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    Combaticon Brawl is rolling down the street in his Abrams tank mode. He is firing at every restaurant his passes by. Frightened civilians flee in terror from Brawl.


    Brawl fires at a seafood restaurant.


    Brawl fires at an Italian restaurant.


    Brawl stops in front of the Burger Bot and hesitates.


    Brawl keeps moving. Two familiar looking bystanders watch in awe as Brawl rolls down the street.

    Robert Epps: “Whoa, motha…we picked a bad day to go off duty!”

    William Lennox: “Hey, at least there are no low-flying helicopters opening fire on everything down below it.”

    Combaticon Vortex flies over the Burger Bot and opens fire on it with mounted machine guns. The Burger Bot bursts into flames. Patrons run out into the parking lot. Vortex laughs maniacally. Lennox and Epps look at each other.

    William Lennox: “It’s times like this that I wish I’d taken that job down in Las Vegas.”

    Robert Epps: “I hear you, man. I hear you.”

    Sari runs up to Lennox and Epps and stops to catch her breath.

    Sari: “Hey…have either of you…seen a tank…come by know…yelling and cursing at the top of his lungs with a British accent, by any chance?”

    Lennox and Epps look at each other. They look at Sari.

    William Lennox: “Uh, yes, we did, actually.”

    Sari: “What about a…”

    Robert Epps: “Helicopter? Yeah…they…uh…went that way.”

    Sari looks in the direction Epps is pointing. She looks back at Lennox and Epps, and smiles.

    Sari: “Thank you. You guys are so awesome!”

    Sari shakes Lennox’s hand, and then shakes Epps hand.

    William Lennox: “Sure, kid.”

    Robert Epps: “Yeah, glad we could…uh, help.”

    Sari: “By the way, I’m Sari.”

    William Lennox: “Major William Lennox, United States Army Rangers.”

    Robert Epps: “Technical Sergeant Robert Epps, United States Air Force.”

    Sari: “Cool, army guys!”

    Lennox and Epps look at each other and smirk. Sari, Lennox and Epps are startled by a distant explosion.

    Sari: “Oh, I’ve gotta go. Nice meeting you guys.”

    Sari quickly salutes Lennox and Epps, and continues running.

    Robert Epps: “Man, what the heck was that?!”

    William Lennox: “A teenage girl with weird blue eyes carrying a jetpack on her back.”

    Epps shakes his head.

    Robert Epps: “That’s some redonkulous stuff right there, boy!”

    Sari: “COME ON, GUYS!”

    Sixshot, Roadbuster, Drift, Rodimus Prime, Jazz, and Ironhide run past Lennox and Epps. Lennox, Epps, and the Wreckers give each other a passing glance.

    William Lennox: “Rampant military vehicles, teenage girls with jetpacks, giant alien robots, it’s like a really ridiculously awesome version of Armageddon. I feel like this has happened before…minus the teenage girl with the jetpack.”

    Epps looks at Lennox.

    Robert Epps: “Riiiiiight.”

    Brawl transforms into robot mode and picks up a city bus. He throws the city bus at a delicatessen.


    Vortex transforms into robot mode and draws his helicopter blades. He runs down the street while slicing the roofs off of parked cars.

    Vortex: “Oh, come on now, Brawly. How many times do I really have to tell you? It’s not about money, or in your case, food…”

    Vortex dropkicks into an ice cream parlor and swings his blades about.


    Vortex jumps out of the ice cream parlor and laughs maniacally. He twirls his helicopter blades around in his hands. Brawl stares at Brawl.

    Vortex: “Oh, you’re probably wondering how I got these scars on my face plate. Well, it’s a very long and very sad story, but it ends with me saying…”

    Vortex grabs Brawls face and pulls him close. He holds his blade up to his cheek.

    Vortex: “WHY SO SERIOUS?!”


    Vortex takes his hand off of Brawl’s face and lowers his blade.

    Vortex: “Apparently I am.”

    Vortex stifles laughter, and then laughs evilly. Brawl puts his palm on his face and shakes his head.

    Brawl: “OH, FRAG ME!”

    Sari: “With pleasure.”

    Brawl and Vortex turn to face Sari. Two Kremzeeks jump out of Sari’s chest jewel and growl at Brawl and Vortex. Sari cracks her neck. The Kremzeeks crack their knuckles.

    Sari: “Bring it!”

    A SWAT assault vehicle and an armored Humvee pull up behind Sari and transform into robots. Sari turns around and looks up at them.

    Swindle: “With pleasure, Doll face.”

    Onslaught: “You’re about to enter the No Spin Zone, small, cocky, adolescent half-human, half-robot ducky.”

    Sari: “That’s quite a mouthful.”

    A black space shuttle lands behind Sari and transforms into a robot. Sari breaks out in a cold sweat.

    Sari: “Blast Off is standing behind me, isn’t he?”

    Swindle winks at Sari.

    Swindle: “Only one way to find out.”

    Sari turns around and looks up. Blast Off is staring down at Sari with his arms crossed.

    Blast Off: “Good day to you, Madame, and now prepare to die.”

    To be continued…
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    LOL Epps and Lennox rock. They coming back in future chapters? 8D
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    Oh crud Sari your back~up better get there on the slaggin' double!!
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    Part Two (Glitch-heads and Patriots)

    The Combaticons surround Sari. The two Kremzeeks growl at the Combaticons.

    Sari: “Down boy.”

    The two Kremzeeks look at Sari, and then at each other. The Kremzeek clone flies into the original Kremzeek and disappears. Kremzeek sits down on Sari’s shoulder.

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek no help Sari?”

    Sari glares at Blast Off.

