TFA: The Adventures and Fiascos of Jetfire and Jetstorm

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    Jetfire glanced at Bumblebee, who was staring intently at the TV screen in front of them. The two were about to battle for who was the video game champion and Bumblebee was feeling pretty confident. He had beaten Jetstorm, after all, so his brother shouldn’t be much of a challenge.

    “Prepare to lose this battle of the ninjas, Bumblebee.” Jetfire said smugly.

    “You’re the one who’s going to lose,” Bumblebee scoffed.

    “It amazes me how they can be sucked in so easily.” Sentinel Prime muttered as he and the rest of the Autobots watched the little “battle”.

    “If you think Jetfire and Jetstorm are addicted, you obviously haven’t seen how attached Bumblebee is.” Bulkhead chuckled.

    That was when the game between the two bots began, each of them putting all of their effort into it. It turned out that Jetfire was just as good as Bumblebee, making it a very interesting game. Jetstorm, Jazz, and Bulkhead were cheering for the two as they battled it out.

    “You can beat him, brother!” Jetstorm cheered.

    “Come on, little buddy, you can do this!” Bulkhead encouraged.

    Just as the two were neck-and-neck, an energetic Sari arrived at the plant.

    “Hey guys, you won’t believe what happened to me…” She stopped mid-sentence when she saw Jetfire and Jetstorm. She immediately thought they were Decepticons.

    “Sari, don’t panic.” Prowl said quickly. “These two are Autobots; they’re not Decepticons.”

    “But Autobots don’t fly.” Sari pointed out.

    “Look, brother, it is a human girl!” Jetstorm exclaimed before Prowl could reply and picked Sari up, but Jetstorm’s full attention was on the game. Just as it looked like he was going to win, Bumblebee pulled a fast-one and ended up winning. Jetfire turned to his brother just as Bumblebee began to do a victory dance.

    “She is very small, brother.” Jetfire observed.

    “That means she would make an excellent pet, brother.” Jetfire suggested and the two turned to the other Autobots.

    “May we keep her?” The two asked in unison.

    “I’m not a pet!” Sari snapped.

    “She even talks, brother.” Jetfire gasped.

    “Humans don’t like it when you call them pets.” Optimus spoke up.

    “Then we are very sorry, human girl.” Jetstorm apologized.

    “We did not realize your kind is offended easily.” Jetfire added.

    “Well look at the time.” Sentinel interrupted. “We really have to get going. I don’t think I can stand it here any longer.”

    “But my brother and I still have not beaten Bumblebee at his video game. We cannot leave until we have rightfully become the champions of the game,” Jetstorm explained.

    “Perhaps you can help us.” Jetfire suggested to Prowl and Jazz. “After all, you two are ninjas, which means you could aid us in this game.”

    “If Prowl is helping anyone, it’s gonna be me!” Bumblebee spoke up.

    “But you are a master at this; you do not need anymore help.” Jetstorm pointed out.

    “And there’s two of you, which isn’t fair either.” Bumblebee scoffed.

    “You are not being fair!” Jetfire and Jetstorm cried.

    “Life isn’t fair.” Bumblebee snorted.

    A shuriken flew and hit him in his optic, causing the yellow mech to cry out. Prowl pried the shuriken out of Bumblebee’s optic and stood smugly as he felt his fellow teammate staring him down.

    “That was so uncalled for.” Bumblebee muttered.

    “Nearly everything you say is uncalled for.” Prowl retorted.

    “You just got owned, Bumblebee.” Sari taunted.

    “What do you mean by ‘owned’?” Jetfire questioned.

    “Does Prowl own Bumblebee now?” Jetstorm added.

    Sari burst into a fit of wild laughter, causing the twins’ optics to go wide with curiosity.

    “What is that sound she is making?” Jetfire asked.

    “I think she is laughing, brother.” Jetstorm replied.

    And so the conversation continued like that the rest of the night. That is, until Jetfire and Jetstorm decided to face Bumblebee together. They ended up beating him at the game and just about every other game after that, much to the yellow bot’s displeasure.
    This was on my old account "MusicLover12430" but I moved it over here. I am known on deviantART as CrazyCartoonGirl and on FanFiction.Net as MusicLover48 if anyone was wondering. Any fics that are not by me and you find on this site are obviously fakes.

    Anyways, this was made a long time ago after I saw "Where Is Thy Sting?" and the Jettwins got their first appearance. Enjoy :D 
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