Zann! The music of the accursed Realm of Chaos! The music of the Great Dark Gods!

    The flute player more than a flutes music. Drums, violin, piano, the voices of damned men and women cursed in the pits of hell screamed and sang.

    The blasphemous and dark notes of the music written in blood in a forbidden lost language began to burn and their smoke filled the room with their rotten smell of a thousand dead corpses burnt in fire. Rodimus played the flute, blood came from his eyes and nose but he did not give up. Even though his internal organs began to pain.

    The ground shook and thunder roared, but there was no storm. Demonic howling began to be heard in the gate of the Nameless City as the autobots saw the Eye of Galaxsor. It's eye looking and it's arms trying to grab, and though a statue, looked like a real creature beyond any in the universe, a nameless thing.

    After finishing, Rodimus fell down, breathing heavily. The autobots were horrified at what they saw. Both of Rodimus' eyes were black with a blood red pupil.

    Bee: Rodimus, are you okay?
    Rodimus: *inhales* yes. I'll be alright
    Abdul: congratulations. The city gates are open to us.

    And that's how episode 54 ends
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    Episode 55: the Nameless City part 2

    As the autobots entered the Nameless City, they found it to be a city built of sand stone, ancient beyond measure. Perceptor and Nautica, were surprised and amazed at the architecture as it was foreign to the entire universe.

    Percy: so this is the Nameless City.
    Nautica: aaahhh! By Caminus! This architecture is making my head spin! Curves, tubes randomly sticking out, non Euclidean geometry, this is, this is impossible!

    Rodimus walked in the hot sand of the city. In the ground he saw something and grabbed it.

    Bee: what is it?
    Rodimus: it's Arcee's sword. She was here and looking at these, about...6 to 8 hours before we arrived.

    Wheelie: incredible. Never seen these type of designs before

    Galvatron: not even Asshai-by-the-Shadow creeper me out like this.

    Rodimus took up a cloak and wore it. He put on a helmet to hide his eyes

    Rodimus: okay team, our plan is to-


    The sand on the ground exploded and the autobots were swallowed into the ground.

    Percy: Rodimus, Galvatron, Bumblebee, can you hear me? Can anyone hear me? Scrap!

    The autobots fell into a place beneath the city.

    Override, Evac, Leo Breaker and Megalo were in a tunnel.

    Dai Atlas, Drift, Galvatron and Vector Prime were in a maze

    The CDF were in a building with little light.

    Rodimus and Alhazred were 2 kilometers away from a black pyramid.

    Override: ugh, you guys alright?
    Evac: I'm fine ma'am
    Leo breaker: I think I broke alike bone. Ow.
    Megalo: wish I had my original body. Perhaps I could've saved us.

    Drift: uh, no amount of training could've prepared you from something like that.
    Vector Prime: is everyone alright?
    Galvatron: fine. *vomits* maybe not so much
    Dai Atlas: let's move. We do not know what may lurk here in the city

    Rodimus: can you hear me? Anybody!? Damn it!
    Alhazred: technology. Not so trust worthy after all.
    Rodimus: you!

    Rodimus put a sword on Alhazred's neck and threatened him.

    Rodimus: tell me everything I need to know, you Mad Arab!

    But then, the laughing of strange creatures were heard.

    Alhazred: that, would be the Night Gaunts. They feed off anger and will come and prey on us if you don't calm down.
    Rodimus: *inhales* lead the way then

    Alhazred and Rodimus were walking through what appears to be a market place.

    Alhazred: for over 800 years, I've recorded every creature and eldritch being in the universe in my Necronak-Dagorak. Including spells, locales and technology.
    Rodimus: *exhales* I'm no fool. I know your history. How they tried to stone you, behead you and drown you but your sorcery helped you.
    Alhazred: yes. My forbidden knowledge has allowed me to see beyond my portal realm. I've seen horrors the very thought or mention of them would drive you insane.

    The Pyramid

    Arcee: try as you like, Sall. But you will never succeed. You were defeated in the 100 Year Darkness, the Great Shadow War and you were defeated again. You will not succeed.
    Arjunta Sall: haha, my powers extend to the point where I can destroy entire galaxies at will. But I need a new body and the power of the Nameless City will provide. But you, my dear, you will be my apprentice. Someone as strong in the Ashran ways like you is rare, very rare. So I will kill 2 birds with one stone.

    Arcee: good luck with that. Rodimus will come and kick your tail pipe before you know it
    Sall: ha! You put too much faith in your dear husband. I know that I can't convince you to join me, so I will take your body! You will serve as a conduit for one of my lost allies, Zannah.

    Sall chanted magic spells and a dark cloud came which took possession of Arcee's body.

    Sall: rise, my apprentice.
    Zannah: master, is that you?
    Sall: yes.
    Zannah: but, this isn't my body.
    Sall: I called upon you from the grave to serve your master once more. Much has changed, my young apprentice, but our plans remain the same. In moments, I would've remade my body and I will restart the Dagorite Order in this city. Will ye serve, your old master?
    Zannah: I will, master.
    Sall: good. In this city, lies powerful beings with immense strength and power. In my current spirit form, I am too weak but your host body strong. Go and fetch them. With them, we will resurrect your fallen masters and classmates and we will take what is rightfully ours!
    Zannah: yes, my master. I shall fulfil your wish.

    Somewhere in the city

    Evac: gah! These slime keep coming on my coat. They are expensive! Bah! I miss the times when I was a captain and rode out in style
    Leo breaker: eh! It's horrible. And I thought the Caves of Old were bad.
    Megalo: who would want to live in this kind of city?
    Override: shhh, you hear that?

    *lightsaber ignition noises*

    The autobots screamed as the others were alerted

    Alhazred: the Dagorite sends his hounds to hunt us down one by one. This was his plan all along. Hurry, we must move
    Rodimus: yeah *exhales* let's move

    Galvatron: *spits* disgusting. The water here is more slime than normal liquid. It even tastes weird.
    Vector Prime: we are nearing our comrades. These tracks belong to the CDF. They were here.
    Drift: at last, some hope.
    Dai Atlas: ready yourselves! A dark presence is here and it's here to hunt us.

    The shadows moved as the a charged and it was pitch black

    Strange noises were heard. Rodimus prepared to fight. Then running and laughing noises were heard

    Rodimus: who goes there? Show yourself!
    Zannah: why so scared? Can't a hunter hunt her prey in peace?

    Zannah jumped and prepared to fight with a double bladed red laser sword.

    Rodimus: Arcee?
    Zannah: oh, so that's her name? Arcee. Better keep her name in memory
    Rodimus: who are you, and what are you doing inside her body?
    Zannah: my name is Zannah, student of Dark Lord Arjunta Sall. And I'm here to hunt you for my Master.

    Both stared and prepared to do battle.

    And that's how episode 55 ends
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    Episode 56: the Nameless City part 3

    Zannah walked in a circle, then froze Alhazred and blocked them inside a metallic box.

    Rodimus: I'll ask this once. Get out of my wife's body.
    Zannah: hahahahaha. You can't harm me as long as I command her body.
    Rodimus: I will do what I must.

    Rodimus made a star saber energy sword from his flesh and Zannah attacked. Rodimus blocked 4 of her attacks and a lightning strike. Then Rodimus ducked and rolled a few feet away and force pushed her.

    Zannah: such power in the light. Not even the Grand Masters of the Ashra-traii could've conjured such power. And they were powerful enough to destroy stars at will. You have massive power that grows in you, but you lack the knowledge or the training to do so. And you also potential in Dagor. Your dreams say so
    Rodimus: my...dreams?
    Zannah: yes. I see what you can do through the memories of Arcee. Ashra, Dagor, you have both their powers but you will not win.
    Rodimus: win or not, even if it costs my body to shatter, I will stop your master.
    Zannah: try as you might. The dark side grants immense power to those who wield it and I will defeat you!

    Zannah struck her double bladed red swords at Rodimus. In response, Rodimus bent and defended himself. Zannah struck over a dozen times but Rodimus kicked her and she fell. Rodimus tried to attack but Zannah force pushed him to a wall and electrocuted Rodimus

    Zannah: you grow weary. And I thought you'd be more of a challenge. Only the greatest of the Dagorites like my Master could've survived the music of Erick Zann and somehow you did. Pity. Power wasted on a wasted shell.

    Zannah struck Rodimus with dark lightning. Rodimus screamed out in pain as a red light glowed from the blackness of his eyes.

    Rodimus: ashra, dagor. Let's hope I can do something.

    Rodimus unleashed a force wave which destroyed the cage.

    Zannah: no!

    Zannah then summoned more, much powerful lightning and attacked Rodimus. Rodimus unleashed blue lightning of his own at Zannah.

    Zannah: but how!? This is... Impossible! No one could've survived this type of attack!
    Rodimus: then you weren't paying attention in school.

    Rodimus unleashed another force wave and both were down. But Zannah got up. As she readied to struck down Rodimus, Alhazred and the CDF attacked.

    Wheelie: don't worry, Rodimus. We're coming!

    Zannah ran back to the pyramid.

    Bee: Rodimus, you alright? Knockout
    Knockout: on it. Ow! Say, when did your hands go sparkly?
    Rodimus: it doesn't matter. Sall is in the pyramid and we have to go. Now!