    Sari: “No, its okay, Little Buddy. Mommy will take care of the big mean robots.”

    Swindle aims his arm cannon at Sari.

    Swindle: “Oh, I don’t think so. I don’t think you quite realize what you’ve got here. So allow us to show you first servo exactly what the Combaticons are about. You see, we may come off as a bunch of smooth talking, sophisticated high rollers with fancy accents, but we’re so much more than that. We’re mercenaries, hit men, murderers for hire, basically, we’re pretty bad motherboarders.”

    Sari: “Oh yeah, like I already hadn’t figured that out by now.”

    Swindle: “Okay, you know what, no one likes biting sarcastic remarks, especially when they come from sassy teenage girls.”


    Sari rolls her eyes.

    Sari: “Okay, sorry.”


    Vortex steps forward.

    Vortex: “Oh, pish posh, you ruddy twits! We’re wasting so much valuable time here. Why must we threaten the little sprog, when we could be crushing her into dust right here and now? It’s elementary! Although I have to say, I’m much more of a high school kind of bot!”

    Vortex laughs manically.

    Onslaught: “Enough! Combaticons, we’ve been waiting for this day since our defeat at the servos of Omega Supreme at the end of the Great War, and now, it is time to shine once more.”

    The Combaticons cheer wildly.

    Onslaught: “Combaticons, combine to form Bruticus!”

    Sari: “Bruticus?”

    The Combaticons transform into their vehicle modes. Onslaught backs up and stops. The rest of the Combaticons are magnetically pulled towards Onslaught. Onslaught’s vehicle mode transforms into what resembles a large torso. Swindle backs up into Onslaught and transforms into a large leg. Vortex floats in the air over to Onslaught and transforms into a large arm. Brawl backs up into Onslaught and transforms into another large leg. Blast Off floats in the air over to Onslaught and transforms into another arm. Altogether, the Combaticons form a body that is kneeling before Sari. A head emerges from the top of the torso and looks down at Sari with narrowed, blood-red eyes. Sari stares in awe as the body stands up and towers high above Sari. Kremzeek screams and hides behind Sari’s leg. Eight seemingly long years of Sari’s life flash right before her eyes. Sari feels as though her heart is on a rollercoaster ride, and what she sees before her is the largest, wildest drop of her life.

    Sari: “Oh…my…”

    Kremzeek: “MONSTER!!!”

    The body roars.

    Bruticus: “I…AM…BRUTICUS!!!”

    Sari can’t stop staring at Bruticus.


    Sari’s eyes widen. She turns around and runs as fast as she can, screaming at the top of her lungs. Kremzeek flies after Sari.


    Bruticus laughs evilly.


    Bruticus chases after Sari. Dispensor runs alongside Sari.

    Dispensor: “Hey, some people might find that very offensive!”

    Sari and Dispensor look at each other. Dispensor nods his head and smiles.

    Dispensor: “Hi there.”

    Sari rolls her eyes and looks ahead.

    Sari: “Oh great, another Decepticon I have to run like heck from!”

    Dispensor: “What? No, I’m not one of those evil dudes.”

    Sari: “Oh yeah right! I saw you running after them the other day. It’s pretty obvious that you wanted to join them.”

    Dispensor: “Well, yeah, at first I did, but those guys are out of their processors, especially that scorpion guy.”

    Sari: “Yeah, so I’ve heard.”

    Dispensor: “Anyway, I’ve seen you with those good robot guys or whatever they’re called…”

    Sari: “Wait, you don’t know about the Autobots or the Decepticons?”

    Dispensor shakes his head.

    Dispensor: “I don’t even know what I am. All I remember was sitting still for like, forever on a street one day, and then boom, there was a bright blue light and now I’m a walking, talking soda machine thingamajig, weird, huh?”

    Sari: “Blue light? Oh, an All-Spark fragment!”

    Dispensor: “Yeah, what you said. So listen, I was wondering if you had like a spare room or something. You know, since I’m alive and stuff, there’s really no reason for me to live on the streets the way I have for the last…I don’t know, seven years like I’m some sort of hobo.”

    Sari: “Well, my dad said he wanted a soda machine down in the lobby back at Sumdac Tower. I guess I might be able to get you there, but only if you promise not to destroy anything. Get me?”

    Dispensor: “Oh, sure. No problem. I just want to share my divine mastery of canned soft drink dispensing with the world.”

    Dispensor extends his hand to Sari. Sari looks at Dispensor. Dispensor raises his eyebrows.

    Dispensor: “Huh? Huh? HUH?”

    Sari: “Okay, sure.”

    Sari and Dispensor shake hands.

    Sari: “Hold on, I need to make a call.”

    Sari takes out her cell phone and calls Sixshot on his com link.

    Sixshot: “Yo, this is Sixshot. I’m gonna need you to give me the who, what, when, where, how much you've got, and preferred method of killing.”

    Sari: “Sixshot, it’s me, Sari!”

    Sixshot: “…Oh, hi Sari. Uh…How much of that did you hear, by chance?”

    Sari laughs softly.

    Sari: “Never mind that, you big blue meanie. Listen, I could really use your help right now.”

    Sixshot: “Uh…okay, what’s up, cute jetpack girl?”

    Sari: “I’m being chased by a giant robot, and I mean a really big giant robot the size of the Titanic.”

    Sixshot: “That sounds serious.”

    Sari: “Yeah, it’s even more serious considering that the giant robot is made up of Combaticons.”

    Sixshot: “…You didn’t happen to see five of them together in the same place, did you?”

    Sari: “Duh! Why?”

    Sixshot: “…Okay, I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

    Sari: “What the heck is taking you so long, anyway?!”

