TFCC Magazine issue 48 arriving. Page by page breakdown...

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    Well, I got mine, and didn't see a breakdown, so here...

    Spoilers obviously

    Anyways here, is a full breakdown of the magazine, for those who want to know:

    1/Cover. Timelines Circuit in Uncle Bobby B's car lot.
    2. Happy holidays. Confirmation that the first subscription service figures are set of February. Next billing will be in March. The club story of 2013 will be a 2 part story set in the SG universe, starting with a 2 page recap of the story so far.
    3. In box images of Thundertron, Voyager Magnus, FOC Soundwave, Soundblaster, Frenzy/Ratbat and Ravage/Rumble. These are "on shelves now" according to the title.
    4-5. Clint Chapman Interview by Benson Yee. They talk about the origins of Beast Hunters. Compare it to the Jurassic Park toy line, and also talk about the Year of the Snake toys and Generations Platinum.
    6. "A Flash Forward Part 6" Windbreaker blows away the Firecons. Aquastorm and Pyro fight Jhaixus. Jhaixus has Hi-Q hostage.
    7. Blaze shoots Jhaixus freeing Hi-Q. Pyro grabs Hi-Q and rolls out.
    8. The Ironhide, Mirage and Bumblebee clones try to stop Pyro. Nearby Sideburn regains his memories and tells Nightracer.
    9. Side Burn recalls punking Prowl, and tries to get Nightracer to rejoin the Autobots. Blaze and Pyro try to convince the Autobot clones to join the Autobots.
    10. The Autobot clones are convinced to go with Spark's team and give the Autobots a chance. In the distance Jhaixus and Sky Byte watch and let the three clones go. Jhaixus worries the old generation contaminates the new, so he must annihilate the first! We see rows and rows of clone tubes (containing the cast of the Botcon 2013 comic?)
    11. On Earth 4 days later Magnus isn't happy that Side Burn brought Runabout and Runamuck back with them, but Side Burn promised leniency if they turned themselves in. Magnus notes that Side Burn hasn't changed (since Wings he knew him 6 million years ago!), but Hi-Q doesn't want to prosecute the Battlechargers for kidnapping. Sizzle breaks in with the revelation that he saw farther in the future than ever before (he saw MW Soundwave, Megatron/Megaplex and Starscream standing over the bodies of RTS Optimus Prime and Universe Galvatron) "The Machine Wars are coming!"
    12. Profile for G2 Sideswipe. His shapeshifting power can work for "thirteen cycles" before tiring him. He can turn into anything about the same size, and even form weapons for his own metal, but he lacks the imagination to do much more than copy things he sees.
    13. G2 Frenzy. Among all the clones he has the closest to the memories of his parent. He occasionally thinks he is the original Frenzy, and wants to go inside Soundwave's chest. In vehicle mode can ricochet off targets.
    14-15. The epilog story we have already seen online with Transtech Rhinox talking to Prowl about the origin matrix, and then the Optimus Primes being sent to get Depth Charge, who is playing cards with the subscription exclusives.
    16. Transformers IQ about the Quintessons. Cassetteicons story with SG Ratbatman, and Black Cat (Riddler homage) and Slugfest, the bot-wonder. Also, a small story where Aquarius Quintesson gets a shard of the Star Saber from some small yellow fembot (is that TFcoc Powered Commander's suitcase?) in trade for taking her home.
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    Ha. Whoever wrote Sideswipe's profile is a Doctor Who fan, evidently.