    Dai Atlas: you can try, Arjunta Sall but you will never win.
    Arjunta Sall: what makes you so sure, grand master?
    Dai Atlas: Rodimus. His power is untapped but when he uses it, the universe shall tremble before him. Not even you can stop him.
    Arjunta Sall: hahahahaha! You put too much faith into him. No matter. He will soon become the body of one of my fallen generals. But first, I have someone to meet

    Arjunta Sall walked into a room with a single slab of black stone. The phantom spirits bowed down as the stone morphed into the shape of an eye.

    Sall:,my lord and my god, Galaxsor the Great Darkness. I kneel to thee
    Galaxsor: Arjunta Sall. My great servant.
    Sall: my lord, I am but your humble servant.
    Galaxsor: is it true? You have found power, needed to break the barrier curse?
    Sall: yes my lord. It's here in the Nameless City. The power is in my staff. Soon, all of the Grand Multiverse shall bow before you.
    Galaxsor: my greatest servant, Saurok is coming.
    Sall: Saurok, the 1st general of chaos is coming?
    Galaxsor: I have conquered 100 quadrillion universes and 10,000 multiverses but I underestimated Ashra. But now, I am stronger than before. I will reclaim what is mine and destroy all who stand in my way.

    Rodimus, Alhazred and the CDF walked but were confronted by Zannah and phantom spirits. The screams of the autobots were heard

    Bee: what do we do?
    Rodimus: we fight.

    Zannah: attack!

    The CDF transformed into their robot modes and massacred the phantom spirits. Zannah charged at Rodimus. Zannah used her lightning, force push, energy based attacks and swift saber strikes against Rodimus but Rodimus cut her blade. But Rodimus couldn't bare to kill Zannah for she inhabited his wife's body.

    Seeing this, Zannah attacked by punching Rodimus. Bumblebee was shocked but Rodimus walked and Zannah kept punching him over and over.

    Wheelie: what do we do?
    Bee: her attacks are deadly but easily readable. Rodimus will know it. But perhaps, he knows it and is allowing himself to be hit.

    Zannah kept punching Rodimus. Rodimus was bleeding and Arcee's hands too bled as Zannah wondered why. Then, Rodimus hugged Arcee. Zannah couldn't move. Then, Rodimus took out his energy blade and struck in the air. The autobots saw a monster looking like a human, but larger and most of its body a mouth.

    Zannah: no! Nooooo!!!!!!

    Zannah's spirit got sucked back into the blackness of death and Arcee was back.

    Rodimus: take her. Leave this place
    Bee: Rodimus, please.
    Rodimus: no. Only I can beat Sall and I will not endanger you in the process. Go now!

    The autobots left. Rodimus walked into the pyramid.


    Rodimus freed the rest of the autobots and told all but Vector Prime and Galvatron, the strongest among them to leave. They were reluctant but accepted. Sall was collecting massive amounts of energy in his staff but heard their noises. The autobots were in their robot modes. Sall reformatted himself and the autobots appeared

    Sall: you. So, you survived. But, after I'm finished with you, you will wish you died!

    Sall unleashed lightning at the autobots but Rodimus fired his own lightning. Vector Prime then moved forward and distracted Sall as Galvatron came and punched Sall. Arjunta Sall got up, took his staff and fought.

    Vector Prime and Sall dueled and Galvatron punched him. Rodimus came and sliced a part of his stomach. Sall tried to use his lightning but was deflected back and he blocked an incoming attack from Galvatron. Rodimus slammed Sall down, he lost his staff but came back and punched Rodimus.

    Galvatron grabbed him by his back and slammed him. Vector Prime came and sliced his armor but to no avail. Sall pushed Vector Prime away and Galvatron unleashed a dark energy blast which Sall took with no scars. Sall came running but was electrocuted by Rodimus and punched by Galvatron. But Sall made an energy blast which scattered them.

    Sall: you couldn't even comprehend the horrors that await. Not even death will save you from this! For Galaxsor, that is not dead which can eternal lie

    Sall tried to attack Rodimus but was stopped by Megalo and Leo Breaker came and bit him. Override and Evac double attacked him as the CDF fired everything they had.

    Rodimus: you-
    Bee: I know I know. We disobeyed your orders.
    Rodimus: just came in the nick of time
    Bee: ....I'm sorry what?

    Then a portal opened as Sall got up. Sall screamed in anger but he was impaled by Galvatron's Unicron blade and hurled back as Vector Prime decapitated him.

    Sall's head came to the foot of Saurok, who crushed it. The autobots prepared to attack but Saurok gravity pushed them down and electrocuted them.

    Malgor: I told you, Arjunta Sall would fail, my Liege.
    Saurok: yes. Yes you did
    Malgor: but my lord, if he fails what now?
    Saurok: despite his death, he fulfilled his promise. Our task here is complete

    Saurok grabbed Sall's scepter and closed the portal.

    Saurok: prepare the armada. We will use the old ways

    The autobots walked out of the Nameless City. Rodimus looked back as he walked.


    Rodimus: hey.
    Bee: hey. How's Arcee?
    Rodimus: she's fine. Ugh, contact lenses. Troublesome
    Bee: it doesn't bother you anymore?
    Rodimus: after everything? Nothing does.

    And that's how episode 56 ends
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    Episode 57: return to the Dreamlands

    The autobots recovered from their experience in the Nameless City. Soon, they went back to Autobot City, with Arcee healed. But, Rodimus was uneasy. He had been getting dreams and he knew something must be done

    Bee: is he still in there?
    Ratchet: yes. He hasn't ate or slept in 3 days. He's obsessed with something. Something to do with...
    Bee: his dreams. He's been having dreams and he's spending much time reading that book.
    Bee: Arcee's getting worried about him.

    Rodimus: it should be here somewhere. Come on come on. Wait, I know this passage. So, it was here all along. I know it now. Ratchet!

    Ratchet: aaaaaahhhhhh!!!! Don't scare me like that!
    Bee: woah! You spooked us.
    Rodimus: I need you to open a bridge to this location now.
    Ratchet: Rodimus, you haven't eaten anything in 3 days. You have to calm down first
    Rodimus: grah! Damn it.


    Megalo: I thank you for the reconstruction of the damage but, is being a human really necessary?
    Percy: yes unfortunately.

    Galvatron: and then, I looked at her and she said "good night Megatron" and I never saw her again
    Wheelie: wow!
    Jetfire: awesome!
    Miko: tell me more

    Jack: arcee, feeling better?
    Arcee: I'm as tough as nails Jack.
    Jack: hehe. So, how's Aegon coming along?
    Arcee: he's fine.

    Rodimus barged into the hall. Some were happy to see him again but others weren't so as they saw that he was tired and was angry. He went to the control center and logged in coordinates

    Bee: Rodimus, you have to listen. You're tired. You have to rest and stop whatever you're doing
    Rodimus: no. If I rest now, the connection will be lost. I have to go now.

    The space bridge opened. Arcee got up, startled by Rodimus' actions.

    Rodimus: I can't take too many of you with me. Bumblebee, Jetfire, you may follow. Rest of you, stay here and do not follow.

    Rodimus ran to the portal and Bee and Jetfire followed.

    Rodimus: base, can you read?
    Percy: uh yes we can.
    Rodimus: good. Percy, document everything you see. This may be helpful in the future.
    Percy: uhhhhhhhh okay

    Bee: where are we going?
    Rodimus: you'll learn soon enough

    Rodimus inhaled and exhaled his medicine. He tested the ground then took a stick and lit it on fire. The autobots walked down a cave. Deeper and deeper they went.

    Bee: ugh, damn it. Earth may be pretty but it's also disgusting at the same time
    Jetfire: where we going sir?
    Rodimus: we're almost there. About........right here!

    Rodimus stopped then punched a hole in the wall. Bright light came out. The autobots walked out and they were in a green place. Beautiful forest and diamond shining lakes were there.

    Bee: woah. Where are we? Wait, I know that place. Don't tell me, we're in the Dreamlands?
    Rodimus: yes. We're in Sarkomand. If we ride in that direction, we will arrive to where we can meet him.
    Jetfire: sorry for asking sir, but who exactly are we meeting?
    Rodimus: we're meeting Randolph Carter.

    Jack: Randolph Carter?
    Wheelie: wait, you know this guy?
    Raf: of course. Stories tell of a man who practiced sorcery and dark arts. Minicons and humans alike.
    Jack: yeah. But that was close to 150 years ago. How did you know him?

    Rodimus: he's in Kadath. And he's calling me from my dreams.

    *monstrous screaming*

    Jetfire: what was that?
    Rodimus: Night Gaunts. Hurry, jetfire, transform. We have to fly away now
    Jetfire: yes sir, right away sir

    Jetfire turned into robot form and transformed. Bumblebee and Rodimus were flying to Kadath but the Night Gaunts were after them. Tall, bat like creature with a mouth but no eyes, nose or ears and vaguely human like bodies. They chased Jetfire.

    Jetfire: those things are Night Gaunts!?
    Rodimus: no time to explain. Bee, man the turrets.

    The autobots blasted the Night Gaunts. Those in Autobot City were nervous. Jetfire flew and flew, reaching speeds the Night Gaunts couldn't reach. The autobots fired but the Night Gaunts too many.

    Rodimus: I have a plan. Just keep flying

    Rodimus strapped himself then came out. He made star saber energy blades then unleashed a blast. A massive explosion happened and there was smoke. Jetfire vanished. The Night Gaunts searched for them but they were hiding.

    Rodimus: that'll do. Now come on let's go.