    Sixshot: “I’m kind of…uh…tied up at the moment.”

    Sari: “What do you mean?”

    Meanwhile, a few blocks away from Sari’s location, Sixshot is in an alley. He is picked up by Nemesis Prime. Nemesis Prime slams Sixshot against the walls.

    Nemesis Prime: “MY NAME IS SUE, HOW DO YOU DO?!”

    Sixshot: “Oh, boy. Uh, Sari? I'm gonna have to call you back."

    Sixshot hangs up on Sari.

    Sari: "Sixshot? Sixshot?!"

    Dispensor: "Uh, kid? We should probably stop running now."

    Sari looks at Dispensor.

    Sari: "What? Why?!"

    Dispensor: "That."

    Sari looks ahead and sees a red excavator rolling down the street. The excavator transforms into a unicycle-like robot and roars. Sari and Dispensor screech to a halt. Kremzeek bumps into Sari.

    Sari: "Could this day possibly get any worse?!"

    Dispensor: "Now that you asked that question, yes, it can."

    Demolishor: "IT'S GO TIME!"

    Sari: "Oh, boy."

    To be continued…
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    You have some cool villains. :thumbs2: 

    Woo! Dispensor! 8D
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    vortex is so funny!
    bruticus! what can we, as individuals, do to stop him?
    despensor has better things to do today than die!
    brawl is quite the smelter-mouth, isn't he?
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    Part Three (Driving with the top down)

    Sari and Dispensor look back and forth at Demolishor and Bruticus. Sari wields her shadow magnus hammer and turns to face Bruticus. Dispensor transforms his arms into cannons and takes aim at Demolishor. Kremzeek climbs onto Sari’s shoulder.

    Sari: “Hang on, Kremzeek. Things are about to get a little bumpy.”

    Dispensor cocks his cannons and growls.

    Dispensor: “Pop Rocks and soda, punks. Mix ‘em together and you might as well dig your own grave, ‘cause there ain’t no turning back once you swallow ‘em.”

    Sari and Dispensor look at each other.

    Sari: “Did you just make that up?”

    Dispensor nods his head.

    Dispensor: “Like it?”

    Sari shrugs.

    Sari: “Eh.”

    Dispensor turns to face Demolishor and fires soda cans at his face. The soda cans hit Demolishor on his forehead. Demolishor stumbles backwards and rubs his forehead ruefully.

    Demolishor: “I don’t believe it! That actually hurt?!”

    Dispensor: “Of course. Major sugar rush, y’all! Enough of that stuff will send you bouncing off the walls. Kind of like that little abomination of yours, kid.”

    Kremzeek growls at Dispensor.

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek no like mean dummy soda monster!”

    Sari: “It’s okay, Cutie-Pie, Soda Monster is going to help us, right, Soda Monst…I mean, right, Dispensor?”

    Dispensor: “That depends, is there any money in it?”

    Sari rolls her eyes and sighs.

    Sari: “Of course, it’s always about money. How much do you want?”

    Dispensor: “How much you got?”

    Sari: “I’m actually filthy stinkin’ rich. Well, my father is, anyway. Just name your price, and I’ll see what I can do.”

    Dispensor: “Cha-ching! In that case, you’ve got yourself a hero, girlfriend!”

    Demolishor charges towards Dispensor. Dispensor keeps firing soda cans. Sari charges towards Bruticus, hammer in hand. She becomes engulfed in a glowing purple over shield.

    Bruticus: “WHAT THE DEUCE?!”

    Sari leaps into the air and raises her hammer. She activates her jetpack and flies towards Bruticus. Bruticus, Dispensor, and Demolishor stare in amazement. Sari swings her hammer and hits Bruticus in his face. Bruticus stumbles backwards and rubs his chin ruefully.


    Sari: “Come and get me!”

    Sari flies away.

    Bruticus: “OH YEAH, REAL MATURE!”

    Bruticus runs after Sari. Demolishor and Dispensor watch as Bruticus runs past them. They look at each other. Demolishor snarls. Dispensor laughs nervously.

    Dispensor: “Uh, wait for me, kid!”

    Dispensor runs after Sari.

    Demolishor: “I’M NOT THROUGH WITH YOU!”

    Demolishor rolls after Dispensor and destroys everything in his path. Sari flies above the clouds.

    Sari: “WOO-HOO!”

    Kremzeek closes his eyes and hangs on to Sari’s shoulder.

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek no look down. Kremzeek no look down.”

    Sari: “Oh yeah! Having fun, Little Buddy?”

    Kremzeek: “No! Kremzeek no having fun! Kremzeek scared!”

    Sari: “Aw, don’t be scared, Kremzeek. We’re perfectly safe up here.”

    Two extraterrestrial helicopters emerge from beneath the clouds. Kremzeek turns around and screams.

    Sari: “Don’t tell me, they’re behind us?”

    Kremzeek nods his head.

    Kremzeek: “Big scary flying thingies!”

    The helicopters transform and reveal themselves to be Blackout and Obsidian.


    Sari: “It’s been a while since I've heard that one. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to hear it again anytime soon.”

    Blackout: “SHOOT HER OUT OF THE SKY!”

    Cyclonus and Scourge emerge from beneath the clouds in front of Sari. Sari comes to a halt. Cyclonus smirks and draws his samurai swords.

    Cyclonus: “No, I have something much, much better in mind.”

    Scourge: “Something along the lines of slicing and dicing?”

    Cyclonus: “You know it!”

    Sari: “Yeah, uh, I just remembered, I’m afraid of heights. So yeah, I’m just gonna go down there and…”

    Sari switches her jetpack off and swan dives into the clouds. Cyclonus and Scourge look at each other.

