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    I got Big Bite and Cyber Jaw together. New thing I am doing when it comes with collecting combiners these days. However I was, -no I am still blown away by TFCs new direction they're going in.

    Big Bite, talk about paying homage to H.P. Lovecraft's monster Fish men when it comes to the gruesome land fish mode. To be frank Big Bite beast mode looks like an Adder fish with stubby cute red arms. First thing noticeable is the freaking teeth. Big Bite looks so menacing, to me he's adorable (Sick like that and proud of it.).


    When I handled him the first time immediately the Quality TFC blew me away. Big Bite is one hardy piece of plastic. You will be saying ' I can't believe this is a TFC product'. In addition ratchets are in important parts on this figure. Big bite has ratchets on the shoulders, knees and hips. Also he has some heft to him too. The head is on ball joint, which means you can get some serious looking up poses and some down poses as well.

    Color: Odd color choice of Salmon pink, light blue, light gray and neon light pipe work really works on this figure. Hell 100 bucks a figure TFC sure as hell delivered with Big Bite when it comes to color apps betwixt creative liberty to give him the character of snarling mean guy with a neon yellow face.

    Turret Mode:

    This mode was phase on in indicating TFC may get this combiner right, more in that in closing of this review. This mode is very solid. However I took some transforming liberty by keeping the body in leg mode and just added the turret accessories on it, to have a sleeker look.

    Scramble City:

    TFCs new engineers his up'd their game when it comes to the Poseidon team. Foot mode is a freaking 'rock' when it comes to sturdiness. Arm Mode: Is freaky looking at the same time compact, you will not have to worry the gorilla arm syndrome that has been the Kryptonite to TFC over the years. All you have to do is extend Big Bite to reveal the elbow ratchet for combine mode arm.


    TFC has knocked this out the park! New connector joints have indicated to me this will be the combiner they will finally get right! To be specific weak hips and the TFC wobble has been the bane for TFC. I will say this; Big Bite is the herald of TFC dramatic turn around. Therefore TFC has given me hope that Poseidon will be a winner. More so take a look at the feet for Poseidon, the toes are on a hinge and spread out, to give weight distribution for a combiner that will be big and 'heavy'. The reason why I say that, again look at the connector ports and plug ins. This alone supports my claim Team Poseidon will have outstanding QC in combine mode. This is a new engineer or new engineering team working on this project. So far I am very impressed on the improvements.


    I will give Big Bite 10/10 he's very solid in all modes hands down. I highly recommend this set. The transformations are fun plus you'll have a lot of fun playing with them. Thanks for reading.

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    I wish combined mode was taller