    Deep inside the Earth's crust

    Melisandre walked inside a deep and dark tunnel.

    Melisandre: o Great Race of Zamathar, show yourself for I, the red priestess Melisandre seek your knowledge

    They, an alien creature with a cone body, with 2 arms that ended in crab claws, one arm with flower like structure and another with a circular shape, 3 eyes and small tentacles on the arms. His name was Vesaman and he greeted the red priestess

    Vesaman: my name is Vesaman. Welcome to New Zamathar, red priestess. What do you seek that you come to our great library?
    Melisandre: I seek answers.
    Vesaman: about who Eldrakar Shadowsbane is?
    Melisandre: yes. I thought it was Tar Vartok but it wasn't. Now, I grow desperate as the 9 Generals of Chaos are here.
    Vesaman: follow me.

    There were many of the Great Race who worked and laboured and read. They continued forth

    Vesaman: tell me, what do you know?
    Melisandre: I ask Ashra to tell me who the reborn Eldrakar Shadowsbane is. But all he shows me is a man with armor and swords of blue energy.
    Vesaman: I see.


    The autobots were in the Dream City of Kadath. They walked and walked. Then, they saw a large building with many tree branches. Rodimus and the autobots walked in. There, they saw a man with spectacles in fine clothes with a cane. He was sitting, reading a book then stopped.

    Rodimus: at last. We meet, Randolph Carter.
    Carter: yes. I've been waiting for you, Rodimus Prime.
    Rodimus: why did you call me here?
    Carter: to teach you.
    Rodimus: what?

    A bubble came and it was all dark. The autobots saw images of dark, eldritch horrors and other unspeakable monsters.

    Carter: what you see, is the Realm of Chaos. The threat you're facing is something that can't be beaten. I called you here to warn you of the imminent danger that lies ahead if you don't close that black hole. If you don't, you'll unleash Galaxsor and his Realm of Chaos.

    Rodimus: what exactly is this chaos?
    Carter: long before Primus, long before the Elder Things, long before the birth of our universe, was the First Universe. The first out of an infinite number of universes forming the Grand Omniverse. There was Ashra and his rival, Dagor. They were the first gods and they fought for dominion of the still to be born Omniverse. For eons, they battled until Ashra slew his enemy. But Dagor would not stay dead for long. For he rose as the creature Galaxsor and he fought Ashra. Their fight was so fierce that Ashra left the First Universe and Galaxsor went on to conquer more and more multiverses creating the Realm of Chaos. If you don't stop the black hole, the 9 will unleash Chaos on us

    Rodimus: I understand the stakes. But I feel that there was more to you calling me here then just that.
    Carter: oh absolutely. This

    Randolph Carter touched Rodimus' chest and a wave of light was sent into him.

    Rodimus: what, was that?
    Carter: chaos comes closer everyday. And you haven't learnt much of your untapped power. That, will help you to tap into it.

    *strange noises*

    Carter: go. The building on the other side will you to your city. Go now before he comes.
    Bee: who comes?
    Rodimus: go, go, go!

    The Autobots ran out the building. The skies turned black and thunder roared. They were in a building filled with doors. Then, suddenly, they saw the figure of a pale skinned man with red eyes on the mirror

    Rodimus: Saurok.
    Saurok: yes. You shouldn't have come back here.

    Saurok unleashed blue flames at them and the autobots ran. They kept running and running

    Bee: we can't outrun them much longer.
    Jetfire: what do we do?
    Rodimus: I hope this works.

    Rodimus stopped the flames from coming and he started to push them back. But the flames too powerful.

    Rodimus: there. The 3rd one on the left from our position. That's the one. When I let go, run as fast as you can.

    Rodimus released a massive force bursts and the autobots ran as the flames were pushed back. The autobots jumped and back into Autobot City.

    Percy: Rodimus, we need help. Autobot City is under attack. I repeat. Autobot City is under attack.

    And that's how episode 57 ends
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    Episode 58: theft of the cyber keys

    Rodimus and bumblebee got on Jetfire and flew as fast they could to Autobot City.

    Rodimus: let's just hope we can get there in time.
    Bee: there. Oh scrap. It's the 9. I've heard they destroyed an entire planet a few days ago.
    Rodimus: jetfire, drop us right here. We'll surprise them there.
    Jetfire: yes sir.

    Autobot City

    Auto troopers were fighting against Marauders in the city. Then suddenly, Drauglamir fired his chaos bullets and Morgulak decapitated all of the autobots.

    Morgulak: at least make it a challenge for us. I had to leave my game cause of you assholes
    Nazarok: the keys are somewhere. Near. Very near.
    Naarnak: their defenses are useless against our power though if we had at least 20% one of us could easily destroy them
    Angarabad: do not doubt the plans of our great leader.
    Grimstone: perhaps we'd aught to stop talking and start fighting. You're mine, Galvatron!

    Galvatron came and slammed Grimstone. Grimstone threw Galvatron aside and fired flames.

    Galvatron: don't tell me you've gotten soft?
    Grimstone: hardly. Let's do this again.

    More autobots came but Shusatu fired 3 arrows which exploded and killed 1/4th of the autobots.

    Kup: stand your ground men. Stand! Do not give up! We are autobots. And if we die, we might as well die in glory!
    Auto troopers: yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
    Kup: attack!
    Auto troopers: uuuuurrrraaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

    Drauglamir and Shusatu shot down many of the auto troopers. Khamul made hurricane winds that made the auto jets crash and Naarnak burned many.

    Angarabad: here I come, Autobots!

    Angarabad smashed and killed dozens. Nazarok came and fused some with the ground.

    Saurok: impressive work, my fellow generals
    Angarabad: yes! We did it!
    Shusatu: well, it's a long time I've heard your praise, great leader
    Saurok: don't flirt with me. Malgor, Night Bird, take care of Ashara and make a perimeter from that area.
    Malgor: yes m'lord
    Saurok: wait, he's here

    Vector Prime: he's here! Rodimus is here!

    Rodimus jumped out of Jetfire and into robot mode. We fired at the 9, creating smoke and he landed.

    Saurok: Rodimus Prime. How good to see you again.
    Rodimus: funny. I don't feel good seeing you again.
    Saurok: oh ho ho! Ouch! That kinda hurts.
    Angarabad: who do you think you are!?
    Morgulak: yeah. No one talks about our leader like that, dip shit.
    Shusatu: I have him on my sight.

    Saurok: no.
    Angarabad: what?
    Saurok: you're too weak to take on him on yourselves.
    Morgulak: oh please. I'm taking my piece of him!
    Saurok: teenagers.

    Morgulak charged and Rodimus jumped. Morgulak took out his sword and struck a blow but Rodimus flew away and fired his cannon.

    Morgulak: Saurok may hold you in high regard. Grimstone and Khamul may have been defeated by you but I am the fastest of the 9 and though my powers weak, let's see just how tough you are.

    Morgulak threw smoke bombs as he he fired multiple shots of chaos bolts. Then, Morgulak charged but Rodimus ducked then punched him. Morgulak coughed out blood as Rodimus fired his guns and threw him aside.

    Angarabad: why you! Graaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!

    Angarabad charged like a raging bull and Rodimus punched but Angarabad blocked.

    Angarabad: is that all? *strange sound*

    Then Rodimus kicked him in his stomach and gave him an uppercut. Then Rodimus continued to punch him in the face. Then, one big punch and he fired his Galaxy guns at him.

    Naarnak: interesting. He is a lot tougher than I thought.
    Saurok: go. Get the keys. Only I am powerful enough to fight him.
    Shusatu: shall we?
    Drauglamir: let's

    Saurok: your powers have increased, Rodimus. At least 50x I must say. But, let's see if you can stand up to this!

    Saurok unleashed his lightning and Rodimus did the same.

    Saurok: how?
    Rodimus: power boost.
    Saurok: matters not. Attack!

    Marauders and battalions of vehicons, including Astrotrain attacked

    Vector Prime: charge! Defend the city!

    As the two sides fought, Rodimus blocked Saurok's attacks and fired but Saurok punched him in the face.

    Saurok: I heard of Arcee and your child. Perhaps when I finish, I'll pay them a visit myself!
    Rodimus: *angry screams*

    Rodimus punched Saurok's face half a dozen times and even blocked Saurok's eye beams by putting his hand on his head. Then, Rodimus kicked Saurok and fired a star saber energy blast. The blast missed Saurok but it hit Astrotrain. Metroplex came out and fired on the enemy and did serious damage to Astrotrain. Rodimus gave Saurok an uppercut and the CDF delivered the final shot which destroyed Astrotrain.

    Saurok: damn it. We lost our heavy guns. No matter. Khamul! Take my place.

    Khamul rammed Rodimus as Saurok got to Astrotrain who was sinking beneath the river. Saurok pulled out Sall's scepter and struck in into Astrotrain's spark which enlarged him and mutated him into a larger, more powerful being with the same height as Metroplex.

    Saurok: behold, autobots. Your demise. Tidal Wave! Show them the power of chaos, Tidal Wave
    Tidal wave: tidal wave, destroys!

    The autobots were under a rain of chaos bolts. Metroplex wrestled against the new Tidal Wave but was heavily injured as Tidal Wave's chaos shots were too numerous. Then Saurok punched Rodimus and threw him down.

    Saurok: is that all?
    Rodimus: nah I'm just getting started.