    Cyclonus: “Well…”

    Scourge: “I didn’t see that coming.”

    Onslaught roars.


    Obsidian dives into the clouds. Blackout does a cannonball.

    Cyclonus: “Jackknife, called it!”

    Cyclonus does a jackknife into the clouds. Scourge does a can opener. Sari laughs joyfully as she falls through the sky.

    Sari: “Aw man, I've never had this much fun in my life! I can’t believe I’m actually skydiving!”

    Kremzeek lets go of Sari’s shoulder and laughs maniacally.

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek having fun, too! This is awesome!”

    Sari: “I know, right?!”

    The Decepticons skydive after Sari.

    Sari: “Well, it was fun…”

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek…”

    Sari: “Kremzeek, give my jetpack a boost.”

    Kremzeek: “Sari?”

    Sari: “Trust me.”

    Kremzeek shrugs and flies into Sari’s jetpack. Sari’s jetpack activates and blasts off towards the ground at the speed of light.

    Cyclonus: “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me!”

    Meanwhile, back on the ground, Drift and Rodimus Prime are fighting Bonecrusher at the Detroit International Riverfront. Rodimus Prime is firing arrow after arrow after arrow at Bonecrusher. Bonecrusher continuously swings at Drift with his mine scoop. Drift blocks his attack with his samurai swords.

    Rodimus Prime: “Come on and die already, you stupid hate machine!”

    Bonecrusher swings his mine scoop at Rodimus Prime. Rodimus Prime jumps out of the way.


    Drift jumps onto Bonecrusher’s back and stabs him repeatedly.

    Drift: “I hate that you won’t stop telling people what you hate. Yeah, that’s what I hate.”

    Bonecrusher shakes Drift off of his back. Drift performs a hurricane spin attack and strikes Bonecrusher multiple times. Bonecrusher roars in pain and swings his mine scoop at Drift.

    Rodimus Prime: “Try to hold him steady so I can get a good shot at his chest plate!”

    Drift jumps out of the way of Bonecrusher's attack.

    Drift: “Are you crazy?!”

    Rodimus Prime: “Well, we have to stop him somehow!”

    Drift: “Just leave it to me.”

    Rodimus Prime: “What?”

    Drift kicks Bonecrusher in the stomach. Bonecrusher stumbles backwards. Drift gets on the ground and rolls around Bonecrusher. He leaps onto Bonecrusher’s back and drives one samurai sword through his chest and the other through his head. Bonecrusher roars in pain and collapses. Drift jumps off of Bonecrusher and crosses his samurai swords together. Bonecrusher’s body turns grey. Rodimus Prime laughs.

    Rodimus Prime: “Whoa, nice job, Drift, really nice.”

    Drift smiles eagerly and high fives Rodimus Prime.

    Drift: “Well, you know…”

    Rodimus Prime: “Oh, come on, Drift, don’t be so modest.”

    Drift: “Aw, you’re right. I can’t wait to tell the earth girl about this. She’s going to be so proud of me! Finally, I’m a worthy enough hero to be in her presence.”

    Rodimus Prime chuckles and puts his hand on Drift’s shoulder.

    Rodimus Prime: “Well, you’ve certainly come a long way.”

    Drift: “It’s too bad we lost track of her.”

    Rodimus Prime looks up at the sky and frowns.

    Rodimus Prime: “I think we just found her.”

    Drift looks up and sees Sari soaring towards the ground.

    Drift: “Earth Girl?!”

    Rodimus Prime: “And I thought Roadbuster was a thrill seeker…”

    To be continued…​
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    Vortex has a dangerous sense of humor. :ev: 

    Fight fire with fire, perhaps? ;) 

    You're right, he has to restock on Mountain Dew! He's all out! :drunk 

    Yes, he is. After all, he's based on television's most foul-mouthed British chef. :Gouki: 
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    and now, a moment of silence for boncrusher...
    he hates silent moments.
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    ^ He also hates burning in the pit of Unicron's stomach for all eternity.

    On a happier note, introducing a new character/voice actor! Oh, and an old one I never gave a voice actor.

    Dispensor = Norm MacDonald

    Nemesis Prime = Peter Cullen (Lol, Botcon 2007 Voice Actors panel. Look up Peter Cullen - Nemesis Prime on Youtube)
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    Lol... jackknifing out of the sky. xD
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    Hey everybody. Just wanted to let you know that while Transformers Animated comes to an end tommorrow morning, my fan fics will continue. I can assure you of that. It's not over 'til I say so. There's still so much more to tell...
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    Oh geez were those decepticons deaf when Scorpinok told them to bring Sari back for spark dissection? XDDDD
    And Sari, I'm startin' to wonder if she's having just a bit too much fun for having her life in ginormous risk mode XD
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    Oh yeah, funny thing about that, the Decepticons think Scorponok is a freakin' psychopath (which his is). So really, they'd rather not listen to a damn thing he says. Sari's screwed with Blast Off so many times, that he brought the Combaticons back together just so he could kill her once and for all, regardless of whatever orders Scorponok gave them. Sari likes to live her life on the edge. As for Barricade and Frenzy, let's just say that they have their own agenda...
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    Part Five (Planes, trains, and Autobots)

    Sari keeps soaring face first towards the ground. Cyclonus transforms into a space jet and blasts off after Sari. Rodimus Prime and Drift watch helplessly as Sari gets closer and closer to the ground. Rodimus Prime solemnly shakes his head.

    Rodimus Prime: “She’s coming in way too hot. I don’t think she’s gonna make it.”

    Drift gulps.

