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    Tfc's' Prometheus ​
    This review is way late because- when it comes to combiners I need 3 out of the 5 team members to a descent review. Also I have the whaa-bulance section on this review as well. It's a new category to address the constant crying I have been hearing about Tfc's Prometheus. Without anymore babble on the introduction here's the review.

    Gumball is one slick police car, however due to the blue coats shooting unarmed people-I wonder if there's a punisher repro-label out there. Anyway Gumball is one fun figure in bot mode. He has the classic tfc light pipe work. I must say the head sculpt is dead on the old g1 character.

    The colors on him match; it's difficult to make a bunch warm colors work on anything. Trust me as an artist it takes a great deal of a time to get them work. Moving along, I really dig Gumballs' flexibility. Meaning I can get him in some serious action poses. I have not had time to really fidget with him yet, might do that later on.

    Transforming him into is alt mode was scary for me. I kept telling myself," don't break him" a million times. TFC must be warlocks of plastic. I transformed him 7 times and he's still intact, but I just don't dig the transformation.
    Specifics: folding the legs back into the main body to make the roof of the car. TFC should have engineered a way to elongate the waist, so you can get some clearance. Not fond of high pitch plastic sounds at all when you have to wiggle and apply force transform him into vehicle mode. Although TFC pulled off some killer component of plastic, so I am slowly getting over the terror of breaking a 100 dollar figure.

    On my rating of combiner team members I give Gumball a solid 3, and here's why.
    I feel that he could've been engineered better. Specifically, I mentioned before a waist extension. Next is the head flap. There' should be something in the chest piece to lock the head flap into place.
    Furthermore not a fan of the shoulders being on a hinge, I hate the limited movement Gumball, Warning-line and Hydrant have. However on hydrant is not that bad.
    Good things: The good about Gumball is his vehicle mode. His head sculpt is great and the light pipe work is the icing on the cake, great job tfc on that.
    Warning Line:
    Warning by himself is one fun guy to play with; he's very hard to put down. In my opinion he's the second best next to Hydrant in the fun factor slot. Furthermore his head sculpt is the second best to me. Warning lines' Clint Eastwood like blue light pipe squint gives off the vibe "buddy don't even think about it."
    Good: His transformation is a no brainer. You will get it the first time and you won't forget it. Also the Chrysler bike mode is outstanding! TFC has really knocked it out the park on making Warning lines bike mode identical to the real bike, great job there. Not thinking for tfc, I believe tfc was going for a cool bike rather than g1 cop bike, hey I dig it and I am sure many others who have Warning line on their shelves may agree with me.
    The adjustable feet, oh man don't get me started on that. I got some killer poses with Warning line. The ankle pivot is spot on to pull this off. I am cool with the paint job also. However it brings me to this, in particular the blue symbol on his chest. Look people if that little blue symbol on his chest was gold like the old g1 character then the bot mode would be tackier than a pimp from 1973!
    Also that would completely screw up the paint scheme of Warning line too. Personally I feel TFC could have put some something symbolic on his chest. For example, a symbol on his chest a symbol that means protection. After Warning Lines occupation is to protect and serve, you know just a little detail to drive it home. But the triangle is cool too, I am old school -triangles mean to me is connection to mind, body and soul. Maybe tfc was thinking this when they put on his chest, I don't know.
    The only bad thing I can say about this kick ass figure is this. The wheels, in bot mode TFC missed a golden opportunity implement optional things do with them. For example: look at turbo ejector for Warbotron, I am thinking something like that. Think about spending 100 bucks per figure, I feel everyone should have the option to display their figure however they want. Not saying this is terrible on how Warning line is engineered. I just wanted to split that wheel and have them behind each shoulder, beef him out a little bit.
    I give Warning line a solid 6, definitely tfc is going in the right direction on making solid figures with Warning line.

    I will be brutally honest with you all. The second reason I went all on for Tfc's Prometheus, is Hydrants' weapon is a freaking "economy sized gatling gun! Yeah I bet you're saying that's lame. If you're saying that, when is the last time you've seen any 3rd party figure have a gatling gun taller than him??? Yeah when is the last time any 3rd party figure have a mini gun for his weapon period! You can't say that you have can you, ha! Rest my case.
    When I got Hydrant out the box and holding him, right then I knew that I won't have QC issues out of this figure period! Moving Hydrant's arms, legs, and waist, let me tell ya this. You're going to burn some elbow grease getting those nice reinforced ratchets to move. And by the way that's my love affair stiff ratchets on a figure, it puts me in good mood and I played with Hydrant for a solid hour.
    Good: S.T.U.R.D.Y this is the best quality I have ever worked with come. Hydrant's blue fire truck is immaculate, tfc got real on me with paint apps. The paint does not over burden the articulated detail on the truck at all. Also hearing the ratchets click and stuff snap into place put a smile on my face.
    Bot mode: Hydrant is a brick house, for my hydrant on the photos I display his shoulder flaps like he's wearing some shoulder armor-something like that.
    When I put the "economy sized gatling gun" in Hydrants hands and took his picture, yeah I did take a minute or so just to look at him. Yup to me he's that bad ass, I just pictured him walking on a field full of bad guys and blowing them away and laughing like predator doing it ( or saying I am going to have me some fun like Mack on Predator).

    Combine mode. In particular the chest panels, I am not gonna lie to anyone. It took me some time figure that out, my tongue was out, scratching my head and shaking my head too. Yeah that's how real it was for me. The instruction could've been better in explaining how to do this. Specifically the little flap you have to pry out so you can have the clearance to peg everything in place.
    Solution: Best thing to do rotate the top half of the shoulder out. Next rotate the chest panel out (up or down) to pull down the flap. Next you can rotate the chest piece down and peg it in the hole. Sorry I don't have pictures to show you. If you need any advice just ask me. And by the way let's say from working with that chest panel I have a killer handshake these days.

    Combine Mode2:
    O yeah, again I had to apply some force to get Gumball and Warning in the leg ports. By the way tfc has finally addressed this issue with upgraded connector ports.
    Whaa-bulance: Okay now I am going to address this. I am sure you have heard people on the boards rant about the face of Prometheus. To be upfront with you, when I looked at it-Samurai mask popped in my head. I am active in the Martial Arts and "well" familiar with Samurai Mask and armor. When I look at Prometheus in combine mode I compared him to the picture below, old Samurai armor. Maybe it's just me; it seems that TFC is gunning for the Samurai feel to Prometheus. If you think about, you can see the correlation here. Look at the head sculpt and let your eyes do the talking for you and you can see how tfc implemented the Samurai look to a third party transformer. The armored skirt and the hip armor on Prometheus looks like beefy Samurai, but this is my opinion. Also I have no problem with Prometheus face sculpt. I like the Samurai connection TFC got going on here can't wait to get the last 2 members.

    combine mode: Better than Uranos, I will say the quality of Prometheus is a "huge" improvement. I can't give a full grade "A" on Prometheus yet. I have to have Prometheus in full combine mode to give my full review on it, addressing the QC and comparing it to Uranos in a later review.

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