    Inside the halls

    Shusatu and Drauglamir were running out as the got the cyber keys. Saurok came in

    Saurok: so, you finally got it. Good work.
    - no. I will not allow you to go.

    Saurok saw a man. He was Raf and he was ready to fight.

    Saurok: hahaha. Bravery is always admirable but this is just sad. Let's make this fairer for you.

    Saurok tuned into a human and walked up to Raf.

    Saurok: what will you do, huh?
    Raf, in mind: don't be intimidated Raf. Just try to imagine him in his underwear.

    Raf imagined Saurok in underwear but it was too much for his mind

    Raf, in mind: oh no he's hot!

    Then Rodimus came and Saurok turned into robot form again. Saurok punched Rodimus then kicked him in the stomach.

    Saurok: you are powerful indeed, but it will take you more than that to be my equal. We are leaving, let's move.

    Drauglamir fired at the ceilings. Rodimus grabbed Raf and ran to safety.

    Shusatu: you're not coming with us?
    Saurok: no. I have a date to go to.
    Shusatu: I'm jealous of her you know.
    Saurok: I know. That's why you're not coming.

    Tidal Wave left and Saurok ran inside a portal.

    New York

    In a restaurant in the city, Ashara sat in a lowly seat.

    Ashara: will he come? *sighs* I hope he does

    Then a Cruel Angels Thesis played on the piano and Ashara looked up and saw Saurok playing. After he finished playing, he got down and sat with Ashara

    Ashara: I though you wouldn't come.
    Saurok: after 20 million years? Nothing will stop me from seeing you. Coffee please.
    Ashara: you never told me you were good with music.
    Saurok: well, I can explain

    Autobot City

    Ratchet: your injuries are not too severe. Luckily, you'll be healed in no time
    Rodimus: good to hear
    Percy: I've managed to track down the energy source of the cyber keys. That's strange
    Rodimus: what is?
    Percy: it's not in Cybertron. Or any cyberformed planet in general. It's in another planet.
    Rodimus: where?
    Percy: in a planet that we know very little about. It's in the planet Dagorath in the Xoth System.
    Rodimus: prepare an assault team in the process. We are getting it back.

    And that's how episode 58 ends
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    Episode 59: dark rituals

    The Supremacy

    Starscream: he did what!?
    Shockwave: you heard correctly. Saurok and the 9 raided Autobot City without our consultation.
    Lugnut: he can't do that.
    Angry: time we slag him
    Starscream: I have tolerated him enough. Time I face him. Get the Requiem Blaster. Saurok has to answer for going against orders

    As the Decepticons walked down the hall, Morgulak and Drauglamir were carrying away powerful relics and this angered Starscream

    Starscream: you there! Stop what you're doing.
    Morgulak: oh please
    Starscream: I demand Saurok. Where is he!?
    Morgulak: right here, ass hat
    Saurok: what's the meaning of this Starscream?

    Starscream pointed the Requiem Blaster at Saurok but Saurok force pushed him and the other Decepticons to the wall.

    Saurok: you really think you could fight me? What chance did you think you could've had against me?
    Starscream: you see Saurok, I've learned from you.
    Saurok: what?
    Starscream: Predaking! Now!!!!

    Predaking charged out of the corner and rammed Saurok. Predaking roared then punched Saurok 4 times then gave him an uppercut then choked him to the wall. Angarabad tried to help but Nazarok stopped

    Nazarok: let him have his fun

    Then, Saurok grabbed Predaking's hands then lifted them away. Predaking was shocked to see such brute strength then Saurok used his hands like a knife and struck Predaking in the neck. Then Predaking attacked once more but Saurok blocked his punch then punched him Predaking in the stomach and he moved back and punched Predaking in the back. Saurok punched Predaking and kicked him to a pile of rubble and then grabbed Predaking's head then struck him with his knee. Saurok kicked Predaking in the stomach then lifted him up and tossed him aside

    Saurok: so much for your tricks. Get the relics and the blaster to the Chimera at once
    Angarabad: yes o great leader. Let's move.

    Starscream: no. I won't allow it!
    Saurok: oh such a bold ultimatum coming from you.
    Starscream: I challenge you, Saurok. You're alchemy and chaos magic vs my cyber key powers!

    Starscream activated his godlike cyber key powers and took out his sword and charged. But Saurok disappeared and his laugh lingered in the air. Then Saurok reappeared and bitch slapped Starscream. In anger, Starscream struck him but Saurok turned into ravens and flee away. Saurok reformatted himself and struck Starscream with a bolt of chaos fire

    Starscream: is that the best your tricks can conjure up?

    Then ravens attacked Starscream. Starscream killed one but they attacked and reformed Saurok and he grabbed Starscream. Starscream made a massive energy burst and threw Saurok away. Then Starscream made his cyber key move

    Starscream: cyber key power, chaos lightning bolt!!!!

    Starscream fired 4 shots but Saurok turned them against Starscream. Starscream flew up and destroyed 3 but was struck by the 4th. Then, Starscream flew up and decapitated Saurok.

    Saurok: Ahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha haaahahahahaha!!!

    Saurok's decapitated head exploded and then Saurok remade his head then punched Starscream to the wall. Starscream got up and flew but Saurok kicked him and electrocuted him and gave him a punch.

    Saurok: you need relics and artifacts for attaining power but you underestimate me. I am no mere man. I am a god!

    Then Saurok unleashed a massive energy burst and the Decepticons were down

    Saurok: I will give you one last chance. Join my side and I will spare you.
    Starscream: *spits*
    Saurok: you... Dare!?!?!?

    Saurok lifted Starscream and tossed him around.

    Saurok: I *thud* gave you *thud* a choice *thud* joining me *thud* willingly *thud thud* WILLINGLY!!! *thud thud* but you *thud* chose *thud* the way of.... PAINNNNNN!!!!!!!

    Saurok lifted Starscream and up into space, time the outer surface of the Supremacy.

    Windblade: traitor!
    Saurok: I never was on your side. For that is not dead which can eternal lie. And you, my dear, will suffer the worst of all

    The 9 and their followed boarded the Chimera and the Night Wolves left the area.

    Saurok: to Dagorath.

    In the Supremacy

    Cyclonus and Scourge were carrying Starscream out of the rubble. He had suffered serious damage and Starscream was enraged.

    Starscream: grah. Why, Saurok you traitor! You'll pay for this! I swear upon the gods that you will pay for crossing me! I swear Saurok, I swear it!!!!!!!!


    Shusatu: Saurok, the process of the ritual has been sent. But ummm
    Saurok: what?
    Nazarok: take a look for yourself

    Saurok: no. This was never part of the ritual.
    Nazarok: this universe is different from the previous ones. I'm afraid we can't fight against what our masters say.
    Saurok: no. Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!


    The Night Wolves arrived on the volcanic planet of Dagorath. The native Xothians, who took the form of Chaos Legionnaires greeted their dark lord

    Xothian: welcome, great Saurok. Lord of the 9 and king of the dead. General to the Dark One's army.
    Saurok: I thank thee Xothian for your warm hospitality. Tell me, what of the 7 towers of dread?
    Xothian: we have finished 6 but the 7th is taking a while. We will need time, maybe years
    Saurok: we don't have time for years. I will finish it in mere seconds

    The Chimera flew up and landed on the construction site of the 7th incomplete tower. There, it fused with the tower and the 7 Towers of Dread were finished.

    Saurok: prepare the ritual.
    Nazarok: as you wish great leader

    Ships sailed around the 7th tower over a boiling sea. The relics and artifacts were thrown to the sea, including the Requiem Blaster and the 6 Cyber Keys. There, the Marauders brought out people of different faiths and slaughtered them. They took out their swords and sliced them. They hacked them and spilled their blood on the sea. Soon, the sea bled with blood and Liquid Chaos and it fueled the 7th tower. Ashara was brought up to a ship along with Saurok

    Ashara: Saurok, what's this?
    Saurok: Ashara....
    Ashara: please tell me. You're scaring me.
    Saurok: I... Am sorry but this is what is needed.

    Then, Saurok stabbed Ashara with a chaos dagger. Saurok wept and slowly, Ashara was dying. Ashara took out her hand and wiped Saurok's tears and put her hand on his face as she died. Saurok screamed in the air.

    The ritual was near completion. Saurok walked and he sat on a dark throne. He spoke with anger and sadness in his voice

    Saurok: continue. Let the Long Night begin.

    Flames were lit and the Xothians gathered around a fire.

    Night Bird then came up and danced around the fire singing to the darkness of Chaos

    The other 6 towers made a blue light and it came to the 7th. Soon a light came from the tower and it was shot at the Black Hole.

    Saurok: chaos....shall reign. Let the Long Night begin.

    And that's how episode 59 ends
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    Episode 60: test of faith

    Rodimus was outside Autobot City. Arcee and bumblebee were searching for him and they found him, training amongst the rocks. Rodimus took out his swords and pretended to fight enemies. He slashed and slashed, then breathed and then another slash. He turned his swords off then made lightning from his hands. But then, Rodimus received a vision, calling him to a moon with white clouds and he knew he must know there.

    Rodimus: Ashra. He calls me
    Bee: uh, Rodimus...are you okay?
    Rodimus: I'm fine.
    Arcee: we were worried about you.
    Rodimus: I'm fine. Tell Ratchet to prepare a bridge.
    Bee: uhhhh, to where?
    Rodimus: I'll explain later.

    The white moon

    Arcee: Rodimus, let me come with you.
    Rodimus: no Arcee. I must do this alone.