    Drift: “She’ll make it. She’s the child of the All-Spark. There’s nothing that can stop her...”

    Rodimus Prime: “For her sake, I hope you’re right.”

    Sari takes out her shadow Magnus hammer and grips it tight.

    Kremzeek: “Sari?”

    Sari narrows her eyes in concentration.

    Sari: “Wait for it...”

    Cyclonus comes up behind Sari and shoots at her. The shadow Magnus hammer protects Sari from the blasts by covering her in a glowing purple over shield.

    Kremzeek: “Sari?!”

    Sari: “Wait for it……”

    Sari closes her eyes. Cyclonus transforms into robot mode and tries to grab Sari. Just as Cyclonus reaches for her, Sari disappears in a cloud of blackish purple smoke. Cyclonus gasps and waves his hands through the cloud. The cloud fades away at Cyclonus’ touch. Rodimus Prime and Drift look at each other with their mouths wide open in shock and amazement.

    Cyclonus: “Primus, father of the All-Spark!”

    Rodimus Prime and Drift look up at the sky.

    Rodimus Prime: “How did she...? Where did she…?”

    Drift: “What in the…where did Earth Girl go?!”

    A swirling black vortex opens up behind Rodimus Prime and Drift. Sari steps out of the vortex and puts her hammer away. Kremzeek flies out of the vortex and sits on Sari's shoulder.The vortex disappears. Sari puts her hands behind her back and smiles innocently.

    Sari: “Hello, boys.”

    Rodimus Prime and Drift spin around with their weapons armed. They lower their weapons once they see that it’s Sari.

    Rodimus Prime: “Sari, How did you get there?!”

    Drift points up towards the sky, barley able to speak.

    Drift: “You were like, freefalling through the air, and then you disappeared…”

    Rodimus Prime: “And now you’re just standing there. What happened, how did you do that?!’

    Sari giggles.

    Sari: “Oh, I don’t know. I guess I’m just that awesome.”

    Kremzeek nods his head and smiles. He sighs dreamily.

    Kremzeek: “Yeah, Sari awesome...and hot.”

    Kremzeek nuzzles Sari affectionately and purrs. Rodimus Prime and Drift look at each other and shrug.

    Rodimus Prime: “Riiiiiiight…”

    Sari looks over at Bonecrusher’s corpse and frowns. She walks over to it and inspects it closely.

    Sari: “Ouch. I guess the rolling hate machine’s got nothing left to hate now, except for being dead, maybe. Now, I’m no expert in weaponry or anything fancy like that, but it looks like Bonecrusher here got the old vampire treatment. I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and say maybe…swords?”

    Drift clears his throat.

    Drift: “Samurai swords, if you’re looking for specifics.”

    Rodimus Prime smirks and pats Drift on his back.

    Rodimus Prime: “Good old Drift here really did a number on the big jerk. You should have seen it.”

    Sari looks at Drift and smiles.

    Sari: “Wow, I’m impressed, Drift. When you clean up, you really clean up, huh?”

    Drift laughs nervously and blushes.

    Drift: “Well, I, you know…thanks.”

    Sari nods her head.

    Sari: “You did a good job, Buddy. I could really learn a thing or two from you.”

    Drift: “…”

    Sari: “So, where is everybody?”

    Rodimus Prime frowns.

    Rodimus Prime: “Well, knowing Roadbuster, he probably has his servos full fighting Decepticons around here somewhere. Last I heard from Sixshot, he was in a real fix. As for Jazz and Ironhide, I’m not really sure, but I’m sure they’re all right.”

    Sari: “…And the Autobots?”

    Rodimus Prime: “They went after Bruticus. They're doing fine, the last I heard from them.”

    Sari sighs with relief.

    Sari: “Good. So, what do we do now?”

    Rodimus Prime: “I guess we could start by dumping the body into the river.”

    Drift: “Isn’t that littering?”

    Rodimus Prime: “It’s only littering if we leave him right here. If we toss him into the river, he’ll sink to the bottom and that’ll be the last we hear from him. It’s a win-win situation.”

    Sari points over at a large dumpster in front of a burned down building.

    Sari: “Or...we could do things the old fashioned way.”

    Rodimus Prime, Drift, and Sari carry Bonecrusher’s corpse over to the dumpster and toss it in. Rodimus Prime takes out a grenade and tosses in into the dumpster. He motions Drift and Sari to follow him. Rodimus Prime, Drift, and Sari casually walk away from the dumpster. The grenade detonates and sets Bonecrusher’s corpse on fire. Meanwhile, Ironhide is driving down monorail tracks in his Cybertronian van mode. He is being chased by a speed locomotive. Jazz is on top of the locomotive and is beating down on it with his nun chucks.

    Ironhide: “Leakin’ lubricant, can’t you stop this thing?!”

    Jazz: “No dice. I’m giving it all I’ve got, and he just ain’t budging!”

    Ironhide groans.

    Ironhide: “Don’t these guys ever give up?!”

    Astrotrain: (Evil Astrotrain) “The Decepticons are relentless in their pursuit for galactic conquest. We will never give up. We will never quit. We won’t stop until each and every last one of you Autobot fools burn like the scum you are! That is our mission, and it shall be accomplished no matter the cost!” (Emo Astrotrain) “That pretty much means we’ll keep going even when everyone else is dead. I know, it doesn’t sound all that great, and believe me, it’s not. It bites. It really does. But hey, what can you do?” (Good Astrotrain) “Odds are this war is gonna end a little sooner than we expected. It’ll be for the best, I can assure you. The Autobots’ battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons will finally have been waged.” (Emo Astrotrain) “Yeah, but there are probably going to be a lot of loose ends that will go untied and things that will be left unsaid. Yeah, and everybody will be depressed, in denial, let down, and furious, but mostly depressed.”


    Astrotrain transforms into a space shuttle and flies towards Ironhide. Jazz hangs on to Astrotrain for dear life. Ironhide transforms into robot mode and tries to run as fast as he can. He looks back and gasps. Astrotrain nearly splatters Ironhide. Luckily, Ironhide jumps up onto Astrotrain’s nose just in time and hangs on for dear life.

    Ironhide: “Now I know how those nasty bug thingies feel when they get splattered against my windshield when I’m driving really fast!”

    Astrotrain: (Evil Astrotrain) “NOBODY CALLS ME THE “P” WORD!!!”

    Ironhide: “I just did, you demented Decepti-chop!”

    Astrotrain transforms into robot mode and grabs Ironhide by his neck. Jazz hangs on to his back. Astrotrain floats though the air and punches Ironhide.

    Jazz: “Aw man, that’s a long way down! Crazy!”

    Astrotrain: (Evil Astrotrain) “I assume that means you want me to take you up a little higher for a better view?”

    Jazz: “What?! No!”

    Astrotrain laughs evilly.

    Astrotrain: (Evil Astrotrain) “Too late! Going up?!”

    Sari: “No, you’re going down.”

    Astrotrain turns around. Sari swings her shadow Magnus hammer at Astrotrain’s face. Astrotrain loses his grip on Ironhide and drops him. Sari flies after Ironhide and grabs his hand. Ironhide stops falling.

    Ironhide: “Whoa, for a little lady, you’ve got a pretty strong grip!”

    Sari floats down to the ground and drops Ironhide. Ironhide catches his breath and smirks.

    Ironhide: “Thanks, Sari. I owe you one.”

    Sari: “Hey, no problem, Ironhide.”

    Ironhide looks up.

    Ironhide: “Looks like Jazz is gonna owe you one, too.”

    Sari: “I’m on it.”

    Astrotrain reaches behind his back and grabs Jazz by his throat.

    Astrotrain: (Evil Astrotrain) “Going down?”

    Astrotrain lets go of Jazz.


    Sari wields her shadow Magnus hammer and points it towards Jazz. Jazz becomes engulfed in a glowing purple light. Sari gently pulls her hammer back. Jazz gets pulled towards Sari’s hammer. Sari lowers her hammer. Jazz drops to the ground.

    Jazz: “Groovy! Thanks for the lift, Sari.”

    Sari: “It’s cool, Jazz. Now watch this.”

    Sari throws her hammer into the air. The hammer spins through the air and slams into Astrotrain. The hammer flies back to Sari. Sari catches it in her hand.

    Astrotrain: (Emo Astrotrain) “It all falls down!”

    Astrotrain falls out of the sky. Sari smiles proudly.

    Sari: “Chalk one up for the Wreckers.”

    Drift: “He’s probably still online though, so we’d better go pick him up before he gets away.”

    Dispensor comes running down the sidewalk, screaming at the top of his lungs with his hands in the air.

    Sari: “Dispensor?”

    Dispensor runs up to Sari and cowers behind her.

    Dispensor: “HIDE ME, MAN! THEY’RE COMING!”

    Sari looks at Dispensor in confusion.

    Sari: “Who’s coming?”

    Drift points down the street.

    Dispensor: “THEY ARE!”

    Demolishor, Sideways, Wreckage, and Dreadwing march down the street.

    Sari: “Aw man…”

    Rodimus Prime: “We’re gonna need more men.”

    To be continued…
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    do to the bots in his company, I'm guessing sideways is based on his tf2 version
    rather than his armada counterpart. amiright?
    anytime kremzeek or frenzy refers to sari as "hot," i get this wierd feeling in my stomach...:puke2: :D  (it appears that rodimus feels the same way...)
    i take it you are one who was slightly disappointed at the series finale?

    all in all, a fun read!:thumb :thumb 
  17. SoundFire Prime

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    Part Six (My friend Drift!)

    Sari: “I am so not in the mood for this crud.”

    Sari starts towards the Decepticons. Her shadow magnus hammer in hand. An orange and green Cybertronic jeep drives past Sari and transforms, revealing it to be Roadbuster. The sun reflects off of Roadbuster's armor, causing him to shine angelically. Sari stares in awe at Roadbuster. Kremzeek catches Sari eying Roadbuster and growls. He gets a better look at Roadbuster and shares Sari's fascination.

    Kremzeek: "Ooh, shiny Chief monster..."

    Roadbuster transforms into Shock and Awe mode and locks on to the Decepticons. Sideways, Wreckage, and Dreadwing cower behind Demolishor.

    Sideways: “Curses, it’s the Demon! The Autobots have sent him to terminate us!”

    Wreckage: “We don’t stand a chance! Let’s get out of here!”

    Dreadwing: “I concur, the Demon is going to punish us all, and the punishment is death!”

    Demolishor: "Enough cowering! I for one refuse to be intimidated by this Autobot demon! You should follow my example. Honestly now!"

    Roadbuster flatly instils fear into the hearts of the Decepticons.

    Roadbuster: "Boo."

    The Decepticons scream in terror.

    Demolishor: “EVERY 'CON FOR HIMSELF!!!”

    Demolishor transforms into a red excavator and rolls away. Sideways does a backwards flip into the air and transforms into a silver sports car once he lands on the ground and speeds away. Wreckage transforms into an M1126 Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle and rolls away. Dreadwing transforms into a MiG-29 “Fulcrum fighter jet and takes to the sky. Roadbuster transforms out of Shock and Awe mode and shakes his head.