    As Rodimus walked to the misty white fog of the moon, Arcee said one last thing

    Arcee: promise me.

    Rodimus looked back.

    Arcee: promise me that you will come back to me.
    Rodimus: I promise.

    Rodimus walked into a tunnel beneath a mountain. There, he entered and continued to walk.


    Marauders brought the corpse of Ashara to Saurok. Saurok was sad but he didn't shed a tear. He took out the Necronak-Dagorak and chanted spells.

    Saurok: I summon you, Goddess Nathema to hear my call. The terrible queen of wrath, the eternal beauty of darkness, Nathema! I call upon you! Hear me!

    Then, a portal opened and out came a tall and beautiful woman. She was the goddess Nathema, clothes in purple silk and wearing a crown of stars, she walked to Saurok and spoke to him as she walked over him, hugged him and took out her tongue and licked his face

    Nathema: why have you summoned me here, dearest Saurok? Has the general of the 9 decided to accept my proposals?
    Saurok: no. I want you, to restore her.
    Nathema: so this is the Ashara Dayne that he heard so much about. She is pretty not gonna lie. But can't you do that yourself, Saurok dear? After all, you are a necromancer.
    Saurok: she was killed. By a Chaos Dagger
    Nathema: oh. In order to do so, you must bring me something.
    Saurok: what? Anything
    Nathema: deep beneath the pits of Dagorath lies a flower. You know what flower I'm talking about and you must bring it to me. Only then, will your love be restored.
    Saurok: I will. Malgor, Night Bird, protect her at all cost. If anybody even dares to harm a hair on her, I will split your soul in 4 dimensions

    Saurok transformed and flew up into the air. He flew down a deep dark tunnel and transformed. There, he opened a door but his spirit was pulled from his body and he continued. He walked and lightning struck in the background with black winds of fury roaring. Saurok continued walking and he saw a palace. But then it transformed into the Alchemist Guild from his youth. He continued on

    The white moon.

    Rodimus continued to walk down and he saw tombs on every corner. One in particular called to him

    - why have you come to my grave, Ashra-traii?
    Rodimus: I seek answers
    - do you know who I am?
    Rodimus: I know you from my dreams and the history texts. You are Tulak Hord, master of hate and the gathering darkness. Second only to Arjunta Sall
    Tulak: your power is enormous. More so than even Arjunta Sall or the Grand Masters.
    hmmmmmmmhehehehe hahahahaha have you come here to be my apprentice? You must kill me to earn my place.
    Rodimus: I don't need to. You are already dead.
    Tulak: then what lies before you!?
    Rodimus: an illusion. And you stand in my way.

    Tulak screamed in fear and he cursed Rodimus. Rodimus walked and all the tombs there were but illusions. He continued forth.


    Saurok walked inside and saw thousands upon thousands of autobots, cyber ninjas and alchemists. They charged but were no match for Saurok's superior fighting skills and power. He used his alchemy and chaos magic and with Blackfyre and North Dread, was unstoppable.

    Saurok: all too easy. What?

    Saurok was confronted by Rodimus Prime and Saurok slew him. Then, Saurok continued on and he was transformed into a human. He saw Ashara just a few feet from him and he spoke

    Saurok: Ashara, please. Come with me. I can save you, I can save us both.
    Ashara: are you an angel? I heard they were the most beautiful creatures in the universe
    Saurok: please, Ashara. Come with me.
    Ashara: why? I don't know you. My love is Dak and he is dead. And I shall join him.
    Saurok: noooooooooooo!!!!!!!

    Ashara fell and was hit by red lightning. Her body turned to dust. Then, the palace broke and Saurok fell to the ground.

    The white moon

    Rodimus continued walking but he was ambushed by a dark clone of himself.

    Dark clone: Roddy not plays with me anymore. Roddy thinks me not worthy.

    The dark clone threw Rodimus up and then ferociously attacked him. Rodimus force pushed him away

    Rodimus: the owner recognizes what you've got.
    Dark clone: does Roddy not see what me am?
    Rodimus: I choose not to give you power
    Dark clone: feed off your hate I do. Grow in the destruction caused by war, I do. I am the real you. Now face yourself for I walk before you.

    Rodimus charged and rammed his duplicate. Both struck each other to the wall and the duplicate scratched the original. Rodimus punched the clone and the clone kicked Rodimus up then charged. Rodimus ducked then punched the clone

    Rodimus: you are not past of me.
    Dark clone: part of you, I am. Part of everything I am

    The dark clone then pushed Rodimus and hammered him to a rock.

    Dark clone: what makes you angry, what gives you pain, fuels me.

    The dark clone attacked Rodimus then punched and kicked him. He beated Rodimus then slapped him away.

    Rodimus: you, are part of me
    Dark clone: Huh?

    The dark clone charged but Rodimus lifted him up. Then, he pulled the dark clone closer to him and the duplicate struggled.

    Rodimus: you are part of me. My dark side. But through patience and training, I hold dominion over you. I recognize you. And I reject you.

    The dark clone ceased to exist. Then Rodimus saw a sword glowing with white flames and he pulled it out. He walked out of the cave and met Arcee again

    Arcee: Rodimus. Oh, your hurt
    Rodimus: it's okay Arcee
    Arcee: what is that?
    Rodimus: I assume, a gift from Ashra.
    Arcee: the symbols are the language of the Old Ashra-traii
    Rodimus: Last Dawn. That's what inscribed
    Arcee: how did you-
    Rodimus: I just did.

    Both laughed and head back to the city


    Saurok crept out but was chained. He struggled, he used his power but it did not work. Then a corpse and rusting Ashara walked to him.

    Ashara: you killed me.
    Saurok: no. I did what I had to do. But I can bring you back.
    Ashara: you killed me. You killed those you loved and those who loved you. You are not the man we once knew
    Saurok: no!

    Then voices were heard. Familiar to Saurok's ears

    "you betrayed us. Murderer! We trusted you! We believed in you but you betrayed us. You betrayed us and you killed us!"

    Saurok: no. No. Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

    Saurok unleashed a massive storm of lightning and the visions were gone. He saw the flower and he grabbed it and flew away.

    Nathema: yes, this is the flower I seek. Now, I shall grant your wish

    Then, Ashara came back online. She breathed and Nathema was walking back to Chaos. Saurok shed a few tears and walked to her but Ashara got up and she ran to Saurok and she hugged him

    Saurok: I'm sorry Ashara but I had no choice. I couldn't live without you
    Ashara: there's nothing to forgive love. Nothing
    Nathema: I wiped her memory clean of the incident. She is yours as you are her's

    New Zamathar

    Vesaman: here in our great library, you will find your answer, Melisandre of the Starry Wisdom
    Melisandre: yes

    Melisandre looked at the book. Scrolling through millennia worth of knowledge

    Melisandre: Herakuun the Great, Ashtrabrad, Tar Minyatur, Azlar Anglaren, and.... It is him. All this time it always was him. Eldrakar Shadowsbane reborn is, Rodimus Prime

    Autobot City

    Warlord: we invite wild men to our tents, eating out food and taking our spaces
    Rodimus: the Free Folk swear their allegiance to me. The Free Folk, the autobots and the cyber ninjas have all joined together to defeat the Decepticons. We find out true allies in the battlefield
    Warlord #2: the Decepticons are out. We have Primus on our side, we have Earth and the minicons on our side. A winter is coming and if data is right, it will be the coldest one in a million years. The war is over. We should head back home and-
    Rodimus: the War is not over.

    Silence lingered in the air

    Rodimus: and I promise you my friends, the enemy doesn't wait out the storm. It brings the storm. If reports are right then Saurok has betrayed Starscream and the Decepticons and he is in Dagorath and Chaos is coming. The Great Old Ones are coming and they are saying threat far, far more powerful than Unicron.

    The autobot warlords were talking, murmuring in the air. Then, Nautica spoke

    Nautica: your son was butchered by the Decepticons in the Black Dinner, wasn't he Lord Manderly? But you refused the call. You swore allegiance to Rodimus Prime did you not, Lord Gluver? And you, Lord Kelvin? Your father was skinned alive by Saurok was he not? But Caminus answered. Despite the cruel oppression we heeded their call for help. Caminus remembers. The autobots remember. We know no king, but the true King of Cybertron and he's the Prime. I don't care what you think of you, but he had the blood of Old Cybertron and the Quintessars, he was chosen by Primus and he's my king. From this day until his last day.

    Lord Manderly: my son died fighting for Ultra Magnus. I didn't think I'd find a worthy leader in my lifetime. I didn't commit men to you because I didn't want more of my men to fire for a cause which I thought was dead. But I was wrong. He avenged the Black Dinner and liberated our homeland. He is the King of Cybertron.
    Lord Gluver: I did not fight with you on the battlefield and I will regret that until my dying day. A man can only ask for forgiveness and admit his mistake.

    Rodimus: there's nothing to forgive, my lord

    Lord Gluver: there will be more fights to come and I pledge my sword to you Rodimus Prime, the King of Cybertron

    Everyone in the room: the King of Cybertron! The King of Cybertron! The King of Cybertron!

    Dai Atlas: the King of Cybertron
    Vector Prime: the King of Cybertron!
    Galvatron: the King of Cybertron!

    And that's how episode 60 ends
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    Episode 61: Assault on Dagorath

    The warships gathered outside the space near Dagorath.