    Roadbuster: “Cowards.”

    Sari smiles eagerly and runs over to Roadbuster. She looks up at Roadbuster, hardly able to contain herself, and speaks rapidly in excitement.

    Sari: “Oh my Gosh, that was so cool how you pointed all those big guns at those Decepticons and they just ran away from you like that! I’ve never seen anything so amazing like that before in my life! You were so incredibly awesome to the tenth power! I’m freaking out so much right now! You were so cool, calm, and collected when you went up against all four of those guys! You were just so brave! I can’t believe it!”

    Kremzeek: "Awesome shiny Chief monster!"

    Roadbuster: “Thanks, but it’s no big deal. It’s what I do.”

    Rodimus Prime: “And I think I speak for everyone here when I say that no one else does it quite like Master Chief Roadbuster. Well, except for Omega Supreme.”

    The Wreckers nod their heads and mutter in agreement.

    Drift: “If only we were all mighty warriors like Roadbuster, then we might be able to end the war a little sooner.”

    Sari: “Hey, don’t you mean mighty warriors like me?”

    Drift: “Oh…uh…I didn’t…what I meant to say was…”

    Sari laughs and smiles reassuringly.

    Sari: “Aw, I’m just messing with you, Buddy.”

    Drift sighs with relief and blushes.

    Drift: “I knew that.”

    Sari: “Sure you did.”

    Roadbuster: “Okay you two, at ease. We need to get down to Sumdac Tower, double time. Optimus Prime wants us to rendezvous there now that the emergency energy shield has kicked in. The generals should be coming through the space bridge with reinforcements at anytime now.”

    Rodimus Prime: “Are they going to send…him?”

    Roadbuster nods his head.

    Roadbuster: “That’s what we’re hoping for.”

    Sari: “Who’s…him?”

    Rodimus Prime: “The key to winning this battle."

    Jazz: "And if we’re lucky, the war.”

    Roadbuster: “Bottom line, we need to transform and roll out now.”

    The Wreckers: “SIR, YES SIR!”

    Roadbuster transforms into a Cybertronic jeep. Jazz transforms into a sports car. Rodimus Prime transforms into a Cybertronian Lamborghini. Ironhide transforms into a Cybertronian van. The Wreckers drive away. Dispensor runs after the Wreckers.

    Dispensor: “Would it kill one of you guys to give me a ride?! Come on! Okay, look, I'll show you.”

    Dispensor transforms into a soda machine and sits in the middle of the street. He transforms back into robot mode and continues running after the Wreckers.

    Dispensor: "See? You see?! I ain't getting nowhere as a soda machine! Come on, throw me a fragging bone here!"

    Drift starts after the Wreckers.

    Sari: “Drift, hold up. I want to talk to you.”

    Drift stops and turns to face Sari.

    Drift: “But Master Chief gave us an order. We have to catch up with him and the others.”

    Sari walks over to Drift and looks up at him.

    Sari: “It’s really important.”

    Drift: “Don’t get me wrong, Earth Girl, I like a good conversation as much as the next ‘bot, but when I’m given an order, I have to follow it, no exceptions.”

    Sari puts her hand on Drift’s leg and speaks in a soft, soothing voice.

    Sari: “Please Drift? I just wanted to talk to you about something. That’s all. You’re my buddy, and buddies like to talk to each other about stuff, right?”

    Sari stares at Drift with her big blue eyes. Drift looks into Sari’s eyes, not knowing of her persuasive nature.

    Drift: ""

    Sari: “Pleeeaaase?”

    Drift gulps and looks back.

    Drift: “Well, we could always meet up with them later…I guess.”

    Sari nods her head and smiles.

    Drift: “Yeah, that’s a good way of looking at it. Don’t worry; Roadbuster won’t be mad at us for not following him. Trust me; I’ll make sure of that.”

    Drift: “Okay.”

    Drift kneels before Sari.

    Drift: “So, what did you want to talk about, Earth Girl?”

    Sari: “Well, actually, that’s one of the things I wanted to ask you about.”

    Drift looks down and blushes.

    Drift: “I figured that was getting on your sensors.”

    Sari: “What? No, I’m not mad at you, Drift. I just wanted to know why you call me Earth Girl all the time. I don’t really mind. It’s just that I was wondering why you don’t call me by my real name.”

    Drift: “Because, I’m not worthy enough to refer to you by your designation.”

    Sari tilts her head.

    Sari: “Not worthy?”

    Drift: “Well, you know how I always refer to Roadbu…Master Chief by his rank, right?”

    Sari nods her head.

    Drift: “Well, that’s because I’ve always had respect for my superiors, even when I was a Decepticon.”

    Sari gasps.

    Sari: “…You?”

    Drift nods his head.

    Drift: “I don’t really like to talk about it. Let’s just say I’ve done some things that I’m not proud of. I was lucky the Elite Guard took me in. They gave me a second chance, but to this orbital cycle, I just don’t think I deserved it. Since then, I’ve been trying so hard to earn everyone’s approval, especially yours. Until I can do that, I can’t consider myself a true hero, let alone an Autobot. I just want to be forgiven for my past.”

    Sari looks up at Drift with a reassuring smile.

    Sari: “Drift, everyone deserves a second chance, especially you. Trust me; I’m no stranger to redemption.”

    Drift: “…You were evil too?”

    Sari giggles.

    Sari: “No, silly. What I should have said was that I know people who’ve come from bad backgrounds, and now they’ve changed for the greater good.”

    Drift: “Really, who?”

    Sari: “Sixshot.”

    Drift: “Of course. How could I forget? The two of us are like brothers, more or less.”

    Sari smiles nervously.

    Sari: “It just takes a whille for him to warm up to other people. He’s a nice guy. If you ever need any help with him, I promise, I’ll talk to him for you.”

    Drift laughs wryly.

    Drift: “I’ve gotten to know Sixshot pretty well, and if there’s one thing I’ve been able to pick up, it’s that Sixshot is anything but a people person. He doesn’t really seem to talk to anyone down at the plant. No offense, but what makes you think you can get through to him when he barely utters so much as a syllable to me and the other Autobots?”

    Sari: “Trust me, Sixshot will listen to me. He always does.”

    Kremzeek jumps up and down on Sari’s shoulder and barks like a dog.

    Sari: “Even Kremzeek’s been given a second chance. Isn’t that right, you little cutie-pie?”

    Kremzeek pants like a dog.

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek good boy now.”

    Sari: “Yes you are. Yes you are.”

    Kremzeek barks and licks Sari’s cheek. Sari laughs.

    Sari: “Come on, stop that! That tickles!”

    Drift rubs the back of his neck and looks the other way

    Drift: “Uh…”

    Sari: “Okay, settle down now. We’ll play later. Okay, Little Buddy?”

    Kremzeek: “Sari!”

    Sari: “Now listen, Drift, you don’t need anyone’s approval or their forgiveness. The only thing that matters is that you forgive yourself for what you’ve done in the past. The Autobots trusted you enough to let you join them. If you ask me, that’s a sure sign that they forgive you, and you know what?”

    Drift: “What?”

    Sari takes Drift’s hand.

    Sari: “I forgive you.”

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek forgive race car monster.”

    Drift: Oh, thank you, little…thing.”

    Drift salutes Sari.

    Drift: “And thank you, Earth Girl.”

    Sari: “You’re welcome. Hey, can you do me a favor?”

    Drift: “Anything.”

    Sari: “I don’t want to be your commanding officer. Instead, I want to be your friend.”

    Drift: “I want to be your friend too.”

    Sari: “That’s great, but first, I want you to promise me something.”

    Drift: “What?”

    Sari: “Since we’re friends now, there’s no need for us to use formalities. So let’s make a deal. Instead of calling you First Lieutenant, I’m going to call you by your proper name, Drift.”

    Drift: “Fair enough.”

    Sari: “But you have to promise that you won’t call me Earth Girl anymore.”

    Drift: “Okay, so…what should I call you then?”

    Sari: “Sari.”

    Drift: “…For what?”

    Sari frowns impatiently. Drift smiles teasingly. Sari smiles and rolls her eyes.

    Sari: “Oh, very funny.”

    Drift: “Sorry, Sari. So…are we cool?”

    Drift and Sari shake hands.

    Sari: “Yeah, we’re cool.”

    Optimus Prime calls Sari on her cell phone.

    Optimus Prime: “Sari, we need you down at Sumdac Tower.”

    Roadbuster contacts Drift over his com link.

    Roadbuster: “Get down here, Lieutenant, double time!”

    Sari and Drift look at each other.

    Sari: “We should probably…”

    Drift: “Yeah…”

    Sari activates her jetpack and floats away from Drift.

    Drift: “I’m honored to be friends with someone as special as you, Sari."

    Sari stops and looks back at Drift. She floats over to Drift and smiles.

    Sari: “Same here, Drift.”

    Sari gives Drift a quick little kiss on his cheek. Kremzeek gasps and narrows his eyes.

    Drift: “…What was that for?”

    Sari puts her hand on Drift's shoulder.

    Sari: “You’re a sweet guy, Drift, and I just wanted to show you how much I appreciate you being so nice to me. I can tell we’re gonna be great friends.”

    Drift: “Yeah, so can I.”

    Sari: “Race you to the tower?”

    Drift: “Sure.”

    Sari flies away. Drift transforms into a race car and drives after Sari. A police cruiser drives out of an alley and follows Drift.

    Barricade: “THIS ENDS NOW!”

    Frenzy: (Translated) "What about the sadistic scorpion scum?"

    Barricade: "Forget that psycho! We're going to beat him to both the All-Spark girl and the Dead Matrix. Thankfully, not all of his followers are as loyal to him as he believes."

    Frenzy: (Translated) "Should I give the signal?"

    Barricade: "Yes. Give the signal and tell them to rendezvous at the tower."

    Frenzy laughs evilly.

    Barricade: "NOW, FRENZY!!!"

    Frenzy stops laughing.

    Frenzy: (Translated) "Right, sorry."

    To be continued…
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    poor dispencor. now that bonecrusher's in that big ol' oil house in the sky,
    the universe needs a new chew-toy.:D 

    why doesn't that ever happen to me?:( 

    well now,

    1. jimmy
    2. bumblebee
    3. sixshot
    4. kid on bike
    5. kremzeek
    6. frenzy
    7. vortex (kinda)
    8. drift
    did i forget any?
  19. Vexza

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    o.0 I sense the epic coming... what will Barricade and Frenzy do? -dundundun-

    And I feel bad for Drift. o.o
  20. SoundFire Prime

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    Sideways = TF:ROTF
    Embrace the weirdness. EMBRACE IT! :ev:  (JK)
    Well, let's see, Starscream is dead, we never saw any of the other Decepticons again, none of the Autobots know jack squat about what happened to Blurr, and we still don't know where specifically Sari came from, so yes, I am not a happy camper about the series finale. :( 
    Hey, I would give a limb for that to happen to me. :(  No, you haven't forgotten anyone, but technically, Vortex was just showing off how demented he is, and didn't have any real feelings for Sari. Sari is definately enjoying the attention she's been getting.