    Rodimus: power signatures say that the Cyber Keys are in that blood sea. While the wreckers will be busy in getting the keys, we will take on the bulk of the planetary military. Grimlock, your team will go here on the ridge and bypass the orbital cannons, Bee, you and the CDF take a battalion and destroy the ammunition depots while the rest land here. Let's just hope, our plan works. Autobots, transform and roll out.
    Autobots: yes sir!

    Surface of Dagorath.

    The autobot ships landed near the lava pits and they embarked on their way. Chaos Legionnaires and fighters flew in the air and the autobots shielded their craft.

    Grimlock: this is Grimlock, we are near the power source
    Bee: this is bumblebee. We are near the ammunition depots.
    Rodimus: good. Hold on to the ammunition. Grimlock, smash
    Grimlock: yeeeesssss!!!!!!

    The dinobots turned into dinosaurs modes and wrecked the artillery. Chaos legionnaires charged at the enemy but were overwhelmed by superior strength of the dinobots

    Marauder: my lord, we are under attack.
    Saurok: what!? Here? I should've anticipated this. Sound the alarms! Mobilize the troops.

    The Chaos Legionnaires and Marauders ran to face the enemy. Autobots were entrenched and protected and had their guns prepared.

    Kup: ready.

    The legionnaires came and were gunned down by machine guns.

    Kup: fire! Fire! Let's give these sons of a bitches what messing with us autobots is like!
    Auto troopers: aye sir!

    Intense fighting started on 3 locations. The Marauders came with their guns and shields and killed many. Legionnaires brought their artillery and fired. The sound of machine guns and shells exploding was heard. Autobot reinforcements came and fighting became more intense. Then, strange sounds were heard

    Moon racer: kup. Kup!
    Kup: what? Oh scrap! Fall back! Fall back!

    Large spiders with weapons built into their body attacked. They fired their missiles and guns and the autobots fell back.

    Auto troopers: fall back! Fall back!

    The autobots retreated as 4 spiders came and decimated them. Legionnaires in large numbers began to attack. The autobots were in serious trouble.

    Moon racer: ready?
    Kup: ready. Launch!

    Moon racer fired a rocket at one of spiders. It seemed to work but it didn't. The spider aimed and the autobots were about to die but then, jets led by Jetfire and the aerialbots attacked

    Auto troopers: woooooooo-hoo! Yeah!
    Kup: that's my boy!

    Jetfire: all jets, follow my lead. Rodimus, you may send in wave 2
    Rodimus: understood. Let's go! Let's go!

    The second wave of autobots came and they pushed the legionnaires and marauders back.

    Rodimus: kup, take the wreckers and retrieve the cyber keys while we push on
    Kup: yes sir!
    Rodimus: autobots, roll out!

    Saurok: get the 9 generals to prepare for battle. Malgor, Night Bird, go have some fun.
    Malgor: yes my lord.

    5 transport ships flew off and Malgor Steele and Night Bird led a battalion of Marauders against the autobots. Night bird pulled out her light saber and flew off. She killed dozens of auto troopers in a single slice and Malgor obliterated the rest. Then, they met Rodimus and his squad.

    Rodimus: go. I'll take care of them.

    2 jets were coming at the duo. Malgor and Night bird activated their chaos power enhancers and Malgor flew up and destroyed the jet with his bare hands. Night bird too flew up but Rodimus rammed her down. In the ground, Night bird punched Rodimus away and Rodimus charged but Night bird dodged.

    Night bird: you may have been more powerful than before Rodimus, but so am I

    Rodimus punched but Night bird blocked and punched him back. But Rodimus came again but Night bird choked him and punched him down. Then she lifted him and threw him out into the air.

    Night bird: if there is anything I've learned, Chaos is a power more powerful than any in the Omniverse and it always wins.

    Rodimus rammed Night bird and she destroyed a small hill. Rodimus flew up and fired his Galaxy cannon and Night bird dodged. Then, Rodimus came and attacked her but Malgor grabbed him and threw him down. Malgor threw Rodimus and Night bird elbow slammed him

    Transport pilot: enemy inbound.
    Auto troopers: let's go.
    Auto trooper#2: Yeah.
    Auto trooper#3: Let's kick some ass

    Night bird turned Rodimus over with her foot and Malgor rammed him down the ground and punched him. Night bird attacked again but Rodimus made her slipped and he fled but Malgor grabbed him and kicked him. Rodimus punched Night bird away but Malgor started to attack him violently. Rodimus kicked Malgor sway and grabbed Night bird and flew off but Malgor rammed him down and then struck a double blow and Night bird tried to crush Rodimus' head and Malgor punched but Rodimus grabbed his arm. Then, Rodimus made lightning from his hands and they were pushed away.

    Auto troopers: engaging the enemy.

    The autobots fired at the duo but Malgor lifted a large boulder and he threw it at the jets. Rodimus saved the gunner but was then hit by Malgor.

    Pilot: we're going in hot.

    Night bird engaged the auto trooper squad and she massacred them all. The lasers did no damage to her and she walked over them and killed them with her bare hands. Rodimus punched Malgor in his back and an uppercut. Malgor flew and threw Rodimus down but Rodimus fled

    Pilot: attack squad is down. I repeat, attack squad is down.

    The pilot saw Night bird and took out his knife. Rodimus punched Malgor up and threw him to an artillery gun which exploded.

    Night bird: death, is it's own reward

    But Rodimus rammed her away and the pilot fled.

    Night bird: you can't win. The Old Ones shall rise and reclaim that which is rightfully theirs.
    Rodimus: then I'll stop them too.

    But Rodimus was hit by a large burning boulder and Malgor came.

    Saurok: Malgor, Night bird, come back. We need you here
    Malgor: as you wish my lord

    Arcee: Rodimus, are you okay?
    Rodimus: I'm fine. How's the assault squad?
    Arcee: bad. We're getting pinned down. We need you there asap.
    Rodimus: let's go then.

    And that's how episode 61 ends
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    Episode 62: Battle of the Titans

    Rodimus and the assault teams continued forward. In the front, the autobots started to push deep into enemy lines but the 9 generals of chaos came and turned the tables. Saurok came down and crushed the autobots. Rodimus and the rest arrived

    Galvatron: thinking what I'm thinking?
    Rodimus: definitely.
    Galvatron: galvatron, transform!
    Rodimus: Rodimus Prime!
    Both: God-Emperor Mode!

    Saurok: a challenge huh? I have wasted 100 billion multiverses. For 20 million years I've trained to be the perfect warrior. And you think you, a mere ant in the face of the darkness can win? It's time that I destroy you once and for all
    Rodimus: bring it on.

    Saurok rushed at light speed at Rodimus and punched him out of the atmosphere and rammed him out of orbit.

    Arcee: Rodimus!


    Rodimus was hovering above them atmosphere of Dagorath and Saurok flew closer to him.

    Saurok: you will know real pain, Rodimus. I will make everyone suffer and they will know the true power of chaos and they will worship it

    Saurok rammed Rodimus to another planet and they fought

    Fight only

    Saurok: for over 20 million years, I travelled the Omniverse, through universes teaming with life. I lived a thousand lives, as a farmer, an artist, a traveller, a merchant, an explorer, a sailor, a scientist, a soldier, an economist, a revolutionary, a general, a KING! And many, MANY more. You couldn't begin to think of a quarter of them, Rodimus, but today, I'll take the role of your executioner.

    Ending death and scene doesn't happen

    Saurok punched Rodimus up to the sky, past the atmosphere and out of the system. Saurok fired his Chaos Beams and Rodimus dodged but it hit the planet and destroyed the star system.

    Rodimus: noooooooo!!!!!
    Saurok: you know your weakness Rodimus? You're too soft! You care too much about life. It's only a matter of time before I kill you but before that, I want you to know utter defeat. That you know that you can not save everyone.
    Rodimus: you're a monster, Saurok! You to with innocents like its a game!
    Saurok: I've done far worse things before and I could care less like a boy playing with an anthill.

    Saurok fired his Chaos Beams and Rodimus was pushed all the way back to Dagorath.

    Saurok arrived. Rodimus got up and Saurok charged at him. Saurok then stopped the fighting and went back to the tower, leaving the 9 and the Legionnaires to hold the line

    Nightbird: master, are you okay?
    Saurok: I'm fine, Nightbird. But to win, we need reinforcements and I know just who to call.

    Saurok took Arjunta Sall's scepter and struck the ground. The dead rose again, even the autobots dead and they attacked. Portals opened and Legions of Chaos stormed to the battlefield.

    Rodimus: hold ground!

    Rodimus and Galvatron split as the legions amassed. The autobots were beaten, their troops decimated and even Metroplex was down.

    Kup: fall back to sector 7! To sector 7!

    Rodimus embarked on his own quest.

    Malgor: soon my lord, soon. The black hole barrier will be breached and the Great Old Ones shall rise
    Saurok: hahahahahahaha! Soon, the Long Night will begin and Chaos shall reign supreme! For that is not dead which can eternal lie! All hail Galaxsor! Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    And that how episode 62 ends
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    Angband, northern Beleriand
    Episode 63: the calm before the storm

    The autobots were pursued back. They fled back and the Legionnaires pursued them, seeking to exterminate them once and for all. Rodimus entered the fortress at the base of the 7th tower. He snuck past the legions of soldiers forming in the Liquid Chaos pits and continued forward.

    Nazarok: it's opening. The black hole barrier will be breached soon enough
    Saurok: yes. The power we've gathered will give us the strength to release Chaos into the Realms of Living once more. And those annoying autobots lay shattered under the fury of my undead army. Soon, we will succeed
    Nazarok: there!
    Saurok: what!?

    Rodimus: oh scrap.

    Saurok: bring him to me.

    Nazarok lifted Rodimus up and brought him down to Saurok.

    Saurok: you, are fortunate Rodimus. You get to witness the rise of the Great Dark Ones and see first hand the new dark age, the age when the dead will rule and the cold silence of darkness reign supreme!
    Rodimus: all you can bow down to something uglier than you? You're no ruler, you're a slave.
    Saurok: same could be said for you serving Ashra. But no more. Finish him!

    Malgor attacked Rodimus but Rodimus dodged his attack and kicked Malgor away. Malgor kept attacking at fast speeds but Rodimus didn't feel fear nor did he stop his counter attacks. Rodimus gave Malgor and upper cut then electrocuted him. He fired all his shots from his guns and Malgor was down.

    Night bird: grrrrr
    Saurok: no need, Night bird. I will deal with this.

    Rodimus: what's this?

    A bolt of blackish energy with dark green outlines formed on Saurok's fingers.

    Saurok: Ceros...Oscuras

    Saurok fired the laser and Rodimus was pushed all the way back.

    Saurok: you see, Rodimus, unlike you I possess more power, more experience, more techniques. You can't comprehend the amount of power I possess. Accept your fate and die.

    The autobots were getting pinned. They were encircled and the Legionnaires surrounded them.

    Bee: scrap. We're surrounded.
    Wheelie: what do we do? What do we do?

    Dai Atlas: damn it. *spits*

    The legionnaires kept coming closer and closer with their spears on them but as all hope seems lost, bombs came exploding on the legionnaires.

    Bee: what the- I can't believe my optics.

    It was the Decepticons.

    Lugnut: die traitor scum! Die! Pay for betraying the Decepticons!
    Blitzwing: fire go booooooooommmmmm!!!!

    Onslaught: follow me men!
    Brawl: let's go let's go!

    Arcee: you're the last people I'd expect would come to our aid.
    Starscream: we came for our revenge, not to help you.
    Arcee: hmm sure.
    Starscream: Decepticons, engage the enemy head on! Go! Go! Go!

    Nazarok: my nigh omniscience tells me the Decepticons have come to aid in the assault.
    Saurok: tch. My defenses were for them and not you autobots. But you had to meddle in everything. No matter. I will overcome this, I always have and now face...your... Death!

    But before Saurok struck Rodimus, Galvatron burst into the room and punched him to Nazarok and blasted them away. Night bird attacked but Arcee came and kicked her away.

    Galvatron: you alright boy?
    Rodimus: I'll live.

    Saurok: grah!!!!!! Why you!

    Starscream: you'll pay for betraying me, Saurok

    Saurok: hahahaha hahahahahahaha. Oh please Starscream. You most of all are the most pathetic bot I've ever seen. You came crawling to me for power and guidance and you are still that crawling idiot 16 years ago.

    Starscream: shut up! Chaos lightning bolt!

    Saurok: Ceros Oscuras

    The shot between Ceros Oscuras and the lightning bolt created a massive explosion. Saurok gravity tossed Starscream away and prepared lightning

    Saurok: this ends now
    Rodimus: likewise

    Saurok fired his lightning at Rodimus and Rodimus fired his own lightning. Blue and dark green lightning colliding at each other. Nazarok, Malgor and Night Bird landed their lightning and Galvatron, Dai Atlas and Starscream lend theirs to Rodimus. They activated their cyber key powers but it didn't do much. Rodimus saw Grimlock in the ceiling and Grimlock signalled him. Rodimus nodded

    Rodimus: when I say release, we let go and split up
    Galvatron: why?
    Rodimus: trust me.
    Galvatron: yes.

    Rodimus: ready? 3...2...1 release!

    The bots and Starscream let go and split up as Grimlock came down and crushed the floor. This caught Saurok by surprise and Grimlock punched him

    Nazarok: damn it. Angarabad, come here!

    Nazarok opened a portal and brought Angarabad from the battlefield to the building. Both Grimlock and Angarabad fought like wild beasts as their strength made the building unstable.

    Saurok: this cannot be. I cannot be defeated like this.

    Rodimus: the games over Saurok. Give up now.

    Saurok: no. You may win this battle but I will win the war. Unlike you Rodimus, I always make a plan even in dire of most situations!

    Saurok took Sall's scepter and struck the ground, releasing an energy to the Liquid Chaos which overloaded it

    Rodimus: what are you doing?
    Saurok: goodbye and farewell!

    Saurok called all his subordinates and soldiers and ships out of Dagorath and into space. The core was about to collapse, Vector Prime was there on the computer

    Rodimus: Vector Prime, what's happening!?
    Vector Prime: we're too late


    The autobots and Decepticons were completely destroyed. Blurr saw this and moved fast, fast enough to make his body phase out to avoid the blast

    Blurr: okay Blurr. You know what to do. You have to run fast enough to turn back time. Faster than the speed of light, faster than the speed of light, faster than the speed of light, faster than the speed of light (+5 more) I AM FASTER! Let's go!!!!

    Blurr ran so fast that he turned back time. Soon, the dead bots and cons returned back to normal. The landmasses returned back and even the Chaos Legions were put back into place.

    Blurr: yeeee-a-aaaasssssss!!!!!!!!!!

    Saurok: what? But how!?
    Nazarok: time manipulation.

    The scepter got stolen by Blurr

    Saurok: why you! Grah!

    Rodimus: your opponent is me.

    Vector Prime looked at what the Chaos computers told him. Vector Prime saw a vision of the future. He saw Nautica on a funeral pyre on Caminus, Override and Evac killed by Saurok and Leo breaker killed, Megalo Convoy impaled on Gigantian, Saurok atop the throne of Cybertron with Ashara on his lap with Starscream and Wimdblade's head on the piles but his worst fear of all he saw.

    Rodimus mourning the loss of Arcee and Aegon, and Saurok turning him to the dark side. But despite all this, Vector Prime continued in his mission and split all the artifacts and stopped the chaos process.

    Saurok: no!

    Rodimus grabbed Saurok and threw him aside but Saurok came back and punched Rodimus and Cero blasted him. Starscream came but Saurok blasted him away.

    Saurok: you have been a thorn on my back for far too long. Goodbye Rodimus
    Arcee: Rodimus, no!

    But a portal opened and Rodimus grabbed Last Dawn and struck Rodimus.

    Saurok: no. Im...imp..impossible, Last Dawn!?
    Rodimus: not when I'm standing.

    Rodimus and Saurok battled for two minutes but Rodimus grabbed Saurok

    Rodimus: Vector Prime, run!

    Vector Prime ran and Saurok was thrown at the unstable computers. The energy they gave off was critically wounding him and his regenerative ability was lessening. Rodimus walked up to Saurok and ripped his limbs off one by one and eventually ripped off his head and sliced it. The explosion collapsed the building and the legionnaires retreated


    Rodimus: kup, status report
    Kup: the wreckers are in life support. The cyber keys are gone, again and the other generals of chaos are nowhere to be seen.
    Rodimus: we'll find them. We will.

    The Decepticons were leaving

    Rodimus: Starscream!
    Starscream..... What?
    Rodimus: thank you, for coming to our aid.
    Starscream: whatever
    Rodimus: you know there is a threat bigger than even Unicron lurking in the vastness of space. It's only a matter of time before he comes himself. What say we join forces?
    Starscream: no. We may fight the same enemies today but we are enemies nonetheless. Our ideology is different and so is our core beliefs. In the end, we aren't the same, we can't join forces. We are oil and water, we can't mix. Hero, villain, conqueror, saviour. You are all these things and more. But in the end you are nothing. You are neither the light nor the darkness. You will forever stand alone. Let's move out!

    Kup: tch. Don't mind him
    Rodimus: yeah.

    In the rubble, humanoid like figure took Saurok's skull and left the planet

    Rodimus: tell me Ratchet, how is the Black Hole doing?
    Ratchet: that's the strange thing, Rodimus. It's not a black hole anymore
    Rodimus: what do you mean?
    Ratchet: it doesn't suck in any kind of matter anymore, nor is it expanding or bringing in objects to its core. It's not really a black hole, more of a large black blob than anything
    Rodimus: I'd wager it's the energy burst from the tower. Strange, whatever the case is, at least we don't have to worry about a black hole anymore

    And that's how episode 63 ends
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    Angband, northern Beleriand
    Episode 64: Secret Society

    Ashara: hurry up with the search, Mortenson
    Harold: but my lady, shouldn't you be amending the cracks between Nazarok and Naarnak?
    Ashara: they won't listen to me unless I bring Saurok's skull back. Now hurry up!
    Harold: yes, my queen.

    Harold: yes, it's found. It's on earth and, this symbol pops up
    Ashara: the skull society. We should've annihilated them months ago. No matter, we will take back my beloved's skull and restore his glory.


    The autobots were partying hard in their halls. Their victory over Saurok and his Chaos Army in Dagorath was an event they long had waited for, the death of Saurok

    Bee: ah! Good stuff.
    Wheelie: indeed
    Bee: aren't you technically a bit underage for that?
    Wheelie: not really
    Bee: huh, learn something new everyday. Man, can't believe that Saurok's finally gone
    Wheelie: I know. Nearly 2 years of fighting him, over 30 planets lost, 50 trillion deaths and finally, he's dead.
    Bee: damn, we lost that much?
    Wheelie: yeah. The Andalos Campaign, Kalis, Iacon, Ringo Vinda, Thelmyra, Vandaron, Ossus, Eldron Kaas, Yanyakar and Celephus. All campaigns and systems we lost against Saurok.
    Bee: yeah, I knew he was a tough warrior, didn't realize he was a tough tactician.
    Knockout: oh come on you two rust buckets. This is a celebration, not a gloomy club. You're faces are gonna make my paint rust. Come on, dance halls there

    In the dance hall, everyone was having fun. Blurr the waiter, Ratchet the DJ and the autobots were dancing to the occasion

    Jack: woah! Is that...Ratchet?
    Miko:.... It is!
    Jack: who knew he was the party animal

    Ratchet: DJ Ratchet in theeeee houssseeeeee!!!
    Autobots: yeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

    Miko: come on Jack, let's go
    Jack: okay, slow down a bit. You coming Raf?
    Raf: no thanks, I'll-

    Raf looked at Jessica Sky in a beautiful dress

    Raf: Jess, is that you?
    Jess: yeah
    Raf: I didn't recognize you. You look...good
    Jess: thanks. Wanna come dance with me?
    Raf: sure.

    Ratchet played 'Dancin' by Aaron Smith ( Krono remix) and Rodimus, Galvatron, Vector Prime and the bots were dancing to the tune. Then, outside the clouds became red


    Cultists were chanting. Then two cultists came forward with Saurok's skull and placed it on a statue. Then, two lasers came out from the eyes and gave the two cult leaders powers.

    On the surface

    Blood rained down from the skies, with black lightning and thunder was the scream of a thousand people. Then, big black frogs and lizards started to rain down. The people started to run

    Autobot City

    As the bots were partying, the big frogs started to make their way in. Two guests came running into the hall as the frogs started to come in. The bots screamed and their troops were on guard

    Jack: what the- frogs?
    Raf: not unlike any I've ever seen before or heard.
    Frog: oh you best starting to believe cause shits getting crazy out there bruh
    Raf: what the!? A taking frog!?
    Frog: I meant, ribbick.

    Rodimus: gah! Annoying little, idea! Force lightning!

    Rodimus fired force lightning and the frogs disintegrated to dust.

    Leo breaker: great thinking Rodimus
    Ratchet: Rodimus, listen here
    Fowler: this is Fowler, we need your help at once Rodimus.
    Rodimus: what is it?
    Fowler: big ass frogs and lizards are terrorizing the globe. The clouds are red and it's raining blood. I don't know what's happening but we could use some help

    Rodimus: understood. Huh, frogs, lizards, red cloud, raining blood.
    Arcee: what's the matter, dear?
    Rodimus: today I woke up with a dream. And the current events are happening as the dream was like. It's a warning. They're warning us of something

    Perceptor: Rodimus could be right. After all, his dreams have meaning in life now and what's happening isn't scientifically possible. I sense, and I can't believe I'm saying this, magic is at work here
    Arcee: what else does your dream say?
    Rodimus: only of cloaked men underneath the city. I'll move myself. Rest of you, go help Agent Fowler. Autobots, transform and roll out!


    Harold: what's this skull society my lady?
    Ashara: a cult that planned on using the powers of Ashra and Chaos for their own ambitions. Their activity had grown too large to be ignored and Saurok sought out to destroy them, permanently. But it seems a few survived
    Harold: my lady, I regret to be the carrier of bad news but we have no legions of chaos legionnaires or marauders under our command, only my human soldiers
    Ashara: we will do this, ourselves


    Cult leader#1: the dark powers of the great Saurok flows through our veins.
    Cult leader#2: soon we will rule this planet with an iron fist and nobody can stop us
    Cultists: huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!


    Then, large 30 foot tall crabs and 10 foot tall rats infested the surface. The destruction was so great that the military was called in. Then, large black cloaked figures with skeletal heads emerged and they made a laser beam from their mouth

    Fowler: sweet liberty momma! These things are going to make a bad mark on my career. Okay boys, fire!

    Galvatron came and punched one of the big skeletons to dust and auto trooper reinforcements came

    Jack: dad
    Fowler: son
    Jack: are you alright?
    Fowler: I'm fine but these things are too stupid to cause this much trouble. Really, look at that! That one is chewing on a metal rod and they're causing destruction worth millions of dollars.
    Jack: I'll take over from here dad. Alright boys, one my mark, 1...2..3 fire!

    Rodimus was walking down the sewers. He closed his nose and continued walking with his backpack ( his trailer shrunk for human use) and lit a light and continued forward. Then, he heard a noise. He saw an opening gap in the wall and blasted his way in. The 3 guards were alerted but Rodimus shot them down and he walked. He heard cultists coming and he hid behind a wall. He grabbed one of them, snapped his neck and took his cloak and walked along. Then, he was in a room filled with cultists and he saw that on a statue was Saurok's skull

    Cult leader#1: we feel ourselves growing stronger every minute.
    Cult leader#2: soon we will have all of Saurok's power and we will conquer this planet, then the galaxy, and soon the universe!


    Harold: hand over Lord Saurok's skull now, ingrates
    Cult leader#1: the power of Saurok now belongs to us
    Roxanne: you dare speak his name!? You are not worthy of even seeing his glory!
    Cult leader#2: it always surprises me how the great general of chaos would pick a street thug like you.
    Cult leader#1: enough of this. Attack!

    A battle of sorcery ensued between the cult leaders and Roxanne and Harold, the cultists against MECH soldiers. Blows of red and black energy flowed between one side and the other. A MECH goon climbed up and tried to grab the skull but Rodimus intervened and stopped him.

    Harold: Rodimus! What are you doing here!?
    Rodimus: spoiling your fun
    Cult leader#1: not so easy, autobot.

    The cult leaders trapped the MECH forces and Rodimus in bubbles.

    Rodimus: what are you planning to do with that power? Don't you know the corrupting dominance of Chaos?
    Cult leader#1: oh we do, but soon we will dominate it instead of it dominating us.
    Rodimus: I can already tell from your voices that you are crazy
    Cult leader#2: silence filth! Now, where were we?
    - getting your asses whopped
    Cult leader#1: who dares to speak!?

    Ashara showed herself

    Cult leader#1: the Corpse Queen of Dagorath herself
    Cult leader#2: we will make this quick and PAINFUL!!!!!

    The two cult leaders fired a burst of lightning and Ashara did the same.

    Cult leader#1: you underestimate us. We have your beloved's power. You can't stop us
    Ashara: try me

    The cult leaders powers were draining and getting low

    Cult leader#1: but how?
    Cult leader#2: impossible. We should be winning this
    Ashara: hahahahahaha, pathetic mortals. You cannot comprehend the power of chaos and it's function.
    Cult leader#1: no! Give us your power. We command you!
    Ashara: Saurok has no master but one and you are not him. Perish!

    Ashara's lightning bolt was larger and it destroyed the enemy lightning. Ashara walked over them and crushed the first leaders leg. But then, the cult leaders began to transform into demons and grew in size. The autobots entered the room

    Bee: need help, Rodimus?
    Rodimus: just in time Bee.

    Cult leader#1: you are too late. Witness our reign of terror!

    In the surface, skeletal spiders began to roam and large sharks with octopus arms with snake heads roamed the oceans.

    Rodimus: autobots, attack!

    Cult leader#2: you have
    Cult leader#1: no power
    Both: HERE!

    The cult leaders fired and the bots were down.

    Rodimus: we need a new strategy. Their power comes from the skull.
    Arcee: I'll distract and you take it down.

    Arcee jumped forward and sliced their legs and Rodimus shot the skull. The skull crashed down so hard that it cracked and opened, revealing a pale white skull gem.

    Arcee: be careful, Rodimus
    Ashara: you really should guard your blind spots.

    Ashara zapped everyone in the room with lightning and she and her followers left on a portal


    Fowler: the cult is arrested. They'll be hearing a lot from us
    Rodimus: good. I want to know how they knew of the skull, of everything


    Two armies gathered on the ruins of the 7th tower. On one side was the traitors, led by Naarnak with his followers, Grimstone, Khamul and Drauglamir. On the other side was the loyalists of Malgor Steele who kept to their vows under Saurok. By Malgor was Night Bird, the Xothians, the Marauders and Night Wolves, Nazarok, Shusatu, Angarabad and Morgulak

    Shusatu: that idiot Naarnak believes himself capable of ruling Dagorath and of Saurok's forces after he defied his will.
    Morgulak: he always was an idiot
    Nazarok: looks like he has to be taught another lesson

    Malgor: attack!

    Naarnak: attack!

    Then, a portal opened and out came Ashara riding on Saurok's dragon, the 200 mile long and big dragon, Ancalagon the Black. The mere presence of Ancalagon alone stopped the battle.

    Shusatu: welcome home, Ashara Dayne the queen of Dagorath

    Ashara: stop this meaningless battle. Behold! I have brought with me the skull of Saurok and per his will, I am to lead what remains of his forces

    Naarnak: oh please, who would listen to a-

    Ashara electrocuted Naarnak and put her foot down on his head, crushing him. Ashara's eyes turned purple and her voice changed

    Ashara: you will obey me from now on, Naarnak
    Naarnak: as you say, my queen

    And that's how episode 64 ends